confession of a submissive husband
My wife is hot. She always has been. I remember the first moment I saw her in high school, she stopped me in my tracks and took my breath away. There weren't that many girls at my school since there was an all girls school up the road and she was definitely the hottest. She wouldn't date me in school even though we occasionally fooled around. She knew how much I wanted her and would constantly flirt with me at the same time telling me in detail about who ever she was currently fucking.

Fast forward to our late twenties. We hadn't seen each other for a few years but when we got together it seemed very natural. Our sex life was great. We got married. A few years later she confessed she had slept with a family friend. I lost it at first but after I calmed down I decided to stay with her. It was just a mistake and wouldn't happen again.

A few weeks later when life was back to normal we were lying in bed with her stroking my cock, bringing me right to the edge of orgasm then stopping, then building back up and stopping again. It was driving me crazy. It was at this point, right on the edge of cumming that she started telling me how big David's cock was, how hard it was. Her lubricated hand running up and down my shaft slowly as she described her legs wide apart and his thick cock entering her for the first time. He fucked her hard first on top then from behind. This is how he came in her, filling her tight pussy with semen. My cock was straining, pre-cum oozing out. If I objected she would stop telling me the story and stop touching me. I had to listen. Bringing me close to cumming again she said I had better thank her for fucking David or I would just have to stay hard. I was so desperate the words just came out of my mouth. “thank you for fucking David” I couldn't believe I had said it. It made her laugh.

“That's only half the story” she said. On the way home she told me she could feel his cum running down her leg. Her panties were soaked through. He must have had a massive load. The dirtiness made her feel really horny. When she got home she immediately dragged me to the bedroom and made me lick her out. I didn't know at the time but I was licking a filthy mixture of David's cum and her pussy juice. Squeezing my shaft hard she made me thank her again and admit that I had licked David's cum from her. A huge wave of humiliation swept over me right as she made me cum. She got straight up and walked off leaving me covered in semen and wondering what had just happened.

That's pretty much how it started. From that point on she became dominant. She would deny me orgasms and make me confess loving licking up cum. I had to make her cum at least 4 times before I had earned an orgasm.

She met Brad on the train, they swapped numbers. He called and they agreed to meet in a hotel. Now he texts when he feels like it and she fucks him. I have to leave the house so he can come by and fuck her in my bed. When he has left I’m allowed to come home and put my mouth where his cock has been. I’m so submissive now that I have to call her beautiful pussy “Brads hole”. I’m only allowed to fuck her ass - the “dirty hole”.

When it’s not convenient at home they go to a motel. I have to pick Brad up and drive them there. I wait outside in the car usually. They always take their time. Once they made me watch in the room. He really fucked her hard and came a few times.

Last Saturday night Emma denied my orgasm again. I had to go to sleep with my hardon pressed against her ass. She really likes that. When we woke up of course I was as horny as hell. We fucked for a bit and when I was fully ready to blow she pushed me away and told me how she had sucked the cock of the guy that works in the cafe at work. That she had arranged to fuck him next Saturday after her shift at the hospital finished. I was going to have to wait till he had fucked her till I could cum. All week she has been telling me how thick his Lebanese cock is and how much he wants to fuck her. He doesn’t know I know so she made me come into work during the week and buy a coffee from him. He was very straight faced when he served us. As commanded by Emma I had to thank him enthusiastically. He thought it was for the coffee but Emma was really making me thank him for fucking my wife.

So now it is Saturday and Emma is at work. My cock is aching from a week of denial. I’ve had to fuck her and masturbate for her all week. She has cum in my mouth night and day all week. I’m waiting till it is time to go and pick her up from work. I know that she is going to fuck Gus in her office. I had to shave her pussy this morning and pick out some hot panties that Gus would like. Her pussy will be full of thick wads of his cum. She will make me lick it out in the car park while it is still hot.

I’m going to post this confession online so when she gets home and see’s it she might let me cum. I hope I have been good enough to deserve a full orgasm. Sometimes she likes to ruin my orgasm. She thinks it is funny.

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2014-10-20 06:27:39
it would be nice if the cuckold got some revenge, try a bit of balance.
let him fuck one of her friends or family members just to piss her off.
feed her with a dose of the shits hahah


2013-04-06 11:17:24
Nice to see another member of the "cuckold club." As I read this, my wife is out fucking her lover. I need to go now to clean up the house, prepare her bath, change the sheets, and get my tongue ready to clean her out. If you like, Trinitymasters, see my stories, here. We are both dutiful, loyal husbands to our strong, beautiful wives. Proudly signed, Willing Wimp

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2013-03-08 15:11:56
I wanna fuck your whore of a wife


2012-10-30 10:15:21
You go boy, What ever turns you on. Let's see part two. Will you be forced to watch? Maybe more? Keep up the good work.

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2012-10-27 08:58:31
Could use a little more development of the sex but not bad. I don't get the first person who left a comment. Whether true or not, it's his fucking story. Don't read these stories if you don't know what the definition of cuckold is you ignorant twat.

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