This is the 4 part of the tale, a lot longer than the previous ones and things get down and dirty. And as per popular demand i added the dogs.
Then it hit me, if he was downstairs who was making my ass feel like it took a trip to heaven? Reaching depths I never thought possible and licking out Daddy’s cum from my pink twitching hole?

Maybe, I thought, I was dreaming after all I had orgasmed for the first 3 times in my life then spent the night in the arms of my lover, I had my dick sucked til I squirted and then sucked my very first yummy yummy yum yum penis (which I loved doing), I had my pre pubescent ass hole fingered and shared the most passionate of kisses, I had mind blowingly powerful orgasms, so strong I couldn’t even keep my mouth shut as I shuddered, thrashed, moaned and screamed to an orgasm. I had the most delicious penis head inside my virgin asshole and then felt it squirt into my willing hole causing the most delicious of feelings. I had my virgin ass licked, kissed, sucked and rubbed so clean I couldn’t have done a better job if I stayed in the shower for hours at home, and how it felt, I could feel my 3.5’’ dick get hard again as I remembered my ass, and how ravenously my Daddy had made out with it, his tongue in my ready hole.....then I snapped out of it, there was a tongue in my hole right now!!! I completely forgot as I was day dreaming. I froze, as the tongue delved deeper and deeper into regions I never thought possible, I won’t deny it, it felt amazing, so deep I felt full and satisfied, but who was it. I was lying on my side the massive bed that looked like a bunch of king sized beds put together (it was one bed though). I realised in my sleep I must have moved to the end of this huge bed because I suddenly realised that the edge of my cute bubble butt was hanging off the bed. I got scared despite how good it felt

“Daddy?”, I called out to make sure it really wasn’t him “where are you?”

“I’m downstairs” he shouted out, I heard keys jingle “I’m just gonna go out and get some supplies, make yourself at home, but don’t make any noise, I don’t want people to know your here, be right back”

Then before I could say anything he slammed the door shut and left, I was petrified. The licking stopped as the door slammed shut, but after a few seconds as the car screeched away it got deeper and more earnest, its as if this guy wanted to get all of Daddys cum out of my ass. But I was really scared, what if he rapes me? I’m only 11 years old, my ass is too tight, I would bleed a lot. I started to sweat a bit and didn’t move, I didn’t want this guy to know I was awake in case he took that chance to rape me. I better just wait til Daddy got home. I could very slowly feel the cum getting licked out of my ass, but only a tiny bit per lick, I would be ages for him to be done, Daddy squirted so so so so much into me, I realised he would be licking me for a while, I guess that was good, hopefully he forgets to rape me and Daddy will come home and save me.

Thats when I felt the cum just inside by rectum run out, I froze, that’s not good, there was tonnes of cum in me, but too far up for even this tongue to reach, I was in trouble. I felt something cold and wet push into my gaping hole, it was different from the warm and wet tongue and suddenly I knew what was happening, it was Daddy's dog!!!! I prayed to god I was wrong, I am petrified of dogs, even small ones, I have seen one of Daddy's dogs, and she was a Doberman but I was a small child for my ages and she was up to my neck, “omg what do I do” I thought??? I felt the dog pushing my ass hole with her tongue and nose, nuzzling me, her hair felt smooth and tickled my bum a bit, she got more and more forceful, I think she was really hungry. Then she pushed me hard, it felt like she was trying to ram her whole head up my ass, she then and whined and growled a bit. I still didn’t move, I hoped she would go away, but a hungry dog must be fed, she kept licking and shoving her tongue really deep into my ass hole, it would’ve felt amazing if it weren’t for the fear I had in me. Then she pawed my ass, my cheeks spread a bit and she managed to get a bit more tongue in there, as well as a scoop of cum for her. She learnt quickly and kept pawing and scooping until I messed up. She pawed at me for the 7th time and her nails rubbed over my asshole, it wasn’t enough to draw blood but the sudden pain made me yelp and jump up a bit. I knew I was in trouble, she knew I was awake, despite my fear I turned over to see her staring at me, panting, she was big enough that her whole head and a bit of her neck were above the mattress, that’s why she could lick me so easily. Then she came to lick my face!! I quickly jumped up on my ass facing her, I felt my tiny marble sized testicles tighten up and me penis shrink and start to retract, then she barked I quickly shuffled further away from her; she barked again and jumped up on the bed!! I kept shuffling until my back hit the wall. (Daddys bed is very big, I think he must have had it custom made, it went from one end of the room to another both sides touching the walls, and the head of the bed was touching the third wall, there was only one side to come I or go out, that was the base of the bed. The other three sides were touching walls).

