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I stood by the window as I rubbed my ass hole and jacked off. I wasn't fingering my ass, but just rubbing it. I had never felt this dirty, this horny or hungry for sex. I always thought of myself as a top but in that moment I just didn't care... I was craving any type of gay sex, any. I was praying for anything, or should I say: anyone. I had the sudden urge to spit and I did so right on my penis. It almost felt like someone else was jacking me off which intensified my desires. I was so wrapped up in my game and my thoughts of different hot and cute boys feeding me their dicks and reciprocating that I didn't notice my class mate and neighbor from behind playing with a friend outside. I had thought to close all the blinds but this window didn't have any. I finally spotted the two boys and started thinking. They weren't the hottest guys and hung out with the group who I considered to be rejects but not geeks, like "cool" and "loosers" in their own way. I had never thought about them in a sexual way. In fact, I didn't find them very attractive, but my hormones kicked in and my lust and hornyness made me see them in a whole new light. I eyeballed them down as I continued my fun, oblivious to the fact that they would see me if they only just turned my way. They were throwing the football. 

My neighbor, the tall one, had black hair flipped up in front droupy eyes and an above average sized mouth. He was tall and lean. He wore a polo shirt and blue jeans which he wore above his ass. He looked pretty hot at that moment. 

His friend was a bit smaller. He was also a bit chubbier. He had black buzzed cut hair and a rounder face than my neighbor. He was wearing a red t-shirt and blue jeans like his friend, only he wore them a bit lower than him. 

I stood there at the window fantisizing about them with my dick in my right hand and my left hand around back rubbing between my ass cheeks. All of a sudden, the larger one, Philippe his name was, dropped the ball in my direction. My heart skipped a beat as he looked towards the house. He picked it up and threw it back to my neighbor, Alex. After a few more throws, Philippe approached Alex. It looked like he was giving route information to him so I didn't think twice. They resumed passing the ball only they shifted a bit and Alex was facing my house. I decided that was too risky and, after a few seconds, moved out of the way. I sat on my couch and resumed my rubbing, pulling both knees up to my chest. A few seconds later, I heard someone knock at my patio door. I quickly pulled up my pyjama pants and underwear and went to the window. I peaked out to see who it was. It was Alex and Philippe. I took a few seconds to catch my breath and wipe some sweat off and decided to play it cool. I openned the door and looked at them puzzled. 

"Hey, were you just jacking off to us?" Alex asked bluntly. 

Damn they had seen me. I decided I would just deny it. 

"What?! What the fuck kind of a question was that?" I half yelled. 

They both looked at me with a small smirk, not believing me. 

"We saw you, in the window. So, you're gay?" Philippe spoke up. 

Fuck, they really know. Wait a second, who asks that question that calmly after witnessing what they saw, I wondered. 

"No." I denied again. 

"So you were starring at us as you masturbated cause you thought we were girls?" Alex asked sarcasticly. 

My mind raced for a response. I would have to kill some time before I can get a good response. 

"No" I said. 

"So what?" Alex asked. 

Quick, Jason. Think of something. 

"I'm... Ugh... Bisexual, ya... Bisexual." I said thinking it sounded better than gay. "Bi curious I'd say actually." I continued. 


"Wait" I cut him off. "You're not gonna tell anyone are you?" I asked with a pleading expression. 

The two teens looked at each other frouned and turned back towards me. 

"That depends." Alex started. 

"Ya it depends, on what you're willing to do." Philippe finished for him. 

My heart climbed into my throat. I was right, they wanted me. I didn't really find them attractive, but I was still in the faze where I would have sex with anything that moved and I was ready to lose my virginity, no matter who took it. 

I started untying my pyjama bottoms when Alex interrupted me. 

"Wait before you do that let's set up some ground rules... and let's go inside where it's more private." 

I stepped aside and let them in. I closed the door, locked it and lowered the blinds. 

"Ok. We won't tell anyone that you're gay or whatever if you have sex with us and do whatever we tell you. If you have any objections or things you'd like to try, feel free to run them by us and we'll make the final decision. Aggreed?" Alex said in the privacy of my kitchen. 

I answered with a simple nod of my head. 

"Good now, let's get on with it." Alex said. 

