I have stretched the truth a little bit, but for the most part, the events I have written about are true
I met my wife while on a summer vacation in Europe. Kathy was beautiful, she had a smoking hot body; a slim figure. about 5’ 4, with olive colored skin, Dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her beautifully rounded breasts were a 34 C but her tits looked much larger than they actually were because of her small frame. She had certain sensuality about her and didn’t have to wear a lot of makeup. Kathy always dressed well, and wherever she went, she turned heads.

She had a lovely round ass that just begged to be fucked. Her pussy was always groomed her labia were really large and just looked amazing. But the feature that attracted me the most were her gorges legs. In a miniskirt or tights, she had the kind of legs and ass that looked so good, you just wanted to have them wrapped around your head as you ate her pussy.

Chapter 2 Kathy’s uncle

One night, Kathy and I talked about our past sex experiences. Here is a story she told me about her relationship with her uncle.

Ever since Kathy was 14 she would go to her uncle’s house to help him with the chores, her aunt (her mother’s sister) died suddenly at a fairly young age, they never had children and her uncle treated her like she was his daughter.

Kathy occasionally spent the whole weekend cleaning, cooking and doing the laundry for her uncle. She really liked him; he was a tall, dark haired, slim fellow, who looked much younger than his real age. In the evening when all her work was done, they would sit by the fire place in the parlor, and would pass the time, talking and telling tall stories. Sometimes on a cold wintery night, they cuddled together in his chair by the fire. Often on those cold nights, her uncle would be drinking a hot toddy or sipping a brandy. Sometimes he would let her have a little sip too.

One day her uncle came in from outside while Kathy was in the parlor dusting the furniture. As He poured himself a drink he said to her, that he noticed that she has grown into a fine young lady. Kathy felt awkward because lately her uncle was staring at her more than usual. He asked her to take a break from the chores and come and sit with him for a bit. Kathy put down her things and sat down on the chair beside him.

Her uncle said “no, no, come here and sit on my lap”.

As she stood up he said “let me look at how much you have grown”.

Kathy felt kind of embarrassed, as she stood in front of her uncle, he put his arm on her shoulder and pulled her towards him.

“My how you have grown” he said, while he was rubbing her back, with his left hand he cupped her left breast and then the right, “They are getting big and firm”, he said “you are going to have large, beautiful tits”.

Then he stopped rubbing her back and rested his hand on her butt. “What a nice ass you have, you’re a very sexy girl”. Kathy felt a strange, tingly sensation, happening deep down in her belly.

His left hand went between her legs and he lightly touched her crotch, and he said “soon you will have the men chasing after you with their penis”. Kathy blushed; she was surprised to hear her uncle talk like this, although she was enjoying her uncle’s attention.

“Have you seen an older man’s penis?” asked her uncle.

Kathy didn’t know what to say, the day before she walked past her uncle’s bedroom and the door wasn’t closed all the way, she took a peak into the room and saw her uncle masturbating on the bed. Kathy stood there frozen as she watched her uncle, stroking his penis. His eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily, she had seen a boy’s penis before but she never seen one as big as the one in her uncle’s hand. Just as she was about to walk away when her uncle let out a quiet moan, and she turned her head just in time to see strings of cum shooting out of his penis.

She didn’t want her uncle to know that she had seen one, so she shook her head and said “no”.

“Would you like me to show you my penis”? Her uncle asked.

Kathy’s face was red with embarrassment; she had never seen one up close before. She was curious and wanted to see his penis. The tingling felling was getting stronger and she felt butterflies as she nodded her head yes.

Her uncle stood up, undid his belt and slipped his trousers off. He stood in front of her with just his boxers on, and unbuttoned the front and pulled out his penis. Kathy looked on in silence, as her uncle stood in front of her stroking his penis.

“Would you like to touch it”?

Kathy felt a lump in her throat, she couldn’t speak, her whole body tingled and she felt a little twitch in her vagina. He reached out, took her hand and placed it on the shaft of his penis. Kathy finally found her voice and said “it feels so warm and it’s so hard too”. She never imagined that a man’s penis could be so big, her hand barely went around the shaft and it had large veins too. Her uncle let go of her hand but Kathy still held on to his penis.

“If you stroke it up and down you will make it harder” he said.

He took hold of her hand and showed her how. As they stroked his penis together, the head popped out of the foreskin and she could see the slit on the end. He let go of her hand and she continued to stroke his penis like he showed her.

“That’s real good, said her uncle, “see how it’s staring at you”

Kathy giggled and nodded her head.

“That’s because it wants you to kiss it on its lips”.

