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Hello everyone. I started writing this tale a couple months ago, and after a lot of deleted chapters and a deleted useless introduction I have decided to re-release it. I hope you enjoy my tale, and my cast of characters.


Chapter 1 : Ashley & Mary

Paint chipped away in small flakes and hit the floor. Small scratches began to appear on the hardwood flooring as the furniture shifted ever so slightly. The sound of squeaking echoing in the room, a victim spring being pushed far beyond its limits. The sounds of flesh slapping together, repeatedly, in steady yet forceful repetition.

My eyes trailed back down to the beautiful woman beneath me as my hands reached for her magnificent D-Cup breasts. Grabbing on for dear life I thrust into her the final few times. The familiar feeling in my balls began to build. Extending my arms I shot up out of her soaking pussy and moved closer to her mouth. My hand rapidly firing up and down on my cock. Closer and closer I got, my orgasm building. She opened her mouth, eagerly waiting for her prize. My eyes clenched shut as my body was overtaken with ecstasy. One, the first thick rope of cum flew out hitting her lips, getting a few drops into her mouth. Two, the second shot of semen landed in her mouth as she licked and begged for more. Three, the third shot dripped out, covering her already covered lips and adding to the mass of cum in her mouth. She looked up at me, smiling, showing me the amount of cum I had produced and swallowed.

Lying down on the bed next to her I smiled. My eyes grew heavy. Life was good.


Why hello. My name, well it’s not too important, but for the sake of this tale you can refer to me as Sylus. This tale of sorts is a story of growth and change, albeit at a very sudden pace. For you see at the age of 21 I had little idea of the gusting winds of change that were about to be thrust upon me. Change that would shape who I would become as a man. I’ve never been one to enjoy long winded explanations or set ups in stories. So for the sake of time, let us begin our tale. Our Tale of Lust.


A few weeks prior I had started dating this girl named Ashley, and it was going really well. She was someone I definitely could get excited about. She was a curvy girl. Hips butt, and a nice set of tits. Her curves seemed to be in all the right places. Her curves match a beautiful face, which sported a very large pair of lips that screamed cock sucking. Her long brown hair came down to her collar bones, and her intense brown eyes looked out from a small set of bangs that covered her forehead. She was a beautiful young woman, and I was a lucky and happy man.

Ashley was the youngest of four, but for the sake of time I will only mention her older sister. Alice, who was a solid 8 years older than my girlfriend. She sported long dark brown hair, similar to that of Ashley, with brown eyes that were more passive than Ashley’s. Alice was a very thin woman, were Ashley had curves Alice had toned muscles, and were Ashley's D-Cups sat Alice had perky little A's. Not to say that she wasn't a sexy lady, but I had always had an affinity for larger breasts that I could cover in cum.

The other female of note in the family was the matriarch. A small woman with a fiery temper, Ashley's mother, Mary. She was a small woman, built like Alice, but unlike Alice she had a fake set of DD tits sticking out of her torso. Like Ashley and Alice, she sported dark brown hair, but Mary’s measured in at just above her shoulders. Ashley had gotten her lips from her mother; her lips were large and plump. Very enticing, and even in the few weeks that I had known her I had already imagined what my cock would look like firing in and out of Mary’s mouth. She, like Alice, was a gym rat, so it was pleasant to see her in her bikini. Big old tits with the faint outlines of a six-pack.

But the real tale begins with a hot summer day in Southern California and I was over at a BBQ at Ashley's parents’ house. Swimming, drinking, grilling, it was a regular old good time. With a beer in hand and warming rays of sun beating down on my chest I was content. After all, I had a beautiful girlfriend and there was beautiful weather. Life couldn’t get much better than this. Or so I had thought.

After several hours of lying about and getting liquored up Ashley came up to me. I could tell she had had a bit too much to drink so this was going to be amusing.

"I want bigger tits," she said with no greeting, lifting both hands up to cup her breasts. "I don't know, I just think I'd have more fun with them if they were DD or maybe even E-Cups!" My eyes widened as I nearly spat my beer out.

"Sweetie, you have awesome tits. They don't need to be bigger at all," I said, playing the roll a boyfriend should.