He grabbed my hand and placed it on his crotch. I felt his half erect dick trapped in his pants. He unbuckled his belt before my eyes and threw it on the ground. He undid his jeans and pulled them down a bit, just enough for his member to be free. He was wearing gray boxer briefs under his tight blue jeans. He pulled those down a bit untill his cock was really free. It popped out and bounced around in front of my eyes and caused my dick to spring back up. It was a pretty good size, about 6", and was uncircumsized. He cleared his throat and, when I looked at him, he made a slight gesture with his head for me to go on. I tentitively grabbed the dick and jacked it up and down a couple times. Alex let out a sigh as though he'd been waiting a long time for this. I bent down, staying on my two feet, and kissed the tip of his penis. It was salty and I kinda liked it. I pulled the skin back, examining it, and than let go before placing the now fully erect member between my lips. I knew I wasn't good at sucking dicks because I wasn't able to take a lot of them before I started gagging. I had tried with different objects like bananas but could only get 3" at max. I still very much enjoyed the taste and feeling when it was only 3" but when I started trying to put more, I didn't like it as much. I sucked, sticking to my 3", as Philippe went behind me and started groping my ass. To my surprise, it actually felt good. He started spanking me on each cheek, which stinged a bit but wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, at the moment. I let out little moans, half from pain half to give him the satisfaction and pleasure. I started exploring Alex's balls and crotch with my hands. He had a bit of hair around the base of the shaft but the rest was pretty smoothe. I cupped his balls and squeezed as he moaned slightly, obviously enjoying his first blowjob. He put his hand on my forehead and gave a slight push hinting me to get off. I released the throbbing penis and stood back up inturrupting the groping of Philippe's hands. 

He hinted at my pyjama bottoms and I understood what he wanted right away. Philippe came back around to my front to see the view. I slowly finished untying my bottoms and than grabbed the waist band on each side of me. I slowly pulled down, revealing my white briefs, and let them fall in a pile around my ankles. They both stood there starring at the bulge in my underwear for a few seconds. I noticed that Alex's dick was still very much erect and was throbbing more than ever. Alex approached me and wrapped his arms around me. He hugged me in close. I felt his dick rub up against mine as one of his hands made its way down my back and rested on my ass. We looked into eachother's eyes for a moment and than he leaned in. His lips came in contact with mine and I felt his tongue burst thru mine. He started grinding up against me as we kissed, rubbing his dick on my brief covered crotch. I quickly was overcome by the sensuality of the act. I wrapped my own arms around him and hugged fiercely. I than manouvered one hand to his crotch and squeezed it between our two bodies. I placed my hand between his dick and his own body as he pumped up and down. My other hand ventured to his ass, where it grabbed a handfull of jeans before slipping into his underwear to get some of the real thing. I felt one of his hands slide up my pyjama top and grab a hold of my nipples. We made out for about a minute before I noticed that we had left Philippe standing there. I broke off the kiss and moved, as smoothly as I could with pyjamas around my ankles, towards Philippe. I quickly hugged him and kissed him. I grabbed his hand and slid it down my underwear behind me as we made out. I started grinding against his jeans covered crotch missing the sensation I felt with Alex. I broke up the kiss again and regained my position with Alex. I felt Philippe come up behind me. He pulled his pants and underwear down just enough for his own prick to pop out and than hugged me from behind. I had two boys wrapped around me, I was in heaven (even if they weren't the hottest). Alex kissed me and restarted humping my crotch, as Philippe kissed my neck and stretched his arms around to Alex's ass. Philippe's hands slipped into Alex's underwear and he started groping his friend's ass. I than felt him rub his dick up my ass crack and he started humping my brief covered ass. I loved what was happening but I didn't know where to put my hands. I wrapped them around Alex's neck as we continued making out. We lasted about two minutes like that before deciding to change positions. 

"Want to go to the living room?" I asked. 

"Sure. Which way?" Alex asked. 

I pointed to the left of the glass door. I kept my arms wrapped around his neck and jumped up placing my legs around his waist. Alex picked me up and we walked to the living room. 

My living room had a 3 person couch with a cushioned foot stool in front and a flat screen tv facing the couch. My living room was a long rectangle. To access it from the kitchen you had to pass thru what used to be a dinning room but is now just a love seat. There were no walls separating the kitchen from the dining room, from the living room nor the front entrance. All these rooms connected in a circle around the staircase leading up and down. Up was in between the entrance and living room and to go down the stairs were in the kitchen. 

