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Part 13

Michael watched the effect of Alice’s words. His women moved as if in a synchronized ballet.

Shoshana and Rafaela, who had never been in a “Harem Night” were fascinated. Beth who had been at the foot of the bed, waved Shoshana over.

“Shosh, I think you may like this position. I’ll join Rafaela.”

Rachael and Lynn helped Alice to straddle Michael’s formidable cock. Lynne gently applied warming lube to Alice’s opening, even though Alice and Michael’s cock were already very wet. They positioned her facing Michael’s feet and then let nature take its course.

She slowly descended on his cock. It felt huge! She stopped several times, feeling hands on her body, but concentrating on getting his shaft inside her. Finally she was sitting on his pelvis.

Rachael and Lynne helped her to lean back without hurting her sore legs. When her back rested on Michael’s chest, his steely arm encircled her waist.

“Now, enjoy.” He whispered into her ear.

Michael’s cock pressed against the top of her pussy directly beneath her pelvic bone. Every movement he made caused his cock to caress that soft, sensitive tissue, sending waves of pleasure through her body.

Two sucking ravenous mouths covered her sensitive aureoles.

Alice moaned and then gasped as Shoshana’s sharp tongue reached her clit. Shoshana’s tongue descended again, caressing Alice’s inner lips distended around Michael’s cock. Her tongue danced back down to Michael’s balls, up his shaft back to her clit.


Michael restrained her for a split second, giving Lynn and Rachael time to pull back, then allowed Alice to sit bolt upright, his cock buried deep in her pussy. Alice pushed Shoshana back, mumbling, “Too much.”

Except for Shoshana, each woman took her turn and still Michael did not cum.

Finally, it was time. Alice lay on her back and welcomed him into her. He started slow.

“Fuck me, Lover. I’m all yours.”

As his pelvis rubbed her clit, she began to climb her climax. She mirrored his rhythm. He looked into her trusting, needy eyes.

“Cum in me….”

He was very close, but needed her to climax first. He needed her to know he would wait for her.

Rafaela understood and bit her lip willing Michael to wait.

Finally Alice began to swing her head back and forth, screaming out Michael’s name. Her legs snapped around him, pulling him deeper, lubricant leaking from her stretched pussy.

AAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Alice screamed incoherently as she climaxed.

The fluttering walls of her pussy caused Michael’s ejaculation, a flood of semen and sperm, deep in side her.

Five women watched in awe.

“I want that,” Shoshana whispered to Lynne, “Kiddo, was it like that for you?”

Lynne shook her head, “Better.”

They cleaned up and dressed for dinner, Rafaela discretely ordering the bed be changed.

Seated at the dinner table, a light dinner before them, Alice tapped her champagne glass with her knife and rose for a toast.

“To Michael.”

They all drank.

As she was sitting down, she paused, “Oh, did I forget to tell you I can have babies and I’m not on any birth control?”

Beth threw her cloth napkin at her.

“But I hope I’m not pregnant yet,” looking at Michael, “I kind of like baby making.” She held up her right hand, slipped off the commitment ring and put it on her left hand.

Everyone clapped.

Michael looked at Shoshana with love in his eyes.

Shoshana fidgeted as Lynne helped her shave, lovingly caressing her upper thigh. Michael had taken a side bedroom for tonight. Tonight was Shoshana’s. Each of the other women envied her a little, but each wanted her night to be filled with wonder and pleasure. While Beth and Rafaela had become the de facto leaders, Shoshana was their heart and soul. A stunning beauty, with a kind, strong heart.

Alice, their doctor and sister, understood that Shoshana would never fully recover, but she suspected that loving Michael had filled her life. A child would be great, but after her abuse, it was just too dangerous. Perhaps Lynne would be a surrogate. She had offered, but Alice had other thoughts.

Michael gently knocked on the master bedroom door, “I’ll be in the other room.”

Inside, Beth nodded and sent Alice to the bathroom to get Shoshana.

Michael had on a bathrobe as he sat, sipping a glass of champagne in the candlelit room when Shoshana knocked. Michael tabled the flute on the bedside table and opened the door.

Before him stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Dressed in a gossamer thin robe, her flowing black hair below her shoulders, warm brown eyes filled with passion.

He took her delicate hand and led her inside. He noticed Lynne hiding in the corner of the living room. She gave him a thumbs up sign. She covered her mouth to suppress a giggle.

Michael closed the door.

Shoshana stood in front of him, waiting.

