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The Early Years ( Chapter 1 )
This is how for me it all started, the public wanking that is. I'm not asking for for forgiveness or understanding, I'm just telling you how it is. That girls are sex objects and that part of the thrill. Does that make me a pervert? Yes, so get over it.


As a boy of 12, the teenage years for a boy loom on the edge of the horizon, tantalisingly just out of touch of your grasping fingers and you’re wanting all that it potentially offers the young mind and body. But before the teenage years, you are 12 and your mind and body are given a serious kick in the teeth first.

Now, If a boy of 12 was to utter the swear word “Cunt” to their Granny, be in no doubt she would tell your mum and dad, but she would call it “Dropping the C bomb”. Never the less your mum would give you a verbal ear bashing that sends your mind crazy and your dad kicks your ass until your body is black and blue.

But if a boy of 12 were to utter the word “Hormones” to their Granny and she will still tell your mum and dad, and she may call it “Dropping the H bomb”. But instead of your mum and dad sending your mind crazy and kicking you black and blue. It’s the H bomb doing it instead and it’s just as devastating for a boy of that age as the original H bombs that were dropped Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of the second world war.

I got my first pubic hair not long after turning 12 and I was happy as pie, I was a man now. Plus as a super extra bonus, my cock grew and extra 4 inches in that year. Yippee! But also in that year I grew 9 inches in height, which looking back now was very painful and for about 2 months I could hardly walk as my joints were so damn sore.
Also when I hit 12, it took no more than 2 months from my birthday to get my first wet dream, my first erection, the first time I masturbated and the first time I cum on purpose. I did enjoy the sensations I was getting but I didn’t really understand what the fuck was going on and panicked.

My “H Bomb” had been dropped and hit its target square on.

Ok, so now I could get a hardon and cum, and one of the first questions I asked myself was. What shall I do with it now? I didn’t know then why they happened, I didn’t know that the reason was later in life you use your hardon and cum facilities to help a lady to make a baby. I went to Catholic School; such things weren’t taught to us. Any way I couldn’t have seen Sister Mary, a nun of indeterminate age with a better beard than I can get even now, teaching us about the sex.

Even if I did know the real reason, I was 12 for fuck sake, girls were horrible, girls were yucky and I would have been more worried about losing my bag of glass marbles than losing my virginity.
But, I did know that it felt good when I had a hardon, it felt better when I was stroking it and felt like heaven when I cum.

I know what I’ll do, I’ll keep on doing it that’s what! And unashamedly I did and everybody in the family, a lot of people in school and most of the street knew within weeks. I had a new toy to play with and I wanted everyone to know about it.

Mum, dad, my brother Tony (15) and sister Lisa (14) poor souls, absolutely hated it when I was 12. My cock was so rarely in my shorts it had a better suntan than my face and I was pulling on it so much I looked like a lopsided Popeye by the time I was 13.

I would run into Lisa’s bedroom shouting. Look at me Lisa! And pull on my cock a couple of times and run out again. The same with Tony. Mum and dad would be sitting watching some TV, then they would hear the unmistakeable sound of slapping skin. Dad would shout at me to stop, then mum would chime in. Then I would run out in to street and give a neighbour an eyeful as well.

The nuns at school, God bless’ em, had me in church praying to Jesus every day for forgiveness and the confessional had the equivalent of a revolving door just for me. And if I had carried it on for much longer, I’m sure the Vatican would have sent someone to do an exorcism .

I was out of control after 4 months; it didn’t get any worse for everyone after that but certainly didn’t get better for them until probably about 2 months before I was 13. By then I had been to a kids shrink for about 2 months and would see him for another 2 years. He hadn’t stopped me of my million wanks a day but I had stopped doing it so openly at home, school and in public. I was made to realise it upset people and was bad and naughty to do it infront of people, especially girls as they like it the least.

And he told me why, he told me about sexuality and sex, the birds and the bees. It was what the hairy chinned nuns couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me. From then on I looked at girls differently. They were no longer horrible and yucky, they were now nice and sexy and my bag of glass marbles went in the bin.

What did the shirnk say about doing it infront of girls? - It was bad and naughty to do it in front of girls. They don’t like it. Suddenly it took on a different meaning for me. From, not to wank infront of girls. To, wank infront of girls, but don’t let them see you.

Until the shrink had said those words and taught me about sex, I never gave it a thought that it was a sex act, it was just me showing off and having a laugh. I didn’t care who saw me , boy or girl, man or woman. it wasn’t sexual for me in any way.

Now it is a sex act, and boys like sex with girls, Boys get hard cocks because of girls, boys cum because of girls.

I was a randy teenager that came to love the sexual kick and the embarrassment and sometimes humiliation it can cause to girls I was doing it to.

