What can I say I love tongue fucking with slutty girls.
Being a waitress at The VVIP Club was the kind of work that wasn’t for every young woman. It was an exclusive club, and that meant that underage girls were the only girls hired as waitresses. That is to say, you had to be… a.) between 15 and 17) stunningly beautiful b.) have no reservations whatsoever in wearing skimpy sexy outfits and c.) love all the attention that patrons of both sexes lavished on you, including groping and kissing.

It was almost 3 a.m. and the VVIP was closed for the night. To of the hottest waitresses poured a drink. Gisele and Kelsie were left all by themselves at the bar. Kelsie looked stunning in a black thigh high dress showing off her long, tanned legs with black stiletto shoes while Gisele was wearing a knitted white shirt and red mini skirt with red heels and bright red lipstick. Both looked amazing as they sat there and chatted for a bit before Kelsie spoke up.

“Gisele can I ask you something?” Kelsie asked carefully.

“Sure Kelsie what’s up,” Gisele says smiling at her friend.

“Well it’s just I think I know the reason Brad isn’t coming to the club to see me,” Kelsie begins trying to hold back her tears as she lets out her inner insecurities to Gisele.

Gisele sighs and takes a sip of her drink Kelsiee, “Yeah I know why he isn’t here Kelsie it’s because he’s and they were rehursing for the gig they have this weekend. We have been though this.”

“No,” Kelsie says shaking her head allowing her long dyed blonde hair to shake around a few inches above her shoulder, “It’s because I’m ugly and he wants nothing to do with me.”

Kelsie breaks down and starts crying in the empty club and Gisele takes pity on her friend. Poor Kelsie hadn’t had the best luck with boyfriends and was so self-conscious that she was questioning everything she did.

Leaning forward Gisele rests her left hand on Kelsie’s bare leg, “You’re not ugly Kelsie in fact you are one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

Kelsie stops crying and giggles at Gisele’s like comment right out of a romantic novel. Then Klsie tilts her head up and looks into her blonde friend’s eyes. They both stop dead as if they were seeing each other for the first time not and friends not as enemy’s but as beautiful, hot, sexy women.

Gisele had a few lesbian affairs with older women who frequented the VVIP Club she met in the club, including a sexy bank manager and the woman who owned a tanning salon. None of these had ended in “relationships” more like a few nights of hot endless sex and she would never get her calls returned. Gisele knew it was the best sex of her life and if she were being honest with herself she would admit she enjoyed sex with women more than sex with men.

Now looking into Kelsie’s eyes Gisele sees the sexy young girl with all her mouth-watering curves and Gisele curses herself for not seeing them sooner. Kelsie had never been with a woman yet had thought about it but never felt her urges were strong enough to do anything about it However since working at the VVIP she had felt the attraction to other women go stronger and stronger, particularly toward Gisele. Gisele was seventeen and the fifteen year old Kelsie looked up to her, and often asked her for advice.

Kelsie looked deep into Gisele’s eyes felt her hand on her knee and she wanted more. Frozen in time Gisele watched Kelsie’s face break into a grin before she leaned forward. Gisele sees the line on her tanned face and even the marks of where Kelsie placed her lipstick as she moved closer to Gisele. Their lips touched and they kissed long and hard. Gisele to Kelsie’s delight kissed back and the two teens were locked in a passionate embrace.

Gisele’s hands moved slowly up and down Kelsie’s soft legs, as Kelsie’s lips set hers on fire.
Kelsie needed this so much. Her trapped feeling of loneliness had really started to get her down. She needed to feel loved, she needed to feel good about herself again. Gisele’s head was a cocktail of mixed emotions she wanted to fuck Kelsie but that might hurt her friendship. Kelsie loved men too much to give them up and the last thing Gisele wanted to do is break her friend’s heart.

Breaking the kiss Gisele looked up at Kelsie, “Look I’m sorry Kelsie but I can’t do this it would never work and you have a great boyfriend you should keep and,” Gisele ranted until Kelsie put a long slender finger across the blonde’s ruby red lips.

“It’s ok Gisele I’m not turning lesbian I just need to feel something better than sadness right now. I’ve never been with another woman so I’m kinda scared, but I trust you Gisele, I would trust you with my life,” Kelsie sighed with lust in her eyes.

Gisele smiled. She understood what Kelsie needed, she needed the same thing. The need to be and feel loved, “Ok Kelsie let’s spend the night in my room and I swear to you I will make it one of the best experiences of your life.

