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Chapter 3;

Luka wrapped his arm around her as he stroked her sides making her shiver, Tali smiled and laid her head on his lap, putting it right over his cock finding it the comfiest position. When he saw what was on TV he instantly began to feel blood rush to his cock making him groan silently. He stroked down to her legs ad Tali bit her lip spreading her legs a little loving the way his hands felt against her body. He didnt want to insinuate anything but his mind was screaming out to just touch her.

Tali laid there as her father continued to stroke his hand up and down her inner thigh, purposely rubbing his thumb up against her panty covered pussy. He bit his lip as he could feel the wetness and groaned his cock becoming harder. Tali spread her legs a little more not knowing what was happening but enjoying the attention, she felt her father begin to rub her clit from the outside of her panties and she gasped closing her eyes and let him touch her.

Luka couldn't control his hands right now, he slid a finger into the side of her thong and rubbed his finger up and down her slit, he slowly slid his finger into her pussy and her moan sent him crazy, as he fingered her his thumb rubbed her clit and he looked down to see her eyes closed and her hips thrusting up in pleasure. He loved his daughter dearly, but now he was realising he loved her more than a father should. As he penetrated her, Tali began moaning and thrusting down onto his hand, sending shivers through her body, she now realized her fantasy of being pleased by her father where coming true and she didnt want it to stop.

Next thing Luka saw was Tali sitting up and undoing his jeans pushing them and his boxers down as her mouth wrapped around his cock, moaning out loud he grabbed a fist full of hair and thrusted his cock deep into her throat, he knew she had done this before as she didnt gag, instead she just sucked like her life intended. As they continue to give each other Oral sex, Tali felt her dad get rougher with her ad she moaned around his cock making him growl in pleasure, soon enough her orgasm hit and her body tensed her pussy squeezed around his finger and she came hard.

Luka removed his fingers from her as he licked them clean groaning at the taste, she stopped sucking his cock and moved over straddling his waist and pushed her thong to the side rubbing her lubricated pussy against his cock ''Daddy fuck me please.. please'' she whispered in his ear and before he could answer or just as he was about to speak a moan left his mouth as she slammed all of his cock and buried it deep in her pussy.

Tali gasped and moaned out loud as her pussy was filled with her dads cock. She wiggled around as she got used to the thickness of him, she realized he wasn't as big as most the guys she'd fucked but the thickness of him made up for it, and he was bent so he could hit her g-spot. He laid her down and began pounding in and out of her in earnest. She began screaming in pleasure which only made him go harder. His eyes shut as they embraced in a passionate yet heated kiss and he groaned into her lips.

She couldn't help but orgasm a second time as her back arched and her nails dug into his back just sending him even crazier. Her body fell down a little as they kept fucking and she cried out ''Daddy! Oh god.. Mmm suck my titties... yes thats it'' Her cries probably would be heard by neighbours if they had some. Luka was driving himself in and out of her so roughly the couch was moving with each of his thrusts. As he looked at the clock he realized they'd been at this for 2 hours nearly and he was nearing his climax ''Shit squirt i'm gonna cum.. i need to pull out'' But before he could pull out, her legs had wrapped around him tightly and her heels pushed him deeper into her pussy as she moaned softly, her voice began to break as she heard him grunt and tense up and felt the hot spurts of his cum into her pussy. She couldn't believe it and neither could he, as he finally finished cumming he stopped his thrusts and fell on top of her.

Tali's mind was going crazy as she hugged her muscular dad to her. Her eyes closed, her breathing heavy neither of them spoke as another hour went by. Finally Luka pulled out of her with a squelching sound and she opened her eyes looking up. ''Daddy?'' she whispered as she saw his eyes where still closed so she couldn't see if he'd liked it or not. Luka opened his eyes and smiled softly at her kissing her lips ''I love you too squirt'' as if he'd read her mind, standing up he took her hand and walked up to his room with her where they fucked for another 4 times that night.

Waking up the next morning Tali's body ached horribly and she got out the bed and looked at herself in the mirror and gasped, she had bruises on her hips and inbetween them. Groaning she got back into bed and snuggled back up to her father who wrapped his arm around her tightly and they slept another couple of hours..

(I know its short but its only my third story. If you want more comment and ill keep them coming)


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Great story can't wait for more

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Both story are well written i would like to see more of them

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10'10. both stories are to short. but I enjoy reading them, more storys

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