He lifted her chin so he could look into her soul. Her arms circled his neck. Their lips met with a passion that felt like liquid fire. Their bodies molded together, Shoshana squirming urgently against his hard cock. She pulled back, “Please,” a plea and demand. Her hand untied his robe while his hand released hers. Her arms went around his neck. He reached behind her legs and lifted her He placed her on the bed and followed to lay beside her.

“My love, I have never seen anyone as beautiful,” he said truthfully, still stunned.

“Michael, make this night a dream. I want to tell our children…”

He gently caressed her neck, behind her ears with the tips of his fingers. She shivered sensuously. He stroked her shoulders softly, while placing soft, butterfly kisses along the side of her neck, his tongue darting to give a light lick, tasting her skin. His fingers created a light “piano touch” across her upper chest. It felt strange and exotic.

Her eyes were open but unfocused. She was lost in a well of pleasure and her private dreams. His mouth followed his magical fingers. Instead of heading directly for her breasts and their hard, elongated nipples, he caressed the back of her arms.

She moaned.

Now Michael understood. Shoshana needed someone to return all the love she had given others. She needed to receive, not give. It wasn’t about pleasure or technique. It was about love. Alice had suspected as much.

Michael spent a very long time caressing and kissing her. He turned her over and did the same to her shoulders, back, legs and feet.

He turned her face up and kissed her softly, but she just murmured her need. She was floating in a sea of protective love.

His mouth reached for her left nipple and sucked gently. A sexual moan. The trance broken, but with pleasure. He sucked harder and flogged it with his tongue. A delighted squeal. He moved to the other breast and repeated his assault. Her breathing became ragged.

His hands remained on her breasts, kneading, teasing, and pleasuring her. His mouth descended, butterfly kisses to her belly, a tongue flicking over her naval ring, into her belly button, then moved lower.

He shifted, lifted her leg and found himself staring at her naked pussy with a shiny clit ring.

She was incredibly wet. He blew warm air on the leaking slit, but kissed her left inner thigh, dragging his tongue along its toned interior. He repeated with the right, but brought his tongue closer to her womanhood. Then back to the left, teasing her unmercifully. Finally, she grabbed his head and pulled him to her pussy.

Michael knew he could not compete with Alice or Rafaela in pleasuring a woman, but this was about loving.

He pointed his tongue and slowly licked from her puckered starfish to her clit, parting her inner lips while tasting her juice. He stopped just short of her clit ring. He remembered to be very careful in spreading her pussy lips.

She started to scream her pleasure as his lips grazed her clit. He gently inserted two fingers in her pussy, palm up.

She began thrashing, making it difficult to keep his tongue in place. He flicked the clit ring with his tongue and curled his fingers to reach her g spot.

She exploded in a shattering climax screaming “Michael” over and over.

Michael had no experience with the violence of her orgasm. She jammed his face against her pussy, locking her legs to keep him against her. He darted his tongue into her pussy. She bucked wildly. He flicked the clit ring. She shrieked, her body contorted in spasms. He lubed a finger on his left hand and began to caress her starfish. She screamed his name again and impaled herself on the finger.

Then she went limp. Sensory overload.

Alice had told him that what happened after was more important for Shoshana than the actual lovemaking.

Shoshana slowly came back to reality. She felt safe and loved in a way she’d never experienced. She was lying with her cheek on his chest, his arm around her back. She looked up into the most loving eyes she had ever known. He was sipping some champagne. He put his glass down so he could caress her cheek.

“I love you Shoshana.” He said softly.

Unknowingly, his words opened the door to her private hell.

Her eyes began to tear, her face contort. It wasn’t crying. It was the scream of an anguished soul, spewing her pain, anger and humiliation into the night. She screamed. “Bastards” over and over again.

The door opened and Alice stuck her head in. Seeing Michael holding Shoshana, she hesitated. Michael motioned her in. She shook her head, knowing that Shoshana would share her pain only with him. As hard as it was on Michael, he was her answer.

Alice went back to the others.

“Whatever he did, Michael got her to finally open up and let out her pain. She’s in there crying now. Michael and I talked about what to do. Dear God, she’s been through such hell.”

Beth said softly, “Dad will get her through it. He got me through mine.” Beth began crying. Soon, all five women were weeping.

Several hours later, Alice checked on them. She listened at the door and realized that Shoshana was talking to Michael.

She ran back to the master bedroom. “I can’t believe it! She’s talking with Michael.” She looked at Beth. “He’s one hell of a man.”

