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Start off slow but should get better,enjoy
I had a perfect plan, I knew Tony's sister was having her sexy friend stay the night, all I needed was him to invite me. I went over to his house and loudly knocked on his door, I asked him if he wanted to play Dark Alliance and he said sure.. I knew now I was over for the night, we get so addicted to this, it's insane. I sat down and started playing. I was 6'3", Black hair, White, Blue eyes, 175 pounds, semi-muscular. I had an average size dick of 6.7 inches. I was 14 years old.

Tony then picked up a controller and took a seat. Tony is 5'4", Brown hair, White, Brown eyes, and probably around 100 Ibs, a bit skinny. 14 years old. We played for about 20 minutes and his sister Kassy walked in. She was alright, not bad, but not hot. She was 13 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes, white, tanned, around 90 IBS, an alright body. Small tits, and an alright ass. She was 5'3". Following her was Brittany, she was a goddess, Long, dirty blonde hair, a perfect tan, white with blue eyes. Nice baseball sized tits, and a perfect ass. 13 years old also, a fit body. Around 95 IBS, 5'9". I got semi-hard just watching Brittany walk in as her perfect tits bounced. She looked at my pants where there was a noticable tiny tent and I blushed. She blushed also, she was a bit shy and so was Kassy. They went into Kassys room, while Tony and I played Dark Alliance. We played for a bit and Tony asked me to spend the night, of course I said yes without thinking about it. He looked overjoyed.

I ran home to get a sleeping bag and ran back quickly. It was around 9:00 PM, Tony's paren't were glad that Tony and Kassy had company because they planned to go to a party for the night, but they were only going to go if they had people here. They were leaving in around 30 minutes, they made sure Kassy and Tony promised to go to bed before 1:00 and they said goodnight and left. We were all alone now. We decided to play a game and we couldn't make up our minds. After around 5 minutes I mentioned truth or dare. They all agreed that it sounds fun. Since it was my idea I had to go first, I was thinking about a different type of truth or dare but I knew I'd have to start off regular.

My first victim was Brittany, she picked dare, I dared her to eat a peice of Tony's hair, she made a big deal about it, but we mentioned that she would have to forfeight the game or do it. She obviously didn't want to be left alone the rest of the night so she ate it. It was the funniest thing I'd seen in ages. Next it was her turn, I was nervous because I thought she would pick me, and she did of course. I picked truth, she asked me whats the farthest I had ever got with a girl, I didn't know if I should of answered honestly, but I did anyway. "I felt a girls up" I replied. She blushed deeply and once again it was my turn. I decided it was time to move on to Kassy, she chose dare, I dared her to eat a spoonful of miracle whip, she said she didn't care, she liked anything creamy.

I started to get another semi-hardon, luckily nobody noticed this time. She ate the miracle whip no problem, I felt nausious. Tony seemed to feel the same. Brittany liked her lips and she noticed I was looking at her and she blushed. I was getting horny and I knew i'd have to push this ahead a bit more. Kassy chose Tony, Tony chose Truth, she asked him if he was gay, as a joke, he said No. I was relieved. Tony chose me, I decided to choose dare this time. He dared me to get naked and come out in a sleeping bag and flash the tv (which was now turned off). I accepted and chuckled. I went into his room and stripped down and came out in my sleeping bag. Kassy was staring at my hungerily as I walked towards the tv, I dropped the front of my sleeping bag and I noticed just then, Tony had put a mirror on the tv when I was in the room, I heard Tony shout "shit!", and I heard "oohh" from Kassy and Brittany. I quickly pulled up the front of the sleeping bag and ran back to Tony's room.

