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This is a story about me and my ex girlfriend. I have changed names to protect me and her.
Part 1

David's Large and thick dick was slowly sliding in stretching Alex more with every inch inside. Alex starts to moan uncontrollably and his dick slides in twitching, and making her nipples harder. A few minutes pass, and the sound of his dick hitting Alex is loud and repetitive, but the moaning goes on. Then David gently twists her nipples, making her moan even harder. His dick comes out and Alex gets on her knees, making David stand and letting her lick the long shaft. She proceeds to the tip where she starts gently sucking, licking, and repeating that. The pre cum slowly seeps out, making Alex want more penetration, but she wants to make a little gift for David She lets his dick go into her mouth, making her moan with pleasure. Beginning to thrust into her mouth, David sends his penis down Alex’s throat, both moaning and groaning with pleasure Alex keeps her hand on his dick, admiring the amazing size then putting his dick in between her boobs. She holds it in between, moving them up and down. The warmth of it pressing against her chest gives her an idea. While David was thrusting, she waited when he wasn’t looking to get it into her mouth at the same time. Alex starts rubbing her clit making herself even more wet. She takes some of the juice, rubs it onto it, and starts sucking again. This time, David holds her head down, tugging a little on the hair. David lets go and Alex takes very deep breaths before pulling David away and pushing him down onto the bed. She lays down on her stomach next to David, and starts kissing very hard. She touches his penis, and it twitches, and she starts pumping him very slowly, but accelerating in speed at the same time. She switches over to standing on her knees, opened over him. As she settles down on him, who is throbbing like crazy, she gasps. Her tight pussy is being stretched even more. Alex starts rocking back and forth, grinding on his dick. She reaches down to David and starts giving him even harder than before. David grabs her hips and ass, squeezing it. Now she's slamming down on him, but they continue kissing. As she gets back up from the long, hot kissing, they both breathe as if they've ran a few miles. But now, David gets to take over a bit He slides his fingers into her, bending them a bit, making her squirt a little. Now, Alex is grabbing onto the headboard, as David slowly eats her out. But now, he gets up, and stuffs her light little pussy with his dick, and starts pounding into Alex very hard making her scream a few times. But David feels he needs to cum? Alex is ready, and so he shoots out a lot of cum into her mouth and quickly shoves his dick into finish. Slowly, the cum came dripping out of her pussy....that night was fun

Part 2

It's been a few months since David and Alex started living together. Today was a day for another little experiment. Alex has been watching David carefully for a few minutes to sneak into the bathroom and hide. David gets into the shower, but Alex slowly comes out of her hiding spot. As soon as david turns around in the shower, he discovers her staring at him, naked. She pushes him to the corner where she starts kissing him and stroking his face very gently. She starts kissing harder, and feels his man hood pressing against her leg. Looks like his dick wants some kissing too. She pulls David out of the shower and falls onto the bed with him. Both wet, their bodies are a little slippery but her pussy is even more slippery. Alex reaches down for his dick, and starts to press her lips against the tip. She opens her mouth and it slips inside. Choking a little, she goes down deeper. The hot pre cum slowly comes down her thoat and onto her tongue. A delicious treat, she continues. Starting to rub it a little, and it twitches in her mouth and she begins to moan with pleasure. A good 30 minutes pass by, and Alex is finished tasting senior. She wants her pussy to have a try. Slowly getting onto David, her boobs press against his chest, and rocks a little to have his dick rub against her. But all of the sudden, he slips into Alex and she lets out a loud short moan but continues it as she slowly sits down on him. Her pussy is now throbbing against his dick, making him twitch a little, but Alex starts to move her hips up and down on senior. Sliding in and out, Alex starts slamming down very fast and david begins to thrust. He groans with pleasure, but it was cut off by Alex slipping her tongue into davids mouth, kissing him.By accident, he slips out of her pussy and into Alex's ass. But no big deal, he is already slippery from her juices. Alex sqeaks but David pushes himself into Alex deeper. This goes on for a few minutes but then, Alex stands up and bends over as David grabs her hips, pulling her onto himself. Alex is still tight, so the fun continues. David thusts faster and faster making her boobs bounce a lot, but he grabs on and twists the nipples a bit. By this time, Alex is being fucked so hard she's yelling out curses in Russian. David slaps her ass a few times and gets deeper into Alex. She's out of breath but still moaning. David pulls out of Alex very slowly, making her exhale a shaky breath. She gets onto her knees holding onto his dick and pumping him a little. She licks her lips before she sends him into her mouth, and David pushes her head down. He holds it down and thrusts into her mouth, making himself go deep into her throat. She feels the cum starting to come into him and gets him out. Alex starts pumping him very hard and fast until the cum blasts out onto her face and all over her body. She gets some onto her finger and sucks it off and cleans his dick.

there is more to this story so stay tuned. Please comment with what you think.

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2012-10-27 03:16:59
smaller paragraphs and perhaps i'll fully read and vote on it. just skimmed it a little bit, like alot of readers i find long blocks of text are painfull on the eyes. try again.

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