Storyteller’s notes: Have you ever had an idea that you couldn't stop thinking about? A song stuck in your head that played over and over? This story is like that to me. I just couldn't get it out of my head till I got it on paper. The theme I personally do not care for, violence, rape, and death. This story is from the victims’ point of view, is not so much about being the victim, as being a survivor. Those things are bad enough to hear every day on the news. But here I am writing about them in a fiction. Life always springs back so I show that as well.

This story doesn't contain a great deal of sex, and doesn't go into detail about a rape. If that's what you're looking for this isn’t the story for you. Just thought I would save you the time, because the story is fairly long and it deals more with romance than violence. It being this time year it has a bit of a ghost story included too. If you do use your time to read it, I do hope you enjoy.

Nightmare and My Come Back

The Nightmare Chapter 1.

My name is Laura Blackrun, when my story started I was just about to turn fifteen. Over that last year my body has changed and I look more woman than girl now. It was just two more weeks till my birthday and I like most teenagers trying to act older than my years. Not around my parents, to them I was still a little girl. Which I used to my benefit, I can talk Dad into most anything. Mom didn’t cut me as much slack, but sometimes she would laugh at how easy I can get things from Daddy. She would have me get into do things sometimes, like take us to a movie or a dance that she knew he would turn her down on.

That last week had been bad for me, because I caught my boyfriend cheating on me. I was never ready for sex, so after nearly a year of putting up with his demands, and turning them down continuously. When I was ready to take that next step, I caught him with that slut; he had not broken up with me. He tried to apologize, saying he didn't love her it was just sex. I didn't care if he had loved me, he could've waited.

Nowadays gossip moves as fast as the Internet will take it. Ten minutes after my breakup I had my Facebook page updated, my status was single. I got sixteen instant messages that night, eleven was my ex. The next day I wrote the story of what happened. I've didn't get any more messages from my ex.

My best friend, Rebecca, everyone calls Becky; her boyfriend had done her the same only a month before. Now she helped me through, what I helped her through a month ago. It was near the last of summer break three more weeks in school will start again. Me and Becky would be sophomores, and single at start of the school year. That really sucks high school is tough with a boyfriend is going to be murder without one.

I'm sure Becky with her killer body will not have a problem long. But high school boys seem to be interested in only getting themselves laid. So finding a boy more interested in the whole package not just your body is going to be harder than finding that proverbial needle in a haystack.

That Thursday night a week after my breakup, Becky had heard of a party that the varsity football team quarterback was throwing that Saturday night. One of our other girlfriend’s older brother was on the team. Becky wanted to go but I didn't feel up to it, but she insisted that we need to go. She said it was our last chance to possibly find a new boyfriend before school started. My parents were going to be out of town that weekend; we told Becky’s Mom that she was going to be staying with me. My parents allowed me to stay at home with Becky.

I didn't inform Mom or Dad about the party I knew they wouldn't agree to allow me to go. They probably wouldn't have even permitted me to stay at home. That Saturday afternoon the team had a preseason game that ended around 5:00 PM. The party started about 8:00 that night, we got there about 8:15 not early not really late, but it was just beginning to fill up. Becky and I got a drink and begin to just talk and hang out with a few other girls. Yes, I have to tell my story even though I didn't want to.

Needless to say my ex-boyfriend showed without a date. Even the slut dropped him and no girl would talk to him. He tried to apologize but I cut him off. I said he didn't care so why should I. In turn and left him standing there opened mouth. He left the party within fifteen minutes of that.

It was about ten o'clock and I was nearly bored to tears. A few guys had hit on Becky but none she had any interested in. At eleven I asked Becky if we could take off. She said she wasn’t having fun either. We went to find our friend or her brother to ask for a ride home. When we ask what happened to them. Our friend and her brother left over an hour before. My ex-boyfriend had promised him he would provide us a ride home. We considered calling my ex-boyfriend making him provide what he had promised. I was furious never wanting to speak to him again.

It was only two blocks to their house, and seven to my home. We decided to just hike the seven blocks. The neighborhood around here wasn't that bad not much crime around here. Even though we were dressed for a party we felt very safe.

At about 11:45 we got to my empty house. That's when everything started going wrong. In my excitement I had forgotten my house key. We set back on the back porch trying to devise a way in, or what to do for the night. By this time it is well after midnight, I known if I called my parents I would be on restriction, house arrest, grounded for at least a month. We even attempted to break in my own house, but my father fixed it up so that was impossible for me.

Becky had her key so we could get into her house, neither of us would have to stay outside all night. We began to walk to Becky’s house. Becky’s house was on the edge of a really bad neighborhood, her father and mother had owned the home before the neighborhood had gotten its reputation. With that reputation their home value had sunk to the point where even today they owed more than what the house would sell for. So they were stuck in a home they liked, but the neighborhood they didn't.

Problem was it was about a mile and a half to Becky’s house from mine. That’s a long way to walk in high heeled shoes, but we had few options. We would be capable of sneaking in to Becky’s house. I had a change of clothing there. No one would ever know we went to a party. The next day I would call mom and advise her we're staying at Becky's till Sunday when they got home.

After about a quarter mile, an older woman around fifty or so pulled to a stop in front of us. She asked if we wanted a ride; I hesitant, but Becky again convinced me. After we climbed in the back seat the woman asked where we were going all dressed up. We told her we had attended a party, now we were getting home. She asked for the address, we told her. She said that was on her way but she needed to run an errand fast if we didn’t mind a fast stop she would drop us off. So we agreed thinking nothing of it just being grateful we didn't have to walk a mile more in our high heels.

She said she was a nurse and she needed to drop off some medicine for a patient. She drove on into a bad neighborhood, the houses were cheap your because no one wanted to live anywhere near there. Soon we were off the main street the back streets were even scarier.

We pulling up to an old dirty looking house, in the driveway she pushed a garage door opener Becky and I looked at each other as the door rose. I mouth to Becky. “I got a bad feeling about this.” And actually tried to open my door, the handle wouldn't open the door. At this point I’m very scared. As the garage door came down with us inside. The woman got out, smiling evilly at us, she called into the house. “Boys I got something for you two. To crusty looking men may be in their twenties entered the garage. Seeing me in Becky in the back of the car they smiled devilishly and said. “Thanks mom.”

“Oh my God we’re in so much trouble. Becky what are we going to do?” The big local story covered a series of murders of young women. Always two murders at a time with eight bodies found this summer. I just knew we were going to be their next set of victims.

Suddenly the lights went out; the garage becomes pitch black the door opens beside Becky. An intense light shines in our eyes blinding us. Becky screams as a hand closes around her arm and begins to wrench her from the car. I claw at the hands and arms of the man that held Becky; I am trying to pull her back into the car. Becky and I scream. I hear a loud thump and suddenly Becky goes silent. She tumbles limp against me for a second; I'm in shock as they dragged her from the car. The light hits me again my eyes can't focus. Now hands grabbed me. I’m struggling against them; they are stronger than I am. I am being drag closer to the open door on the driver side. Suddenly I see stars; the world is gone as blackness takes me.

I have no idea the amount of time that has elapsed when I regained consciousness; don't think it's been that long. Although I don’t know where I am at least Becky is beside me. I tried opening my mouth but I realize tape covers my mouth. I know Becky is awake even through her tape I can hear her weeping. My feet and hands are bound; it feels like duct tape on my arms, the odd thing I'm still in my high heels, but I am nude, my dress and underwear are gone.

Knowledge of the certainty of our fate if we don't save ourselves, spurs me into action. I struggle hard against my bindings, being as quiet as I possibly could. I don't want my captors to know I'm awake if I can get my hands free I may be able to escape with Becky, all that matters is getting out of here. I froze as I hear loud angry voices coming from outside of the room we are in. “Get back here boy you haven't done your part yet.” That's the voice of the woman who picked us up. “Mom I’m going to check on those bitches.” That's one of the sons that she called from the house.

I squeezed my eyes shut, and try to relax to appear to be still unconscious. I trust Becky is doing likewise. The light comes on in the room I can see the glow even through my tightly closed eyelids.

“If they're still where you left them, get your ass back here. You know you don't get them till I had all the fun I want.” The doors must both be open because her voice is significantly louder. I dare not stir, let my breath out very slowly having realized I had been holding it. “Damn Blondie I thought mom killed you there for a second.” His voice sounds almost sympathetic but I know what he really is. My lungs demand air but I force myself to breathe in slowly not to undo my act.

A second later the light goes out and I hear the door shut behind him, his heavy footsteps lead away from the room. I lay there waiting and unmoving for the second door to close; abruptly the door to the room opens again. I am feeling his stare on me even through the darkness of the room. I force myself to slowly take a breath and release it. He is satisfied I am unconscious then closes the door again this time I hear a lock being placed on the outside of the door, with the door secure I again hear is footsteps walking away.

“The girls were still out cold, how hard did you hit them mom?” I hear from down the hall.

