Hey everyone sorry it took so long for this piece, but I didn't get much of a response from part 4 until recently . When there wasn't anyone even voting on the story I said to hell with it at least I know how it ends, but then I started getting some people commenting and asking for the next part. It took me longer to write because I lost the flow I'd had with the story after two months away from it. So I went back and read all four parts from before and then picked up where I left off. Now if you're new to this series I highly recommend you read the other 4 parts or you will be lost. Anyway here is part 5, if you would like to find out the finally ending for this story vote it up and comment (because there is a part 6 in my head.) If you don't what your name on the comments send a PM and let me know what you think. Oh and sorry this one ended up being so short , but i think it worked out right.
Vince and I ended up falling asleep before Attack of the Clones ended. It ended up being a good thing because it allowed me to wake up early, as I needed to. I dressed and headed for the stairs. “Where you going so early?” Vince’s voice was thick with sleep and I smiled at the sound.

“I’m gonna go home and check the mail, get some more clothes,” I told him as I walked back to the bed. “I’ll be back around two?”

“That long?” Vince sounded disappointed. I shrugged. I didn’t know what to tell him that would make him ok to with me leaving for six hours. I leaned forward and kissed him.

“Go back to sleep and it won’t seem so long.” A quick smile touched his lips and I kissed him one last time before heading out. I locked the front door behind me and started walking. The walk home gave me time to think about what I was about to do and the whole why part of him head tried to talk me out of it. My pulse raced the entire way as I hoped and prayed both of them would be at the house.

As I neared my house, I didn’t see Blake’s car and sighed. Now I had to think up a way to get him here, damn it. That could wait until a little later, but still needed to be dealt with. At the door, I stood still a moment making sure I was still up to doing this, took a deep breath and opened the door. The living room looked about how I thought I would after a night with just Jack in the house. A pizza box sat on the coffee table as did another bottle of Southern Comfort. Where in the world is Jack getting this much alcohol? It must be from Bethany because Mom never kept this much in the house. Now that I knew he’d been sleeping with her for a while I knew how he got the bottles we use to drink together. Lots of things about Blake and Jack had come to my attention lately.

I sighed and closed the door softly. As I walked down the hall to my bedroom, I saw that Jack’s door was open, instead of locked as it normally was. Inside, even with it being daylight out, was still rather dark, but I could see that he’d passed out on his bed. He hadn’t even made it all the way onto the bed before he went out, that wasn’t like him, but after everything he’d said last night I did feel a little bad about what was going to happen. I took a deep breath and went quickly into my room to get my nerve back. I grabbed a few sets of clothes and throw them into my backpack then checked on Jack again. Still out, good. I walked quickly to the garage and got out some nylon rope that Mom had cut into smaller sections a few months back so that she could use it for some art project for the kids ward at the hospital then made my way back to Jack’s room.

Jack lay face down half across his bed in nothing, but his underwear. His white blonde hair was a real mess and he was snoring loudly. I picked his feet up to straighten him up and get him all the way onto the bed. As I moved him, he made little sounds, but he didn’t wake any until he was fully on the bed.

“You came home…” the words slurred horribly as he tried to talk.

“Yeah I’m home for a few hours,” I told him. “I guess you listened to me about Blake last night huh?”

“Hmmm...Hissss not here…don’t care.” I smiled, at least something I’d said to him got through, but this was about to drive the point home. Jack passed back out and I tied him to the bed with the rope lacing it through the open frame on his bed. Just as I was about to start the doorbell rang.

“Fuck!” I whispered. Now I had to deal with someone else showing up, if it was Blake, I was in for some big trouble. I stood and walked to a window that faced the front yard and drive. My heart hammered as I saw the vehicle parked outside. I walked to the door every nerve in me screaming that this was bad, I opened the door. “You ok Vince?” I tried to sound calm and block the doorway so he couldn’t see the living room. He’d know that at least Jack was home if he did. Vince looked at the concrete step he stood on then back at me.

“It was bothering me that you came here by yourself so I thought I would come with you,” Vince had a smile on his face and I couldn’t help smiling back, but damn this ruined everything.

“I…umm. I really would like that Vince, but…” I couldn’t think of anything to say. His eyes narrowed at me.

“Jake.” It was a tone my father used and I hated that it was coming from him. When I didn’t say anything he tried to look around me. “Jake, let me come in.”

“I’m ok Vine. Really.” But my words only made it worse this time.

“Jack’s home isn’t he?” I sighed. It was pointless to try and lie now, he knew something was going on.

“Yeah.” Vine pushed passed me into the house; I closed and locked the door behind him. When I turned around, he was looking around at the living room.