Now u got to see things from my point of view, I am on my ass, backed up against a wall with nowhere to go, I am 11, I’m petrified dogs and I have one of the biggest dogs I’ve seen up on a bed walking slowly and purposefully towards me, she was in a bad mood since she was so hungry, and to make things worse she was hungry for my ass!!!. I was gonna scream as she was only 3 meters away from me (Daddy had a huge house and a very very big room),but I remember Daddy said to be quiet so all I could do was whimper in fear as my heart thudded against my chest and my prepubescent package shrunk so much I felt like a girl. The dog stopped, and I knew she would attack, right on cue she barked at me, it was a small bark, but in the heat of the moment it sounded like a jumbo jet, and then again she barked, I started to sob. Small trickles of tears ran down my eyes and I started to sob a bit louder, she took a step closer, then another, she put her head between my legs, I thought she would bit mu penis but she licked it delicately, then licked it again, again very delicately, then she started to lick a bit harder and harder, she too particular interest in my foreskin which now looked like a wrinkly sultana and continued to almost lovingly lick my tiny prick, she started to lick it sideways such that it was pushed as far as it would go, and she would keep trying, licking it left, pushing it right, trying to almost get out of her way. It was at that point that I felt the roughness of her tongue and realised why it felt do good deep inside my asshole. I was still scared as I could be. As she grew more insistent a grew more scared that she would paw at my penis an hurt it, so I tried pushing my her head away with my hands, but she was much too strong, I was doing nothing but annoy her. She gave me a sharp yap and I felt the vibrations shot up my balls, it made me stop resisting in half a second. I quickly sat on my hands so I wouldn’t be tempted to push her again, but that extra centimetre of height I got from sitting on my hands was all she needed. Again she shoved her head into my crotch, but this time she put her nose under my tiny, scared, shrivelled balls, her nose was smelling my ass crack, I didn’t move at least she wasn’t barking at me, then she started licking, she licked a couple of times and I could feel her wet warm tongue on my hands, then the third lick she rubbed against my asshole, and she kept at it, that's when I realised all the movement made that hard to reach cum, trickle down into my rectum, and that was what she was after, she started whining again and I realised if I was to get out of this, she needed to be full. I had to feed her the cum in my ass. I didn’t want to move too much though in case I scared her and she bit me, so I grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them a bit, I was still sitting on my hands but she had a bit more tongue room. She understood looking u at me she quickly licked my face, left nipple, my package, and then started to lick my asshole, that movement wasn’t enough. That's when she got really impatient.

She grabbed my ankle in her mouth and pulled me, my back quickly slipped of the wall, and I found myself on my back with my hands on my bubble butt cheeks and my legs in the air. She then smelled my ass hole, satisfied that there was still copious amount cum in there proceeded to lick my asshole, which was however closed tight from fear. Knowing what had to be done I grabbed my feet and put them behind my head (I did gymnastics and was very flexible), I locked them there, I could stay like this for 30 mins before my legs got sore. I must have looked really funny, laying there on my back with my hands at my sides, my legs locked behind my ears and a dog licking my asshole. As I looked down at her I relaxed, because she was wagging her tail, for the first time this dog wasn’t scary, I was always told if a dog wagged his tail it meant he liked you, that really made me relax. I looked at her and knew I did the right thing, all she wanted was food, poor thing. I felt so bad for treating her so bad, now look at her so happy, her tail was swinging a mile a minute.