If we are free we may have a chance, I'll not delude myself, it's a small chance but it's better than just giving in. Sooner or later they always killed who they had captured. Something my soccer coach told me once comes back to me your only lose when you quit. I begin to work the tape again anger fuels me I'm not going to let them have us not without a fight. I'll scratch, and bite whatever I can do to cause them pain or give me a chance to free us I will. I know they're going to hurt us, I know they're going to kill us. So why not fight.

My hands break free I quickly, unwrap the tape from my ankles. I go over to Becky pulling the tape from my mouth; it’s then that I noticed that Becky is struggling against her tape that restraints her as well. I whisper to Becky. "I got free. Hold still and don't make any noise.” I separate the tape from her wrists and her ankles as she removes the tape across her mouth.

Becky pulls me into an emotional embrace and whispers. “Oh my God how are we going to get out of here?”

Pulling back only an inch I whisper in return. “Do you remember your sign language?”

Becky signs. “Yes”

I signed back. “Think.”

We survey the room to see what we have. The room is about twelve foot by fifteen foot. In the room a lamp with a shade, the closet has a lock on it. A queen-size mattress covers the floor. The only window covered with plywood with a ragged fist size hole in it about 5 feet off the ground. The lamp is near the door with about ten foot power cord on it, two outlets in the room one by the door the other across the room near the window. I stand my tip toes to get a look out the window. They are bars on the outside that is not an uncommon thing around here to deter burglary. The window does not seem to be a way out. The lamp could be uses a weapon. The exposed electrodes could cause a mild shock to anyone they touch. Not deadly enough to get us out of your but we may get one of their firearms if we play our cards right, and get extremely lucky.

“Becky do you know how to flash a S.O.S.?” I whispered to Becky as I am removing the shade of the lamp, moving the lamp beside the window. Becky shakes her head no. I point to her, then the lamp, the opening in the plywood. Then Becky shakes her head yes, letting me know she understands what I'm getting at.

I know this isn’t a neighborhood where many people would consider calling the authorities but all we need is one. Becky is holding the light bulb outside of the plywood. Plug the lamp in for a tenth of a second and then unplug it, I repeat this three times, I do three longer flashes, followed by three short again. Wait three seconds and repeat this three short, three long, three short. Just like in the movie when they signaled for assistance using S.O.S. I continue signaling if someone sees and understands we may have a chance of rescue.

I have no idea how long or the number of times I do that before Becky is complaining her arms hurt from holding the lamp. I complete one more series. Sign to Becky. “Put the lamp down.” I looked through the ragged opening hoping it had some effect. I see some lights that weren’t on before. There's one of the neighbors at the back fence, he standing there staring right at the window. I reached down and grabbed the metal bracket that held the shade to the lamp, don't know exactly why I did this but I thrust it through the whole as hard as I could. The window broke, the glass on the outside shattered and I begin to scream. I've again looked through the whole now completely open to the outside. The neighbor is running back into his house. I’m hoping it is to contact the police.

Just then the door to the room rattles as someone is pulling the lock open. Instinct takes over I run as hard and fast as I can towards the door only a few feet away from me. A hand with the gun is entering the room through the partially opened door, I hit the doorframe with all my weight and momentum, surprise works for me here too. I hope his free hand is on the center of the door. These houses build with poor quality doors. You can bust the center out easily it makes a lot of noise, but your fist can pass right through the door. I hit the frame, the only real strength to the door. His arm, holding the gun, caught between the frame and the casing. The impact causes his other hand breaking through light material at the top center quite loudly. Either I hit hard enough, or the surprise was great enough, that he dropped the pistol.

Adrenaline can make you do things most people would assume is impossible, I caught the pistol less than a foot from his hand. I turned and fired two shots striking him in the upper body. I didn't care if I killed him or not. I just wanted him to be unable to hurt Becky or me.

The woman screamed from within the hallway. Her son’s body was jerked away from the door his arm still holding his limp body to the door. Becky continued screaming at the top of her lungs. When the door flung open and the bitch entered holding a pistol and her flashlight, I fired again. I hit her right between the eyes then she fell backwards. I hear distant sirens of the approaching police.

“YOU BITCH, YOU FUCKING BITCH YOU KILLED MY MOTHER. I WILL KILL YOU. YOU LITTLE BITCH!” Becky when silent, her eyes wide with fear, but the sirens grew louder. When he stepped over his mother, as he enter the doorway I fired again hitting him in the upper body. He stumbled backward, but he fired his pistol as well.

With single-minded determination to protect Becky, I fired one more time hitting him again this time he dropped his pistol.

I hear Becky screaming. “Oh my God you have been shot.”

As I scan down my body I see blood is running from center of my chest. I collapse on the dirty mattress as Becky scrambles to my side.

I don't know if it's a nightmare or something supernatural but I'm standing there beside Becky looking down at the two of us. Now I realize looking around the room many nude and battered women are there. They all are standing close to us, they now whisper to Becky. “Hold her, don't let go.” The three in the hallway rise above their bodies as well, as the women recognize them. The women approach with anger in their eyes. The three are confused as they look down on their dead bodies. Becky is holding me with her hand over my injured chest.

The women began to push the three in the hallway, each touch blazes with blue fire the three scream in pain. I become aware of another person, in the room he is dressed in a pale suit; that seems brighter than it should be in this dark room. He is brighter than he should be too, like he is glowing with an unseen light from elsewhere.

He looks at me and gives me a sad half smile, but turns away quickly. His attention now goes to the three as we walk into the living room. I hear Becky say. “Hang on, Laura they'll be here soon.”

It's now that I know that there are thirty-six of the nude and battered women with me. Fireplace in the living room springs to life, a fire burns but I sense no warmth. Instead of giving off heat it feels like it draws the warmth from the room leaving the room dead cold. For some reason I fear this fire even more than any other in my existence.

The thirty-six grabbed the woman who I have killed, she screams with every touch as blue flames erupt at the contact, they restrain her, she struggles against the agony but they are far stronger than her. She begs and pleads they remain silent; I know she remained silent as they had begged and pleaded. They throw her into the fire feet first, she tries to climb away from the fire. When it drags her back like taking a drink of her soul, screaming she fights to stay out of the fire but it continues to draw her in. She fights harder than probably ever has when she lived to stay out of the fire. It is of little use and the fire continues to slowly drag her in. Soon there's nothing left in this world of her only the last echoes of her screams.

Then the thirty-six women capture one of her two sons the lift him as he attempts to resists and threw him screaming into the fire he struggles like his mother before him. The last son begs, “I only want left alone.” He pleaded for life and existence that he has already lost. He pleads from his victims for kindness. The thirty-six scream, “YOU HAD NONE!” He beseeches the thirty-six ghosts, “Please have mercy on me.” Again the thirty-six scream, “YOU HAD NONE!” They now clutch him as he screams; they carry him slowly to the fire. They heave him in to the fire. He struggles as his mother and brother before him and the fire expires with the last of the echoes from his screams.

The ghosts of the three criminals are now gone from this world. The room itself seems to transform, warmer less foreboding. A sense of calm and peace replace the strife and hatred. My fear is gone, my anxiety is gone, and whatever might be my fate I am at peace with. Becky is going to be okay it was worth giving my life up so she could live.

The thirty-six turn to the man who smiles warmly at them. Slowly each approaches him, takes his hand as they do they are transformed no longer stand nude and battered before him. A white dress like his suit adorns them. They stand at the height of their beauty no longer disfigured from their injuries each smile in recognition of something I cannot see, growing brighter they disappear from my vision. Soon it's me and him alone. It's hard for me to see him; I couldn't tell you what his hair color is, blonde or brown, but his eyes are the deepest blue. He guides me back to Becky. There's no transformation in me with the touch of his hand.

I finally have to ask him my curiosity too great to bear any longer. “Who are you?”

“I am the Angel of death.” He says with a smile. His answer would bring panic to most people but I would not be among them. I don’t fear him any longer.

“So I am.” He cuts me off with a finger to my lips.

“No. Not yet. Go back where you belong.” Instantly I open my eyes, as Becky’s tears land on my face. As I awake from their nightmare.

Dealing with the aftermath. Chapter 2.

A police officer steps into the house. I pushed the gun away with my fingers. He sees the bodies in the hallway. With weapon drawn he cautiously enters the room seeing me bleeding, he pushes the gun away from my hand as he calls for an ambulance. “We have two victims, we have two victims we need an ambulance immediately. Repeating I have two victims one with a gunshot need an ambulance.”

I attempt a smile for Becky. Then I hoarsely whisper. “Don't let go.”

Becky is assuring me of her intentions. “I'm not going anywhere.”

The ambulance is en route, another few seconds another siren is in the distance.

