hope you like
Double Dose of Bad Seed 6.2: Xmas Break

They Should’ve Named Him Lusifer Momma.

I got up and turned the box on and listened while Jenny brushed her teeth. Jill burst
into the room crying.
“They should’ve named him Lusifer Momma, He’s Satin in human form” she yells
“Did he hurt you baby” Aunt Marie says .

“Not at first Momma he was sweet, gentle and loving almost, it was beautiful I could see
heaven in his eyes. He took my virginity so tenderly I was in heaven, I just knew god was
looking over me and somehow had made him good for me.” Jill says still sobbing.
“Sssh Baby tell Momma all about it” Aunt Marie says trying to console her.
“Then the Anti-Christ showed up the things he did to me momma and the things he was
going to do I can’t do it again” she says crying louder.
“I know baby it’ll only be a short while then it’ll be over baby once your pregnant” Aunt
Marie tells her.

“But Mom, he’s evil I looked into his eye before I left and I saw hell and I was there with
lusifer fucking me in the ass again” she cries.

“I know baby but I’m sure it’s not that bad you can do it till your pregnant for the
family” Aunt Marie says.

“But mom, a seed that bad can’t grow no matter how good the ground he plants it in”
Jill says.

“It’ll grow Jill have faith” Aunt Marie says.
“Even if I did get pregnant Mom something as evil as him probably eats his young” she
says sobbing.

I hear Aunt Marie snicker at that comment “I’m sure he won’t Baby”
“Don’t laugh mom, His Mom and Dad were brother and sister and look how bad they
were and he’s got a Double Dose of Bad Seed momma” she says.

Mom and Dad were Brother and Sister. What the fucks she talking about I think to
myself. It does explain one thing I always wondered about though why I have a big dick,
in the movies the inbreed retards always did. Gods way of compensating them for being
stupid I guess.

“Look I know it’s bad but go back and be with him as a wife until Christmas is over”
Uncle Bob says coldly.
“I can’t go back he’s probably fucking Jenny already and he’ll want me to clean her
pussy when he’s done like he made Jenny clean mine” she cries begging her mom not to
send her back.

“Well Jenny has had her period so she’s fertile, maybe she’ll get pregnant” Uncle Bob

I think to myself I know I got problems but this family has some serious issues. Hell their
pimping out their daughters so the men don’t have to get jobs and they call me evil and
sadist. It’s quiet in the room now besides Jill’s muffled sobs as her mother tries to
console her. Jenny laid on the bed beside me the whole time listening with me.

“Would you like me to carry your child JJ” she asks
I think for a moment “no” I say.
Jenny’s face gets sad “Why” she says as her eyes begin to tear up.
“If you get pregnant now I will be leaving and wouldn’t be able to fuck you while your
pregnant and that’s all the fun of having a baby” I say smiling as I imagine her with a big
belly and her breasts full of milk. She smiles at that and lays her head on my chest.

“Go get Jill and tell her to get in here, you and her will sleep with me tonight” I tell
“Yes sir” she says grabbing her night gown.
“Go naked Jenny” I tell her.

She looks at me and drops the night gown and heads out the door, arriving at Uncle
Bob’s room moments later.
“Jenny where’s your clothes” Aunt Marie asks.
“JJ says Jill is to come sleep with us now” Jenny tells her.
“I can’t tonight Jenny it’s too much” Jill says.
“You allowed him to take your virginity Jill, so in god eyes he’s your husband whether
you like it or not Jill, god commands you obey your husband so get to his bed now”
Uncle Bob says.

Moments later both girls are in my room, Jenny comes over and curls up with me and Jill
reluctantly does as well. I figure I caused enough damage for one night so I kiss Jill softy
until I see a little smile on her face.

“Jenny I’ll have to pop your cherry tomorrow” I say knowing I’m already tired and doubt
she could get me hard again tonight anyhow.

