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Chapter 1
Chapter One

The story as my mother puts it, goes like this.

It was October of 1983, and my mother Margaret, or Maggie as her cousin Ann called her, had just found out that she was pregnant. Problem was, she was just 18 at the time. Her parents were both gone and she was staying with her cousins. Now at the time, she was quite mature for her age; after all she had been through quite a lot since she was about 13. Her mom had been killed in a car accident by her dad and while he survived, he was imprisoned for her death due to being drunk while driving them home that night.

My mother had matured into a young woman now. She was blonde, with hazel green eyes, about 5 and a half feet tall and had a nice rack; she was at least a C cup. Her girl cousins and her girlfriends where all older than her, either in college or even graduated from college. She would always go with them when they went shopping and was always fascinated when they went lingerie shopping. So for her age, she had quite a collection of sexy little things that she would often wear to school under her clothes which were often rather revealing as well.

While living with her cousins, she had fallen in lust with her cousin Ann’s boyfriend Jeffery who was a college senior and the son of a strip club owner. The twist is that unlike the usual image of a horny male club owner who ogled all of his stripper and bar tender employees, the owner of this strip club was a woman, a very hot woman of about 40 years old who had turned lesbian. After everyone had gone to bed she would sneak into Ann’s room and seduce him with her cousin usually right there in the bed with him. Ann was a fairly heavy sleeper and Margaret knew this. She would go to the opposite side of the bed and lay next to Jeffery wearing any of her numerous sexy little numbers and she would wake him up with a hand job.

This had been going on now for about 8 months when one warm August night Margaret went to sneak into their room and found the door cracked open already. The lights where off, except for a couple of nightlights and a dim light on the other side of the bed. She heard noises and voices of passion coming from inside the room and when she approached, she peered through the partially open door to see Ann and Jeffery fucking the shit out of each other. She watched as Ann came to her 3rd squirting orgasm and Jeffery pulled his cock out of her and stuck it between her lips. Ann sucked on his cock for a couple of minutes, taking the thick 8 incher all the way down her throat. Now at the time, my mother knew nothing of squirting or female ejaculations, so what she thought she saw was her cousin peeing and then sucking the piss off of her boyfriend’s cock. This turned her on in a way she had never felt before! She had always enjoyed wetting her panties or even her bed at night when she was feeling horny but she had never seen someone else piss on their partner while fucking.

She stood there in the hallway still watching through the crack in the door, wearing a little black lace nightie and a little black thong underneath. Her left hand was buried deep inside her panties and she had 2 fingers stuffed inside her tight teen pussy! She was by no means a virgin, she had slept with 2 other boys that went to her high school but they were inexperienced and had never made her cum. Her cousin Ann had helped her out by purchasing a dildo for her at the adult store she frequented and so my mother’s pussy was very used to having a large “cock” stuff in it to the hilt.

There she stood, hand in her panties, fantasizing about Jeffery’s huge cock pounding her like it did her cousin Ann, when she suddenly got the urge to take a huge pee. But she continued standing there watching. She wanted to see him spurt his massive load all over Ann’s stomach like he usually did with her (my mother) when she gave him those late night hand jobs. But Jeffery kept pounding her, and pounding her until finally he started grunting and groaning and with one final plow, he spurted his cum deep inside Ann’s squirting snatch. This sent Margaret over the edge, losing control of her bladder while she franticly frigged her pussy to orgasm! She scurried to the nearest corner so as not to leave a puddle of piss in front of her cousin’s door and finished relieving herself there on the carpet in her panties. She had seen her cousin sucking Jeffery’s cock and was badly craving a taste for herself. She had tasted her own piss on occasion before and even Jeffery’s cum, but now she wanted a taste of the cocktail mixed together, only this time it would be her cousin Ann’s “piss”.