“Blake’s not here,” Vince made it a statement, but I answered anyway and shook my head. “Good that means I only have one ass to keep from you.” I wanted to smile or laugh, anything because that was exactly what I had planed to do. Show them what it was like. Before I could say anything else, Vince took off toward the hall to my bedroom. I ran to stop him, but he’d had a head start. At the door to Jack’s room Vince stopped and stared. He didn’t say anything for a minute. That whole minute I had a thousand thoughts run through my head. Would he hate me for this? Was he going to call the cops on me? Would he just yell at me? Consider it cheating? Break up with me? After last night, I didn’t really see him breaking up with me over this, because I hadn’t done anything yet, but you could never tell how a person is going to react.

“What…” he cleared his throat. “What did you have in mind for him?” I was my turn to stare. Really?

“You’re not going to yell at me or call me out on this?” He turned and looked me straight in the eye. I watched as hurt built there and hated myself for a second, until he spoke.

“Jake, I love you. This asshole of a brother you have…I get it. If I could teach that stepmother of mine, I would. I get it. Just tell me how I can help.” I almost fell over at those words.

“You’ll help?” Vince smiled at tilted his head.

“They hurt you and not in a small way. Why wouldn’t I?” I jumped him pulling him in to a tight hug and kissed him good.

“Thank you.” When I finally let go, I started telling him what I had in mine. “I thought I’d do a little eye for and eye or a do on to others deal. Jack only ever…well it was all oral with him, I thought we’d see about getting him to do it instead. Then have him call Blake over and…well you get the idea.” My face was red as I told him, but Vince was still thinking about my plan.

“It’s good by I think I have a better idea…” It took all of a minute for Vince to top my small minded plan. I went back into the living room and started looking for Jack’s cell phone. When it wasn’t laying on the coffee table or under the couch I went looking for his pants, that had some how ended up in Mom’s room. I took a deep breath and opened up the contacts folder skimming through for Blake’s number then pressed send. My heart raced as I listened to it ring.

“Jack, man what’s up?” Blake’s voice had my chest tighten and not in the way it use to.
“Hey, nothing really. Kind of board, since Jake came home last night too.”

“I thought he said he wasn’t going home last night?” It worked, Blake couldn’t tell my voice from Jack’s and I knew that once he got here he wouldn’t be able to tell while inside the house.

“That’s what he told me last night, but Mom called him back and asked him to check the mail and shit.” I sighed into the phone trying to sound like I had noting to do.

“Where is he?” I scoffed.

“You know I remember him holding his liquor better then this. Fucker passed out in my bed and I had to sleep of the fucking couch.” Blake started laughing.

“Hey why don’t I come over and we can ‘rock his world again’.” The laughter got more intense. “Teach the faggot to think about me and stroke his pecker.” Blake made a sound of discussed. “I can’t believe he’s your twin.”

“Don’t I know it.” I paused for a moment to get my nerve up. “If you’re up for it there’s so rope in the garage, we could tie him up so we don’t have to hold him down this time.” I tried to keep my voice neutral. Blake didn’t say anything as he thought about it.

“Last time you tried to back out dude. What makes you think you can go through with that?”

“I wasn’t sure about doing it last time, but after the blow he gave me while you and Bethany fucked him… damn...”

“That good? You going quire on me Jack?”

“Just like having my cock sucked is all.” I forced myself to stay calm, this had to work.

“I’ll be there in a few,” he told me after another agonizingly long pause. “Go head and tie him so if he wakes up we doing have to force him back down and shit.”

“I got it covered.” Blake hung up and I breathed a sigh of relief. First objective complete, on to part two. I went back toward Jack’s room. Vince was still standing in the doorway looking in at Jack. I touched his shoulder and he turned to me smiling a little.

“How’d it go?” he asked.

“He’s on his way here. Probably be thirty minutes at most.” The number in Jack’s phone was another cell so he could be anywhere and all we could do was wait. Vince nodded and put his arm around my waist.

“You sure you’re ready to do this?”

“I have to be. If I wait any longer, Mom will be home. She said last night it would be a week at most and then she’d be home. It needs to be now.” Vince pulled me to him, so that I as leaning on him and sighed.

“Just remember what all we talked about for this, ok? Don’t let anything Blake says get to you this is for you.” Vince’s fingers touched my chin. “This is for you, about you and no one else.” Our lips met and my brain stopped thinking about the situation in front of us and on how warm his mouth was. Vince’s tongue licked my bottom lip and I opened my mouth for him. I turned to face him and pressed my chest into his. My cock hardened a good bit before he pulled back. Vince’s eyes had that sleepy look that he got when he was turned on and I leaned forward stealing another kiss before he could say anything. I felt him smile against my lips, but again he stepped back. “We don’t have all that long before Blake gets here you need to go ahead and tie me up too.” I sighed nodding. My cock jumped, pressing against the zipper on my jeans at the idea of tying Vince up. Maybe I had a thing for bondage and I didn’t know it.