Gisele gently kissed her friend’s soft lips and the two girls smiled at each other. Gisele took Kelsie by the hand and lead her up out the back door of the club and around the corner and up the apartment elevator. The pure lust had always been there all the girls in the club saw each other as sexy women and often touched each other’s asses and breasts as part of the show for the patrons of the VVIP.

Now Gisele and Kelsie embraced in a lip lock as the elevator moved to the top floor. Gisele nearly kicked the door to her apartment open. She pulled Kelsie inside as the two sexy girls kissed and touched each other’s amazing bodies. They kicked off their high heel shoes Gisele’s hands moved over Kelsie’s perfect figure feeling her soft, smooth legs then grabbed her friend’s tight littleass. Kelsie’s rubbed her hands all over Gisele’s back as her own perky tits pushed against Gisele’s and could feel Gisele’s erect nipples pushing against her bra.

“Gisele, are you wear a bra?” Kelsie she asked breathlessly as Gisele broke the embrace giving Kelsie a fast peck on the lips.

“No Kelsie I’m not wearing a bra and now…” Gisele lifted her top pulling it over her head and dropping it on the floor, “I’m not wearing a shirt either.”

Kelsie’s eyes grew wide as she admired Gisele’s firm tities. Sure she had seen Gisele topless loads of times but like this. Her pink nippleslooked so stiff and hard and Kelsie licked her lips. Gisele’s tits were very pale compared to the rest of her body but Kelsie didn’t care as she stepped forward. Her left hand slowly squeezed Gisele’s tits together making the blonde groan with pleasure from Kelsie’s soft touch. Gisele tilts her head back and groans as Kelsie works her hands over Gisele’s C cup breasts, pinching her nipples and gently twisted them.

“You sure you have never been with another woman before Kelsie,” Gisele groaned.

“I’ve love your tits Gisele they’re so perky and warm,” Kelsie said in a sexy voice as her thumbs flicked over Gisele’s hard nipples.

Gisele squeezed Kelsie’s firm ass cheeks making the young girl moan. Kelsie grabbed the bottom of her dress. Lifting the material up Kelsie loved the sigh from of Gisele as she theew the dress aside, her body clad in only a black bra and thong set.

“How the hell can you think you’re ugly Kelsie,” Gisele says shaking her head in amazement as she stared at Kelsie’s hot young body, “You look fucking amazing.”

Kelsie felt herself blushing as she watched Gisele’s eyes following her body. Kelsie started to shake her body left and right doing a few sexy little moves making Gisele moan as she watched her body grind.

Like a stripper Kelsie turned round and dipped low shaking her firm little ass which made Gisele smile and rub her own tits, pulling hard on her nipples. Reaching her hands behind her back Kelsie uncliped her bra and let it fall down her arms. Kelsie swung the tiny piece of lingerie over her head and threw the bra away into the corner. She turned back, holding her little tities for Gisele to see. Gisele bit her lip and moaned as Kelsie’s tanned boobs bounced as the young teen danced. Gisele reaches out wanting to touch the perky tities. Kelsie wagged her finger at the blonde like a naughty schoolgirl before dancing around again and pushed her hot little tities in front of Gisele’s face.

Gisele’s cunt was dripping wet, and soaked the crotch of her thong as Kelsie continued to tease her with a sexy dance Kelsie slipped her thumb into the waistband of her panties and tugged the thong slightly down her hips. She did the same to the other side of her panties leaving the material hanging on her hips barely covering young pussy. She looked up to see Gisele with her hand inside her skirt. Kelsie smiled and giggled knowing she was making her friend rub her pussy.

“Do you want me to take my panties off Gisele? Do you want to see my wet little cunt? Do you babe?” Kelsie teased.

Gisele moaned as she pinched her throbbing clit inside her wet panties.

“ Of fuck yes Kelsie, please take of your panties I want to see your hot, wet little cunt,” Gisele whimpered.

Gisele was normally the dominant person in her lesbian relationships, it made her wild to finds herself submissively begging Kelsie to strip naked.

Kelsie tugged her thong down her smooth legs and kicked the wet thong off her feet sending the tiny fabric flying onto Gisele’s feet.

Gisele, brought the thong to her nose, sniffing at the sent of her friends cunt then she licked and sucked on the wet crotch. She moaned staring in awe at Kelsie’s young body. Kelsie’s cunt glistened with her juices and Gisele couldn’t take her eyes of the young girls puffy pink pussy lips. Getting to her feet Gisele moved toward Kelsie and let the flat of her hand brush over the girl’s flat mid section.

