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My friend's story. If i missed some tags, oh well live with it
My friend's story

Rick's WIFE 4 (4 of 6)
I heard Linda's footsteps as she returned with William's
Scotch. I was seated on the couch, apparently alone. From the
sound of his voice, I knew William and his wife were sitting to the
left of the fireplace in our loveseat. Linda's footsteps crossed
back in front of me and stopped. Her hand took my wrist and gently
placed a full snifter in my hand. I heard her move to my right and
seat herself in a high-back chair facing the center of the room.
The couch I sat on was thus in the center, facing the fireplace.
The only sound for a minute or two was the crackling the burning
logs. The blindfold, at least so far, was reasonably comfortable.
"I often think," William suddenly began, "that we are too much
the creatures of our eyes; our other senses are just handmaidens to
vision and are given the rump-end by our brain of the world's
myriad textures and infinite contours. I daresay many people would
think nothing of taking their lives rather than facing the world
without sight. They rely on it like they rely on the sun rising
every day. They do not appreciate the more fecund "reality" of
hearing, touch, taste and smell which are more in tune with the
night than the day."
"Let us take your beautiful wife, Linda, for an example.
Linda, please stand in front of the fireplace for us. Yes, thank
you. Now, Breigha and I see her quite clearly. You, of course,
cannot. Let me describe what I see: I see a woman surrounded by
a halo of shifting yellow, orange and blue light from the fire. I
see a shiny stream of black hair on falling on her shoulders and
outlining a face of beauty. High cheekbones, rosy cheeks,
healthy eyes, clear, open and wide, looking at you, Peter. I see
a pert nose, and full lips that are moist. From her thin neck,
small shoulders widen. She holds them back in a posture of
self-assurance. This is a woman not to be taken lightly, Peter,
as you are surely aware."
"I see her chest rising and falling slowly, small breasts
straining against the soft fabric of her dress. The breasts, one
might almost think, of a young girl. Even from this distance, and
in this light, one can make out the little points of her nipples,
stiffened and alive."
I shifted uncomfortably. I was now beginning to get quite
turned on.
"While it could be the fact that it is ever so slightly cool
in this room, and the fire is to her back accentuating the
difference in temperature, I would attribute your wife's erect
nipples to arousal and to the fact that she knows that I am going
to fuck her. No, please Linda, leave your arms at your sides.
That's better. Now, Peter, please tell me. Can you see what I
have described? Can you see your wife displayed before the three
of us in your mind's eye?"
I could. I could see her as if the blindfold were gone. As
if my eyes were fully open and unblinking. "Yes," I said. "Your
"Simply that perception of the world can be clear, convincing
and real whether it comes to us through the eyes, the ears, or some
other way. A case in point: a man hears his wife describe her
infidelity in graphic detail. She describes an illicit sexual
encounter she entered into for the purpose of his and her sexual
arousal. Do you honestly believe that had he been there and
actually watched, the intensity of the perception of the infidelity
would have been greater than what his own mind and imagination
actually created out of a few simple words? Yes, Linda told me of
your little adventure. I was very impressed. Well?"
"No, not necessarily. On the other hand, I'm aroused by the
sight of my wife, by the sight of other beautiful women, by the
sight of graphic sexual images and so on," I said. "Perhaps we put
too much stock in our eyes, but they're still a fundamental part of
who we are."
"Yes. Yes, exactly! A fundamental PART of who we are. But
still only a part of our life and of our sexuality. Well, I'm
being pedantic and boring here. I believe in teaching by example
and by experience. It tends to stick to the ribs, so to speak,
better than a lecture," he said. Suddenly, in a very firm voice,
"Linda, come over here to me."
I heard the rustle of her dress as she moved to him.
"Kneel down between my legs. That's good."
There was silence for nearly a minute, maybe longer (my sense
of time had taken a leave of absence). I could hear the nearly
inaudible sounds of a camera shutter.
"Ah, very nice. Now I want you to go over to Peter and kiss
him exactly as I just kissed you."
I heard her move to me and kneel between my legs. Her hands
moved to the tops of my thighs and she leaned close to my face.
