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Losing your virginity...
As a special treat, this chapter is long long long... well, it took very long to write anyways. It's got a total of two sex scenes which were really fun to put into writing. The end of this chapter is the beginning of the highly dramatic period of my love life then, so things will be getting spicy (instead of me simply fucking people). Hopefully y'all would love a bit more story as well.

As always, love the feedback and enjoy! :D

My Dirty Little Secret (3)

For the first three days of school after that party, Saahil and I pretty much ignored each other. If we passed each other between lessons, we would just smile knowingly. Other than that, the only communication we had was texting and skype sessions that lasted for almost an hour each day (fortunately both of us were sensible enough not to go on for more than that).

The skype calls were interesting because I got to know more about my boyfriend, which made me realise that we’d just barged in to a relationship without really knowing each other. Saahil was an Arsenal fan, and loved football. I’d already known that, but his dedication to that team was, as I said once, cute. I also found out that I wasn’t the only one who knew about his true sexuality – there was Lili, Maxie, Christie, Florence and Vienna. I wasn’t that surprised because these were the girls he usually hung out with. Normally, though, he hung out with the guys, which just made his character more interesting.

I say this because, unlike “the guys”, You couldn’t visibly see a hair on Saahil’s body (except his head, obviously). And Saahil’s taste in fashion was much better than theirs. He was doing a good job of hiding his sexuality, but he left little clues for some reason.

What was surprising was how our skype calls were devoid of anything sexual. I would have expected, at that age, for us to first wank off to each other before beginning a proper conversation. And then have a mid-convo wank sesh and a final goodbye wank. But we didn’t.

On the fourth day of school after the party, I had almost begun to lose that feeling of strong attraction to Saahil because of our lack of proper interaction… but this was all stopped when Saahil hugged me the first time I saw him that day. People hugged other people all the time so this wasn’t strange to anyone, but it was special to me and we didn’t break apart for at least ten seconds.

“By the way, I told Lili and everyone about us,” he said afterwards.

“Everyone?” I raised a sarcastic brow.

“Not everyone, but you know…”

It could be considered ironic that it was pink day. Saahil was dressed in pinkish-brown short shorts again, which allowed the world to see half his sexy thighs and all of his legs and above that he wore a bright pink tee.

Somehow, without consciously discussing anything, we had chosen to wear the same colour of clothes. My trousers were pinkish-brown as well, and above it a tight-fitting bright pink lycra t-shirt. We didn’t really make a comment about that, I guess it was to be expected.

Both of us had a free period at the same time that day, so we decided to sit together with Florence and Vienna in the common room. The two girls were all excited and wanted to know the details of what had happened. Fortunately, they were mature enough to keep their voices low and bring their chairs close.

“Well, we were both invited to this party…” I began, “Last weekend.” Saahil nodded bashfully and Vienna and Florence leaned in closer. I looked at Saahil and asked, “Erm, they don’t need to know everything, right?”

“Uhh… we do!” Florence said, clearly offended.

“Whatever, I don’t care,” Saahil declared, folding his arms and leaning back into his chair, “You can tell them everything, just don’t ask me to.”

I chuckled. “Well, okay then. This guy suddenly shows up and starts dancing with me.”

“Ooooh,” Vienna said in a seductive tone, “We all know what kind of dancing he means.”

I smiled like an idiot. “Yeah, you do. And then he takes me to a bathroom because all the other rooms were locked—“

“—What?!” Florence said, “You had your first kiss in a—“

“—No, let me finish, idiot!” I paused and glared at her for a while, before continuing, “Well, it get’s really emotional, he comes out to me, blah blah blah… And we go to the beach and it’s really breezy and romantic…”

“Aww,” they said in unison. We continued talking about fit guys for a while and played the rating game. David showed up and we avoided eye contact, although when Florence and Vienna asked me to rate him, I answered truthfully.

Then the conversation took a more emotional turn. “It’s really unfair how you’re not allowed to show your love,” Florence was saying.

“I know, but oh well, have to get on with it. And anyway, if Saahil’s ready to come out, we can officially let everyone know,” I gave him a glance, “If that’s what you want?”

He gave a chuckle, “Why not?”

The day passed without event. The amount of times I told Saahil that he looked sexy in those shorts was exactly three. We didn’t have any classes together, and I guess that was for the better. Sitting with him would probably have been slightly awkward.

After school, Saahil had football practice and I had to go to a drum’s lesson, after which I was feeling positively tired. But as I walked up an external flight of stairs to the study room which had my locker, I felt that someone was in there. This was no cause for alarm until I saw Saahil leaning against a wall in the room.

