Eleven year old Duquan lives with his two older sisters and neglectful mother. Unknown to her, his sisters use Duquan to satisfy themselves sexually. Duquan makes the best of the situation. You may want to read chapter 1 & 2 before continuing.
Chapter 3

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“Duquan! Wake the fuck up, ‘for I have to eat your breakfast for you.” Duquan jerked upright and the sudden move hurt his abdominal muscles. Sleep hazy, he wondered why his midsection and hips were so sore. He groaned. Quianta, in his doorway, grinned lopsidedly at him. “Fuckin’ make you sore, don’t it?” Then he could hear her footsteps on the stairs, down to the kitchen.

He was sore but more than that, he was tired. He hadn’t gotten good sleep the night before. Worried. He didn’t know what to do about the condom failure. Shaquila might be pregnant. What would happen? What would he do if he had gotten her pregnant? He didn’t know but the whole thing terrified him.

He lurched out of bed and could smell something good. Might be corned beef hash or something. His penis was erect and he needed to go pee. He had slept in boxers and socks and needed to change but his sister was yelling from downstairs, “Dook! I’m serious, I’mma eat your food if you don’t get down here!” Passing by the bathroom, he staggered downstairs.

“Oooo, shit!” Quianta said when he appeared on the steps. She was looking at him through the kitchen door appreciatively. “Look like you happy to be awake.” He was standing against the morning light of the window, shirtless, thin but muscled with the head of his penis poking at the opening in his shorts, his mismatched socks standing out in contrast to his dark shins. Aside from the detritus caught in his bed-headed hair, he looked pretty good. He shuffled toward the kitchen, noting that his Xbox was still there which let him know his mom probably hadn’t been home last night.

“Where momma at?” he asked, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

“Prolly still at Tyrell’s. She didn’t come home.” Quianta said. She reached out as he passed through the kitchen doorframe and grabbed at his cock, laughing.

“Stop! I’m tired. I need to wake up.” Duquan said. He looked up at Shaquila stirring browned potatoes in a black iron pan on the chipped range.

“I’ll wake you up.” Quianta said. She sat down on a fraying kitchen chair and pulled his penis from the fly of his boxers. Despite his protests, it was hard. Shaquila just raised her eyebrows at him and continued stirring. The open can on the counter told him he was right, it was hash. Quianta jerked his dick several times and it got harder.

“Quee, I have to pee!” He complained. “Let me go.”

“You go pee and you gonna lose your morning wood. You stay right here.”

“Might as well, Duquan. Breakfast is almost ready.” Shaquila said. She tossed the hash onto plates and cracked four eggs into the pan along with a lot of black pepper. “You leave and I can’t defend it for you.”

“You hella musty, Dookie. Did you take a shower last night?” Quianta said, leaning down and sniffing his dick.

“Yeah, I just couldn’t sleep. I had to go out for a walk last night.”

“Aw, Dookie, you worried, baby?” Quianta asked. She got off her chair, kneeling on the floor and put her lips under his shaft and pressed her forehead to the head of his penis. She looked up at him, her eyes on either side of his cock, twinkling. “You worried you got your big sister pregnant?” She slurped the underside of his prick, teasing him.

Shaquila smiled at him but she didn’t say anything tho help put his mind at ease. Just continued cooking breakfast.

Quianta pulled her top off and pressed her big breasts to either side of his penis. She hugged his pelvis, making sure he couldn’t step away and tongued his belly button which made him jump. His hard penis was smothered in her soft tits and the pre-cum was making a slick channel for him to slide through. Despite himself, he was on the verge of cumming within moments. “Don’t you cum on my tits, I don’t wanna hafta take a shower.” She slowed down and began pulling her short jeans off.

Quianta perched back on the chair and pulled her white cotton panties to the side. She spit on his small cock and pulled his hips toward her, lining his young penis up with her moist crevice. She rubbed the head of his cock against her clit and pressed his shaft against her cleft. Her puffy pussy lips wrapped around his cock and her wetness got his shaft all slippery. She teased him, rubbing the head of his penis all around her opening, covering him in juice. She took his small hard penis and smacked it against her pooched out labia, grinning at him with the sound. His cock was raging now, slick and hard as a river rock.

