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the year is 3033 and the galaxy is in need for guardians to protect
This is my first story plz read, enjoy and send feed back

The year is 3033 and the galaxy is in need of guardians to protect

we start off on the planet trench were their is a baby boy that names of the parents were Jack and Lucie shadow. yes i know what you are think what a bad name for a family but what you don't know is that this two were the oldest on the planet at the age of 500 years old they had both meet in the great war of 2050. the war was over a box with unimaginable power that it could destroy a solar system in a matter of seconds and still have power left over too destroy the rest of the galaxy. Jack and Lucie were sent from opposite sides to get this box so called the box of Pandora, yes i know a bad name for a box but it was the best i could think of away way were was I oh yes. Jack and Lucie were sent to get the box but unbeknownst to them the empress and the emperor both knew that they would meet in hope that they would kill each other but something happened instead of kill each other they fell in love.

let me go back to the began as you are probably wondering how all this started it was the year 2020 mankind had just built their first star explore and jack was sent to over look it maiden flight but jack was not human in fact he was not even a bit human he was a Umbra or shadow in human his race were once might being that were worshiped by the humans until they were betrayed by one of their own giving mankind knowledge that allowed them to kill them self's and the umbra. the Umbra fought with mankind but they were slowly die out as they were all getting to the end of there lives at 10,000 years old which was pretty old for the Umbra.

as the Umbra were dying out they did one last thing before they were all killed the created two of their own and set them to sleep until it was time for them to wake up this was 500 years ago from the present day. when Jack and Jucie awake they were both in a lab on different sides of the planet, Jack woke up in a clean and brightly light lab in side his pod, were as Lucie was less fortunate and woke up in a dirty and not as brightly light lab the lab looked like it had seen better days and looked like it had once been a pretty good lab by the equipment that was lying around on the floor.

Jack hand awoke in a lab that looked like it was just built by the number of new equipment in it but as Jack tried to sit up he was stop when he looked down to his arms he saw that he was trap in to some kind of table with different types of wire coming out of him. as he started to struggle to get up doors on both side of the room which were not there before bursts open with soldiers came in with guns start to line the walls, lab boys dress in suits and white lab coats came thought after one of the soldier said it was staff to come through, as one of the lab boys came up to Jack but just as Jack was about to ask what was happening he felt a pinch and then blackness as he was injected with a drug that put him to sleep for a bit, well the lab boys ran test on him to see what and who he was.

Lucie was a bit better off but not by much as when she sat up she was not bound to a bed but bound to a metal table with crude equipment the had seen better days as Lucie looked around the room she saw that the was one door in front of her and a lot of knight and item that also had seen better days. when Lucie was about to try and get out of the table the door in front of her opened and a man the looked like he had drunk one to many beers came thought with a few other people that looked like they were dressed in medieval clothing. The man steeped up to Lucie, lets take this time to describe Lucie she was about 5ft 8 with long black hair, slender frame, big boobs and was tanned, as the man get closer to Lucie she can smell hes been drinking and it was not a pleasant smell even for an Umbra which have higher sense so to you ir would smell sick like but to Lucie it smelled like he claimed out of a dumpster walker over to a junk yard round around in the dirt them toke a shower with alcohol it was that unpleasant as he got close she heard him say that their was another like her but he was taken before they could get to him and that he was being used to test weapons and equipment but just as she was about to ask were she was she to felt a pinch as she was put to sleep to run test on her.

in the other lab Jack had woken up and now was in a room with a mirror or at least he thought it was a mirror a door on one of the walls and a bed in the other corner, Jack was about 6ft 11 he was tall he also had black hair but it was cut short but he was ripped you could see muscles that you didn't think were possible as Jack walked over to his bed the door behind him opened and a guy came in he look like he was high up in the chain of command but their was something that Jack did not like about him it was as if the man was their to use Jack to win wars or something else. Jack was about to ask were he was when the man put up a hand to stop him from talking, the man then asked if he Knew who he was Jack shook his head the man sighed the Man then started in introduce him self as being the presidents right hand man, he was about 5ft 10 beaning dwarfed by Jack 6ft 11 he also had brown greasy hair as if he did not was it or put to much gel on to his hair he was also fat around the middle, the man then said that his Name was John and ask Jack what his name was, Jack being Jack said that he would only say if he was told were he was. John said that Jack was in a Lab in the middle of the Artic circle and the year being 2018. Jack was ask if he would tell them what he was as ever time they would try and run a test on him their equipemnt broke or snaped when it came to scalpel.

Jack said that he did not Know who he was Lair thought his teeth as his Pod told him every thing when he was growing up and Jack being around 450 years old he was still classed as an infant to the Umbra and their long live Jack knew what he was and what his people could do but jack just whent along with it to try and get out of the lab and find his other half. as Jack is lead through the lab he see his pod that he was put in from what he remembers the farther he walk the more he gets the felling that something is not right, as he keeps walk he bumps in to the short man and almost trips when Jack looks for why they had stop he sees a door that readied train room, John asks Jack to steep in to the room and pick up a weapons from the table when Jack walks in to the room the door behind him is locked and a table full of Weapons is raised from the floor jack walks over to the weapons and spots some weapons made by his own people one being the Nano abruptionis or nano rift the nano rift from what the pod told him, it make the target look like they get sucked in to a black hole from the inside out but in fact it make the target start to collapse in on its self which gave it the name Nano abruptionis, but there was one problem with it, it could only be fired by a Umbra or the person holding the weapon would be killed from the sudden surge of energy that entered the holders body it was a safety that was add when they were betrayed.

as Jack is pick out a weapons Lucie has just woken up in the small sort of room as Jack but it was not as nice and instead of a bed it was just a mattress on the floor, Lucie was looking around the room with her heightened senses, she could see that their were a few small cracks in the wall as will as something else, just as Lucie was about to see what it was a speaker come on in her room, there was muffled talking on the other side as a man came on and started talking asking if she knew what she was Lucie being Lucie said that she knew what she was, this caused the door to burst open with with looked like bodyguard with pistols pointed at her as Lucie started to panic. Jack felt something at the back of his mind as if someone he Knew was in danger, Jack just ignored it picking up the Nano abruptionis, John looking from the other side of the mirror look on with interest as everyone that they asked to fire the weapon was killed instantly from a feed back, John ask Jack to steep up to the line as Target will appear " i want you to shoot the target that are hostile and don't shoot the Targets that are non hostile" Jack just nodded as he turned he saw targets start to appear he shoot the ones that were hostile will not shooting the one that were non hostile. Jack started to feel something inside him it was a tingle that grow stronger and stronger with each shoot John just looked on in awe as Jack was shooting a weapon that is other tried and fire they would die.

will be posting another one up when i have time to write it and don't have a splinting headache and thanks for the comment that you post.

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2012-10-26 09:14:36
Ahhh..... So you have an obstacle to overcome. Remember its not a hindrance or handicap, you'll definitely find a way to overcome it.



2012-10-26 08:41:05
but thanks for the kind world i will be reposting this one to fix all that


2012-10-26 08:40:44
thanks the only reason my my grammar spelling and punctuation are shit is because I've got dyslexia

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2012-10-26 07:24:50
You have posted something new, I like that. But your grammar, punctuation and spelling is a KILLJOY! Improve it and I believe we have something special here. Plus it doesn't hurt to proofread too. Don't worry too much about your current rating being low. I hope your nx posting will give you better rating.

Take Care


2012-10-26 02:48:19
thanks for the advice i will try to change that on the next one

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