“I had a feeling it would be you,” I panted as I put my heavy bag down on one of three tables in the room, “But I didn’t know for sure.” I could feel a tension in the air, as if something was about to happen… something good.

“I’m sorry, Ali,” he said, “I just can’t resist anymore. I’ve not seen you for four days.”

I turned my head round to look at him, giving a furrowed brow. “What?”

“As in, I’ve not truly seen you,” he laughed, “Like, I haven’t seen you naked. I’m horrible at being romantic.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as well. Slowly, I reached for my phone and dialled my driver’s number. The lie came easily: “Sorry, I have to stay ‘till 5:15 today because I’m having an extra lesson.”

By the time the call ended, Saahil closed the study room’s door. I realised he wasn’t wearing his entire football uniform, but the pink shorts underneath the blue football shirt. When he saw me looking at his shorts in confusion, he shrugged and said, “You said they looked sexy so I decided to wear them.”

I went to him and kissed him thrice on the lips; then our mouths locked as I pushed him against the wall. I could feel the sudden rush of goodness moving through my veins and my boner was already full-size. I pushed my pelvis against his in a rough grind and he pulled his mouth away, sucking my neck instead.

I moaned – I had never known it could feel so good. He leaned away from the wall and I pulled off his shirt. We both fell onto the hard floor but I didn’t feel any pain. Instead, we rolled around, lips locked in passion, and when we stopped he wrapped his legs around me. He opened his mouth to let my tongue in and I gently felt the wetness, my free hands feeling his soft skin up and down.

And then we stopped. Our mouths pushed away from each other and we opened our eyes. He had been sweaty from his practice, but now his body was actually shining with sweat. “Shit, you’re so sexy,” I breathed, looking down at his nipples.

“Haha, wait,” he said, and took my shirt off. “Better.”

I fell down upon him and we rolled across the carpeted floor again until he was on top of me. Then, we stayed that way for what appeared to be a few minutes, just cuddling and hugging each other tightly while our boners pressed against each other.

Then he rolled off of me and we lay there, looking at each other, smiling, shirtless.

“Actually,” Saahil abruptly said. He sat himself up and pulled down my trousers and pants. I was completely naked (well, almost, if it wasn’t for my blue converse shoes), and the door was unlocked, so anyone who had forgotten something in their lockers or any cleaners could suddenly barge in. But that threat just made it more exciting.

I was lying just beside his backpack, so he said, “Pass me some lube. It’s in the middle pouch.”

“Wait, what?” I said suddenly, “What are you doing?”

“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna fuck you,” he said mischievously, “I just wanna see your asshole, cuz I didn’t see it last time.”

Reassured, I passed him a bottle of cherry-flavoured lube and turned around so he had a clear view of my ass. “Dammit, man, you’re so hairy,” was what he said, “I don’t mind hair, but have you ever thought of shaving or hair removal cream.”

“I’m not that hairy,” I retorted.

“No, you aren’t, and it’s sexy as well, I’m just asking out of interest.”

“Oh okay,” I said quietly, “Yes I have. Actually, you should lend me some of yours. I wanna see what it’s like to be as clean as you.”

He chuckled. I heard his zip open and the smooth fall of his shorts. And then I felt his finger exploring my ass, which turned me on so much, it actually surprised me. Then he tried pushing it in my hole, but somehow I just automatically tightened around his finger before he could properly enter.

“Have you ever fingered?” I heard him ask.

“I have, but not a lot of times.”

“Haha, really? We’re like the perfect couple. I prefer having dildos up my ass.”

“You have dildos?” I was surprised, “Where the hell do you keep them?”

“In a secret place,” he offered casually, “I’ve got two six inch ones.”

“Why do you have two and where did you get them?”

“Well, I sort of bought them on a tour and then smuggled them into the country. And as for why I have two… the textures are different. Sometimes I prefer one to the other.”

“You know what?”


“I’ve completely lost my boner now, talking to you.”

“Yeah, we shouldn’t really talk when we’re naked.”
The feel of cold lube between my cheeks and in my ass was enough to re-ignite my boner. And when Saahil pushed his index finger inside, I moaned like a bitch. “Fuuuuck, that feels great.” This was the first time I had some other finger than mine own in my butt, and that made all the difference. My dick throbbed each time he pushed his finger in and pulled it out, exploring. Then he pushed his middle finger in as well and soon he was fingering me with three fingers squashed together. I panted with each thrust; more sweat forming on my body. It was one of the most amazing things I’d ever felt.