"But wouldn't it just be so much fun to be able to completely hide your dick between these babies," she said, perhaps a little too loud. I put my finger up to my mouth to signal she should keep our conversation a secret. After all we were surrounded by her family. "But wouldn't it be fun to just have some more! I've always wanted to have big tits, I'm sure you would enjoy them too! You can be honest, I won’t get mad. I promise," she whispered into my ear.

"Alright, alright. I'm not going to lie, big is good. They might be more fun, who knows? I don’t know if they are hard or even feel all that good. You wouldn’t want to ruin your nice titties would you? Besides, I’ve ever never even seen a fake tit in real life, let alone touched one," I told her truthfully.

"Oh you've seen them before. My moms are as fake as could be," she retorted.

"Yeah, I know. It’s pretty obvious, what I mean is I haven't SEEN them," I said, emphasizing the seen. Her eyelids lowered to slits, as she looked away for a moment. In an instant I knew what she was thinking, and I knew that if she walked over that my life was going to get crazy. My arm reached out to stop her, my quiet and simple life didn't need to change right now. "Whatever you're thinking, don't do it," I pleaded.

"I'm not planning anything both of us just need a nothing drink," she said looking down at the empty drink in my hand. She took my empty bottle and walked off back into the house. I laid my head back on the chair I was in and took a deep breath. I was just being paranoid. Right? She wouldn’t ask her mom if I can see her tits.... Just as I finished the thought I looked through a window into the kitchen. Ashley and Mary were standing there talking; they both turned their heads and looked in my direction.

I shot up, in sheer panic mode. I walked as swiftly as casual walking could look into the house. I needed to stop this from happening. My hand reached for the kitchen door, I flung it open and stepped inside, shutting the door behind me. I didn’t want anyone of the other family members to follow suit. Looking up after closing the door I was greeted by two beautiful women. Ashley stood in a bikini, its black and white stripes leaving not much to the imagination and Mary stood there in a tube top that was far too small and a very revealing bikini bottom. The tube top bared Mary’s toned stomach and the bottoms were a glorified thong, as her ass was mostly on display for the whole party to enjoy. Mary looked me in the eye and gave me a big smile. I hope that she had not seen my eyes wandering earlier in the party. A sudden realization came to me; the only three people in this house were Ashley, Mary, and I.

"So you want to see my tits huh?" Mary said, avoiding tact and grace. My face grew red with embarrassment. I was too late, but maybe I could figure out how to get myself out of this.

"No! I mean, uh, your daughter told me she was thinking about implants and uh, asked me if I had ever seen fake boobs before. And I just said no. I didn't mean...." Ashley interrupted me by taking me hand. She pulled me forward and began to drag me deeper into the house. Mary followed close behind me. I tried to protest and pull away but whenever I would slow down Mary would pinch at my butt from behind. I soon realized there was no use and accepted that I had no choice in the matter. They lead me upstairs, through Ashley's parents’ bedroom and into their bathroom. Ashley led me to the edge of the tub and pushed me down. Sitting on the edge of the tub I looked up at the two women in front of me.

"It’s your lucky day! I love my baby so much that you get to look at these and see if they are fun enough for you," Mary's nasally voice echoed through the bathroom. Her small hands found the curve of her breasts as she pulled her tube top down, exposing her fake tits to me. She wasn't even wearing a bikini top underneath. Her quarter sized nipples looked tiny thanks to her massive tits. They hung well, didn't look too fake at all, but you definitely wouldn't buy them as real. Her nipples were standing erect; it wasn't cold in the least bit. That meant she was enjoying this.

"Go ahead Sylus, you can touch them," Ashley chimed in. I looked to her and then to Mary. Mary nodded and gave her nipples a little tweak. My hands slowly moved up as I took her massive tits into my hands. Giving them both a grope and a squeeze, I was impressed. They were firm, but not hard. I felt her up cautiously, trying not to stimulate her at all. This was admittedly hard because of how Mary arched her back, trying to fill my hands with more and more of her breasts. After a few seconds I removed my hands.

"They are very nice," I said, trying to diffuse the situation.

"I thought you said he knew how to touch tits! That was awful!" Mary exclaimed.

"I said he knew how to lick tits mom! Trust me he's quite good," Ashley answered back.

"Is that right?" Mary asked. "Well the price for seeing them is you have to lick them good, I want to be nice and wet by the end of it." I nearly choked; I was shocked at how forward they were both being. I was confused and apprehensive. Seeking advice on the situation I looked over at my girlfriend standing in the corner of the room. She smiled back at me, her eyes looks from me, to her mother’s rack, and back to me. She nodded at me, signaling to go ahead and not be afraid.