It’s was naughty, very naughty.

I like naughty, let the naughty games begin.


The 2 incidents here are when I was about 13. There will be more, as I have lots to tell, but the order I put them down are not necessarily in the right chronological order. I’m just writing them as I remember them. I wish now I had kept a diary or a journal of my exploits.


I remember it being a hot summer. Us kids were off for the 6 weeks summer holiday, playing with hose pipes, drenching each other, playing football, doing kids stuff and having a great time.

Me and my mate Adam, had been in our local park all day swimming in the river, sitting in a rubber ring and letting the river current take us down stream, playing football and catching frogs.

It was about 5 in the afternoon and Adam has to get home, his mum would be home from work and would have his tea on the table. We went our separate way but would meet up again in the same park by our favourite tree at 11 the following morning.

So I was just walking home, bear footed and just in my shorts, my t shirt I had on got lost somewhere in the park.
I turned off the main path and took a short cut home which goes through the woods and on the other side is a small clearing that backs onto the river which I had to cross to get home.

I came through the trees and I saw her. She was older than I was, maybe in her 20’s and stretched out facing the sun, next to the river which was about 20 feet from where I was standing. She has on a dark coloured 2 piece swim suit and had huge tits, flattened slightly as she was on her back, but she still had 2 big mountains on her chest.
There was no one else about that I could see, so I took my shorts off and held them in my left hand and started to pull on my cock with my right and made my way quietly over to her as I could.

I was about 5 feet behind her head and could see her eyes were closed. Her tits looked even bigger close up and were sexy too, I could just make out her nipples through the material and moved around to her left so I could see her cunt properly. It looked smooth.

My cock got very hard and I was wanking really fast and it felt so good, my eyes darting their gaze between her tits and cunt.

She then opened her eyes and was looking right at me. I thought she was going to scream at first, but instead she said.

“What are doing you little fucker? Go on fuck off” and sat up still looking at me.

I just kept on wanking, and stood my ground.

“I’m wanking, looking at your cunt.” I said back to her “ Your cunt looks nice, I bet you boyfriend puts his cock in there.”

“Fuck off you little pervert!” she said.

I could feel that I was about to cum.

“Ooo, I’m cumming.” I said and shot my cum, it landing near my feet.

“Thanks” I said, running off across the river. “You have nice tits too.” Shouting at her, over my shoulder.

The following morning was a sunny and as hot as yesterday when I met up again with Adam, at the agreed time and place. Adam was in the same year as me at school, had some of the same classes too and my best mate. He knew about my wanking antics at school the previous year and thought it hilarious, nearly pissing himself with laughter when a num would drag me out of class by my ear for having a quick pull on my cock. He was quite shy and would never in a million years do what I do and was scared shitless of the nuns as well.

I was telling him about my wank at the girl after he left. He was wide eyed and smiling.

“Were her tits really that big? Wow! Was she sexy, what was her cunt like?” His questions were flying out like machine guns bullets.

The first hour of our day was me reliving it over and over for him and answering his questions.

“Can I see you do it next time, if I’m around?” Adam asked.

“Sure, i don’t mind, come on let’s see if there’s any girls around”

There was a big grin on his face.

“Let’s try the same place as yesterday.” And off we ran.

We go to the clearing but we were disappointed to find it empty of girls. So we started to walk the length of the park. We saw plenty of girls but they tended to be with parents or boyfriends. But we kept up our search and then we struck gold.

Adam spotted 2 girls about our age, not far ahead and walking together towards us. Both of them wearing bikinis and both had long blonde hair with flip flops on their feet and carrying big bags.

We hid out of the way until they passed us and we started follow them at a safe distance and giggling in anticipation.

The girls then went off the path and headed towards the woods. They went through the woods and when they got to the clearing they stopped and said something to each other, pointing as if trying to decide where to sit. The clearing was empty. They picked their spot, pulled out towels and sat down on them.

Adam and I were still just inside the trees hidden from the girls view and decided to move round to get closer to them but keeping to the trees. We could see that they pulled out drinks and crisps from their bags and started to eat and drink them chatting to each other but we couldn’t hear them fully.

We had found our spot just behind and close enough to the girls and for now we sat down and watched them for a while finishing their snacks and then rubbing the sun cream that had been pulled out from a bag over their bodies.
I was getting hard watching them rub the cream all over themselves, up and down their legs, over their bellies and across the top of their chest just above their tits. I started to pull on my cock.

The girls laid down on their towels, legs slightly spread and arms down by their sides.

“I’ll give it 5 minutes Adam then I’ll go out to them, are you coming out as well?” Adam shook his head.
“No, I’ll just watch from here” he looked scared but excited.