I whispered to myself more then her “sorry Tammy”, when I mentioned her name she looked up at me very intently, but her ail stopped wagging, if I had know what I know now I would’ve realised she was just curious as to how I knew her name, but then I thought she got angry that I interrupted her meal.

Quickly to make things right I tried soothing her “good girl Tammy, good girl” her tail twitched a bit, but did not wag, so I kept going, “good girl, u like cum? Yeh? Well go ahead Tammy take as much as there is Tammy, it all yours ok?” her tail started wagging a bit but slowly and she was still looking at me, I was so scared she would stop eating and come after me again, I had to get her attention back on my ass, so with my hands i slapped my little cheeks, it worked, the noise made her look at my hand then lick my bubble butt cheeks, again I felt the roughness of her tongue, like fine, wet, warm flexible sand paper, I decided I liked it. I spanked myself again closer to my hole, she got the message, and started her feast.

It started slow, almost like she knew I wouldn’t move til she was done, that I was ok with it and giving her everything, so she didn’t have to really worry about time. She licked my puckered hole gently, using just the tip of her tongue, it tickled and made my pink hole twitch, she must have liked it cause she licked again and again, only using the tip of her tongue, my bum hole started to twitch so much it was pushing out little dribbles of cum for her, she let it drip down a bit before she lapped it up, this went on for 2 minutes, when I started to feel something happen at my crotch, my balls started to loosen up, and my penis was coming out of its shell, I thought to myself “am I getting horny from a dog? Nah, can’t be, I’m gay not weird....right?” but then as if on cue Tammy started to lick a bit faster, and I started to feel my penis get more and more happy. That's when I accepted it, this was turning me on the rough tongue made me feel good, I resigned to my pleasure, and relaxed completely, my penis was again its normal size, not erect, but comfortably flaccid, my balls started to relax and my sphincter also loosened, Tammy seemed to realise my surrender to her and her delicious tongue. She lay down on her stomach, with her face between my cheeks, I could no longer see her head, just her back and wagging tail, I felt her cold wet nose against my asshole again. And then I felt her tongue shoot up my rectum at an incredibly force, once inside she pulled it out, with dribbles of cum all over her tongue and some around my hole, she gently lapped them up before her tongue dove in again, this process repeated itself when I felt that familiar feeling in my balls, they were again tightening up. But this time not from fear, but rather, from the desire to orgasm. As my balls tightened up so did my ass, and my gut started pushing more cum to Tammys awaiting mouth, this made me super horny, and the cum made Tammy keep lick even more, she was so fast that she put her tongue in and out 5x a second, the feeling was incredible, and again my trademark squeals of pleasure surfaced, my ass felt so full, I felt so satisfied, her tongue filed up all the space in my little boy rectum, as she drew out my hole was ravished by her delectable tongue. I looked at my dick and saw again it had reached it full 3.5’’ and it was throbbing, Tammy kept going and I didn’t want her to stop ever,

I started to moan,”ohhhhhh Tammy, yeh, yeh, ahhhhhh, oh my gosh, ahhhhh ahhhhhhh ahh, oh yessssss, gog girl Tammy, oh, your a good girl, lick me deeper, oh please im gonna cummmmm, oh ohhh ohhhhhhhh, my god, please let me cum god”

