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This is a series on the Movie business, and it will take many parts to tell the whole story. it is based on my book called We Did It Our Way. If you enjoy the story please vote Remember that this purely fictional
We got back from our vacation and put the awards behind us. The offers were piling up for Shannon on all types of movie s. It was my job as manager to sort through them and pick out the best ones. This is a fucking harder job to do, than writing a movie .

We settled on 2 movies for the fall and 2 more for the first half of 1986. She worked hard on all the movies, each did well in the box office, making the studio lots of money. The standard fee that we were asking per movie was, $200,000.00, plus 1% of the net profits after expenses. I caught a lot of flack for those asking prices, but I told them take or leave it. Her star power with winning those 2 Academy Awards, was a big draw for any movie.

MGM was on my case for another . So I started on one about surfing the big wave. It was about 2 surfers chasing the big wave from California to Australia to Hawaii. It was more action than dialog. I finished up the early in the winter of 1986.

We got Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe to star in it. The movie was filmed mostly on location, and final cost was 7 million, it grossed world wide 77 million. I wrote, directed, and produce the film for 25% of the net gross. Shannon was not in this film, is why I dropped my percentage. The film was completed and in the theaters by Christmas of 1986.

One day Tom Selleck came to me and said, “he was cast in a movie called Three Men and a Baby , but Disney studio bailed on them, and they could not find any other studio seem to be involved in financing the film, and would I me interested?”

I said, “ let me look into it and see what I find out, and I would get back to you on it.”

I met with the Three Men people and reviewed the whole thing.

I told them, “that Shannon and I were in for 12 million, but I want 30% after expenses, which was my original 12 million, of the net gross.” I also told them, “that I would put in a good word at MGM for them.”

The movie was filmed in 1986-1987, and was to be released in the fall of 1987.

They said, “that would work for them if I could pull this off.

We both were showing signs of fatigue. So I only let Shannon do one more film in the fall of 1986. When that was done we took a vacation to Hawaii, and we bought a nice estate there similar to Robin Master estate on Magnum PI, except not as much land went with it. We plan to vacation a lot in Hawaii, in the future, and it is hard to get any privacy in the major hotels, and I did not want a condo.

That vacation was just what we need to recharge our batteries. When we got back I started to think about our future together. Right now things could not be better, but I could not help feeling that there needs to some sort of commitment by each of us.

Christmas was coming up real quick, and I figured, that now was a good time to pop the question. We told everyone we were staying at home alone to just plain rest and relax. I stopped at my favorite jewelry store, and got her a diamond neckless, earrings, and engagement ring, in a matching set. The jewelry was expensive costing me over 500 thousand. But she worth every penny.

Christmas day morning and I was in the kitchen making us a breakfast of bacon, scramble eggs, toast, coffee, and orange juice. Shannon was still in bed sleeping. I went up and woke her up, to come down and eat her breakfast.

After we cleaned up everything, I said to her, “ are you ready to open gifts.”

“Yes,” she replied, as she bounded upstairs to get my gift.

She came down with my gift, and said, “here you open mine first.”

I opened the gift up and it was a beautiful Rolex watch. I said, “thank you honey, I just love it,” as I gave her a big kiss with a little tongue action.

I gave her my gifts and I told her which to open first, second and third. She open the earrings first, and gave a gasp, as they were beautiful. She kissed me and ran over to the mirror and tried them on.

I next gift was the box with the diamond pendant neckless. It was a stunning piece of jewelry.

“This must have cost a lot,” she said with her eyes wide open.

“Would you please put this on me?” she asked me. She then went to the mirror again to see just how it looked on her. She came back to the couch and sat on my lap and gave me a warm and passionate kiss. She looked gorgeous with both pieces of jewelry on her.

“One more to open,” I said as I hand her the next gift.

She open it up the box with the ring in it. She look at and then at me and then back at the ring, with tears starting to leak out of her eyes. Her hands started to shake. I grabbed the box from her and took the ring out of the box..

I looked her right into those beautiful blue eyes, “Shannon you are the most important person in my life, and I love with all my heart. Will you accept this ring as a token of my love, and marry me?” I asked in my most sincere voice, as I put the ring on her third finger of her left hand.