Ann and Jeffery never cleaned up right away after sex because they enjoyed sleeping together in each other’s love juices. So after their fuck session, they turned the lights out and fell asleep in the spooning position, his cock nestled in her ass crack. Margaret waited for what seemed like an eternity to make sure that her cousin was asleep before she crept into their room to get a taste of their love potion. Jeffery had rolled over on his back with the covers off making it easy for her to access his tool. She climbed into bed next to him and started to handle his still sticky cock, stroking it half to life again before taking it in her mouth. To her surprise, his cock tasted nothing like piss, only his cum and a slight sweet-salty taste of Ann’s pussy juices.

“Ann, baby” he whispered, “You want some more of this baby? You’re insatiable!”

Margaret continued sucking his cock like he had seen her cousin do.

“Mmmmm! You’re gonna make me want to bust my nuts in you all over again!” he cooed, his eyes still closed.

Ann rolled over toward him and went to place her hands on his now fully erect manhood. She reached over, her eyes closed, kissing him passionately on the neck when her hand caressed Margaret’s face. She opened her eyes and sat up quickly, seeing a dark figure bent over her boyfriend’s cock. Margaret froze.

“Well well!” Ann exclaimed, “It’s true then! You are fucking him too!” Jeffery sat up and scooted himself back in the bed. Ann reached over him and turned on the dim light next to the bed.

“Jeffery has told me he has had dreams about you fucking him but I knew better! They weren’t just dreams! You really are fucking him when you think I am asleep!”

Margaret sat up and looked sheepishly toward Ann with her head hung low. She sat there silently next to a puddle of Ann’s girl cum which soaked the bed.

“It’s okay Maggie” she continued, “I’ve always known you had your eyes on him and have seen the way your pants bulge when you look at her” she said turning and winking at Jeffery.

“I’m sorry babe” he said, “I Have had this fantasy now for a long time to have a threesome with both of you, I just didn’t know how to bring it up…”

“It’s fine baby, I know you always come back to me even after she gets you off when you think I’m sleeping! In fact it seems to make our sex life even better! You always last longer the next morning when you take me. I always know it’s going to be good when I see the dried cum stain on the sheets next to you. You didn’t think I noticed?”

She kissed him on the cheek and started nibbling at his ear.

Margaret just sat there staring at her naked cousin and her boyfriend getting hot and heavy right in front of her. Ann looked over at Margaret out of the corner of her eye and winked. Margaret started to smile.

Ann stopped nibbling on Jeffery’s ear and looked over at her cousin.

“Why do you think I got you that dildo honey?” she asked rhetorically, “and why do you think I left the door cracked open while we fucked? I knew you have the hots for him!”

“I always suspected that you watched us fuck” Jeffery chimed in, “the way you handle me and some of the things that you do are only things you would have learned from Ann or by watching us do them.”

“I’m just ready to do things like you do” Margaret said looking at Ann.

Ann put her mouth up to Jeffery’s ear and whispered something looking at him seductively and licking her lips. He looked back at her and kissed her lips. “Of course my love!” he said with a broad smile.

“Of course what?” said Margaret in anticipation.

“We would like to bring you into our bed for a threesome!” said Ann reaching out and placing her hand on Maggie’s knee.

Maggie sat there stunned for a moment.

“But I’ve got to change first and wash up” she said embarrassed when she remembered that she had wet herself just an hour earlier.

“No need to do that” said Ann with a wink. “I know what you did. I know you wet yourself and your bed from time to time. Sometimes your dirty sheets and your panties smell like piss when I go to do the laundry. If you ask me, it kind of turns me on standing there at the washer imagining what must be going through your mind while you do it. I know what goes through my mind when I wet myself or the bed!” She looked over at Jeffery and giggled, biting her lower lip.

“So that’s why your bed’s all wet?” Maggie asked inquisitively.

“No Maggie, that’s Ann’s girl cum” said Jeffery fluttering his eyebrows at Ann. “That’s what happens whenever your cousin has an orgasm. But she does piss on me while we fuck sometimes just because she knows I like it. And I piss on her too. It’s called taking a golden shower. And when she does it in a pair of panties, I keep them unwashed in a drawer in the nightstand right here.” He reached over and opened the drawer with a small collection of Ann’s thongs and bikini bottoms in it, all smelling of her golden piss and sweet pussy.