She just smiles and kisses me and snuggles into my chest. I get up at 5 am and decide to
go for a run. Out on my run I pass Officer Rick, he actually smiles and waves like we’re
friends. At 630 I return home and head upstairs to my room. The girls are just waking
up and I turn the shower on when I hear a knock at the door.
“Come in” I yell and Uncle Frank walks in looking at the girls then me.
“I gods eyes the girls are now your wives since you took their virginity. They will both
stay with you and obey you as a wife should. We ask that you treat them well and take
care of them” he says then turns and leaves.

I didn’t take Jenny’s virginity last night but I’m not telling and I’m pretty sure she won’t
either. Jenny comes meet me smiling
“We‘ll have to fix the virginity thing soon before they find out” she says.

“So do you want to go to the bed and make it official, take you like I did Jill last night” I

“Not now I want you well rested, and not like you took her virginity. I want it like you
took her after” she says stepping into the shower.

“It’s going to hurt a lot” I warn her.

“I can handle it, now turn around so I can wash my husband” she says smiling.
Jill joins us a few minutes later with a smile. After we shower we head down stairs and
to my surprise they waited on us for breakfast and my spot was open at the head of the
table with 2 extra chairs for my new wives.

Jenny and Jill each take a hand for prayer not allowing me to eat. The family eats and
talks like normal during breakfast asI sit considering how to handle this whole situation.
Doc Addison had taught me many valuable lessons. I was still the same rude uncaring
prick I was before. But I had learned how to fake being normal somewhat and how to
get what I wanted thru manipulation.

Like this family if they believe I will take care of the family, I can abuse these two girls
sexually all I want, with their blessing. Officer Rick he believes I’ve changed and now
waves like we’re old friends. After breakfast me and the girls head up to the room.

“JJ sit on the bed with us we would like to talk to you” Jill says.

“JJ, I want to be with you, like when you took my virginity I can fall in love with that JJ.
I’ll give you anything you want as your wife but I can’t handle the mean or rough JJ” Jill

“I’ll be your bad little slut wife, you can do anything you want to me” Jenny says then
they both look at me.

Perfect I think to myself
“Well I can except that but here are my rules” I lay them out for the girls.
1. They will obey me will out question.
2. They will be available at all times.
3. They will clean my cock after we have sex.
4. They are mine alone but I may do as I please.
5. They will keep their pussies shaved at all times.
6. All females will be naked in my home at all times unless I say different. That includes

The last rule served two purposes first who wouldn’t want to see them naked all the
time and I wanted to move to the pool house. It’s a 2 bedroom self-contained house. I
could just force my Aunt and Uncle out but I want the family to think it’s their idea. I get
what I want and they think they won the battle.

The girls look at me and strip agreeing to my terms. I grab Jenny and begin kissing her
while Jill slides behind me and starts kissing the back of my neck as she undoes my
pants. I stand and pick Jenny up and lay her on the bed, Jill removing my pants as I do. I
begin caressing her body slowly as I kiss her.

Jill is unsure what to do so I grab my now hard cock and point it towards her. She slides
down taking me into her mouth, She’s actually doing pretty good and taking about half
it in her mouth. I break my kiss with Jenny
“You ready” I ask her
“Whatever pleases you husband” she says with a smile.
“But I prefer to wait until tonight if I can” she adds.
“Ok” I say pulling Jill up from my cock as I lie back on the bed

I have Jill lay beside me, Jenny move toward my cock with her mouth but stops when I
spread Jill’s legs wide and begin rubbing her clit and sucking on her nipples. Jenny
moves between her legs and begins eating her pussy.
“Use your fingers on her as many as you can fit” I tell Jenny.

Jenny works three fingers inside Jill’s wet pussy. The sloppy wet sounds coming from
Jill’s pussy as Jenny finger fucked her had my cock throbbing. Once Jill finished cumming
I pulled Jenny up to me and kissed her licking all Jill’s pussy juice from her face as I did.

Jenny goes back down to Jill’s pussy getting her mouth covered in juice again then
comes back up to me but I push her over to Jill. Jenny smiles and kisses Jill pushing her
tongue into her mouth. Jill doesn’t respond at first but eventually is returning her kiss
with fire.

