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Here's part two in this different timeline. There will definitely be more to this story and my other Ronnie stories.
Chelsea and Ronnie came home late that night. I was read with some dinner and drinks. Chelsea walked through the door and placed the packages on the floor. She gave me a nice lingering kiss as Ronnie watched. "Ronnie, aren't you going to say hi to daddy?" Ronnie walked up and wrapped her arms around me. I leaned forward and kissed her soft lips. I let it linger a bit but decided to keep it clean, for now. I tried not to leer at her little skirt and obvious lack of a bra. I handed Ronnie a glass of wine and she hesitated. "I thought you said no drinking?" I smiled. "If you're here with us and want to have a drink, you may. As long as you ask first. But no bringing friends over and raiding my liquor cabinet. Understood?" Ronnie flashed a big beautiful smile and took a sip of her drink.

"So ladies, how was shopping?" Chelsea and Ronnie began talking about all the sales and outfits as I started to zone out. "Uh oh", giggled Chelsea. "I think we're losing him! Ronnie, how about a little fashion show?" Ronnie jumped up and ran to what was formerly the guest bedroom and now her room. Chelsea cuddled up next to me. "You're gonna love our new little fuck toy, daddy!" I smiled. "So when did you decide that she was gonna be our new toy?" "When I saw you looking at her nipples. Which are gorgeous, by the way. And the way she tried not to look when I was sucking your cock. You both want each other, so why not?" She then squeezed my cock. "And who doesn't want to pop a cherry?"

"Are you ready?" asked Ronnie from down the hall. "Hang on!" yelled Chelsea as she jumped up and put on some 80's rock. First song up? Talk Dirty to Me by Poison. Ronnie walked out in an obscenely short dress that showed a lot of skin. She danced around the room as we watched. Chelsea moved in closer to me and placed her hand on my crotch, rubbing my cock as I watched this teen beauty dancing around. The little bit of wine definitely killed off any sense of embarrassment that Ronnie may have felt. She leaned in close and pushed her tits together right in front of my my face. Then to my shock she grabbed Chelsea and buried her face in her tits. She then turned and showed off her beautifully round ass. She bent forward just enough that I could see the color of her tiny little thong. She then came up and straddled my lap, grinding down into my hardening cock. And then just as quickly she hopped up, giggling, and ran back to her room.

"Holy shit!" was all I could say. Chelsea looked down and saw a wet spot in the front of my jeans from the pre-cum oozing from my hard cock. Ronnie came out again, but this time in a sheer black teddy, fishnet thigh highs and high heels. Her lips were a dark red and her hair up in ponytails. I thought I was going to have a stroke. She turned and smacked her ass, leaving a nice red hand print on her lily white ass. Chelsea slowly undid my pants and pulled my cock out, gently stroking it. Ronnie turned and was shocked by the sight on the couch. Chelsea's hand on my very erect dick and my fingers working her beautiful pussy. Ronnie got her composure and finished her little dance before running back into her bedroom.

Chelsea and I were all over each other on the couch. My fingers were working her cunt as she jacked me off. Her shirt and bra were across the room. Suddenly we heard someone clear their throat. We both looked up at Ronnie. Her hair still in pigtails, soft pink lipstick and glasses. She was in a tight little pink tank top and some very cute pink My Little Pony panties. She looked way younger that 16. She smiled an innocent smile and kneeled in front of me. She opened her mouth wide and looked at Chelsea. Chelsea guided my cock into her mouth. It was an unbelievable feeling. Ronnie never stopped looking into my eyes. "Daddy, I want to pay my rent" she said sweetly before taking my cock back into her mouth. She was definitely no stranger to sucking cock, her lips covered her teeth so as not to scrape my shaft and she tried her best to swallow the entire thing. She would get it just past her throat and gag, Causing her to pull away, but she would go for it again. Chelsea scooted down next to her. "Try swallowing it. Go slow." Ronnie tried again and gagged again. "Like this" said Chelsea as she gently held my cock. She kissed the head and then began bobbing her head up and down. I could feel her throat opening up as she took me all the way in. She pulled out and Ronnie went for it again, copying Chelsea move for move. I felt it hit her throat, then suddenly it pushed inside. She swallowed the entire thing! Her mascara began to run but she didn't care. She pulled it out of her mouth and then all the way back down her throat again. She got a great rhythm and I knew I was getting close, so did Chelsea. "Ronnie, daddy's about to cum. Make sure you get as much in your mouth and keep it there, ok?" Ronnie nodded and sucked harder. I grabbed her head and let out a roar as I started shooting into her mouth. She tried to takes as much but it ended up coming out of the corners of her mouth. Chelsea turned Ronnie towards her and kissed her mouth, sharing in my cum. They kissed and licked each other clean.