“Are you going out nude or what?” he asked me.

“Yeah, I’ll stand behind them a bit, so my shadow doesn’t hit them and start to wank my cock, then move around next to the one on the right. If I’m quiet and they don’t hear me I’ll get very close to her.”

Adam had a smile from ear to ear. We watched them both for a few more minutes and I got up and took off my clothes, but left my trainers on and made my way over to the girls.

I stopped about 10 feet behind them and started to wank, my cock was already hard. Neither had moved at all since laying down and they had their eyes closed shut against the bright sun.

I looked behind me at Adam and could see that he had his cock out and was furiously wanking.

I then crept around to the girl on the right as I said to Adam I would and stopped about 3 feet from her level with her tits, which were very small and flat as were her friends. They were both very skinny, their rib cages showing plain as day through their tanning skin. Flat bellies and skinny legs.

“Hello girls, wanna see my hard cock and see me cum too?” I said to them.

They both screamed in shock and sat up, looking at me. The girl nearest me quickly moving away on her hands and knees and sat to the left of her friend.

“Nice arse” I said when she sat down. “Take you knickers off so I can see it properly.”

“Eww, what are you doing, with your wilily, and no I won’t take my knickers off.” She replied shocked.

“It’s called wanking, don’t you wank your cunts girls? You know rub your finger along your cunt, maybe put it inside.”

“What’s a cunt?” she asked.

“You know, your slit between your legs, your pee hole” I replied, looking at her cunt.

They both looked embarrassed. I laughed.

“Ha, you do, don’t you, you finger your cunts!”

“ Go away, leave us alone”

“No I’m wanking, I’ll go when I see you wank too, go on take your stuff off let me see your tits and put a finger in your cunts and I’ll cum on you both. Have you seen cum? Have you even seen a hard cock? I bet you haven’t.”
The girl to the right looked like she might start crying and shouted.


I was getting on a roll now and didn’t let up.

“No, I’ve told you, I’m wanking and want to cum on you when you take off your stuff. I want to see you finger your cunts.”

My cock was rock hard, pre cum had started to ooze out and I was so horny and really wanted to see their cunts.

She burst into tears.

“I’ll tell you what, you don’t have to take it all off, just pull your knickers to one side and let me see your cunts, you don’t have to finger it or anything, just let me see them. That will make me cum and I’ll go away. Ok?”
“You promise” came the reply and I smiled.

“Scouts honour” I said and knelt down on the vacant towel, my cock throbbing and my hand a blur stroking it’s length.

“So go then, spread your legs and pull your knickers to one side”

The girl on the right shuffled on her ass a bit and spread her legs and pulled her knickers to one side. It was beautiful, a slim slit, no pubic hair. She looked away, embarrassed.

“You as well” I said to the girl still crying.

“Because if you don’t, I’ll do it for you and then I’ll put my hard cock in your cunt and then I’ll cum, so fucking do it” I was losing patience now because I knew I was very very close to cumming and did want to see her cunt too.

“It’s called fucking, I’ll fuck your cunt, then cum in it, then fuck it again if you don’t do it like your friend has”

Tears streaming down her face and her hand shaking she pulled her knickers to one side, her cunt looked almost the same as her friends.

“See that wasn’t so hard was it girls?” My eyes hungrily eating up both cunts.

I shuffled closer on my knees to get a better look at them and was almost touching their knees. I orgasm was so close now, and my cock was fit to burst.

I pointed my cock at the crying girl aiming it towards her cunt and BAM.. I cum and spurt of hot greasy, sticky shot of cum hit her belly just above her cunt and it started to run down close to it. I had more to give and pointed my cock at the other girl and cum over her thigh, the final spurt landed on the towel the girls were sitting on.

The girls quickly let go of their knickers and tried to clean my cum off them selves. I stood up taking the towel I was kneeling on and wiped my cock clean.

I dropped it on to the grass.

“Thanks girls” and I walked off towards Adam.

When I got to Adam, I got dressed and we ran off laughing. I thought it best we left the park and headed to Adam’s and for rest of the day all we did was talk about what happened.

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2014-07-07 05:48:19
I would of let you fuck me in that park. I love perverts.

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I would of let you fuck me in that park. I love perverts.

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2012-11-01 13:44:55
The guy is a pervert and doesnt apologise for it, he's my hero.


2012-10-24 15:41:27
I almost died laughing at "It was naughty, Very naughty. I like naughty, let the naughty games begin".


2012-10-24 09:11:16
This tale was originally written by me "sweetmeatluvver" but I got the titles and order mixed up. So I sorted that out and have re added them under my new username "MacTheFlasher" and any further titles will under my new username. I have requested the originals all be deleted.

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