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Reader inspired story. Please read part I first. The seduction of the babysitter continues as Melissa finds a way to get him to make love to her. Hope you all enjoy this part.
Nathan told Melissa, "well clean up and we'll get something to eat." Ignoring what she had said. He straightened himself up, and left her room, and headed for the kitchen. As he pulled some food out of the fridge, the phone began to ring.

Nathan sat the food on the counter and answered the phone, "hello White residence." Melissa's mom was on the other end, "hey Nathan, its Janis."

"Oh hi Ms. White, how's it going?" Nathan said. "Just what I was going to ask you," Janis said. "Oh everything's going fine, was just getting ready to fix the food to eat," he said. "Excellent, Melissa's not giving you any problems?" She asked. "Nope, not at all," he answered, his mind then racing back to what had happened just a bit ago. "Ok good, listen I have a favor to ask of you," she said. "What's that?" He asked. "I have to work a double shift tonight, is there anyway you can stay there tonight?" She asked sincerely.

Nathan was standing there, thinking it over. "I guess I can do that tonight," he finally answered. "Oh my god, thank you so much Nathan, you will compensated well for this," Janis said. "No problem, see you in the morning," Nathan said, and hung up after she said, 'goodbye.'

Melissa had taken off her sheets and threw them in the washing machine. She put on a t-shirt, boy shorts, and pajama pants, and came into the kitchen. "So what are we eating?" She asked, seeing him working on the counter. "Looks like goulash, it was already prepared by your mom," he answered, not looking at her. "Ok sounds good," she said as she turned to leave. "Hey, your mom called," Nathan said, before she left.

Melissa turned around and looked at him, "oh, what did she want?" Nathan looked at her, "well she has to work late, so I'll be staying here tonight." Melissa's face lit up as she said, "oh really, so you get to be here all night?" Nathan nodded slowly, noticing her happiness. "Yay," she said excitedly, clapping her hands quickly and jumping. She then turned around and walked into the front room, before Nathan could say anything.

While their dinner was baking, Nathan called his mom and asked her to bring a change of clothes over. Just before they sat down to eat, his mom stopped by and dropped them off.

After they were done eating, Melissa went off to take a shower, while Nathan washed everything up. While she was in the shower, she thought about how she could get Nathan to make love to her. As she washed up, and thought about how to get him to, her slid her hand between her legs and started rubbing her tight slit, up and down. She threw her head back and closed her eyes as she rubbed her middle finger between her pussy lips, feeling her clit getting harder, imagining it was Nathan rubbing her pussy.

"Oh god," she softly moaned, rubbing her clit harder and faster. Her pussy lips began fill with more blood and begin to swell slightly, as she got more turned on. "Please don't stop, I'm gonna cum baby," she moaned louder. She started fondling one of her tiny tits, sinking her finger into her pussy, as her orgasm shot through her body. "I'm cumming Nathan, ohhhhh," she groaned, her body trembling and jerking, as her orgasm coursed through her. Pussy juice coated her finger and some leaked out running down her inner thighs.

Melissa's body continued to shake and jerk as she came down from her orgasm. She opened her eyes, and slipped her finger out of her leaking pussy. "Oh my god," she said to herself, a little out of breath. She finished washing up and climbed out of the shower. She quickly dried off and looked at herself in the full-length mirror on the door. Her nipples were hard and standing proud, her pussy lips still swollen with excitement.

As Melissa studied her swollen pussy lips, she figured out how she might be able to seduce him into having sex with her. She wrapped the towel around herself and quickly went to her room. She put on some tiny, bikini cut, panties, and a tight fitting sports bra, that showed off her nipples. Her panties were tight against her pussy lips, and with them being swollen, showed a small cameltoe.

When Melissa walked back into the front room, Nathan was watching TV. He looked over at her as she entered, feeling a lump grow in his throat again, as he looked at her perky nipples. His eyes went from her chest, right to her cameltoe. He didn't take his eyes off of it as she she walked past him, seductively swaying her hips. His dick twitched and began to harden as her hips swayed in front of him.

Melissa stopped in the middle of the room and looked over at him, "I need the remote so I can do my exercises." Nathan didn't say a word, holding the remote out for her. She giggled as she took the remote from him and changed the TV to input, and turned the DVD player on.

Nathan's dick was fully hard again, unable to take his off of her now. He knew he should get up and leave now, before he did something he may regret, but he couldn't find the willpower to leave.

Melissa looked over at Nathan , giggling to herself, as he stared at her. 'I think my trick may work now," she thought to herself, turning back to the TV and finding the exercise routine she wanted to do today.

It was a yoga exercise routine. Melissa wanted to try out for gymnastics next year, so her mom had gotten her some DVDs to help with her flexibility. She had been doing yoga for almost 3 months now and noticed herself getting more flexible. She started off with a simple exercise, sitting down on the floor with her legs straight out to each side of her, then she sprawled her body straight out, keeping her feet pointed straight up in the air.