“Wow!” exclaimed Maggie, “So it’s not weird at my age to do that?”

“Not at all honey” said Ann comfortingly. “Now get over here and let Jeffery lick that pissy pussy of yours clean!”

Jeffery was already rock hard knowing his fantasy was about to come true. Maggie crawled over to him and started humping his cock through her thong while she passionately French kissed him. Ann quickly helped her out of her little lace nightie up and over her head while Jeffery’s hands started to explore her slender waist and young barely legal tits.

“Such a lovely young rack you have!” Jeffery cooed in Maggie’s ear. “They’re gonna be just like my mother’s tits; big and firm!” he continued squeezing her C cups in his hands.

“You’ve seen your mom’s boobs?” asked Maggie in surprise.

“Yes, all the time!” he replied. “My mom is always running around our house naked showing off her goods. And besides, she is the owner of Frolic Strip Club downtown. But she also dances for me every Thursday night. It’s an all nude club.”

“Wow!” said Maggie as she began to hump him some more.

Ann was laying there next to them both caressing her cousin’s ass and thigh while fingering herself with her other hand.

Jeffery’s hands had found their way to Maggie’s ass, and before long, a finger slipped under the back of her thong, pulling it aside for easy access to her pussy. She helped by reaching down and sliding the front of her panties aside so that for the first time, her pussy was touching his cock, skin to skin. He leaned forward, laying her down on the bed and without any coaxing, buried his tongue in her young snatch. Her pussy reeked of piss, but also of sex! She was dripping wet, not just with piss but with desire.

Ann watched as her boyfriend devoured her cousin’s pussy, all the while frigging herself franticly to climax as she watched Maggie’s body writhe in ecstasy. She reached between Jeffery’s legs and stoked his big hard dick like she was milking a cow’s udder, all the while being careful not to make him cum. She wanted to see him empty his balls into her cousin. Maggie’s breathing became heavier, indicating she was about to experience her first orgasm from cunnilingus. This made Ann’s breathing become heavy also, and with a few more strokes to her clit, she started writhing on the bed also.

“Shit! Oh shiiit! Fuck! I’m gonna cum! Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!! FUUUUUUUCK!! I’m cumming! Oh fucking shit! I’m gonna CUUUUUUUUUUMMMM!!! FUCK ME!!!!!”

Ann started squirting a geyser into the air, all over Jeffery’s back and all over the bed. Writhing uncontrollably, she also showered her cousin in her love juice. This sent Maggie over the edge, thrusting her hips into Jeffery’s mouth as he continued sucking her clitty and driving his tongue into her. After having her second orgasm of the night, she was ready to take his manhood inside of her. She sat up, pulled his head from her crotch and stripped off her panties. She pushed him back on the bed and proceeded to mount him directing his fully erect cock into her tight slippery hole. She sank down on him and started grinding herself on him as hard as she could. It was the biggest dick she had ever had and it plowed her deep, all the way to her tender cervix.

“Fuck! You’re tight!” he groaned. “And so fucking wet!”

“You’re sooo fucking huge!” she moaned back.

“So do you want to be our little spinner?” he asked with a tone of lust.

She bent down over him pressing her tender young breasts to his firm chest and her face to his. “Yes I do baby” she cooed in his ear. “Now fuck me, and cum inside me! Cum in my pussy! I want you to fucking cum in me and don’t stop ‘til you do!”

“But what if you get pregnant babe?” asked Jeffery, a little scared of what she was asking.

“I don’t care! Just fuck me like you fuck Ann! Hard and fast!” she pleaded. She sat back up and began bouncing in his cock like a kid on a pogo stick.

