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Bena is my girlfriend and on the way of becoming one of the greatest sluts in the whole universe. We are not native English speakers. Sorry for our style and some mistakes. Bena comes from Romania and looks great. A bit like a Latina.Since one date with a pervert master she has two massive 3 inch wide pussy rings on her inner lips. That are the only signs of her perversity and lust. Till now...
Bena was really excited for the weekend with the winner of the orgasm challenge in the cinema. She had that feeling, that this experienced guy could bring her to dozens of orgasms in no time.
I exchanged different mails with the Asian guy named Cheng to specify the details for the weekend, where Bena had to serve him willingly. He seemed some kind of successful business man with a huge house and a special cellar room. He wanted her to be clean shaven down her sluttish body and her pussy pumped up. He told me to get all sex toys from us to his place. So he received a big package of dildos of various sizes and shapes, whips, clamps, that huge traffic cone like plug, ropes, needles, chains, pussy pump, the enema bag, 50 g, 100g, 250g, 500g and 1 kg weights and some other stuff. Bena had to be delivered totally naked to his house in a suburban area. I was a bit nervous, because I wouldn’t have any control over her. He only made me an offer, that I’ll join him via webcam. He was transmitting everything to his paying friends in China. What he would earn and what he would do to her was totally up to him. I only gave him the rules not to damage her permanently of course.

So I delivered her on a Saturday morning at 9.30 am at his house. Bena wore a dog leash around her slim neck and I lead her out of our car. She was freezing and her hot perky nipples were stiff. I had put a 250 g weight on both her massive 3 inch pussy rings. That made her sluttish freshly pussy pumped pussy lips at least 3.5 inches longer. She had to walk in front of me to his house. He was already expecting us on the door. I handed her over and gave him the package of tools. I kissed her on her lips and her wonderful brown long shiny hair and said I would fetch her tomorrow evening at 6.00 pm. Cheng grabbed her firm sluttish a cup tits and massaged them hard. He slapped her ass cheeks and said: “well, thanks”. I left the scenery. I could clearly see fear and lust at the same time in her whore eyes. Last time she was left alone was when she worked as a prostitute. The result was that massive vulgar pussy rings through her fat sluttish cunt lips down there. What would come next she thought.

As I arrived at home I switched on my webcam and connected to his show. I could see my sluttish slave standing on a wall in a wonderful tight Japanese kind of rope bondage. Her arms were fixed behind her back. Her ridiculous small flat A cup tits were bound crisscross and stood out a bit. Her nipples were stiff and had clamps on it, connected with a chain. Her legs were fixed in a right angle with a bar around her ankles. Her beautiful long brown hair ended slightly above her puffy nipples. Her mouth was plugged with a dildo gag (in- and outside) around her head. Her head was lifted upwards a bit. It was a great piece of art. I had a hard one immediately. Bena suffered a bit and some spit was running down her slutmouth. In her eyes was pure lust and joy. He had some kind of vibrator on her shaven cunt and seemed to enjoy it. While he was doing her clit he fucked her with three fingers in her whore piss hole and licked her butthole. Bena loved that kind of torture and rolled her eyes. After three minutes she orgasmed the first time.

Cheng felt, that my slut could easily take more than three fingers and tried to push in his whole hand. Bena shrieked a bit because she wasn’t expecting that so quickly. But he managed it to push his hand directly in and fucked her more roughly. That slut of mine moved up and down on his fist and seemed to enjoy it again. Cheng added an 8 inch long and 2 inch wide dildo up her ass cunt. More and more spit run down her chin over her breasts and down her tummy. She was wild now and rolled her eyes again. Shortly before she would have been coming he stopped and shoved out his hand with a slimy plop sound. She went even wilder and was angry not to have orgasmed a second time. Cheng stood in front of her and slapped her face. He ordered her to control her feelings otherwise he would punish her heavily. He pinched hard into her sluttish flat tit meat and slapped that useless tits hard. So hard that the clamps fell off her nipples. As the blood run into them again she moaned in agony. Her legs shivered. Instead of replacing them he took a candle and waxed her nipples and tits. That cumslut loved it and enjoyed the sweet pain. I was a bit relaxed as I could join the first hour and found him doing traditional bdsm stuff. So I went out of the webcast for three or four hours and went shopping.

As I got connected to her at around 3 p.m. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My slut was totally bald. Her beautiful hair was cut off and shaved away. Bena had tears in her eyes and looked like she would have had some horror hours. Her eye shadow was smearing her beautiful face with black stains. That guy totally degraded her and took her beautiful long brown shiny hair. She looked like a worthless slutslave now, taken away of her beauty. I always had that fantasy but didn’t do it, cause I liked her hair. But that was it for the moment. Her legs were weak and she shivered and couldn’t stand there for any longer.

