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My husband and I divorced when he ran off with a 22 year old fuck machine. I knew that it wouldn’t be possible for my daughter and I to live in the same city as that asshole. So we moved.

My daughter Brooke and I had moved to a new city, and we supported each other through this rough time. I’m Michelle, and at the age of thirty-eight I am still a beautiful, voluptuous woman. I have dark blonde hair, C-cup tities and a firm ass, round ass.

My daughter takes after me. At fifteen she has a lovely set of perky boobs and one of the hottest bodies in her new high school. I encouraged her to try out for the cheer squad, but she didn’t feel confident enough. Brooke has been in ballet and gymnastics since she was a small girl, and her body is toned and tight. She has the kind of ass that really turns heads; I love it when other women check out my hot little girl.

Here I must confess that I have been bisexual ever since I knew what sex was. I actually had my first sex when I was thirteen, with Angela, my very hot babysitter. Angela was seventeen and I was angry with my mom for thinking I needed a babysitter. I stayed in my room ignoring Angela, then at ten when I was supposed to go to bed, Angela came into my room.

I looked at Angela with distain when she told me it was time for lights out. I was furious, but also excited by her being in my room. Angela was a hot girl, and was wearing a tank top without a bra, and I could see her nipples were poking through the thin material. She was also wearing short shorts that accentuated every curve of her hips ass and outlined her pussy lips.

I stood up on the bed, and without really knowing why I pulled down my panties and mooned her and said, “Fuck you bitch!”

In an instant the lights were out and Angela was on top of me a hand on my neck pushing my face into my bed, and her had slapping my bare ass.

“You little cunt, how dare you, fuck I’m going to do you, and you are going to love it aren’t you”? You are such a fucking tease; I’m going to eat your little cunt till your lil girl juices are all over my fucking face.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening, I was struggling against her but every word from her mouth excited me more and I wanted her to “do me”. After a few slaps on the ass I moaned as I felt her tongue enter my tight little cunt. It felt so long and wet, and I screamed into the mattress, breathing heavy.

“Fuck your little cunt tastes so fucking hot!” she groaned and pushed her tongue in and out of my virgin cunt.

This is what I had wanted, it was nothing like my fingers entering my young cunt this was amazing. Then I felt Angela reach under my top and begin to squeeze my little tities, pinching my tiny nipples and twisting them harshly.

“Fuck. The moment I saw you I knew you wanted it! A little lesbo is what you are Anna, fuck your little cunt tastes so good, “ sighed Angela.

Suddenly her tongue was on my stiff little clit and her finger was deep inside me. I began to hump my face back at her face and finger and she slapped my ass hard.

“I’m in fucking control you greedy little cunt, sit still and take it!” said Angela harshly.

I moaned and let this hot babysitter eat my cunt in the dark. Her finger twisted in and out of me touching me in places inside my cunt that made my whole body jerk. Later Angela taught me where to hit my g-spot, but at the time I thought she had this magic finger that made me feel like I was going to burst into flames.

I had rubbed my clit before but to feel Angela’s tongue flit and flick over my clit, then holt it between her soft lips and suck it into her wet mouth was like nothing I could ever imagine. I was screaming uncontrollably.

“Give me your girl juice, you hot little cunt!” Angela screamed into my cunt as she suddenly pushed her tongue into my tight little ass and pinched my clit with her fingers.

My whole body shook and jerked as I came, cum erupted from my tight little pussy pushing Angela’s finger out and spraying her face with my tasty pussy juice.

I learned everything about girl/girl love with Angela, and I never complained about having her as my babysitter again.

Settling into our new home in a new house seemed to come more easily for me than it did for Brooke. With a generous divorce settlement I was able to buy a beautiful house in a quiet suburb near the best high school in the city. I wasn’t in a hurry to find a job so I spent a lot of time on my computer.

Of course I spent my share of time surfing the net for porn and erotic stories. Videos involving mothers and young girls quickly became my favorite. Not surprisingly I began to feel a special attraction to my daughter, she was younger and hotter than the young porn girls that made my cunt so wet.