Nathan sat there, mesmerized by her flexibility. His dick throbbed hard in his jeans as she changed to the next position. She sat up, then laid on her back and raised her legs straight up in the air, using her hands to steady her back, with her elbows on the floor. Nathan stared at her as she then split her legs apart again, pointing her feet at the floor. "Jesus," he said to himself at the sight, her panties hugging her swollen lips even tighter.

Melissa then brought her legs back up straight, then slowly moved them until her feet were on the floor, above her head. Nathan looked on, noticing a small wet spot on the crotch of her panties. She used her feet to turn herself, until her crotch directly faced him.

Nathan couldn't control himself any longer as he looked directly at her panties pushing into her slit. He quickly got up and knelt down over her feet so she couldn't move. It took Melissa by surprise, but when she felt his hand pull her panties to the side, she didn't protest.

Nathan looked at her swollen pussy. It glistened in the light from her excitement and from her earlier play. Nathan licked his lips as he leaned forward and dipped the tip of his tongue into her wet pussy. Melissa's body shivered and she squealed with pleasure, as he pushed his tongue further into her pussy. Nathan was more turned on now, than he was earlier, and he knew it was because of her flexibility.

Melissa's legs began to tremble and shake, as Nathan started moving his tongue in and out of her pussy. Nathan used his fingers to hold her pussy open, as he used his thumb on her clit, flicking it side to side. Melissa began moaning loudly underneath him, "yes Nathan, please make love to me."

Melissa reached around her legs, blindly searching for the button on his jeans. After she found it, she unbuttoned them and pushed them and his boxers down as far as she could, his dick springing free. She found it with her hand and wrapped it around the base, then she slowly began to stroke it, while fondling his ball sack with her other hand.

Nathan groaned into her moistening pussy, as he moved his hips with her hand. "Oh my god, my pussy is so wet, mmm," Melissa moaned, her legs trembling even more as she got even more excited. Nathan could tell her pussy was getting extremely wet, as he moved his tongue faster in her pussy.

When he felt she was wet enough, he pulled away, her pussy juice glistening on his chin. He stood up, allowing her to move her legs around and sit on the floor. Melissa looked at him, wondering what was next. He slipped out of his jeans and boxers, he looked at her and said, "move up to the couch baby." She smiled at him as she stood up and pushed her panties down and sat down on the edge of the couch, her legs spread open.

Nathan could not stop himself, even if he wanted too. He knelt down on the floor between her legs and moved closer to her. He looked at her and asked, "are you ready to see what it feels like?" Melissa vigorously nodded, "yes Nathan, yes." Nathan let out a deep breath as he held his dick steady and began pushing the head against her pussy.

Melissa bit her lower lip as she sat up, trying to see what was happening. Both of them watched her pussy lips open up as the head of his dick slipped past them, the tip beginning to enter her pussy. Nathan was taking deep breaths as he concentrated on taking it slow. Melissa's breathing hastened as she felt the head of her lover's dick begin to enter her pussy. They watched her tiny pussy lips stretch around his dick as it slowly disappeared into her.

When about 2" of his dick was in her, Melissa wrapped her arms around Nathan's neck and began kissing him deeply. There tongues fought with each other, as they passionately kissed, and he continued pushing his dick into her.

Nathan was expecting her to have a hymen, but his dick slid fully into her pussy, with no resistance. His ball sack was pressing against her pussy lips, his dick fully inside of her. They were still kissing as he made his dick throb deep inside of her tight pussy. Melissa moaned into the kiss, when she felt his dick throb deep inside of her.

Melissa broke the kiss and looked into his eyes, "oh my god Nathan, thank you." She moved his arms down his body and pulled him close, hugging him tightly.

Nathan was surprised he didn't cum as soon as his dick was fully inside of her. After Melissa broke the hug, she laid back on the couch and looked up at him, "you are making me so happy right now Nathan." Nathan smiled as he put his hands on the couch, looking down at where they were joined. He looked back at Melissa and smiled, "ok now you get to experience sex." Melissa smiled wide and nodded.

Nathan looked back down and began to move his hips back. He groaned as he felt her pussy squeeze his exiting dick, watching her pussy lips cling to the shaft as it left. He moved his hips back until he could see the glans of his head just peeking out of her pussy lips. He let out a breath then steadily pushed back into her.

Melissa let out a loud groan as his dick slid back into her, "ohhhhh." Nathan felt her pussy squeeze his dick even harder as he was fully in her pussy again, causing him to groan as well. He then pulled back out, then pushed back into her, starting a steady rhythm, as her pussy adjusted to his dick.