She rolled her hips back and pulled him forward, into her in one forceful move, demanding his cock. “Damn!” She said, gripping a hand on each of his hips, she began fucking herself with his cock, pulling him into her hard so his pelvis clapped against her thick thighs. “Damn!” She said again, “Fuck me like that! Fuck my pussy just like that!”

It was sudden and he was at her mercy, a fuck-toy being pounded into her as if he were just another plastic dildo. She guided the speed and intensity, her fingers digging into his hips but it was good as well. Her pussy felt so good around his dick, clenching and wet and hot. She was so vulgar and immediate and her need was so obvious on her face. She looked as if she could die without his cock in her at that moment. Even as she held him in her control and demanded he perform she was also at his mercy. Her eyes pleaded with him to fuck her harder, she depended on it and she would not let him go until he had.

Duquan was near cumming again and his sister kept pulling his hips harder and faster. The fear welled up in him that he might make her pregnant too and he started screaming but his sister was ready for it. She pulled his prick out of her with her left hand and squeezed it hard, stopping his orgasm while she frigged her clit with her right. He watched her long, manicured white nails buzz over her dark pussy as he winced at her strong grip on his member.

She slipped two fingers inside her wet pussy and thrust them in rapidly. Her hands moved, both the same at the same time, jerking his penis as she jack-hammered into herself, bringing him near orgasm again but clamping so tight he couldn’t cum. He watched, in pleasure and frustration, as her glossy fingers blurred and made smacking wet sounds as she pumped them into herself furiously, screaming and cursing like a possessed woman, grinding the heel of her hand into her clit.

Then she came, bucking and grunting on the chair, one leg up on the table, rattling the plates and making the silverware clatter. She kicked an empty napkin holder and a salt shaker to the floor and nearly knocked the food off as well before Shaquila scooped them up out of harms way. She let go of his penis and grabbed both her inner thighs as she puffed her cheeks out and whined, finally lifting her butt off the chair.

She almost toppled over backwards but the room was so small the chair-back just banged against the wall. Shaquila barked out a laugh at her. “Damn, girl! Don’t break the house or nuthin’!” Quianta slowly recovered, breathing heavily with her eyes pinched tightly closed.

Duquan stood there, somewhat embarrassed, his penis throbbing and his balls still full. His bladder screaming to be relieved. “Ahhhh! He shouted, I need to go!”

“Fuck! Then go, Dookie! Go to the damn bathroom, stop complaining!” Quianta shouted irritably. She was huffing from her exertion and pulling her shorts back up. Duquan ran upstairs. The kitchen smelled like breakfast and pussy.

Once at the toilet he found he couldn’t go. His penis was still very hard and his balls were in pain. He could still see white and red where his sister had gripped his penis. He started the shower and stepped inside, instead. He knew from experience that if he tried to pee when he was like that he would make a mess. Stepping under the hot water was a relief. He felt oily from the night sweats and worry and he knew the hot water would help him relieve himself. He did and then began to masturbate to get rid of the full feeling in his balls.

“Duquan!” Shaquila shouted. “Hurry up! Your sister is eating your food!”

He leapt out of the shower and bounded downstairs, toweling as he went. When he got there he saw his plate was half eaten and Quianta’s plate was empty. She stood up, grabbed her purse on the way to the door and ruffled his wet hair. “Thanks Dookie, I needed that.” She grinned ad slammed the front door behind her.

“Fuck!” Duquan was hungry and felt hurt and he walked in and looked down at his mostly eaten plate of food. He was on the verge of tears.

“Don’t worry, Duquan,” his sister said, “You can have mine. I’mma catch something at the food cart near the school anyway.” She put a gentle hand on his cheek and he sat down where she pushed her plate toward him.

“Thanks Quilla.” He said, picking up his fork. She sat down across from him. There was morning light coming in through a high side window and hitting her face just so, and she looked like an actress in a spotlight. She looked beautiful to him in that moment, angelic and perfect.

“That girl’s a terror.” Shaquila said, smiling and shaking her head.

