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My Hidden Obsessions....M_o_t_h_e_r
Growing up in a home full of relatives, there were not enough rooms to meet the bodies. From when i was born until i was 7, i slept in between my older sister and mother on a queen size bed. As a young boy, you never understood what it really meant to accidently squeeze a breast or wake up with your little prick pressed up against your mother's ass cheeks. And so it began...

The family started to move out and make lives of their own, saddening for me as i will miss them. The good news is that my sister can finally move to her own room, but little 8 year old me would still have to share a bed and room with mommy.

I would have to endure my mom changing in front of me before she went to work. Thinking i was still asleep, she would slip out of her nightie and admire herself in the mirror. she was at the time in her late 30's, but had the face of someone much younger; her youthful looks always complimented her mature figure. Dipping into her moisturizers, she would lavish her body with sweet smelling liquids that would make her body glisten as she spread it from her breasts to her toes. i wondered why she would go to the trouble of rubbing her breasts and ass cheeks, always making sure they had the "wet" look, but at night "accidently" brushing against my mom, i would know the answer, her skin was so supple to the touch (i wish i could cream them for her). after this, she would start to put on her bra and panties...i could only catch reflections from the mirror at first, but my mom had the finest nipples, nice dark brown, that contrasted nicely with her light skin and perpetually erect...oh, to suck them again!!! i couldn't get a good look at her pussy, but i always saw the full mound of black hair and her ass always looked inviting, round but tight looking; soft but fuckable!

this happened every morning, i would feign sleep, because my mom is very old fashioned, if she thought i was awake, she would send me out of the room (it's not proper for a boy to see his mother, but it's just right for me to sleep with her ;) staring from just under the covers i would see her body and memorize every curve, crack and flesh tone. just looking at her today makes me hard as i can imagine her in all her nakedness: breasts swaying, ass cheeks spread bent over, body glistening from lotions. as a man, i get excited as i think back to how slutty she would look all moist, hoping i could jerk all over her or maybe leave some "lotion" in her bottle for her to spread over her tits and ass. ohhh man, i can't wait until the night time....

As she usually returned home from work very late, i was in bed and "sleeping" for school the next day. she would always strip down to her bra, panties and pantyhose and walk to the washroom for her shower. something about white matching underwear with shear naked stockings. the whole display always put me in a frenzy, im surprised she never saw me squirming under the blankets and playing with myself while i thought of her.

Coming out of the shower, she would strip naked and put on a nightie/dress that was semi transparent in the light and get ready for bed. she liked to read a lot of women's mags and some must have talked about sex. she would often think that im sleeping and carefully slip her fingers down below and play with herself. my mom would rub her clit and insert fingers into her pussy and really get excited and wet. she never made any loud noises, but the soft moans and sweet smell of her essence always made me go hard. i was too young to know how to fuck, but i wanted to jerk off so bad. my mom fingering herself was too much for a young guy to control. i would usually wait until she was really asleep and start to fondle her body. she was a tosser, so we'd get really close and i'd softly grab her breasts or stick my groin up against her butt cheeks. putting my face so close to her private areas were near orgasmic as i took in her sweet musk. after some rolling her dress would rise up, so my method was to rub my little prick against her ass and simulate some kind of anal entry. luckily since i was so young, i couldn't come, so i would orgasm on her ass but no evidence was ever found :)

this continued on until i was eleven and we moved to a bigger house where i had my own room. i truly believe that my mom was naive enough to think she never had a hand in my warped sense of satisfaction, but little does she know how much i lusted for her body and what i would do to continue my motherly fantansies.....
(new home, new voyeuristic schemes....what will this boy think of next???)

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2014-03-25 19:39:27
Extreme good story. Pity about all the childish comments, but they will grow up once.

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2013-04-13 00:52:17
Total bullshit. Just call it fiction, people would enjoy it more.

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2008-07-18 06:45:06
nice story, its a little pure and innocent, but better than sec every minute, its more realistic, nice job


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2007-12-16 03:12:53
It's really sad that the people that come here to read,and enjoy the stories have it ruined by all the childish,immature,and just plain rude and disrespectful comments left by what seem to be juviniles who aren't surposed to be here on an "Adult" site.But who make it obvious by their vulger and annoying comments.You can tell they are kids by the terrible grammer,the over abundant use of profanity,and their inability to spell simple words.Constructive critisim for the authors is one thing,but the majority of comments are totally inapproiate and tend to spoil the fun of being on this site.If you don't like the stories why do you read them and make assanine comments ?Just go to the Disney story site where you belong,Because you are showing that you're not mature enough to be on this one.

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