He pulled out his fingers and turned me around, and then we lay on each other, making out passionately. Our tongues licked each other in the hot moistness of our mouths and our dicks were truly touching now. Saahil sucked on my neck and then nipples, making me sigh, “Yeeeeaaah!” He spit on them and licked them, making them as hard as my cock. Then we tightly embraced again and with another roll he was below me.

I sat up, staring at his balls and thighs in all their shaven glory. Then, like a predator pounces on its prey, I started sucking his balls, licking the sweat off them and his thighs, kissing his cock, sucking it. His musky scent was sexy, and his boner tasted amazing, but that wasn’t enough. As I finished giving his cock a last suck, he turned around so his ass was in front of my face. I immediately backed up, but it was too irresistible. In my denial phase, I used to try and make ass’s disgusting. Somehow, those thoughts about shit and the stinky smell came back, but they were nothing compared to my lust.

Slowly, like a moth floats towards a light, I brought my face down warily. My nose was situated between his cheeks. I inhaled.

The aroma was almost overwhelming. It was nothing like I had smelt before, so I buried my mouth into his ass, kissing every inch, licking and rimming. He had moaned before but not as loudly as he was now. “Fuuuuck, Aaaaalii! Yeeeeaaah! This is amazing, fuck, fuck, fuck,” he panted. It tasted heavenly, and I sucked more of it, lusty and horny. Fuck, I wanted to fuck him then and there, but something stopped me. Right now wasn’t the right moment.

I licked his hole, sucking and trying to push my tongue in. His ass was perfect, completely hairless, and somehow he was able to expand it a little bit. My tongue went in, although it could barely get through, but that was enough. I explored, licked, and smelt.

“Wait! Hang on, stop!”

I took my tongue out and raised my head.

“Let me suck your cock.”

I smiled and stood up. “Wanna go back to the good ol’ way?”

Saahil eagerly said, “Yeah!”

I leaned against the wall, my cock ready in front of me. Saahil kneeled in front of me and stroked my cock a bit before spitting on it and smearing it in his saliva. When it was nicely wet and shiny, he opened his lips and put it in his mouth. “Shiiiit…” I sighed softly. My cock throbbed as his hot tongue licked it, sucking it, going up and down. Soon, Saahil fell into a rhythm and I put my hand on his head, pushing to urge him on. I didn’t even realise I was moaning loud as fuck: “Yeaah! Yeah! Fuck, Saahilll!”

My precum was spilling into his mouth and my heart started beating faster. I felt it coming and Saahil felt it somehow as well. He pulled away, a massive trail of spit hanging between his lips and my cock. He looked up at me and said, “Cum on my face!”

He started wanking my cock at such a speed that his bicep could visibly be seen getting bigger and smaller. When it came, I shouted, “YEAAAH!” My load shot onto his cheeks and lips, and he still kept stroking, licking my cum as it kept shooting out with each stroke. I felt my ass contracting in the same rhythm as I kept panting, barely noticing how Saahil had jizzed as well so it seemed like he had run shirtless in the snow.

Before the feeling vanished, I kneeled, licking the cum off his chest and dick and kissed him as we fell into each other’s arms again. Of course, the horniness quickly vaporised and we pulled on our clothes, staring at each other shyly.

“Well, umm, that was great,” Saahil said as a way of making conversation.

“Yeah, we should do more of that,” I replied, leading us into a fit of laughter

“We were lucky that no one came in here.”

“Well, not really,” I said sceptically, “Even the cleaners don’t come in here until it’s proper dark.”

“But the fact that there’s always a possibility…” Saahil had regained that evil glint in his eyes, “Just makes it more exhilarating.”

We looked at each other, saying nothing, and we knew what we wanted to do, bloody risk-takers that we were. We had a week of school left, and in that week, we had oral sex in my English teacher’s classroom, the ICT labs store cupboard, in the middle of the football field at night, in the auditorium when no one was in there and in one of the bathrooms. We wanted to try the common room but it was always, always full. Of course, due to careful planning, we were never caught, let alone seen. Some might ask what was the point then. Well, we didn’t know either. Oh, and I forgot, once, we mutually masturbated in the swimming pool when no one was there…

As was expected, our sudden new friendship was causing a few rumours to go around. We weren’t that bothered, though. Somehow, Saahil was adjusting into himself now, hating himself less. I guess having my cock in his mouth everyday was making him cockier… but I loved him and his ass was one of the greatest discoveries I’d made in life.