My cock was throbbing as I pulled Jill on top of me with her legs straddling me. I ease
my cock into her tight little pussy, she moans softly I can tell she’s still sore.

“Ok Jill ease back on to my cock slowly, this position will allow you to take as much as
you want and as fast as you want.” I say just before Jenny straddles my face and shoves
her hot wet little bald pussy into my mouth.

Jill slowly slides my cock about 7 inches in then back out as I slide my tongue inside
Jenny’s little virgin pussy releasing her trickles of virgin cum to be licked up by my eager
tongue. As Jill slowly rides my cock I eat Jenny’s pussy and begin working a finger into
her virgin little asshole.

I look around Jenny’s ass and her and Jill are kissing and playing with each other’s
breasts. Jill begins riding me deeper and faster as I slide a finger inside Jenny ass up to
the first knuckle causing her to moan and squirm in pain.

Jenny cums first and very hard, squirting my face with her cum. I like her even more now
I think as I lap up her cum. Me and Jill cum at the same time and Jill collapses on my
chest and Jenny curls up beside me.

Once my cock softens and slides from Jill’s pussy I say
“Jill would you run down and get us something to drink please”
“Yes husband” she says with a content smile, stopping to put on clothes.
“Rule number 4” I remind her.

She turns red in the face but opens the door and walks out naked and cum dripping
from her freshly fucked pussy. I look down at my limp cum covered cock then at Jenny.
She smiles and slides down and takes my cock into her little mouth. It’s a long while
before Jill comes back, I’m sure the family had questions.
“Uncle Frank would like a word with you when we are done JJ” Jill tells me upon her

Jill climbs back in bed and helps Jenny finish cleaning my cock. Little Jenny curls up on
my chest as I doze off. It’s 1130 before we wake up, lunch time so I put on my boxers
and head down with the girls following naked behind me. Uncle Frank and the other
adults meet us in the hall way.

“I know this is your house and they are your wives so you can do as you wish. I think a
solution would be to move you and the girls to the pool house and you can do as you
please there. All we ask is you dress when you come in the main house” Uncle Frank

Worked like a charm I think to myself.
“I can live with that” I say smiling.

We head back to the room and dress ourselves the returning for lunch. After I load up a
big plate I noticed that everyone else takes small portions and there’s none left when
everyone is served. I’m rich so I never thought much about it before but the 5000 a
month they get as an allowance and all these people to feed isn’t much. I’ll have to
make sure I’m served first I think looking at the empty bowls.

After lunch we head to the mall, first stop Victoria’s secrets we got a few strange looks
as I picked out the girls clothes. Jill got some sexy girly stuff and Jenny got the slut
clothes. Cash talks though and the store clerks didn’t say a word when the girls modeled
the outfits for me.

I notice the girls looking in awe at all the stores like they had never been to a mall
before, They had of course but never had money to buy anything so I loaded them up
and we headed over to my lawyers office.

We talk for a while and it is decided the girls can have a credit card each but he puts a
250 cash and 500 credit a week limit on them. For the holiday I talk him into giving
them each a 10000 limit to buy gifts. I explain it to the girls and hand them their cards. I
get several hugs and kisses then we’re headed back to the mall.

“Ok girls remember 10k seems like a lot but goes very fast so don’t go crazy” I say.

They smile. “JJ can me and Jenny shop alone for a while, we would like to get your gift”
Jill says.

“Ok, but we have to make a stop first” I say as we head to a cell phone dealer and get
the girls each a cell phone.

“Ok, girls call me when your done” I say then give each girl a long kiss before I leave
drawing several stares from people.

I headed over to the food court to get a drink and stopped dead in my tracks when I
spotted Alessa and Lily sitting at a table. I hadn’t really ever asked where her mom lived
when she moved, come to think of it I never asked her anything about herself.

Alessa was looking pretty good but when she stood up my cock twitched. She was
pregnant and had a nice round belly sticking out. She was too far along for it to be mine
I’m sure since it had only been 4 months and she looked to be at least 7 months along.

