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This is my first story be nice but I want feedback hope you enjoy!!
My name is Tessa James I'm 15 year old student. I have long black curls very tanned and have green eyes. Ive decided to spend a week at a boarding school to see if I like it. I walk in trembling it's all girls and ever so strict. I'm greeted by a old lady which my first impression of is a old hag. She takes me to a room marked 506 before going inside the lady tells me Monday morning at 7 o'clock I must be upstairs outside room 907 for breakfast there I will be given a time table. Finally she let's me go into my room it's 8 oclock on a Saturday night and I really just want to get settled in and get some rest. I walk in and close the door when from the bathroom a long blonde haired girl walks in her eyes are deep blue her body is fabulous and her boobs probably a d cup  mine are only a c. She walks over and says " hi im jasmine you must be Tessa I'm your room mate" I answer " great I think we'll get on great I just want to put my clothes away okay?" " oh sure just put it all in the top draw the seconds mine" jasmine answered politely as I put my clothes away we chatted getting to know each other better. It was already 10 o'clock so we decided to get ready for bed me and jasmine had to share a double bed scince my bed hadn't arrived. Jasmine went to get changed I stripped off my top and pant leaving me in my under wear also known as my pyjamas . I grapped a girlfriend mag and started reading leaving my ass stuck up in the air. I didn't hear her but jaz must have come back inside the room. I continued to read when a sharp pain went through my ass I yelped with pain and turned to see jaz holding a whip. I looked her up in down she was in bright pink and yellow panties and bra. " Tessa  do not wiggle your ass in my face or you'll get more than ass whipping. I burst out laughing and got into my position thinking she was joking. With that I was whipped again but much harder and on my pussy I screamed with pain. " you have been warned Tessa now get into bed" jasmine said sharply. With my pussy aching I crawled into bed where jasmine joined me. I don't know why but my pussy was now dripping wet jasmine came in for a cuddle putting her arms around me pulling us close until her knee was touching my pussy. I knew she knew because she realised the hug layed back on her tummy watching me I looked down to see her nipples poking out of her bra. They were perfect her nipples were large and dark I was so mesmerised in her tits my own bra slid down showing my pink boobs. Jasmine giggled I had know idea why then she said " I love boobies especially pink ones" as she said this she took each nipple in a hand and twisted them hard I squirmed and screamed. This made jasmine release her hold and grab somthing from under the bed a box then she whispered " close your eyes" I did I was told but reopened when I realised she had hand cuffed me to the bed posts. I looked at her and said " jaz what the fuck are you doing" she answered by shoving a gag in my mouth. Then she got to pegs she twisted each nipple then pegged them. I was in such pain but I was getting wetter and wetter she pulled away the blankets and cut off my soaked panties and slid her fingers in my soaked pussy after 1 minute her whole fist was inside me. She pulled her fist out and wipped on my belly before picking up a dildo and sticking it inside me do none was poking out . My whole body was so happy then suddenly jasmine started whipping my slit. I screamed and jasmine sat on my tummy placing the whip in my mouth and removing my gag Jasmine said " baby even with a gag on I can hear your screams so here's to options I ether whip you on your sexy little cunt 100 times then whip your ass 50 or I whip your boobs 100 but you have to wear no bra and no panties in class for the whole week". I thought about it she only whipped my pussy 5 times and I was dying I chose the second option.she took off the pegs and took out the dildo then grabbed the whip and started my whole body was sore but I was getting ever so wet . 

That's the last thing I remembered I'm waking now I move my head to see myself still handcuffed to the bed with jasmine asleep on my tummy. I wiggled around trying to wake her because I need to piss really bad she doesn't stirr I wiggle around for a hour until she wakes up. " morning baby oh it's already midday well I got go I'll be back in a hour" jasmine said putting on her robe and leaving the room before I could object. Now I was really busting I just had to I pissed all over myself and the bed how could she leave me here alone naked and I'm sure she opened a window so I would freeze. 

It felt like forever but then jasmine came back with a gorgeous girl wearing nothing except panties. " hi I'm Oliva jazzys girl friend it's great to meet you" the girl said " Tessa get your eyes off my girls boobies" jasmine yelled at me but I couldn't help it they were double fucking Ds. " fine have it your way " jasmine screeched pulling somthing from the cupboard I she attached to suchen cups to my tittys it was a milking machine! It started to worjk and it really hurt I started screaming but I stopped when noticed oliva take of her panties and strap on a 12 inch dick to her waist. Oliva came towards we and started pumping the tip into my mouth until it was all in and I was gagging beyond belief she stopped and stuck it in my pussy." hey tessy your lucky your wet or this would hurt way more " oliva giggled in pain I looked down to see the dick moving in my tummy. Suddenly jasmine screeched " she pissed herself while I was gone such a loser"oliva kept pumping her dick in me and the milking machine kept pumping milk out of me . I watched jasmine watching oliva the realised she was taking her panties off then she climbed over me and sat on my mouth. I faintly heard her say lick me so I did I was told wishing for this to end.

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2012-12-21 00:13:57
Hi Jasmine, I have been a fan on FB since you started your busnseis, but have only been lucky enough to prosper from your talents recently.I have many great birthday memories from growing up, but my ALL time favorite BIRTHday memory doesn't even involve my birthday The memory is of Sept. 16, 2010 my beautiful baby boy, Joss entered the world. He has changed my life and the way I view life,in ways I never could have imagined.I look forward to every birthday from now on, knowing I get to watch him grow.Happy Birthday, Lady!!!

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2012-11-23 22:08:58
ok great story just fix some spellings but it was still a great story make pt 2 plz!

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2012-10-27 03:10:05
Dear anonymous reader below me. You are a sheep, a fool, and in general, the exact kind of semi-retarted, order-following drone that those with intelligence and strong will love to have under them. Stop being retarted, and stop posting this SHIT.

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