Ronnie climbed up on my lap and kissed me passionately. I ran my hands all over her body as our tongues danced around. "Daddy", Chelsea said, "it's rude not to return the favor, isn't it? We broke our kiss and walked to my bedroom, the bed had more than enough room for three people, as we had found out before on numerous occasions. We all stripped off the rest of what we were wearing and climbed onto my bed. Chelsea turned on the tv and started playing some porn. "To set the mood", she said with a giggle. I was paying no attention to the porn. Ronnie was on her back on my bed. My hands and lips were exploring every inch of her body. She was deliciously thick and curvy, her young virgin pussy completely bare just how I like it. I climbed on top of her and kissed her lips again. Chelsea reached between us and grabbed my cock. She put the head against Ronnie's clit and I started moving back and forth, letting it enjoy the full length of my cock. I could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter. I moved down her body, kissing and licking her. I took her beautiful nipples in my mouth and began sucking and gently biting them. "What are you doing?" asked Ronnie. Confused I looked up to see Chelsea holding our video camera. "It's your first time sweetie. We're gonna capture some memories." Ronnie said nothing as she felt me kissing down her belly. I reached her pussy and kissed her mons, purposely ignoring her clit for now. I kissed down her inner thighs to her feet and back up again, stopping mere inches from her cunt.

"Daddy...pleeeeeeease!" she whined. I moved my face closer to her pussy and inhaled deeply. Her aroma was intoxicating. She rached down and spread her pussy lips apart. "Please daddy, lick me there." How could I say no? I stuck my tongue out and touched her clit. Amazingly, this was enough to bring her to her first orgasm. I began to gently lap at her pussy like a cat at a bowl of milk. Her moans were getting louder and louder. Chelsea moved in close, to see my tongue working her clit. I pushed my tongue inside her pussy and was amazed at how tight she was. She wasn't kidding when she said she was a virgin, but she had obviously had a cock inside her mouth before. I may have to grill her over that later. Ronnie was enjoying the attention she was getting from my mouth. I gently tongue fucked her clit for a bit and then slowly moved down, down down until I got to her perfect little ass. As soon as my tongue touched it she squealed and lifted her hips in the air. I playfully grabbed her hips and began licking and sucking her asshole. Ronnie didn't know what was going on but she was in heaven. Her body tensed again as she had another orgasm. "Daddy! Please!!" I pulled away from her and smiled. Chelsea pointed the camera at herself as she pulled my in for a kiss, tasting the virgin juices on my face.

We broke our kiss and stared at Ronnie's soaking wet pussy. "Ronnie, I think it's time", Chelsea said as she pointed her camera at Ronnie's face. It took Ronnie a second to realize what Chelsea was talking about, suddenly it hit her. "Daddy, will you?" She asked sweetly? "Will he what?" asked Chelsea, her camera still pointed at Ronnie's face. "Daddy, will you be the first man to fuck my pussy?" I couldn't believe that in the process of a few hours my 20 year old girlfriend had turned my 16 year old step daughter into such a little sex pot.