I keep my eyes on Becky; I don't want to close them. Another officer steps into the room, and quickly turns and leaves. When he returns he has a couple of blankets, he drapes one around Becky and covers me with the other. My eyes meet his and our gaze locks for an instant. His Hazel eyes are warm and caring, I know he just saw my nude body but I don't care. For some reason I'm comfortable in his presence. I feel calm and at peace as long as I look upon him and there something more. I know he's doing his job but every now and then he looks back into my eyes. I can see the longing there, concern and little despair at my condition. I don't know if it's simple compassion for his fellow man or something deeper. I hope it’s something far deeper. You wouldn't think I would have such thoughts laying here with a bullet in my chest. But I found a new determination to live. I have to find out if he feels the same, if he too loves me.

Next thing I knew Becky and I was loaded into the back of the ambulance. Then arriving at the hospital Becky still at my side, they pull her away as the doctors begin to work on me. I don't remember anything about that. But when I try I get the impression of blue eyes watching me.

After a week I wake up, Becky and my parents are there. Becky is the first to notice that my eyes are open, and then Mom and Dad noticed as well. All three were in tears and are holding me. After the hysteria dies down Dad said to me. “Little girl you scared me half to death don't ever do anything like that again.”

“Okay Dad, I'll never do anything to get me shot again, I promise.” The room breaks out in laughter. Over the next few days I get stronger the doctors inform me I nearly died. The bullet he shot me with past so close to my heart that if my heart had not been in the contraction phase of its beat, it would've cut a chunk out of it. I guess you could say I come within a half of a heartbeat from joining the thirty-six.

Another three days I finally went home; it was good to be back in my own room again. From that day on I carry two or more keys on my person, one was always in my pocket, my purse, my book bag, backpack and the other on a chain around my neck, it’s always there. Dad doesn't know it but I have hidden one in our yard too. Becky gave me a key to her house, and I gave her one to mine. We'll never be without a key again.

A week after I got home a police officer came by for my statement. I took a close look at his ID his name is Michael Bentonar. He was about 6 foot tall sandy blonde hair, maybe 185 lbs. On a well-muscled body young for a police officer at twenty. I told him about everything except for the nightmare. I told him “I really didn't remember much after I got shot, but I remember you being there.” I remember most is his Hazel eyes how warm and caring they were.

He closes the statement, and then turned to me. “I had gotten shot once in the line of duty. Then I had this vivid dream in only a minute.”

I said. “That's funny I can remember having a dream like that too.”

We both look at each other and say. “The deepest blue eyes I've ever seen.” We both laughed a little nervously at that.

We talked a little after that, he had my file. I gave him my cell phone number to it. He handed me his business card, on the back he wrote his cell phone number.

I asked. “Is that for, if I remember anything else I can get in touch with you?”

He looked at me and smiled. “No that's in case you get stranded at any more parties and require a ride. We can’t have one of the city’s heroes get herself injured doing something stupid.” Teasing he added. “Again.”

I looked down and said. “Sorry.” Before I looked into his eyes and seeing the laughter there. And then I began to giggle because of it.

Michael requested me to call him Mike.

Mike everybody calls me Laura it just doesn't work any shorter than what it is.

Mike’s eyes show his mischievous. “How about Lulu or Lala?” The expression I shot him wiped the grin right off his face. “Okay I’m sorry. How about I call you L.B. as your nickname?” I thought about it for a second and shook my head yes it is better than Lulu.

From that moment on, we were good friends having something in common that very few people would ever be able to share, alive that is. Mike had never told anyone about his dream about the Angel of Death, but he shared it with me. I had never shared mine too, not even with Becky. I told Mike the entire nightmare. I told Mike why I called it a nightmare. “I can't really call it a dream, because what it was to the thirty-six that went through it.”

Mike asked me. “Are you certain about it being thirty-six? We've only identified twenty-eight victims that can be attributed to them.”

I went to my desk, took out a pen and paper and wrote down thirty-six names with two dates. “We need to locate the eight you haven't yet. Their families deserve closure.”

Mike knew better than ask how I knew. So he simply took the paper and said he would do anything to locate those still missing.

-Mike’s activities:-
The next morning when Mike had a few minutes he quickly checked missing persons for the unidentified eight on the list. Four was from in town, two more from another city the three had lived in. First two had put the woman's father on death row, apparently the violence had ran in the family. He still somewhat shocked by the list, as the names and their spelling match perfectly, even to the order they died in, the first date was a date they went missing. The second date was the day when they died. Mike finds that matches the twenty-eight cases that have that information.

Quickly signed those two off, thinking about it, did make sense that the three knew the activities of her father, and probably even had taken part in those actions.

Mike talked to his shift supervisor about the four missing local girls and the events of last month. His supervisor agreed to let him use any free time to follow those leads. It took Mike a week but he located two of the victims. His supervisor then assigned him to locating the other two.

Mike volunteers at school lectures on safety on his days off. This brought Mike back into contact with me.

Back to Laura and Becky and their activities.

During the week Mike it's been searching, we text back and forth a few times and called twice. I will start back at school the following Monday, Becky had kept me up with our classes, and the principal has signed us the same classes for this purpose. School that first day back was something else.

In the halls as I walked with Becky towards our homeroom, maybe it was me but some kids stepped aside as I passed, some whispered. “That's her.” Some came to me with hugs, and smiles a few even gave me a kiss on the cheek.

In homeroom as my name sounds, the others students stand and applaud. It took a couple minutes for it to end, but even the teacher was applauding too.

Principal Howard summoned me to his office near the end of homeroom. He had observed the reactions of the students and he wanted to know if I was okay. He informed me that Friday afternoon the school is having an assembly. He requested that I would speak to the students. I told him. “I'm not sure of what to say.”

Wright your speech tonight and tomorrow bring it here and we will go over it and then make needed changes to it; we’ll fix it by Wednesday. When it is ready you can practice by given it to me. If you still want to, I'll let you speak at the assembly if not I will give your speech.

“Okay I'll do my best.” What am I going to say, probably? Hi I'm Laura Blackrun and I killed three people. Three really bad people who went straight to hell for what they did. But that would mean that I had to tell them the entire nightmare and provide the names of the thirty-six to prove I hadn’t imagined the entire event.

The rest of my classes went much like homeroom. By the end of the day I was getting tired of the hero worship.

My Mom comes to pick me and Becky up near the end of the last class of the day. The principal called her due to three news trucks and reporters outside of school. Principal Howard asked them to leave but since they were not on actual school grounds they didn't have to. But we took that opportunity to depart as he provided a very good distraction.

I talked to Becky about what the principal requested for Friday. She agreed to help me write the speech. I told her, “In no uncertain terms that any blame would be leveled at anyone, other than the three.” But Becky tried to take the blame for getting in the car in the first place. I told her only if I take the blame for us having to walk to her house. Because it didn't matter what the circumstances was the three were predators and anyone in the wrong place became their prey.

“We will have to confess to being in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Becky nods to this.

“Okay that sounds like it would be a good first line to the speech.” After we started the speech it comes together fairly quickly. After an hour with our second rewrite done, Becky and I like what we had accomplished. It wasn't too long but enough details to be interesting, the speech didn't cast a spotlight on anyone other than the three.

I read it in its entirety, speaking it straight to Becky. By the end Becky was crying uncontrollably, I took her into my arms and held her, I let her cry as long as she needed to. I held her, and comforted her until she had cried it all out, relieving herself of the emotional distress that she had bottled up within her.

What she said to me shocked me, I had no awareness that it had occurred. “Laura, those bastards raped me. After they got me out of the car and were taking you out. One of them had me over his shoulders as I awoke. They picked you up putting you over the other’s shoulder. They carried us both into that hell hole of a room. I was trying to appear like I was still unconscious, but they were so rough. When they found out I was conscious that bitch said. “You can play with that one now that she's awake, but I'm next; don't wear yourself out on her.”

I thought you may be dead at first, you didn't move, you didn't make a sound, your barely breathing when I finally got to check. First thing he forces me to strip; I wouldn't do it until they threatened to kill you, holding a knife at your throat they insisted I take off all our clothes and underwear. Once we were nude, they made me lie down face first on that nasty mattress. They pull my ass up in the air, then one of them got behind me I heard him spit on me I felt it hit my ass. Then he forcefully pushed his cock into my ass, it hurt so bad, I screamed as he pounded away at me. It probably didn't take him very long but it seemed like forever. Then his brother took a turn in my ass as well. When they finished he took me to the bathroom and told me to clean myself. They didn't even try to stop me from running away. They said if I didn't do exactly what they instructed me to do they would cut your throat. I did what they told me; I had to if I even attempted escaping they would've killed you.

“Oh my God Becky, I owe you my life if you hadn’t endured that, there was no way I would've been able to fight them. I will never forget that. You've been my best friend forever. Never forget how much I truly love you. Now you've taken so much abuse to save me.” I wrap my arms around her I am the one who cries uncontrollably, now Becky is comforting me.

After ten minutes of me sobbing, Becky speaks to me in a soft and tender voice. “Laura if it wasn't for what you did, we would probably both be dead now; they would've raped both of us in every hole they could get their dick in. So I owe you my life as well, I didn't have to take much more than fifteen minutes of their torture. Because of you I will live and get over it. Remember I got to see them die, and I got you back.”

