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Intro: A married biology professor chronicles his various sexual exploits in and out of the classroom. This story is second in the series, following the entries from Oct 22nd - 26th.
November 1st

Dear Journal -

Last night I had possibly the most intense, explosive, incredible sex of my entire life. And out of all the countless extra-marital sexual dalliances I've had over the years, I'm left feeling more guilt this time than I've ever felt before. Seriously... Suddenly I'm left questioning the game and whether or not I still want to be a player, a game that has had such an intoxicating hold over me for so long.

Alright, here's what happened:

This beautiful blond girl named Kim came over my apartment late last night, and she brought an equally beautiful young blond friend along with her. I was only expecting Kim to visit me, so a second sexy teenager standing seductively at my door took me by complete surprise. As they had just come from a Halloween party, Kim was dressed like a naughty angel in a nearly diaphanous little white teddy with white feather trim at the bottom. Her white bra and matching white lace panties along with her flat, tanned belly were clearly visible beneath the sheer teddy. Generous cleavage heaved out of her push-up bra, her ample C cup breasts looking even more voluptuous than usual. She also had on white thigh-high pantyhose and silver stripper heels that made her stand about 5' 7". A pair of feathery silver wings and a silver halo completed her outfit. Blond ringlets fell down her shoulders, indeed giving her a heavenly glow. Her crimson-red lips curled into a smile as she noticed me checking her out.

I ushered the girls inside, my attention turning to Kim's cute blond friend who was dressed in a purple and white cheerleading outfit and holding over-sized pom-poms. Her dirty blond hair was pulled into puffy pigtails with purple ribbons, making her look really young. Kim introduced the girl as Jenny. I knew Kim from class, but I'd never seen Jenny around campus before. The purple cheerleading skirt Jenny was wearing seemed to barely cover her ass, revealing bare, toned, and tanned thighs. She was very short and petite, probably right at 5ft. Her eyes were a sparkling crystal blue, and her smooth skin was flushed perhaps from a few drinks at the party they'd come from. She grinned broadly, showing dimples on both cheeks, her white teeth flashing behind thick pink lips. She had little white ankle socks on and white sneakers to set off her caramel toned skin -- I couldn't take my eyes off those taut thighs!

"You gonna do a cheer for me?" I said, smiling and staring at the little pleated skirt covering her pussy, wondering if there were any panties on underneath that small piece of purple fabric. My eyes went back to the luscious, angelic body standing next to the petite cheerleader and my dick twinged. "Kimmy, you look simply divine."

Jenny looked up at Kim with a broad grin. Kim nodded. Then Jenny started jumping up and down and doing a cheer while kicking her legs in the air shouting, "P-U-S-S-Y! PUSSY, PUSSY, PUSSY, CUNT!! WHAT DO WE NEEEEED? COCK! Gimme a C! Gimme an O! Gimme a C! Give me a motherfuckin' K! Gimme some COCKKKKK!"

They both broke into giggles. I watched as Jenny flexed her leg up high over her head, flashing a perfectly bald pussy mound and slit at me! Jenny's cheering continued, and my prick began throbbing into an erection while she did jumping jacks and stripped her top off to reveal perky little B cup tits with tiny nipples. Kim walked up to me and unbuttoned my pants, her fingers rubbing my cock into full hardness before she pulled the zipper down and freed my raging muscle. She bent over and started sucking on my prick; I groaned instantly, as soon as her soft, hot tongue pressed against the underside of my hard shaft. I watched Jenny toss the pom-poms aside and sashay over to join her friend, her tits bouncing with each step. They both got on their knees and proceeded to suck the hell out of my cock!

Jenny put her mouth on the head of my prick as Kim took the base, their hands caressing my balls. Two tongues running up and down my veiny shaft, two small mouths kissing and sucking all over my manhood, two sexy teen minxes! I used every iota of willpower within my body to refrain from spurting a load all over their pretty little faces -- I wanted to fuck their pussies badly! They took turns jacking my dick while the other one sucked the head of my cock. They were devouring my meat with their mouths and tongues, driving me wild! My nuts tightened in Jenny's one hand as she simultaneously held the base of my shaft firmly in her other small hand. Kim was alternating between curling her tongue around my cockhead and sucking hard on it.