Brooke knew she was sexy but I had to encourage her to wear sexy clothes to school. I brought her the tightest jeans I could find, and sexy lacey thongs, and loved it when she wore them to school.

I drove Brooke to school each day and when she was wearing one of the short skirts or skin-tight jeans I brought her I would steal looks at her hot little body. I loved it when a pair of jeans I brought for Brooke fit so tight her little pussy was outlined in the crotch. I insisted that when I dropped my little girl off I got out of the car and gave her a firm hug.

I am only a few inches taller than Brooke and I loved pressing my tities into hers as we hugged. She was always the first to break off the hug as I gave her a soft quick kiss on the lips. I always felt a tingle in my cunt as I watched my hot little daughter walk away.

I would go home and go straight to Brooke’s room. I would find the thong or panties she wore the previous evening and lay back on her bed taking in the scent of her young cunt I would rub my pussy. At least two times a week, I found that her panties were soaked with my daughters cum. I would get undressed and rub the wet thong all over my body, letting my fingers pinch and pull my nipples and clit through my daughter’s cum soaked panties.

I would pick up Brooke’s hair brush and smell the handle and sniff it smelling the tell tale sent of my young girls cunt I slipped the handle deep into my cunt as I licked and sucked my sweet girls cum from the crotch of her sexy panties. I would cum so hard that I would soak the sheets of Brooke’s bed so I would have to wash everything.

Brooke was struggling a bit at school and she missed her dad terribly. One night Brooke came to my room in tears. Of course I welcomed her with open arms. As my lovely teen daughter fell to sleep with her head against my breasts and her warm breath tickling my nipples, was immediately wet. I longed to touch her hot young body, to make love to my own daughter, but somehow I was able to resist. I eased her off my body and went to the washroom and rubbed off spraying cum all over the mirror.

One night Brooke asked if I could drive her to the school to a girl’s volleyball game. I told her I was happy to. I told Brooke I would go to the mall and pick her up after the game. It was a warm night and I was excited that Brooke was dressed in her tightest pair of white shorts and a tank top with no bra. I couldn’t help but stealing looks at my hot little girl, turned on by how the crotch of the shorts rode right up into her tight little pussy lips.

I was curious, so after I dropped Brooke off I circled around and parked the car.

After the game was started I made my way to the top of the gym. I noticed that Brooke was sitting right across the gym from me, and she was sitting very closely to another girl. The girl was obviously a few years older than her and the two were very animated in their conversation to the point that they hardly noticed the game.

From my view the girl sitting next to my daughter was incredibly hot. She had red hair and like Brooke was wearing tight short shorts and a tank top that showed the small but firm curves of her tities, which were much larger than Brook’s.

I could feel my cunt tingle as I watched the two girls pressing shoulders into each other. I nearly moaned aloud when the young red-head placed her hand on my daughter’s bare thigh. Then the red-head leaned over and whispered in Brook’s ear. The two girls stood up together and climbed the stairs and left through the doors at the top of the gym.

My pussy was dripping as I turned and entered the hall at my side of the gym. I didn’t want my daughter to see me here, but then I heard giggling, not far away. I ducked into a doorway as I saw Brooke and the other girl slip into a room at the end of the hall. Slowly I made my way down the hall I approached the room and heard the two girls giggling from inside. It was the weight room, and there was a large window in the room and I couldn’t believe my eyes. There a few feet inside the closed door was my Brooke being pushed against the wall by the redhead you was passionately kissing Brooke as she pulled up her top and roughly squeezed her little tities.

It was one of the hottest things I had ever seen. My pussy was immediately wet as I could hear Brooke moaning as she spread her legs and began to grind her pussy against the redhead’s thigh. I couldn’t take my eyes off my little girl’s hot little ass as it in skin tight shorts. I looked up and down the hallway, there wasn’t anyone around. I slipped a hand down my jeans and into my thong, immediately pushing two fingers into my sloppy cunt.

The redhead was now sucking on Brooke’s breasts licking and then pulling on her little nipples with her teeth while she grabbed Brooke’s ass and pushing her leg harder into my daughter’s cunt.

