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Life in Colorado
Omega Sagas - Life in Colorado Part 1

This is actually my first story that I wrote. Bear Lake Series that featured Michael Sutton fucking his cousin was the second story. This is also part of a multi-layered series similar in style as Ranchland, but have different storylines and setting.

Part 1 - 1990s

This is a different series that can have around twenty parts.

Matt has with his sister Sarah in the mountains in 1992

Matthew Walker was in his senior year at his high school, Boulder High School. It was couple weeks before Christmas Break, when he was going to the fitness center. He sees his younger sister, Sarah, at the entrance of the fitness center with her junior football player boyfriend, Ray.

Sarah was 5’4” and one of the most popular cheerleaders on the high school team. She has very perky but small breasts 32B. Her brunette curly hair came down to her shoulders. She was the stereotypical girl next door who was always friendly to everyone and would talk to anyone that wanted to talk.
Sarah was a freshman and 15 years old. Her taste in boyfriends wasn’t good. Matt has short brunette hair and 5’11”. He was small for a basketball player, but he made it up with his leadership and speed.

Ray has Sarah up against the wall. “What are you fucking are you doing to my sister!” Matt exclaimed. “Stop Ray, you are hurting me.” Sarah tells Ray.
“She’s a whore and a wimp. Didn’t allow me to break her in all of her holes.” Ray disgustedly says.
“Ray lay off and find some other creep to fuck your disgusting body” Matt tells him
Ray is the Boulder Bengals’ strong safety. Ray leaves with telling, “Have fun with her!”

Sarah, “Thanks Matt! You’re always there for me and I’ve been mean to you. Annoying you and making your life miserable.” Matt just nods, “we should take Mom’s offer and go hiking through the mountains.”
Matt, “Yes, I would love that. I missed doing that with dad”

Matt and Sarah lived a good life in a wealthy neighborhood. Their father had died few years back. Their father had put away money in life insurance and trust funds. He was the CEO of a big oil refinery business and had got money from several malpractice suits.

Chapter 2
Matt drove Sarah in his Cadillac and took her shopping. Sarah would find all kinds of beautiful outfits. She always love dressing up like a cowgirl, which Matt loved. The siblings brought equipment for the excursion. Two weeks had passed and Matt grabbed the keys to the family truck. Matt was waiting for Sarah to come down.

They woke up early and left the house at 9am. The day was cold, but Matt was experienced with winter hiking through the times with his father. His father loved hiking and it was a family pastime.

Sarah comes down. The plan was to hike couple hours and then set-up camp in the afternoon before the sun goes down. It was only ten degrees, but everything else was spectacular. There was no wind and the sun was out shining bright.

They arrived at the parking lot and Matt unpacks the truck giving Sarah the small pink hiking pack. He grabs his bigger pack with most of the food and tent equipment.

They hike through the mountains for couple hours and find a suitable camp couple yards away. Matt took a step and falls down. Sarah, “Oh Shit! Matt are you o.k.!!” grabbing hold of her brother. Matt covered from the daze and analyzes the situation. He looks at his leg and sees that his ankle is broken and knee is bleeding.

Matt takes charge and tells Sarah that she needs to go ahead to the campsite and set-up camp. Matt explains, “Sarah set-up the tent and get a fire going. Then come back for me and transport me to the tent.” Sarah was always the smart one and took their uncle’s medical knowledge. She always knew that she would wanted to go into the medical field.

She tended to Matt and then takes the tent equipment to the camping area. She stops the bleeding. Fifteen minutes had passed and Matt looks up and see the angelic face of Sarah. Sarah transports Matt to the tent and preps the tent for the night.

They knew that they were only few miles from a family friend’s house that they could go to in the morning. Since it was almost 5pm, they couldn’t get to the friend’s house. It was getting cold and snow begins to fall.

Sarah comes into the tent after getting the last heat from the fire before it went out. Matt says, “Sarah I am losing a lot of heat due to my injuries and we planned on sharing our sleeping bags. Just put our backs together.” Sarah, “Yes, I know and please we might need to actually cuddle to preserve our heat.”

Matt grabs the end of the sleeping bags and opens it for Sarah to get in. “Sarah, your jacket is soaking wet. You need take it off.” She takes it off. Her two sweatshirts are also damp, but enough that would be fine. Matt turns over to his left shoulder to alleviate the pressure of his broken right ankle and cut-up right knee.