“Becky because you held me, after I was injured, you had stopped the bleeding if not I would've certainly died too.” Maybe it's a good time to tell Becky what else occurred in that house. I think for a second then decide to tell her. Something tells me Becky needs to hear this, and it's the appropriate time for it.

“Becky I actually died for a few seconds, the bullet had stopped my heart, when it had I left my body and was looking down as you held me. Then I was aware of thirty-six more women in that room, actually spirits not women, they were the ghosts of their victims. I looked to the hallway and the three were there standing looking at their dead bodies. The ghosts grabbed them and they screamed in pain. I followed as the thirty-six drove them into the living room. I watched as the fire place in the living room came to life. I saw the spirits throw those three into the fire one by one. They screamed in pain as the fire took them. So Becky I got to see them thrown in to hell. Not long after that I woke up; you were holding me as you cried.” I don't tell Becky about the Angel of Death, for some reason I think he would rather for me not to.

“That's when the cops arrived.” Becky has no disbelief to her expression, there's almost calm there now.

Becky has a questioning look. “I've been watching the news and they indicate that there are only twenty-eight murders that they linked to those three criminals.”

“Becky do you know Officer Michael Bentonar?” She shakes her head no so I continue. “He came by the other day to get my statement. I told him a little about what I thought about the three criminals. The twenty-eight cases linked to them I told him he should check again he will find out there's more, so far he's found four more and is working on the other four.”

“Becky, don't tell anyone about this. They may think I'm crazy or had something to do with it. And I don't want to end up on a couch talking to some Doctor for the rest of my life. Becky even if you told him. He would say I have dreamed it, or maybe imagined it, to aid me in coping with it. But the problem is I know the names of all thirty-six victims and I have given them to Mike. That's how I know it wasn't a dream, but it sure was a nightmare for those poor women.”

“Laura you trusted me enough to tell me that. I won't tell anybody else. Besides talking to you has done me more good, than the last month talking to my doctor.” Becky definitely is more relaxed now.

Becky hugs me tightly I return the hug. It looks like we both have scars from our experience, mine are physical, and Becky’s are emotional having suffered being raped and seeing her best friend shot.

Becky says. “Laura, we'll always be best friends. We saved each other’s life, you nearly gave up your life to accomplish it, or should I say staying dead to do it.” We hold each other, each of us finding comfort in someone who is shared such a horrible experience and survived.

We work on the homework and quickly finish, it being a school night mom has dinner ready shortly after dad gets home.

During dinner, we discuss the upcoming student rally at my school Friday. I tell them about the speech Becky and I have written. How my day went, I told my father a standing ovation in homeroom I hope it would be the last. Becky giggles and said it was fun watching me squirm after the first time. We all laughed. Dinner ended with no further embarrassment.

Becky has a requirement by her parents to check in, and she did as soon as we got to my home. She requested to stay for dinner and do homework together. She checks in after dinner again and her mother says she will be by just before eight to pick her up.

I told Becky. “Doesn't it feel good to be watched after knowing what we know now?”

Becky giggles. “But I don't think they will let us stay by ourselves until we are thirty.”

I giggle back. “That will be just about right.”

Dad is shouting something in the living room, he's watching the evening news and just before a commercial they announce an upcoming story. He wants us to come in and see it.

When the news begins again, Dad in his chair watches excitedly. The reporter begins. “Local hero returns to school today. Laura Blackrun has returned, from convalescing to attend her classes today. This sophomore according to police reports is responsible for ending a group of serial murderers’ crime spree.” There's footage of the high school has short sound bite from the principal confirming I did attend classes today.

Dad stares at me like someone is told him the biggest secret ever about me. “Dad didn't the police tell you what happened?” Dad shakes his head indicating no, and by the expression on Mom’s face, she didn't have an inkling about it either.

How do I inform my parents, confess I killed three people? I look at Becky; she nods, knowing we have to tell them first before more of the details are all over the news. I start the long and painful story. How we were locked out of the house, neither of us had a key. How foolish we were not to have called them immediately. How sorry we are and I will never let that occur again. How we idiotically took a ride from a stranger, and where we ended up. That's when we finally started using our heads. Together we signal for help. This caused one of the men to come in, how I surprised him, acquiring his pistol, and then how I used the pistol. At this point my mother is in tears with her arms tightly around me, and my father stares me in the face. “I'm not sorry that I protected Becky and myself.” I don't tell them about the nightmare. I looked at Becky gave her small wink. “You know the rest probably better than I do because I don't remember much after I was shot, just Becky holding me.”

Dad looks at Becky, who says. “When she got that pistol away from him was the first instance I felt we may have a chance of escaping there. She fired hitting those three. I was so happy knowing that we were going to live. But then, I saw the blood, I was terrified for Laura. I didn't even check if she killed them or not just held her.”

Dad tells us. “The Doctors said you probably wouldn't remember anything from that night. You had a pretty bad concussion plus a gunshot, with something like that memory loss is normal. Most people would block out everything that happened.”

I guess is what the doctors told Dad and Mom so they wouldn't ask any questions. Mom is holding me tight as she cries. “My poor baby, I’m never going to leave you again.”

Trying to comfort my mother I say, “Mom I got to grow up sometime, and Becky and I are a lot more responsible now than we were.”

Dad says, “I'll never let this happen again!”

I start pulling out keys, one on my chain, the two in my pocket, then one from my book bag, and my purse. “You and me both Dad. By the way I gave Becky a key too.” Then Becky shows our house key she has in her pocket.

Dad seen the keys chuckles and his somewhat relieved. “At least I know you won't be locked out.”

Becky explains about her check-in she does with her parents. That way they know where she is.

I tell Mom and Dad that I will do the same, if I'm going to Becky's I will call before leaving school. When I get to Becky's house I'll call again, so they know I got there.

Dad says. “Don't worry you are grounded for the next two months”

“What for? Don't you think I've already learned my lesson?” I say smiling because I do not intend to go anywhere but maybe Becky's.

“One month for going to a party without permission. One month for lying about staying with Becky here.”

I am grounded for two months anyway, funny I'm not at all upset by it. "Daddy, thank you I knew I deserve that. It shows me that you care." Mom and Dad are little astonished with my new attitude.

“Becky looks at my parents and tells them she has been grounded too, and can only go where her mother allows and not ever alone, so no solo trips to the mall for a while. That's why I called its part of the check-in.”

After the news is over my dead tells me I can go to my room. So Becky and I go upstairs to my room. We listen to music and talk about boys of course. Becky can’t talk to any while she is grounded. That rule also applies to me. But we talk about which ones we think might make a good boyfriend. I tell Becky that Mike, Officer Bentonar, for being twenty was very cute and give his general description. Becky was wondering why I hadn’t mentioned any boys I was interested in till I mentioned Mike.

Becky said. “Sounds like the officer who gave us the blankets.”

I confirm what Becky said. “Ya that is him.”

The rest of the week goes by pretty fast, and soon it's Thursday. The principal loves our speech Becky and I practiced it on Thursday we gave it to him during homeroom. He told us the press was still requesting a statement. “Why not invite them to the rally with the stipulation of no cameras. They can have a written statement, a copy of the speech.”

Later that day I got a text from Mike he was going to be at the rally as well. He also let me know that all the victims were located. The notification to the parents should happen soon.

I knew he was normally off duty around five and home by 6:30 at night. I decided to give him a call about then. Mike answered on the second ring, like normal he was friendly, I told him I had to deliver a speech at the rally tomorrow, and that I am little nervous about it. The press would be there as well. We talked for a few more minutes, and then he asked me to give my speech to him. I had memorized it by this point, so I recited it to him. At the end he only said. “Wow, some speech.”

Excitedly I ask, “So do you really like it? Becky and I wrote it.”

Mike asks after a second, “Maybe you could come to some of the schools with me? When I give safety lectures the students sometimes zone me out, me being a cop.”

Uncertain but excited to spend time with Mike I say, “I wouldn't mind but you have to get approval from my principal and parents.”

“Sometimes I forget your only fifteen.” He tells me with a laugh. We talked for a few more minutes and then say our goodbyes and I'll see you tomorrow.

At dinner I talked to my mom and dad about what Mike had suggested. Wednesday night they had heard our speech. Becky had decided that she did not want to give any of it. She was more than happy to share the stage with me to show her support. Just she felt her voice wasn't as good for speech giving as mine. My parents agreed with Mike, if I gave the speech even first graders would listen to anything Mike would tell them. My parents gave their blessing for me to assist Mike whenever he required.

At the rally the press was set up on the basketball court all the way to half court. They had their cameras and everything. I looked at the principal and he informed me the school board had allowed them full access. This didn't do anything good for my nerves.

