Thanks for the positive comments and suggestions. I decided to republish this chapter.
I have stretched the truth a little bit, but for the most part, the events I have written about are true

I met my wife while on a summer vacation in Europe. Kathy was beautiful, she had a smoking hot body; a slim figure, about 5’ 4, with olive colored skin, Dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her beautifully rounded breasts were a 34 C but her tits looked much larger than they actually were because of her small frame. She had certain sensuality about her and didn’t have to wear a lot of makeup. Kathy always dressed well, and wherever she went, she turned heads.

She had a lovely round ass that just begged to be fucked. Her pussy was always groomed her labia were really large and just looked amazing. But the feature that attracted me the most were her gorges legs. In a miniskirt or tights, she had the kind of legs and ass that looked so good, you just wanted to have them wrapped around your head as you ate her pussy.

Chapter 1 Deana Cums for a Visit

Kathy had a past that I wasn’t aware of at the time when we started dating. Later as we got closer and more comfortable in our relationship, I would find out that her past included incest, same sex and multiple partner sex. Sexually we had the same Interests or should I say turn-ons, but if I knew then, what I found out later. I probably would not have married her.

Her past would eventually end our marriage. Sex with Kathy was tough in the beginning she showed little emotion and was kind of on the frigid side of things. It took a little while, but she soon loosened up and our sex life was a lot better.

Kathy had two close girl friends, Deana and Sophie. Both girls were very attractive and together the three of them were absolutely gorgeous. The three of them had a lot in common, as I would later realise, they liked to fuck boys, girls and older men.

About a year into our marriage Deana came to visit, she had an aunt in Toronto and was going to spend the summer months in Canada. We invited Deana to come spend a couple of weeks at our home. Kathy was so happy to have her visit us. It was a chance to catch up on gossip and news from back home.

One evening, shortly after Deana arrived we decided to have an evening at home, watching a couple of movies and have a few drinks. As the evening progressed the girls were drinking vodka coolers and were getting a little tipsy. Kathy suggested we watch a porno. Deana said she had never seen a porno before and was curious to watch one. I warned her it was dirty and she said that it was ok. I put a movie in the VCR and we sat down to watch it. I sat on the couch beside my wife and Deana sat on the other side of my wife. After the movie was over we joked about what we saw. Deana said she had never seen cocks that big before and Kathy said she didn’t think they were real. Deana asked Kathy “Does Paul have a cock that big”. Kathy said it was big but not as big as the ones on the movie. Deana laughed and said she would be scared to have a husband with a big penis. It would tear her in half.

Deana was a small woman about 5’ 2” with a very tiny frame. She had tiny tits and a nice tiny round ass. Kathy told Deana that when she first saw my penis, she was afraid it would hurt, and it did the first few times. After a while she got used to its size and she really liked it.

All this talk sex talk was having an effect on me, I had an erection and you could see the outline of it in my pants. Deana kept looking at it and it was making me Horney. Kathy laughed and pointed out my hardon to Deana. Kathy then made it stand out even more by holding down the material around my penis. Deana looked at Kathy in surprise and said “It’s huge”. Kathy reached for my belt buckle and started to undo it.

I said to Kathy “What are you doing?”

Kathy said, “I want to show Deana your cock.”

I said “What?”

Kathy said “Oh come on. It’s bigger than any cock Deana has ever seen before”

Kathy reached into my pants and pulled out my cock. I was so turned on; my cock was now big and hard. Kathy put her hand on the shaft and started to stroke it.

Deana said “I can’t believe you just pulled your husband’s penis out of his pants”, “Oh my god it is huge”

I couldn’t believe Kathy did it either.

Deana asked “Do all the men here have a penis that big”

Kathy said “I don’t know. This is the first one I have ever seen here”.

Deana said “I could never put something that big in my mouth”.

Kathy said “Sure you can, watch me” Kathy leaned over and started to suck my cock in front of her friend.

Deana stood up and said “Oh my god I don’t believe this”. Deana sat back down beside me and watched Kathy suck my cock.

Kathy stopped sucking my cock and to my surprise said to Deana “Want to try?”

I was surprised that Kathy would allow another woman to have sex with me. Usually she was jealous when a woman came on to me.

Deana looked embarrassed and said “No”

Kathy said “You can hold it if you want”.

Deana looked shy and hesitant. At this point, I was so horny, I had lost all sense and said to Deana, "Go ahead, you can hold it".

Deana reached over and put her hand around the shaft of my penis and could barely wrap her hand around it. Deana said “it’s so huge’. Deana stroked my penis and I rested my hand on her ass.

Kathy said “Suck it”

Deana said “I don’t know’

Kathy said “Go ahead, I know you want to”.