She lost it, as she sat there on my lap, she collapsed onto my shoulder, and cried her eyes out.

“Well if you don’t like the ring I can take it back and get my money back.” I said with a smile on my lips.

“OOO no you don’t, I waited a long time for you to get me this ring.” She said with tears still running down her cheeks. “O it is such a beautiful ring, I love it so.” she said softly, “and yes I will marry you.” She kissed me softly and passionately, and then fiercely.

She broke the kiss and sat there just staring at her engagement ring, as it shone brightly on her finger. She got up and went to the mirror to see just how all her new jewelry looked on her.

“Do you know why the engagement ring is always placed on the third finger of the left hand?”I asked her.

She looked at me with a puzzled look, and shook her head no.

“The engagement ring is placed on the third finger of the left hand since in ancient times this finger was believed to be the only one with a vein running directly to the heart. Therefore, it was believed that a ring on this finger would ensure a long and loving marriage.” I informed her.

That brought a smile to her face (I think she thought that I was full of bull shit).

All of a sudden she leaps back into my lap, and says.”I want you to make love to me right now to seal the deal with my engagement ring.”

I carried her up the stairs to our bedroom and we both stripped off our clothes, and got into bed. We started kissing as passionately as we could, with our tongues gently caress each other. Soon she was picking up the tempo and was sucking my tongue into her mouth as deep as she could. She started to suck on my tongue just as if she was sucking my cock.

Meanwhile as my tongue was getting worked over, my hands were on the attack. Her 36C breast were the target. I started to rub and squeeze them. I gently tweaked her nipples, and then pinched them a little bit harder. I started to massage her breast with more vigor, and pinched her nipples harder.

She released my tongue as she gasped, “pinch them harder.”

I could tell she was getting turned on, as her nipples were starting to get sensitive. Those little bumps started to pop up on her areola’s. I kept working on her breast and nipples, getting a little bit rougher on them.

“Honey go done and suck on nipples please,” she said as she started to pant in pleasure.

I moved down and lick and nibbled her nipples, as they stiffen up to hard nubs. I particularly worked on her nipples as I sucked on them as hard as I could, while I squeezed her breast gently, to push her nipples deeper into my mouth. I could lick and such her breast and nipples all day.

She starts to pant harder as her excitement increases. She get real turned on by me doing this. It does not take me long to get her aroused, I figured her pussy was wet already. It was time for me to check out and see if I was right.

I moved my hand down to her shave beaver, and I could feel some liquid on her outer lips. She spread her legs wide for me and I inserted my fingers into her snatch. I quickly start to move my fingers in and out and up and down as fast as I can. Then I slow everything down, and then pick up the speed again.

This is driving her into a passionate state of arousal, I could smell her sex aroma fill the air with her scent. Then her cum start to leak around my fingers. I move my finger up to the roof of vagina and rub her secret spot. She flinches as I hit that spot and put pressure on it. I can hear her moaning as she builds up an orgasm.

“O my Goddd yes that is the spot, keep rubbing it, I am close to climaxing.” she moans in passion. “Can you feel me start to cum baby?” she ask me as her breathing becomes more laborious.

I moved up and started to rub her clitoris. I work it so that it pops it head out of the hood that covers it, as it becomes enlarged by her excitement.

“How does it feel baby, does it please you?” I asked her as I rubbed her clitoris harder.

“Rub my clit harder, make me cum, I am so close.” she said in a state of full passion.

She let out a moan like scream, and locked her legs tight on my hand as her body shook in a hard orgasm, and she flooded my hand with her cream. I rode out her orgasm and let her calm down.

“Baby go lick my pussy, and let me suck your cock, lets go to the 69 position?” she asked with a glow on her face.

We made the switch and I attacked her clitoris with a gusto, to make her cum before I did. She took my cock right to the base and had her throat muscle flexing all around my cock. God what a good feeling that is when she does that. I knew I was not going to last long if she continued deep throating me.