Melissa started moving her hips into his inward thrusts, moaning, "oh my god, oh my god," over and over. As Nathan started moving a little faster, Melissa put her hand on her clit and started rubbing it vigorously. Nathan continued to move faster with each stroke, watching her young pussy lips cling tight to his dick as he pulled out, then go back in as he drove into her.

Melissa could feel her orgasm building inside of her, as she rubbed her clit harder and moved her hips harder into Nathan. Before her climax exploded, Nathan suddenly pulled out her. She looked at him, a look of confusion and disappointment on her face. He saw the look and smiled, "I wanna see how flexible you really are. Can you put your legs behind your head?"

Melissa quickly nodded and moved her legs up and easily put her feet behind her head. Then she put arms over her legs, so her shoulders rested on her calves. Nathan looked at her and mouthed, 'wow.' She looked almost like a pretzel, her pussy was now slightly splayed open in front of him.

Melissa giggled at his reaction and started rubbing her clit again, "is that good?" Nathan slowly nodded as he guided his dick back into her pussy. He let a loud groan as he slid it fully into her, enjoying the new feeling. He started moving in and out of her again, feeling the head of his dick brush against her soft g-spot as it became more and more inflamed.

Melissa's orgasm began to build quickly again as she felt his dick hit her g-spot with each stroke, sending shockwaves through her entire body. Melissa started getting louder as her orgasm neared, "yes Nathan, I'm gonna cum, god I love making love to you, please don't stop." Nathan was grunting loudly as he felt her pussy getting even tighter, her g-spot getting even bigger.

On Nathan's next outward movement, Melissa's g-spot forced his dick out of her pussy, as her orgasm shot through her body. "Ohhhh mmmyyyy fffuuuccckkkiiinnnggg gggoooddd," Melissa screamed. Nathan watched her pussy hole close, then fluid came squirting out from her pussy. It shot up almost a foot in the air, going everywhere, some of it landing on Nathan, landing on her stomach, the floor, and the couch cushions.

Nathan watched as her pussy hole opened and then closed again, as more fluid shot out of her. Melissa screamed more throughout her orgasm, and rubbing her clit hard.

Her orgasm slowly began to fade, her pussy still opening and closing, as she brought her legs back in front of her and moving her hand from her sensitive clit. Nathan stared at her in awe, "what was that?"

Melissa lightly chuckled, "I don't know, I've never cum like that before, but holy shit was it incredible," she said, out of breath. Nathan scoffed, unable to comprehend what he had just seen, he knelt back up, still a little baffled as he guided his dick back into her.

Melissa's pussy was extremely wet now as he pushed into her. Melissa jumped a little and groaned, "careful, its really sensitive now." Nathan nodded as he moved in and out of her slowly. "Oh my god Melissa, your pussy is so wet now," he groaned as moved faster.

"Mmm hmm," Melissa moaned, moving her hips into him hard as well. "Holy shit, your pussy is gonna make me cum soon baby, where do you want me to cum?" Nathan groaned, feeling his cum boiling up in his balls. Melissa moaned, "please cum inside of me, show me what it feels like and how much you love me." She wrapped her legs around him, so he couldn't pull out of her.

Nathan groaned at her words, as his thrusts became more forceful and deliberate. "Are... you... sure?" He grunted out. Melissa bit her lower lip, her eyes closed, and nodded, feeling his dick growing bigger inside of her. "OK here it comes, oh fuck I'm cumming," Nathan growled as he kept thrusting. His dick throbbed and shot the first shot deep inside of her.

As the first shot entered Melissa's pussy, her eyes opened and she moaned, "oh my god, its so hot." Nathan kept moving, grunting as his dick throbbed again and unloaded more cum into her pussy. As his orgasm faded, his dick fired two weaker shots into her pussy. He collapsed on top her breathing heavily.

Melissa wrapped her arms around him, feeling his seed filling her pussy, feeling loved, as she rubbed his back up and down. Nathan regained his strength and pushed himself up and off of her, his dick going limp inside of her, as it still lightly twitched.

They smiled at each other, as Nathan leaned in and kissed her on the lips. He moved back up straight and slowly withdrew his dick from her. As it exited her warm recess, he looked down at her slit and saw a string of cum still stuck to the head of his dick, still connecting to her agape pussy.

Melissa lightly giggled as she felt some of Nathan's cum leak out of her and run down the crack of her ass, tickling her. Nathan smiled as her wide and asked, "so did you enjoy that." Melissa's face lit up, she nodded excitedly, "oh heck yeah, I hope we can do that again." Nathan gave her a half smile, knowing this couldn't happen again.

He looked back down at her pussy, noticing a steady stream of his cum leaking out of her and onto the couch cushion. "We better get you and the couch cleaned up before we go to bed," Nathan said, standing up.

To be continued. Constructive criticism please.

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