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Just a quick story about a high school cheerleader losing her virginity.....finally!!

Jake and I finally got to his parent’s house for what I was hoping to be a night of watching movies….and eventually some heavy, heavy making out…..that would finally lead to him taking my cherry!! Jake had told me before that he wasn’t going to fuck me unless we had condoms to use or that I had started using the pill. Since it was still three months until my sixteenth birthday, and my mother was not going to let me start taking birth control until then, we had to rely on Jake having a supply of rubbers!
God knows that only a couple hours before, when we were making out in the backseat of his car and I gave him my first blow job, I was so wet and horny that after he had gotten done making me cum by licking my pussy, I would have let him slide his hard dick into my hairy, wet cunt with or without a rubber!! And, he certainly had the chance!! When Jake had finished eating me, he crawled up from between my legs to kiss my mouth and I could feel the tip of his hard on brush against the curls of my thick bush!! Had I not still been buzzing from my first oral orgasm, I could have wrapped my sock covered ankles over his hot ass and pulled his hips down to meet mine…..reaching between us to easily guide him into my wet, gaping pussy……oh my….a backseat fuck!!
But NOOOooo!! Jake had so much control for a seventeen year old!! He ended up giving me a soft, wet kiss….letting me the juices that were still covering his lips and face, all the while letting my thick, wet bush tickle the underside of his twitching shaft and his heavy ball sack!! He even gently bit both of my hard nipples before he finally sat back so I could suck him dry for the first time!! What a gentleman!! DAMN IT!!
“Your turn Sock Sister…..” Jake teased as I slid my panties back on.
He called me that because it was kind of a known fact that all of the cheerleaders on our team always wore soft, white, ribbed crew socks as part of our cheer uniforms…….and, because we liked the way they looked and felt on us so much, we pretty much wore them every day with everything…jeans, skirts, shorts…..everything!! It was also another known fact that all the cheerleaders also kept those same soft, white, ribbed crew socks on whenever they were getting laid in the backseats of their boyfriend’s cars… had just become our own little tradition! Oftentimes when you went up to our crowd’s favorite make-out spot on a Saturday night in the summer, you could see quite a few pairs of sock covered feet sticking up in the air if you happened to look in the rear windows of the cars that were parked there!!
Anyway…..I ended up giving Jake a wet, slurpy blowjob… first ever….and I would love to relive it……but I already told you all about it in a different story! So, we got to Jake’s parent’s house and much to my happy surprise, his mother and father had gone out for the evening and, according to Jake, would probably not be home until very late. Wonderful!!
I grabbed my bag and ran upstairs to the bathroom that Jake shared with his older brother Tyler. I wanted to freshen up a little bit after our backseat fun!! I pulled off my sweatshirt and wife beater and sports bra and wiped myself off with a damp face cloth. I dried off with a clean towel that smelled as if Jake’s mom had just pulled it out of the dryer! I pulled my tiny, thin wife beater back on over my head…. purposely leaving my bra off!
As I was brushing my hair and pulling it back into my usual ponytail with bangs, I carefully looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. I could easily see the dark circles of my hard nipples poking against the thin material of my shirt and was thinking that I looked pretty hot for a sophomore!! I slid my sweat pants off and dropped them on the floor. Then, I slid my wet panties down my legs and threw them into my bag. I took the face cloth I had been using and gently wiped between my legs. The cool cloth felt so good on my swollen pussy lips!
I rinsed that face cloth out at least five times before I hung it back on the towel rack! I didn’t think it would be to appropriate to have Jake’s mom be able to smell her son’s girlfriend’s pussy on his bathroom towels!! Oh my…..what would she think?!
Anyway…..I quickly fluffed my thick bush up with my hair brush before I pulled my sweat pants back on. I was kind of hoping that I would have found an extra pair of panties in my bag, but no such luck. Oh well! In the back of my mind I was kind of hoping that panties might just be something to get in the way!!
I pulled the cuffs of my sweat pants half way up the calf of my leg, seeing as that was all the style, and made sure that my soft, white ribbed socks were slouched just perfectly around my ankles. I caught a glimpse of myself in the full length mirror behind the door and thought I looked like the “horny tomboy girl from next door!” I felt my pussy moisten as I stared at the image in the mirror and thought about giving myself to Jake……god, I hoped he had condoms!
I rinsed my mouth with some of the mouth wash that was out on their counter, wiped my face, and headed back downstairs. I could feel my swollen breasts bounce just a little underneath my too small wife beater as I went down the steps. It really made me feel kind of sexy! Jake was sitting on the couch in the dark watching the beginning of some horror flick when I walked in to the living room. He barely looked up at me as I walked over and sat down next to him on their really big couch. I sat close enough so that my right boob was pressed up against his left arm……he had to be able to tell I was braless,… I thought! Why doesn’t he start feeling me up and start giving me some deep, tongue filled kisses?? Cripes, I was ready to undress both of us if he would have just given me some sort of sign!!