Finally I could hold back no more and shouted that I was cumming. Both girls knelt in front of me with their tongues out, ready and eager to receive my sperm! Jenny kept my cock in her hand, pumping the cum from my shaft. Gasping, I watched the first huge rope of white cum shoot out across Jenny's face and onto Kim's cheek. My prick pulsated with orgasm, the remaining spurts going into Jenny's mouth as she sucked every drop from my prick.

Then Jenny pulled her mouth off my cock and began making out with Kim right in front of me, swapping my cum between their tongues! I shuddered -- it was so raunchy, so hot! Kim pushed Jenny down onto her back on the floor and lifted her cheerleader skirt up to reveal that beautiful, bald pussy gash. My heart skipped a beat at the sight of that succulent cunt flesh, and then my mouth fell open as I watched Kim get in between Jenny's thighs and spit the load of cum right onto Jenny's cunt! Kim used her tongue to massage my cum all over Jenny's gash and into her slit. Jenny gasped and moaned, cupping her breasts and humping her crotch into Kim's face. It was an incredible sight, so fucking sexy that I stood frozen watching it with my dick already raging hard again. Long strings of sperm clung from Kim's tongue to Jenny's tiny pearl of a clit. The tongue then disappeared inside Jenny's slit. Jenny writhed on the floor, pulling hard on her nipples and moaning loudly enough for the neighbors to hear, her bare breasts and abdomen quivering.

My dick in hand, I walked up behind Kim and pulled her lacy panties aside while she was bent over tonguing Jenny's cunt. I poked the head of my cock into her slit from behind and began slowing penetrating her. A shiver ran through my body as I entered her hot flesh. Kim's groans were muffled, her mouth pressed against Jenny's pussy gash. My prick sank deeper, gloriously deeper... Kim's halo began bobbing wildly from my hard thrusts. I built up a faster pace, burrowing half my prick inside of her hole, though after a few minutes I had the urge to rip Kim's panties off instead of holding them out of the way so I could really grab her hips and fuck her hard. With a grunt and plenty of willpower, I pulled my steel hard prick from the moist depths of Kim's cunt and yanked her panties down. She giggled, turning away from Jenny's pussy to smile at me and wiggle her ass. Now san panties, Kim's bald, juicy slit stared back at me, with a tiny, pink, puckered asshole nestled between succulent asscheeks.

Before I could plunge my prick back inside the teen's slick hole, she kissed her way up from Jenny's cunt mound to her bare torso, stopping to suckle her friend's firm breasts and hard nipples for a few minutes. I stared down at Jenny's exposed pussy gash, so shiny and wet from Kim's enthusiastic tongue lashing, her legs splayed wide open, just inviting me in. After a few minutes of pleasuring Jenny's breasts and nipples, Kim continued kissing a trail to Jenny's collarbone to her neck and finally to her lips. They tongued passionately for a few moments before Kim got up and kicked off the panties, sending them flying across the apartment.

While standing above Jenny, her exposed pussy a few inches over Jenny's face, Kim unfastened her white lacy bra and let it fall to the floor. My heart pounded at the sight of Kim's gloriously free tits, a heaving C cup with big rosy nipples that were just begging to be sucked! Looking down, Jenny's bald cunt was staring back up at me, a delicious looking pink slit with a tiny, hard clit. Kim had gotten Jenny's pussy really wet! Naked now save for the sheer, feather trimmed teddy and halo, Kim sat down on Jenny's mouth facing me. The sexy scene got even hotter! Kim looked up at me and moaned when Jenny's tongue curled out and licked inside her hole. She grinded her pussy mound into Jenny's face, clutching her breasts in her hands and exuding little gasps and moans while looking right into my eyes. Fucking hot!!

Kim happily rode Jenny's face, my gaze falling back upon the satiny folds of cunt flesh splayed apart for me between Jenny's taut thighs... A wet, succulent gash just waiting to be filled with my raging cock, little pink rippled walls of pussy folded in on itself looking so slick and shiny... There were no hairs on her cunt mound at all, just plump, perfect flesh that I needed to dive into -- more than I needed air, at that moment I needed to be in that girl's pussyhole! My cock, so engorged and pointing right at the girl as she lay prone on her back, seemed to take over and lead me forward until my manhood was mere inches away from her sex. Kim was grunting and bouncing up and down on Jenny's face, a glaze of sweat coating her breasts. Jenny was fingering Kim's slit while eating her pussy hungrily. I shuddered, lost in the moment. Was this a dream? I never thought reality could be so sweet!

