Melanie is discovering the joys of sex
Melanie Thompson was walking near her new house when she heard a lot of noise and splashing from behind a nearby house.
Suddenly a beach ball came sailing over the high board fence that surrounded the back yard, and Melanie ran and picked it up before it bounced onto the road. A door in the fence opened and a man of about thirty wearing a bathing suit looked out and saw Melanie with the beach ball. When she handed it to him he looked at her and suggested she come and join them. Melanie could see three men around a swimming pool and a girl about her age playing in the water. She told them she didn't have a bathing suit but they said she could wear her T shirt and underpants. Melanie was doubtful. The little girl didn't know if it would be all right to let anyone see her in just her underpants, which were very thin and really a little too small for
her. The man waved at the girl in the pool and when she waded over Melanie saw that she was about her own age and that she wasn't wearing a T shirt.

Melanie looked at how the little girl's tittie bumps were little hills on her chest, just like her own. The little girl looked friendly, and when Melanie explained she didn't have a bathing suit, she said, "Neither do I - come on in." So Melanie took off her skirt. One of the men asked her how old she was and when she said Eleven he said That's just how old my little girl Gloria is and pointed to the girl in the pool. She's just wearing her underpants too, he said. He told Melanie she was very pretty and introduced Melanie to the other men who were his brothers. Melanie jumped into the water with Gloria and they splashed around and when they stood up in the shallow end Melanie looked at the other girl's titties. The young girl had never really noticed another girl's growing breasts before, and she stared at the small hills and thought about her own.

Gloria saw her looking, and giggled and said, "Your T shirt is stuck right to your titties! You might as well take it off and be like me." So Melanie took off her wet T shirt and gave it to Gloria's father who was sitting with the other two men at the edge of the pool by the steps watching them having fun. "Hey Daddy," Gloria said, "Which of us has the biggest titties?" Melanie was embarrassed at Gloria asking such a question, and turned her back. "I can't really tell," replied Gloria's father, "Because you're too far away, and anyway, Melanie is hiding hers." "Let's go show them," said Gloria to Melanie. Melanie was strangely excited at the idea of grown up men looking at her titties.
She turned around and hung her head, not looking at them. "You're still too far away," said Gloria's father, "How about if you get out of the pool and come over here, then we can tell better."

Melanie still thought it was a little bit naughty to let a man look at her naked titties up close and she whispered to Gloria "Do you think we really should?" Gloria looked at her and giggled, "Sure, it's only Daddy and Uncle John and Uncle Larry." So the girls climbed out of the pool and went up to the three men who looked up at the two girls standing in their wet underwear. "You're both very pretty little girls," said Gloria's Uncle Larry, "I think your titties are about the same size. Let's see how they jiggle when you jump up and down." So Gloria and Melanie giggled and jumped up and down so their titties would jiggle and bounce. Melanie could see the men had big bulges in their bathing suits and wondered what they were. She looked down at herself and saw that her thin underwear was plastered to her body and the white material had turned transparent so that the men could see her cunny mound and her trickle crack. She looked at Gloria and saw that her underpants were the same, exclaimed and moved her hands down over her trickle to hide herself. "What's the matter?" asked Gloria.

"You can see right through our underpants," whispered Melanie, "They can see our trickles!" "Oh, that's OK," laughed Gloria, "My Daddy likes to look at little girls' trickles, doesn't yours?" "I don't know," replied Melanie, "Are you sure it's all right?" Gloria asked her father, "It's OK to let people look at my trickle, isn't it Daddy." and when he agreed Melanie hesitated, then slowly took her hands away and revealed herself again.

"You know," said Gloria's Uncle John, "I bet those underpants of yours are all clammy and cold now they're wet, aren't they." Gloria and Melanie both nodded. "Well," he continued, "Since we can see your trickles right through them anyway, you might as well take them off and be comfortable." "That's a good idea," said Gloria to Melanie, "Let's!" Melanie was doubtful, but she felt a tingling in between her legs, the way she felt when she lay in bed at night and touched herself there. Suddenly the thought of these strange men looking at her naked body made the tingle in her cunny grow. "OK," she said. Melanie and Gloria pulled down their underpants and let Gloria's Daddy and her uncles look at their bare naked trickles as well as their titties. Gloria's Daddy told the girls that they had pretty trickles and lovely little titties. "I like a little girl's trickle before she gets hair on it," said Gloria's Uncle Larry, "Because then I can see her trickle crack
better." Gloria and Melanie both giggle and and looked down at their own and each other's hairless cunny mounds. "You've got nice trickles, both of you," he continued, "They're nice when they bulge out from your tummy like yours do, and when they have a nice big wide crack in them so you can see all the pinky inside parts."

Just then a boy about twelve came out of the house and Gloria told him that he was her brother Billy. Billy came and stood beside his father and looked at the two girls. Melanie saw him looking at their
titties and their cunnies. When she looked at his bathing suit there was a lump growing inside it. "Hey Billy," said Gloria, "What's that growing inside your bathing suit? Is it a snake?" The boy looked at her and said, "If you want to find out what it is you can come and find it." The two girls watched the bulge getting bigger and straighten out inside his bathing suit until it poked straight up and the tip made a tent at the top. Gloria giggled and knelt beside her brother and asked Melanie if she should let the snake out. Melanie didn't know what she meant but she shrugged and said, "Sure, I guess so." Gloria pulled down her brother's bathing suit and his cock bobbed out and poked up in the air.

The girls giggled and Melanie stared at the boy's cock. The little girl knew that boys had a thing there but the few she had seen had been different. "It's not all soft and little," she exclaimed, "It's big and straight and sticking out! Why is it like that?" The men chuckled and Gloria giggled. "That's so we can play with it," she said, "Snakes are best when they're all hard and straight! Then they're like big sticks!" The men laughed and Gloria's Daddy asked Melanie if she liked to play with big hard sticks. "I don't know," said Melanie, "I've
never done it. How do you play with them?" asked the little girl. "You should ask your Daddy," replied Gloria. "My Daddy taught me all about how to play with them and make them spit up and lie down."
Just then Melanie heard her father, two doors away, calling her for supper. "Coming!" she called, and quickly put her skirt on. Her T shirt was mostly dry, so she put that on too, but she forgot her underpants,
lying in a wet ball by the pool. She ran down the street and in the kitchen door to greet her father.

Stan Thompson smiled at his young daughter. "Supper's almost ready," he said. He had been keeping house for the two of them since his wife had left him for the Catholic priest last summer. Melanie forgot what she was going to tell him about meeting Gloria and her family, because she was suddenly hungry. After supper they went into the family room and Melanie flopped into a big chair while her father sat on the couch. They watched TV for awhile, and Melanie remembered. "Oh, Daddy," she said, "I met the people two doors down this afternoon. They have a little girl. Her name is Gloria." "How old is Gloria?" asked Stan, pleased that his daughter had met a new friend already. "I guess she's about my age, Daddy, that's what her Daddy said, anyway. I went for a swim in their pool!" "But you didn't have a bathing suit with you, did you honey?" asked her father.

Melanie shook her head. "Did you borrow one of Gloria's?" "I don't think she has one, Daddy," replied his daughter. "She was in swimming in her underpants, and they said it was OK for me to go in in my underpants and T shirt, so I did. Was that all right Daddy? All there was there was Gloria and her Daddy and her two uncles," she continued. "I guess it was OK then," said her father, "So you had your T shirt on as well as your underpants, did you? And Gloria just had her underpants on?"
Melanie nodded. "Then we saw that my T shirt was sticking right to me and you could see right through it anyway so Gloria said it was OK to take it off and be like her, so I did." Stan thought about the two young girls, naked above the waist. "So you
were "topless"," he chuckled. Melanie giggled. "Yes Daddy! Gloria said our titties were about the same size and she asked her Daddy and her uncles whose were bigger." Stan's cock lurched and began to thicken at the thought of the men looking at the young girls" developing breasts. "And what did you do?" he asked his daughter.
Melanie looked at her father soberly. "I felt funny thinking about them looking at my titties, Daddy, but I sort of tingled too and I sort of wanted to let them look at me, so we did. Was that OK?"