Vince sat down against the far wall. It gave him a view of the bed and all the action that was about to happen. I took out another length of rope and tied his hands loosely behind him and then his legs together at the ankle. The rope was loose enough on his wrists for Vince to, with a little effort, pull his hands out and untie his feet. I had to tie his feet pretty good so Blake didn’t think anything of it when he came in. The whole time I was tying Vince up he watched me with that sleepy look and my cock pulsed with excitement.

“You going to be able to keep your cock hard during all this?” Vince asked me as I moved back to see if the ropes looked secure.

“With you right here I don’t see why not.” Vince smiled. I was about to say something else when the doorbell rang. My eyes met Vince’s and I took a deep breath then stood. My heart hammered all the way to the door. I unlocked the door and opened it wide. Blake stood there with his dark hair a mess and his clothes just thrown on. He looked up at me with an evil smile on his face and that’s when I noticed the small bag he had with him.

“I brought some stuff.” I nodded and he walked in.

“What kind of stuff?”

“Small stuff, O rings, blindfold, and these.” He pulled out a thin metal rod I frowned at it.

“What is that?”

“My Dad told me gave it to me a few years back and showed me how to use it. It’s called a sounding rod.” I must have still looked confused. “You stick it down your cock. If you do it right it hurts just as much as it feels good.” I locked the door behind us as he walked on. “I saw the trunk out side, did Jake drive it over?” I scoffed trying to look bored.

“No Vince came over about ten minutes after I called you.” I mimicked Blake’s evil smile. “He’s tied up now too.” Blake laughed and didn’t even question how ‘Jack’ might have managed it. Vince was far more built then Jack or I were and it wasn’t likely that he would have gotten the jump on Vince. We headed down the hall to Jack’s room and Blake went straight for the bed.

“With him on his stomach we can’t use the rods.” Blake leaned over Jack’s body, grabbed a pair of scissors from the bag, and cut Jack’s underwear off. That’s when Vince went into his act.

“Don’t you fucking touch him again!” Vince yelled at Blake making a big show of how ‘well’ he was tied. Blake smiled and turned to him. Jack’s bare ass visible between them.

“You mean like this?” Blake’s hand came down on Jack’s ass check. Jack jumped, but didn’t wake completely. It took every thing in me not to breathe a sigh of relief at that. Blake truly thought I was Jack. I’d known he couldn’t tell us apart very well, but I hadn’t really thought it would work this well. Vince let out a string of curses that I couldn’t follow and Blake just smiled. “Don’t worry you’re next.” Vince looked up at him and stared hard.

“Hate yourself much?” Vince asked him.

“What the fuck is that suppose to mean?” Blake shot back as I walked over to the head of the bed.

“Just to be so ready to have sex with another guy again is making me think you’re more in the closet then Jake ever was,” Vince answered; a grin on his face. Blake’s face went red and he stormed over to Vince. His hand came back over his shoulder then down in an arch. The slap of flesh on flesh was enough to make me jump an inch off the floor. Vince’s head feel to the side, it was all I could do not to jump Blake right then and pop him too.

“Unlike your faggot ass, I don’t have a preference as long as it’s me doing the fucking. A guy’s ass feels no different then a girl’s ass. People like you are just weird. Seriously, a guy sucking cock and liking it and not liking pussy is just fucked up.” Blake laughed and I could feel my anger wanting to boil over. “Did you know that Jake nearly threw up when I shoved my cock in his mouth the first time. The pussy, Jack and I had fucked right before coming back here, was still flavoring my cock when he tasted me.” Blake turned from Vince and I had to fake a smile quickly. “Let’s get this party started.”

Blake pulled out one of the O rings and let his pants fall to his knees. “Care to suck me until I get hard or do you want me to wait until I start fucking him so you can taste his ass?” Blake asked over his shoulder and started stroking his thick cock. As he did I watched Vince glance over at me, his eyes a little wide. Blake wasn’t large, well not really, he couldn’t have been longer then six inches, but his was unfairly thick, a soda can would be envious. The look Vince gave me was one of worry, after all, he knew how badly I’d been hurt after my encounter with Blake, now my twin was going to get it too.

It didn’t take much for Blake to get his cock hard and he pulled on the O ring. This is the part I wasn’t sure what to do. If I just stepped up and started doing stuff that wouldn’t be very like Jack and if I didn’t there was a chance that he would see through me.