I got her clitoris into my mouth, and started to bite it gently. She spit my cock out and gave a yelp of startled pain and pleasure.

“Wow was that intense I almost cumed again.” She gusted in sensuous feeling.

I did it over again a couple of times, and her hips heaved and her secretion thickened and she blew her orgasm deep into my mouth, I almost gagged on the amount of cum she expelled into my mouth.

“I want to try something different,” I said with her cum dripping off my face.

She rolled off me

“What do you want to try,” she giggled as she looked at my soggy wet face.

I sat on the edge of the bed and had her sit on my lap, impaling her soaking wet pussy on my rock hard rod. “Work yourself on my imbedded cock.” I told her.

“O my this feels so good, I keep hitting different spots in my pussy, I am close to cuming again.” She said, as she grunted a couple of times, as she rode me like a horse.

“Me to baby, me to.” I said, as I tried to match her thrusts. I was getting close to cuming, I wanted to cum same time she did.

“I am real close baby,” I said as I could feel my eruption begin to start in my sack.

“O My God, I am going to cum.” she said, as she squeezed me tight, pressing her tit’s into my chest.

At that time I exploded deep into her pussy, I was sure that we cumed together. I could feel her cum drip of my cock and balls. I new it was her’s, because I blew mine so deep inside of her, it will take a week to leak back out.

“Thank you my betrothal, you sealed the deal, and you really got me off this time, I cumed 3 times.” She said as she smiled into my eyes with all her love.

“Lets go take a shower together.” I said.

We washed each other clean, and then she soaped up my cock, and grabbed a razor, and went down and shaved me bare.

“There now we both have shaved private parts of our body.” She laughed, “I need to go down and see what a shave cock looks like.” She said with a evil grin.

She dropped to her knees and washed off all the soap, and gently lick, sucked, and softly stroked my cock and hairless balls. She engulfed my cock in it’s entire length and sucked me hard. Soon she had a rhythm going, and I could feel that good feeling of my cum starting to work it’s way up my eruption tube. I explode a big load of cum into her mouth, and I could see some of it leak out the sides of her lips.

She cleaned me up and put her arms around my neck and gave me a long deep sensuous kiss. She broke the kiss and looked me right into the eyes.

“I love you more than you will ever know, and I am so happy that you asked me to be your wife. It is a life time commitment, that we will make together as husband and wife.” She said with all her love.

“I know, I know honey, and I would not have asked you to marry me, if I was not sure of your love, or the love that I have for you.” I said as I kissed her again.

As we looked at each other with love in our eyes, all of a sudden I holler, “WOW.”

“What is the matter,” She asked with concern.

“Shit the water is getting cold,” I told her with a laugh. She laughed with me, as I turned off the water to the shower.

We dried off and got dress and went back downstairs. We know sooner got downstairs and the doorbell rang.

“I bet I know who that is,” I laughed, as Shannon went to answer door. It was Sarah and her boyfriend Brent Jones. We all wished each other Merry Christmas.

“So what did he get you for Christmas,” Sarah asked Shannon.

“Well these diamond earrings, and neckless,” She said as she showed them to Sarah, “and this as she showed her the engagement ring.”

“O MY GOD, did he propose to you.” Sarah scream in delight.

Shannon just nodded her head, as they both jumped up and down, screaming and holler, like a couple of school kids. Brent and I just looked at each other and smiled.

“Who have you call, have you called mom yet, what about Tom’s folks?” Sarah was asking a thousand questions.

“I just got the ring, and we went upstairs and made love for 2 hours and then took a shower together, and I shave the hair off his cock and nuts, gave him a blow job, and we just got downstairs when you got her.” Shannon told her.

That is what I wanted to hear her telling the world that she shaved my private parts. Hopefully that Sarah did not hear, or didn’t believe her. But I knew better. They always tell each other everything that happens to them.

Sarah grabbed Shannon and they head over to the phones to make the calls. The first call was the their mother in Washington. Their whole family gathers at her mother’s house for Christmas dinner. Sister Sandy answers the phone, and Sarah hollers, “Hi Sandy, it’s me guess what?” Of course she never gives Sandy a chance to answer.