Stan looked at his eleven year old daughter's tight T shirt, and the way it poked out over her small tit mounds. He hadn't thought of her developing body before, and was confused by how it suddenly affected him. Melanie continued, "We went over and showed them our titties, Daddy, and they said they were very pretty. Gloria said it was OK, so we got out of the pool and stood right in front of them so they could see them better and decide whose were bigger, and they said they were both about the same. Gloria's Daddy said to jump up and down and make them jiggle so we did, like this." Melanie got up and stood in front of her father and jumped up and down, and looked down to watch her small tit mounds bounce and jiggle. She and Stan both laughed, "That looks funny," he said. "You can't see it very well because I have my T shirt on," replied Melanie. "Can I take it off and show you, Daddy?" Stan's cock jerked and lengthened as he nodded and Melanie pulled her T shirt off over her head. She bounced gently and made her small titties joggle. "That's better," she said, and looked up at her father. "Do you like looking at my titties, Daddy?" she asked.
Her father nodded. "You have lovely little titties," he said, "And I like looking at them very much." Melanie was relieved. "Gloria says she lets her Daddy look at hers all the time," she said, "And her Daddy said he liked to look at young girls' titties. Do you like to look at young girls' titties, Daddy?" Stan nodded as he stared at his daughter's low mounds of flesh. "Um, yeah, yes, I do, honey!" he replied. "Oh goodie," clapped Melanie, bouncing a little in delight and making her tit mounds jiggle again. "You can look at mine all you want, Daddy!"

"What else did you and Gloria do?" asked Stan. Melanie suddenly remembered she had no nderpants on, and giggled. "Our underpants were all wet, Daddy, and they were all stuck to us. When I looked down I saw I could see my trickle right through them." "Really?" exclaimed Stan, his cock now fully erect. "Yes, Daddy, and my crack and everything! I put my hands down and covered up my trickle, but Gloria said her Daddy saw her with no clothes on all the time, and that he liked to look at little girls' trickles, so it was OK. So I took my hands away." "So Gloria's Daddy and her uncles could see your trickle and your trickle crack through your wet underpants," said her father. "Yes Daddy, and it was funny because I felt sort of funny in between my legs and I wanted them to look at me there, just like I liked them looking at my titties. Gloria's uncle said that since our underpants were all wet and cold we could take them off if we wanted to. I knew
they could see my trickle anyway so it didn't matter. Besides, I liked it that they wanted to look at me all bare naked. It made me feel funny, all tingly."

"Where did you feel tingly?" asked Stan. "In my trickle," replied the child. "Do you feel tingly in your trickle now?" asked her father. Melanie looked at him soberly and nodded. "Yes, Daddy," she said softly. "What would you like to do?" he asked. "Show you my trickle," she replied in a low voice, "My trickle tingles when I think about you looking at me there. Would you like me to show it to you?" Stan's rigid erection was pressing against his pants. "Yes," he gulped, "Yes, I'd like you to show me your trickle." Melanie sighed with relief. "Oh good, Daddy!" she cried, "I want you to see it." She began lifting the hem of her skirt and then paused. "My trickle's all bare naked," she said, "I don't have any underpants on." "That's OK," said her father, "I couldn't see it very well through your underpants if they were all dry could I?"

Melanie giggled and lifted the hem of her skirt to her waist. "There, Daddy," she said, looking down at herself, "There's my bare naked trickle." Stan stared at his eleven year old daughter's naked cunny mound, the fat hairless lips bulging out from the flatness of her slender belly. "Ooo, Daddy, I like it when you look at me like that!" said Melanie, "You like looking at my trickle, don't you!" "Yes, honey, I do," said Stan, "Does your trickle feel funny now?" "Mmmm, yes, Daddy," replied the child, "It feels all tingly inside it." "Can you show me where?" asked her father. Melanie slipped a finger in the top of her slit. "In here, Daddy," she said, touching a fingertip to her clitoris, "Ooo, that feels nice when I touch it."

"Has it ever felt that way before, honey?" asked Stan, leaning forward closer to her, partly to get a closer look at his daughter's cunny, and partly to hide his erection as he adjusted it. Melanie nodded. "Yes, Daddy," she replied, "Sometimes it feels that way when I'm in bed at night." "And what do you do then?" asked her father. "I touch myself," said the little girl in a soft voice. "Where do you touch yourself, honey?" asked Stan. "In between my legs, in my trickle," she replied, a little nervous. "Is that all right, Daddy?" Stan was excited at the thought of his eleven year old daughter masturbating. "I don't know, honey, I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself. Maybe you'd better show me how you do it. You can lie on the couch beside me and show me what you do." "OK, Daddy," Melanie said, letting her skirt fall. "Oh, Daddy, this skirt is in the way. Can I take it off?" "Sure," replied Stan, and Melanie undid her skirt and stood naked in front of her

Melanie lay along the couch, placing her legs over her father's lap. She wiggled to get comfortable, and her father looked down at his daughter's cunny slit, closed because her legs were together. She slipped a finger into the top of her slit , touched her fingertip to the tip of her clitoris and wiggled it a little. "I can't do it properly like this," she complained, "I can't put my fingers into my crack like when I'm in bed." "How do you do it when you're in bed?" asked Stan. "I put my legs all nice and wide apart so I can play with my trickle with both hands," replied his daughter. "Well, go ahead," said Stan, "Just put one leg up behind me." "Okay," chirped Melanie, raising her leg and letting it lie along the back of the couch, which opened her cunny slit as her father watched. "That's better," she sighed as she dug in between her spread-open cunny slit with both hands, feeling all up and down the deep pink parts inside it.

She looked up at her father. "See, Daddy? Now you can see everything inside my crack! Look, here's the place I like to rub, see this bump? And here's the hole my pee comes out of, here. See it twitch when I touch it? And look, here's a funny hole that goes up inside me. I like to put my fingers inside it, it feels so nice then I do, look!" Melanie showed her father how she masturbated. The young girl felt strange displaying her private parts to her father, but the fact that he was watching her so closely made her small cunny feel even better than usual. She rubbed her clitoris with two fingers of one hand while she slipped the middle finger of the other hand up her vagina and fingered herself, and soon she was breathing hard and her hips
were jerking and thrusting in spasms as she reached her orgasm. "Unh, unh, unh!" she grunted as her pelvis jerked up, and then she sighed and lay back. "Did that feel nice, honey?" asked Stan. "Oh, yes, Daddy," sighed Melanie, "It was lovely! I liked you watching me - it made it feel even better than it usually does." Her father smiled fondly down at his daughter. "That's good, dear," he said, "Any time you want me to watch you playing with your little trickle, you just come along and start doing it. I like to watch you doing it, too."

Just then there was a knock at the door. "Oh gosh, who can that be?" wondered Melanie. "I'm going to have a bath, Daddy. I feel all nice and warm and lazy!" She went into the bathroom while Stan went to answer the door. A pretty young girl with short dark hair was standing there, wearing a thin T shirt and light patterned summer skirt.. "Hi, I'm Gloria," she said, looking up at him. "Melanie left something over at our place." She held out Melanie's underpants and smiled up at him.