I walked over and sat at the table with her, Alessa had a shocked look on her face seeing
“Sit down slut” I say pulling her back to her seat.

Alessa just stares at me as she sits before she finally talks.
“What are you doing here” she asks.

“Well if you mean this town my family lives here. If your talking about the mall I was
shopping but now I think I’ll take you and Lily into the bathroom and fuck your pregnant
ass” I say smiling.

“I won’t do that, you’ve done fucked my life up enough JJ” she says before going into a
long rant about her miserable existence living with her mom.

I won’t bore you with the long story but basically she lost her car and has to ride the
bus, the only job she could get was fast food for minimum wage, Her husband divorced
her, she’s pregnant and her step father beats and rapes her ass almost every night.

I listen till she finishes her story. “Ok take your panties off and place them on the table
slut” I instruct her the look at Lily “you too” I say.

Lily didn’t think twice about it and removed her panties and placed them on the table,
but Alessa hesitated until I slapped her inner thigh hard. I could see her eyes tearing up
as she placed her panties on the table. I got up and went dump the tray in the trash
along with their panties.

When I returned to the table I grabbed Lily hand.
“Me and Lily are going to the restroom” I say before walking away with Lily.

Alessa sat at the table as I walked Lily into the Family Restroom and locked the door. Lily
smiled as I pulled my hard cock out and sat on the toilet. She wrapped her little lips
around my cock and started sucking like she was starving.
“My little cum slut is hungry” I say laughing.

Lily just mumbles yes and bobs her little head faster. It’s only a few minutes before I
hear the soft knock on the door.
“JJ let me in” Alessa whispers.

I let her in and lock the door back then turn and slap her face hard bringing tears to her
“Get naked slut while your daughter finishes sucking my cock” I say sitting back down
and holding my cock for Lily to continue sucking.

Alessa undresses slowly as Lily sucks me until my cock erupts in her little mouth. She still
couldn’t swallow fast enough and some dribbled to the floor.
“Lick it up” I tell Lily

I stand and walk over to Alessa and rub her big belly as Lily licks the cum from the floor
happily. Alessa and bruises all over her body and cigarette burns on her nipples ass and
pussy I noticed as I bent her over the sink. I guess her step daddy wasa sadistic fuck I
think as I push my cock all the way into her tight pussy in one hard stroke.

“Dam your pussy is tight, your step dad must have a small dick” I say making
conversation as I pound her pussy hard.

Lily is sitting naked on the toilet rubbing her little bald slit watching as I fuck her mom
hard. I start fucking Alessa harder slamming into her hard enough that her head hits and
shatters the mirror over the sink.
“He only fucks my ass” Alessa whispers between grunts.

I look down at Alessa’s little asshole and you could see it was red and raw. My thumb
slipped in easily but not with out pain as I worked my other thumb into her raw asshole.
“Good keep it that way, I like your pussy tight” I say shoving hard into her pussy before
cumming deep inside her.

I pulled out after the first squirt and gave her a nice cream pie. Lily had her little lips
wrapped around my cock before the cool air hit the head. She eagerly sucked all the
cum and pussy juice from my cock while I fingered Alessa hard until she came. Lily licked
my fingers clean then went straight for the cum dripping from her mom’s pussy.

I smacked Alessa hard on the ass and knelt down and kissed Lily before dressing. Lily
was still standing up licking and sucking my cum from her mother’s cunt when I slipped
out the door.

As I entered the food court I spotted an older man watching a few teens. I sit down and
he looks at me.
“Knock on Family Restroom 3, tell her JJ sent you” I say then walk away with a smile.

I spotted the girls running from one store to the next already carrying several bags. It’s
going to be a long wait so I decided to head over for a shake at the local drive in and see
if any of my old buds were hanging out. As I pulled in there was a lot of traffic and I spot
Officer Rick and a young girl talking. The girl I recognize from the pictures on Rick’s desk
years ago it’s his daughter.