Brooke was whimpering and caressing the redhead’s hair as her friend lavished her hot, young tities with licks and bites.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when Brook’s hands on her lovers head pushed her down as if she wanted her to eat her pussy.

The redhead looked up and smiled and kneeled and pressed her face into the crotch of Brook’s shorts. I nearly groaned, giving myself away as I let my thumb flick over my clit. The young redhead let her tongue trace the camel toe in my little girl’s crotch before unzipping the shorts and slipping them down Brooke’s sexy legs.

In the light of the room I could see Brooke’s soaked and shaved cunt, and knew I would have to have it for my own. Her puffy pink lips were dripping with juices as the redhead parted them with her fingers and slowly let her tongue trace the full length of my daughters juicy cunt. I bit my lips imagining what it would be like to feel my sweet little girls cunt flesh on my tongue to taste her cunt and slurp on her juices.

Brooke’s new lover wasted no time, she immediately sucked my daughter’s hot little clit into her mouth as she slammed her middle finger into her cunt. Brooke pulled on her lover’s hair to steady herself then began to pull on her small nipples and whimper like a cat in heat.

The redhead wasn’t going to release Brook’s clit and I noticed that she now had two fingers deep in my daughter’s cunt. The look on Brooke’s face was pure ecstasy, as her whole body began to tremble and shake.

“Oh fuck Alex, I’m gonna cum!” I heard her scream.

I began to pinch my clit and finger my cunt hard as I looked at my daughter’s body rock and convulse as creamy cum squirted her hot little cunt drenching her new lover.

I couldn’t hold on. I came hard flooding my panties and jeans with cum. I looked down and my crotch was soaked.

In the window my daughter was licking her own cum from the Alex’s face as the doors of the gym opened. The game was over and I had to get out of there.

I needed to fuck my daughter, and now I knew she loved girls, nothing was going to stop me.

Not long after the experience of seeing my daughter making love at her school, I joined an all- female health club.

It was expensive but worth it. On my first day I met Carrie who agreed to be my personal trainer. Carrie was so fucking hot, a 23 year old brunette who had the kind of body most men would die to get their hands on. Our first session when till after closing, and she said not to worry about it, she often stayed late with her clients. Being close to Carrie was getting me very hot and just as we were finished our session Carrie offered me a hand to lift me from the bench and she pulled my body against hers.

Immediately her leg was between my legs grinding on my pussy and she kissed me hard and long. I loved the way she tongue fucked my mouth as her hands were all over my ass grinding my cunt against her hard thigh.

We ran to the shower room and Carrie pushed me against the lockers and stripped me in seconds. She pushed down on a bench and roughly pushed my legs apart.

“Fuck I love mommy cunt!” she said, as she let her lovely tongue slip into my slick cunt hole. Carrie was amazing and got me off fast and hard. I tongue fucked her and she squirted her delectable cum all over my face.

In the shower, we finger fucked each other until we squirted cum all over the floor. I don’t know why but after I told Carrie about my daughter, how hot she was and about what a turn on it was to see Alex fuck her.

Carrie grinned and said, “You fucking want her, that is so fucking hot,” said Carrie.

“Tomorrow night, tell her you are registered for a special exercise class, and I will be the leader. This is going to be so fucking hot.”

Of course I agreed and without too much trouble I was able convince Brooke to join me in this “Mother Daughter Workout” as a great way to a way for us to share some time together.

Brooke said she didn’t really have any workout clothes; I took her to my bedroom and let her try on a pair of white leotard that was a little too tight for me. The leotard fit Brooke perfectly and I nearly moaned when she pulled them over her hot little ass. I suggested that she should wear them without panties when we went to the club. She looked at me and I could swear her little nipples grew hard under her tight t-shirt.

Carrie wasn’t in the workout room when we got there. Brooke looked amazing in her workout leotard, a perfect tight teenage body. I was so excited that Brooke had taken my advice and not worn panties under the leotard. The tight thin fabric grabbed at her tight little cunt lips and gave her crotch a delicious little camel-toe. Her firm tities looked so hot under her tight top which exposed her flat little tummy.

“Where is everybody?” asked.