We ended up watching the movie for a while, ate a pizza, and started watching another movie. We laid together on the couch and I tried to grind my body against Jake as much as I could to get him horny….and to let him know that I already was!! Why wasn’t he getting the rubbers out?!
But, all he did was hug me close and give me an occasional kiss and talk about all sorts of stuff. I mean….we were having a good time…..just not as good of time as I would have liked!! His parents were gone for God’s sake….why wasn’t he trying to fuck his horny, cheerleader girlfriend like every other guy would have been trying to do?? And it was starting to get a little late!! And just to top things off, Jake fell asleep halfway through our second movie and I couldn’t get him to wake up!
I had just gotten off of the couch and had grabbed my bag out of the upstairs bathroom and was headed down the steps to try to wake up my boyfriend one more time. Just as I hit the bottom step, I saw headlights coming up the driveway. In a few seconds Tyler came in the back door. He was a little surprised to see me standing in the kitchen but gave me an approving once over look as we chatted in the kitchen. I suddenly remembered that I was wearing only a thin, white wife beater that was a size or two to small……and no bra! I knew that Tyler had easily seen the dark circles of my hard nipples sticking out against the thin material…..and it made me kind of hot!
Tyler was a great looking guy. He had just turned twenty years old and was in his second year at the local university. I knew a lot of the girls at high school, including myself, that had a huge crush on him at one time or another!
He asked me what was up and I explained to him that Jake had fallen asleep and that I was about to wake him up to get a ride home. He told me to just let Jake sleep and that he’d be happy to give me a ride home. That sounded good to me!! I grabbed my bag and followed him back outside to his old beat up VW van.
We chatted like old friends as he drove along. I did notice him glancing over at me more than usual and could tell he was really liking the sight of my hard nipples sticking out against my skimpy shirt! And, the more he looked, the harder they got!! He was teasing me about being home alone with Jake and making accusations about all the sex we probably had!! I kept making denials of everything he was suggesting until he point blank just asked me why we hadn’t. I sheepishly admitted that Jake didn’t have any…..well, you know. I made sure that I sounded really disappointed…..that I hadn’t gotten laid!! Oh god was I horny!!
Tyler laughed and told me that he was pretty sure that Jake knew that he had a couple of boxes of rubbers in the top drawer of his dresser. Then he told me that he even had a box in the glove compartment……if I was interested!! I assured him that I was very interested!! Tyler gave me a suggestive look and teasingly asked me just how interested I was! I again reassured him that I was very, very interested.
With that, Tyler pulled his clunky old van into the driveway of an abandoned boat landing that was on the way to my house. He backed the van up and shut off the headlights. He flipped a switch on the dash and the back of his van lit up with a soft blue glow. He stepped between the front seats and flopped down on a couple of the padded cushions that filled up the back. I followed him back and laid down next to him.
“Well I suppose you are one of the Sock Sisters too!” Tyler teased.
I nodded my head.
Tyler rolled on his side and pulled me close to him. He pulled me so close that our hips were pressed together and I could feel his hot breath against my neck. I wrapped my arms around his neck as our mouths met in a deep, wet kiss. His tongue probed my mouth and I swirled my tongue around his as I let out a little moan of approval. We held that kiss for what seemed forever until I felt Tyler slide his hand down the back of my sweats. He began massaging my ass as he pulled my hips even tighter to his. I could feel the bulge of his hard on poking against my leg.
I slipped my hands under his tee shirt and gently dragged my fingernails over his chest. I pulled his shirt up and helped him pull it over his head. I immediately covered his nipple with my mouth and began to gently suck on it. Kimmie had given me this tip and she was right….he loved it!!
After a few seconds of me nibbling on Tyler’s nipples, he pushed me onto my back and pushed my shirt up to my armpits. My firm sophomore tits popped out….and Tyler commented that he had never seen nipples stick out so far….and then he began sucking on them! I moaned out loud as he pulled first one, and then the other between his teeth and gently pulled on them. I reached behind his head and ran my fingers through his hair while he continued to make me squirm underneath him!! Then he moved up and began kissing each side of my neck as I gently dragged my fingernails up and down his back. I was so hot and my breath was coming in quick bursts….I knew that my pussy was sure to be soaked!