I got dressed and came back out, I knew I was blushing but I didn't care. It was now my turn, I chose Brittany, she chose truth. I asked her if she had ever touched a penis, she said No, and I asked her if she wanted to. I don't know where it came from but I just said it. Her eyes got big and she said "Yes". I told her I was just kidding, I don't know why, I just did. We continued with the game, Brittany chose Kassy, Kassy chose dare. Brittany dared Kassy to rub her face in my crotch, while I only had my boxers covering my dick. I couldn't believe my luck. So Kassy and I walked into the bathroom and shut the door. I pulled off my pants and sat on the edge of the tub. It was cold, but it didn't bother me, I was so excited. She came over and got on her knees, she looked like she didn't want to do it, but she shoved her face in and rubbed it around a bit, by this time I was hard to full length and it pushed and head away. I saw a smile form on her face, and right then Brittany opened the door. I heard another "oohh" and I hid my boner and pulled my pants on and returned to the couch.

Kassy and Brittany were both staring at me now. Kassy chose me and Tony, she dared us to both pull our dicks out and let them compare the size. I didn't care they had already practically seen mine, so I pulled it out, still with a full hard-on. Going to 6.7-7 inches. Tony reluctantly pulled his out, he was around 5.5 inches long, but a bit wider then mine, not much though. Kassy and Brittany both pointed at mine and Tony blushed. Brittany then grabbed for my dick and gripped it tightly. Kassy grabbed for Tony's and gripped tightly. Brittany started moving her hand up and down my dick while I moaned, I couldn't look straight, I had no idea what Kassy and Tony were doing. Brittany then placed her mouth on my cock and sucked it a bit, played with my balls and licked the shaft. I told her now that she had seen my dick that I wanted to see her tits and pussy, she blushed and started undressing. She was perfect, she had a hairless pussy, which I was surprised. Perfectly pink and you could tell it was tight and unused. Her tits were pointy with perfect puffy nipples to top them off. I put my mouth on a nipple and sucked on it. She moaned loudly, I sucked harder and moved my hand down to fumble with her pussy.

I was unexperienced and I didn't really know what I was doing, but I think I did alright, I put my finger in and out and she moaned even louder. I couldn't take her, I needed to be inside her. I bent her over and grabbed my dick and tried to place it in her, she was a bit tight, but I fingered her for a minute then stuck it in. A tight squeeze. She screamed and a bit of blood dripped out. I tried to push in more but I was already in a lot and couldn't fit much more. I pulled out a bit then pushed. She moaned, it wasn't completely pleasure, you could tell it was a bit painful for her. I pulled out and pushed back in a couple more times and could already feel the cum rising in my dick.

She told me to go faster so I pushed in and pulled out around 5 more times and pulled out and stuffed it in her mouth and came in it. She looked like she was in heaven as she tried to swallow it all. I got down on my knees and ate her out for a bit, then she moaned loudly and a lot of liquid squirted from her pussy. I tried to lick it all up but there was too much. I was tired out so I sat on the couch and watched Tony cum all over Kassy, it was a bit gross but still Kassy was naked. Kassy licked all the cum up and then they came and sat on the couch. Brittany sat on my lap, and I moved up and down trying to get hard. Then I heard a car park, and it sounded like someone was coming down the stairs to the apartment, we all ran and got our sleeping bags from Tony's room. Just as we layed down Tony's parents walked it. "Sorry, we forgot something, we'll get it then be back out, and...what's that smell"?

The end- If you want a sequel rate it good and ask for one,I hope you enjoyed this, it was my first story!

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2011-12-08 00:04:38
I liked it very abstract I liked the diion for britanni.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-07-06 02:03:57
Kind of half assed. 6'3" w/7" dick @14??? jeez...


2009-05-04 21:29:34
2007-07-23 get a life the story was fine well written if you can read it and understand what is being said that is all that matters did he get the point across yes he did that isall that counts!!!!!


2009-05-04 21:27:10
2007-07-23 get a life the story was fine well written if you can read it and understand what is being said that is all that matters did he get the point across yes he did that isall that counts!!!!!


2007-07-23 14:03:11
very blunt undefined detail; not quotation marks; no actual sayings. Poorly written, but gave me a boner.

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