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When Jack had just finished on the shooting range when "Jack how are you able to fire that weapon every one that has fired that weapons has been ether burned from the inside out or they were just killed out right." Jack now noticed that he had been Found out and just said" I picked up the weapons and just started to fire. why is their something wrong." jack asked. John was now on the phone to the president say that they had found one of the two Umbra and that he does not know what he is. "OK thanks for the work ask him is he wanted to be trained and if he does send him to the training yard or if he tries something shoot him." John was surprised by the president request.

Lucie was was now panicking trying to find a way out when the fat drunken man from early came thought the door. "I see that your lying, now tell me what you are, or we have a problem on our hands" as the fat guy pulls out a gun and aims it at her. Lucie now fearing for her life started to feel a tingle in the pit of her stomach and it started to grow more and more until she could not contain it, when she let it out in a big burst of energy that killed every thing in the room. As the energy start to go she looked around the room she saw that every one was either burnt to a crisp or was just a pile of ash on the floor.

Jack was Just asked if he wanted to be train to be a guard for the U.I.S. Sek (united inter systems Sek) when Jack doubled over on the floor in pain it was as if something had just tried to pull energy from him as if it was trying to pull the built up energy from the gun as will as his life force. As the feeling started to fade jack felt weak and sick to his stomach as well as the felling of being empty.

when Lucie saw what happened she was over come with fear of what she had done and that she had to get far away from where she was. As Lucie starts to get up she hears something in the distant like an explosion that was getting louder and louder, when she looks the were the fat guy was standing all she see was a burnt out button that looked like it would be a dead man switch. Just as Lucie looks up she sees a bright light then a loud noise as she has to cover her ears because of her heightened senses. just as the explosion get to her she feels her skin turn in to something soft yet hard if such a thing was possible as massive surge of heat go thought her body making her feel warm yet slightly sad at this and what made it worse was that she didn't know why she felt sad

Jack was just starting to get back up when, again drops to the floor but this time he can feel his body heat up and start to burn from the inside out as if something was trying to kill him with an a microwave. As Jack thought he was going to die the burning started to fade then all together stop as suddenly as it started, Jack starts gets back up just as John arrives with the medics to find him unscaved much to John amazement. when they get to a door Jack turn to John and ask "why did you chose me to guard you ship i'm just ..." Jack ask before cut off by John "but you not human you can fire a weapon that others die from." Jack looked started that they had fired the weapon with out changing the base firing mechanism as that is what make the weapon deadly to humans.

Lucie had just felt the heat from the base exploding when she again feels her skin turn back to normal if you can class her skin normal that is, Lucie looks around to find nothing but ruble and ash as well as snow in the distance. "where am I and what am I going to do now" she ask her self feeling even more lost than when she was brought to the lab. Just as Lucie was about to cry she remembered that her pod should be somewhere near her, Lucie started to look around when she saw a faint glint in the distance. Her thinking it was her pod starts to run to it but as she gets closer she realities even thought that it is her pod was broken beyond any sort of use at all, all she could do was salvage the life support to keep warm as she was now in the south pole and it would take her mouths for anyone to find her or find out about the lab blowing up.

6 mouths later

Jack was now the guard for the U.I.S. Sek and was also the best that any one had seen he beating all of his hand-to-hand training instructors even the advanced one which would of taken a normal person 5 years to learn, but the Umbra learned things 10 times faster than humans do and they also have photo graphic memory, this also help them become the most advanced life form during their time. Jack was also a crack shot and could shot a pin head of of a horse arse of corse they never tried that but the simulation they ran should he could do it if he wanted to which he never did.

Lucie was still in the south pole but she could hear the sound of rotary engines in the distances so she knew she would be picked up soon. She had been cannibalizing her pod to make shelter as will as the scrape metal to make in to a spear for fishing and hunting, as will as snow she could melt for water with the heater from the pod.

All she knew now was that she would be picked up soon but by the wrong people.

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go back to school shadow and learn how to spell, also this so called story sucks..


2012-11-12 13:48:26
ok will if your still with me then i would like to say that the next one will be up very soon im half way through writing it and just add extra detail


2012-11-09 06:00:55
sorry there has not been a new great war life's been getting in the way and i'm finding it hard to link it back to the this story from were i left it, but a new one will be up but i don't now when


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anonymous 2012-11-02 10:18:59 thanks i do read kahmd and fbailey but kahmd dose not have any new storys to read so i cant realy reread his story but i will try the other 2

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Hey thats good shadowtitanlo. Don't be too discourage by low votes or -ve comments. Just strive to be better. There are many good writers here, read some of their stories and you'll get the hang of it. Try Kahmd, Rhiannon57, Dizziworks673, FBailey just to name a few. You'll definitely get better but don't copy their stories just learn from their style of writing.

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