Wordlessly, I found myself pulling the short cheerleader skirt off Jenny's hips and tossing it aside. Once she was perfectly nude, I placed my shaft upon her hairless pubic mound and sighed deliriously. My eyes slowly moved from her bald cunt up to her jiggling B cup tits to her tongue that was extended to probe the depth's of Kim's teen cunt. I let my prick rest against Jenny's mound -- speechless, breathless, dazed. The intoxicating smell of moist cunt pervaded my nostrils. I looked back down at my engorged prick as it rested upon the smooth pussy flesh beneath me. My shaft looked so thick in comparison to the slender body it rested upon. The head of my cock nearly reached her belly button, she was so petite! I had to have her.

Usually I was so careful about using condoms, but I was so aroused, I was overtaken with the primal instinct to flood this young girl's womb with my seed! Kim watched my every move from her perch atop Jenny's face, her pouty red lips hanging open from her moans of pleasure. As if in slow motion, I found myself taking the base of my prick in hand and rearing back a moment only to plunge forward, the head of my cock burying itself into Jenny's hot, tight pussy walls. I'd fucked tight pussy before, but this, this was just incredible -- almost too much! Never in my life had I felt such cunt constriction. Her pussy walls squeezed the head of my cock and I shuddered. I slammed the rest of my meat inside of her, stuffing her cunthole full of my prick, determined to inundate her womb with my sperm! It was a savage desire, with no concern for pleasuring her -- I sought to hammer this young teen's pussy like an animal until I exploded deep inside of her, flooding her with semen.

Jenny's slender body trembled beneath me as my prick sank deeper, but she continued to eat Kim's gash intently. My hands were on her thighs, keeping them wide open while I struggled to fill her with my entire length and girth. I was halfway inside Jenny's hole, my balls jiggling from the efforts, finding myself involuntarily grunting like a beast. Now I could hear her moaning against Kim's pussy slit. Kim grinned. She was watching me fuck her friend's pussyhole and evidently enjoying it immensely.
I gasped, bucking my hips, desperately trying to get inside off Kim's tight friend who was now whimpering. Kim was still grinding her pussy against Jenny's mouth, muffling Jenny's moans.

Then Kim bent over with her pussy still in Jenny's face, rubbing her hand down Jenny's flat belly to her puffy cunt mound. Kim's eyes were transfixed upon my steel hard shaft penetrating the tight teen hole; she was practically crawling over Jenny's body towards my cock. My prick was undoubtedly squeezing into the tightest pussy I'd ever been inside! For a few moments I even actually tried pulling her pussy lips apart to help get my meat inside of her. Meanwhile, Kim's fingers reached Jenny's pubic mound, cupping the puffy cunt. Kim stared up at me, humping Jenny's face while her fingers caressed Jenny's stuffed slit and the base of my shaft. Then Kim began teasing Jenny's clit, stroking it lightly at first and then rubbing harder and faster. My prick was raging. Jenny was starting to moan louder. A moan slipped from my own throat. My head was spinning from sexual overload!

Kim's fingers grazed the base of my shaft again and I groaned. Her hand then closed around my cock while half my meat was still inside her friend. She moved her face closer, reaching her tongue out, lapping first at Jenny's clit and stuffed slit and then moving to the base of my dick. I couldn't help but groan again, muttering, "Damn..." My cock slid out of Jenny's pussy, still in Kim's firm grip. Then Kim swallowed my cock deep into her throat until my balls were against her chin. Her halo bobbed up and down, shimmering in the light. I closed my eyes, trying not to explode. She gurgled and sputtered on my prick for a few moments, then pulled my meat from her mouth and jacked me hard while she tongued Jenny's slit awhile. Jenny was moaning loudly, humping at Kim's face. I reached down and fingered Jenny's slit and her cries intensified. Her petite body was writhing upon the floor underneath Kim.

Kim then helped me slide my saliva coated dick back inside her friend's pussyhole. Jenny was so fucking tight -- every vein in my shaft seemed pressed against her cunt walls. Kim continued rubbing on Jenny's clit and slit, simultaneously kissing and caressing her cunt mound as I stuffed it with my meat. I groaned, my cockhead burying into her womb, my prick now completely swallowed up by the soft, hot, satiny folds of flesh quivering beneath me. Jenny's cunt walls rhythmically squeezed my muscle as I built up a steady penetration. She was fucking her hips back at me and into Kim's face, grunting wildly. It sounded like she was about to cum! I gasped, trying to hold my load so that Jenny could orgasm on my prick.