And with this great discovery, I was wondering more and more about how it would feel if my cock was in it. My personality was a good combination of sexuality and romance, which meant I’d made a decision earlier in life to only give up my virginity to someone who was very special. After that, I was free to fuck non-special people as well. Once, while we were walking back home after another blowjob sesh, I told him, “You’re so generous.”

He smiled, “Why?”

I slapped his ass playfully, replying, “Because you give head much more than you get it.”

“But I like giving head,” he shrugged, “Why, do you like it more than getting it?”

“I don’t mind, it’s just… you’re like a bottom.”

He looked up at me, but I couldn’t read his expression. “I am a bottom. Nothing wrong with it.”

“Wait, you’ve had sex before?”

“No, I meant… urgh, you get what I mean.”

I got what he meant. Instead of just wanking off he preferred fingering and he preferred giving head. I was slightly surprised. I’d never expected Saahil, a guy who struggled so much to pretend that he was straight, to admit so easily to being a bottom. He was true, there was nothing wrong with it. It was mainly Alan who’d put this slight prejudice inside me, and he wasn’t even gay… it was because of the weird questions he asked… and he obviously thought that being “the giver” or “the receiver” made a big difference.

To be perfectly honest, I’d always wanted to be versatile so I could get the best of both worlds. However, as I reflected, I realised that I would have to be a top for this relationship. Somehow, I felt relieved. The thought of losing my other virginity sometimes made me uneasy. I knew I would like it once the pain stopped, but the pain would be there. But, once I did pop that cherry, I’d be able fuck both ways. And that would be convenient.

The sun was setting and we were gazing over this artificial lake they had in the Arabian Meadows. I put an arm around my boyfriend, wanting to kiss him there. But this was out in the open and it wasn’t allowed in Dubai.

“There’s nothing wrong with being a bottom,” I stated. He simply nodded. However, I continued, “But, I want to ask you something.”


“Well, you see, I really like your ass,” sniggered I.

That made him smile. “Your ass is much better now, now that you’re using the cream I gave you.”

“Nothing wrong with a hairy ass,” I said casually, then laughed.

“If you wanted a hairy ass, you chose the wrong guy.”

“No, I think your ass is perfect.” I paused, trying to think of what to say next… “I’m just wondering if you ever wondered about… erm…”

“I have,” he said abruptly, “We should do it sometime, don’t you think?”

“Are you okay with it?” I asked, not unkindly.

“I am, as long as you go gentle.”

“We’ll need loads of stuff. There’s an entire science behind this, because it can only happen at the right time.”

“The right time?”

“That’s when you don’t have shit coming through your intestines.”

We laughed.

“This time,” Saahil said finally, “Let’s do it where it’s supposed to be done.

“In a bedroom.”

Half term holidays arrived and we all got busy with our own things. But the exact date had been decided, and Saahil would be coming over to mine so we could do the deed. It was a Wednesday, and I was feeling pretty anxious, even though I wasn’t the one who was going to get fucked. For the past two weeks, I had started playing my music loudly so the house got used to the sound. We would need loud music to drown out the screams. My parents had initially protested, but now they’d given up.

We had planned together that he would be eating lunch that wasn’t so hard on the intestines before coming over. And we wouldn’t begin until after he’d taken a shit. The excitement was there because the novelty of oral sex had worn off and I wanted more. And it opened up a world of new possibilities: shower sex, sex in a public bathroom, sex in a swimming pool, the missionary position, bareback… fuck, I had a corrupted mind as a 16 year old.

When Saahil came around, my Mum and Dad greeted him as they usually would. They thought that he was my new bestest friend who I always somehow kept exchanging clothes with. After telling them that he had just had lunch, he went up to my bedroom and I followed him.

He gasped. “Wow, you romantic fuck.” I closed the door behind me and locked it. I stepped into the room as well, looking at the red bedsheet, dozens of hearts stuck on the walls and bright candles waiting to be lit.

We jumped on the bed and started wrestling, punching each other playfully. Soon, we got hard and our wrestling turned into a different kind of wrestling, but we stopped after a few minutes. To divert our attention, I put on FIFA and we played on it. He beat me most of the time, but I was better at COD.

And sometimes we just sat there making out and caressing each other’s hair. At 5, he went in my bathroom for a shower and a shit and I put on some loud music to alleviate the tension. I had spread a red towel on the bed in case of blood, which I was hoping against hope wouldn’t come.

