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I awoke to sunlight streaming through the open curtains. The bed was empty as I lay there rubbing the sleep from my eyes. 'Had it all been a dream?' I wondered. A warm spot remained where Lauren once occupied the soft linen and served as testament to the reality of the life I had only dreamed about a few days ago. The overtly girlish room had taken on a new sheen. The morning sun (or was it afterglow?) gave the room a look of maturity. The wainscoting was whiter, the paint looked more maroon than the soft pink I once perceived it to be, the fixtures were that of a young lady, and the milky shag rug was now perfectly accented by the dark redwood surrounding it. Was I noticing these things for the first time or was I just peering through rose tinted glasses?

I lay there contemplating the direction my life has very recently taken. The serene silence was broken by the sound of the shower wafting through the uninsulated wall of the bathroom next door. A contented sigh escaped my parted lips as an even more contented smile broke the monotony of my pale and freckled face. Darkness crept back across my mind as I dozed off the melodic rhythm of simulated rain against the fiberglass backdrop.

The sound of the bedroom door quietly opening drew my mind back to a conscious state. I was instantly mesmerized by the sweet smile of the petite blonde I had carried to bed not twelve hours ago.

"Good morning, handsome." She said as she rung droplets of moisture from her sunny strands. The shoulders of her stark-white bathrobe quickly lapped up the moisture as it fell from her beautiful hair.

I replied a groggy "G'mornin'" as I attempted to smooth out my wild hair. A cheerful laugh that sounded as if it was made by choir of angels sang subtly from behind the only smile that had ever been able to entrance my soul. I was in love. Not the absent minded fumblings of a teen-aged whipping poll, but love. An all-consuming rest-of-your-life kind of love. If ever there had been any doubt in my mind that my arms were given to me for any other purpose than to wrap around that dainty waist, it dissolved as soon as that beautiful chorus met my hungry ears.

I glanced at the clock. '7:14', it read. "When did you get up?"

"About forty-five minutes ago. I put a pot of coffee on for us." Lauren said, as she smiled smugly, knowing full-well that I was anything but a coffee drinker.

I just rolled my eyes as I pulled her to me and gave a playful little swat on her left butt cheek. Though playful and gentle, the smack was still audible through flimsy layer of cotton and polyester. Her eyebrows furled and she extended her lower lip in a pout as she tried to put on a highly over dramatized display of rubbing the unfortunate cheek that had endured such a savage lashing at the hand of the man who's arm was loosely draped around her taut waist. My face mimicked hers as I turned her around, lifted the hem of her robe, and planted a sloppy kiss on the affected flesh. "Feel better?"

"Much better. Kiss-ass." The completely foreseen pun elicited a chuckle from me as she wiggled her firm porcelain butt in my face, then turned and sat by my outstretched torso. Her body facing me, right ankle in the crux of her left knee, and a sugary sincere smile made her look as though she were the distilled essence of feminine beauty.

My hand slid from her waist to her inner thigh as she leaned down to caress my lips with hers. It was as electric as it had been the first time. The mingling of our lips sent a shiver down my spine. A shiver that I hoped would never evade me... though, I suspected it never would. Her lips quivered as I ran my hand along the delicate skin of her thigh. A shift of her diminutive weight gave way to her torso's slow decent onto mine. I rolled her completely on top of me and took the loose knot of her sash between my fingers. With her sash no longer impeding my progress I pushed the soft fabric from her shoulders. My fingertips caressed the smooth flesh of her back as I guided the robe from her gorgeous body. With her robe laying in a heap on the floor my hands were finally able to freely explore the curves and contours of the lithe angel laying atop my nakedness. Her wet wavy hair caressing my cheeks and forehead, the feel of her lips humming soft moans of joy and ecstasy, her dainty hand running through my disheveled hair, and the touch of her tight body against mine only added to the feeling of our lips massaging each others' in a rhythmic attempt to convey the love that had been laid aside for so long.

