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My masturbation was fun until I was caught by my neighbor, then it was AWESOME
** This story is a continuation of my other story, "Finding Masturbation" which was true along with this story. I hope you like**

Once I learned how to masturbate as I explained in "Finding Masturbation" I started getting myself off every night. Usually I would print out some story from a website about a teenage babysitter who was watching teenybopper (10-12) year old boy and they would wrestle and she would notice that he was hard, which would get her horny and they would fuck.
Or a story where a brother wakes up in the morning with a hard on and starts to jerk it off but his older sister walks in and sees the sheets moving, but the brother plays it off as if he was putting his boxers on. Only to wake up the next morning with a hard on but it feels really good. So he opens his eyes and there is his sister sucking down his morning wood. These kinds of stories always would get me to cum when I had slathered on Vaseline all over my cock and jerked it while reading the story laying in my bed only to cum all over my naked chest and tummy. I guess I was a strange 12-year-old boy.
The stories that would really make me cum without me actually having to jerk my cock off was when there was a 16-year-old guy babysitter. Who was babysitting a 12-year-old girl? The girl would change into her nightly and sit Indian style on the couch from the older male babysitter. She wouldn’t wear panties just to try and get her older babysitter hard. Which of course would work because how could any teenage guy in his right mind not look at a tight pink virgin pussy when one is sitting across the couch from him. She would say something like now that you have seen mine can I see yours. The guy would take it out of course hard and he would suggest her sucking it and he would end up sticking it in every hole and filling her up.
This is what I would do every night just read these various stories. Sometimes I would print out 5 or 6 stories and jerk off while reading all of them but when I was about to cum id stop rubbing my cock but continue to read until I could start jerking off again with out cumming. I would do this until every vein in my young 12 year old cock was bursting out and it looked like I had a porn stars cock. It looked this way because of the Vaseline, which made it look as though I had been fucking some young girls pussy getting her juice all over my cock. Then all of the veins were popping out from wanting to cum so much. I would at that point just not touch it but continue reading it would get soft again, and I would just rub it till I got hard and just let it get soft again. I would do this until I got through all of the stories and when I did in fact get to the end of the stories I would jerk my cock and squeeze it until I came and came I did. It would get all over and usually hit me in the face then cover my chest and tummy with my cum. I would usually do this on Friday nights so I could shower afterwards so I wasn’t sticky all night. Don’t get me wrong what I could get in my mouth I would drink but once it had gone down my throat I would shower to get the sticky residue off of me. But that just happened when I didn’t have the Internet and house to myself.
Once I faked sick one night and my mom said I could stay home the next day. So being the genius I am I started downloading hundreds of porn movies. When I woke up the next morning at 8 just after my parents went to work and my brother had gone to school. I jumped on the computer and started watching all the movies of girls eating pussy. Girls getting cocks stuffed in their Asses pussys, and mouths. Young boys (yeah I looked at a couple movies with fairly young people in them its not like I'm 40 and wanted to see 12 year old girls, I was a 12 year old guy who wanted to see porno's with girls in them that were my age that makes since right?) I had been rubbing my cock from 8 till 12 when I couldn’t take it anymore and I decided to cum. So instead of running to my room so I could cum on my chest, or cum in the shower, or at least the toilet. I said to my self fuck it, and I just cummed in my pants leaving the biggest cum spot in my PJ pants I had ever left.
I was getting bored at that point in the day after rubbing my cock in the traditional way so I jumped on the computer and found a new way to get myself off. I was a swimmer so I saw instructions called swim cap. I was intrigued and quickly put the contraption together. I took an old toilet paper role tube, my swim cap, and a rubber band. I put the cap into the tube but allowed about 2 inches to over lap on the outside of the tube and rubber banded this so basically I had a swim cap pussy that I made myself. I lubed the inside with baby oil, and downloaded one of those virtual fucking videos, where the girl is getting rammed by some cock but you don’t see who the guy is and she stares at the camera and talks to it as if she is talking to the viewer. I inserted my cock into the tube and for some reason it formed a seal around my cock and I started rubbing it up and down and it felt like a pussy must have felt keep in mind I was a virgin at the time and well this felt really fucking good.
While I was doing this an instant message popped up and it was some random person who was like A/S/L as if that didn’t get annoying back then. And I said ok I'm going to be completely honest with you. I am 12 year old male and I live in NY I am in the middle of the best jerk off I have ever had so if you want to help by all means but if you just want to chat not now.
She said that she was 13 and lived in NJ and wanted to help in any way she could. I said just talk dirty to me. So she set up this scene and here is what she said…
I want to get you alone in my room and put on some slow music and dance with you then take your hand and place in on my tit and let you rub and play with my chest as much as you want. While you do that I will undo your belt and let your pants drop and take your hard cock out of your pants and slowly rub it. Then I will pull you close to me and let your cock go in-between my legs so it rubs against my slit through my pants. Then while dancing I will take the lead and lead you to the bed and push you back and you automatically sit on the edge of my bed and Ill drop to my knees and lick from your balls all the way up to your pee hole. Then take my tongue and lick all around where your cock is cut. I will flick the bottom of the head of your cock then with out warning I will look at you and say I want you to take advantage of me and be rough. Then I will take your hand and put it on the back of my head. You will force your cock down my throat and if I choke you will stop but I will look up and slap you and say I said do it rough bitch. Then ill just go back to sucking your cock but lay you down on the bed and position my hips over your face. You will undo my pants and lean your head up and lick my pussy through my panties, which would leave a HUGE wet spot because I will be so wet from sucking on your cock. You will move the panties out of the way and lick from my clit all the way up to my ass hole. I will be so turned on I will flip around and instantly impale myself on your cock. I will ride you so hard with my tight virgin pussy you wont know what hit you. Ill ride you until you moan my name.
She continued writing her little fantasy to me while I continued reading it intently while rubbing my cock. I heard a creek in the floor next to where I was sitting and there was my neighbor, Andrea who was 18. She was a senior in high school and apparently didn’t have any classes and told my mom she would check up on me. I covered the tent in my pants up, but she smiled and said, "Don’t worry buddy I wont tell anyone I liked watching you, why don’t you close the blinds and show me what you were doing"
So I closed the blinds and took it out of my pants, put some Vaseline around the head of my cock and starting jerking if off. Andrea had pulled up a chair and taken off her coat. She was sitting there in a miniskirt and tank top. I stopped jerking off to admire the older girls body, and she asked why I stopped. And just said oh no reason just was checking you out that’s all. She looked at the screen and it was some girl getting it in the ass while also sucking another guy's cock. She smiled and looked at me just laughing.
"What?" I asked