Stan had been holding the door in front of him to hide his erection. Melanie hadn't noticed her the bulge in her father's pants, and Stan wondered if Gloria would. He opened the door wider and said, "Come in if you like, Gloria. Melanie is having a bath right now. She was telling me about her swim." Gloria giggled as she entered and saw the swelling at his crotch. "Was it all right that we took our underpants off?" she asked. "You mean when you both let your Daddy and your uncles look at you with no clothes on?" Stan smiled back, "Sure, that's okay, I don't mind. I hear you do it all the time."

Gloria looked at him as he sat down on the couch in front of her. "That's right, Mister," she said, "My Daddy likes to look at little girls in between their legs. Do you?" "Sure," said Stan, and Gloria said, "I'm not wearing any underpants." Stan's cock lurched at the thought of the child naked under her skirt. "Aren't you?" he asked. "No," replied the girl, "I bet you'd like me to show it to you, wouldn't you? In between my legs, all bare naked I mean. See?" and she lifted the hem of her skirt up around her waist and exposed her private
parts to the man. She watched him as he stared at her hairless cunny. "I bet it's all big and hard, isn't it," she said. "What is?" said Stan, still staring at the child's naked cunny. "That thing in between your legs,"
replied the child. "I bet it's all big and sticking out, like a big stick. My Daddy's gets all big when he looks at me all bare naked. Why don't you take it out and show it to me?" "Do you want me to?" asked Stan.
"Sure," replied Gloria, "I like looking at them." "What if Melanie comes in?" Gloria giggled. "I guess she can look at it too," she replied. Stan's cock lurched again at the thought of exposing himself to his eleven year old daughter.

"Okay then," said Stan, and he stood up and undid his pants, letting them fall. Gloria looked at the huge bulge in the man's underwear. "Want me to pull down your underpants?" asked Gloria. "Sure," replied Stan, and the girl knelt in front of him and worked them down, exposing his erection, which popped free and waved in the air above the man's crotch and the child kneeling in front of him. "Ooo, it is nice and big!" she exclaimed. "I bet you'd like to do it to yourself, wouldn't you." "Do what?" asked Stan. "Rub it up and down," replied the girl. "I like watching Daddy do it. He says he likes me watching him, too. Can I watch you do it?" Stan had had an erection ever since his daughter had come home and told him what she had been doing
next door, and his balls felt like they would burst. "Okay," he said, and sat down on the couch, leaned back against the cushions and grasped his erection. "Does Melanie ever watch you do it to yourself?" asked Gloria. Stan shook his head. "I bet she'd like to," said Gloria. Stan began gently stroking his cock as he thought how he would like his young daughter to watch him masturbate.

Gloria came closer. "Would you like to look at me in between my legs while you do it?" she asked. "Daddy does. He says it makes it feel better." Stan nodded. "I'll take my clothes off then. It's easier," said
Gloria matter-of-factly and undid her skirt and let it fall. She pulled her T shirt off over her head and stood in front of the man naked. She looked down at herself. "See, I got nice titties growing, don't I," she said, running her hands over the low cones of her tit mounds. "Melanie's got nice ones too, hers are about the same size as mine," she added. Stan stroked his hand slowly up and down his erection as he looked at the child fondling herself. "Shall I sit on your legs?" asked Gloria. "That way I'll be nice and close and I can watch you up close while you do it to yourself." Stan nodded and put his legs together.

Gloria straddled him and sat halfway along his thighs. "This is nice, isn't it?" she said. "I can watch you doing it to yourself and you can look at me in between my legs. Daddy likes when I sit like this because he can see all in between my legs better than if I'm standing up, see?" She looked down at her crotch. Stan stared at the child's hairless pink vulva, spread open just four or five inches from his cock as he masturbated. "What do you call it, in between your legs?" asked Stan as he looked at his eleven year old neighbour's sex organ. "My cunny," giggled Gloria. "I used to call it my pee pee when I was a little girl but then I just thought it was to pee out of. Melanie calls it her trickle, doesn't she?" Stan nodded. "I think you know more about it than she does," he said. "Well, we can teach her," said Gloria, "That'll be fun, won't it!" Stan thought about his young daughter learning all about sex from him and this little girl.

"Feels good when you rub it, doesn't it," observed Gloria. "I bet you got lots of that creamy stuff to shoot out. You got nice big balls. The creamy stuff comes from your balls, doesn't it." Stan nodded and the child looked down at his huge testicles and continued. "Want me to hold your balls, Mister? I hold Daddy's and he says they shoot more stuff when I help him by playing with his balls." Stan nodded.
"Okay," he said. "Oh goody!" cried Gloria and reached out and lifted his big testicles one in each small hand. "They're all heavy, I bet they've got lots of stuff in them." "I bet they have too," said Stan. "It feels nice when you play with my balls like that. I'm going to stop playing with it and just let you move my balls all around, okay?" Gloria nodded. "You can play with my titties if you want," she said, "Daddy likes playing with them while I do this for him. You can feel my cunny too if you want."

Stan reached around his cock and cupped the young girl's hairless vulva, fingering along her clitoris and past the hole of her urethra. "That's nice," purred Gloria, rubbing her crotch up and down against his hand, "I like it when men feel my cunny. You can feel it all you like. Can I play with your thing? It's a nice big one, like my Daddy's. My brother Billy's isn't as big yet but he's only a year older than me and Daddy says it'll get bigger if he plays with it so he plays with it a lot. He likes doing it to himself. He likes it when I do it to him, too. Would you like me to do it to you, Mister? I'm really good at it!" "In a few minutes," replied Stan in a strained voice. "Right now you're playing with my balls so well I think they're going to overflow!"

"Ooo!" replied Gloria, "Daddy's do that too! I'll keep playing with your balls with one hand and catch that creamy stuff in the other, okay?" Just as the child placed her cupped hand beneath the throbbing end of Stan's cock the semen began to flow out, drooling down over the tip and into her hand. "Ooo, lovely!" cried the child, "It's all lovely and thick, and all hot too!" They watched as her small hand filled up with his creamy fluid. "You got a lotta stuff, Mister!" exclaimed Gloria, "I knew those big balls had a lot in them! Look, my hand's full!" "I'll play with my balls while you switch hands if you like," offered Stan and Gloria put her empty hand down by his flowing cock in time not to miss any of the cum that streamed out of it. "I love to watch my Daddy shoot his stuff out," said Gloria as her second hand filled up with Stan's warm cum, "But it's even nicer when he does this first because then there's more of it." Her other hand was now full, and the flow had stopped, at least for the moment.

"What are you going to do with it?" asked Stan. "Eat it, of course!" exclaimed the child as she tipped one hand up to her mouth and let the man's semen slide into her mouth in one big slippery glob. In one gulp it was gone. "Mmmm, yummy!" she exclaimed before doing the same with the other handful of cum. She smacked her lips and licked her hands clean. "That was a nice snack, Mister! You got nice cream! Now, can I do it to you so we can get the rest to come out? I like to watch it squirt up in the air like a big fountain." "Okay then," said Stan, leaning back against the couch as the young girl grasped his erection with both hands and began to masturbate him. Her titties jiggled as her hand movements made her bounce up and
down on the man's lap.

"What are you doing to my Daddy?" asked Melanie, who had finished her bath and put on a shorty nightgown. The little girl had come into the room without the others hearing her, and could see Gloria stroking both hands up and down a straight thing that protruded from her fatherÕs middle. "Oh, it's Daddy's stick! Wow, Daddy, you have a really big one! It's bigger than your brother Billy's, Gloria! But what are you doing to it?" she exclaimed. "I'm playing with your Daddy's stick so it'll do magic tricks," explained Gloria as she continued to masturbate the man. "I rub it up and down and it makes your Daddy feel good, and after awhile he makes the stick spit up. Some creamy stuff comes squirting out this hole in this big knobby
end here. Then the stick lies down and gets all small for awhile until it wants to play again. Isn't that right, Mister?" Stan nodded.