My hands stopped roaming as each had found their place of calling. My right on the back of her neck, my left on the supple skin of her right round butt cheek. I started massaging the firm flesh bringing an slightly heightened urgency to the melodic sounds escaping from between her lips. Her hips started to slightly move, grinding her vaginal mound against my upper hip. I felt her wetness mingle with the fine feathery hairs of her sandy blonde mound as her femininity was spread over my hip. She froze as the hand that had been kneading her posterior slid between her ripe thighs. Her head went back, eyes squeezed shut, jaw dropped, and her labia clenched and she let out a lust-filled moan. The mere contact of my middle fingertip against her quivering lips had thrust her into the unmistakable clutches of orgasm. Spasms of ecstasy coursed through her body. When she came down from her orgasmic high she looked into my eyes and breathily whispered that she needed me inside her. Seeing she was too weakened by her battle with ecstasy I rolled her onto her back. She wrapped her legs weakly around me as I inserted the head of my eight inch cock into her waiting vagina. Small spasms massaged my shaft as I slowly pushed into her, a result of her previous orgasm. Having taken her virginity only hours before, she was remarkably tight.

"Perfect" I whispered from behind closed eyelids as my engorged member made light contact with her cervix.

"Tim?" I heard her mutter, almost pleadingly. "Tim, please make love to me? Please?" I opened my eyes and saw hers piercing through mine, straight into my soul. The look of love, lust, and need on her face was evidence to the longing in her heart. With a smile I pulled almost all the way out and pushed back in. I was thrusting rapidly, pushing just far enough to fill her and not quite far enough to hit her cervix. She was panting and moaning unashamedly as I bucked my hard cock in and out of her hungry vagina. After what seemed like seconds and hours, all at the same time, she breathily begged me. "Cum inside me, Tim. Please cum inside me!" With that she lost herself in another orgasmic typhoon.

Seeing my lovely little Lauren being thrown about in orgasmic bliss, as well as the feel of her tight hole clenching and milking me, sent me over the edge. "I'm cumming!" I silently yelled as my breath was locked away inside my engorged lungs. My hips thrust forward, my back arched, my eyes slammed shut, and my mouth stayed open as my orgasm matched my lover's. Hot cum came racing up my shaft and exploded deep into her thirsty hole.

Utterly spent I fell onto the soft mattress beside Lauren. When I had the strength to open my eyes I found my cousin looking into them. The grey-blue eyes of my golden-haired lover were once again staring into my soul. Those eyes, that were capable of driving any man with a pulse absolutely wild, were now the most calming sight I had ever beheld. My arms snaked around her back and I pulled her into a soft loving kiss. A kiss she had no problem returning.

After willing myself to get up from my love's embrace I made my way to the bathroom for much needed relief. As I turned the shower on I heard my bedroom door shut and soft footsteps descending the stairs to the main level. After I had showered and dressed I went downstairs. When I finished the trek down the short hallway, that emptied into the open kitchen my, eyes quickly found Lauren sitting at the counter with her cup of coffee. She smiled heavenly as she took a sip of the bitter-sweet liquid. I was at a loss for words. There she was... the love of my life sitting at the counter in nothing but a pair of silky power-blue panties and one of my dress shirts buttoned only half way up. Her right leg draped sultrily over her left as she looked at me through happy and contented eyes. Had I not had to be at work in less than an hour I would have taken her back upstairs for another session of mind shattering love making.

Work was dull despite it being a Saturday. The back-to-school rush was over and the laptop section picked clean and the big red sign that served to convey the message of our lack of inventory undoubtedly drove what stragglers there were away. The monotony of the painfully boring tasks I was charged with was broken by the constant memory of the week's events. Visions of Lauren bouncing on my lap the previous day had caused me to almost destroy a box of new hard drives when it slipped from my grip.

My lunch break came not a moment too soon. As I waltzed into the break room, with my recently-heated microwave chicken sandwich, I checked my phone. I noticed the icon indicating new messages. Sitting down I took a bite of my steaming-hot lunch. With my mouth full of food I check the message. There, on my phone, was a picture of Lauren wearing only a smile with her powder-blue panties hanging seductively off an outstretched finger of her upturned hand. I choked. Hot bits of wheat and chicken byproducts stung my esophagus. "Death by almost-chicken," I thought "what a way to go." After coughing uncontrollably for thirty seconds, or so, I regained my composure. Looking around I noticed the looks I was getting from the two coworkers also enjoying their short reprieve from the day's toil. "Oh, sure." I said in a hoarse voice, "I almost die and you two just sit there looking at me like I need a helmet."

