Marlina's head throbbed and her jaw ached, her cheek was tender from where her 'Master' had slapped her hard across the face because she hesitated opening her mouth for him to secure a ring gag on her. Her wrists were bruised and the welts from the whipping he had given her made it uncomfortable to lay on the small queen size bed. She glanced at the chain attached to the collar locked around her neck which was cuffing her to the bed frame. Close investigation of the room had proven there was nothing suitable to try and pick the lock with. He had punished her severely earlier when he found she had hidden a vibrator below the mattress and had attempted to pick the lock with the spring she had removed from inside it. Her ass still hurt from his violent thrusts.

He had been gone for hours, she relished the respite she had, at least he wasnt fucking her right now. The memory of his body crushing down on hers as she remembered the feel of his cock filling her over and over made her shudder. She stifled a sob. Why me? she thought miserably. She couldnt even remember her life before the rapes, and the abuse. At least here she only had one Master to please. She felt anger surge at the memory of the young thirty year old brown haired woman known as The Mistress at the Dolls House as those men had called it. Her exboyfriend had sold her into slavery because she had refused to marry him. She didnt know how long she had been in that place, she had been forced to have sex with thousands of different men while she had been there. The Mistress had been the worst, she had routinely put on 'shows' for her rapist guests in which she would chain Marlina to various desks or props and violate her with an assortment of sex toys for hours on end and then she would allow them to use her afterwards. Quite often she filmed it or streamed it Live to an internet audience who thought Marlina WANTED this treatment. They would write via the Chatroom or email in requesting punishments they wanted to watch her suffer. When the shows were over Marlina was forced to read the comments allowed while two of her guards took turns pounding her from behind until she passed out.

The content of those emails still haunted her. Calling her a whore, telling her that they loved the performance, promising they would visit her soon and what they wanted to do to her, and requesting a meeting with her so they could show her how it was really done. The Mistress, the evil sadistic bitch wrote back to them pretending to be Marlina, begging to be their personal slave and fuck toy. She organised groups to come and participate in the shows and made them think Marlina had sent the emails, begging for their cocks, then she gagged Marlina, and put a gimp mask over her head so she couldnt communicate with them through the entire event and bound her to a desk and stood back and watched as they fucked her for days on end. Each of the men assumed she had been loving the attention as they ravaged her small 24 year old body, and they used her.

Then about three weeks ago, The Mistress had promised her freedom from the Doll House, she had released Marlina into the forest outside the brothel she had been held captive which was a six day walk away from anywhere, and she had invited a group of fifty to sixty men to pay to take part in a Whore Hunt. A chance to win their very own slave forever. Marlina had created quite a large fan base because of the emails. Most wanted their very own Princess of China, as she had been called due to her oriental features. She still had nightmares about the three days they had hunted her in those woods, taking turns to fuck her in every way concievable. She had been given no rest, they had fucked her simultaneous in every hole she had. Then her Master had claimed her. Beating the others to the finish line across the River and getting permanent possession. Then he had taken her back to the Doll House for a weekend of fucking and torment before taking her back to his home.

She still didnt know exactly where that was, she remembered a car journey, and them getting onto a boat through her drugged stupor only to wake up in her Cell which seemed to be in the basement of his house. It had an electronic keypad on the door, and was very sound proof from what she would tell. There was no windows. A large Flatscreen tv she had no remote control to. Just a bed, a shelf on the far wall with sex toys and whips and gadgets, a few scary looking bondage contraptions, a bathroom with a shower and a small mini fridge. Her stomach rumbled. She was starving, and the chain didnt reach far enough to the fridge. She cried softly, how had she gotten into this mess? She hadn't been given time to grieve the loss of her freedom before. Her legs hurt, her back hurt, her ankles were still tied together and her hands were cuffed but she hadnt dared to open them for fear he would return and punish her. He would be home soon. He would make her force her lips around his cock and suck him until he came down her throat. She would still taste him from that morning.

A door closed upstairs then a piercing sound like an industrial firm alarm went off, she covered her ears, trying to block out the sound and looked around in terror as the lights began to flash like lightening. He did this every once in a while, mostly during the day while he was at work, to prevent her from getting sleep. Sometimes he would bind her to mechanical machine which would violate her while he was away.

'Present yourself Slave' He bellowed over the intercom as the sound finally subsidded. Unsure what he meant she tried to sit up as the door opened and footsteps pounded down the concrete stairs. 6ft 5 inches tall, well muscled, with tanned skin and light brown hair, handsome face, piercing blue eyes, any other time, any other place he certainly would have caught her attention. Naked, and his erection standing proud, she was transfixed by his presence. This man could have his pick of women, which terrified her all the more. Why was he doing this to her if he could have any woman he wanted?