Alex set me down in front of the couch. He kissed me again. Alex and Philippe were now both standing in front of me. They both started removing my long sleeved pajama top. They slowly lifted it up, revealing my decently defined two pack muscles, than revealing my slightly muscular chest and than they finally pulled it over my head. I finally stepped out of my pajama bottoms which had been wrapped around my ankles ever since they were lowered. My pajama bottom and top formed a messy pile at my feet as I stood there in front of starring eyes in only my tighty whities. Philippe sat down in the middle of the couch, his penis, which was a tad smaller than Alex's and a tad bigger than mine, standing straight up. It was his turn to receive head. I pushed the foot rest close to the couch and got on top of it. I got on all fours with my elbows rested on either side of Philippe's thighs and my legs on the stool. I felt Alex get behind me and take his turn groping me. I tugged at Philippe's jeans to get them a bit lower to have better access to his dick. I skipped the kissing part and went straight to sucking his throbbing penis. His dick tasted different than Alex's, it was saltier. Maybe it was just some sweat from the humping. In any case, I liked it. Philippe was in a state of pure pleasure. He was slouched back in the couch with his arms resting at his side looking up at the ceiling. His breathing was heavy and his dick was constantly throbbing. Once in a while he'd look down to watch me give him a blowjob, but other than that he was panting and moaning to the ceiling. Alex was kissing my ass thru my undies and every so often he would take a gentle bite and cause me to whimper. He than stood up and after a few seconds of nothing, while I wondered what he was doing, he brought his hand down hard against my butt cheek. He spanked me over and over again, causing me to moan loudly thru the dick in my mouth. Every couple of spanks he would stop and grope me some more before resuming his spanking. I felt him get up again and heared him go off into the kitchen. He came back a few seconds later and regained his position. I heared the whip of his belt slapping my ass and the hard dick fell out of my mouth as I yelled out. He whipped my ass again and I yelled out again. Philippe grabbed my head and pushed my face into his crotch to muffle my cries. The belt hurt but in a strange way it was also arrousing. The feeling of giving myself up to another guy turned me on. He whipped me a good ten times before dropping the belt on the ground. I felt his hands grab my waist band and he slowly pulled my undies down to see what he had caused. I felt my briefs go down to below my ass and I felt Alex's hands fall on my hips. He gently kissed my red butt cheeks and than took one big lick from bottom to top. All three of us were having the time of our life. Philippe was getting his dick sucked by one of the cute "cool" kids of his school, Jason was sucking dick while someone licked and kissed his ass and Alex was licking a cute boy's amazing bubble butt. I could tell that Philippe was enjoying it from his quickened breath, his moans and his throbbing dick. I could also tell that Alex was having fun. Hell, I could almost feel his heart beat on the tip of his tongue. Alex started spanking my bare ass again and I started sucking harder and faster. Philippe could barely take anymore as it was. Philippe quickly pulled his dick from my mouth and said that he was gonna cum. He stood up and I got off the stool and got on my knees ready to receive my first cum shot. I closed my eyes as Philippe began stroking his own dick. It only took one stroke, two tops for him to blast the biggest load I'd ever witnessed at my face. It came out stream after stream of warm gooey cum hitting me square in the face. One stream even got in my hair. Alex Got on his own knees and was hugging me from behind, gently humping my back. I opened my eyes when it was done. Philippe was looking at me with a look of pure happiness in his eyes. I swiped my fingers accross my face and picked up a finger of sperm. I had always been curious about sperm. I sucked my finger in and got my first taste of jizz. It wasn't half bad. A bit salty and definitely gooey. I didn't love it but I didn't hate it. I wouldn't have minded getting the load in my mouth. But the look of satisfaction on Philippe's face at the sight of me sucking the cum made me want more. I grabbed a hold of his dick and stroked it over my mouth. A few dropps fell into my mouth. I swallowed and spotted more on his dick. I licked the tip of it and than took the head in. I licked all over the head getting all the cum before I sucked his dick some more for a bit. 

"You want to try my ass?" Philippe asked. 

I noded and let his increasingly flaccid penis fall from between my lips. He pulled his pants down the rest of the way keeping only his boxer briefs on. He tucked his penis back in. He turned around and got back on the couch leaning on the back, sticking his ass out at me. I got back on the stool and Alex regained his position behind me. I started groping his chubby bubble butt as Alex finally brought his tongue to my ass hole. 

"Can I spank you Phill?" I asked. 

"No. And how about for the rest of the night you call us master." Philippe said. 

"Oouuuhhh! I like that!" Alex said putting a pause in his rimming. 