So he decided to bind her to the ceiling. He laid her down to the ground and loosened the bondage. He bound her hands behind her back and connected them to her ankles. That made her breasts come up a bit. He made a tight rope around that little slutballs. Her eyes rolled heavily. She moaned loud and tried to say that this is too tight. But he didn’t care. It really looked a bit unhealthy. But he seemed to be a real bondage master. Then he took a last rope and made a leash around her neck. Then he spit on her bald head and said, that she will hang now for a very long and hard time. Bena enjoyed that tease and tried to say yeah. He lifted her up into the air. She looked amazing with her bald slutslave head and those little mosquito bitish tits. 3 shining balls. A big one and two ridiculous small ones. She was lifted to his dick height. He took out the dildo plug from her mouth and shoved her his dick deep in her throat. She licked it and sucked on it like the real cock hungry whore she is. That looked so nasty. That bald headed slut sucking with her fat lips on his asian dick. She enjoyed that so much and begged him to come on her bald head. He said: “you wish”.

Next thing I saw was a second guy playing on her nipples and sucking them hard. He took one thick needle and pushed it right through her left nipple. She screamed while blowing Chengs cock. That other guy, named Lee, took a second needle and pushed it through her right nipple. Everybody could see her agony. Her nipple were pierced with this 3 inch long and really thick 1/8 inch needles. Cheng was still fucking her slut mouth cunt. Lee took a 250 grams weight and connected it with a little leash on that right nipple needle and let it hang. Bena screamed like hell and felt her nipple stretch two inches on her little tit ball. Lee repeated that procedure on her left nipple. So she hang there and sucked that asian cock. Her pussy overlowed with her juices.

Lee went behind her and shoved a glove over his right hand. He didn’t need any lube to push that whole hand with one hard thrust deep in her bowels. Bena had a hard time. She wasn’t ready for this. She wasn’t ready for that speed and that intense torture of her ass. She tried to scream loud but Cheng pushed his dick hard into her mouth and stopped her scream. So she had two of her three holes filled already. That weights were bouncing fore and back, fore and back. What an incredible picture. Bena was now a real slaveslut, visible for everybody, due to her bald head. She couldn’t hide it anymore, when she didn’t want to show it. Her head was bald and showed that she is a dirty slut without any rights. I asked myself how that whole date would end up.

It was 9.00 pm on the first day. That guys treated her like a worthless piece of shit. Her ass made sloppy noises. Her mouth was full of gag. It drooled down her chin. Her overflowing wet shaven pussy was now the target for Lees second hand. Without lube he pushed it deep into her womb. He fisted her now with two hands, one in her piss hole, one in her shithole. Bena seemed to be in heaven. Totally under control of that two nurdy asian guys. Not able to move or regret the torture she is receiving. So incredible horny she came twice within seconds.

After that they released her of her bondage and lead her to the kitchen where she had to cook for the guys. They made a break and after one hour they had eaten. Bena did not. They had bound her to a chair. I could hear a machine running. Sounded like a mixer. They presented a huge bucket of puree. Bena couldn’t move. The next scene shocked me a second time for that day. They took something that looked like a 30 inch long tube and stuffed it like a sword into her throat. Her head pointed straight upwards and her mouth was forced open wide through that tube in her throat. They took the bucket and filled that puree into that tube directly connected to her stomach. That was odd I thought. I could only wonder how my slut slave managed to get all that stuff in her. It looked like four huge portions of puree. It was a situation like getting a goose feed. After that bucket was empty her belly looked like 3 month pregnant. They took out the tube and closed her mouth. Bena had to work hard not to vomit. Her eyes were in tears and she looked so dirty, eye shadow smeared and exhausted with her fat tummy, her little bluish slut tit balls and degraded head. She wretched several times but didn’t released anything. Lee came to her and pressed her belly hard. She felt true pain. He boxed her into her stomach what made her throw up a load of puree and steeled her air. She tried to protect her but couldn’t move and breathe. Lee boxed her again. Another load of puree came out and run down between her tiny tit balls. They slapped her face hard and said, that if she would throw up again she would get pierced for life. Bena could only nod. Lee already started to box her again in her tummy and a huge load of puree splashed two yards wide over the table. “ok slut, that’s it. You ll be getting pierced tonight.” They stopped for the moment and let her crawl behind them to the tv room. Then they relaxed all together and watched some porn movies. They said to my slut that she needs to relax a bit, because tomorrow becomes perhaps the hardest day in her life. Bena laid under their feet and tried to relax. She was still shocked but also fascinated of her bald head experience. Lee released her tits from that tight rope. That beautiful firm little perky tits looked ruined and hang down a bit like a dick. The needles stayed inside her tormented nipples until they went to bed. Bena had to take a shower. That webcam became a bit shady. When she came out of the bathroom they led her to the cellar room and showed all viewers, how they exchanged those long fat needles with two massive golden 2 inch wide and 1/8 inch thick rings. They fittet perfectly to her pussy rings. Bena was transformed to a perfect sluttish looking slave now. Nothing of her former beauty was visible anymore for the moment it seemed. Her perky little udders where misfigured a bit and pierced with gigantic nipple rings. Her head bald, her whore piss hole with those huge rings and the weights since that morning, her face empty. She was now a descent dirty slutslave. A worthless bitch that fucks everything. She liked that feeling somehow and slept immediately and had pervert dreams of what would follow the next day with her two new masters.

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