Her lips touched mine gently. They were wet and warm. Slowly,
insistently, her tongue entered my mouth, swirled softly between my
lips and teeth, then went deep into the center. It mingled with my
tongue, entwined, penetrated, retreated, penetrated again. I
followed it back out into her mouth and tasted its sweetness. I
felt her lift her right hand, and one of her fingers gently touched
the corner between our pressed lips, then smoothly entered into the
warm double cavity formed by our locked mouths. It probed my
mouth, the space between my cheek and teeth, then retreated into
hers with both our tongues, almost like a third small tongue. The
taste of her finger was slightly salty, and I wondered what it felt
like to probe our mouths and tongues, even as the kiss went on. It
was strange and exciting to have this unfamiliar third thing become
part of our kiss. I was perfectly aware that William had just
Linda in exactly this same way. Slowly, she pulled away. I wanted
more and I was hard as a rock.
"Come back to me now, Linda," William said. "Take off your
dress. Leave your panties, the necklace and the heels on."
I could "see" every movement as my wife stripped before this
man. There was a final rustle as the dress was discarded.
"You are very beautiful, Linda. Any man in his right mind
would love to know you better, would love to do what I am going to
do tonight. Turn around, slowly. Yes, very nice. Now tell me
something. Do you love your husband?"
"Yes, with all my heart."
"Of course you do. How does it feel to stand in front of me
like this, with your husband sitting only feet away? We can both
see his erection from here. He is excited knowing that you are
exposed, and that I am in control. How does all this make you
feel? Are you aroused, Linda?"
"Come here and kneel down. Now give me your hand. There,
gently, just run your nails up and down it's length. Find the head
with the tips of your fingers; use your fingers and hand to try to
imagine what it will look like outside my pants. Is my cock larger
than your husband's?"
"Speak the entire sentence, Linda."
Hesitatingly, "Your cock is larger than my husband's."
"We men are so preoccupied with things like this, aren't we?
Of course that was rhetorical; you needn't answer."
"Peter," he continued, "your wife is kneeling in front of me
in a skimpy pair of yellow panties and her heels, stroking my
erection. Even through my pants, I can feel how cool her palms and
fingers are." There was silence for a minute or two. Then, "I
think it's time we took it out, Linda. Here, let me help you."
My hand wandered to my crotch, pressed hard against my aching
cock, then moved away. Okay, so I was beginning to get his point.
"Yes, that's much better. Do you want to make love to me,
Linda, and do you want me to make love to you?"
Finally, almost inaudibly, "yes."
"Say the words. Words, you know, are a kind of action. A
very powerful kind of action."
"I want to make love to you and I want you to make love to
"Don't stop stroking it. I want to taste you, Linda. Use
your left hand, put two fingers inside of you, and put them to my
I was starting to get so turned on, I was having a hard time
sitting still.
"Delicious. Sweet. A honeysuckle cunt."
"Breigha, sweetheart, I think it's time that we move to the
next level. Would you be so kind as to help Peter up and bring him
here? Don't stop what you're doing, Linda. With your left hand,
though, make an "O" with your thumb and forefinger around the base
of the tip. Good. Now as you stroke up its length with your right
hand, squeeze the tip with the ring you've formed in your left,
then relax it as your right hand returns to the base. Yes! That's
good. I know it's hard to get your fingers all the way around it,
but you're doing fine."
I felt a soft hand touch my shoulder. I stood, and was guided
to the left where Linda knelt between William's legs. As my
forward motion was stopped, one hand suddenly dropped from my
shoulder to my crotch and firmly but gently squeezed my penis.
After William's graphic deions and with little tactile
stimulation, the squeeze was heavenly.
"Breigha is naughty, sometimes. I see she wants to get more
involved tonight. We'll see, darling. Now, Peter, will you please
kneel behind your wife?"
My hands were placed on Linda's warm, naked shoulders, and I
knelt down behind her.
"Good. Now spread your knees and scoot up close to her, so
there's no space between your groin and her buttocks."
I did so. Through my hands on her shoulders, I could feel a
rhythmic motion of Linda's arms. My knees brushed what I sensed to
be William's spread feet, and I jerked them closer and tightly to
Linda. Still sitting on my heels, my cock was pressed firmly
against Linda's backside through my trousers.