“Tom gave Shannon an engagement ring for Christmas.” She answers her own question. The girls all just scream and holler over the phone, and Brent and I just shook our heads. Finally her mother gets on the phone and Shannon tells her what occurred today, leaving the sex part out. Thank God, for a second I thought she was going to tell her mother, that she shave my dick bare.

We next called my folks and told them, they both wished as much happiness. I told dad that I bought an estate in Hawaii, and anytime they wanted to use it, just let me know, and that goes for Brenda, and Beth also.

I said to Sarah and Brent, “get the hell out of here and give us some privacy. Go home and pack your bags, and we would stop by tomorrow and pick you up for a trip to Hawaii, to see our new estate.” I hardly got the words out of my mouth, and they were gone.

We had a nice time with them in Hawaii, it was just what Shannon needed to unwind with her sister. I am sure they were talking about wedding plans, knowing them two as I do. We went out to the local country club to celebrate New Year’s Eve. We drank 1986 out, as it was a good year for us, and we toasted in 1987, hoping that it would be a better year for us. We had just joined the club in November, and this was our second time there as members. The club was glad to have a movie star as a member. We left January 2 to go home, as we all had things to do.

She did one movie in the winter of 1987, then started to use her time to plan the wedding. It was decided(she decided) that the wedding take place on June 27, 1987. She was looking around for places to hold the wedding at, and getting pricing for everything. This was going to cost me lots.

I was talking with the MGM people about how hard Shannon was working on this wedding. A couple of days later they called me into their office to run an idea by me. Have us hold the wedding at their studio. They would have a ballroom constructed to hold the wedding in, have entertainment for the kids and adults, like stunt people doing various things. Have an orchestra there to play music, and all the rest of the frills. One catch, is that they wanted to film everything.

Shannon meet with MGM people, and a couple of wedding planners, to get the whole setup on tract. I stayed right the hell away from any decisions to be made, if I possible could. I could not believe that the whole thing was coming together without any major hitches. As the date got closer, I was getting nervous, as our wedding was the big topic around town. I had no idea on how many people were coming, but I over heard Shannon on the phone one time mention the number was up to 1000.

Shannon and I decided to keep the wedding party small. She asked Sarah to be Maid of Honor, and sister Sandy as a bridesmaid, as well as my two sisters Brenda, and Beth.

I asked Tom Selleck to be my best man, with Sarah’s boyfriend Brent Jones, Tom Cruise, and Patrick Swayze to be groomsmen.

Both families arrived on Monday the 22 of June. We got them rooms at the Hotel Roosevelt. Mom and Dad brought me the best wedding gift that I could ask for.
They were able to convince my exwife to let them bring TJ (my son) with them to the wedding. TJ stands for Thomas James Wright. With him along no way were they staying at a hotel, we took them with us to our house. I kept in touch with TJ on the phone every so often, when he was at the folks house. I also always sent him birthday cards and presents, and Christmas present. Mom would always send me pictures of him. It was sure good to see him again. He would be turning 7 next month.

That night as we laid in bed, Shannon was laying next to me with her head on my chest.

“For the last 2 weeks, I have been going to the doctors to get a complete check up,” She informed me.

“O is there a problem that I should know about,” I said, showing some concern in my voice.

She said, “O no the doctor took me off my birth control pills, and said in a few weeks I should be able to conceive, and have no problems having babies.” “I want a little TJ of our own.” She said softly, as she looked up into my eyes.

I looked down into her soft blue eyes misted with tears, and I smiled and said, “well there is only one way for that to happen, and that is to have sex very day, until I impregnate you.”

She lite up like a Christmas tree, and said, “can we start tonight?” She did not let up every night she rode me like a stallion, trying to get pregnant.

Friday night came and I went to my bachelor party, and Shannon went to bachelorette party. Both were held at the same hotel, unknown to either of us, and some how both parties spilled over into each other. There were stripper of both sexes jumping out cakes, and lots of music and games.

Finally I found Shannon, and took her hand, “I said lets go home and make babies.”

“Lets go,” she said as she squeezed my hand.