"Show us how you do it, Daddy!" exclaimed Melanie. "I wanna see it spit up!" "I have to rub it for a little while first," explained Gloria. "The more you rub it, the better it makes your Daddy feel, and the more it'll spit up." "Can I rub it too?" asked Melanie. "Sure," said Gloria, "Take your nightgown off and let your Daddy look at your titties and down in between your legs while you do it to him." "Do you want to look at me all bare naked, Daddy?" asked Melanie. "Do you want to see in between my legs like when I was showing you how I like to touch myself there and make myself feel good?" "Yes, honey, that would be lovely," replied her father and the eleven year old said, "Ooo, goody!" as she pulled her nightgown off over her head and stood naked in front of her father. "If you kneel on the couch beside him with your legs apart he can see all in between your legs," suggested Gloria, and Melanie knelt on the couch.

"Would you like your Daddy to touch you in between your legs, like he was touching me before?" Gloria asked. "Ooo, yeah!" said Melanie. Stan felt all over his daughter's hairless vulva while her friend showed the child how to put both hands around her father's penis and slide them up and down to masturbate him. "Does this feel good, Daddy?" asked Melanie as she fondled his erection. "Oh yeah, honey!" grunted her father, his hips starting to thrust as he neared his orgasm. Suddenly Melanie exclaimed as a huge spurt of white shot out the hole in the end of her father's penis and splashed down onto her hands. "Ooo, wow!" she exclaimed, and paused momentarily. "Don't stop!" said her father, "Keep doing it," and Gloria, who was
fondling the man's testicles, added, "You have to keep pumping to get all the cream out." Melanie kept masturbating her father as his semen spurted into the air and fell in thick white globs . "The stuff makes my
hands all slippy," she reported. "They slip up and down his thing much easier now." The jets of sperm squirted everwhere, landing on StanÕs stomach and the two girls as well as on his genital area. When
it was over Gloria showed Melanie how to scoop up the piles of his cum from where they had landed, and sucked the globs of semen from her fingers. Melanie copied her friend and slipped some into her mouth. She smacked her lips at the taste and said, "It's yummy, Daddy."

The two girls went off down the hall to Melanie's room, leaving Stan in the living room. He put on his underpants and turned on the TV. "So what happened when you came home?" asked Gloria with a grin as the two girls entered Melanie's room. Melanie blushed. "I don't know, I - I was telling Daddy about going swimming and stuff, and..." "And you told your Daddy about us showing my Daddy our bare naked trickles, didn't you?" Melanie nodded. "What did he say?" asked Gloria. "He said it was okay, and I told him it made my trickle feel all funny when your Daddy and your uncles looked at it." "Did it?" asked Gloria, "Mine does too, when I do it, that's why I like doing it." Melanie was glad to hear the other girl felt the same, and went on, "I told Daddy I felt funny like that at night in bed, and I showed him how I like to rub myself in between my legs and make my trickle feel all good. It felt really good to have him watching me do it." "Wow," said Gloria, "Did he like that? What did he say?" Melanie giggled. "He said I could let him watch me doing it any time I wanted to. He said he liked watching me."

"My Daddy likes watching me play with my trickle too," said Gloria, "And so do my uncles. Did your Daddy show you his big stick?" "No, he didn't," replied Melanie. "Right after I finished showing him how I rub my trickle you came to the door and I didn't know who it was so I went and had my bath. And when I came in you were doing it to him." Melanie showed Gloria over their new house. "Oh, wow, you have a hot tub, I've never been in one," exclaimed Gloria. "Let's go in with your Daddy, then we can play with his big stick gain!" Stan heard the girls in the hot tub room, and joined them there.

"See, Daddy, Gloria's titties are growing just like mine," observed Melanie as she stood naked beside the other eleven year old. Stan looked at both young girls. "You're both very pretty," he said. "Specially when we have no clothes on and you can see our titties and our bare naked trickles!" giggled Gloria, "I bet you like looking at girls all bare naked, like my Daddy and my uncles do, don't you." Stan laughed. "Sure I do," he said, "Do you like it when they look at you?" Gloria and Melanie both nodded. "Yeah!" said Gloria, "And I like looking at them all bare naked and seeing their big straight sticks!" Stan laughed. "Shall I show you mine again then?" "Yeah, Daddy!" exclaimed his daughter. Stan pulled his underpants down to expose
his erection to his daughter and her friend.

They climbed into the hot tub and sat up to their chests in the warm water. "The way the water moves makes my titties feel all funny," giggled Gloria, touching her nipples with her fingertips. "Ooo, that's nice!" Melanie began fondling hers as well while her father watched the two little girls. "You two are so much alike," he said, "Even your titties are about the same size." Gloria had an idea. "I bet if you closed your eyes and touched us you couldn't tell which was which," she giggled. Stan laughed. "You mean I couldn't tell my own daughter?" he laughed. "Sure I could!" "Let's see, then," said Melanie, getting to her feet in front of her father. The water came to just below the young girl's naked vulva. Gloria stood beside her friend and he had to admit they were very similar. "How do we do this now?" he asked, "You make the rules." "You have to keep your eyes closed and we'll move around so you can't tell which is where, and then you tell which is which just by touching us." "Can Daddy touch us anywhere he wants?" asked Melanie with a giggle. Gloria giggled too. "Sure," she said. "Oh goody," said Melanie, "Come on, Daddy, close your eyes. No fair peeking!"

Stan closed his eyes and the two little girls waded around in a circle and then stood still close in front of him. He felt out and found their ankles, then let his hands slip up their slender legs, knowing from the feeling that one hand was going up each girl's body. He heard muffled giggles as his hands passed their knees, and then he raised them and felt the girls' bellies and up to their young chests. He touched them on their immature breast mounds and cupped their little tits and fondled their nipples. Stan genuinely couldn't tell which was his daughter, and he said "Turn around now," and when they had their backs to him, felt them all over their firm round bums. "Turn around again and face me," he said, and when they turned to face him he felt their flat bellies, then let his hands circle lower and lower toward their vulvas.

He felt the rise of the children's cunny mounds and then the top of their slits, and let his fingers slip down over the bulge of their hairless cunnies to where their slits disappeared in between their legs. "Open your legs a little," he said, and felt the girls squatting and spreading their legs as much as they could while he felt in between their firm outer cunny lips all over the interior of their private parts. The horny father loved the opportunity to feel all over in between the legs of his daughter and the other little girl. Their hairless cunnies were so smooth, and the more he rubbed his finger inside their fat slits the more they pushed their bellies towards him and helped him feel them.

"I think you're Melanie, on the right," he said finally, after he had fondled them some more. "Wrong, Daddy," giggled his daughter, and as he opened his eyes he saw her on the left laughing down at him. "See, I told you!" said Gloria, slipping a finger into her cunny slit and touching herself. "Gosh that felt good when you were feeling us! I feel all tingly down there. I feel like doing it right here!" "You mean rub your trickle and make it feel nice?" asked Melanie. Gloria nodded. "I want to too," said Melanie. "Let's lie down and do it." "That's a good idea," said Gloria, "We can do it at the same time, and your Daddy can watch us. I always like it when my Daddy watches me. We can look at his big stick while we do it." "Why don't we go in on my big bed," suggested Stan. "Then there'll be more room for both of you."