"Yes master." I said figuring if I as going to yield sexually to these two teens I was going to yield completely. 

I started groping him, grabbing handful after handful of his nice ass. I pulled his underwear down and feasted upon the sight of my first naked ass. It was beautiful. A bit chubbier than mine but smoothe and sexy. I kissed each cheek before running my tung down from the top of his ass crack to his ass hole. I kissed his ass hole and than licked it. I went gently, little lick by little lick. Finally I felt Philippe reach behind him and grab the back of my head. He pushed my face hard onto his ass hole. I started poking my tongue at his hole as he moaned. We made a good chain of rimming. I felt Alex cease his licking. He got up on his knees and I felt his dick in my crack. He started pumping up and down my ass crack, his dick rubbing against my hole. He increased his speed and I was shaking so much, I couldn't keep my tongue on Philippe's ass hole. It felt so good having his penis rub against my hole. I was in ecstasy. It felt so good I wondered how good it would feel to have the penis go into the hole. 

Alex stopped and got up.

"Turn around. I'm gonna cum now." Alex said. 

"Yes master" I replied. 

I turned and got on my knees again. I couldn't wait for some more sperm. I closed my eyes, but this time I opened my mouth wide hoping to get some in my mouth. I still had some left on my face from Phill but I wanted to get some fresh sperm in my mouth. Alex stroked a few times and some more hot sperm squirted onto my face. Some of it landed in my mouth but most of it landed on the rest of my face. I swallowed what landed in my mouth before swiping the rest off of my face. I wrapped my lips around his cock and sucked it moving it around in my mouth, licking the tip where the sperm came from. I sucked until his penis was soft and flaccid and even there I sucked it for a bit. I liked his flaccid penis in my mouth. It all fit in my mouth and felt so soft. I also loved how it tickled the back of my mouth. I could've sucked on it all night, but after a short while, Alex took it out. I got up and kissed him. 

Alex realized that I was completely naked now. I had let my undies slip off and my thin body was completely nude. He starred at me, thanking god or whoever made this happen. Realizing he was behind on us, he pulled down his pants and underwear. He than decided to get ahead of Philippe, who was jacking off to the sight before him. He pulled off his polo revealing his thin and decently muscular body. I placed my hands on his waist and started sucking on his nipples. He threw his head back and began moaning as I roughly sucked and even nibbled on his nipples. We met in an other embrace. We kissed and hugged. My hands both went down to his small, tight ass and squeezed each cheek. I groped his ass for a bit and than I took it a step further. I slid my finger up and down his ass crack gently tickling it before stopping at the hole. I pressed my finger against it and started wiggling it. It went in maybe a centimeter, but that was as far as it would go without any form of lube or spit. I kept rubbing and wiggling it there as we kissed. Alex raised his hand and put his middle finger between our mouths. We both kissed and sucked on the finger. He spat a few times on it before bringing it down to my ass hole. He rubbed the hole getting it wet and than spat a few times on the finger again. He pressed his finger up to my ass hole and started gently pushing it in. It was the first time that anyone had stuck anything up my ass. It burned at first and, as he moved it in and out, it burned even more. It kind of felt like I really needed to take a shit. He stuck it in and out a few times than brought it back up. We kissed and sucked on his finger some more, which tasted a bit like shit from being in my pooper. He stuck it back in my ass and started fingering me again. We finally broke off the making out thinking we should involve Philippe.

I walked over to Phill and pulled him up from the couch. I kissed him and than pulled his shirt off. Philippe was a bit chubbier than Alex and I, but I didn't care. Hell if I cared that wouldn't of happened at all. As long as he had a penis and an ass I was good. I started sucking on his slight man-boobs, which was actually pretty cool. I pulled his underwear off the rest of the way and we were all completely naked. Philippe pushed me back onto the sofa and told me to lift my legs. 

"Yes master." I said doing as I was told. 

I lifted my knees up to my chest as he got down on his knees. I felt his tongue run across my ass hole and I got goose bumps. He did it again a couple of times before full on making out with my ass hole. Alex jumped up onto the couch and turned his back to me. He slowly lowered his ass onto my face crouching over me. 

"Lick it!" He ordered. 

"Yes master." I tried to say thru his ass. I started licking his hole. Actually it was more like french kissing his hole cause I didn't have room to stick out my tongue. Philippe started spitting on my hole and all around it, making me feel dirty and aroused. He started fingering me with his short and fat finger. I felt that burning sensation that made me moan again. He stopped all of a sudden, leaving me in disappointment. 