"We just didn't want to ruin our show." John said.

"Smart ass." And, with that, I finished eating my '100% Percent All Natural Chicken Delight' in relative silence since there was little overlap in break times. The rest of the day went much like the first half, full of lust-fueled bumblings and lazy daydreaming.

The end of work came far too slowly. It was now five-thirty as I embarked on my journey home. A journey full of people who are far too content with driving as close to you as possible so they don't have to use their horns. 'Minnesota-nice,' my ass.

After a perceived eternity I arrived at the front door of my aunt and uncle's house. As soon as I opened the door I was greeted by Lauren jumping into my arms and wrapping her unclothed body around me like a starving python. As soon as her weight came bearing down on me I buckled under the excruciating pain of knees ruined by a failed attempt at joining the military. Thankfully I was able to stumble over to the carpet before our bodies collided with the unforgiving hardness of the faux-wood floor. As soon as she realized what had happened Lauren apologized profusely and ran to get me some ice.

"I'm so sorry, Tim. I never meant to hurt you." She said as she sat down on the couch beside me and adjusted the pillow under my left leg.

"There's nothing to apologize for. These things happen. I'm not upset, so please don't apologize. I'm just sorry I ruined our evening."

"You didn't ruin our evening. You can't help having bad knees. But, still... I'm really sorry you're in pain." Her eyes welled up. I could tell she really hated herself for causing another of my frequent flare-ups.

"It's okay, sweetheart. I'll be fine." I said, wiping a tear that had broken free from her eyelid. I then pulled her into an embrace. She laid her head on my chest and and I wrapped my arms around her back. I felt her smile against my chest. "I'm glad you're smiling again. I kind of love it when you smile. I kind of love it, a lot." She sat up with an even bigger smile on her face.

"Don't worry. I'll kiss it and make it all better." Having said that she leaned over and started planting kisses on my knee. After a few seconds of kissing my knee she began kissing higher and higher up my leg. The slow ascent toward my groin caused a steady rise inside my pants. After a painfully long wait her lips reached the jeans covering my manhood. She smiled seductively at me as she unhooked the button and pulled down the zipper on my fly. As soon as she had my dick out she began rubbing it and started planting small kisses on the tip. My breathing increased as pre-cum started leaking from the head. "Mmmmm, you taste so good." Lauren said in the most seductive voice I've ever heard. She then closed her eyes and wrapped her lips around the head of my hard shaft. She slowly descended on my penis taking about half of my eight inches in her mouth. I was in heaven. I reached over and slid my hand inside the neck of the dress shirt that she had taken from my closet. Her lips started vibrating moans of pleasure into my erect penis as my fingers pinched and played with her stiff nipples. With her increased pleasure came an increased vigor to her oral love making. After a few short minutes I felt that unmistakable stirring in my loins. I was going to cum, and soon.

"Lauren," I said through labored breaths "I'm gonna cum, baby-girl. I'm gonna-" Cum started racing up my shaft and exploded into her mouth. Luckily she had been expecting it and started swallowing as quickly as she could. My head was spinning as she sucked every last ounce of cum from my softening shaft. When it was all over I looked at Lauren with a satisfied smile. Her smile looked equally as satisfied as mine. The streaks of cum dribbling out the corners of her lips only added to the sexiness of her soft features. The pale white of her face was accented by the pearly white of my leftover seed.

"I love it." Lauren said as she wiped the remnants of my cum from her chin and then sucked it off her fingers.

"Not as much as I did, baby." I replied before pulling her back up to sit next to me. She laid her head on my chest and exhaled a contented sigh. I brushed a few soft strands of white-gold from her face then kissed her forehead.

"You must be hungry after work. I'll go make us some supper." Were the last words from her lips before standing up and bounding off to the kitchen.

"Something smells good." I said as I hobbled into the kitchen, being greeted by the scent of chicken Quesadilla.

"Thanks, but I can't decide if I want one. I'm kind of full." Was Lauren's reply as she shot me a wicked smile and seductive wink. "So how was it for my first time?"

"Oh, it could have been better. I think you should start practicing at least an hour per day."