They went into his bedroom and the two girls lay side by side, their legs thrown wide apart and their cunnies spread wide open. Stan got on the bed between them, kneeling up so both little girls could see his erection up close, and so he could watch them while they masturbated. The two eleven year olds both stared at his erect penis while they felt in between their slim legs with both hands, touching their peeholes and rubbing their clitties till their hips jerked and their faces got red as they came. "Wow, that was a good one!" exclaimed Melanie. "I liked watching Daddy's stick while I did it!"

"I bet your Daddy would like to play with his big stick again like before, wouldn't you Mister," said Gloria. Stan nodded and Gloria got a glass from the night table. "I'll catch the cream in here this time," she said, "Then you can get a good look at it. I love it 'cause it's all creamy and slippy."

"Come on, Mister, now you do it to yourself," urged Gloria. "We did it before, but now we wanna see you do it to yourself. I always like watching my Daddy do it." "Yeah, Daddy!" said Melanie, "Come on, I've never seen anyone do it before." They knelt beside him and showed him their cunnies while he masturbated. When he was about to come, Gloria held the glass next to his cockhead and they all watched as the thick spurts of creamy semen squirted out and splashed into the glass. "Wow, is that ever neat!" exclaimed Melanie as she watched her father's thick penis ejaculate his sperm. The girls looked at the half-full glass and then shared it, slurping down the globs of creamy semen and smacking their lips at the tangy taste.
"Sometimes I get Daddy and my uncles and Billy all to put their stuff in the same glass and drink it all down at once. I call it my special milkshake," said Gloria.

Melanie asked her father if Gloria could stay overnight. "Please, Daddy, I like Gloria, she's fun." "I like her too, honey, but maybe she has to go home. If her Daddy says it's okay, then she can stay." "Ooo goody," cried Gloria, and reached over to the bedside phone, then dialled it and lay back while she waited for her father to answer and the others relaxed and listened. "Daddy? I'm at Melanie's. Can I stay over? We're having fun! They have a hot tub, Daddy, and we went in it. Yes, her Daddy too. No, our underpants were still all wet, so we didn't wear them. We played a game with Melanie's Daddy in the hot tub, Daddy. We bet him he couldn't tell who was who with his eyes closed, and he couldn't. Well, he touched us, that's how. We said he could touch us anywhere he wanted to see if he could tell. Remember this afternoon you said our titties were the same size, well even after Melanie's Daddy had touched them a lot he still couldn't tell. It felt nice, too, Daddy, when he did it. You know I like you to feel them. Yes, I know you like to do it. If I was there you could feel them now. No, Daddy, I don't have any clothes on. I'm lying on the bed, all naked."

The little girl looked down at her titty mounds. "Yes, Daddy, my nipples are all big and puffy. I'll put the phone so I don't have to hold it, and then I can touch them with both hands like you do, okay?" She cradled the phone on the pillow by her head and fiddled with her nipples with her fingertips. "Ooo, that feels nice, Daddy. It's making me feel all funny in between my legs. I wish you were here so you could look at me in between my legs. I like it when you do that." She lifted her legs and let them flop off to the sides, opening her cunny slit. "Yes, when we were in the hot tub Melanie's Daddy touched us in between our legs, too. All up and down our cracks, and on our clitty bumps and our peeholes, too! Sure it felt nice, it always feels nice
when someone touches you there! Shall I touch myself there, Daddy?"

Melanie and Stan watched the little girl as she began fondling herself while she talked to her father on the phone. "Yes, I'm feeling my cunny, Daddy. I'm rubbing my clitty with one hand and touching my peehole with the other. It feels good, I wish you were doing it because you do it so well. Now I'm putting my finger in my cunny hole. It's all wet, Daddy, my cunny's all wet! I like doing it to myself while I talk to you like this, Daddy. Why don't you take your pants off and see how big your stick is? You did? And it's all hard? Are you going to do it to yourself? Oh good! We can both do it at the same time. I bet it feels good when you rub your hand up and down it, eh Daddy. I'm doing it faster now, Daddy, it feels sooo good! I'm going to, going to,
going to, unh, unh, unh, UNH!" The little girl's slender body twisted as she reached her orgasm, then relaxed. "Ooo, Daddy, that was a good one! Are you going to do it soon? Make all that stuff come out the end
and squirt all over, I mean. Oh good, I can tell from your voice it's a good one. It made lots of that lovely thick white cream squirt onto your tummy, didn't it. Now I'll see you in the morning, Bye!"

Stan looked at Gloria and the young girl smiled up at him as she put the phone back on the cradle. "I wish I'd been there to see my Daddy's thing squirt," she said. "And to eat all that stuff, too. Sometimes he squirts it right into my mouth so I don't miss any." "How do you do that?" asked Stan. "Well, one good way is for me to lie down like I am right now and he sort of sits with one leg on either side of me." She looked down at Stan's cock, which had hardened again as he watched the child masturbating while she talked to her father on the phone. "Do you wanna do it?" Stan looked over at Melanie, who was lying watching them while she fiddled quietly with her clitty. "Shall I, honey?" "Sure," replied his daughter. "I'll watch and see how
you do it, then we can try it another time. I'm gonna do it to myself while I watch you, okay?"

"Sure," Gloria nodded as Stan straddled her chest and began fondling her puffy nipples. "After you've finished if you want you can do it to me while I do it to your Daddy and make him squirt his stuff in my mouth." She placed both hands on the cock that was looming over her chest and began moving them up and down on it. Melanie liked watching her father being fondled by the other eleven year old, while she dug in between her legs and touched all the parts that made her feel so good. Stan let the child masturbate him while he played with her puffy nipples, then reached behind him with one hand and found her hairless vulva. "Ooo, good," said Gloria, speading her legs and letting the man fondle her private parts, "You feel my cunny while I rub this big magic stick of yours and see what I can find inside it."

Melanie giggled. By now the child knew what Gloria would find inside her father's cock. "I bet it's got that creamy stuff in there," she said. "Come on, Gloria, make it come out! Do it to my Daddy so his big stick does magic tricks!" "Maybe your Daddy should do some of the work," said Gloria, looking over at Melanie and then up at the man. "I wanna watch you do it to yourself," she said. "Do it so it shoots out and goes right into my mouth. Then it'll be nice and warm." "Okay," said Stan,"but if I'm going to do that I won't be able to play in between your legs and feel your titties too." "I'll do it to you in between your legs with one hand and in between mine with the other," volunteered Melanie, "I bet that'll be fun!" She sat beside the others with her legs crossed, tailor fashion, and fondled her friend's cunny while she felt her own at the same time. "This is nice, Gloria," said Melanie, "I can watch my Daddy rubbing his magic stick and I'll be able to see the cream come out and go into your mouth."

Stan masturbated with the head of his cock just in front of the child's mouth until he was about to come, and she leaned closer and tilted her head back in front of and underneath his cock, sticking out her tongue like a carpet. Melanie watched her father make his cock ejaculate his semen into the child's mouth. Spurt after spurt of thick cum hit her teeth and the roof of her mouth, dripping down off them. Some flew right into the depths of her throat. She caught the last shots, and the dribbles that followed, on her outstretched tongue and lifted it up so they slid back into her mouth, then swallowed the creamy load down and grinned up at him. She smacked her lips as he milked the last drops of cum out of his cock and onto her tongue,
licking her lips at the taste.

