I know what I write isn't necessarily everyone's cup of tea. By now, if you've read the other 13 installments, you know that my sexual appetite ranges quite far in both directions. My life has always been one about the opportunity accepted, not the opportunity denied. If you are a guy and you have never been close enough to another guy to enjoy his full attention without freaking out, I feel sorry for you. If you have always had the hots for your own sister and never had the opportunity to act, then I feel for you as well. But this is really all just fiction. So please, if you don't like what I have written in the past, please don't continue to read my stories in the future. The negative comments take all the joy and inspiration out of it for me. And to the rest of you, Thank You so much for reading and leaving the comments. It's how we all get paid. Please enjoy!

Becka and I had grown perfectly comfortable with each other. We knew what we liked. We knew what each other liked. And we knew how to give each other physical release and emotional comfort. As twelve years old, she had begun her maturing process. When we first started our physical relationship, she was barely more than flat as a board. Her hips were narrow and her ass so tiny it could have been a little boys’. Nearly a year had gone by since our first mutually rubbing session and she had mounds of firm flesh instead of swellings with nipples. Her hips had begun to widen and her legs and gone from coltish to more defined with curves on her hips. Her lips had grown a little fuller and softer as well, as I remember her kisses improving.

She climbed into bed with me that night, naked and unashamed. She had a need and a damp pussy. I had a need and a hard cock. It was just our way of showing our love and devotion to each other. She slid under the covers and onto my chest. Her lips met mine and we kissed, while her nipples hardened against my chest and her tiny bush pressed against my manhood. As we kissed, I gripped her ass and moved her up and down against my cock. When she could take no more, she sat up and let my erection nestle between her legs, pressing against her folds. She loved to ride me like this, just rubbing her cunt against my cock. I think she did it on purpose because it always drove me crazy. I would try and resist how the heat and moisture of her pussy sliding along my boner made me feel. It was futile and I knew it. She would rub me until I could take no more. Then I would flip her onto her back; position myself between her legs and thrust into her tiny but willing sex canal. She would sometimes have a petite orgasm from our initial union that would ebb and flow like waves lapping against the shore, building as we continued to meld our bodies together. Lately she had become a biter and scratcher. She would sink her teeth into my shoulder or arm to keep from crying out, leaving marks that would last for hours and sometimes bruises that would last for days. She dug her nails into my shoulder blades or the top of my ass. The sudden pain always caused me to thrust deeper, bashing the inside of her womb. Even at twelve, Becka was a squirter. Her juices would coat my cock and balls, easing the friction and increasing the speed of my thrusts.

This night I wasn’t in the mood for the biting and scratching, so at the first sign of teeth and claws, I withdrew. I rolled her onto her side and lifted one leg, kneeling over her other leg and giving me a free and open access to her cunt. Now I could easily see my cock thrusting in and out of her, making me crazy with lust. I pinched her hard nipple and tugged at her swollen breast. She pulled the pillow to her face with one hand to bury her screams and gripped my wrist with the other, locking it against her breast. I had first pinched her nipple in retaliation for her biting my arm, but she enjoyed it so much, it became part of both our foreplay and our lovemaking. I could hear her muffled screams in the feathers of my pillow. I was afraid that even muted, she could be heard by our parents. Without leaving her pussy, I rolled her over on her belly so that her face was screaming into my pillow and my mattress, muting her almost entirely.

I spread her soft ass cheeks and watched my cock slipping in and out of her slick confines. I noticed the twitching and tightening of her brown ring as her orgasm gripped her. I don’t know what possessed me to spit on her ass. I’d fucked Rusty’s ass, so it wasn’t that particular taboo. Maybe it was a little. Maybe I wanted to see what Becka would do if I put my finger into her butt. So I rubbed my spittle around her starfish. I could feel it yield slightly to my pressure. I kept my thrusting and started to press my thumb against her sphincter as a counterthrust to my cock. The tip of my thumb disappeared into her ass and I left it there, about as deep as my thumbnail, not as deep as my first knuckle. To feel the ripples of her orgasms through her tightening asshole was enough to send me over the edge. I pumped a flood of cum into her belly. As I blasted, I shoved my cock deep into her. The muscles of her ass tightened around my thumb, locking it in place. I could wiggle it only until I stopped cumming and her ass finally released my thumb.

“What did you do to me?” Becka asked through heavy gasps as we fought to regain our composure. “Did you put your finger in my butt?”

“Yeah. It was my thumb actually. Did you like it?”

“It felt……. weird. Weird but good. You weren’t going to put your thingy in my butt were you? That would really hurt!” Not as much as you think, I thought to myself. I wasn’t about to reveal to my sister that I actually liked the feeling of fullness and the sensation of being fucked.

“Maybe,” I replied instead, “Maybe someday you won’t mind so much. We’ll see. I was just curious is all. Your butt twitches when you orgasm. I wanted to feel it for myself, that’s all.”

“Its okay, Pauly. You can do it again if you want. Like I said, it felt weird but good. Next time I won’t be so surprised.”