As it turned out, I didn’t have to worry. Blake turned to me and looked me over. “Well come on and drop your pants and get your cock in his mouth,” He told me. My hands shook as I unfastened my pants and let them fall. Knowing what I did now of Jack and Blake I knew they’d seen each others cocks. They way they spoke about going back to back on that girl while they mouth fuck me was a big give away. What I didn’t know was if Blake had paid enough attention to Jack’s anatomy. When we were being circumcised Jack had moved or something and had a small scar across the head where I didn’t. Blake didn’t look down as I made my way to the bed stroking my cock as I went. The angle was bad for me to get up on the bed, but I managed. I had to look over at Vince a few times while I tried to get my cock hard. Blake laughed a little as his thick cock pressed down toward Jack’s ass. I slide my legs under Jack so that his head would be in my lap and pressed my cock to his lips.

Jack’s eyes flew open. His mouth opened. “What the…” I shoved my cock into his mouth or rather shoved his mouth down on my cock. I forced him as far down as I could before letting his head come up for air then leaned back on the headboard and kept going. Over Jack’s head, I watched as Blake thrust that thick cock into Jack’s ass. He screamed around my cock and I remembered how bad it had hurt me.

“Damn! Looks like Vince finally got his cock up your twin’s ass,” Blake told me as he moved faster in and out.

“Why’s that?” I asked even though I knew the answer.

“His ass isn’t dry like last time.” Blake gripped Jack’s hips and started really getting into it. “Fucking faggot, like having a cock up your ass. Bet you begged him to do it the minute you stopped being sore huh?” Blake grunted the last word. I caught Vince looking over at me with a question in his eyes. I gave him a short nod and forced Jack’s head down again. Before Vince had come, I’d started to lube Jack’s ass for me to fuck, but this was much better. Jack looked up at me; pain filled his eyes as his best friend stuffed his cock up his ass. Blake wasn’t any gentler then before, fucking away at Jack as though he were just at toy to be used.

Wet warmth surrounded my hard cock as I continued to force Jack to go down on me. He tried to hold his head up and stop me, but I would just left my hips. Then I felt teeth start to bit down and popped the back of his head. “Don’t even think about it or you’ll get worse,” I whispered. He didn’t try it again.

“Here we go…” Blake grunted again. “Bout to get cream filled again faggot.” He slammed forward. I watched as Blake unloaded into my twin brother’s ass as I pumped my cock in and out of Jack’s mouth. I had hoped that I’d be able to cum too, but that was nowhere in sight. Blake pulled out and slapped Jack’s ass. “There we go.” He stood and pulled up his pants. I eased back like I was done too. “Come on Jack let’s talk about what’s next for them,” he laughed and walked from the room. I sighed and got up from the bed.

“Jake, what are you doing?” Jack’s voice was barely there.

“Teaching the two of you that rape isn’t a game,” I said, but I didn’t turn back to see him, I walked over to Vince and knelt. “You ok?”

“I’m good,” he said his eyes drifting down too the bulge still in my pants. I smiled.

“Jealous?” I asked. Vince smiled up at me.

“A little that’s my cock to suck.” I kissed him quickly and then reached into his pocket. It was only right to medicate Blake after they’d done it to me. Where Vince had got them I had no idea and I really didn’t plan on asking, but this was going to be much better revenge then I had planed.

“Did you get everything set up when I called Blake?” I asked. Vince nodded.

“Then let’s get this party started.” I stood and went into the living room where Blake was sitting on the couch. There was still some Southern Comfort left and I grabbed up to small glasses then poured, adding the little pill to one. I watched as it dissolved instantly then sat down near Blake, putting that glass in front of him.

“Will they never learn?” I just stared at him and he reached for the glass. “Dad taught me how to beat the faggot out of people when Jamie tried to say he was.” This was news Jamie was Blake’s older brother. I almost never heard anything about him form Jack, Blake or even Stacey now that I thought about it. “I know last time you thought I was really rough with Jake, but that was nothing compared to what Dad and me did to Jamie.” I felt sick. “It worked for Jamie; it will work for Jake too.” Blake treated the glass like a shot and swallowed. I poured some more in his glass. The ass thought he was helping me? Neither of us said anything as he drank that shot and one more. At some point Blake had turned on the TV and we got through maybe fifteen minutes before I noticed the drug having an effect on him.

“Hey Blake, man you alright?” I asked and did my best not to smile. He smiled and gripped my shoulder.

“You know I love you man?” I lifted an eyebrow.