Kathy looked at her uncle, then at his penis, she knew this was wrong, but the tingly feeling felt so good. Holding her uncle’s penis made her feel so naughty and she liked being a naughty girl.

Slowly she bent down and kissed the end of his penis. Her uncle said “that’s good, kiss it some more”, the tingly feeling she felt earlier was more intense. Her heart was pounding and she it felt like her vagina was on fire; she bent down and kissed his penis again and again.

Kathy remembered once, when she arrived home early from her uncle’s house, she walked in on her mother and father having sex. They weren’t expecting her home so soon. Kathy’s parents were butt naked and they didn’t realize that Kathy was there watching them.

Kathy said “Once I saw my mother put my father’s penis in her mouth.”

“You did!” said her uncle, “you can put my penis in your mouth if you want”.

Kathy felt a little tremble in her body and a twitch in her vagina, as she knelt down in front of her uncle. Like she remembered seeing her mom, she stroked his cock with her one hand and gently touched his balls with the other. She then licked the head and shaft, then just like she saw her mother do it. She opened her mouth and put her lips around the head of his penis.

Her uncle let out a soft moan as he watched her close her mouth over the head of his penis. As she sucked her uncle’s cock, it tasted kind of salty and she could feel it getting really hard.

“Was your mother wearing any clothes when she had your father’s penis in her mouth?” asked her uncle

Kathy said “No they were both naked”.

“Well then why don’t you take off your clothes too?”

Kathy’s uncle sat in his chair and watched her strip naked in front of him. She removed her blouse and then her bra, her breasts were beautiful for her age, large round puffy nipples, and so firm they pointed strait forward. Slowly she undid her jeans and she pulled them down together with her panties. Her pussy had a fine patch of hair and her labia glistened because it was so wet from her vaginal juices. Her skin was perfect, not a blemish, with a very fine down of hair you could barely see. Her ass was perfectly round too.

Kathy knelt down on her knees in front of his chair, took his cock in her hand, looked and up at her uncle. He spread his legs apart and she leaned forward, opened her mouth and lowered it onto his penis.

As she sucked his penis, her uncle said “what a beautiful woman you are” Kathy looked up and smiled at her uncle and said “I saw my father lick mommy down there, and then he put it between her legs too”.

“Did your father put his penis in your mother’s vagina?” asked her uncle

“Yes” said Kathy “then he peed on her belly, but it was different”.

Her uncle asked “how different”?

“It was white and thick and gooey” she said.

Her uncle asked “Would you like me to put my penis in your vagina, just like what your father did with your mother?”

Kathy said “I don’t know” The thought of her uncle putting his penis in her pussy made her head spin. The tingly feeling was so intense she could hardy breath. She wanted his penis inside her but she was afraid to say yes.

“What if I just lick it, just a little bit” said her uncle “here, come lay down on the couch”

Kathy lay down on the couch and her uncle spread her legs apart he took a breast in each hand and gently massaged them. Then he leaned in and kissed her on the lips, then along her neck. Kathy’s body was tingling all over and as he sucked on one nipple then the other, she gave a soft out a moan felt her first orgasm. Slowly her uncle kissed her down to her bellybutton and she let out a little giggled when he licked it.
Her uncle continued to kiss her inner thighs and then she felt his tongue along her pussy lips. It made her jump when his tongue touched her clitoris. As her uncle licked and sucked on her clitoris it made her moan and her hips pushed up. His tongue moved faster and faster as he licked her pussy inside and out, with each lick to her clitoris, the tingling sensation in her pussy increased. Soon it felt like she had lost all control of her body, her mind was spinning, the more and more he licked her clitoris the more intense the feeling. Then all of a sudden, it felt like she was floating on a cloud and she couldn’t breathe, with a little squeal and a moan her juices started to flow from her pussy. Her body trembled and shuddered as one orgasm after another raged thru her; it felt like the whole room just shook. She didn’t understand what was happening, it was so intense. Her clitoris became very sensitive, each time his tongue touched it, it sent an electrical jolt through her body.

Her uncle finally stopped licking her, her pussy tasted so sweet he could not get enough of her pussy juice. She laid there panting for breath. She never felt this before, it felt so good. Her uncle asked her if she enjoyed it. Still not able to speak, she shook her head yes.

After a few minutes Kathy was finally able to speak. She told her uncle she had never felt anything like that before. Kathy leaned over and said “her pussy felt all tingly”.

Her uncle asked “would you like me to put my cock in your pussy too”.