"Do you have any sex toys?" Phill asked getting up. 

"No. But I might have some stuff that you could use instead downstairs in the basement master." I answered lifting Alex's ass up temporarily. 

Philippe went down to the basement. Alex let himself fall on my chest. He sat on my chest and I noticed he was hard again. As if we had shared thoughts, he pushed his dick to my lips. I welcomed the dick in and started sucking. However, this time, Alex took control and didn't let me do my thing. He started thrusting his junk into my mouth. I gagged and choked on his dick as he thrusted with his hips. I didn't like the gagging, but I decided to soldier thru it because it was certainly making Alex happy. He thrusted as deep and as fast as he could, pulling my hair with his hands. The pain wasn't so good but the sense of total submission was great. I was just happy to be naked with two other boys. He stopped to let me catch my breath for a second than shoved it in and out, gave me a break of about three seconds and did it again a few times. I gagged and choked every time and I could sense I was red. He than shoved his dick as far as he could down my throat and held it there. I had it all except for an inch, which he almost got in the end. He released and pulled his dick out which was linked to my mouth thru streams of spit. He gave me about a minute and than started fucking my mouth again, slower this time. I enjoyed it more when it was slower, even if it was deeper than my 3", but I felt like my max was growing, expanding. I felt like I could take 4" instead of just 3". 

Philippe came back upstairs, his hands full of toys, and saw Alex fucking my mouth. He was really turned on by the sight and the sound of my gags and slurps. 

Alex stood back up and I regained my position with my knees up. Phill kneeled down at my ass with all his toys. He had a few drum sticks, rope, duck tape, a toy that used to be a missile on one of those launchers (that really resembled a dildo or penis) and hand cuffs (two sets to be exact). I sensed that it was gonna get kinky pretty fast and that actually excited me. As I said: If I'm gonna yield submit to someone sexually, I'm gonna completely yield and it will be a total submission. 

Philippe started with the drum sticks. He took one and started sucking on it. He passed it around and we all sucked and licked it. He spat on my hole again and than pushed the stick up against it. He pushed it in and I felt the burning sensation intensify. He pushed it deeper and deeper. I felt an amazing sensation in my body. I can't explain it but it was good. He pushed it in and out and than up and down and to each side as I felt the sensation over and over. He took the stick out and handed it to Alex. Alex wasn't feeding me his ass anymore as he wanted to observe the toys. Alex grabbed the stick and started fucking my mouth with it. He pushed it in and out of my mouth. It tasted like ass and shit which was strangely exciting. He handed it back to Philippe and he resumed fucking me. I started stroking my own dick which made them realize, all of a sudden, that they hadn't tried blowing yet. 

They both got down on their knees between my legs. They both kissed my dick at the same time, one taking the head and the other the shaft. Philippe finally started sucking on the head. He started going deeper and deeper as Alex and I looked on. Alex started fingering Phill as he gave me head. The hot and moist mouth and tongue coming in contact with my dick felt so good. Philippe took a break and Alex took over. He grabbed my dick and started blowing me fast and furious style. They switched off a few times, going deeper and deeper, faster and faster until at the end they were both deep throating me. Alex continued as Philippe got up and sat on my chest. I knew from experience what was coming. He pushed his dick into my mouth and started thrusting deep into my throat. It was easier than when Alex did it, at first, but as he increased his speed it increased the difficulty again. He fucked my mouth as Alex deep throated me. It was amazing. I let Philippe's dick out of my mouth as I realized I was gonna cum. He quickly got beside Alex on the ground. I stood up and started stroking my cock. I aimed between the two of them as the first squirt hit the sides of their faces. I than moved my dick around getting a bit on everyone. They started licking the jizz off each other, but they didn't seem to like it too much. 

I fell back on the couch regaining my breath. The two boys licked my dick simultaneously for the remains. They both looked at each other. It was time to get kinky. 