Gisele’s fingers traceed Kelsie’s belly button. Gisele smiled at Kelsie then tilted her head lightly kissed Kelsie’s left nipple. Gisele used her tongue to flick out against Kelsie’s stiff pink nipple and after a few tongue flicks Gisele sucked the nipple hard into her mouth.

Kelsie moaned as Gisele’s hand moved lower down her circling over her hips then without warning cupping the fifteen year olds wet pussy lips, letting the heel of her palm grind against Kelsie’s throbbing clit.

Both girls moaned at the heat of the moment as Gisele’s fingers traced the outer lips of Kelsie’s pussy feeling how hot and wet her friend was. Gisele continued to lick Kelsie’s firm little breasts and nipples. She sucked them against the sharp edges of her teeth then nibbled each nipple gently

Gisele moved her fingers inside Kelsie’s slick cunt lips letting her fingers circle her tight little fuck hole, but not enter, then she let her long finger nails flick back and forth over the young girl’s stiff little clit.

The hot young girl moaned and began to grind her hips again under contact. Playing with Kelsie’s tiny nipples Gisele’s skillful sent a thrill through her small young body. .

“Oh god Gisele your touch is so good but I want to see you naked too,” Kelsie groaned at Gisele’s fingers and tongue.

Gisele looked up at her hot young workmate before she took a step back and unclipped her mini skirt. The skirt slipped down her tanned legs and Gisele stood in front of Kelsie in just her red thong. There was a small wet patch on the front of Gisele’s thong.

“See, you hot little bitch, see how wet I am, because of you?” sighed Gisele, who pulled on the top of the thong so part of the crotch disappeared into her slick cunt lips.

Gisele pulled the thong up and down to let hit rub on her clit, “Oh fuck Kelsie, I’ve wanted you ever since you started working at VVIP. I’ve dreamed of you, tasting your hot little pussy as I rubbed myself to a crashing cum.”

Kelsie let two fingers brush over her stiff little clit as she watched her friend play with her clit.

Gisele moaned yanked the thong down her legs. She threw the thong directly at Kelsie’s.
face. Kelsie moaned and pressed the wet crotch to her lips, licking and smelling the essence of her friend’s cunt.

Gisele’s hairless pussy was coated in her own juices which made Kelsie moan as she sucked the same juices from the crotch of her friend’s thong. The smell of sex was in their air as the hot young girls embraced in a fit of lust

Gisele led Kelsie to her bed room and her bed. It is Kelsie who pushed Gisele back onto the blue bed cover. Gisele smiled up at Kelsie and spreads her legs wide. Kelsie loved the view of Gisele’s wet pussy lips, she moaned unable to take her eyes off Gisele’s juices as they ran down her firm thighs.

“Come on you hot little bitch I know you want to taste my cunt, what are you waiting for, eat my cunt out!” Gisele said in a sultry voice.

Gisele was excited at the thought of her sexy young friend eating her pussy. Kelsie let fingers trace Gisele’s thighs. She felt the heat from her wet pussy but she was still scared. She had never been so horny in her life and she really wanted to touch and lick Gisele’s cunt. Kelsie saw the raw need on Gisele’s face, and felt a surge of confidence.

Kelsie slowly lowered her head between Gisele’s thighs. She flicked her long blonde hair out of her and placed gently kisses along the outer lips of Gisele’s pussy making her shudder and moan. Gisele couldn’t believe how good it felt having this younger girl’s hot breath so close to her sensitive pussy lips. Carefully Kelsie flicks her tongue out tracing the outside4 of Gisele’s wet pussy lips making the shorthaired blonde groan.

“Fuck Kelsie, please keep going. Your tongue feels tood there. Keep licking, deeper, fuck your tongue is so good,” Gisele moaned making Kelsie happy. She knew she was pleasing her friend

Gisele’s pussy lips tasted so good to Kelsie, parted the pink lips with her fingers and let her tongue drag along the soft inner flesh of her slit. She made sure to lick up every bit of her friends juices. Kelsie has never tasted anything so good. She moaned thinking Gesele’s juices were far better than her boyfriends cum.

Lapping away Kelsie let the tip of her tongue circle her friend’s stiff clit, which made Gisele buck wildly. Kelsie lifted her tongue thinking she was moving too quickly.

“Oh fuck baby, don’t stop, please don’t stop,” whimpered Gisele as shem closed her eyes and moaned loudly as Kelsie’s perfect tongue picked up where it left off, playing with hr friend’s engorged clit.

Gisele ran her hands though her friend’s hair nearly in tears as Kelsie’s tongue played with her stiff wet clit.