As we walked out, Tom Selleck stopped us and wanted to know where the guest of honors were going. I walked up to him and whispered into his ear.

He stepped back and held me by my shoulders, “Good luck,” he said. He gave Shannon a big hug and whispered in her ear the same thing.

As we got into a cab, she looked at me and said, “what did you say to him.”

I told him, “we were going home and try to conceive a child.”

In the morning Sarah came and got Shannon and mom, and headed out to get ready. Dad and I took TJ over to the studio to check things out. How odd, as it looked like everything was going ok.

I meet the guys at the MGM studio’s, in the wardrobe department, as the studio bought us all brand new tucks for the wedding. We showered, shaved, had makeup work us over, and then got dressed for the wedding. D-day was 2 hours and counting, I was suppose to say I do at 3:30 pm

At 3 pm the 5 of us loaded into a fancy horse drawn buggy(I guess that is what you would call it). They took us to the set where the wedding was going to take place. We pulled up to the ballroom/wedding chapel, WOW what a crowd was there, at least a couple hundred people outside of the ballroom. Glad MGM is footing the bill for this.

We had to fight our way through the crowd into the ballroom, which was pack with guest at tables, best guess 500-600 people in there. There was a big aisle way going down the center of the ballroom for the girls to walk down, with a sky blue color carpet runway to walk on. Blue is Shannon favorite color. I could see a lot of blue color in the ballroom.

I left the guys at the entranceway, and made my way to the front, shaking hands, and thanking all those who I could for coming. All of our families were sitting right next to each other in the front, so I stop there and shook hands with the guys and gave the girls and both mothers a hug. It seems that everyone who is anyone in show business was here. I finally got to the front and there was a chair off to the side for me to sit in, so I did. I looked at my hands, and they were shaking like a leaf in a windstorm.

Finally the clock struck 3:30, and the orchestra started to play wedding songs. The MC came out and asked for quiet. Finally everyone got settled down. “He thank everyone for coming, and then explained a few rules, and told them MGM was filming it all for a documentary to be released,” He informed them. He then said, ”I would like to introduced the Groom, Herrmann Thomas Wright.”

The orchestra started to play, and the MC announced the first bridesmaid and groomsman, they were sister Beth and Tom Cruise, he announced the second as sister Brenda, and Patrick Swayze, the third her sister Sandy, and Brent, and finally the Maid of Honor, and Best Man, Sarah and Tom Selleck.

There was a brief pause before they played here comes the bride song. I looked down the aisle and I could see Shannon being escorted by my dad. The MC says here comes the lovely bride
Shannon Ann Summers, escorted by Richard A. Wright the grooms father. Everyone applauded, and a million cameras went off, or it so it seemed.

Shannon got to the front with dad, and she gave him a hug, hard to kiss with a veil over your head. She was wearing a gorgeous white custom made wedding dress(cost me 15 grand), the girls were all dressed in a custom made robin blue dresses(cost me 1 grand each), and they all looked lovely.

I don’t remember much of the ceremony, I must have answered with the right words, because I heard the pastor say you my now kiss the bride. Sarah pulled her veil back, and Shannon gave the first of many kisses in our married life.

The pastor then introduced us to the audience, and they all stood and applauded. The rest of the night went by like a blur. We hardly had a minute alone. There was music being played outside by Kiss without the makeup, but in tuxes. Dinner was served for everybody. It took forever to get all the pictures taken. The MC did some interviewing of us for the MGM cameras. Hundreds of people shaking our hand taking pictures with us, giving Shannon kisses, wanting our autographs. We finally got home around 3 am in the morning. We were both so doggone tired we hit the sack and slept till noon.

Sunday the whole gang from both sides came over to the house to celebrate with us on our marriage. We had the food catered. This was our last chance to see everyone before they all head home on Monday.

“Where would you like to go on her honeymoon, “I had asked her early on before the wedding.

“I would to go back to the Grand Hotel and then to the cottage. “she said surprising me by that answer. “Could Sarah and Brent join us at the cottage?” she further asked me.