Kathy said “yes but it’s getting late and I have to go soon” She knew this was naughty and it wasn’t right, but she liked the tingling feeling it made in her vagina and she liked feeling naughty too. Her uncle said “You can think about it? “But don’t tell anyone about your mom and dad or what we did here today”.

Kathy said “ok”.

Her uncle kissed her on the cheek and said “you’re such a beautiful girl, come suck my cock some more before you have to leave”. Kathy said “ok” and she put his cock back into her mouth and started to suck it.

After a couple of minutes her uncle told her she was doing a great job, “From now on, if you like, when you come over, I will lick you down there, and you can suck my cock”

Kathy agreed and was very happy with her new relationship with her uncle

Her uncle told her to stand up and turn around; as she did this he told her spread her legs and bend over. This gave her uncle a nice view of her ass and pussy lips. While stroking his penis, he placed his cock on the entrance of her cunt and started to rub it between her labia. Soon his cock was covered in her juices as he rubbed it faster and faster over her slit said to her “one day soon, I am going to put this cock into your tight cunt” and with that he let out a moan and pumped streams of cum all over her cunt and ass.

She told me one time, she while she was sucking her uncle’s cock, he took hold of her head and he pushed his penis, as far as he could into her mouth. She gagged as he held her head and then started to cum into her mouth. Kathy couldn’t breathe, she had no choice but to swallow most of his cum. Her uncle released her head and she gasped for breath, as some of his cum ran down her chin.

Kathy was shocked, up until then her uncle would pull his cock from her mouth and then cum on her face and tits or on her ass and pussy. She was surprised when he cum in her mouth, she had tasted his cum a couple of times before as he pulled it from her mouth; it tasted salty and kind of gross.

Her uncle said “I’m so sorry, you’re getting so good at sucking my cock, and I just had to cum in your mouth this time”

The thought of her uncle cumming in her mouth excited her. Although it tasted kind of gross. She liked the feeling of his cock cumming in her mouth. She said “that’s ok; you can cum in my mouth again whenever you want”. Kathy leaned in and took her uncle’s cock in her mouth and sucked out whatever cum remained on his penis.

Part 2

One weekend Kathy went to her uncle’s house, she was excited because she knew that she would soon be having oral sex with him. When she arrived she was disappointed, her uncle had company. His friend George was there visiting. The men had been drinking and when she entered the house both men were already drunk.

George commented to her uncle that Kathy had grown up, and how pretty she was. Kathy’s uncle motioned for Kathy to come sit in his lap. As she sat down her uncle lifted her skirt and spread her legs. This gave George a nice view of Kathy’s cotton panty covered crotch. She tried to pull her skirt down again, but her uncle said “Relax sweetie, George is my friend, don’t be shy”.

Her uncle lifted her skirt again and he spread her legs wide so George could see. Gently he rubbed her clitoris through her panties; Kathy closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulders. She felt a little embarrassed but soon she started to feel that tingly feeling in her pussy.

Her uncle pulled the crotch of her panties to one side so George could have a good look. George said “what a nice pussy you have”, “I bet all the boys want to put their cocks in that”. Kathy felt butterflies in her stomach and that tingly sensation in her pussy as George starred at her swelling pussy lips.

Kathy’s uncle then lifted her blouse up so George could see her tits. He lifted her bra and first the left tit, than the right tit fell out. George moved his chair closer and said “they are beautiful so big, and look how hard her nipples are too” Kathy was feeling so naughty in front of George and she was getting real tingly in her pussy.

“Why you don’t take your clothes off so George could see how beautiful you are”, said her uncle

Kathy said “I don’t know” she felt shy and uncomfortable taking all her clothes off in front of George.

“Don’t be shy, George is no stranger “said her uncle” he’s my good friend”

George said “you know we have been friends ever since you were a little girl”.

Kathy relented as her uncle undid the clasp on her bra; she stood up and removed her blouse and skirt, but left her panties on. Kathy’s tits were large for her tiny body, and she had puffy nipples too. George said “my how beautiful you are” Kathy sat in her uncle’s lap and he slipped his finger under her panties and started to play with her pussy. Kathy was a little nervous, but what her uncle was doing to her pussy was making her feel real good. Kathy closed her eyes again and rested her head on her uncle’s shoulder; she was enjoying her fingering and she felt real naughty too, knowing George watching her.