"Oh nothing its just I masturbate to this same movie, mind if I join you?"

"Uh oh no not at all" In my mind I was thinking FUCK YEAH I WANNA MASTURBATE WITH YOU.

She lifted on leg up onto my chair, which made her skirt ride up to reveal, her panties. Her hand dropped to her crotch and started rubbing creating a wet spot on her panties. I was more interested in looking at her do it than look at the girl getting fucked from either end on the screen. She smiled and said this movie doesn’t do it for me how bout we sit naked and just watch each other I said sure and de-clothed my self with out hesitating. Her jaw dropped, "Why didn’t you tell me you had a big cock?" she asked excitedly. "I.. I don’t know I guess I never thought you would want to know about that" "FUCK yeah she said my friends and I could have a lot of fun with you, but hopefully you will like my friends for now lets masturbate each other" She lowered her panties and skirt in one motion and took her tank top off. We were both standing there naked and sat down on the ground. She started rubbing her pussy, which was glistening wet now, and I was rubbing my cock. Ok just take your hand and rub right here she said. I slowly moved my hand closer and closer to her pussy feeling the heat from her throbbing organ. I made contact and loved the feeling; I just started rubbing it everywhere and found her clit. When I did that she moaned and leaned back while her hand darted for my cock and started jerking me off wildly.
I guess the extra attention to her clit drove her over the edge and she started spasming and orgasimed right there in my hand. I took my hand and licked up all of her juices. She was still jerking my cock wildly and I said I was about to cum. In my mouth "shoot all your little boy cum in my mouth ok" she lowered her mouth so that her lips wrapped around the top of my cock just in time to catch every wad of cum I could shoot out, when I was done she licked me clean and said..
"Leave your window open at night and you will have fun with my friends and I we like to fuck each other but could use a nice cock every now and then alright. Hope you feel better and we WILL chill more often sound good?"

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