I saw Mike all dressed up in his full-service uniform, the first time I've seen him in his dress uniform, and he looked great. I walked up to him and told him my parents have given their approval for me to join him at his safety lectures.

Mike taking one glance at me, he immediately saw how nervous I was before he spoke to me. “You shouldn't be this nervous. You've held the hand of the Angel of Death and return, compared to that this is nothing. You can do this.” He gives me a wink and a bright smile. I wish we have more time to talk. What he said has cured my nerves.

When it’s time for me to give my speech, I step up as it had done this a hundred times. At the end of my speech with Becky at my side we receive a standing ovation from student body, faculty, guest, and press.

Mike gave a short speech and an update on the three criminals, how now 34 murders connected to them with two more probable, for total thirty-six murders covering several states. Becky squeezed my hand letting me know she remembered.

Students dismissed at the end of the presentation. Becky and I exit by the stage door. Mike is speaking with the principal, in the hall that connects the auditorium with the main part of the school. As we begin pass them, Mike calls to me. “Laura, could you come here for a second.”

I greet them. “Hi Officer Bentonar, Principal Howard, what can I do for you.”

Mike smiles looking directly at me. “I was telling Principal Howard about my safety rallies, and how important it is to get the message out there. With that speech of yours it would really bring home the importance of my lecture.”

Principal Howard is looking at me to judge my response. “I could arrange for you to assist Officer Bentonar, on a few afternoons, during the upcoming semester.”

I return Mike smile and turned to the principal as he speaks to me. I reply to him. “My parents said they would support that.” Becky is looking Mike over closely.

Principal Howard addresses Officer Bentonar. “Send me your schedule and I’ll arrange for Becky here to pick up Laura’s class work for those days.”

I introduce Mike to Becky. “Officer Bentonar this is Becky you gave her a blanket that night.” Becky pokes me in the back.

Mike catches the action and smiles. “Hi Becky, it's good to see you again. I don't know why Laura has been so formal. Please call me Mike.”

“Hi Mike” Becky holds out her hand for him to shake.

“It's the uniform, Mike you look so formal in it.” I smile at him, as I step closer to him.

Mike asks. “Becky will you join Laura and I for those rallies.”

Becky replies. “Sorry but I'm terrible at speeches. Someone has to get the notes for Laura so she can do them.” Becky notices that I've taken his hand.

“Becky says she's bad at giving speeches, but she is wonderful at writing them. She wrote most of the speech today.” I don't mind giving Becky the credit she put all my words together much better than I would have.

Mike is impressed so he makes a request. “Outstanding as that speech was, you could assist me, and I know mine could use your help.” Principal Howard still standing there has the same idea Mike has. The next speech he has to give Becky will be earning extra credit on, as he walks away to find my parents.

Becky smiles and gives a nod. “Anytime you would like I’m sure I could find the time to assist you and we can use Laura’s house, she won’t admit it but we are a team at it.”

Mike smiles appreciatively. “The sooner, the better it takes me a long time to memorize them.”

Mike and Becky begin talking about the speech; he said everything right, but not very naturally. His just needed some work a word or two changed. Given a natural rhythm to his speech wouldn't be too tough. A natural rhythm makes it easier to memorize. After a few minutes Principal Howard returns with my parents.

“Hi Dad. Hi Mom.” I greet my parents.

“Hey Laura.” My Dad greets me with a hug. My mom joins the hug giving me a peck on the cheek. Mom complements me. “Great speech, Laura.” I gave Becky a wink. Mike and Becky both laugh knowing I’m about to give Becky the credit for writing the speech. But Becky raises her hand to stop me; we've used our sign language more and more recently.

I introduced them to Mike. They heard me mention him before, but had not met him till now. “Mom, Dad this is Officer Bentonar.”

Then Mike shakes hands with Dad, Mom throws him into a hug. “Thank you for being there to rescue my daughter.” Mom said while hugging him.

Mike interjects. “Laura and Becky accomplished most of the rescuing themselves before we got there. I respect their courage and ingenuity. It saved their lives.” His complement causes Becky and me to blush brightly.

Mom talks to Becky. “Becky your mom called me, her and your father were called out of town on short notice. You'll be staying with us for the weekend and maybe just a little longer.” Becky is actually excited about the news. We hadn’t had a sleepover since the beginning of summer break. “We’ll take you over to your house to pick up some clothing.”

Mike begins. “I’ll say goodbye, maybe we can work on it some other time. We would have to make it soon I have a rally next week.”

“Maybe we could get together tonight if you're not busy Mike?” I figure mom wouldn’t mind its pizza night anyway. With Becky over, Dad would pick up two large pizzas to bring home. We normally had more than enough for another person.

Mom smiles saying. “Sure Mike would love to have you over; its pizza night if that's okay.”

Mike smiles, I know one of the best pizza joints in the city; I'll bring a large pizza with me. “Now pizza does sound appetizing. Anything I can bring?”

“That's okay Mike we should have more than enough.” Mom smiles at Mike, I know his income isn’t very high; it's very nice for him to offer.

We arrange a time for Mike to show up, he will bring his laptop so we can rewrite his speech. We say our goodbyes, and head to Becky’s house. Becky and I go to her room to pack her overnight bag. When we’re there, Becky says. “Laura you are absolutely right he is cute, he looked great in his uniform.”

“He did look really good.” I comment dreamily.

Becky picks this up immediately and teases me only like a best friend can. “Oh now I see, you volunteered to speak with him at his rallies, you got him coming over to dinner tonight, you talk to him on the phone all the time or text him. You want him as a boyfriend.”

Becky’s intent was to tease her tone revealed that, but her words rang true. I sit heavily on her bed. “It’s that obvious, I was hoping I had concealed it better.” When he covered me with that blanket, I almost didn’t want him to. I wanted him to gaze at my nude body; I wanted him to desire me. His eyes were so warm and caring; I didn't care about anything else. I wanted to be in love with him, I wanted him to be in love with me. Strange, being that close to death and then falling in love at first sight.

Becky knows me, better than anyone else alive, maybe my mother those me as well as Becky. She giggles. “I’ll get him to let me work alone on his speech for a while, so you can talk to him on the back porch.”

“Thanks Becky, you know I love you.” I smile at her.

“Just remember you owe me one for this.” Becky smiles back. When we had completed packing the suit case appears like more for a few weeks than a weekend. It's so heavy I have to assist her to carry it. When we get to the front door Dad comes to our rescue lifting it in to the trunk for us.

At home we move Becky into the bedroom across the hall from me, we fondly call Becky’s second bedroom. It's really our guest room. Becky’s parents work for FEMA. Becky spent a long time here during Katrina recovery. Her parents not normally called out together, but when it was something big they sometimes both stayed out for months; we always take Becky in to stay with us.

Mom and Becky’s Mom have been best friends from grade school. Becky is the closest thing to a sister I have. Becky and I are usually be found together, only occasionally we have different classes in school, but most years our schedules would nearly identical. My first memories were of Becky and her Mom and mine. I think my biggest disappointment in life was when I found out Becky wasn't my sister, it was much worse for me than discovering there's no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny.

Dad should be back with the preeminent pizza in town, I couldn’t tell you for sure, I only eaten pizza from that one restaurant. It's delicious, so I never complained. There's the doorbell must be Mike, Dad would just come on in.

I quickly checked my makeup, and add a new layer of lip gloss. I quickly go to the door, but my mom is just letting in Mike. “Hi Mike.” I call coming down the stairs. I have changed out of my school uniform, into a pair of tight jeans and a spaghetti strap top that's high enough to cover my still red scar, but shows off my tits nicely. Mike really likes the way I look, judging by his reaction.

Mike’s face lights up smiling brightly. “Hi Laura.” His greeting is casual but Mike is thinking Wow, she is hot. Dammit man she's only fifteen. Remind yourself she's only fifteen, she's only fifteen, she's only fifteen.

Mike brings a large pizza and a six-pack of root beer. He smiles and says “I brought one of the best pizzas that you can get in town hope you like it.” I'm doing my best I can to hide the fact that he gotten it from the same restaurant my dad buys pizza at. He even drinks the same root beer. It's so freaking funny I just about roll in the floor.

Just as we get to the kitchen dad walks in the front door, then mom gives him a kiss like she always does. She too finds it funny that they both got pizza from the same place.

Mike begins. “Oh you going to love pizza from this place, they make the best.” I'm putting his root beer in the fridge after pulling off one for him. Just as he opens the box I hand him his drink. Becky and I have a can of Coke it's our favorite with pizza. “I’m hoping you’re going to like this, I got one with my favorite toppings, banana peppers, black olives, onions and Canadian bacon.” Both Becky, and I are giggling, but Mike is very confused.

Dad sets down the two identical pizza boxes to Mike's. Mike's face turns a little red but brightens up with amusement. Dad opens the top box but its Canadian bacon and mushrooms. “Kathy here’s ours.” He takes the top box over to mom to share with her.

“Dad you get the one we liked?” I asked just so Mike will hear the order.