You already know what my answer will be. “Honey you know that they can, I will make all the arrangements.” I said as I gave her a big sexy kiss.

We left on Monday with everyone else for our honeymoon trip to the Grand Hotel. The Grand was extremely excited to have a famous actress spend a few days at their hotel. I agreed on Thursday before we left to have Shannon do a commercial for them, in exchange for us staying there. I am a cheap fucker, and way I can weasel out of paying I will try to do it.

We got in late in the afternoon on Monday, we took a shower together, and got dressed up, and headed down to their main dinning room. We had a great meal, and bottle of wine, I even had a glass, and I am not a wine drinker. Afterwards we danced to the orchestra for a while, till she whispered into my ear that she was horny, and ready to go to bed.

We got to our room and she was hot to trot, with that wine fueling her desires. She practically ripped my clothes, as we leaped into bed holding each other, and kissed each other with as much passion as well could. She had her tongue shoved so deep into my mouth, I thought I was going to choke on it. She backed off with her tongue and we kissed some more with me tongue fucking her mouth, until she sucked my tongue deep into her mouth.

All this kissing was fueling up our passion, and I kissed my way down her neck to her delicious breast. I licked and sucked her nipples till they were stiff, and her areola’s were full of bumps. My hands were busy playing with her pussy. I had 2 fingers sunk into her snatch, working her up to a boiling point. I moved one finger up to the roof of her vagina, and started to rub that sensitive spot. She was in such excitement that her hips were raised off the bed.

“I want you to fuck me right now, I am ready for you cock.” She panted, as she removed my hand from her pussy.

I mounted her with her legs on my shoulders, and started to tease her with my cock. I would rub my head gently over her pussy lips, and the insert it in so just the head was inside her cunt. I did this a few times, and she was going nuts, twisting and turning her body, trying to get me to impale my cock inside.

“You bastard will fuck me hard now,” She spat at in full lust.

I slammed my cock hard into her pussy, and proceeded to jackhammer her with my cock as hard as I could. If you were in the hallway, you probably could hear my balls slap her ass as I fucked her. She was consumed with pure raw lust, and her eyes were on fire with desire and passion.

“Deeper, faster, put that cock into me as deep as you can, I want to feel your cum explode through out my body.” She hollered in passion. “OOOO baby I am soooo close to cuming, cum with me, fill me with you seed, make me pregnant.” She cooed as she started her orgasm.

I could feel my sack start to tighten up, and my eruption tube was expanding, and I was ready to blow a volcanic eruption of cum into her, as deep as I could.

“Baby I am ready to cum,” I panted as my exit hole opened up. I pulled her tight, and thrust my cock as deep as I could into her pussy, and filled her with my seed, just as she screamed in her orgasm.

I emptied a gallon of sperm inside of her, just as her egg dropped from her tubes. A bunch of my little fishes attacked her egg, and one did it’s job and fertilized the egg, and the egg attached it’s self to the uterus wall, and life was created.

I collapsed on top of her, causing her to gasp out loud, and she shoved me off her, and we laid there gasping and panting for air. We both were covered in sweat, and stank of raw sex, but we were to tired to move.

She just rolled over into my arms, “I love you,” she softly said, as we both fell asleep. The next morning, as I came out of the shower, she was still in bed, she said,” O am I sore, and I feel a little funny.”

“How about I draw you a hot bubble bath to soak in.” I offered.

“Would you please that sounds good.” She responded.

The next couple of days went by fast, and we did the commercial for them, packed our bags, and headed to the cottage. We picked up Sarah and Brent, and spent a fun fill few days at the cottage, before we headed back home.

A couple of months after we have been home, I was on the couch watch a baseball game, and Shannon comes in and jumps on top of me.

“Guess what?” She asked me all bright eyed.

“Hmmmmm you bought a new car,” I said. “Nope.” she replied. “You bought a yacht,” I said again, “Nope.” She laughed. “Ok I give what?” I asked sort of knowing what the answer would be. “I going to have a baby, you are going to be a daddy,” She said as she had that glow about her. I did not say anything, I just pulled her into my arms and gave her a passionate l love you kiss.

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