I park two slots down from him and watch, she’s much older now and no longer the
skinny little girl with braces and pigtails. She looks about 16 and smoking hot, She had
an athletic build, 5’2” tall and 100lbs soaking wet, with nice small c cup breast. Her butt
was nice and round and sticking out of her little car hop uniform.

I’m not sure if it was the fact that she was Rick’s daughter or something else about her
but she had me mesmerized. I had to have her for reasons I couldn’t understand at the
time. I did know enough about Officer Rick to know that he was very religious and
judging from the cross necklace she wore I’m sure she either was a good little virgin
daddy’s girl or the wild slut cop’s daughter.

I order a shake then get out, Officer Rick comes over and congratulates me on doing so
well at the academy and even says he’s proud of me and what a fine young man I’m
turning out to be. I couldn’t have him liking me if his daughter was a little slut she would
never go for a daddy approved boy. If she is the virgin daddy’s girl well I doubt I’ll live
long enough to get in them panties the old fashion way.

I spot his daughter standing bent over taking an order and admire her fine little round
ass sticking out.
“Now that is a nice piece off ass wouldn’t you agree Rick” I say starring at his daughter’s

He is noticeably annoyed but says nothing continuing to make small talk. She turns and
smiles to her daddy as she heads in. She had a set of nice full lips, the kind that feel so
good wrapped around your hard cock.

“Man those are some dick smoking lips, I bet she could suck the chrome off a trailer
hitch and spit out nickels bro” I say admiring her smile.

That gets under Officer Ricks skin but he says nothing ignoring my comments. Melody I
see on her name tag when she comes back out and brings my shake. I make it obvious
I’m eyeing her up like my next meal.

“Man when I get to death row I want her to be my last meal” I say when she leaves,
watching her round ass wiggling back to the door.

Rick can’t take anymore,
“Son that is my 16 year old daughter your talking about” he says trying to control his
anger and put an end to my comments.

“Dam Rick that is some good seed you got there Bro you could make a fortune with her.
Put her on the table and open an all you can eat buffet, I’ll be your first customer” I say.

Before he can say anything a young boy (officer ricks son) riding a bike hit’s the curb and
wipes out, when he gets up and starts to walk he trips on his own shoe lace sending him
and the bike back to the ground. Everyone starts laughing at the poor boy.

“Look at that, there is some village out there being deprived of their idiot, I’ll bet there a
reward for him, I’ll split it with you bro” I tell Officer Rick looking at his son.

The boy shits down and as luck would have it the bench brakes send him back to the
ground for a third time.

“That a prime example there bro. You Can’t Fix Stupid” I say laughing at the boy.

“And that’s my son” Officer Rick says clenching his teeth to control his anger.

“No fucking way bro, All you can eat buffet and the village idiot aren’t from the same
seed. One of them is the milkman’s and you better pray it’s the village idiot” I say.

Officer Rick couldn’t take anymore clenching his fists and gritting his teeth he gets in his
“You really haven’t changed JJ your still the same scumbag dirt ball loser you were the
day you raped your mom and slept off your high while your dad beat her to death. Do
yourself a favor and stay as far away from me and my family as possible and as for my
daughter don’t ever make the mistake and even talk to her” he says fuming and drives
away squealing the tires.

Melody was standing starring as he did, she couldn’t hear the conversation but I’m sure
could tell her dad didn’t like me. I played the odds and was wrong from the expression
on her face she was daddy’s little virgin.

I get back in my truck and drink my shake watching little Melody. I hatch a plan to get
into those little panties. I make a few phone calls to some old buds a few towns over,
who put me in contact with a real low life gang banger. For 5k cash he’ll attack and rape

I will come to her rescue unknown to him of course me being a black belt it should be
easy enough. That should get them little legs spread wide I think as I watch her. I do a
little recon and find out she gets off at 7. It’ll be just getting dark this time of year. She
lives only a few blocks from here and it’s a nice neighborhood so she usually walks.

I meet the guy at the mall and set it up, giving him a bullshit story it’s payback because
her dad busted me. I pay him in cash and make sure he never gets a good look at me
just encase.