Dad replies. “Ya, it was banana peppers, black olives, onions and Canadian bacon.”

“Yep that's the one.” I say back, and then I can't hold back anymore, I began to laugh at the coincidence. A split second later Mike, Becky and Mom join in, leave my father with a confused look that makes us laugh even harder. After I calmed down I hand dad one of his root beers from the fridge. Mike sees the brand and begins to chuckle again, which starts everybody laughing merrily.

After dinner Dad starts this evening routine, He watched the news and halfway through again we're on it. They had a sound bite with Mike giving the total number of victims. I smile at him. “You look good on TV Mike.” He seemed to enjoy the complement only turning slightly red.

After Mike's sound bite was over, they had me on, my speech was 10 minutes long when I gave it, they use three minutes of it on air. They gave a link for it so you can view it in its entirety. Mike chuckled and said. “I got fifteen seconds. And you got three minutes and looked fantastic.” I must be blushing heavily not sure if I really deserve that much attention, from the media. I adore it coming from Mike. This caused Dad, Mom, and Becky to burst out laughing, after I joined in, so did Mike. The local news I expected having seen the trucks with their logos there. But as the national news came on what I didn't expect was to be the leading story. They gave a minute of my speech, ten seconds from Mike’s and the anchor talk for five minutes about the speech and events of that night.

Mike and I were both totally stunned. The whole family was stunned including Becky. Five minutes later the phone rang and my grandparents called me, asking lots of questions. No sooner than I got off the phone with them, my ex-boyfriend called me this time I allow him to give his apology. He watched the news and went to the link and knew I had not mentioned him in any of it. This time I accepted his apology, I let him know it still didn't revise things between us. He said. “As long as you don’t hate me, I’m okay with that.”

Mike, Becky, and I went back to the kitchen to work on Mike's speech. After about fifteen minutes Mike asked me about my last call. I went to the fridge and got Becky and me a new soda, as Mike if he wanted a root beer. He gave a nod and I got him one. Becky gave me a wink, and said. “Talk about that somewhere else please, I’m trying to concentrate.”

I pointed to the back porch, Mike accompanies me out. Earlier in the day Becky and I had removed all the chairs from the porch, leaving only the porch swing to set on. Setting down I invited Mike to set with me. Mike hesitates for a second but sets down beside me. “You want to know what that phone call was about; it was my ex-boyfriend. He called to apologize; before we broke up he started dating another girl. I found out, I broke it off immediately and would not talk to him till tonight. I think he saw the story on the news, and was afraid that I still despised him.”

Mike has a sad but knowing expression stated, “You're too good for that guy; he's an idiot for breaking up with you, and a jerk for dating another girl when he had you.”

“Mike has anything like that happened to you? You don't have to tell me if it hurts too much.”

“L.B. How did you know?”

“Let's say I'm good at poker and you had a good tale.” With that expression a ten-year-old would have known.

“Yeah it happened about a year ago just before I got shot. I walked in on my then girlfriend and her new lover was right in the middle of sex. They didn't even notice that I was standing there. I got my Video camera and started it taping them, they made out for another fifteen minutes after I left. Later that evening I got to the camera without her noticing. That night at dinner I asked her how her day had gone, she lied to me saying nothing happened just another boring day. Once finished eating I grab the dishes and put them in the sink. After I finished cleaning the table, she wanted me to come over and set with her on the couch. She wanted to make out, but I backed away. She asked me what's wrong don't you love me anymore. When I told her no! She broke out into tears and said I love you, I love you. I asked her if she had a sister maybe a twin, she said no you know I don't. She asked why. I hit play and the recording was on the TV, of her and her lover. Because if you don't have a sister that is you. You cheating made it a lot easier to not love you. I told her to pack. You’re leaving tonight.”

“Mike that was absolutely terrible; she wasn't worth your time. She was an idiot, stupid bitch not knowing how good she had it. I would never do anything like that to you.” I'm so furious at that stupid bitch, that I didn't notice Mike grinning at me. When I do notice his grin turns into a full smile.

Surprised by his reaction I asked, “Mike what's that for, why are you smiling?”

Mike smugly said, “Because you got mad at her just like I got mad at your ex-boyfriend for hurting you. You showed a lot more feeling. You said you would never do anything like that to me.”

I stutter nervously.” I, I would not do that. I wouldn't hurt you like that. You're too good of a man for a slut like that.” I can feel my face is red as it has ever been. I struggled to calm myself not wanting to display too much emotion and frighten him away.

Mike with a broad smile on his face said, “I know you never would. You are too decent of a person to ever do someone like that.” Damn, I think I'm falling in love with her, and I haven't even kissed her.

Laura thinks. The way he is looking at me is making me feel warm and tingly. I wish he would just go ahead and kiss me; I want to kiss him so badly. I hope it's not showing on my face how much I want to hold him. I don't want to frighten him off.

Mike is thinking she's only fifteen. How do I make her understand we need to wait till she's older, when my heart won't wait? I want to kiss her so badly, to hold her in my arms. Have her fall in love with me like I am with her. That night I saw how strong she is I respect that strength. I saw how caring she is she protected her friend no matter the cost. I saw how beautiful she is and I can't get her out of my mind.

They were both lost in thought as Laura’s father came out onto the porch. He observed how they look at each other. He noticed all night how they steal glances at each other, how he waited for her to laugh before allowing himself to enjoy the humor. Even the fact they like the same toppings for their pizza. He only wondered how soon it is before they would be finishing each other's sentences. He knew what they failed to realize or just haven’t yet, that Laura and Mike were made for each other. He knew this day would come, but he was hoping to put it off a decade more.

“Laura your mother would like to speak to you inside.” Dad says bringing them both out of their thoughts.

Mike starts to get up to escort Laura inside. But Laura’s father asked him to stay. “Mike, can I speak with you for a second?”

“Sure Sir.” Mike opens the door for Laura, but stays outside.

“Thanks Mike.” Laura says with a very warm smile as she goes in to find her mother.

Charles Blackrun, Laura’s father is a well-respected hard-working man of thirty-six. He worked his way up from carpenter to where he is today running his own construction company. He employs several police officers as security guards, he's checked out Mike Bentonar, through his friends. He likes what he has found out so far. Mike is a very good man, and very likely will go very far in his chosen career. Rumor has it he's in line for a big award with this case. This will definitely help his career. Laura being his only child he's a little overprotective of her. But this isn’t about being protective anymore. Written all over her face is the way she feels about Mike. With every call or text from him she lights up. You see he knows just how Mike feels and how Laura feels about him.

Mike and Dad’s talk

Charles starts. “Mike, I know you're twenty years old that's a little old for most fifteen-year-olds to date. Laura is far from your typical fifteen-year-old; her experiences have given her maturity that even I can see.”

“Yes Sir. I keep forgetting she is fifteen.”

“Mike please don't interrupt let me finish what I need to say.”

“Yes Sir.”

“First I’m Charles. My father was the captain and I'm no officer.

Back when I was twenty I met Kathy Laura’s mother, and we fell in love, I tried to deny it but it took me over. The more I struggled against it the worse I felt. Kathy didn’t make it easy. She is beautiful. She would not let me ignore her. We lived in a smaller community, so I couldn't very well avoid her, even if I wanted to. Shortly after I gave in to our love Kathy got pregnant with Laura. I'm not quite as forgiving as my father-in-law, so keep that in mind. The reason Kathy and I were out of town that night you first met Laura, you see it was Kathy’s birthday that next Tuesday, we were celebrating a little early for her thirty first birthday.

Mike's eyes show his understanding but he remains silent for Charles to continue.

I'm not saying what I did when I was twenty was right or wrong but I'm would do it again in a heartbeat, Kathy and I love each other and will always, despite me being five years her senior. Now that I'm thirty-six and she's thirty-one no one would ever think anything wrong with our relationship. The friends that know I have a fifteen-year-old daughter think nothing of it. I'm not giving you permission to do anything but date my daughter. She still has a curfew and must be home by 10 PM. We expect her to call in, to notify us where she is. I trust you to be a gentleman, when you are with my daughter. Police officer or not, if you hurt her.

Mike has to interrupt. “Charles, I could never hurt her, and I'll always be a gentleman when it comes to Laura. I respect her too much to be less than that.”

Charles is having the knowledge that Mike just gave him. “Mike remember this a gentleman will kiss the girl he loves especially if she loves him. He'll never do anything that would bring shame to her in anyway.”

Mike is a little confused but pays attention to everything Charles is telling him. “Mike if you haven't noticed Laura is falling in love with you. In case you haven't looked in the mirror or been too preoccupied you're falling for her too. Aren’t you?”

Despite his best efforts Mike's face raises a large smile at Charles’ statement. “I think I am, but she's only fifteen.”

“Mike the calendar says she's fifteen, but there's a reason you keep forgetting she's fifteen. She doesn't act fifteen. She is more mature than most girls five years her senior.”

