He hated her, she had to be the most insensitive bitchy person in the entire auditorium..
but she; was all he could think about during the professors long lecture,
In his mind he went over all of her positives and negatives.
His pants grew tighter as he looked at her long black hair, slim tanned body and moisturized shoulders.
Her body was propped forward as she was sitting, and Colin Jenkins caught a slight glimpse of her black g-string right there in front of him.. her strapless coral shirt and low rise light blue jeans made him want her even worse. Colin zoned out of his daze and realized he had a towering hard on. Embarrassed Colin quickly grabbed a calculus text book and put it on his lap. Then the thought of her came up again. Of course, he hated her personality. But he admired her beauty..
though, Colin knew he wouldn’t have a chance.. but he could only dream

“ Yo, Dude, wake up man. Lectures over, and check it out that hot chicks totally trying to get extra credit ” Liam Weinhaus laughed. While digging his elbow into Colins left shoulder. Colin winced then
wiped the edge of his mouth with his sweater, and moved on to rub his eyes.. As everyone was leaving class, Keyanna Biel was loudy informing the lecture group and handing out flyers, on behalf of after class help for those who are in need of tutors.. right away, Colins idea light became bright.. Colin carefully stood up from his chair making sure his tent wasn't still pitched. As he made way towards the exit. He stopped by Keyanna.. He looked at her with a daring smile.. With that Keyanna smiled back. Her eyes sparkled and her skin was tan and clear. Although, Colin was looking into her eyes, Keyannas breasts were trying to make more of an appearance her perfect cleavage was sported in her strapless shirt.. Colin tried his hardest not to look so he wouldn't be made out to be an asshole..
“ Hey, Keyanna right? ” Colin asked fully aware of her name and who she was.
“ You need help with Calculus Colin? I thought you'd be the last one to ask for help ” She simply stated sarcastically...
Colin Paused..
If he was really honest he would want to tell her that he didn't want help with calculus, infact he would tell her that he wanted to take her to his apartment and make sweet love to her.. actually then he'd be lying to himself.. He wanted to fuck her hard, so bad, and he'd admit to wanting to fuck her for so long.
His cock began to grow.. Colins eyes widened..

“ No Keyanna. I don't need your help.. I just thought a girl like you would be very hard to get.. so I'm just going to put myself out there.. I was just kind of wondering if you wanted to go out tonight? ” Realizing what he'd just said, he covered his mouth..
“I'm so sorry Keyanna.. Have a good – day...” Feeling slightly awkard, colin backed away and headed to the hallway.
“ Colin!! Wait. '' as hard as I am to get'' I think I need a night out! Pick me up at 8. I'll be in the library..”

As Colin arrived to the library.. the doors were shut and the lights were off.. Colin pulled the door open.
“ Keyanna?” Colin asked anxiously.
“ Back here.” a calm little voice called from the Library's own little lounge, where it featured sofas televisions and mac's, Keyanna was laying on the black sofa, she was twirling her hair. She looked hot in her colourful shirt and sexy little mini skirt.. As bad as Colin wanted to fuck her he was going to play by the book and be a gentleman..
“ Keyanna, are you feeling alright? We don't have to go out if you don't want to!”
“ Colin I need to ask you something..”
“ Yes?” Colin wondered in his head. His stomach already in knots..
“ Would you want to have sex with me if I asked you too?, Its like every guy in this school avoids me because I’m some bitch and I’m hard to get. But when you said that in the auditorium today you really took me by surprise. You were honest with me. So would you?”
“Yes, because your one of the most stunning girls I’ve ever met, You're only playing this hard to get role because you want to be with special people. Not some sleaze who’s got his dick in everyone’s pants.”
At that, Keyanna sat up and placed her hand on Colin’s knee, gently guiding it to his thighs, God it felt so good getting touched by a girl in school whom you've been infatuated with for so long. Keyanna took her other hand and embraced Colin’s freshly shaven face. While she gently kissed his lips. Then started kissing his earlobe, putting Colin in a state of hypnosis. He would do anything for her right now. Colin pushed Keyanna back while he slipped Keyanna's thin straps off her shoulders. Keyanna sat up on the sofa and Colin repositioned himself to be right in front of her. Keyanna opened her legs and Colin roughly extracted her lacy thong. He pushed up her skirt and saw her freshly shaven pussy. Colin made way towards it and started kissing it. He molded his lips to her delicate labia. He slowly licked his way up her little pussy, then rapidly licked her hole. Sucking her sweet juices he started to explore her inner folds. Soon Keyanna couldn't take any more, She held Colin’s head in place and rocked her hips as she came.
“ Fuck yes Colin!!” She yelled gasping for air.
“ Keep sucking my pussy baby..” Keyanna groaned,
for a second time, keyanna came this time harder then the first,
“ Oh fuck!! Fucking GOD! Eat me. Eat my motherfucking pussy. Ah Oh my God.. I'm cumming..”
Keyanna took a deep breath and gave me Colin a seductive smile.. Colin had the hardest dick ever .. Keyanna motioned him to sit on the couch, as she stood up she undressed herself. While Colin pulled off his clothes with the same idea in mind.

Keyanna stood there, staring at his monstrous cock, her jaw dropped. Colin lent out his hand for her to come to him, she lowered herself onto his dick, her body shuddering to the size of his tall thick cock. Keyanna rode him, thrusting her hips then Colin wrapped one arm around her and held her tight while his other hand had a tight grip on her ass and he placed one finger deep with in her ass. Knowing that would put her in extacy. He fucked her so hard that all they could do was moan loudly. Colin looked at her,,
“ Keyanna! Slap me you little sexy whore.” Colin grunted through his teeth Keyanna looked terrified.. but she realized he liked pain..She cracked him one right in the face.. and as she did it, Colin fucked her even harder. Causing Keyanna some discomfort with his long cock hitting the tip of her cervix. Colin had an intense look on his face, he grabbed Keyanna;s arms leaving imprints while still fucking her fast, His body was twitching and he was almost there.
“Keyanna I'm gonna cum, where do you want me to cum?” Colin asked..
“ Fucking cum in my tight little cunt!”
“Ahh yeahh! Im cumming eeahhhhooooo Yeah give me a fucking kiss you dirty little slut”
at that moment, they both heard the library door swing open and the lights turn on.. they quietly got off eachother and grabbed thier clothing. There were washrooms off the library that led into the hallways outside. They ran to Keyanna's dorm which wasnt too far of a distance..

They showered and fell asleep, in the morning Colin awoke to Keyannas warm soft tongue caressing the shaft of his morning wood.

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