Ann had now recovered enough from her last orgasm to realize that she had to take a pee. Knowing that her cousin enjoyed bedwetting and panty pissing, she had no reservations about what she was about to do next. She squatted over Jeffery’s face lowered her pussy to his mouth, supporting herself with her hands on her cousin’s shoulders. She began tongue kissing Maggie while he immediately began to tongue her wet snatch and before he knew it, she was taking a much needed piss in his mouth.

Maggie’s eyes were closed until she heard the hissing sound of Ann’s piss flowing from her hot pussy lips and the gurgling sound of the piss in Jeffery’s mouth. Her eyes opened and she sat still for a moment, impaled on her lover’s cock. She looked down and saw the piss flowing freely, into his mouth. She reached her hand under her cousin’s spurting fountain and caught some of the golden nectar in her hand. She brought it up to her mouth between her lips and under Ann’s nose! The fragrance was unforgettable! An aphrodisiac

“Go on, taste it” Ann coaxed.

She lifted it to her mouth and slurped at it. It was slightly salty, a little bitter, but such a turn on.

Without stopping the golden flow, Ann stood up, showering both Jeffery and Maggie with her piss, giving Maggie her first golden shower.

Maggie started to grind on Jeffery’s prick again, and not long after, her pussy started to tighten around his shaft like it had a death grip on it. She had never felt an orgasm from sex before, only her rubber dildo and her fingers.

The grip her pussy had on his cock, combined with watching his girlfriend give them both a golden shower brought him to climax much sooner than Jeffery had imagined. Maggie was rocking back and forth on his dick, eyes closed, face to the ceiling in pure bliss, and Ann standing over them both still dribbling piss was all he could bear.

His heavy breathing turned to panting and his moans turned to the grunting of animal lust. With a firm grip on her hips, he bounced Maggie up and down as hard and fast as he could, fucking her deep and raw. The head of his prick sank all the way to depths of her still maturing womanhood, and there he held her fast.

“FUUUUUCK!! Oh fuuuuck! I’m gonna cum inside you!”

“Oh yes! Fuck me babe! Cum in my pussy! Oh Yes! I’m gonna cum too! On your cock baby! Oh yes!”

“Shit I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh yes baby, I’m cumming in you! Oh shit! YESSSS! Oh! Ugh! Yes! Uggggggggggggghh! Uh! Oh Baby! Oh Shiiiiit!”

With her pussy still milking at his cock, she collapsed on top of him.

Ann was totally wet again and horny as fuck watching her boyfriend and her cousin get off like they did. She had a kinky idea as one last thing to do before they all collapsed in the same bed for the night.

“Jeffery baby” she said while stroking his balls, “I want you to douche her with your cock like you do to me sometimes after dumping your baby batter in me. You should do it while you are still hard. I really don’t want her to get pregnant. She’s too young.”

He was still semi-hard, but quickly slipping out of Maggie’s slippery wet hole.

“I’ll try, but I’m not sure it will work baby” he told Ann.

He shoved his half flaccid dick as far in as it would go and opened up the flood gates. But not long after he did, the pressure pushed him out and he could not return his sword into her sheath. Instead, he let Ann drink from his golden pipe, and spilt the rest on her tits, on Maggie’s ass and the bed. He took Maggie’s panties and placed them in the drawer next to all of Ann’s pissed panties and turned out the light. They all fell asleep in the same bed and in puddles of each other’s love.

Two more months of this would pass before Margaret, a.k.a. Maggie, would find out that she was to be my mother.

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Something that really works is maknig a mixture of lime juice with some salt. You need someone to apply this mixture on your back, it's best if your laying down. It might sting a little bit but it won't be that bad. Leave this on for 25-30 minutes and don't wash it off. It won't smell or anything, do this every other day and in a week you will be amazed of how great your skin will look-it clears acne and scars. This is how you prepare the mixture; You need the juice of 1 lime (green one) and a teaspoon of salt, mix them well and it could be applied with your fingers or a cotton pad drained in this mixture.Best of luck! ; )

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