Mike's heart is lighten by Charles is understanding. “Charles, are you saying I should be with her, that we should be together?”

Charles has a friendly smile and very fatherly says. “I'm saying that you should consider it, date her, I know she cares for you by the way she lights up whenever you're around. And by the way you light up whenever she is near you. So figure out what you two want to do about it. Stop worrying about what the calendar says. I didn't and it is the best thing that ever happened to me. But if you're that worried about it, take all the time in the world to date. You think about this Mike, just remember the law says, no sex, not, no dating.”

Mike sits back down heavily; he has a lot on his mind.

Mike thinks. He's right about the law. I think I am going to fall in love with her, if she is around me, even a little, I won't be able to help it. I can wait for her, I can live without sex, but I don't want to live my life without her. If I date her I may be tempted. It would be better to be tempted than lonely. Charles is right, if I don't I will miss out on possibly the best thing I will ever have in my life. Why couldn't I figure out what I wanted to do till now.

Mom and Laura’s talk.

Laura I can't help but notice you’re falling in love with Mike. I know it's a beautiful thing to be in love, but it can be a frustrating thing as well. Here's the good part, Mike obviously feels the same way, and he is falling for you as well.

Laura interrupts her mother. “Mom how do you? About me, about Mike I haven't said anything not even to him.”

Sweetheart you didn’t have to, it shows all over your face each and every time you hear his voice, or see him. You light up just like he does. So if you were thinking he didn't care about you, you would be wrong. You two make a great couple. Just take your time and you will get there, you needn't rush like I did. Mike will be around as long as you want him to. You didn't even notice during the news, you took his hand, and he didn't even. It was like the most natural thing for the two you to do that. I know he's twenty and you’re fifteen it seems like a big deal now, but will not be such a big deal when he's thirty-six and your thirty-one, just like your father and me. You see we started dating when I was fifteen, and your father was twenty. I did a few things that most people would classify as mistakes. I got you because of them, so I'm very happy how things occurred.

You don't have to proceed the way I did. Waiting till you're older maybe the mistake of your life, the way you feel concerning Mike, and the way he appears to feel about you shouldn’t wait just because some people may consider it’s wrong. You don't have to have sex to be in love, or to date. But waiting till you could have sex with him would be a waste of time, that you could be getting to know each other better. I'll not say you can't kiss him, but be careful how far you go. You don't want to get him into trouble. So be quiet about your love for him. You two should hang out together or even with Becky as friends for everyone else to see you that way, but when you're alone you could show him that you love him with a kiss.

My eyes are wide with excitement. “Mom, are you saying that he is attracted to me, that Mike wants me? I should be there when he's prepared to admit that?”

“Yes Laura I am saying. Be there when he realizes his feelings toward you. But don't advertise that he does.” I hope she is careful, the way they look at each other, shouts they’re in love so I hope they stay that way.

I sat there, my mind races a thousand ideas pass through my head. If he loves me too I shouldn't hesitate. I shouldn't wait forever just to kiss him, and I shouldn't wait to let him know that I love him. If he thinks I don't love him I could lose him. Someone else could come and scoop him up while I procrastinate. How do I approach him without frightening him away? If he is uncertain of his feelings I could intimidate him. If he doesn’t perceive me as a woman I don’t stand a chance with him. If Mom is accurate in her observation, and he’s falling in love with me why am I hesitating?

Dad comes in he had been having a conversation with Mike this whole time that mom was talking to me. Mike is not with him. I almost panicked realizing then that Dad must've had the similar talk that Mom had with me. I'm praying that Dad has not frightened him off by that. I'm doing my best to conceal and control my panic. “Dad where is Mike?”

“He is still setting on the back porch. You should go to talk with him.” I almost jumped and run to the back door but force myself not to, not wanting to look that anxious.

When I arrive at the back door Mike opens it for me. “I missed you.” Mike reveals with a smile.

“Was I gone that long?” I asked, confused it's only been maybe ten minutes. But I realize I missed him as well.

He takes my hand accompanies me back to the swing. “In a way it's been longer than you realize. The talk I had with your dad made me comprehend that you're not a girl. It also made me understand how I feel about you. I hope you really feel the same.” He stops talking and leans in and stop short of just making contact with me, I know exactly what to do I go the rest of the way and make contact. We're kissing! It is amazing the best kiss I've ever had, it’s electric I tingle all over, his hands caressed my back. I only move closer. My breasts press against his chest my hands roam his back. His muscles are hard and strong, he holds me so gently. I never want to let go of this kiss, please let it last forever.

Mike finally pulled back. “Laura, I think I am falling in love with you. But this is the difficult part, we can talk to your parents or Becky, I can't admit it to anyone but you and your family. When you turn sixteen we can be open about it. I hate that, I feel I want to shout it from the rooftops. I need to be near you and I don't want-to hide that. Your dad is correct in so many ways. I couldn't wait to kiss you. We will have to postpone everything else. Because I love you I will wait, if you love me you will wait too.”

I will wait for you Mike, eleven months and eighteen days, isn't all that long to my sixteenth birthday.” I have done the research; sixteen is the age of consent in the state. I researched what the Age of Consent legally means, also known as Age of Sexual Consent. Once sixteen I am not considered a minor when it comes to sex. The law cannot legally prosecute him for any act we consensually take part in. Not to say we would openly have sex. In his bedroom or mine would be a different story if he wanted me I would give myself to him any second after I turn sixteen.

“I'll make sure I have vacation time scheduled for your sixteenth birthday. I will be free for your party. So anything special you desire for your sixteenth birthday.”

“You, only you, and all of you.” I whispered in his ear.

He turns his head and catches my lips again; this kiss is as good as the last. If his kissing causes me to feel this blissful; this is going to be an exceedingly long eleven months and eighteen days.

The porch light flashes I know mom is telling me it's time to proceed inside. So we break our kiss and walk hand-in-hand back into the kitchen. “What's up Mom?”

“I hated to interrupt you two, the press is out front and I had to get your attention before they found you.”

“I hope this is over shortly.” I'm a little frustrated I only got two kisses.

Dad places a hand on my shoulder. “Sorry Laura, they keep calling wanting you to appear on the morning shows, they want a sound bite. We’re in high demand right now, you cover lots of demographics, and your story is a compelling one with a happy ending.”

“Wow, they want me to appear on the morning shows.” Press outside waiting to get a glance of me, morning shows wanted to interview me, what is wrong with this world? You think they're bigger fish to fry.

Mike suggests. “I could see if I can convince them to leave.”

I haven't noticed, but when Mike stood close to me our hands had reached out and interlaced our fingers, like they had a mind of their own. I tugged gently on his hand to make Mike aware that we were holding hands. A smile crosses his face.

“Do we do that every time we are nearby each other? I ask Mike.”

Becky answers. “Yes, you do. You did in the hall at school, during the news, and again when we started working on Mike’s speech, any time you don't have something in your hands and you stand close to each other, one of you will take the other’s hand. It's adorable too.”

Mike starts. “I don't object to holding your hand; I enjoy it, but..”

I finish his sentence. “We'll never conceal our feelings for each other this way.”

Mike has an astonished look on his face. “How did you know,”

I finish his sentence. “What you were going to say?”

Mom and Becky giggle. Mom says. “Happens in most relationships when a couple starts getting close usually the woman can tell what he's thinking. Too bad men don't get it as often.”

Dad goes. “Hey I can finish your sentences, my dear, occasionally. I know it bugs you so I stopped.”

Mom smiling, but using mock anger tone to her voice. “That's because..”

Dad cuts her off. “I was incorrect more often than I was right about what you were going to communicate.”

Mom draws Dad into a hug. “And don't you forget that.” Then she kisses him.

Mike with a playful smile, my hand in his, he spins me out with a dance move, then twist me back in to his arms. I smile happily in his embrace.

Mom and Dad in unison say. “Showoffs.” The room breaks out in laughter.

“What are we going to do about the press, it’s probably two hours before their deadline, and they will stay till then?” Mike questions, without me finishing for him.

I start. “Maybe I should,”

And Mike finishes. “Give them a statement so that they go away? Would not work they'll stay as long as something else isn't going on.”

I grin at Mike, he got it exactly right. I now understand why my mom doesn't appreciate it too. It feels strange and comforting all at the same time, to have someone think exactly as you do.

I start as I am looking up in to his eyes. “Okay Mike I promise I won't complete your sentences,”

“If you won't complete mine.” Mike teasing finishes my sentence.

I playfully punch him in the arm, feeling his hard muscles not yielding to my soft blow.

Mike feigns injury, and gets a mischievous look about him. “Oh assault on a police officer this will come with a heavy fine.”

“Officer, how can I ever pay for such a criminal act?” In my best Scarlet O'Hara, as I stand there holding him tight, batting my eyelashes at him.

Mike is playfully imitating Clark Gable as Rhett Butler. “Kiss me, Scarlet.”