"An hour? My, aren't we the optimist." Lauren said with a sweet laugh. I limped up behind her and wrapped my arms around her abdomen. She sighed as I kissed the top of her head. "You shouldn't be on your feet. Go sit down and I'll bring it to you when it's done."

I sat down at one of the bar stools with my leg up on the adjacent seat. With my elbows resting on the counter I smiled while watching the love of my life making me dinner.

"What?" she said as she saw me staring.

"I just can't believe I could be lucky enough to have the most gorgeous woman in the world chose to love me when she could have had anyone she wanted." Her delicate porcelain skin turned a few shades of red as her cheeks blushed from flattery.

"I never wanted anyone but you. I just wish it hadn't taken five years to admit it." She replied as she scraped the golden-brown tortilla from the surface of the cast iron pan. "So. What do you want to do tomorrow?"

"You." I said playfully before taking a bite of my delicious quasi-Mexican dinner. Lauren rolled her eyes. "I'm not sure. I'm not much of a planner, I just tend to do things spur of the moment."

"How about a movie?"

"It's a date. You pick, I'll pay." I want to make our first actual date as special for her as I could by not dragging her to a movie she didn't really want to see... even if I did have to endure some fluffy chick-flick.

We made love once more that night before going to sleep in each others' arms. The morning came after a dreamless restful sleep. I awoke to Lauren stirring in my arms. "Good morning, Hon." I said with a smile as I stretched.

"Morning." She said in a somewhat unsteady tone as she stood up and quickly walked to the bathroom. I got up and followed her but she had shut the door and locked it.

"Lauren, are you alright?" I asked as I heard the retching of someone under assault by any number of devastating stomach bugs.

"I'll be fine, Tim. Don't worry about me." Her quivering voice said faintly through the locked door.

"I'll be here if you need me." I said as I sat down against the wall waiting until she came out.

The door unlocked and slowly opened about a half hour later. "Feeling better?"

"Not much. I just don't think I have anything left." With that said I stood up and put my arms around her, holding her head to my chest. "If I feel better, later today... do you still want to go on our date."

"Of course... but only if you're feeling well by then."

The afternoon came and Lauren was back to her cheerful self. "Ready to go?" I asked as she was putting the finishing touches on her unnecessary makeup.

"Almost. Go start the car, I'll be down in a minute, love." After a couple minutes she opened the door and walked out onto the driveway. She was breath taking. A light green sundress hugged her supple curves then flared out into a flowing skirt. Her high heels did very little to increase her stature but succeeded in giving her tight calves even more definition. My mouth was still gaping as she hopped into the passenger seat with an angelic smile splayed across her face. She leaned over, kissed me on the cheek, and we were off.

We drove to the theater hand-in-hand talking about other possible plans for the day. Once there we entered and I paid for the tickets to some movie that could only be described as the color pink. We made our way to the back row of the dimly lit auditorium and sat in relative silence until a troop of pubescent girls arrived, chattering like hormone-crazed baboons, and sat down a few rows in front of us.

The lights went down and the previews started. As soon as we were shrouded by darkness Lauren laid her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her. The first half of the movie was uneventful until I felt Lauren shift in her seat then guide my hand to the blatantly bare space between her legs. I began rubbing my middle fingertip along her moist slit. Her clitoris was already distended so I started sinking my finger into her tight hole while my palm rubbed firmly against her button. My other hand snaked into her dress through the neck hole and started caressing her left nipple through the light fabric of her padded bra. I felt her pencil-eraser sized nipple harden under my touch and I slid into her bra. After a minute or so I started sliding my ring finger inside her tight pussy alongside my middle finger. The added thickness caused her to moan silently against my shoulder. A few more minutes went by as I continued to assault her supple lips with my fingers until she suddenly stiffened against my body. Her muscles froze save for small spasms as her pussy clenched and massaged the fingers of the hand that she held firmly against her pubic mound.

When she came down from her orgasm she smiled and looked up at me. I leaned down and kissed her as I slid my fingers from her hole. The friction causing a shudder to run through her body. Then we broke our kiss and she laid her head back on my shoulder.

The rest of the movie went along as uneventful as the first half. When it was finally over we left the theater in search of a decent restaurant where we could share a nice dinner together. It felt great to be out with Lauren. To have my arms around her and see the stares of every guy that wished they were in my place.