Deana looked at me smiled and then said “Ok, just a little bit”. Deana bent down and licked my cock head and then the shaft. It felt so good. Then she put the head of my cock in her mouth and I was in another world. Soon Deana was sucking my cock like a pro.

Kathy again said to my surprise “Want to fuck that big cock too”.

Deana’s eyes opened wide and she said to Kathy, “Oh my god. You want me to fuck your husband”.

Kathy said “It’s ok, I’m sure he won’t mind”.

Then Deana said “It will be like old times’ I was kind of surprised at that comment what did she mean? “Like old times”. Well I was so horny at this point I wasn’t about to ask for an explanation, all I could think of was banging Deana.

We moved to the bed room and Deana and Kathy stripped down to their underwear. This was so hot. I took off my pants, underwear and shirt and lay down on the bed. Deana and Kathy started to kiss passionately. Kathy then pulled Deana’s bra down and sucked Deana’s tits. Deana then undid her bra and so did Kathy. Deana was a tiny thing with small tits with puffy nipples. She was 21 with big blue eyes and if you were to dress her up in a pony tail, bobby socks with a school uniform she could pass for a 13 year old.

I lay there and watched them suck each other’s tits. Kathy bent down and kissed and licked Deana’s belly button, then she pulled Deana’s panties to the side and started to eat her pussy. Deana’s cunt looked so tight. Her pussy lips were huge and her cunt just looked amazing, but sexiest of all was her tight round ass. Kathy stood up and took her panties off, then grabbed Deana’s underwear and pulled them off too.

As Kathy went down on Deana again, I turned towards Deana and put my cock up in her face. Deana quickly swallowed up my cock and started sucking me again.

Kathy stood up and said “Your pussy is nice and wet; it’s ready for that big cock now”

I took my cock out of Deana’s mouth and got on top of her. Deana watched with a frightened look on her face as I put my cock between her pussy lips. Her cunt looked so tiny with my swollen cock head spreading her pussy lips apart. I lined up my massive cock head at the entrance of her pussy. Deana looked terrified.

Slowly I pushed my penis into her hole and Deana cried out “Oh god it’s too big”. I pushed my penis in again and it felt like it was stuck. Then it popped in, and it slid in half way into Deana’s cunt. Deana cried out “Ooh it’s too big. It hurts. Please take it out”.

I pulled back a bit and I said to Deana “Just relax, take a deep breath”. Slowly I pushed it in again and Deana’s head went back and she cried “It hurts. Oh my god, you're tearing me in half”.

I couldn’t believe how tight her pussy was. My cock was rock hard and was as big as I’d ever seen. There was no way I was stopping now. I pulled out a bit and pushed it in some more. Deana cried out “Ooh, It’s too big. It’s too big!”

Soon Deana’s cries became moans of pleasure. My cock was in halfway and sliding in and out much easier now. After a few minutes I had most of my penis buried deep in her cunt. Deana’s cries became loud moans as I pushed my penis in deeper and deeper into her tight cunt. Suddenly her body tensed up as she erupted with a huge orgasm. I fucked her slow and deep. Deana cried “Fuck me, fuck me”.

Finally my ball sack was slapping her tiny ass as I started to thrust my penis in harder and faster. Deana had tears running down her face and she cried “Oh my god I have never been fucked like this before,”

With one last push I was balls deep in her tight pussy. I pushed my cock in as far as it would go, my body tensed, and it felt like my cock was ready to explode, and I let out a huge load of cum. I thought my cock would not stop cumming. By the time I was done there was cum everywhere. Deana looked at me with so much lust in her eyes I knew she would want to be fucked again and again.

After we were done the three of us lay on the bed and just kissed. Deana stood up and a stream of cum poured from her cunt. Kathy quickly ran to the bathroom to get her a towel. Deana said that was the best fucking she ever had. From that night on for the rest of Deana’s stay we fucked and fucked. Deana was so hot. She couldn’t get enough of my cock. She would fondle me any chance she had and would blow me whenever she could.

Finally Deana went back to her aunt’s house in Toronto and life returned to normal. I asked Kathy to explain what Deana meant about "like old times". Kathy told me that, Kathy Deana and Sophie belonged to a youth club where they were very popular with the boys. It was Sophie that introduced Kathy and Deana to bi-sexual sex and often they participated in group sex with the boys in the club.

I was stunned to hear this, I knew Kathy was not a virgin when I met her, nor did I expect her to be. It was love at first sight. We hit it off and fell in love. Now I was a bit concerned. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed what we did with Deana, but I saw a side of Kathy that I didn’t see before. She became a nymphomaniac when she became sexually aroused around other people.

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