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Silk finds out just how appealing sunglasses can be
As Michael sat in class that morning, he thought of Silk. He wanted to make her, his slave and lover, full time. There was only one problem with this idea, Silk was still new at it and he didn’t want to ruin things. This idea however was ever present on his mind through out his communications class. By the time he got to the radio station after class, he was very turned on and needed Silk. He was shocked at the intensity level of his need for her.

He had her just this morning before their shower, so the very idea that he needed her again this soon thrilled him and led him to believe that he was making the right decision about her. The times they had share thus far had been very intense. Take last night for instance. He had her tied to the bed with nipple clamps on her sensitive breasts and his mouth on her tight little box as he teased her; bring her so close time and time again as he taught her to control her orgasms. She screamed his name over and over again. When he finally allowed her to cum she had passed out. When she regained consciousness, he had placed a pillow under her ass and thrust deeply into her. The pillow took all her control of the situation away, so she was at his mercy as he thrust deeply into her. Finally he found his release and they fell asleep in a tangle of arms and legs.

As he stepped out into the quad, the warm afternoon sun hit him. He took a table near the doors and before he could look around, his cell phone rang. As Michael calmed the program director who was still in a frenzy over the incident with the equipment on Sunday morning, he scanned the crowds of students. Finally his eyes lit on a table of 7 or so students, over half of them where female but Michael only had eyes for the raven hair beauty who was his slave.

Everyone talked and laughed as they ate, but Michael noticed that she seemed preoccupied. He hoped he was the one to fill her thoughts and cause the slight smile that played about her lips. Michael watched her knowing what was under the blouse and skirt she was wearing and knowing that she wore it for him caused a stirring once again. Finally she turned toward his direction and he thought she noticed him watching her. She was wearing her sunglasses so Michael could not tell if she was looking directly at him. He made a note to tell her not to wear them anymore but then thought twice about it, knowing that would be silly. Still, wearing those sunglasses, he could not see her expressive emerald eyes and not knowing if she was looking at him drove him crazy.

She had saw him enter the quad and thought he saw her and would come over and sit with her, but when he took a table near the doors she figured he hadn’t seen her. She watched him from behind her sunglasses as he watched everyone around him. Even from where she sat she could feel him, the raw power and dominance that he commanded. She wondered if others felt it also. Finally she saw him notice her but she could tell that he didn’t know if she saw him so she studied him just as he did likewise.

She was in full view of him and as he scanned her features his eyes were draw to her lips and the slight smile that played about it. Images of last night seeped into his mind, causing a sexy smile to form on his face. When she lifting her head, she seemed to be looking right at him, but with the sunglasses, he couldn’t tell if she was looking directly at him. He had enough and rose to leave. As he walked in the doors, he turned and crooked his finger at her and mouthed the words, “my office.”

She had been watching him and when he smiled, she just knew she was the cause in some way. She loved to look at him and he had a power over her that rivaled none thus far. As she stared back at him sexy thoughts also filled her head and caused her to blush. Quickly made sure no one else noticed and her eyes found him again. Then he rose and she thought he was joining her but then he walk toward the doors. Her pulse quickened when he turned and motioned her to follow him to his office.

Saying a hasty good-bye to her friends, she jumped up and entered the building. Making her way straight to his office, she tried to calm her breathing. By the time she was at his door, she was panting. She took a few breaths to calm herself, smoothed her skirt down and finally gave a tap on his door.

“Enter,” came his sure command and once she was inside with the door shut, “Lock it,” followed.

She turned and he was standing next to his file cabinet. Before she could say anything, he pressed her up against the door with a kiss. As his lips met hers a growl escaped him and she melted into his arms. The kiss went on and on till Silk thought she would drown and just when she felt faint, he slid his lips to her neck. A jolt shot through her and she began to pant once more.

