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Wife's sister is the office whore and it's her Dad's fault!
This isn’t exactly a normal story that you’d find on xnxx. I found this posted in a forum along with a bunch of judgmental comments. Just re-posting it for people to enjoy. The original poster claims that this is all true and that he changed the names.

My wife’s sister is the office whore and her daddy made her do it! Katie has always shared everything with me and her sister’s career path has become a subject we discuss in bed.

Rosie has always had a delicious body but not much going on upstairs. She’s a big girl, very tall with long legs and a really big bum. She’s got perky round breasts above a delicate rib cage. Face wise she’s really pretty cute with a big cheesy grin and long straight light brown hair. She’s only ever been a waitress as a “career”, but now in her late twenties with no formal education or training the pressure has been on to make something of herself. Her first marriage ended in disaster and her father; Bob, who is my father-in-law, was trying to get her a job at his software company. He didn’t own it but he has a lot of pull there. So he gets her a job in his division, which is sales and they try to train her but she doesn’t do well. The people are nice and they do their best, but she has no education and no knowledge in this computer stuff. She tries hard but people are getting impatient and she thinks she should just quit. But her dad doesn’t want her to give up, so he moves her to another part of the division more concerned with customer relations. Unfortunately, she still doesn’t really know the software they’re selling in any detail and that doesn’t help her position at all.

By this time the other workers in the office wore their smiles tightly across their faces. Months had gone by and they didn’t find it cute any more that the new girl kept on messing up but wasn’t getting fired because she was the boss’s daughter. So eventually, she goes to Bob and says that she has to quit and that she’s sorry but she can’t do the job. She doesn’t understand why, but he won’t take no for an answer. He tells her that she’s getting a promotion to work on his personal team and directly with him just so she knows she’s got someone on her side.

Katie told me that she later asked her dad why he was so persistent and he said that Rosie was a little bit of a disappointment after high school. She didn’t do anything in almost ten years and now he felt that this was his last chance to help her and set her up with a real career. He knew it was wrong and he felt guilty but he had to help his little girl. And he should feel guilty! He basically promoted the worst member of the team to the highest salary maker above all of the people who had been trying to help her for months and now she was their boss! And Rosie didn’t think too long about it either because now she was going to be making over double her previous income and a company car and commission from everyone else s sales.

Right away she notices the attitudes from her coworkers who are still “nice” to her but are cold unless her dad is around. They are all pretty upset and they have every right to be. And that becomes one of the most difficult parts of her job. Her dad can do most of his work from home and that still leaves her alone working with a dozen people who hate her. When her work didn’t improve Bob just gave her easier tasks to handle. It was just busy work. So now Rosie is no more than a basic secretary, returning calls and going on lunch meetings and sales pitches as a quiet observer and getting over paid for it.

The old man isn’t crazy though, Bob knew he had to teach her something of value. This wasn’t all fun and games. He started to coach her in her office demeanor and how she presents herself. He told her that sales aren’t about the product; it’s about selling something else. This was an awkward subject for him but he said something like, “God Damn it Rosie! Get rid of the suit jacket and hike yer skirt up a little! Only old ladies wear them so low. You’re only twenty seven! That’s an advantage sweety. Men are very stupid and we just need to use your natural strengths now.” I wasn’t there, but Rosie told Katie and Katie told me, so it’s not exact but he did hit those major points. Basically, use sex to sell and show off your body a little more, you’re not an old maid.

Now I got to enjoy that part because Rosie had to buy a new wardrobe for work and who does she consult? That’s right, my wife! So I get to see all the phone pics she sends as she plays dress up in store changing rooms and asks Katie if they’re too slutty! It was great too, because Rosie has never really shown off her body that much before. She’s not shy and she’s pretty confident but she would wear baggy pants and no cleavage in her tops and she doesn’t seem to think her biggest asset; her big fat ass, is sexy! She just kind of wore ugly clothes before and now she wears high heels and much shorter skirts and low cut tops. She also wears more make up but it’s too much in my opinion or maybe she doesn’t really know how to put it on properly.

The entire look she has now is so “office slut” and it achieves what she was going for because she also looks really sexy. She’s told my wife that it has actually helped her job immensely. Men just treated her better. Even some of the men in the office who hated her are now friendlier. She said it was difficult at the beginning but it came to feel normal pretty quickly and she felt that even when they had to deliver bad news to clients, as long as she was in the room it always turned out okay. Sales did come easier but she said that some of the clients get touchy when her dad’s not around. A private lunch, her dad’s out of town and a couple of drinks… She doesn’t let it get further than a drunken hand sliding up the inside of her thigh. She tells her dad and Bob tells her that, “this is life and life isn’t always fair or easy or nice. She was right to stop it but in business you use what you have and a little flirt doesn’t hurt”, but she can stop it whenever she wants to.

This is where it gets really hot. Over the last few months she told Katie that she’s been letting this regular client have sex with her every few weeks and that their sales went up thirty percent after the first time! Isn’t that crazy? I don’t think this is what Bob had in mind when he told her to flirt, but it’s not like anyone is going to tell him, right? So instead, he praised her for the sales boost and she decided to keep fucking this client. After she discovers that she likes using sex as a sales tactic, she said she’s going to target the clients completely differently.

She said that she isn’t going to sleep with all of them, that she wouldn’t have to. Now she wants to fix things with her coworkers. She told Katie that she had slept with three of her coworkers and given two others blowjobs! I don’t think it was a good idea and neither does my wife. She fucked them to get them to like her but they can’t let the rest of the office think that they actually like her, so wouldn’t they still engage in all the shit talk behind her back? And all the women will still hate her anyway and if they find out that she really is the office slut, the rumors will start to fly! You know how office gossip is! And her dad’s reputation is on the line. If this gets out it could ruin him. We tried to say our peace but in the end, she’s a grown woman and she’s going to do what she wants. She’s happy and she’s making lots of money and her dad is proud of her and the best part is that she keeps telling my wife all these details!

At first we were very disapproving and judgmental but eventually it started to turn into pillow talk and I love it! I love talking to my wife about her sister while we fuck. I love that it turns Katie on to think of her sister as a slut! We role play and pretend that she’s Rosie trying to sell me some software and then we fuck like animals! I’m trying to talk Katie into letting me fuck her while she’s on speakerphone with Rosie telling her about one of her conquests, but I don’t know if she’d go for it.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with someone because I think it’s fucking awesome!

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2013-01-08 18:21:22
WALL OF TEXT. Write in paragraphs next time. I can't read this without IT HURTING MY EYES. IM NOT READING THIS

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2012-10-27 15:57:37
my eyes hurt trying to read this
man this would of been a good story if it had some paragraphs

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2012-10-27 05:14:00
Negative rating until YOU LEARN TO MAKE PARAGRAPHS!!!!

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OMG dont you believe in paragraphs????

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سكس تركيا

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