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Double Dose of Bad Seed 6.3:

Xmas Break
Jenny’s Cherry

Jenny wakes up as I slowly fuck Jill and starts rubbing my butt and kissing my neck.

“I’m ready for you to make me your slut” Jenny whispers in my ear.

Jenny was 12 and not very big at that and a virgin so I knew I couldn’t let loose and fuck her raw like she wanted but I’ll make sure she walks funny for a few days. I think to myself as I pull my hard cock from Jill’s tight wet little pussy and roll on my back.

Jenny smiles and slides down my chest to my wet cock and takes it into her mouth. She goes down about half way before she gags and holds it there.

“All the way down slut” I say slapping her face as I push her head down forcing my cock into her throat.

“JJ have her lay her head off the end of the bed then fuck her mouth” Jill says.

I look at her puzzled wondering where that came from.

“I saw it on the porn movie we watched” she says smiling.

I released Jenny and her head comes up gasping for air. She smiles with saliva dripping from her chin and lies on her back and hangs her head off the edge. I got up and place my cock to her lips and her mouth opened and took my cock in. Jill looked at me unsure what she should do.

“Spread your legs slut” I tell Jenny.

Jenny spreads her legs wide exposing her little bald virgin pussy and Jill climbs between her legs and starts licking. I slap Jenny’s face and start pushing my cock into her mouth, it took her a few strokes before she relaxed and I was sliding in and out of her throat fucking her mouth.

This was my first time fucking a girls mouth like this but as I watched her throat expand as my cock slide into it I knew it wouldn’t be my last. Jenny just laid there grunting as I fucked her mouth and pinched and pulled her little nipples.

I slapped her face every 5 or 6 stokes and told her what a little whore she was and how bad I was going to hurt her little pussy when I got done with her mouth. I was almost ready to cum so I pulled out for a minute.

Jenny’s face was covered in her own saliva and red from the repeated slaps but she had a smile and moaned as she came on Jill’s face. I shoved my cock back in her mouth and all the way in until her lips were around the base of my cock.
My cock erupted in her throat causing her to squirm and kick as I held her there continuing to pump hot cum into her belly. I held her until she stopped squirming and pulled out. She gasped loudly sucking in air as my cock left her mouth.

“Go wash your face slut” I say and laugh as she stumbles to the bathroom still light headed from lack of oxygen.

When she returns I kiss her passionately then slap her face and push her down on the bed. I don’t give her time to think before I climb on top of her and shove the head of my cock inside her virgin pussy stopping at her hymen.

“You still want to play rough” I ask hold my cock pressed against her hymen.

She was moaning softly as her tight pussy twitched and spasmed around my cock. A smile spreads across her face.

“Yes Husband” she croaks out her throat sore from being fucked hard and wraps her little legs around my back and spreads her legs wider.

I pulled back and Jenny took a deep breath and bit her lip before I drove my cock hard into her. My cock tore thru her cherry and past her cervix not stooping until I was inside her womb and my balls slapped against her ass.

She screamed and bit thru her lip as I did, squeezing her little legs tight once I was buried inside her so I couldn’t pull out. I looked down and the tears were flowing from her eyes and blood from her lip but she still had a little smile on her face.

I held my cock buried inside her pussy even after her legs relaxed enjoying the feeling of her tight pussy walls squeezing my cock as they spasmed. As her pussy relaxed I pulled out slowly looking down at my cock it was bright red covered in her virgin blood. More than I had seen with the others before her.

“Clean my cock you little slut” I say slapping her face.

She quickly sits up and takes my cock into her mouth, I smile as she sucks my cock knowing her little pussy is closing back up and in a few minutes I get to rip thru it again. I put her doggy style for the second assault on her 12 yo pussy and Jill eagerly spread her legs and held Jenny’s mouth to her wet pussy as I lined my cock up and pushed in about three inches.

I held my cock where her Hymen was only minutes ago her pussy was twitching and jerking as she moaned. Her pussy squeezed tighter around my cock as she began to cum. I grabbed her little hips and drove back into her womb thru her tight wet pussy. Her screams were muffled by Jill’s wet pussy as I pulled back out and slammed back into her again.

It was a few minutes of hard pounding and screams followed by moans before her little pussy had stretched and relaxed enough for my cock to slide inside her without resistance. I pounded her hard until her pussy tightened up ready to cum again.

I pulled out and laid her on her back and kissed her softly as I slide my cock back inside her slowly. She smiled and kissed me as I slowly fucked her until she began to cum. I drove my cock into her womb and joined her spasming pussy pumping hot cum into her womb.

Once my cock was spent I rolled on my back taking Jenny with me, my cock still buried in her womb.

“I love you JJ” Jenny says exhausted but still with a little smile on her face.