“Oh Kelsie please eat me I need you to stick your little tongue inside my cunt hole Kelsie I need to fucking cum please stop teasing me,” Gisele begged her sexy friend.

Kelsie lifted head to see the look on Gisele’s face. Kelsie drove her tongue deep into Gisele’s cunt. Gisele screamed and grabed onto the bed sheets for dear life as Kelsie’s tongue worked like mad bashing in and out of Gisele’s tight cut. Kelsie moaned, as she pushed her tongue in and out of Gisele’s pussy as fast and as hard as she could. Kelsie paused to drink up all the tasty juices left on her tongue then drove her pink, wet tongue into Gisele’s pussy flicking the tip into Gisele’s sensitive cunt walls which made her scream out in pure bliss.

Kelsie buried her face right into Gisele’s cunt and her tongue twisted and plunged as it licked every inch of Gisele’s slit before lifting her tongue into Gisele’s G spot. Gisele groaned, amazed by how fast Kelsie found her pleasure spot. Kelsie’s tongue flicked her G spot again and again, until Gisele began to rock from side to side sending shere pleasure sent shooting up her spine. Kelsie pushed her face deeper into Gisele’s sweet smelling cunt and heard her friend’s cry with pleasure. Gisele groaned her friend’s name as her body began to t4remble a fine sheen of sweat appeared on her tummy and perfect tities.

Suddenly Kelsie lifted her eyes to stare directly into Gisele’s. She lifted withdrew her tongue from her friend cunt and twisted two fingers in up to the hilt.

“Cum for me you beautiful sucking bitch!” screamed Kelsie as she clamped her mouth over Gisele’s clit and sucked it hard into her mouth. She looked up at Gisele and sensed she ewas close, very close

She began to nibble at Gisele’s wet clit and heard her friend scream. Instantly Gisele’s girl cum sqirted from her quacking cunt and plastered her pretty face.

“FUCK I’M COMING KELSIE FUCK I’M CUMMING,” Gisele screamed as her whole body began to buck and convulse on the bed and a second squirt of cum flooded her mouth that now covered her friend’s cunt hole. Gisele roughly grabed Kelsie’s hard and began grinding her young cunt on her friends mouth until she was with her third orgasm which sent more juices splashing all over Kelsie’s face.

The sexy blonde lets the cum hit her face as her tongue moved quickly catching all of Gisele’s nice tasting cum. Gisele groaned as her juices dripped Kelsie’s pretty face and when her powerful orgasm subsided Gisele tilted her head up. She saw Kelsie’s face completely covered with Gisele’s creamy cum.

Kelsie had a massive smile on her cum covered face. Using her now well-seasoned tongue Kelsie cleaned cum from her lips. Then she crawled on top of Gisele and let her kiss and lick the rest of her own cum from the young girls face. Finally Kelsie put her head on Gisele’s beautiful titties. Kelsie kissed Gisele’s tits grinning up at her lover who was still recovering from her massive orgasm.

“Did I do ok Gisele?” Kelsie asked shyly.

Gisele smiled and looked into Kelsie’s puppy dog eyes, “You were amazing Kelsie that’s the best fucking orgasm I have ever had.”

Kelsie smiled at the complement as Gisele lifted her head up and kissed Kelsie softly on the mouth. Both girls groaned as Kelsie began to rub her wet thighs together putting pressure on her throbbing clit. She began to suck on Gisele’s softly as both girls moaned softly.

Gisele propped herself up on her elbows and looked deeply into Kelsie’s eyes, “Kelsie I can ask you something?”

“Of course you can lover,” Kelsie said with a grin as her finger traced Gisele’s “innie” belly-button.

“I want to eat you, I want to eat your sexy little cunt. You are such a hot little bitch and I want you to sit on my fucking face,” Gisele said as she let her tongue flash over her lips.

Gisele, laid back and closed her eyes. When she opened them she saw Kelsie’s firm tanned ass hovering a few feet above her. Kelsie giggled none of her other lovers ever asked her to do sexy stuff. She loved lesbian sites on the internet because the lovemaking seemed so real. How many times had she seen a girl lower her pussy onto another girl’s face? That kind of scene had always driven her mad, rubbing and fucking her own cunt until she squirted cum all over her bed.

Now Gisele wanted her to do the same think and it made the juices drip from her cunt. . Slowly Kelsie lowered her body giving her little ass a shake a few inches above Gisele’s sexy face. Gisele smiled and reached a hand out to slap Kelsie’s firm cheeks. Kelsie’s cunt was dripping wet and some of her juices dripped down on Gisele’s face. The blonde moaned wild to taste her friend’s cunt.