Sarah follows suit and moves into Matt. Sarah exclaims, “I am so hot and you’re freezing!” Matt jokingly and chattering, “Yes, I always loved your body!”

Sarah replies, “that is not what I was talking about. Goofball.” Matt says, “your sweatshirts and pants are too damp and we need more heat. Please take them off.” She does what Matt said and the only thing on her is now her tight fleece and her long johns. Matt only has his long johns which are now shorts due to the blood loss and a small undershirt.

Matt still shaking decides that he needs to increase the blood flow in him and his sister. He grabs his sister’s stomach and massages her stomach and goes up and down. He accidentally touches her right breast. Sarah exhales, “wow, Matt that actually feels so good” She feels his dick pressing up against her ass.

“Matt, this cold is getting to you too much and I love you too much for you to lose your life.” She turns around and kisses Matt. “Wow!! Sarah you are amazing!” She passionately kissed him and their lips tangle for several minutes.

Matt starts to limply grind into Sarah’s groin, but he winces in pain due to his pain in his ankle and knee. Matt tells Sarah, “this is amazing, but we need to change positions, if we are going to continue.” Sarah replies, “yes, we are going to continue. Let me get on top and get your blood flowing.”

Sarah continues kissing her brother while turning him over to his back. Then she straddle herself to make sure that she doesn’t touch his wounds. She grabs his long john’s liner and slips it now slightly to let out his cock. It is nicely at six inches when hard. She grasps at her brother’s cock. Sarah expels, “wow, you are massive. Ray only gets around two-half inches when he gets hard” Matt replies, “Yes, Sarah I have a normal size cock!”

He grabs her tight fleece and long johns and slips them off. Sarah continues passionately kissing her brother while stroking his cock. She climaxes and squirts onto her brother’s cock. “Sarah, let’s fuck. I need more heat and you’re are driving me crazy!” She grinds into him and buckles her hips very seductively.

She slips his six-inch cock into her tight pussy. Matt easily gets into her pussy and has couple of inches into her precocious pussy. The last four inches is the hard part. “Wow, Ray is a stupid ass! You’re fucking amazing and would love to have you anytime”. Matt was no virgin. He had several girlfriend that he was able break their cherries, but they wouldn’t as passionate as Sarah was.

She acted like she was a mechanic bull. She would move up and down on her brother’s shaft. She also was rotating herself in circular motions and grinding herself while kissing her brother’s mouth and neck.

“Wow, Sarah I don’t know how long I am going to last with you fucking me so spectacular.”
“You’re fucking me so great! You’re a fucking angel!” Matt exclaims. “Please cum inside me, I want to feel a real man’s creamshot than a boy’s small sprinkling,”

Sarah tells her happy brother! “Oh my God!! You’re so tight and I am only in you four inches!” Matt tells his sister. Sarah thrust her pussy and body down all way to his balls! She yells out amazingly. Matt tells, “Baby, I am going to cum inside you soon! Oh fuck, why I am given this gift!” Matt expels.

“Because you’re a fantastic human beeing!” Sarah can’t get the last syllable out coherently since Matt’s cum shooting into. “Wow. Damm. I haven’t cum this much!” He shoots over six loads of cum into her cervix. “Wow, thank you so much for awesome vacation!” Sarah cries. Sarah splashes his cum with her own orgasm.

“Damn brother, you’re still thick after your amazing cumshot” He was only semi-erect with his cock about at four-inches. “Sarah, can we continue?” Matt asks. “Yes brother, we will definitely can, but I need to piss badly,” Sarah said.

“O.k. sweetheart. Go fast so you don’t freeze!!” Michael exclaimed.

Chapter 3
Sarah went to take a fast pee and then take fucked for couple hours to stay warm. Matt had fun cumming in his sister every so after. They packed up and headed home. After couple days, the Matt was reading the newspaper and seen that Sarah’s dick of a boyfriend had died in a car accident. Sarah came down to the kitchen and seen her mother making breakfast. She grabbed her mother and started to cry.

Her mother, “I know it hurts, Ray died.”
Sarah, “Yes and I am pregnant.”

Sarah and her mother talked and they decided it was fine to carry the baby to term.

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