He sneered at her obvious fear of him. 'Ride me while I watch the game' he commanded and used a remote control to switch on the flatscreen tv opposite the bed and walked over to the bed and sat down against the wall beside her on the bed. Hesitantly she looked at her bound ankles and her cuffed wrists, trying to work out the logistics of how she could possibly climb on top of him while she was bound like this. Rolling his eyes he grabbed her ankles and opened the rope to unbind her legs and grabbed her hips and pushed her into position a reverse cowgirl position facing away from him. His cock pressing at her sex. Her face red from embarassment she reluctantly sank backwards onto him, impaling herself onto his thick dick until he was balls deep inside her pussy. He moaned in satisfaction as he thrust upwards once to feel her muscles clench around him. Slowly she began to work him inside her, careful not to make a sound to disturb his basketball game, bracing most of her body weight onto her hands to support herself.

He grabbed her breasts and began to pound into her from behind, squeezing them painfully, he was almost rewarded with a yelp of pain. She felt humiliated as she rode him in time to his thrusts, he did this on occasion. Casually watched tv or had a beer while she serviced him in some way. 'Faster slut' he commanded as he flicked through the channels to avoid the commercial break. She obeyed, her body was starting to react to the girth inside her and she bit her lip to keep silent, eyes filling with tears. She didnt want to enjoy this. 'Touch yourself' he ordered. 'I want to feel your pussy come as you grip my cock'

Please no. She begged silently. She hated that he made her do this, she slowly moved her hands to her pussy, playing with her clit, but it was hard to support herself in his position and ride him at the same time. He grabbed her hips and began to thrust into her himself, pulling her back so he could kiss her shoulder and her neck. He licked her neck, and she felt herself recoil from him, but still she continued to play with herself. Pulling her closer he nibbled on her ear and massaged her breasts.

'How does it feel to be a slave to my cock?' he growled against her ear. 'I want to hear you scream' he demanded.

She let out a sob as tears fell freely from her eyes. 'I can feel how much you enjoy this, your so wet, and tight' he taunted as he pumped into her. She gasped and bit her lip as the first moan of pleasure escaped from her. She didnt want to give him the satisfaction, she hated him. He was forcing her into this. He raped her everyday, how could her body betray her like this?

Oh God. she thought as the orgasm began to build, sensing her reaction he began to pound into her quicker, relentlessly, driving her closer to the edge. 'Let go bitch, give yourself to me' he commanded. She shook her head, tried desperately to gain control of her body when she felt his hand touch her pussy and play with her clit in time to his thrusts. He fucked her like that for what felt like an eternity before finally gave in and came, her pussy spasmed around his dick and she cried out, helplessly. He wasnt finished, even after she came he still wasnt finished. He pounded into her again until she came again and again. Helplessly bouncing up and down on his cock like a doll. He withdrew from her, and rolled her onto the bed, belly down, and climbed onto of her, fucking her from behind, his weight crushing her into the mattress. His dick tearing up her swollen pussy as she cried out in pleasure and protest. His fingers playing with her clit as he ravaged her body and used her over and over again.

'Thats a good little whore' he moaned in her ear as he used her. Please god, help me. she pleaded silently. She hated herself for enjoying it so much, hated him for fucking her.

It lasted for about an hour before he finally came deep inside her. Finally possessing her.
He owned her. She knew that now. She hated it. But she was beginning to accept it.

She was powerless against him.

He pulled out of her pussy, gasping against her shoulder, he finally caught his breath, she felt him growing hard against her again, she wept silently as he rolled her over onto her back and pulled up her knees up and pushed himself inside her again. His eyes bore into hers as he watched her face and he began to rape her savagely, she could barely keep up with his thrusts this time, so she locked her ankles around his waist and held on as best she could. He looked at her face and smiled, as if she had done something he had been waiting for.

'Good whore' he praised her. 'You are learning' he grunted as he came into her again, her body slumped against him, disappointment showing on her face, she was aroused and her passion was unspent, she had failed to come that time. Let the whore stay unsatisfied he thought as he climbed off her. The warring emotions played on her face. She hated him. Was an unwilling participant in his little games, but she had enjoyed it. She burned with need to be released. She hated herself for it. This was part of the turn on for him. The conflict he caused the slave.

He grabbed a beer from the fridge and drank it, and lubed his cock hard, before walking back over to the bed. She sat curled up, watching him before he grabbed her by the back of the hair and forced her to her feet, and pushed her over the end of the bed, face down, ass up. He grabbed her hips and forced his thick cock against the star of her ass and impaled her on it. She screamed out in protest and he raped her violently causing her to cry and scream before he came inside her. Holding her hips against him. She shivered, her body in shock at the pain.

'This is for my pleasure bitch, not yours. Remember that' he snarled as he pummelled her ass again.

'Yes master' she replied.

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