"It would be my honor baby" I said as I reached down and kissed her. Chelsea sat up on the bed and tried to get the best angle. "Mommy", said Ronnie. "Will you help daddy put it in?" I couldn't believe that she called Chelsea mommy, but it made my cock hard enough to cut diamonds. Chelsea hopped up and put the camera on the tripod then climbed into bed with us. She kissed Ronnie and kissed me. Ronnie's legs were wide open, ready for me to slip inside her. Chelsea reached down and kissed Ronnie's pussy and then my cock. I grabbed my phone and switched it to video, there was no way I was not going to not have this moment on film. I zoomed in as Chelsea gently guided my cock to Ronnie's cunt. "Baby, it's going to hurt at first, but afterwards it is gonna feel so fucking good that you'll wonder how you went so long without it." With that she pushed me inside the tightest little cunt I had ever been in. Chelsea took the phone from me and took over as camera person. She reached across and pointed the camera at Ronnie's face and my phone at her pussy, so we could see her expressions as she lost her virginity.

I slowly pushed inside until I felt the head of my cock press against her hymen. "Are you ready baby doll?" I asked. Ronnie took a few deep breaths and nodded yes. "I'm ready daddy. Make me a woman please." I smiled. "I'm gonna do it on the count of three, ok?" Ronnie nodded. "One" She closed her eyes tight. "Two" She took a deep breath. I never made it to three. I slammed all eight inches of my cock inside her pussy as hard as I could, tearing the delicate membrane and going where no man had gone before. Ronnie let out a scream and opened her eyes wide as I violated the inside of her cunt. "Wait! Waitwaitwait!" she said. I stopped, my balls pressed against her taint. "Tell me when you're ready baby." I said. Chelsea reached down and kissed Ronnie's lips. "You're a woman now!" Ronnie smiled at her and then looked at me. "OK daddy, but slow please." I gently began moving my cock back and forth inside her cunt. She grimaced the first few times, but I could feel her body begin to lose some of that tension that was built up.

I started pumping faster. Her pussy was beginning to accommodate my girth and her juices were flowing like someone just turned on the tap. "Daddy! Yes daddy! a little faster please!" I began moving my hips even faster. Ronnie gripped Chelsea's thigh as I started to pick up speed. Chelsea reached behind her to the nightstand and pulled a vibrator out. She turned it on and immediately stuck it in her cunt. Watching this show was too much for her. "Daddy! Hardder daddy! Fuck me daddy! Please! OH GOD!!!" she screamed as her sex orgasm tore through her body. Her cunt was like a vice when she came. I could feel her juices all over my balls. I started fucking her with all I had. Chelsea was trying her damnedest to keep her hand steady while she filmed us with the other. Ronnie seemed to continue cumming non stop. I couldn't take anymore. "I'm cumming!" I shouted through gritted teeth. "Cum in her pussy daddy!" said Chelsea. "Fill her up!!" I slammed into Ronnie one more time and released a load of cum like I had never felt. I kept cumming and cumming, filling her pussy to the point where the cum was leaking out of her.

Finally I collapsed on top of her, my cock still inside her pussy. "I love you daddy" said Ronnie through teary eyes. "I never want to leave either of you." We kissed and turned our heads just in time to see Chelsea cum. I felt a warm fluid on my side and realized that she had squirted. I had never seen her do that before! Chelsea dropped the phone and laid next to us. She kissed me passionately and then Ronnie. "Ronnie, I want you to sleep here with us. I want this to be our room", said Chelsea. "Daddy, is that ok?" said Ronnie through tear stained eyes. "Of course princess. Our bed is your bed." I slowly rolled over and pulled out of her cunt with a soft pop. My cum began trickling out of her, mixed with her juices and a little bit of blood. After a little recovery time we all got up and went into my shower. There was plenty of room for us to move around, and Chelsea took it upon herself to clean my cock and Ronnie's pussy. After some kissing and touching, we all walked out. As the girls replaced the sheets and got ready for bed, I walked into the kitchen to grab a beer.

I was amazed, in less than 24 hours I had a new woman in my life and a girlfriend who was more than happy to share. I finished my drink and went to bed. I lad down with Chelsea on my right side and Ronnie on my left. I kissed them both goodnight and they kissed each other. Their warm naked bodies felt good against my skin. "Tomorrow", said Chelsea, "we'll get you the plan B pill and get you started on birth control. Don't want to have to explain why we have a pregnant 16 year old in our house." We shared a laugh and all drifted off to sleep.

I could never imagine what Chelsea was already cooking up in her head.....

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