Sure enough, a few moments later Jenny began screaming, "Yeah, yeah, give it to me, ohhh, yes, shit, ooooh, yeahhh, like that, ohhhh God, just like that, ohhh I'm about to cum, yes, oooh yes, yes, yes!!" I bucked steadily, hammering my meat deep inside of her. Lewd slapping sounds of my cock inside that juicy cunt had filled the room. Kim kept rubbing Jenny's clit hard and fast, forcing the young teen to climax upon my prick. I grunted, feeling Jenny's pussy walls squeeze my cock powerfully and this time not let go. My pubic bone pressed into hers, my cockhead aiming right for her cervix. Jenny's cries filled the apartment. Her cunt seemed to get juicier with her climax. My thrusts slowed to a stop.

I pulled my cock from Jenny's incredible hole after her intense orgasm, feeling proud of myself for not shooting my load yet. Kim looked up at me, grinning. I grabbed her and bent her over so she was on hands and knees, then I rammed my prick completely inside her juicy cunt in an instant. Kim grunted from the hard penetration, her tits slapping against her chest with my rampant thrusts. I was so wound up, so sexually heated, I was fucking her like a savage beast! Kim began moaning loudly; I knew she enjoyed getting fucked hard. Jenny was on her knees watching us, her tits still heaving from her climax. Suddenly I pulled my cock out of Kim's cunthole and then shoved it in Jenny's face, my prick delving in between her lips and into her throat. She sputtered as I face-fucked her manically for a few moments before pulling my cock out of her mouth and ramming it hard back into Kim's pussy. Kim shrieked wildly, taking my prick hard from behind.

After several minutes hammering Kim's cunt steadily, I pulled my meat out and again face-fucked Jenny hard. Then I shoved my cock deep inside Kim's hole again and alternated between fucking Kim's cunt and face-fucking Jenny. My entire body was slick with sweat, my nuts so hard and ready to explode! Breathlessly, I told Jenny to join Kim down on her hands and knees on the floor. Jenny obeyed, getting into position, wiggling her little peach bum of an ass at me. I pulled my raging cock from Kim's cunthole and plunged it balls-deep into Jenny's cunt, making her howl. Flesh slapped upon flesh, moans filled the room. My knuckles were white as I gripped Jenny's slender hips while penetrating her savagely. Then I pulled my meat from Jenny's pussyhole and rammed it back into Kim's! Kim grunted from my hard fuck, her tits swinging around beneath her. The sounds of my cock inside her hole were loud in my ears. Then I pulled out of Kim's cunt and sank my prick back inside Jenny's!

I alternated between pussies for just a little longer, fucking them hard and fast until finally I was unable to hold my load any longer than humanly possible. My cock was inside Jenny's hole, my prickhead buried in her womb, balls pressed against her slick gash. We were both panting like rutting animals. Jenny's breasts bounced around rhythmically from my thrusts until one final hard thrust into her pussy. Slamming into her womb, my shaft throbbed and exploded within the tight teen cunt, injecting a copious load right into her cervix! Jenny squealed, surely feeling my cock throbbing and spurting inside of her! Kim bent over and kissed Jenny passionately on the lips as my final blasts shot into Jenny's hot hole. My jaw hung open, my cock still pulsing. After I pulled out, glistening strings of cum soon began leaking from Jenny's slit.

Of course I couldn't let Kimmy leave without giving her a load of fresh cum up in her pussy, too! We all took a break on the bed for a little while though, the girls giving each other sensual massages and sixty-nining again for my viewing pleasure. I tell you, it is hard to imagine a hotter scene than two perfectly ripe teen females tonguing each other, fingering each others' clits and slits, and swapping my load of cum from pussy to pussy with their mouths all right in front of my eyes. My cock didn't stay down for long! How could I, a healthy, virile male, resist the smell of all that glorious cunt in the air?! I felt like a god, reveling in the sight of such supple naked flesh writhing upon my modest bed.