We arrived back at her parents' house, after eating at a nice local establishment, and noticed they were now home. It was going to be weird for the next few days as I had gotten used to having Lauren in my arms as we slept.

The evening went by as so many had before it. There was a lot of small talk and stories from the family's trip to Fargo. When we were asked what we did all weekend we both replied that it had been rather boring and talked about the movie that Lauren had dragged me to. I could see my cousin blushing as the quiry was posed to us.

A restless night alone in my bed had given way to an early morning. I got up before the sun as I was unable to sleep. When I made it downstairs I heard the sound of sickness coming from the main floor bathroom. It was hard enough to hear Lauren sick the previous morning, but this was... "The previous morning." I whispered, wide-eyed. "It's nothing, I'm sure of it. Her salad from last night must not have sat well." I tried reasoning the fear and guilt away.

I went to the fridge and grabbed a can of lemon-lime soda, and a straw, for Lauren, hoping it could settle her stomach. When she emerged from the bathroom I handed her the cold can and helped her sit down at the counter. She thanked me and sipped on her beverage. Her parents came down a little while later. They were concerned for her but left the issue alone when she told them her supper didn't sit well. Lauren gave me looks of fear and confusion that informed me that she was harboring the same suspicion that I was. She had to run for the bathroom a few more times that morning, but by afternoon she was back to her usual self. We both tried to act normal since it was Labor Day and her parents didn't have to go to work and school wasn't starting until tomorrow.

Tuesday came after another restless night, and rough morning for Lauren, and my aunt called the school to inform them that my beautiful cousin was sick before heading off to work. "I'm scared, Tim." Lauren said after the house was emptied except for us. "My period should have started three days ago. I'm almost never late. What are we going to do?"

"I'm so sorry, sweetheart. Don't be scared. I love you... we'll think of something. Besides, we don't know for sure, yet." I said as I wrapped my arms around her.

At that last statement she gave me a look trying to convey that there was no other explanation. I held her until a grumbling from her stomach sent her running for the nearest toilet. The rest of the morning went on roughly the same way. I would try to comfort Lauren between bouts of nausea or worse. "In a week or two I'll take a pregnancy test to know for sure... but promise me you won't leave if it's positive."

"Why would I leave? I could never do that to you."

"My friend Amber got pregnant and her boyfriend abandoned her as soon as she told him."

"I love you, Lauren. There's no possible way I could ever leave you alone like that." At my words she smiled, almost painfully, and snuggled into my arms even more.

The rest of the week went by. Lauren got her stomach under as much control as she could and went back to school on the second day of her junior year. My classes started the previous day. I was only taking twelve credits so I had plenty of time to work and be with Lauren. I stopped buying useless trinkets and focused on saving my money. The student loans really helped and I started to build a comfortable balance.

The following Friday Lauren bought a pregnancy test at a gas station on the other side of the metro so no one she knew would see her. She would take the test the next morning when her mother was at work and her father and brother were at his community baseball league practice. I had the morning shift at work so I would be back around noon.

I returned to the home to find Lauren sitting on the couch with tear streaked cheeks, from a morning of weeping uncontrollable, clutching a pregnancy test that read positive. I sat down at her side and wrapped my arms around her shoulders. "No matter how many times I look at it... those two bars never go away." She said between heavy breaths.

"Don't worry, love. We'll think of something."

She threw herself from my arms and stood up, the pregnancy test flying across the room. "How can you say that?! You're not the one with a social death sentence growing in your stomach!" Her voice was riddled with fear, anger, and pain. "Do you think I'm ready to have a baby? I'm sixteen! I won't even be an adult before I'm a mother!"

I stood up and took her in my arms again, stroking her back and running my fingers through her hair. "It's going to be okay. I promise."

"I'm scared, Tim. I'm so scared. What are we going to do?" Tears started to flow again. We stood that way for an indecipherable amount of time before my shirt had soaked up every last tear her eyes could muster. "We have to tell them. My parents."

"Are you sure, Hon? It can wait, can't it?" She just shook her head.

"They're going to find out eventually... it may as well be sooner rather than later." She said, wiping the last wet straggler from her cheek. With that I held her closer than I thought possible to try and giver her strength for what was to surely come.

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