They slept together in the big bed. Stan heard the little girls giggling as he woke up the next morning and knew they were fondling each other's sex parts. When he looked over he saw Gloria lying on her back, showing Melanie how she liked to put her finger into her cunny hole. They spread their legs and showed him their cunnies and watched his cock get hard. It was the first time Melanie had seen a man's penis as it got an erection, and the little girl was fascinated. She and Gloria were both exploring the man's stiff cock
when the phone rang. Melanie reached for it since she was closest. She put her hand over the receiver. "It's your Daddy, Gloria." "You talk to him," replied Gloria, "I'm busy with your Daddy."

Melanie spoke into the phone. "She says to tell you she's busy right now. Well, she's playing with my Daddy's stick. Yeah, it's all big and hard - we watched it get hard and stand up. It got hard while we were showing him in between our legs. Yes, like we let you look at us yesterday by the pool. I liked it too, it made me feel all funny down there. I know you have a big one, Gloria told me you do. I wish I could see it, too. I wish you could see my trickle again." The little girl lowered her voice a little as she began touching her cunny. "Yes, this time I'd let you look at me all over in between my legs. I like it when Daddy looks at me there. Maybe he can pretend to be you, looking at me in between my legs." Stan had been listening to what his little girl was saying to their next door neighbour, and at this he moved over and knelt up in front of her.

"Oh goody," said Melanie, "My Daddy's looking at my trickle now. Gloria's rubbing his stick." She spread her legs to either side. "There, now you can get nice and close to my trickle," she spoke into the phone again as her father moved right up to her splayed open crotch, "I'll hold it open so you can see all the parts I like to play with. Here's a nice bumpy place to touch, and look at the way I can make my pee hole open when I touch it, and here's the hole that I like to put my finger in. Gloria's still rubbing his stick, are you rubbing yours? Are you going to make the cream come out? I like to watch my Daddy's stick spit up. Last night Gloria made it spit up so it squirted right into her mouth, do you do that? And on her trickle too! Wow, I bet that feels nice!" She spoke to her father and Gloria. "Gloria's Daddy says you like it when he make his cream go on your trickle, is that right?"

Gloria nodded and kept masturbating the child's father, his cock jutting out over the eleven year old's hairless cunny. "Will you make it go on my trickle, Daddy?" asked Melanie, "Please?" "Okay," nodded Stan, who was reaching his orgasm, "You hold your trickle nice and open and your Daddy will make all his cream go all over it." Melanie propped the phone up so she could use both hands to hold her cunny open as wide as she could. Stan looked down at his young daughter's naked cunt as Gloria said, "You do it to yourself, Mister, and I'll play with your balls and get all that cream out of them."

Stan began masturbating over his daughter's spread-open cunny, and Melanie squealed with delight as a thick glob of hot cum squirted out of his cock and splashed down on the middle of her sex parts. "Ooo, Daddy, that feels nice and warm, keep doing it!" she cried, "Make it go all over my trickle!" Stan kept masturbating, holding his cock so the spurts of cum jetted out and hit his daughter's clitty and her pee hole, then leaned forward and aimed specially for the young girl's cunny hole that she was holding open. He catched the spurts of thick semen squirted straight into his child's vagina, hitting the inner walls and drooling down into her insides.

He continued to masturbate while his little girl squealed with delight at the feeling of her father's hot sperm hitting her naked private parts. He milked the last drools and dribbles out, and Melanie looked
down at herself, her cunny covered completely in a film of silvery- white. "Ooo, Gloria's Daddy," she said, "My Daddy did it! He made his stuff go all over my trickle! It's all creamy white now, not pinky any more. Oh, all over it. Yes, he squirted it right into my hole! It felt funny when it hit me inside my hole and I could feel it sliding into my insides. Oh, yes, you can do it like that too! Maybe this afternoon, eh?" Stan moved out from between his daughter's legs and Gloria knelt in front of her friend. "Oh, Gloria's asking if she can clean up Daddy's cream. Sure, go ahead. How are you going to get it all up?"

Gloria looked up at her friend. "I'm going to slurp it up," she replied, "That way I won't miss any." She used her mouth like a vacuum cleaner, placing it over the piles and puddles of the man's semen and sucking them into her mouth. Melanie giggled. "That feels funny," she said, "Do it some more. I like it when you do that. Gloria's slurping up my Daddy's stuff," she reported to Gloria's father. "Open your cunny hole," said Gloria, "I know some stuff went in there." Melanie held her cunny hole open and Gloria looked inside the friend's vagina. "I guess it's all way up inside you," she said, "I'll have to see if I can get it with my tongue." Melanie giggled, and then twisted her hips with pleasure as he friend stuck her tongue into her vagina as far as it would go and wiggled it around.

"Ooo, that feels really nice!" she said, "Put your tongue in my hole some more. Gloria's putting her tongue in my hole," she reported to Gloria's father at the other end of the telephone, "She's trying to get the creamy stuff out." She listened for a minute and then said, "Hey Gloria, your Daddy says for you to lie down and I'll squat over you and then the stuff will come back out of my hole." The girls shifted position, and Gloria lay on her back while Melanie straddled her head and held her private parts open so her father's semen could drool out of her vagina and into the other girl's mouth. "Darn it," said Melanie, picking up the telephone after it had fallen for the third time. "I gotta go now, Gloria's Daddy, I can't hold my trickle open and hold the telephone at the same time. I'll talk to you later, bye!" Stan watched his daughter's cunny as his cum drooled out of it and dripped into Gloria's mouth. Gloria licked and sucked on her friend's cunny to get the last of his semen. Melanie lay down beside her friend and lazily played with her cunny, still wet from Gloria licking it. "That was really nice," she said, "that all felt so nice, all what we did just then. I liked watching you rub my Daddy's stick, and him making his cream go on my trickle. And when you did that to my trickle it was lovely!"

"My Daddy likes it when I do it to him," said Gloria. "He feels my trickle while I rub his big stick. Sometimes I rub the end of his stick on my trickle and make my trickle feel all nice, and then when the stick
spits up the cream goes right onto my trickle and makes it all slippy. Then Daddy licks my trickle and cleans off the cream." She looked over at Stan, who was lying back with his softened penis flopped over
to one side. "Hey, your Daddy's still got some stuff on his stick." Melanie giggled. "It's not a stick," she laughed, "It's all soft and little." "Sure, it is right now," agreed Gloria, "But I bet we can get it big and hard again." "Oh, yeah," said Melanie, "Let's show him our trickles again. I like doing that and watching it get hard."

"I'll show you another way," said Gloria, lying down beside Stan's midsection, "Come and watch." She waited while Melanie lay down on the other side of the adult, then picked up the small, softened cock. "See what happens when I do this." She leaned forward and licked the streams of cum off the head of his cock. Melanie giggled. "What does my Daddy's thing taste like?" she asked. "It tastes nice," replied Gloria, "Like the stuff that shoots out of it." "Not like pee?" asked Melanie. "Naw," replied Gloria, "Pee tastes different. It's good too," added the eleven year old. Melanie giggled again as Gloria kept licking her father's cock,and sucked on the head to get the last traces.

Stan had never had a child suck on his cock before, and his cock thickened and lengthened while she sucked on it, returning to a full erection. "Wow," said Melanie, "It got all big while you had it in your mouth!" Gloria looked up at the man. "Looks like you like me sucking on your candy stick, eh Mister?" she said with a wicked grin. "Want me to suck it some more?" Stan grinned back at her. "Sure, little girl," he said. "You can suck on my big candy stick all you want - I've got some special candy cream in there for you, but youÕll have to suck hard to get it out!" he said. "Let's see how much you can put in your mouth - can you get it all in?" "I dunno," said Gloria, "My Daddy's is so big the end part goes right down my throat when I have it all in
my mouth. I'll do that with you if you like. I'll make the candy cream squirt into my mouth, though. There's more taste buds there." "Let me look at your cunny while you suck me," suggested Stan, "Then I can feel it at the same time." "Ooo, me too, Daddy, me too," said Melanie, shifting position so her legs were up near her father's head. "Look at my trickle, Daddy."