Kim was on her back staring seductively up at me while touching herself -- she knew it was her turn to get a load of my sperm deposited deep inside her cunthole! My prick was raging, ready to penetrate the hot, young blond's warm, moist depths once more! Kim's thighs were spread wide, her fingers on either side of her slit, holding it open as an invitation for me. Her gash was coated with a glaze of shimmering cunt juice, her french-manicured fingertips tracing fast circles around a tiny, hard clit. Jenny was behind Kim now, cupping her breasts and pinching her nipples. Kim's hazel eyes were on mine in a heated gaze as she fingered herself and purred. I knew she was ready for an intense fuck!

With the base of my prick in hand, I moved in between Kim's legs and impaled her pussy on my prick in a single stroke. She cried out sharply, but her initial shriek of surprise quickly turned to loud moans. I was manically fucking her in no time while Jenny held onto her bouncing tits. The bed soon creaked wildly, surely audible by all surrounding neighbors. Kim kept her fingers on her clit, rubbing herself furiously to match my rapid thrusts. She was working herself up to orgasm on my cock; I could feel her pussy walls rhythmically squeezing around my turgid muscle with each stroke. Her cunt was so sweet and tight -- not quite as tight as Jenny's, but definitely still snug around my meat. My mouth hung open, euphoric delirium setting in once more. I was lost in that glorious pussy flesh, all thoughts drowned out by the sounds of skin slapping upon skin along with breathless moaning and the loudly creaking bed.

Kim closed her eyes, her halo thrown back in Jenny's naked lap. Jenny was twisting Kim's nipples and enthusiastically encouraging her friend to orgasm on my dick like a true cheerleader. God, I love teen girls! I continued hammering Kim's pussy hard, fucking her with hard, long strokes. She was moaning with pleasure and writhing upon the bed. I felt her cunt walls squeeze my prick tightly, holding me deep within her womb. Her fingers were a blur, rubbing her clit to oblivion with my cock buried securely inside of her hole.

"Ohhhh yeah, fuck me, yeah, ohh yeah baby, yes, I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Yes! Yes! Oh my God, fuck! Don't stop, yeah, oooh yeah, harder! Fuck meeee!!!!" screamed Kim.

I had planned to hold my load for so much longer. But as I felt Kim's orgasming pussy walls powerfully grasping my dick, my balls tightened and my cock throbbed. A gasp escaped my throat, my own orgasm taking me by surprise. Kim and I moaned together, the squeaking bed becoming silent as I breathlessly fell still atop her body. Spurts of cum flooded her hole with each throb of my pulsating prick. I kissed her passionately, making her moan into my mouth while my ejaculating prick inundated her womb. Her body trembled beneath mine, her legs wrapped tightly around my back.

I pulled my dripping cock meat from Kim's hot hole a few minutes later. My sperm started trickling out of her slit and down her ass crack and onto the bed in a sticky puddle. Jenny got in between Kim's legs and lapped up my cum, her tongue parting Kim's slit and disappearing inside of it to lap up all the semen leaking out. Kim moaned from Jenny's oral attentions. I shook my head, still breathless, the base of my deflating cock in hand. I could fuck their pussies endlessly... I could sleep, breathe, and eat sexy teen girls for the rest of my earthly existence!

But alas, the evening always has to end at some point. Though as the pair of young blond vixens stood in my doorway blowing kisses at me on their way out, I complimented them again on their sexy costumes. I told Jenny she would really make a good cheerleader -- and that's when Kim giggled and said Jenny WAS a cheerleader. At the local high school! Jenny grinned. Kim went on to laugh and say Jenny was only sixteen!

My mouth fell open -- a high school girl?? I'd just fucked a high school cheerleader? Me, a married, middle-aged college professor? The girls giggled and shuffled off, leaving me speechless in the doorway. One of my neighbors was standing out in the hallway -- he looked over at me and nodded, giving the thumb's up as the two sexy teens walked out of my apartment and past him. I swallowed hard and shut the door. My eyes went to the fresh cum puddle glistening upon the bed. The smell of sex hung so heavy in the air. A certain quiet shock had fallen upon me. Never had I imagined I'd do something so very illicit, so wrong!

And yet it had been undeniably titillating. My mind flashed back to the feeling of Jenny's sixteen year old pussy walls around my cock -- no wonder she was so tight! A conflicting torrent of emotions flooded my brain; should I be remorseful?

Ultimately, I asked myself the question: Now that I know she's sixteen, would I fuck her again??

The answer is a resounding Yes.

Until next time,

~Professor X

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