The four other women nodded.

She told him of her pain, degradation, humiliation and finally her submission over several harrowing hours.

Michael knew she had to get it out, but she remembered the most intimate details making Michael’s anger grow. She let it all out. Her initial rape by her father and brother. Being sold to her brother’s friends. Each mutilation. She remembered everything in vivid detail.

Finally, as the sun started to lighten the blinds, she looked at him.

“I’m ready. Make me a woman.”

Michael sent thanks heavenward for the little blue pill.

He began to again caress her, slowly bringing her to readiness, but she was impatient. “I want you inside me!” trying to push him back. He’d been told to be gentle and to avoid violent penetration, so he resisted.

“I want my lips on yours when I enter you,”

She relaxed and he levered himself above her. She was still incredibly wet as she guided him into her. He moved slowly, controlling her impatience. Finally he felt his balls at her ass.

“God, I’m so full.”

He began to roll his hips. She copied him. Several slow, long strokes followed by more side-to-side movement.

Her face showed her frustration.

He put his arm around her waist, his other hand pushing her leg down and flipped so he was on the bottom.

“Now you’re in control.”

Her eyes flashed with lust.

She began doing a dance on his cock, eyes closed, her arms raised above her head. His hands found her nipples and he twisted them hard. She wailed her delight. Again and she started her climax. His hands flew to her clit, one thumb rubbing right, one left.

Her eyes snapped open. She leaned forward as though punched in the stomach, her hands on Michael’s chest to break her fall. He thrust up, into her, hard again and again as his climax washed over him.

She lay on his chest and opened her eyes with difficulty, “I love you Michael.”

She was already asleep when he replied.

A few minutes later, the door opened again. This time it was Lynne. Michael waved her in. She entered silently. Michael was spooning Shoshana. He had Lynne take his place. He needed to talk to Alice.

Alice was in the living room with Rachael and Rafaela.

Michael looked like hell, but he didn’t care. Alice understood. She ran to him.

“I wanted to tell you everything before I forgot.” He went on to tell her about the pain, rape, sodomy and forced bestiality.

When he finished, he turned to leave. She reached and touched his arm. He turned. Without words, Alice kissed him gently. “Get back to bed and stay with her.”

He nodded and silently reentered his room.

He changed places with Lynne. As soon as his head hit the pillow, he was asleep.

“I guess I wore you out,” she said with genuine laughter in her voice.

Shoshana smiled down on him. He searched her eyes and found only happiness.

“Come on, get up! It’s past noon!”

Smiling, he started to get up.

“Shosh, I love you.”

“And I you, husband.”

He dragged himself to lunch, ravenous and exhausted. Shoshana, though, seemed refreshed and at peace.

A family lunch.

Shoshana called for silence as she stood. She showed her right hand and slowly removed her ring. Michael moved to her side, took her left hand and slipped the ring onto her finger.

Clapping and hoots of approval.

Shoshana drank in their approval and love.

As lunch ended, Shoshana asked Alice if they could talk. She looked at Michael for approval. Michael nodded and smiled.

Michael napped for several hours.

He awoke alone in darkness and quiet. A moment of terror jolted through him. He grabbed a robe and burst into the living room.

His women looked up, startled. Only Beth knew that look.

After a moment, he said, “Please don’t ever let me wake up alone again like that. I thought I had lost all of you!”

Beth came to him, leading him back to the bedroom, feeling him trembling. “I’ll make sure, Dad.” She alone knew the violence of his nightmares. She motioned Shoshana to come with them.

Shoshana stayed with Michael.

When Beth returned to the living room, she confronted their questioning looks. Beth understood their looks.

“Dad was a SEAL when I was born. He was a good one. The guys protecting us are part of a company owned by one of his old team members.” Beth paused, “Dad’s call sign was “Terminator” if that tells you anything. He quit. He HATES violence,” she looked at Rafaela, “he would never kill again unless his family was threatened.”

“The bastards that raped me live in fear. I don’t know what will happen, but my uncles will be sure they NEVER do anything to a girl again.”

“But Dad has nightmares. He did things that he has trouble with. Have you ever really looked at his scars? He’s got scars from being shot, from shrapnel and knives.

“Look, he needs us. Someone stays with him. Always. Deal?”

Four determined women nodded.

“You mean he’s kinda Jason Bourne?” Lynne asked seriously.

“A real Jason Bourne with a big dick and real nightmares.”

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