“Ummm… I guess.” Blake lean over and kissed me. Vince decided to do his thing then and walk in naked. My pulse raced at seeing him, his cock semi-hard between his legs as he walked to us.

“Hey!” Blake jumped at Vince’s voice. “That’s mine.” Blake looked at me then back at Vince.

“Jake?” he pointed at me. I took the hand that was pointing at me and stood.

“Come on Vince we can share him,” I said and gave a little tug on Blake’s hand. The rufi was working perfectly. Blake stood and followed me and Vince into my bedroom. Vince shut the door behind us. I turned to Blake once he was near the bed. “Go on strip for us.” He looked uncertain for a moment then started taking his clothes off. As he dropped his pants to the floor, I noticed he was hard again. He came closer to me like he was going to kiss me, but I put my hand to his chest. “That’s not where I want my kisses,” I told him and looked over to Vince to see if he’d started his part, he had. I pulled my shirt over my head and let it fall to the ground then undid my pants as I moved to the bed. Blake got the idea and when I lay back on the bed, he help Vince pull my pants off the rest of the way.

Blake quickly ducked his head and started sucking greedily on my mostly soft cock, but instead of watching Blake, I was watching Vince as he stroked himself next to me. The warmth of his mouth on my cock and watching Vince had me fully erect in no time. Blake couldn’t go all the way down on me, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

“You’re a good little cock sucker, aren’t you?” I asked him as my hips lifted into it. I felt myself smile as I did; it was something he’d said to me. Blake lifted his head.

“I love suck this cock,” he told me then went right back to sucking me for all he was worth. Vince moved a little and I turned to see him roll a condom over his cock then move up behind Blake. I saw him rub a little more lube on the condom and press his cock to Blake’s ass. Blake jumped at the feeling and turned, but I caught his jaw.

“Suck it bitch.” And he did. Vince looked at me one last time then pushed himself into Blake’s ass. It wasn’t the slow ease way he’d done me, it was quick and rough. Blake cried out and clenched. I felt a smile curl my lips. Vince, of course didn’t wait for Blake to get use to it and started fucking him right then. Blake’s brows furled in pain, but his mouth never left my cock. He did stop sucking for a moment and I took up the slack, pumping up into his waiting mouth.

“That’s it Blake take our cocks like a good slut.” I tried to match Vince thrust for thrust, but it was harder to do like this. Then I here Vince moan softly. His eyes were closed as he moved and I decided to follow his example and closed mine, letting my mind think it was Vince sucking on me. It didn’t really fit, but I did start feeling that build up in my stomach and my balls drew closer.

“Jake…baby I’m close,” Vince’s breathy tone flowed over me and I moaned for him. Blake started sucking on me again; I couldn’t hold myself back at that point. My body went rigid and cum shot into Blake’s waiting, eager mouth. I felt him gag slightly, but it took a back seat to my orgasm and when I opened my eyes I could see Vince coming down from his. Vince pulled out of Blake and it was then that I noticed one of Blake’s hand’s was around his own cock pumping away. I pulled out as Vince brought the camera closer to see what was happening.

“Now swallow,” I told Blake. He looked at the camera for a second then did. “Now tell me how much you liked it.”

“Oh my God! I loved it. Fuck me again!” His cock jerked in his hand and spewed up and nice load all over his hand. Blake shuddered and lay down on the bed panting as more cum flowed out of him. Vince smiled over at me and turned the camera off. We got up and dressed. “Wait don’t go yet, please, please fuck my ass again.” I smiled at him.

“Get some sleep,” I said. Blake frowned, but did lay down. I picked up my backpack and went in to Jack’s room. Thankfully he’d passed back out. Vince helped me untie him and then we left.

Later that week we mailed a copy of the video to Blake, after that he never said or tried to touch me again. Jack and Blake didn’t talked again until the trail around October of that year. Blake was nineteen and because it was a first ‘known’ offence got off a little light, 2 years and mandatory therapy for three years. Jack only got six months probation being a minor and no way to prove he’d done anything other then get into a fight with me there really wasn’t much else that could be done. Mom sent him to live with Dad once that was up. It was weird it just being me and Mom in the house, but it worked out for my senior year.

Vince, Autumn and I went to prom together and after graduation the three of us did move in together for college. Vince and I stayed together through out college and eventually bought a small house together. Autumn finally found a guy that wasn’t threatened by her living with two gay men and ended up marrying him a few days after we all graduated college, but it wasn’t long before they moved off. Autumn and I still talk once a week. This last time she told me, she’s trying to get pregnant and if me and Vince wanted to be the baby’s godfathers. We agreed of course and wished her the best of luck.

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