Gisele just marveled at the sight of Kelsie’s hot, young pussy. She stuck out her tongue Gisele so the tip took it’s first lick of the young girls cunt. Kelsie shuddered as Gisele flattened her tongue moving it up and down the girl’s pussy lips letting her juices flow into her mouth. Gisele let her tongue circle her friend’s dripping cunt hole, Kelsie groaned as Kelsie lowered her pussy so the stiff tongue would slide inside her.

Kelsie, threw back her head and groaned as Gisele’s tongue began to slide and out of her cunt. With each thrust the Gisele’s tongue probed her sensitive cunt walls, as it lapped up her juices. Gisele groaned into Kelsie’s pussy overwhelmed by the sweet taste and smell of her friend’s pussy. Gisele grabbed hold of Kelsie’s curvy hips and plunged her tongue deeper into the young girls cunt.

“OOOHHH fuck. OOOHHH FUCK! That feels so good Gisele. I love your tongue inside my little cunt. Please don’t stop!” Kelsie screamed, as she felt Gisele’s tongue probe deeper into her young cunt.

Gisele’s tongue swirled and stabbed exploring every inch of Kelsie’s young cunt. She stopped briefly to take in every delicious drop of her friend’s juices. Kelsie felt her weight on Gisele’s face so she slowly lifted herself up a bit letting Gisele’s tongue slide easily and deeply into her cunt.

Kelsie lowered herself back down feeling Gisele’s face in between her tight ass and that amazing tongue was stuffed up her snatch. Now picking up the pace a bit Kelsie used Gisele’s tongue like a dick as she bounced up and down letting Gisele’s small but powerful tongue fuck her tight young cunt.

Gisele moans softly each time Kelsie brought her cute ass down on her face. Gisele loved Kelsie’s ass she had always found herself admiring it at the club. She loved the feel of Kelsie’s sweet ass as it bounced right into her face. Kelsie’s juices just rolled down her tongue like a waterfall as at the sweet teen’s cunt was so wet and well lubed with her own juices her tongue fucked her with ease. Kelsie’s moaned louder as she bounced up and down on Gisele’s tongue like it’s little cock. The young girls cunt was beginning to tighten as pre cum flowed over her friend’s tongue.

As Kelsie bounced she rubbed her own tities, pulling and twisting her hard little nipples fiercely. She knew that her climax was not far away.

“Fuck me Gisele fuck my tight little cunt with your sexy tongue don’t stop Gisele keep fucking me!” Kelsie cried out as she began to grind her cunt into Gisele’s tongue and face.

Holding onto the Kelsie’s hips for dear life Gisele forced her tongue deeper and deeper into Kelsie’s cunt, then slid her tongue out and flicked it wildly over her throbbing clit. Kelsie screamed as Gisele’s tongue bashed over her clit sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout her young body.

Kelsie’s thighs began to tremble and in an instant her whole body began to convulse as she lost muscle control she literly sat down on her friends face as her orgasm ripped through her tight little body.

She began to grind uncontrollably on Gisele's face and tongue. Gisele groaned herself as Kelsie arched her back and I fine spray of girl cum washed over Gisele’s face. Gisele did her best to lap up thecum as it squirted from her young friends cunt but there was too much to stem. The creamy girl juice same in sort spurts and as she nibbled on Kelsie’s clit another wave of cum washed over her face and breasts. Gisele moaned under Kelsie’s screams as her friend’s cum slit down her tongue. She did her best to drink it up.

As Kelsie’s body continued to tremble, and she slowly lifted her cunt slightly off her friend’s face. Gisele slowed the pace of her tongue on her friend’s clit. Gisele let her tongue lap over Kelsie’s pussy. She wanted every last drop of the sweet tasting juice from the from the young girl’s cunt.

Kelsie groans, her cum slit down Gisele’s throat. Gisele carefully helped Kelsie off her face and laying her down so her sweet head was on a pillow.

“Thank you Gisele that felt so amazing,” Kelsie purrs as Gisele licked cum from her lips.

“No way Kelsie thank you for being such amazing lover,” Gisele said softly.

“Whenever you feel alone or hurt we can curl up in each other’s arms and make it all better,” Kelsie said as she curled up against Gisele’s hot, naked body.

Gisele wrapped her arms around Kelsie, “I love you Kelsie,” she said kissing the young blonde on the top of her head.”

“I love you too Gisele,” Kelsie said before drifting off to sleep in Gisele’s arms.


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