I fell asleep exhausted. When I woke several hours later Jenny was curled up on one side and Jill on the other. My cock was clean although I’m not sure which slut cleaned it. I reach over and pull Jenny on top of me. My cock was about 2 inches inside her tight pussy when she woke up and realized what was happening.

She smiled and laid her head on my chest moaning and grunting as I fucked her sore little pussy to another orgasm, I was ready to cum as well and pulled out and pushed Jenny to the side. Jill smiled and straddled me reaching back to guide my cock into her wet little pussy.

She moaned and kissed me as she rode my cock until it filled her womb with cum and she orgasmed. It was nearly 11 am now so we got up and showered the girls both bathed me then each other. After our shower we headed into town for some lunch, I was in the mood for a burger so I knew just where to go.

Alessa seemed a little upset as she took our order at the fast food joint. Lily was there sitting at a table in the corner alone.

“You bring her to work with you everyday” I ask curiously.

“It’s that or leave her home to be raped by my step dad” she says getting more upset.

We take our food and go sit with Lily bring her some as well. Lily smiles and sits in my lap as she eats. Alessa’s comment got me thinking I’ll have to do something about her, I can’t have little Lily getting raped. That Cherry is mine when it gets ripe.

I turn my cell on and my mail box is full again. I call Melody back first thinking about ripe cherry’s that one’s plump and juicy.

“Hello JJ, I’m so glad you called” Melody says.

“Well you left enough messages I thought I should” I say laughing

“Will you please come to the Hospital so me and Jasmin can thank you in person” she says.

“Well I think it best I not, your father doesn’t like me and has made it clear I’m not to even talk to you” I say

“I’m not sure what’s going on or what you did but you saved my life and my” she pauses for a minute “my innocents so I want you to come down here” she says

“Ok, but only on one condition your dad has to say it’s alright have him call me” I say then hang up.

My next call was my lawyers, I remember Dad mentioning something about owning rental property in town. I find out it’s an entire apartment building the same one where we stayed. 40 units and 4 are empty. I tell him to make the arrangements for Alessa and walk up to the counter.

“What time you get off” I ask

“In 6 hours why” she says looking at me.

“Ok Lily’s coming with me, I’ll be back tonight when you get off” I say.

I took Lily and we left and headed to the mail box place and pick up my package finally after years of waiting. Officer Rick calls while we are getting the package.

“JJ, I’m sorry for what I said at the drive inn please come down to the hospital” he begs.

“It’s ok Rick you were right to be angry and what you said is probably true, I’m probably no better than the scum that attacked the girls” I say trying to lay a guilt trip on him.

“No JJ your not I was wrong what you did that night proves it, the old JJ probably would have joined in but you saved them instead” he says.

“Well I’ll come by and visit for a few minutes around 3 and let the girls say thanks” I say and hang up.

I stop by and pick the keys up to Alessa’s new place and head back to the apartment and drop the girls off before heading to the hospital. When I arrive I notice a few police cruisers outside and two at the door to Melody’s room. The officer steps and blocks my path as I approach.

“No one is allowed in” he says

“I came to see Melody and Jasmin” I say as John is leaving the room.

He pushes the officer aside and brings me inside, everyone is there it seems. John walks me over to Jasmin’s bed and introduces his wife Carla.

“Nice to meet you Mama, it’s unfortunate we had to meet under these circumstances” I say shaking her hand.

“I’m just glad you were there or the circumstances would have been far worse” she says releasing my hand to hug me tight and kiss my cheek.

I sit down on the side of Jasmin’s bed and immediately receive another hug and kiss on the lips. Jasmin blushes as well as John and Carla, Jasmin thanks me and kisses me several times before I get up and walk over to Melody’s bed.

Melody’s looked even more ravishing in her little gown that was all but see thru leaving little to the imagination. Rick takes my hand and shakes it introducing me to his wife, Lisa.

“Well I know where Melody gets her looks now” I say smiling as Lisa hung and kisses me.

“Thank you JJ” she says blushing.

I sit on the side of Melody’s bed and she hugs me tight and kisses me on the lips, squeezing my wound as she does causing me to jerk slightly.

“I’m sorry” she says releasing me and pulling my shirt up to see my wound before I could stop her.

I had ripped a few of Jenny’s stitches earlier when I was popping her cherry so the bandage had blood soaking thru it. I heard several gasps from the girls.

“It’s only a scratch” I say pulling my shirt back down.

Melody and Lisa weren’t having that and pulled my shirt back up and removed the bandage. I looked really bad now all swollen up made the cut look more like a huge gash in my side.

“They released you like this JJ” Lisa asks upset.

“Not exactly, I never went to the hospital” I reply.

“Rick gets the Doctor in here now” she says.

Rick went get a Doctor and brought him back. His first words upon seeing my wound
“What butcher sewed you up”

“Hey now I think my cousin did a pretty good job for being 12 and she did it in the Wal-Mart parking lot” I say smiling.