"Are we all comfy? What a cozy little scene! Linda, you may
stop working my cock. Now lean back against your husband with your
head on his shoulder, raise your arms and place your hands on both
sides of Peter's head. That's it. Peter, Breigha and I would very
much like to see you caress your wife's breasts. Breigha, would
you kneel to the side of me and continue where Linda left off?"
As Linda complied, the position we were in forced her to arch
the center of her back forward, presenting her breasts in a graphic
manner. I dropped my hands, reached around her, and cupped her
tits. Then, with the middle three fingers on each hand, I massaged
breast in a circular fashion, moving from the sides to the center,
around the erect nipples. I grasped each nipple between thumb and
forefinger and gently pulled them outward, then rolled them between
my fingers carefully, like soft grapes. Releasing them, I opened
hands, placed them over her nipples so they just lightly brushed
center of my palms, and made a circular motion, gently rubbing the
very tips. Linda was breathing deeply and irregularly.
"Nipples were meant to be suckled. If you would be so kind as
to present them for me, Peter, I believe I will indulge myself."
Once again I cupped her breasts from the sides, squeezing them
slightly so the nipples stood out, and waited. I sensed motion as
he leaned forward and felt warm breath near my hands. I felt his
mouth close over the tip of Linda's left breast. A low moan came
from deep in Linda's belly. Her hands were moving through my hair
and over my ears and face. The mouth moved to the right breast.
Once again, I could feel the gentle, rhythmic tug of his lips
through her breast.
The motion stopped and I sensed him lean back. I ran my
fingers again over her now wet nipples and pinched them gently.
My cock was so hard, I thought I would explode.
"Taste is a little appreciated sense when it comes to the
erotic. Since I've already tasted your wife's sex, as well as her
nipples, I'd like you and Breigha to taste her now, Peter. Being
a gentleman, I know you'd insist on Breigha going first. Please
use two of your fingers and pass them on to my wife."
I dropped my right hand down Linda's belly, then worked them
under the elastic band of her panties. Moving through her downy
pubic hair, I circled my forefinger and middle finger down, then up
into my wife's cunt. She was absolutely drenched. Linda's body
shivered as I withdrew my fingers, deliberately rubbing them
against her clitoris.
I raised my fingers from my wife's crotch, and a small hand
gently grasped my wrist and held it still. Soft and deliciously
warm lips, almost like a cunt, encircled my fingers all the way to
their base. Breigha's tongue swirled around and between them, and
her mouth sucked insistently all the way up their length. All too
soon the lips retreated and were gone. My hand was released.
"Your turn, Peter."
I repeated the ritual, this time pausing longer at Linda's
clitoris. She squirmed and shuddered as I teased her. I put my wet
fingers to my lips and tongue and tasted my wife. William was
right. She was, as always, delicious.
"I believe you're getting rave reviews, Linda. I think it's
time you appreciate what the three of us have enjoyed. Peter, from
the looks of how your fingers glistened, I'm sure there's plenty
left. Please assist your wife."
For the third time, I probed my wife's vagina. Raising my
fingers to Linda's lips, she opened her mouth and took them in. As
I withdrew them, her tongue darted out and licked each finger
"You may lean forward and place your hands on my cock again,
Linda. Good. Cup my balls with your left hand and gently squeeze
them each time you pump the shaft with your right. Very good. Now
Peter, since you can't see this pretty scene, I'm going to help you
appreciate it fully, and to appreciate it without your sense of
Remember your pledge of cooperation."
My heart was racing and it took every bit of discipline not to
begin dry humping my wife's ass.
"Place your hands on your wife's shoulders. Now I want you to
follow her arms down to the elbows. That's it. Now slowly move
them along her forearms to her wrists and finally to the tops of
her hands. I want you to gently grip your fingers around her's and
experience their motion. If you should accidentally touch me,
don't worry, nothing terrible will happen to you and no-one will
think you're a bad person. Essentially, I want you to "see"
your wife jack me off through your sense of touch, to have you
feel what she feels as she services another man."
As I began to comply, my mind raced and time slowed. I
fought the conflicting emotions, searching for balance and for a
harmony within myself that would let me do this, let me do this
for Linda's sake and for the sake of my own peace of mind.
To be continued.....
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