The next morning was Sunday. About nine thirty Stan had dressed and gone out into the kitchen leaving the two girls asleep in the big bed. After a few minutes Gloria followed him. "Did you like what we did last night?" she asked. "Sure," said Stan. "Melanie's still asleep," he added. "That's okay," said Gloria, "I just wanted a drink of your cream for breakfast." The young girl grinned at him. Stan felt his cock hardening. "How do you want to do it?" he asked the child as she undid his fly and pulled his cock out. "You gonna suck it?" She knelt down and looked up at his cock as it thickened and rose to full erection as she opened her mouth. "I'll suck it later," she said. "I wanna watch you do it to yourself. Just do it so it goes in my mouth," she said. Stan did as she asked, letting the child watch him masturbate in front of her until he was ready to come. "Right in here," she said, pointing to her open mouth. Stan stepped closer and laid the end of his cock on the child's outstretched pink tongue. She tipped her head back and held it while he milked the semen out of his cock straight into her mouth, coating her tongue with the blobs of thick white cream and watching it run slowly down into her waiting mouth.
Gloria looked up at the man as he masturbated his semen into her mouth and cuddled his huge testicles to urge more cum out of them. Stan's hand jerked back and forth, forcing his cum out into the child's
mouth and filling it with his hot thick semen.

Just as Gloria was licking the last drops off his cock Melanie came into the room and saw what they were doing. "Oh pooh," she said, "I wanted to get Daddy to do that to me." Gloria licked the man's cum off her lips and said, "Never mind, we'll get it all big again and you can have the next bunch. Can we go in the hot tub?" "Ooo, yeah, Daddy, let's go in the hot tub," cried Melanie, and they all went into the hot tub room, took off their clothes and got in. After they had enjoyed the warm water for awhile Gloria said, "Ooo, I have to pee! I should have gone before we got in." Stan thought about the young girl holding her cunny open and pissing, and his cock jerked and started to get hard again. "You can pee right here if you want to," he said. "Okay," replied Gloria, "Do you wanna watch me do it? My Daddy likes to watch me pee. His thing gets all hard while he watches me."

"Sure," said Stan, and Gloria said, "Oh goody! I'll make a fountain," and the child held onto the edge of the hot tub and lifted her body. "You have to hold me up," she said, and Stan got between her outspread legs and held the child's bum so her hairless cunny was at the surface of the water and her head rested on a towel at the edge of the tub. Gloria reached down to her crotch and pulled the big lips of her cunny apart. Stan looked at the child's urethra, about a foot in front of his face as Gloria grunted and then sighed "Now, here comes the fountain." A stream of pale liquid spouted up from the child's hairless private parts and splashed down into the tub just in front of the man's face. Stan's cock was jerking and poking out in full erection as he watched the child pissing just in front of him, and he suddenly leaned forward and let her piss stream wash right over his face.

The two little girls giggled and Melanie said, "Daddy's washing his face in your pee, Gloria!" "I know!" replied Gloria, "My Daddy likes doing it too. Would you like a drink of lemonade, Mister?" she offered and Melanie giggled as her father opened his mouth and let the spout of piss from the eleven year old girl splash down inside his mouth. He tipped his head back a little and let his mouth fill up with the child's
piss, savouring the taste of the tangy fluid, then gulping it down and letting it fill up again. When the fountain stopped, he leaned forward and licked the little girl's hairless cunny clean of all her piss.

"Did you like that Daddy?" asked Melanie, who had been standing fingering her cunny while she watched her father drink the girl's piss. "Sure did, honey," replied her father, and Melanie said, "Ooo great! We can play games with our pee!" "Hey Mister, would you like to make a fountain?" asked Gloria. "Sure," said Stan, "but it's all hard right now, and I pee better when it's soft." "Oh goody!" said Melanie, "I know how to make your thing all soft again, Daddy! I'll suck it like it was a big lollipop and you can make the cream go in my mouth!"

They got out of the hot tub and Stan lay down beside it. Melanie knelt beside her father and held his stiff cock vertical, turning to her father to ask him, "Will you touch me in between my legs while I suck on your thing, Daddy? I like it when you touch me there." "I've got a better idea," said Stan, "You sit over my face and while you're sucking my thing I can kiss and lick your little trickle all over, how about that?" "Ooo lovely," cried Melanie, swinging a leg over her father and edging back so her cunny was pooched out right by his
face. Stan held onto his daughter's hips and guided her back so her smooth hairless cunny lips were just above his mouth, then began licking them all over, slipping his tongue up between them and lapping at her clitoris. He made it into a point and poked it up the child's vagina, tasting the warm slickness of her inner passage as she sighed with pleasure and spread her legs wider apart so he could lick her private parts better. Gloria squatted with her legs wide apart, feeling in between her legs with both her small hands while she watched the man licking his daughter's cunny.

"Ooo, that feels so good, Daddy, I'm going to give your thing a nice sucking," squealed Melanie, and she bent forward and licked all over the sensitive head of her father's erection. She tickled his pisshole with her tongue and then opened her mouth as wide as it would go as she slid the huge penis inside her young lips. Stan loved the warmth of his daughter's mouth around his cock and lay still for a moment as she experimented with how much she could put inside it, moving her mouth up and down his cock as she had seen Gloria do earlier. "Am I doing it right, Daddy?" she asked him, "Does it feel good when I suck on your big hard thing like this?" "Sure does," grunted Stan as his hips started to jerk up and down, "Just keep doing it and I'll make the cream go in your mouth real soon." "Ooo goody, I love the taste of your cream, and this time I get to drink it all nice and hot," cried the little girl as she slipped her father's penis back into her
mouth and began moving her head up and down on it again. Her stretched lips rubbed up and down past the sensitive head, and Stan felt himself start to come.

"Here's your cream, honey!" he grunted as the first thick spurt of his gooey cum gushed into his daughter's mouth. "Mmmf!" muttered Melanie as the slippery gouts of her father's hot semen filled her
mouth. "Mmmf, glmmph, gllmmph, mmff," she murmured as each spurt of her father's semen splatted against the roof of the child's mouth. Her cheeks bulged and a little creamy dribble ran out the side of her
mouth and down the shaft of her father's cock, and Gloria, who was watching while she played with her own cunny, said, "Don't try and hold it all in your mouth, Melanie, just swallow it down and your Daddy will give you some more." Melanie pulled her head up a little and gulped, feeling the warmth of her father's cum as the thick mass slid down into her stomach. Just as Gloria had predicted, Stan's huge lemon-sized balls pumped more cum into his daughter's mouth and the child gulped the gloopy stuff down.

When the squirts had slowed to dribbles the young girl let them flow into her mouth, sucking gently on her father's cock to encourage all his cum to flow into her mouth while she savoured the taste, then
let his cock slip out and licked it all off as it fradually softened. "Mmm, that was great, Daddy!" she said, looking down between her legs as he began licking her spread-open cunny again. "Your stuff is so nice
and hot when it squirts right into my mouth. Ooo, that feels sooo good!" she added as her father licked her clitoris gently. He tickled her small pisshole with the tip of his tongue and she giggled. "Hey, you're supposed to be going to make a fountain of pee, but you're tickling my peehole! It makes me want to pee!" "Go ahead and pee, honey," replied her father as he continued to touch his tongue tip to the child's urethra. "Ooo Daddy!" giggled the child, "Right in your mouth?" "Sure," said Stan, "Let's see how many times you can fill my mouth up with your pee. Come on, give your Daddy a nice drink."