I meet up with the girls, Fuck they got a load of shit I think as the whole back seat is
filled with their bags. It’s about 6:15 so I head over to the drive in and we wait drinking
our shakes and talking.

I spot Melody leaving but she has a friend with her a little blonde about her age. I
figured it was off but after a few minutes I head to the alley where the attack was
supposed to happen. I see three guys and the 2 girls, One guy is holding each girls from
behind with a hand over their mouth.

Their shirts ripped open and breasts bouncing around as they struggle. Their skirts and
panties are already in a pile at their feet. The third gangbanger is standing in front with
a hand at both girls pussy. I park the truck facing them I had killed the lights already

“Girls stay in the truck, don’t get out. Jill when I reach them turn the lights on and flip
the fog light switch” I say pointing out the switches to Jill.

“No matter what happens don’t get out the truck or open the doors” I add before
kissing them both and stepping out.

I sneak over to the action
“Their both virgins boys we’re going to pop some cherries to night” the 3rd guy says
excitedly pulling his fingers from the girls virgin pussies.

He steps between Melody’s legs and begins rubbing his cock on her pussy. Melody is
kicking like crazy and he slaps her hard

“Calm that bitch down while I go try the other one” he says stepping over between the
legs of the girl and starts trying to enter her.

She kicks and squirms as well only to be punched in the face busting her lip and nose.
The one holding Melody isn’t being much nicer groping her virgin pussy and slapping her
face hard enough to bust her lip when she resists.

I move a little closer and grab the one I had hired and spin him around grabbing with
both hand on his head I drive his head down with all my strength and my knee up,
impacting his nose and driving the bone into his brain. I release him as he falls to the
ground dead as my truck floods the alley with light.

The other gangbangers drop the girls and pull out knives and come at me. Those years
of martial arts pay off and their down in no time but I inflict way more damage than
necessary. I walk over and place my jacket on melody and my shirt on the other girl as
the alley begins to flood with police lights.

The girls are terrified and crying as the first cops get to the scene guns drawn.
“Lay on the ground” the officer says.

“Fuck that bro, I ain’t lying on the ground I just helped these girls” I yell back the
adrenaline still pumping thru my system.

“Sir lie down on the ground now” he repeats.

The girls I can see are now with an officer pleading with them that I had helped them.
“No fucking way am I going to lie down bro” I yell back as my adrenaline levels go even

I see Officer Rick arrive and walk over to his daughter as two cops move forward with
batons to take me down. It wasn’t happening today though and I take them both down
quickly. A few seconds later I feel the sting from the first tazzer and go to one knee as
the shock passes thru my body, then the second one hits me.

The adrenaline was the only thing keeping me up and as I’m about to collapses it stops.
It takes a minute before my vision clears and Officer Rick is helping me back to my feet.
I guess Melody told him the story because he’s thanking me and calling me son. I hear
the shot and feel the burning pain in my side as I go back down to my knees.

The alley erupted in gunfire as I look back at the gangbangers lying in the alley. Their
bodies jerking as a hail of bullets hit them. I look down and I’m bleeding from my left
side badly. I got a gash about 9 inches across my left side were the bullet grazed me.

Another Officer walks up and helps Rick get me back to my feet and thanks me
introducing himself as John Hammond the local state police barracks commander. The
other little girl was his daughter.

The paramedic are there trying to help me but I refuse treatment not wanting to spend
any time in the hospital. I look at the state police officer
“Am I free to go” I ask John

“Yes, you’ll have to do a statement later but you need medical attention son your
bleeding pretty bad” he replies.

Rick was also trying to get me to go to the hospital, it wasn’t part the original plan but I
decided to make Rick regret his earlier words and turn to him.

“You made your opinion of me clear already at the drive in bro” I say as I walk over and
get in my truck.

I look back as I get in Rick is just staring at me a hurt look on his face. I drop the truck in
drive and smoke all 6 tires as I spin around 180 degrees and drive off. The girls are all
freaked out by the blood but I know it’s only a bullet graze, just a lot of blood. We stop
at Wal-mart and Jill goes inside to get me clothes, bandages and stuff while Jenny sits in
the truck with me.

