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This joke is between KING & HIS MINISTER .....

Today there is a serious conflict between the king & queen so he can't even touch her fingertip even he is so horny...!!

The next day in the cabinet .....

KING: Hae! Why your right nostril is bigger than your left one??
Do any one drilled your nose??

Minister: yes! Lord!

KING: who the Fuck did this to you ??

Minister: you only my lord!!

KING: me? How that could be possible ??

Minister: lord...!
Yesterday when you are drunk, you just entered
my room instead of yours..
& thinking of my nose as queens ass just rammed my nose so sore ...

KING: Why the Fuck, you didn't shouted??

Minister: because your nut sac was deep into my mouth...
I too tried shouting ! But you heard as if I was moaning in pleasure ...

KING: !!!*****!!

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