Gloria knelt by the man's head so she could watch the little girl pissing into her father's mouth, and slipped a finger up her cunny while she watched. Melanie sighed as the tickling tongue of her father made her urethra relax. "Here's your drink, Daddy," she said, and looked down at herself as the thin stream of pale liquid squirted from her body into her father's open mouth. She giggled as the frothy lake of urine rose higher, and said, "I'll stop for a minute so you can swallow it, Daddy," and held the stream of pee while her father gulped and swallowed. "Is that nice, Daddy?" she asked. "Does it taste nice?" Her father looked up at her and nodded. "Sure does, honey, how about some more now," and opened his mouth again, smiling up at her with his eyes as she behgan pissing into his mouth once more, savouring the tangy flavour of his daughter's hot piss. "Wow," said Gloria, leaning forward so she could see better, "Your Daddy likes your pee just as much as mine does. My Daddy loves it when I pee right into his mouth."

When Melanie had finished peeing, her father licked the last drops from her piss hole, swallowed one last time and smacked his lips. "Now you can make a fountain, Daddy," she said. "Can you make the fountain go on my cunny?" asked Gloria. "I like it when my Daddy does a fountain onto my cunny." "I guess so," said Stan, "You can show me how to do it." Gloria giggled. "Just stay lying down and pee up in the air," she replied, "I'll squat over the fountain and it'll hit my cunny." "Can I do it too?" asked Melanie. "Sure," said Gloria, "We can take turns," and she squatted over the man's penis so it almost touched her hairless cunny slit. "Do it now, Mister," she said.

Stan grunted as he began to piss, the stream shooting up the short distance to the eleven year old's hairless cunny. "Aaah!" she sighed as the stream of hot piss hit her clitoris and dribbled down. "Piss in my hole!" she cried, squatting a little more and using both hands to hold her cunny hole open wide just aove the man's cock. "Ooo, that's so nice!" she sighed as the hot piss stream shot into her hole. Stan loved pissing up the child's vagina and the feel of his hot piss as it splashed back on his cock and balls. "Do it to me, Daddy! It's my turn now!" cried Melanie, dancing around with her finger rubbing inside her small slit.

Stan stopped while Gloria made way for Melanie, and as soon as she was in position he began pissing again, squirting the hairless vulva his daughter displayed for him. "Ooo Daddy, it feels so nice!" squealed the youngster, moving her crotch and holding her cunny wide open so the stream of her father's hot urine washed all over her senstive inner parts. "Oh, oh, oh, oh, OH!" she cried, and the childÕs hips jerked and thrust as the tingly feeling of her father's hot piss on her clitty made her come. Gloria had been rubbing her cunny while she watched, and after Stan had finished pissing on Melanie's cunny they watched while Gloria masturbated, her face reddening and her slim hips thrusting up as she came, then sighed and relaxed.

After breakfast Stan let both children sit on his lap while he fingered them in between their legs and they took turns fondling his cock and balls. Soon his cock was fully erect again. "Hey Mister, I bet I know something we can do with this," said Gloria with a grin. "Are we going to suck my Daddy's thing again?" asked Melanie, fiddling in between her legs while she watched Gloria slowly masturbating the
man. Gloria shook her head. "I bet we can find another hole to put it and keep it nice and warm," she said with a grin. "What do you mean?" asked Melanie. Gloria spread her legs a little more and slipped her finger up her vagina. "My Daddy likes to hide his thing inside my cunny hole. He says it keeps it nice and warm. It makes me feel all full up inside, and he makes it go in and out of my hole and that feels good too. Then he makes the cream come out while it's up inside me, and that feels even better." "Wow, Daddy, that sounds like fun!" giggled Melanie. "What a funny place to hide your thing!"

"I got an even better idea," said Gloria. "When it's all hard you can put it inside my cunny and make the white stuff go into it, and then leave it there and pee inside my cunny afterwards. I love the way it feels when my Daddy does that."

Stan lay down on a towel. Gloria straddled the man and pulled her cunny lips apart as she fingered her clitty. "Shall I lick it a little so it'll go in better?" asked Melanie hopefully, and Gloria squatted with her legs apart and held her cunny lips apart while her friend licked all over her private parts and slipped her tongue up inside her. Stan watched his daughter lick the other child between her legs and turn to him. "Now Daddy," she said, "I'll lick your thing and get it all nice and wet so it'll go into Gloria's trickle better, and she held onto her father's erection and lapped and licked it up and down, slipping the thick head into her mouth and sucking on it gently. "I guess it's ready now," she said, holding it vertically just beneath the spread open cunny hole of her friend as she lowered herself onto it. Melanie watched as her father's penis slid slowly into the hairless cunny of their neighbour. "Wow, it's all going in," she said. "Ooo, I know!" sighed Gloria with a wiggle of her hips. "Mmmm, nice!" she murmured as she lifted up and let the adult's cock slide partway out. "Are you finished already?" asked Melanie, who was fingering her little slit while she watched.
"Oh, noooo!" replied Gloria, sinking back down on Stan's erection again. "It feels sooo goood when it goes in and out. Doesn't it, Mister?" she asked Stan. He could only nod. The man knew it wouldn't be long before he came. The child's cunny was so warm and tight, and her movements rippled her cunny muscles as if she were milking his cock. Besides, he loved the look of the little girl's hairless cunny stretched around his erection. He reached in between her legs and fiddled with her little clitty, rubbing the small bud with the tip of his middle finger. "Ooo!" sighed Gloria, wiggling her body at the feeling, "That's lovely! Do it some more!" She thrust faster and faster as he fondled her and shivered with delight as she reached her orgasm.
The twitches of her little girl's cunny around his overheated cock were all Stan needed to cum, and he thrust farther into the child as his cock spat thick gouts of hot semen into the fifth-grader's tight vagina.

After Stan had squirted his load into the child she said with a giggle, "Now you gotta pee inside me and make my cunny tingle. Come on Mister, piss in my cunny!" "Okay, Stan grunted, and felt the piss surging along his cock and out the end. "Aaah!" sighed Gloria, looking down at herself and rubbing her clitty, "That's sooo nice! It's all hot and tingly!" "Look, it's coming out!" cried Melanie, putting her head down so she could see better. A mixture of cum and piss dribbled out of the child's cunny hole and onto Stan's legs. "I wish I
could see the fountain," said Melanie, "I bet Daddy makes a neat fountain." "Okay," said Gloria, "Watch then," and she lifted up just enough to free the man's penis from her cunny, but held onto it so the stream of piss flowed over all the parts of her hairless child's vulva.

"I like it when my Daddy pisses all over my cunny, too," she explained, "It makes this little bump feel really good," and she directed the stream of urine against her clitty and shivered with delight at the feeling. "Can I try?" asked Melanie, and the girls changed positions so she could hold her father's penis and make his piss go all over her cunny. There wasn't much left, and the stream soon stopped. "I'm so glad we can have so much fun with our pees and your big stick and my trickle - my cunny," said Melanie, correcting herself to use the word Gloria used.

Gloria nodded and spoke up. "Maybe after lunch we can go over to our place and you can meet my Daddy and Uncle John and Uncle Larry," she said. "We can play all sorts of games. I like to play "Guess who's licking my cunny', and I hold two of them, one in each hand and we play "See who can squirt first". "Hey, we can do it with your Daddy and mine and your uncles at the same time," squealed Melanie with delight, and the girls laughed and clapped to think of the fun they could have with their Daddies and Gloria's uncles.

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