After a bit George stood up and removed his pants and pulled his cock out of his boxers. His penis was much bigger than her uncle’s, longer and fatter. Kathy opened her eyes and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. George was half naked and had his cock in her face. Her uncle said “it’s ok; you can suck his cock if you like to”

Kathy hesitated because it was so big. Her uncle said "give it a kiss”

Kathy kissed it and George let out a soft moan. "That a girl, it wasn’t so bad" said her uncle "go ahead put it in your mouth". Kathy opened her mouth as wide as she could, George let out a soft moan as he put the head of his cock in her mouth. As Kathy sucked his cock, he pushed it in too far and it made her gag. Her mouth practically stretched to its limit as she tried to get as much of his fat cock into her mouth as she could.

Kathy’s uncle told George “take it easy, let her suck it, don’t rush her”.

Kathy continued to suck and she realized that she actually enjoyed sucking on the larger cock; soon she was able to put it more than half way in her mouth. They moved to the couch and Kathy’s uncle pulled her panties off. Kathy resumed sucking Georges cock; she was mesmerized at its size.

George said “you taught her to suck well, what a great blow job".

Her uncle said “she’s a good cock sucker” as he went down and started to lick her pussy.

Kathy was soon in ecstasy, a huge cock in her mouth and her uncle’s tongue on her pussy. She thought what a naughty girl she was, and how much she loved to suck cock and get her pussy licked at the same time too. After a little while, she felt tingly all over and she knew she was going to cum soon, and then her uncle stopped licking her pussy. She felt the familiar feeling of her uncle rubbing his cock on the entrance to her pussy. She knew she would soon feel his warm cum on her pussy and belly. Just then her uncle pushed the head of his cock inside her pussy hole.

George put his hands on her the back of her head and held his cock in her mouth, as her uncle pushed his penis hard into her pussy. Kathy realized that her uncle did what he said he was going to do one day; put his penis into her tight pussy. George held his penis in her mouth, as her uncle pushed it in further. She felt a sharp pain as his penis pushed deeper into her pussy, he pumped his penis again and again each time pushing it deeper into her pussy, the pain was so sharp but it felt so good too.

George’s penis started to pulsate, the site of Kathy’s uncle, with his cock in her pussy was too much for him and he emptied his cum in her mouth. As George took his penis out of her mouth his sperm poured out and down her chin onto her tits.

All her uncle could do is grunt as he started to pump his penis into her pussy. The pain slowly started to subside and Kathy was soon moaning as she felt her first orgasm starting, it hurt but it felt so good too. Her uncle was fucking her with ease now and she was in ecstasy a gain. Kathy moaned and her next orgasm was more intense than she ever had. Soon her uncle penis easily slid in and out of her hole. Faster and faster he pumped his cock into her pussy. Kathy felt yet another intense orgasm when, with a big thrust deep into her pussy, she felt her uncle cock pulsate with each load of cum as it fill her cunt.

After a minute her uncle got up off the couch, as she still laid there, George stood over her, his penis erect. He knelt beside the couch and took her ankles in each hand. Lifting her legs up by her head, he put his penis at her opening and slowly inserted it into her pussy; he pushed his cock deep inside her cunt.

“Oh she’s so tight” he said

Kathy felt the pain again; his cock was much bigger than her uncle’s. Her pussy was so sore, but it felt so good, it actually felt real good. George was pumping his penis into her cunt; her pussy was stretched as far as it could. She had another orgasm so intense she couldn’t breathe, then another and another orgasm shot through her body and her pussy spasmed with each orgasm. George stopped with his penis in as far as it could go and let out a moan as he filled her cunt with so much sperm it was leaking out from all around his penis.

George pulled his penis from Kathy’s pussy with a popping sound, as cum spilled everywhere. They both laid there totally spent. Kathy was sore but it felt so good. After a while she slowly got up and went to the bath room to clean up. When she returned George had left and her uncle was sitting in his chair, Kathy sat in her uncle’s lap and said she loved him and gave him a big hug.

Kathy told me she loved it, and looked forward to being with him. This went on, with her uncle, and sometimes George joined them too, for almost 2 more years. Then for no real reason it just kind of stopped.

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Reminds me of my wife --- she was initiated into sex as a teenager by a much older uncle. The first time he had sex with her she didn't understand what was happening, but she remembers being frightened and excited at the same time. By the 3rd or 4th time the frightening part had gone and she began to enjoy much so that she would go visit him, regularly, for a fucking. She has told me he 'taught her' how to suck cock and that he fucked her 'lots of times' in her teen years.
When she first told me about him, I was shocked and angry (not with her!), but now as the years have passed, I find it such a big turn-on to picture her doing all these things with another man.
I think this is why I am now slowly trying to persuade her to take a lover, but at the moment it is just fantasy, but who knows in the future.......

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