I could feel my penis throbbing and lashing around, I felt like touching myself, but I knew that I would feel better if I let Tammy do it, then suddenly I felt an amazing sensation, I shook a bit and my legs almost unlocked, and then again she hit that spot, she was pushing her tongue into my prostate, again he kept pushing her tongue into it, so fast, so hard, then I felt myself squirt, it landed on my tummy, I looked down and saw that wasn’t sperm, it was precum, I was squirting precum!! Every time she licked me a tiny bit rushed out and landed around and in my belly button, and Tammy showed no sings of tiring or slowing down. All this squirting had made my dick thrash, and throb around like never before, I looked alive, and it felt like it would burst from the pressure any minute, and yet still Tammy licked and pushed her tongue into my prostate deep into my rectum, out, in, out, in, out, in. This squirting continued, I didn’t know I had this much in me my head was swollen now, almost as wide as a 10cent coin and red as hell, and yet still she licked, and I was moaning like the as whore I was becoming, Daddy said to be quiet, but I cant, especially when I’m 2 seconds away from the biggest orgasm in my life, my precum started hitting me above my belly button now, one landed on my nipple and one above my chin, I quickly licked it up, it was salty but nice. Then my dick started bouncing around like squirting my salty precum all aover me, and Tammy tongue in and out my ass was driving my crazy, I knew I would come, I new I would squirt more then ever before, further then ever before, harde then ever before. I knew I would moan like the slut that I was, probably grab gonna the bed sheets in my hands and pull them as a came from all this sexual stimulation on my prepubescent naked 11yo body, I would thrash around like a fish out of water and most of all I would love it. My body would shake and shudder and my dick would spasm all over the place as I moaned, groaned and screamed my self to satisfaction I was so deeply craving for. I would become the slut I was meant to be.

I was one more dick throb away from orgasm, from becoming an ass whore when I heard the door creak open, I knew Daddy was home and probably be watching this shocked, but I didn’t care I needed this, for almost 30 mins Tammy had been preparing my smooth ass and dick for this final cum. I didn’t care if Daddy was watching, in fact him watching turned on so much more, I closed my eyes so I could experience as much of the orgasm as possible, all that knew know was my pending, earth shattering orgasm, the cum of my lifetime, I felt an extra weight on the bed, I knew it, Daddy wanted to see this close up, I could feel him moving closer to me but I didn’t care I wanted my dick to spray my cum all over me, maybe even over Daddy's face, whose damp warm breath I could now feel on my throbbing dick, I was sure my precum was now on his face too, I knew that if so much as kissed m y dick now it would all be over, I would get that cum of a lifetime, and I would finally become that whore that I was. Just the thought of it almost sent me shooting, but I held in this orgasm, I wanted to spray as soon as Daddy had his lips on my pecker.

And I told him so “suck my dick Daddy, please. I need this Daddy at least lick it daddy, I wana cum so bad. I need to cum so bad. Please Daddy make your son cum for you Daddy, make me scream like the whore I am. Make me yours Daddy, forever. I just need this so bad, look at my throbbing dick Daddy, it needs u now more than ever, I’m your slut Daddy, make me cum”

But I felt Daddy back away, he didn’t want me to cum just yet “ urrrgghhhh” how frustrating” I thought “just like him, he loves to keep me on edge as long as possible. I felt my asshole get so ravished that I knew there was a hole, open and gaping, and instead of Tammys tongue, it could be Daddy delicious dick.

“Daddy” I moaned “oh Daddy, fuck me Daddy, I need your dick Daddy, fuck me til I cum Daddy, let me cum with your penis in my ass, Daddy please!, make me cum!” I felt Daddy's breath at my ear and I thought to myself, he’s gonna kiss me and lick me, slowly all the way down, to my nipples, he will lick all my precum that's on my body until he is full, he will lick and kiss and suck me clean, then he will attack my pecker trained professional, then I could finally cum.

But I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold it of that long, in fact I was just about to cum when I heard a growl in my ear!! I opened my eyes and quickly looked at the sound, there was a massive head there. A Rottweiler, “ oh shit” I thought to myself, “its Tom”. Daddy's other dog, Daddys much bigger, scarier, and pissed off MALE dog.

Then the worst case scenario, Daddy's land line went off, and from his answering machine I could hear his voice “hey, sorry I’m gonna be late, apparently there some urgent work at the office, I will tell you about it when I get back, should be back in 2-3 hours. Make sure u eat, I left breakfast on the table. C u soon have fun..... oh and don’t open the back door cause the dogs are outside, I forgot to feed them before I left so they will be really pissy, so no matter what don’t open the door. Bye.”

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