There was something inside me though, something waking up. Something, primal. My hands darted out and pulled Mary in close. My left hand shot up and brought her right up and into my mouth. My tongue darted back and forth flicking across Mary's already hard nipple. She sucked in air fast and exhaled with a moan. My other hand had already found her other breast, closing my hand around it my fingers found her nipple and began to flick at the same pace as my tongue. I lightly bit down on her nipple before changing breasts.

I squeezed both tits together and licked from one nipple to the other. Mary’s fingers ran through my hair, pulling me into her boobs. She let out a soft cry as my tongue expertly darted back and forth across her rock hard nipple.

"Oh my god baby! You were right! He does know what he is doing! I'm as wet as could be," Mary said. "Now what was the other thing you wanted to try sweetie?"

Ashley chimed in, "he loves to titfuck me mom. So let him see what it feels like to fuck your fake tits." My licking didn't stop a beat, but my heart sure did. My cock was about ready to rip a hole in the basketball shorts I used as swim trunks.

“Well he can’t tittyfuck dry tits can he Ashley?” Mary said, not hiding her intent. Pausing a moment Ashley’s hands reached up behind her, unhooking bikini top and exposing her own large breasts to me. Before the top hit the ground she had closed the ground between them and wasted no time in taking in two big handfuls of her mom's tits. Lifting up Mary’s left breast Ashley's tongue darted out and flicked across her nipple. Very similar to what I had done a few seconds ago. Pinching and twisting the nipple opposite from the one her face was glued to she continued to lap away at her mother's breasts. After a minute or two she pushed her tongue out and placed it flat against the top of Mary's chiseled abdomen. Licking up she trailed a long line of saliva up her mom's cleavage. Upon reaching the tops of Mary's tits, Ashley directed similar treatment to the sides of Mary's fake titties. Finally topping the whole thing off by spitting all of her saliva on the already slippery tits in front of me.

Mary's hands reached out and pushed me back as she got to her knees in front of me. She scooted forward on the floor as she looked me in the eye, giving an awkward wink. Reaching both arms out she grabbed a hold of my shorts and gave them a tremendous pull. My dick sprang free from the prison of my shorts, almost hitting Mary in the face. All 7 inches of my cock stood at attention in front of her.

“Mmmm baby, you picked a good one! Look at this nice cock your friend has,” Mary ogled, running her hand up the length of my cock and taking it in her hands. Her hands were smaller than Ashley’s and really looked small on my dick. My body twitched as she slowly jerked my cock from base to tip and back again.

“Ohhh fuck,” I softly whispered as my eyes met Ashley’s. She gave me a big smile, I hadn’t thought about it till now, what her reaction would be. But the smile made me instantly feel better about any guilt I was having. Mary lightly raked the nail of her pointer finger against the patch of flesh between my anus and balls. She slowly began to drag it upward, up and across my shaved balls. I shivered and shook, her other hand never stopped the slowly pressureful stroke. My dick was now throbbing.

My attention shifted from Mary to Ashley, she was fixated on my cock, and from the appearance of her biting her bottom lip she was enjoying watching her mother play with me. Tossing my head back I let free a breathy sigh.

“Well if you like this then you’ll love these,” Mary teased, as she pulled herself forward on the floor. She gave both of her nipples a tweak and pushed her saliva covered fake tits together as her body moved closer to my cock. Her hands wrapped her fake DD tits around my cock, her boobs snuggly securing and hiding my cock between the wet and warm dream that they were. She looked down at the head of my cock sticking out of her cleavage and smiled, then began to slowly move her torso up and down. I let out a soft moan; it was definitely not like fucking her daughter's natural tits. There's more pressure, not as soft and comforting, more intense and dare I say....better.

"Oh, look baby he likes it."

I couldn't deny that as Mary began to really bounce up and down, moving far faster now. My cock and her balloons glistened with Ashley's spit. I rolled my eyes back and took in a deep breath, enjoying the feeling of her tits around my cock.