“I guess you and I are the only mom and daughter who signed up. That’s okay it will be fun.”

Brooke nodded and smiled.

Suddenly Carrie showed up, wearing skimpy shorts and a sports bra. I could see Brooke’s eyes open wide.

“I see we have only one mom and daughter in the class. Well, the class must go on.” Carrie smiled at the two of us.

“This class is designed to bring mothers and daughters…closer together than they have ever been before. Usually it takes about 20 or 30 minutes to warm up, if we were doing a normal cardio routine, but as we all know, sex brings the heart rate up, and starts us sweating almost immediately, that's why for this class we will employ sex instead of aerobics, it’s a quicker workout that yields better results, also, it’s just more fun! “

Carrie gave us a large work out mats. Brooke and I faced each other and there was panic in her eyes., “What the fuck is this mom?”

“Just relax and enjoy baby.” I said with a big smile on my face.

We faced each other and I could see a small damp spot in the crotch of Brooke’s tights.

“Now class, lets begin, mom, stand behind your daughter, and begin stroking her shoulders, and gently pussy forward so it makes contact with your daughter's ass. Brooke, push your sexy little ass against her mother, rub it up and down slowly against her mother’s pussy,” said Carrie with authority.

To my amazement Carrie responded to Carrie’s command. As I spread my legs wide and pressed my pussy against Brooke’s hot little ass she began to push back moving her firm little ass in a sexy circular motion.

I was wearing the same kind of leotard as Brooke and I sighed as Brook’s ass make contact with my pussy lips.

Michelle please begin to caress daughters firm little titties, squeezing, and kneading gently, but firmly.

“Mom...I...oh, mom!” Brooke sighed as I began squeeze her breasts in my hands, I could feel her apprehension starting to ease, and my wet pussy began to leave a glistening trail on her white tights hard as I pressed my cunt against my daughter's ass.

“OK, Michele now pull off your Brooke’s top and pinch her hard little nipples with your fingers,” said Carrie as she watched me remove Brooks top and pinch one nipple then the next.

Brooke moaned and pushed her ass hard into my cunt.

Brooke started to breathe heavier and I rolled her perfect little nipples between my fingers.

“Now, mom, take one hand and start to caress your little girl's cunt through that tight leotard,” Carrie said looking directly at Brooke’s pussy.

I slipped a hand over Brooke’s flat tummy and hesitated.

“Fuck do it mommy, rub my little cunt, please!” hissed Brooke.

I groaned and cupped my hand over Brooke’s wet pussy, pulling at her sensitive pussy lips through the thin material and grinding the heel of my hand on my little girl’s clit.

“Oh mommy, fuck yes, my pussy is so wet for you.” Brooke whispered.

I let my thumb flick back and forth over her clit as I pressed a finger into her cunt, pressing the fabric a short way into her tight little cunt.

Brook responded by slamming her ass hard into my pussy, which felt so good I had to groan.

Michele lay your lovely, sexy daughter down on the mat, continuing to stroke your daughter's sweet little pussy.

Finally I was able to look my daughter in the eyes and she looked up at me and smiled, ‘Oh mommy tell me you want me. Tell me I make you wet. Tell me you want to fuck your little girl.”

I was so turned on I could feel my eyes well up with emotion, “Oh baby girl I want to fuck you so much, you are the sexiest little girl I have ever seen.”

I used one hand to squeeze my little girl breasts as the other stroked her little cunt, I could how wet my little girl was.

“Mom, get down between your little girl’s lets and taste her hot little cunt through that soaking leotard,” said Carrie, who was obviously turned on. I looked up to see she had a hand down her shorts and was rubbing her cunt.

I slid down the mat, and pushed Brooke’s legs wider apart. I looked into her eyes.

“Do it mommy, eat me, please,” Brooke pleaded.

I let my mouth open wide and cover my little girl’s pussy and I sucked hard. Brooke groaned loudly and thrust her cunt hard against my mouth. I loved the urgency in Brooke’s body, had she wanted this all along?