Alex grabbed me and pushed me onto my front. They grabbed my hands, placed them behind my back and cuffed me. They grabbed the duck tape and taped my mouth shut. They pulled me off the couch and kneeled me over it. Alex groped my ass again and started spanking me again. They both grabbed a cheek and spanked it over and over. After about 20 spanks each, I heard the belt buckle again. They whipped my ass a few times and than stopped. They pulled me up and started walking me to the stairs like they would a criminal. We went up the stairs and into my room. They pushed me onto the bed and jumped on after me. They uncuffed me and than cuffed me again above my head. I was laying flat on my belly with my hands cuffed above my head. They took the rope and tied my cuffs to my bed frame. They tied each leg to an opposite end of the bed frame too. They ripped off the tape on my mouth and started spanking me again. They stopped after a few spanks and started spitting and fingering my ass hole again. They spat on their dicks and on my ass hole some more. 

Alex got on top of my back and I felt his slippery dick in my crack. He grabbed it and pointed it toward my hole and pushed it in a tad. He laid back down and slowly pushed it all the way in. I felt an intense feeling of pain as he started going in and out. As he kept going the pain subsided a little and it started feeling more and more good. He fucked me harder and harder as we both moaned and breathed heavily. He arched his back up and started pounding me faster. They were counting on lasting long so they didn't stay too long. Alex got off and it was Phill's turn to lose his virginity. He pushed in faster and started at a more elevated pace. He fucked me for a good five minutes, kissing my neck, before he got off. They decided the rope was too constrictive. They untied me from the bed but kept my cuffs on in front. I got on all fours and felt Alex get behind me. He slipped into my ass and started fucking me doggy style. He spanked the sides of my ass as he fucked me. They switched again and Phill flipped me onto my back. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and stood by my ass. He held my legs in the air as he started pounding me, both of us moaning and starring at each other. He leaned over me and kissed me a few times thru out his turn. Alex pushed me back to the center of the bed. He lifted my ass in the air, stood over it and started fucking me. It was a cool position of submission where he clearly had all the power and control. He spat on my face treating me like a dirty whore, getting me more and more horny. With spit and left over sperm on my face, I begged for more. Phill, tired, laid down on the bed and pulled me on top of him. I sat down on his dick and started grinding back and forth. I started bouncing up and down, using his chest as leverage. I bent down and we made out as I slowed the tempo down a little. Alex stood me up against the wall, separated my legs and started fucking me from behind. 

Finally the two went back to doggy style as Alex fucked my ass and Phill fead me his cock. They fucked me until they were both over the edge. They flipped me over on my back and both knelt pointing their throbbing members at my face. They both got close together and pushed their dick's heads against each others. I opened my mouth and placed it right in front of the two dicks. They both started squirting out sperm almost at the same time. I got it all in my mouth, however there was too much. I swallowed what I could and the rest spilled out of my mouth and down my chin. I licked it up after until there was none left. 

"Do any of you wanna finish me off?" I asked. 

Alex nodded. 

"Go ahead... master." I said. 

Alex climbed on top of me, spat on his finger several times and rubbed it on my dick and his ass hole. He descended on my dick slowly and than started rocking back and forth. He held himself up as I thrusted in and out. He moaned and yelled as he bounced up and down. 

"You wanna try Phill?" I asked in between breaths. 

He shook his head no. My breathing quickened and my thrusts became more random. I felt myself cum inside Alex's ass. As soon as I came, the warm liquid caused Alex to stop. I, however, kept thrusting thru spasms emptying my load in his ass. I pulled out of his ass and offered Phill to suck it. He accepted. I stood up and he started sucking on the cum covered dick. This time I took control and started thrusting into his mouth. I kept going until, a few minutes later, I felt another orgasm. This one, however, was a dry one. I held my dick in the back of Phill's throat thru-out the orgasm and than let to and collapsed back on the bed. 

We cleaned up and decided to take a shower all three of us. We entered the bathroom and started running the water. 

"Let's cuff Jason again and wash his body for him." Alex suggested. 

Phill agreed and so I was cuffed again. Just before we entered the shower, Alex was hard again so he offered me one last blowjob. I got on my knees, with my cuffed hands behind my back and started sucking his dick. Alex put his hands on my head and started helping me thru the motions. All of a sudden, he stopped and kept my head in place with his dick in my mouth. I felt a warm liquid enter my mouth. He has some left? I wondered. I than realized it wasn't sperm but pee. I tried to remove my head but it was no use. I decided to give in again. I swallowed a bit of pee, but it tasted awful so I just let the rest fall out of my mouth and roll down my chin. He finished and let go of my head. It wasn't that bad when you didn't swallow it. We got into the shower where they washed me and than each other. We spent some time under the water cuddling, grinding and humping each other. 

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Loved it! You wriite reeally well!!

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