Michael sampled her neck as he ground against her middle. He wanted her to feel what she did to him. Those god damn sunglasses had caused this and she was going to pay for it. Finally he came up for air and she was panting. He loved the wanton look in her eyes also. Mine, he thought as he led her toward his desk.

As he took his seat, he turned her away from him and pushed down her down on the desk. Pushing back his chair, he lifted her skirt and yanked her panties off. Then he slapped her on the ass, a slight sting that caused her to moan. He slipped a finger into her from behind and found her hot and wet, dripping wet in fact. This pleased him greatly.

Undoing his pants, he stood and dropped them. Grabbing her by her braid, he pulled her head back so he could see her eyes. She was still wearing the glasses so he torn them from her face. She blinked as her eyes adjusted to the light. When her eyes were focused on him, he lifted her leg and placed it on the desk with his other hand. As her eyes searched his, he thrust into her deeply. “Don’t make a sound,” he growled, and began his assault on her prone body.

He twisted her head around so that he could once again gain access to her neck. As he kissed her neck he noticed the collar, his collar. He kissed the collar also, licking under it with his tongue.

“Michael, we shouldn’t do this” she told him between thrusts, “Someone could catch us.”

He looked at her his blue eyes narrowed as one brow shot up. “Are you telling me no slave?”

Knowing the tone of his voice she dropped her head, “No Master, never.”

He pulled her neck back up to his mouth and resumed kissing and sucking it. She thrust her ass back toward him and began to move slightly with him. He noticed her biting her lip to keep from moaning out loud. After another half dozen thrusts, he placed his hand over her mouth as he pressed her down on the desk. He then began to thrust into her hard and fast.

He knew when she began moaning against his hand that she was close to cumming. He kept his hand in place as he kept up the pace and when he felt her tense he hissed, “Cum for me Silk, Now!”

One big lightening bolt shot through her whole body and she screamed into his hand. Her body milked his cock as it thrust deep in and out of her. He loved it when she came. He actually felt apart of her orgasm, like he could feel what she felt. Her orgasm drew on his and more often then not he gave into the feeling. He groaned and then gripped her hips as he lost it deep inside her.

After a moment, he pulled out, staggering back, he dropped into his chair. His pants were still undone and around his thighs. She was draped across his desk, her ass still up in the air. Her whole body shook with her panting.

Finally they both had the strength to move and Michael stood. Grabbing a napkin from the desk drawer, he cleaned himself off and refastened his pants. Next he wiped her off and helped her to stand. Once standing, he kissed her deeply.

“Thank you,” he told her when he broke the kiss at last.

She smiled back at him and said, “Your welcome, but it’s you that needs thanked.”

She straightened her clothing and stepped around his desk. Feeling bare, she began looking for her panties. Finally when she couldn’t find them she asked, “Michael, where are my panties?”

“Don’t worry, you don’t need them,” he told her with a devilish grin on his face as he tucked them in his pocket. Seeing her sunglasses on the desk, he picked them up and handed them to her,, “Next time take them off so I can see your eyes when I’m looking at you.” He then sat down and resumed working like nothing had happened.

When she still stood there looking at him, he looked up and said, “Don’t you have a show to prepare for?”

Glancing at her watch, she saw she only had ten minutes to prepare and with a slight exasperated sign, she left. Michael’s laughter followed her out the door.


2007-09-04 17:10:04
I'm not a he. There are more coming. And who is Michael's cyber twin, i'd like to meet him... Michael is real but unavailable, sorry girls. Thanks for reading and loving my stories.


2007-06-11 20:46:09
I swear, I must be your most devoted fan, as always; splended.


2005-11-17 00:16:02
now if only i could find a man like Micheal i would be set !!!
your a very good writer please keep it up, i cant wait to read more from you.


2005-11-11 09:46:43
u idiots dis story wuz gr8 keep writing nd make dem longer wit more detail plz....maka series


2005-07-22 01:57:14
Very good in general. I need to read more of your work. But great play out!

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