I loved the taste of her but I wanted more. I pulled the fabric of the leotard away from my daughter’s cunt and pulled desperately at the seam of the garment. It began to rip and I forced a finger inside the hole and in seconds I had ripped the seam of the leotard wide open.

“Oh fuck mom, eat me, fuck me mommy, do it!” screamed Brooke as she humped her now bare pussy into my face.

I let my tongue push deep into my little girl’s cunt as I sucked up her juices. I jabbed my cunt in and out of my baby’s cunt as she writhed beneath me.”

“Fuck yes mommy, make me your lover, I will never leave you the way Daddy did! I’ve wanted your tongue in my little cunt for so long!” screamed Brooke.

I grabbed Brooke’s hips as she bucked against my face. I let my tongue brush over her stiff little clit and she squealed with delight.

I felt Carrie’s hands pulling off my leotard. She began to lap at my clit and I groaned into Brooke’s tight little cunt.

“Okay mom get into a sixty-nine with your hot little daughter,” she said slapping my ass.

I crawled up and kissed my daughter on the lips smearing her juices all over her mouth. Our tongues swirled together and I moaned as Brooke cupped my cunt with her hand.

“I have to taste you mommy, I want your cunt on my mouth, “she pleaded.

I looked into her wild beautiful eyes, “Oh yes baby, mommy wants you to eat her pussy, I want to cum all over your beautiful face,” I moaned.

I straddled my little girl’s lovely face and slowly lowered my cunt to her soft lips, parting my cunt lips to give her access to my clit which she latched onto with her lips, sucking hard and letting her tongue swirl around it.

I was wild with lust! It occurred to me in that instant that the little girl that had been born out of my cunt was now thrusting her hot little tongue into the same hole.

I leaned forward and sucked my little girl’s clit into my moth sucking the tender cunt flesh against my teeth.

Brooke groaned on my clit which sent a shock through my whole body. I was actually eating my baby girl’s cunt and she loved it. As I sucked hard on her stiff little clit I slipped my long middle finger into her cunt.

I loved feel of her tight cunt hole as I slowly twisted my finger inside my baby. She humped up at my finger and I pushed it all the way in. My daughters cunt walls grabbed at my finger as I plunged it back inside her and lapped at her hard little clit.

I could hear Carrie groaning and glanced up to see her on another matt finger fucking her hot cunt as she pulled on her nipples.

Brooke sucked on my clit and let her hot quick tongue swirl around it as she rammed three fingers into my pussy.

I lifted my head, “Fuck mommy hard baby, you can’t hurt my cunt, fuck me harder, make mommy squirt cum all over your pretty face.”

Brooke’s tight teen cunt pulled hard on my finger and I knew she was close. I let my lips brush over Brooke’s stiff little clit, letting the softness of my lips brush back and forth over the throbbing clit. Then suddenly I slammed my finger deep into my baby’s cunt and sucked her clit into my mouth and began nibbling on it with my teeth.

Brooke’s body began to convulse uncontrollably beneath me her legs flopped as she held my head firmly between her thighs, then her cunt erupted with such force that it pushed my finger from the hot wet hole and a cascade of creamy cum flushed out of her cunt and hit me on the mouth.

Brooke closed her mouth over my clit, taking it between her teeth and twisting it one way then the other, it was too much my cunt convulsed and sent out a stream ove cum over my little girls face and titties.

I continued to pinch clit sensing she was about to climax again and her cunt thrust upward again, as she screamed and squirted a second stream of cum all over my face.

I was overwhelmed by the heat and force of my little girls cum and I felt a second climax wash over me. I began to grind my cunt all over Brooke’s pretty face as my cum ran through her hair and all over the mat.

I looked up to see Carrie standing above me her fingers flashing over her clit as she finger fucked herself, “You two get up here and drink my fucking cum she screamed!”

Both Brooke and I scrambled to our knees as Carrie thrust her hips forward and her cunt convulsed spraying creamy hot cum all over our bodies.

“That was the hottest, fucking thing I had ever seen!” groaned Carrie as she came a second time and fell to her knees in front of us. The three of us kissed and began licking the cum off each other’s bodies. Then I invited Carrie back to our place for a sleepover, which would be the first of many.

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