The Doctor and women look at me a little shocked. The doctor wants to admit me but I refuse but agree to let him sew me up in the room. Melody takes full advantage and has me lay on my side in bed with her as the doc sews me up. She holds my head on her nice firm breast I can feel her hard little nipple against my cheek.

After the doc was done Melody planted another longer kiss on my lips. Rick and Lisa didn’t say a word or seem upset by her actions. We all sat around and talked some about the incident and they thanked me several more times. Naturally me and Rick come up and their all curious why he was made at me.

“I’ll let you tell them” I say looking at Rick

“Well JJ made some comments that upset me at the drive inn and I let my temper get the best of me” Rick says trying to drop the subject.

“What comments” Melody asks

“Well he was admiring your body and made a few comments about how beautiful you are” Rick tells Melody.

Rick didn’t go into details of my comments and Melody had a look of lust in her eyes knowing I had made comments how hot she was.

“Well I better be leaving” I say but before I can stand Melody grabs and kisses me. Holding her lips pressed to mine I feel her tongue slip past my lips into my mouth for a second before she blushes and pulls back.

Lisa giggles but Rick had a shocked look on his face, not angry but shocked. Melody takes my cell and puts her number in it.

“Call me tonight before you go to bed” she says before giving me another kiss good bye.

It was almost time for Alessa to get off work so I headed back and picked Lily up then to her work and waited watching her wait on customers with her nice round belly while Lily sat on my lap rubbing her little butt on my hard cock. I waited to she finished her shift before going talk to her.

“Your moving out your mothers and quitting this job” I say looking at her.

She starts to say something but I cut her off.

“You and Lily will be provided for but you belong to me now” I say and take Lily’s hand and head to the truck.

Alessa doesn’t say anything and follows getting in the truck. We head to her mothers house to pack up their stuff. When we walk in her mother is drunk and all but passed out on the couch with one breast hanging out and her panties around one ankle. I sit on the couch next to the skank with Lily clinging to me obviously scared.

Her mom smells of week old sex and burnt flesh from the fresh cigarette burns I can see on her breast hanging out. Her step father is a large black man but fat not muscle about 5’10” and every bit of 300 lbs.

“Who the fucks he” he step father says walking in the room.

“That’s JJ, and I’m moving out” Alessa says standing next to me.

“The hell you are whore, you still owe me rent” he says looking at her.

Alessa looks at me nervously not sure what to do.

“Go pay your rent whore” I say.

Alessa walks slowly to the middle of the living room before her step father meets her and slaps her face. I pulled my cock out and Lily’s panties off and sat her on my lap my cock between her legs. She wrapped both her tiny hands around it and stroked it as she rubbed her wet little pussy up and down the shaft.

Alessa dropped to her hands and knees facing me with tears in her eyes as her step father ripped her panties off and pushed her dress up on her back. He stuck his cock in her ass dry and started fucking her hard. She just laid there silently taking it until he lit a cigarette and started burning her as cheeks.

She cried in pain when he pulled out and put the cigarette to her clit and then her gaping asshole. He made sure to get the tender inside flesh of her ass several times before he stuck his cock back inside her.

Lily watched then as my cock was ready to cum she took it in her mouth and sucks the head while stoking it until it erupted in her mouth. She swallowed all she could then laid back on my chest and rubbed her little belly with a smile.

Alessa’s step father was about to cum as well so I got up and put my cock away and walked over. He eyes were closed ready to cum when I drop kicked him in the head. His limp fat ass just fell to the floor in a pool of his own blood.

“Go pack” I tell Alessa as I sit back down with Lily and pull one off he’s teeth from the toe of my shoe out.

Haven’t these people heard of toothpaste I think as I throw the nasty yellow tooth on the floor. Alessa comes out a few minutes later with a trash bag of clothes and a box of pictures and junk. I look in the trash bag and throw it on the floor and take the box and Lily’s hand and leave.

Alessa sits quietly as we drive to the apartment, once inside I set the box down and hand her the key and a business card.

“This is your new home and on the card is where you work starting Monday. The rent and utilities are paid for so your money is for food and clothes” I say.

I got her a job as a receptionist at my lawyer’s law firm.

“Thank You” she says looking at me.

“Now like I said before you and Lily belong to me, you will be taken care of but you will do whatever I say when I say understood” I say.

“Yes Master” she says catching on to her new role.

“Also your only permitted to engage in sex of any kind when I’m in the room that includes masturbation. Violate that rule and I send you back to mom’s” I say then give her the same list of rules as I gave the girls.

“Yes Master” she says as she takes her clothes off then Lily’s.

I kiss her then then Lily before giving her money to go shopping and leave. I stop and pick the girls up before heading back to the house. Jenny was still walking a little funny when we got to the pool house.

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