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an extremely naughty boss used me for sex
When I was a teen student I used to visit this bar and socialize somewhat; being chatted up by guys as I held my drink between my tits.

I was befriended by.a number of chicks; one of them was called Glam-Gill, or so I will call her here (but not to be confused with other 'alias Gill' chicks).

Gill worked part-time washing up at this eating place. That and standing around on street corners for some reason! She had blond hair every-where from her huge long blond mane. She also wore cowboy type boots, a micro-skirt that was too small for her and a jacket. Bangles up her arms, make-up splashed on with enthusiasm,

Gill often stamped her feet and complained to anyone who would listen that her boss was fucking her.
It was hilarious and I used to giggle at her stories.
"I just finished the evening shift and he dicked me again. Over the fucking table!'
Well it sounded funny and I thought it was great.
Then later she started confiding in me that her Boss 'Jim' was now ass-fucking her!
I was astonished at this revelation and we all wondered why he was so crazy in the head that he fucked her ass rather than her pussy?
She used to get pissed and got bent over by guys who fucked her pussy.
We went shopping and she took me home with her and some guys a few times.

Gill had been threatening to quit her job and one day she did.
So she tells me that there was part-time job for me if I wanted it and gave me an evil look.
Sure, sounded fun!

More than a blow Job Miss!
I went to the place and asked this guy there to see the boss, Jim, as Gill had sent me as a replacement washer.
The guy was Jim he said and showed me into his office.
I wondered if...he would rape me in there?
But I went in after a big sigh...

He asked me some questions.
"Done it before?"
"washing up? yeh lots of times..."
it seemed a dumb question.
"Got a boyfriend?"
"Is he a criminal?"
"Do you have sex with him?"
wow! I started to get hot.
"Yes. We often sleep over my place or his. We do it a lot."
"So you are on the pill?"
"ahh yess...?"
"good. you are hired!"
I was wet and excited and tingled with anticipation!
When do I start?

He took me into the Kitchen and showed me the big industrial sink.
Kitchen gloves, let them soak, the hot tap is scalding hot, he would unblock the sink when needed.
health and safety...for the first week everything was normal.
I got into the job, washing and drying the warm dishes and all.
And after the waiters, I got to eat some really nice food too as a perk of the job!
the odd time he pinched my ass, felt my fanny, touched my breast!
I shrugged it off, sure it was horse play.
Being friendly.
Well After the first week Jim got a whole lot more friendly.

He used to feel my ass a lot as I stood at the sink washing uo. I ignored him.
One time I went into the store room and saw one of the girls on her knees in fron of Jim. His dick was in her mouth and she was sucking him off!
I watched open mouthed and then squeezed past them.
Jim told me not to say anything about it.

That's Me Fucked !
"Still here?" Jim asked one day.
"that's good, Gemma, very good!"
"Yes boss".

I was washing up - I did hours of it.
I felt Jim behind me, his hot breath on my neck and his hands on my hips and ass again - as usual.
He rubbed himself against me as I carried on washing up, oblivious to his fun and games.
His hand slid up my legs and under my skirt. I shivered and gasped.
Then he outrageously lifted up my skirt to around my hips!
And I was not wearing any knickers!

His hands felt my bare ass and slid inbetween my legs to my cunt.
Oh fuck!
So I told him that I was trying to wash up, but my voice was all shaky, like my legs.
My heart was racing and I was getting hot.
Then his fingers went up my pussy and he began to wank me.
well, either I stayed or I quit...
so I stayed.
His fingers moved inside my wet cunt and then he removed them.

I breathed a seep sign of relief!
Then he violently pushed me forward and my tits got soaking wet in the sink and I got wahing up liquid bubbles in my hair.
I gripped the sides of the sink so that I did not get a dunking!
"Shit!" I exlaimed.
Then I was amazed and astonished as his dick, which he had got out, slid up my thigh as he pulled one of my legs to the side - and further apart.
Then I felt his dick enter into my cunt from behind and slide up my pussy.
He was inside me!
His dick was inside me!

I didn't know what to do. It was surreal and I didn't think this would happen to me, despite what Gill had said.
I moaned and groaned as his dick slid in my cunt and his hand held my hips as he fucked me.
fuck fuck fuck.
And I enjoyed it.

I was embarrassed but I also orgasmed two body wrecking times (or more)
I felt him cum, and he pulled out still spurting cum from his dick down my legs, knee and over my shoe!
"oh fuck wow" I groaned in a very husky voice.
and I thought he was going to fire me for some silly reason.

I felt Jim wipe my legs with a tissue and then he rubbed it between my legs too.
Then he lowered my skirt over my bare ass.
I chanced a look over my shoulder at him.
He told me I was doing a good job and should get back to work.
I laughed!
And I went back to washing up!
"fucker" I called to him as he left.

the heavies
On the way out that night two of the girls blocked the door in front of me.
"hey let me get past", I said.
They remained silent for a time, looking at each other...
oh shit! not girl politics!
"ok what is it?" I asked.
"What It is - is that you don't loose us our jobs."
"yeh so you keep quiet so He doesn't get put in prison."
"or we find you and beat you up, slag? you understand."
My mouth fell open!
They knew!
"I promised I would keep hush and not tell and that...I Was a slag. No big deal!"
satisfied with me, the two chicks opened the door for me and I was relieved to walk out into the cool night air.
"Back tomorrow?" they cat called to me.
"yes sure! why not?"
they laughed, the menace had left them.
"slaag!" - but this time it was friendly.

And I did return to my job!
I had great sex with my boyfriend that night, I was as horny as fuck!

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