Tyler finally pushed himself up after having driven me into a frenzy. He reached down and grabbed the cuffs of my sweat pants and pulled them down over my calves. I lifted my ass up and pushed them down to my knees and Tyler pulled them the rest of the way off. Suddenly, I was lying in the back of a van…..naked, except for my soft, white ribbed socks… horny as I had ever been in my fifteen and a half years…..and loving it!!
Tyler looked at me with lust in his eyes. I was hoping that my body looked hot in the pale blue light….I could see that my nipples were sticking out from my swollen breasts like small, hard cocks. Tyler reached down between my legs and I parted my firm thighs for him. He slid his fingers into my thick bush until he felt the wet spot that had formed between my swollen pussy lips. Then, as he ran his finger up the length of my slit, I could feel my slippery lips open up for the fingering I hoped he was about to give me. Tyler wiggled his finger tip just a ways in me and then began flicking it back and forth over my stiff clit! God, it felt sooooo good!
“You sure have a lot of pussy hair….!” Tyler grunted out as he pushed his middle finger deeper into my hole.
“Um hum…” was all I could reply.
Gosh, I sure hoped he like it! I knew that a lot of the other girls had trimmed their bushes and a few of the senior girls that I had seen in the shower had no hair down there at all. Kimmie had even talked about shaving herself bare. But, I was keeping my bush full. I have such big pussy lips that I just didn’t think they would look very good hanging out!
Tyler suddenly pulled his finger out of me and leaned back. He pushed his sweat pants down to his knees and I saw his hard dick pop out over the elastic waistband. Oh my!! His dick looked huge in the dim light…..but then it was only the second one I had ever seen!
He took my sock covered feet in his hands and pulled them towards his stiff shaft. Not knowing exactly what to do, I began to stroke his dick with my feet. I must have been doing what he wanted because he moaned out loud as I teased his cock and balls with the soft white socks I was wearing.
“Oh yeah…..Sock Sisters are the best….” He moaned as I slid my right foot between his legs and felt the heaviness of his nut sack. After a few minutes more of me giving him a sock job, he pushed my feet away from his hard on and made a ‘come here’ motion with his index finger. I got to my knees and moved towards him as he pointed to his twitching shaft. He wanted me to suck his cock!!
I got next to Tyler on my knees and wrapped my hand around his dick. Then I leaned over and gave his neck a few quick kisses. I lowered my face down and without hesitation wrapped my wet mouth around the head of his cock. I immediately began swirling my tongue around and around his swollen tip. I reached between his legs and cupped his sack in my hand.
“Oh yeah baby……suck it…….god, you’re good……” Tyler moaned.
I started bobbing my head up and down the length of Tyler’s shaft and I wondered if I did too good of a job at blowing him if he was going to shoot his jizz in my mouth? The whole time I was sucking Tyler off, I couldn’t help but think that his cock tasted a little bit like……well,… pussy! Oh my god….he had sex with someone before he came home…….and evidently without a rubber! I wondered who it was!! (A week later I overheard a conversation in the locker room between two senior pom-pom girls about one of them ‘doing it’ with Tyler in his van last Saturday night. I snuck around the corner of the lockers to see who it was and was surprised to see it was Brittany Connors. I always thought she was such a goody-goody and dating the vice president of their class!! But……after all…she was a Sock Sister! And…..I completely understood when Brittany’s friend asked her ‘…if she had put one in the box’…., but more about that later!)
Anyway…….Tyler finally pulled my head away from his dick and I sat back. He pulled a small package out from a cubby in the back of his van and tossed it to me. It was a ribbed Trojan condom!! Finally! I tore it open and slid it out of the foil package. It was so slippery!! I had to think back to Freshman Health class where Mrs. Paige had given a demonstration of putting a condom on a banana…..everyone had the giggles then. I wasn’t giggling now that’s for sure!
I put the rubber on the tip of Tyler’s dick and by sliding my hand down the length of his shaft, I ended up rolling it on all the way down to his pubes….in just a couple of tries!! Not bad considering it was the first time putting one on a real cock!! When I had finished, I caught myself staring at his throbbing dick like I was appreciating what I had just accomplished!!
Tyler gently took me by my shoulders and pushed me down onto the soft cushion. I was lying on my back with my knees up and as Tyler got on top of me I spread my legs apart. He balanced himself on one arm as he reached down between us and I could feel him aiming his cock at my hairy, wet, hole! My slippery pussy lips eagerly spread apart as Tyler ran the tip of his dick up and down the length of my gash. ‘OH GOD…….do it Tyler’ I thought to myself. I wrapped my sock covered ankles around his hips and tried to pull him down to me! Tyler was lying on top of me balanced on both arms as he ever so slowly began to enter me. I sucked his tongue into my mouth when he gave me a nice wet kiss.