As Gaga’s paparazzi played out, he emerged naked from the shower, shining with droplets. In the past 3 weeks since I’d been going out with him, his body had improved a lot. His six pack was more visible now and his ass had become musclier. His eyes weren’t green or blue, but black… which somehow added an air of mysterious sexiness to him.

I walked up to him and kissed him, feeling his cock harden in my hand, throbbing softly. Slowly, he unbuttoned by shirt and it dropped to the floor. Blindly, I made out with him, our tongues slowly roiling in each other’s mouths. He had become a much better kisser and now we knew each other’s patterns, completely in synergy. He led me to the bed and sat me down, slowly stroking my cock which I had taken out of the fly of my jeans.

We lay down together on the bed, my fingers intertwined with his, me licking the wetness that was his mouth. We stopped and he pulled down my jeans and gave my boner a few sucks, making me sigh. The music had become slower, more romantic, but it was still loud enough.

When he stopped kissing my cock, he lied down beside me and I put my thigh between his and we cuddled. We were really good at doing this mid-sex somehow. It was sort of a cooling off session that maintained the passion. My dick was placed next to his for what seemed like the thousandth and the first time at the same time. We slowly lounged about the beds, eyes closed and tongues slowly wrestling as our lips sucked on each other. Naked, we lost ourselves in each others’ skins, the touch so erotic and the heat so passionate.

“You’ve got everything in your bag, yeah?” I asked him when he was on top of me.


I wanted to kiss him some more, even though I’d been doing so for the past half hour, but I felt the monster in my cock, which wanted to fuck his ass hard. I felt the adrenaline building up, the moment was getting closer. “What did you bring?”

“Lube and condoms.”


It was getting dark. I closed the curtains and dimmed the light in the room, lighting the candles. Then I turned the AC off so all that was left was a subtle heat that made our sweat glands produce more fluid than usual. Soon we looked as if we’d been bathing in oil, and both of us were as clean-shaven as models.

He lied down so that his ass faced the ceiling. “Saahil, just tell me if I’m going too fast. Don’t worry, I won’t start yet. I like the taste of your ass as well.” The music was possibly louder than before, which was a reassuring sign. I brought his backpack to the bed and opened it, seeing that he had brought much more than we needed. 5 bottles of lube, 3 packs of condoms and also one of his two dildos.

This one was black and flesh-like, six inches. My dick was longer and slightly thicker than it, but it reassured me that Saahil had taken that thing multiple times before. My own cock wouldn’t be that much of a problem then, I hoped.

I took a whiff of his heavenly hole and licked it, causing him to moan. I could barely hear him over the music. I spit in it and sucked slightly, rimming it, absorbing the taste. My hand reached over to one of the lube bottles and I opened it above his ass, spreading it around with two fingers and lubing up his ‘hole. When I’d first pushed my fingers in, it had surprised me how easily his asshole had welcomed them, but even that had worn off. I heard him moan, “Oh, Ali,” before I started licking his ass again.

Then I felt him tap my shoulder. I gently went up to his ear and whispered, “Do you want anything, babe?”

“Put the dildo in before… well, yourself.”

“Okay.” I kissed his neck and came back to his ass, gently licking it more, tasting and swallowing the lube.

His dildo went in easily, but he did gasp slightly. “I love this,” I heard him moan as I started thrusting it in and pulling it out. It was clear he was used to this. The sight of his hole contracting and relaxing made my boner longer.

Finally, he said, “Go ahead.”

I tore out a condom and put it on – which was surprisingly easier than I thought. Then I stroked my cock, lubing it up so it shone in the candlelight. I added more lube to Saahil’s ass before positioning my cock above it.

I put all my weight on an arm, using my other hand to guide my cock. “Here it goes,” I said slowly, although I wasn’t sure if he could hear me. When my head touched his cheeks, he reached around and guided it towards his ‘hole.

“Go slowly,” he shouted over the music. I did go slowly, pushing gently in. The difficult part was my head, which was wider than the shaft and wider than anything Saahil had put up there before. As it slowly edged into the rim, Saahil started breathing rapidly. When it was tightening around my cock, I gave a gentle force to push more. I barely heard him yell, “OW! FUUUUCK!” over the music, but I kept going. A savage feeling had taken hold of me, but it was easy to tame it.

My head went in and my body was sweaty as fuck. I could see the sweat collecting between Saahil’s cheeks and sort of lubricating him more. The sight made me hornier and I wanted more. My shaft was much easier and I felt Saahil calm down as I oozed it in.

When my entire dick was in, I lay on him, trying to savour the moment. “I love you,” I whispered in his ear.