Duquan wondered why she didn’t try and stop Quianta but he didn’t say. He just looked at her and back at his plate and ate as quickly as he could. The combination of events the night before and that morning made his chest hurt and he saw his vision double. Before he could stop himself he was crying. He ate to cover it but before long, big fat tears were dropping from his face and landing on his plate. Shaquila scooted over and cradled him as he cried into her shoulder.

“Aw, Dook, that’s okay. It’s okay baby.” She cooed. She was rocking his him against her now, folding him into her large warm arms and hugging him tight. “You worried, baby? You worried about last night Duquan? It’s gonna be alright, baby. Don’t you worry. Every-thing's gonna be alright.”

“What if you got pregnant,” he said into her bosom. “What if momma finds out? What if it’s messed up? I’m just a little kid. I don’t know anything about babies.” He was blubbering. “I don’t want to be nobody’s daddy.”

“I know sweetie, I know. Don’t you worry about anything. We’ll figure things out. You prolly too young anyway. You prolly too young to get me pregnant.” She cradled him for a long time until his crying subsided and her comfort had brought him back to himself. Conscious of his fledgeling manhood, he gathered his dignity and tried to act as cool as he could. He smiled lopsidedly when he made eye-contact with her, knowing she could see right through him. Under his lean features, he was blushing and couldn’t help smiling foolishly as he looked back down at his plate and finished his food.

“You know I love you Duquan.” She said to him. “Every-thing’s gonna be alright.” She pressed her shoulder against his and bumped him lightly, affectionately with her shoulder. He grinned back at her and finished his food. He sat there, naked except for a wet towel in the morning light of the kitchen with his big sister’s arm around him, eating the food she had cooked for him, feeling, for the first time in a long time, safe and okay.

Later, as he got ready for school, tied his shoes and adjusted his pack on his shoulders and stuck a pick in his hair at just the right angle, he reflected. Being with Shaquila was pretty good. He didn’t know if he could be a father to her baby but he wasn’t worried so much now. She had been taking care of them since their mom had become so much less engaged and he truly did think it was probably gonna be alright.

He thought, too, about her warm embrace that morning and her big, beautiful lips, kissing his cheek. Her long, sexy legs and hefty breasts. The way he had felt, slapping his pelvis against her jiggly ass the night before, the slickness of her vaginal canal wrapped around his young penis, and his groin began to warm. Before very long he was hard again. He hadn’t been allowed to cum that morning and now that he didn’t have to pee any more, his balls ached worse than before. He adjusted his hard penis inside his shorts, pinning it under the waistband to try and hide it before he walked out the door. He thought maybe he could jerk off in the bathroom before class. Worse case scenario and he would wait until lunch. His hoodie hung low enough to cover it pretty well and he started to open the door.

Just then, Shaquila’s hand reached past his shoulder and pressed the door closed again. Her other hand came around and caressed his chest. He could feel her large breasts pressing into his shoulders. She leaned down and kissed his cheek. “Just a minute, Duquan,” she whispered in his ear, “I want that hard-on, baby. You can take a few minutes with me before you go, can’t you?” Her hands moved down to his shorts and removed his hard penis, stroking it gently and licking his ear. “Just a few minutes before you go.”

End Chapter 3


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Chapter 4 is coming. I had pretty much abandoned this story because the reaction to it was pretty diffident. It's nice to see that it's getting a few more comments and views now. I like the characters and there is a lot more to tell. I have to visit my old neighborhood and retrain my ear for the dialog though. I've been away too long.

Bearwolfe, Thanks for recognizing my intention with this story. It's appreciated.

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I love the psychological disfunction. He's a kept fucktoy, their sexual plaything. An adult would revel on it but he's just an eleven year old boy. It's bad enough that his mother all but abandoned him but the two people that are supposed to look after him and care for him are perpetually molesting him, almost all out raping him. You see this scenario all the time in reverse, a young girl left to the deviant whim of an older brother. It's refreshing to see it flipped.


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Another great installment! Hurry and give me chapter 4!!!!!

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Another great installment! Hurry and give me chapter 4!!!!!

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I want to fuck my sexy sisters

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