“Don’t think this little scrap gets you out of getting popped later slut” I say smiling.

She just smiles and kisses me until Jill returns and they clean me up, it’s not bad a few
stitches and I’ll be fine. I’m standing outside leaned against the truck while Jenny is
stitching me up when 2 cruisers arrive.

“Sir we would like you come with us” one says as they approach.
“Do I have a choice” I ask
“Yes sir, the girls requested we find you so they could thank you sir” he says as they
stare at Jenny trying to stitch me up.

“Tell the girls I appreciate it but Officer Rick has made it clear how he feels about me
and I’m to stay away from his daughter and family” I say knowing they will go back and
tell him exactly what I said.

The officers give me a confused look as I put my shirt on and leave. I call my lawyer and
even though it now 830 he meets me at his office. I fill out a statement and he notarizes
it then delivers a copy to the state police and local police.

I had always intended to kill the gangbanger but he brought friends the bastard messing
up everything I think to myself, there’s no honor left among thieves. As I drive home my
cell rings its Officer Rick so I just hang up, then John the state police commanders calls.

“Hello” I answer.

“JJ this is John, I’m not sure what is going on son but I and the girls would like you to
come down so we can thank you in person, You’re a hero son” he says.

“Well Sir I appreciate the comments but I’m not, I just did what anyone would have
done I’m sure. I’m just happy their safe now and tell them no thanks are necessary” I

“Look son just come down and let the girls and us thank you” he says.

“I can’t do that John, Officer Rick made it clear earlier I was never to speak to his
daughter. I’m sure he can explain it to you” I say not waiting for a reply before I hang up
and turn my phone off.

I figure I’ll give it a day and let the pressure build on Officer Rick before I turn it back on.
My lawyer had given me keys to an apartment my father kept in town for business
Client’s so we headed there to lay low. Once at the apartment the girls call the family
and tell them everything, describing me as some superhero ninja master.
“Girls why are you dressed in my house” I ask. They both look at me having forgot about
the rule and smile as they strip their clothes off.

We all climb in bed naked and the girls curl up on either side of me. I was dead tired
from the adrenaline rush and blood loss. I flip the TV on to pay per view and select the
xxx channel.

“Ok girls I’m going to take a quick nap you watch and learn” I say.

As I doze off I her the girls giggling and their taking turns with my cock gently teasing it
with their mouths as they watch the show. I guess the blood loss took more out of me
then I thought because when I woke it was 5 am. Both girls were sleeping on my chest
and the room smelled like sex, my cock is limp and there is cum in Jill’s hair.

I flip to the news channel and there is a story about the incident, local hero saves 2 girls
names being withheld. I flip my phone back on and the mail box is full, reporters and
people I don’t know. Each of the girls left a tearful message thanking me for what I did
and begging me to come see them so they could meet me.

Just hearing Melody’s voice begging got my dick hard. John left a message as well trying
to convince me to come. Rick left several apologizing for the drive inn, and asking me to
come see the girls. Melody’s as good as mine I think as I turn my phone back off and roll
over and slide my hard cock into Jill’s wet pussy.

Jill just moans softly and pokes her ass out so I can get deeper into her tight little pussy.

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2013-09-17 02:05:06
I enjoy your stories, but no offence I but your making martial arts out to be something it's not. I have a black belt in the field an let me tell you the few fights I've been in, an yes it has helped a little but if there not fighting with it as well there really isn't a point. Street fighting is just that no rules and that's usually what it took to. I wouldn't say win but to at least walk away first. An not everytime either.


2012-10-26 17:23:59
I always welcome advice. Not sure what's wrong with the paragraphs so more info would help

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2012-10-26 14:55:18
about your writing you should really work on your paragraphs

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2012-10-26 14:54:02
great series so far and btw when is the next chapter coming up


2012-10-26 08:04:35
Thanks "A" its jenny that needs poping jenna is the shanks sister of alessa lol

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