As we kissed, Mom, Dad and Becky began laughing hysterically I think it was a minute before me and Mike noticed. “What's so funny?” I demanded.

Becky recovering answered. “You even like the same old movies. It's too cute.”

Mike and I turn to them, our voices speaking in unison. “What can we say? It’s a classic.”

Mom, Dad and Becky laughed even harder as we join in.

A knock at the door jolts us from our joyful mood. A reporter stood outside the front door as two more crossed our lawn. Dad simply held up his hand and walked to the door. I handed Mike a tissue for him to wipe my lip gloss off. When everyone was ready Dad opened the door. Before Dad could say anything the reporter quickly began to talk. “Are you aware that a threat has been made against your daughter?”

Dad being protective father demands. “What threat?” Anger erupts from his voice.

The reporter quickly explains. “A 17-year-old died while breaking into a house, a 13-year-old girl home alone, she shot and killed him. Her only comment made at the time. He would never leave her alone; she just wanted him to leave her alone. Later she said. Laura’s speech had inspired her to protect herself. The young man's father attempted to kill the girl but was unsuccessful, but escaped before police could capture him. He also shouted he was going to kill your daughter during the altercation.”

Mike hearing this is on his cell phone immediately calling dispatch. In the far distance a siren can be heard, not unusual it being in a city. The tension level increases as the siren becomes louder. Tires squealed as a car turns wildly around the corner. Mike ushers us into the kitchen and turns off the lights. “Yes dispatch I'm with her now, any news on his whereabouts.” The voice through Mike's cell phone said. “Unknown at this time.” Screeching tires directly from the house gave us the first clue. The second was the reporters been ushered into the house by Dad. As they came into the kitchen they said they believed that was him by the description.

Mike practically shouted into his cell phone. “He is at this location is at this 10-20. Dispatch send back up.” Mike look into the front window, we had left the curtains partially open sees the man, and says into the telephone 10-32 than 10 zero. From his cell phone we heard the dispatcher’s voice. “Patrol cars en route, 10 zero understood.”

Mike sneaking back into the living room, it sounds like the man is kicking at the door. I know it’s me his after, I'm not going to stay here and put anyone else in danger. I sneak into the living room towards the stairs. Through the window I see him aim at the door. Before I can say Mike moves out of the line of fire, as a shot destroys the door lock. I click off the living room lamp, wetting my fingertip I quickly touch the bulb. The glass shatters instantly but leaving the filaments intact. I tear the shade off. Mike's back is to me. Now the darkened room makes it easier to see outside. He's raising his foot to kick again. Mike disengaged the deadbolt latch, when the man’s foot lands hard against the door he nearly falls completely losing his balance as the door moves freely.

He's halfway inside. I shout. “HERE!” He turns directly towards me, I flipped the lamp on, and a brilliant flash fills the room. The momentarily blinded man steps backwards, Mike slams the door into his outstretched hand catching it between the heavy door and its casing. A loud crack heard as his arm breaks from the impact. The man screams as he drops his weapon. Mike throwing the door opened again tackles him forcing him backwards onto a patch of Clover in our lawn. It wasn't quite full dark as a result the bees were still hard at work. He landed on two which immediately impelled him with their stingers.

With Mike on top of him he wasn't going anywhere. His pistol lay in the doorway useless to him. He cursed Mike for stopping him. Then he began to shake violently as the bees’ venom cause anaphylactic shock. He wore no bracelet or necklace to give notification of such a condition. No one there had any idea what was actually occurring. The first police cars pulled up, and the officers relieve Mike of his prisoner. Its then that we noticed he was no longer breathing. The police attempt CPR, but had no success. The on-duty officer calls for medical assistance from dispatch. In a few minutes and ambulance arrives the suspect is taken away to the hospital. ER declared him dead on arrival.

The press has a story, although not the one intended, Mike and I are both proclaimed heroes for our actions by the press. Mike supervisor questioned why he was there in the first place. Mike gave him the improved speech as the reason for being there. Two weeks after Mike received not one but two accommodations for his recent actions. I received two commendations from the mayor for my actions as well.

The man's death was subject of an inquiry. He had no medical history of being allergic to bee stings. By his autopsy, anaphylactic shock proved to be fatal in his case. Mike was clear of any wrongdoing, as were everyone else in conjunction with his death.

Due to the medical insurance not paying for nearly 60% of my medical bill, I did take the offers for the morning shows. That actually did a little good for the world, the number of reported rapes increased as more survivors step forward, as well as a number of rape victims surviving.

I helped Mike with his safety rallies, eventually PBS taped them. PBS distributed them via the Internet to many classes nationwide. The number of child abductions dropped but still far too high in this nation.

Before I turned sixteen Mike took me to the gun range, to teach me to shoot. He wanted me to be comfortable around firearms. Mike called away; when it came time for me to fire his partner took over for him. His partner found out I’m a natural with the pistol. At 12 yards my grouping smaller than the fifty cent piece. When he told me Mike would be upset that I could shoot better than most anyone on the force including Mike. I had to think of a way, that I would look like I couldn’t shoot as well as I do. Getting a new target and reloading the pistol, I waited for Mike. When Mike returned I told him. “I've been waiting for you.” He smiles and had me shoot. My shots covered the target it looked like I was a terrible shot, but his partner and I knew better. Mike gave some pointers, and had me shoot again. With the same results, he had to give it two more times with the same results. A little frustrated Mike smiled weakly, and said. “Some people just have a hard time with a pistol.”

I asked him to keep one of the targets for me. He rolled it up, and places it in his desk drawer. I never knew of his partner have saved the first target. He had the range officer certified that I scored 40 of 40 possible.

Eleven months in nineteen days from our first kiss Mike and I made love, we had forgotten it was Leap year. I spent the evening of my sixteenth birthday in Mike’s arms, him having given me an engagement ring for my sixteenth birthday; he said it came with all of him. To me it was a big surprise, but Mom, Dad, and Becky all knew. Mike had asked their permission two weeks before my birthday. I said. “YES!” After the party I pull Mike in to my room, I still have a 10:00 pm curfew. Mom and Dad know where we are, Mom won the bet, Dad thought we would go to Mike’s place, or maybe just hoped we would.

Turnabout is fair play, Mom and Dad had been keeping me up for years. That night Mike and I kept them up. Well maybe not they were still at it when I drifted off to sleep in Mike’s arms.

After my sixteenth birthday I got Mike to take me to his office. I asked him would hurt if we let his fellow officers know we were dating. He smiled and said I don't care and they shouldn't have a problem with it. I ask if he still has that target, he pulled it from his desk, he was a little confused to why I wanted it. After I connected the dots that my bullet holes made, his eyes widened as I finished. It read L.B. + M.B. Mike laughed. “I guess the secret is out.” The entire office begins to laugh as his partner holds the one of the other targets, already marked. His captain as the other posted on his window. Mike we've all known for as long as you two have been dating.

Mike's face goes a little pale. He asked. “Why haven't you said anything?”

Mike’s partner Bill answered. “Does the fact were not stupid play into it. Nobody wanted to piss her off. Not was shooting like this.” He hands Mike my first target with the perfect score. “She's held the non-officer range record from the day she first shot.”

Two weeks later Mike’s office got a new rookie assigned. After hearing him brag for a week Bill bet him donuts for a week that Mike's sixteen-year-old girlfriend could outshoot him. He quickly took the bet. Mike had told me about how bad he was, so I agreed to help bring him down a notch. When Mike, Becky, and I arrived at the range we decided to pull a little scam on him. We came in to practice, I acted all nervous and shooting all over the target I used two magazines and not one shot hit the center, and he immediately ups the bet. Letting him fire first, he scored 37 of 40 a very good score. When I fired 40 out of 40, his jaw dropped. He saw my practice target he nearly fell over. The captain held it out for him to read it said. “Stop bragging.” Course the captain pointed out I had forgotten to dot the I.

When they offered him double or nothing if I could dot the I. He declined. Laughing he said probably no one could do it. The captain ran the target out for me again. I pull Mike into a kiss, raised the pistol not breaking the kiss or facing down range. Aim blindly and I fired, he said. “I wish I took that bet now.” The target was being drawn in by the captain. His face was absolutely pale seeing that I not only dotted the I, but placed it perfectly in line.

The captain has me trained some of the rookies, which I don't mind after all they help keep Mike safe. At my age I can't hold a position on the force, so I am paid as a consultant. So far I taught three classes and each time someone makes fun of my age. And three times I pulled the scam much to the captain's amusement. In the third class someone finally asked me how I learned to shoot.

I explained that my grandpa taught me at a very early age. But he always said I was a natural. But if Mike would ever ask me, I would tell him the truth. It was old blue eyes that taught me in an instant. Come to think of it my grandpa had the bluest eyes.

A student asked the captain jokingly one time who taught me, calling me the best shot they had ever seen.

The captain's response was. “I don't know for sure, but I would say it was the Angel of Death. Because anyone she has to fire upon will be meeting him very soon.”

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