“Then fuck me, idiot.”

Laughing, I raised my pelvis upwards and pushed it in again, feeling a surge of ecstasy. “Fuuck,” I moaned. The feeling was amazing – his rectum tightening around six-and-a-half inches of my sex. I did it again, and again, slowly and slowly. This was good… this was fucking amazing. I thrust, moaning, gasping, as my sweat spilled onto Saahil. Then I hugged him from the behind, biting and sucking his neck, not realising that he had been moaning loud as fuck as well.

His ass was hot, and moist with all the lube, and it was so easy to slide in and out of it. “Can I go faster?” I asked him, and was very surprised at his answer.

“Fuck me bloody.”

I started thrusting, fucking him, and his screams made me hornier, and the sweat, and the scent, and the feeling of my cock in his ass. If this wasn’t heaven, I didn’t know what it was. I moaned loud, I said, “FUCK SAAHIL. I LOVE YOU!” I bit his neck, sucked it, held his hips, as my penis went in and out.

My entire body was riding waves of pleasure. It felt amazing – this was the closest I could get to anyone, and it felt fucking amazing. I stopped and told him, “Let’s go doggie-style.” And he put his ass at a right angle, crouching like a dog. I pulled his muscly butt cheeks apart and put my cock in, then thrust, holding his lips. “Fuck… fuck… fuck… Saahil… yeeaah! Fuck yeah!”

He was wanking his own cock, moaning like a bitch, sometimes screaming when I went too hard. This just made my cock throb faster and made my lust stronger. I was pumping at the speed of light after 10 minutes, and that was when he ejaculated on the towel. His ass started doing the sexiest thing ever: contracting and relaxing and I felt it coming on with it.

“Shiiiiiit!” I blew my load in the condom, still thrusting, so cum oozed out with each one. Immediately after I finished, I pulled my cock out, threw the condom away from the window directly into the large rubbish bin outside our house and went for a quick shower.

A few moments later, when the A/C was back on, we were all dressed up and had no reason to play loud music and keep the door locked anymore, Saahil and I were staring at each other awkwardly.

“I liked that,” Saahil said, “But you went a bit too hard towards the end.”

“Sorry, got too excited,” I said guiltily, although I had a feeling of smug satisfaction inside.

“No worries, it’s better when you get hard and rough,” he replied, sniggering.

“Yeah, at least we agree on that.”

“But my ass is too sore, dude.”

“I bet mine will be as well,” I said absent-mindedly.

“Wait, when did I say I wanted to fuck you?” he asked stupidly.

“You didn’t. But I dunno… maybe in the future you might want to.”

“Don’t worry, I’m satisfied with having your cock up my ass.”

And I was satisfied with pushing my cock up his ass. We tried it to do it once again before going to sleep, but his soreness hadn’t ebbed away. But we did it two times next day. And two times the day after that. By then, instead of screaming in pain, Saahil was moaning in pleasure. I was glad his ass had come to understand my cock. I was just worried about my ass now…

By the time the holidays had ended, Saahil and I had fucked while skinny-dipping at midnight, fucked in a tennis court, and after playing naked basketball at midnight. We made a nice little video of that because we were high as fuck and now it’s lost in the internet somewhere.

I wasn’t too glad to see the end of my holidays, but when school started, the rumours about me being with a guy from our year were reaching breaking point. Because of this, we decided not to act too friendly in public.

Tuesday came, and I was quietly having a piss in a bathroom when David came in. As was normal between us, we didn’t make eye contact, but I noticed his eyes were red. Not sure what to make of that, I quickly finished, zipped up my trousers and started to wash my hands when he spoke.

“I’m sorry, Ali, you were right.”

I slowly looked up at him and was shocked to see the devastated expression on his face. “What’s happened, Dave…?”

“You were right, I was really selfish.” He spoke as if he was not there, in a vague tone. “I told Britney. I told her she did not deserve me. We had a fight and she dumped me.”

I wasn’t sure what to say… I looked away from his eyes, feeling as devastated as him, feeling ashamed, sick. I put a hand on his arm. “I’m sorry. But you did the right thing.” Suddenly, I felt a surge of compassion. I pulled him into a tight hug and felt him shiver.

“It’s my fault.”

“Mine as well.” I let him go, “Sorry, Dave. I can’t…”

I couldn’t finish. I could feel the tension in the air, and I didn’t want to be a part of it. Suddenly, I hated everything, the bathroom, the cubicles, the mirror, the world, it was all shit.

I left without a word.

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