"MMMMM yea," Mary let out. "You like this don't you. But it sure is a lot of work and no reward for me," she said as her head turned toward my girlfriend. Ashley rolled her eyes again, but didn’t protest. Had she fucked her mom before? Ashley once again moved in close and untied her mother’s string bikini, tossing it aside. Her fingers expertly found their goal in Mary's dripping pussy.

"Mmmmm close, but because you brought a friend you owe me more than that."

"But mom!"
"No buts young lady, unless you don't want your boyfriend to be happy," Mary taunted back. She spread her knees while she maintained her rhythm of bouncing up and down. My cock was now as hard as it could possibly be. Ashley lied down on the tile floor and pulled herself into position, a position which had her mother’s pussy grinding in her face. Trying to look past all 7 inches of my cock appearing and disappearing in between her tits, I could see her face and tongue now covered in her mother's juices. Mary let out a long moan; I could also hear the sounds of a muffled moan below her. Ashley was licking quickly and purposefully away at her clit. I focused back on the big tits that my cock was currently between and ran my hands around the flesh that wasn't being covered by Mary's hands. My cock was throbbing, the head vanishing and appearing over and over again was starting to build uncomfortable friction. But Mary was a pro; she had taken enough cock in her day. She looked down and spat on the head of my cock without missing a beat.

"Mmmmmmm Silly Sylus loves my titties sweetie. I think he wants to cum baby. Keep licking momma's pussy and your little boyfriend can cum. Come on, lick me good!" Mary exclaimed. If I was only going to have my one shot at this I needed to make it good. I pulled her hands away and replaced them with my own, only I pinched my thumbs down on Mary's nipples as I pulled her tits tightly around my cock again.

"OH! That’s too....that’s," she tried to protest as the pain and pleasure washed over her sending her into ecstasy. I began to thrust my hips up and pump away at her chest as hard as I could. My fingers pinched as my hips thrust, the cum building up aching to be shot out.

"Fuck yeah, cum all over my big titties. Fuck them hard!" Mary demanded. My balls tingled and I felt my orgasm rising. Squeezing her fake titties together even harder by her nipples I rammed into her torso as hard as I could. I grunted as cum began to travel up my dick. Two thrusts later my hot cum roped out onto her chest and neck as I continued to fuck her tits. Spasm after spasm spot out and soon her chest and my dick were covered in cum. After I thrust my final thrust I released her tits.

Sitting still for a second Ashley realized I had cum. She tried to stop and get up but her mother bucked her down.

"Now wait a minute, I'm not finished yet baby. Mommy needs to cum too you know." Her hips ground into Ashley's face as Mary tossed her head back and moaned. After a moment of watching I noticed a stream of my cum trailing down Mary's flat stomach. Ashley continued to lick and Mary continued to grind, my cum now passing her belly button. Mary's natural curves were slowly directing the cum down toward her pussy. Mary looked down and gave a wry smile.

"Oh look. Looks like you're about to get a little surprise," she said her voice slightly shaky. It was apparent that she was approaching her own orgasm. My cum journeyed farther and farther down, now passing over the shaved flesh of her pubic area. "Oh yeah. Keep licking. Keep licking. Keep licking," Mary cried as the trail of cum now reached her pussy. Ashley stirred slightly under her mother as the sperm hit her tongue, but she continued to lick. Now licking my cum onto her mother's clit. Mary shuddered; her orgasm began to take over as she struggled to keep herself upright. Her head tossed back as she moaned and squirmed against her daughter's tongue. Ashley's tongue continued to lap and lick at her mother's pussy, my cum and her mother's mixing in her mouth.

Her licking slowed down as her mother's moans did. Mary looked up at me and smiled. She swung herself off her daughter and let Ashley get up. Ashley sat up, her face covered in both of cum. Mary looked at me and then at her daughter, smiled, and leaned over. They shared an open mouth kiss, swapping the juices from Ashley's mouth back and forth. Ashley reached up and tweaked her mother's nipples and let out a soft moan. After several moments they separated.

"Mmmmm," Mary let out in a nasally tone. "You taste good; we need to do this again!"


Thank you very much for reading the first chapter of my tale. These are the first stories I have ever written, so I hope you enjoyed them. I have a whole host of characters that I plan on introduction over time, but if you guys fall in love with one of the fine ladies above and want to see more, please don't hesitate to let me know. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

Chapter 2 : Ashley & Stacey
The conclusion to the exciting introduction of Tales of Lust
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