“Do it Tyler… it to me…..” I whispered as I felt him slide the full length of his cock into my virgin pussy. I let out a moan as I felt the base of his dick rub against my swollen clit. It felt soooooo good!! I was finally getting fucked!!
Once he was in me, Tyler let the weight of his body rest on top of me as he started pumping in and out of my cunt with nice, long strokes. I wrapped my arms around his body and pulled him as close as I could. I could feel my hard nipples rub against his chest as we ground our bodies against each other. I had my legs wrapped over his and was rubbing my soft, white socks on the backs of his legs. We were both moaning and groaning through our kissing…..god, I probably sounded like a slut…..but it felt better and better the harder we went at it!! I could even hear my pussy making squishy wet sounds every time Tyler slid in and out of me…..I was so wet and horny!
Tyler had his hands between us and he was pinching and pulling on both of my hard nipples as he continued kissing me and pounding his dick deep inside of me. Then he started talking dirty to me…….and I loved it!!
“You are such a good fuck……god, your pussy is tight…..oh yeah baby….” He whispered in my ear while he kissed my neck. “I love to fuck Sock Sisters….!!”
I responded by digging my heels into Tyler’s ass and pulling myself up to meet his thrusts. Then I felt it start to happen!! It was the same feeling I had when Jake made me cum by licking my clit!!
“Oh god Tyler…” I moaned. “Don’t stop……oh yeah……ohhhhh…’re going… make….me ohhhhhhhhhh…….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!”
Tyler ground the base of his prick against my hard clit as my orgasm forced my young pussy to squeeze his hard cock for all I was worth. By this time, my legs were straight up in the air and Tyler was pumping in and out of me as hard as he could. If someone had come by and looked in, sure enough they would have able to tell that another Sock Sister was getting laid!!
“Uhhhhhh…….uhhhhhhh…” Tyler moaned as I felt his cock begin to twitch deep inside of me just before he grunted and collapsed on me. I knew that he had just shot his load…..filling the tip of the rubber with his hot cream. God I couldn’t wait until I got on the pill so I could feel my pussy getting filled with a guy’s hot cum!!
Tyler pushed himself back up on to his elbows and when he pulled himself back to his knees, I felt his cock pull out of my aching pussy.
“Wow… were incredible…..for a …a…” Tyler stuttered out.
“Sophomore?” I answered for him. “Sophomore Sock Sister?!”
“Well yeah….” He answered as he slid the used rubber off his softening shaft.
I reached out and took it from him. It was hot and slippery from my juices. I held it up and was amazed at how much he had filled it with his cum! I tied a knot in the top of it and tossed it into my open bag.
“I hope you don’t mind Tyler, but I’d like to keep my first!! I teased.
“What? Your first? You’re kidding right?” I replied.
Evidently I had given him a pretty good fuck for a fifteen and half year old cheerleader!! I pulled my wife beater back down over my throbbing nipples and grabbed my sweat pants and started to pull them back on.
“Well I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to keep one of these…..just as a reminder!” Tyler told me as he began to slide the soft white sock off of my right foot. “You know….another Sock Sister!!”
He pulled the sock off of my foot and tossed it into a box with a hinged lid that was attached to the side wall of the van. I didn’t know it at the time, but I would find out later that the box contained a lot of “reminders” from Sock Sisters. ‘Putting one in the box’ was a slang term that the Junior and Senior cheerleaders and Pompoms had come up with for having been fucked by Tyler!! Maybe we were just a bunch of sluts!! I pulled the lone sock off my left foot and tossed that into my bag also.
We got straightened up and climbed back into the front seat and Tyler started up the old van and drove me the rest of the way home. I found a sweatshirt in my bag and pulled it on. I really didn’t want to walk into the house and run into my mom or dad wearing my tiny, thin wife beater, with no bra, and my swollen nips sticking out!! We got to my house and Tyler leaned over and gave me a wonderfully sweet kiss on the lips! Then he reached over and opened the glove compartment. He fished around for a few seconds and then grabbed a couple of Trojans out of a small box and dropped them into my open bag.
“Just in case….” He teased.
I felt myself blush just a little. Carrying my own condoms around…..yikes!
I hopped out of Tyler’s van and ran up to our back door and quietly let myself in. I could tell that I was still very, very squishy between my legs as I climbed the steps to my bedroom. I heard the put-put of Tyler’s van as he drove down the street…..oh my, what a night!
Oh and a special note….Jake and I broke up a few days later and he never did get a chance to fuck me. I found a new boyfriend that wanted to have sex with me ALL the time…..I got on the pill…..and I put five more socks ‘in the box’ over the next year. I was so happy!!

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