“Thanks Sis!” I giggled, leaning in to kiss her neck. My cock was still buried in her cunt, which was now completely cum-filled and slickened. It only took me a few strokes in this new sensation to recover enough of my hard-on to continue fucking her. As I pumped in, our juices seeped out. I started spreading this extra lubrication on her ass. Her hole continued to yield. She enjoyed my cock pumping in and out of her almost as much if not more than I did. With her ass now coated in cum and with her blessing, I continued to explore her ass. I didn’t get more than the first part of my thumb in, all the way to the knuckle this time, before I was ready to cum again. I pulled out to save it, not willing to stop so soon. Instead I drove my face between her ass cheeks, pulling her up from the bed and giving me full access. I licked and sucked our combined juices. I tongued her ass too, licking and probing. She didn’t climax from this, but her wiggling and squirming made it hotter for me. Finally she could take no more and she got upright on her knees, taking away my access. She turned around and pushed me down in her place. She moved between my legs and began to lick and suck my cum-covered cock. Her small hands massaged my tingling balls, pushing my load closer to explosion. She put her mouth over the head and opened as wide as she could. Halfway down my shaft she jerked, like she was going to be sick, but she held her place. When the heaving stopped, she went just a little more. I could feel the head of my cock in the back of her throat. She gamely tried to push it further into her gullet, but she wasn’t ready for a really deep throat fucking. She backed off, jacked me into her mouth and swallowed every drop.

We spooned in the nude the rest of the night. Twice I awoke to a hard dick trapped between her legs and I was able to slip it into her cunt properly and fall back to sleep.

“Paul! Becka! Time to get up. Breakfast is ready and the bus will be here in a few minutes. Let’s get a move on!” Morning had come too quickly and the voice of our mother from downstairs woke us with a panic.

As Becka tried to climb over me with her cunt filled with my cock, she only managed to embed it deeper. What a sensation to wake up to. A twelve year old nymphet mounting my morning wood while trying to get out of bed. I gripped her hips and held her tight, with me deep inside. She squirmed to get away, but I was determined.

“Pauly, let me go! I have to pee. We need to get ready for school.” I needed to pee as well so I followed her into the bathroom that connected our two bedrooms. “I can’t go with you watching.”

“So turn around,” I said. She did. She turned around and faced the back of the toilet, sitting grotesquely wide leaning away from me. I could see her lips part when her urine flow started. I couldn’t help it and I don’t know what came over me, but I decided to pee with her. I pointed my half-hard cock at the open space at the front of the toilet behind her ass. I started to pee behind her.

“What are you doing?” she hissed. “Can’t you wait?” I answered by hitting her right between the cheeks with my stream.

“Dammit Pauly! You are peeing on me.” I did it again. “Stop!”

But as she said stop, she leaned forward even more by arching her back, exposing her swollen sex to me. I peed directly onto her cunt lips.

“Oh God Pauly! That….feels……GOOD!” By now I was nearly out of urine, so I had to stop. She dried herself off with tissue and dismounted the toilet like it was a short horse. She stretched up onto her toes and kissed me before dashing into her room to get ready for school. I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was over my shoulders now. It was quite a mess from the activities from the night before, but there was nothing I could do about it. I dragged a brush through it to make it presentable, cleaned myself up with a wet washcloth, and then I went back into and got dressed for school myself.

On the bus that morning, my girlfriend Katie and her sister Kim were already on the bus in our regular seats. Katie and I always had the back row together and Kim and Becka shared the seat directly in front of us. I could hear Katie and Kim whispering and every so often Kim would glance back over her shoulder at me. I even saw her looking down at my groin a couple times before Becka would pull her attention forward again.

“Do you want to meet me in the storeroom for lunch today?” Katie asked me.

“Of course. I always want to have you for lunch.”

“You are so bad!” she groaned. “Good luck on your test today.”

TEST! Oh my God! I had completely spaced off the Algebra I exam for that morning. Oh well, I thought to myself, I’ll either do well or I won’t. No sense worrying about it now.

I don’t know why I bothered to worry. My eidetic memory is pretty handy when it comes to subjects like math. I could recall every example I was ever shown and every problem I had ever seen. I would be just fine. I was just fine. As usual, I aced the exam without breaking a sweat. Some of the test problems came straight from the book. It was easy to get those answers correct. I strolled out of Algebra without a care in the world. I strolled right into the cheerleader squad room. I strolled right into the storeroom. I strolled right into the waiting arms of my girlfriend.

Katie had spent our freshman year transforming from a cute, but kind of nerdy country girl, to a beautiful, but kind of nerdy country girl. She was taller, more confident, and even sexier than when I first met her. She was as beautiful as her dumber, shallower cousin Krissy, and not nearly as prone to making mistakes at night she would regret in the morning.

“God you are beautiful!” I exulted. “I am so lucky to have you for my girlfriend.”

“Oh that was the right answer! Come her and let me show you what you won.” She removed her sweater and blouse and her bra, exposing her chest and waist to me. Then she knelt on a folded up tumbling mat and unbuttoned my jeans, pulling them down past my hips and taking my underwear with them. Katie had no problems at all deep throating my entire rod. She had no gag reflex at all. Three minutes of her expert sucking was all it took and I was cumming directly down her pipes into her stomach. “Thanks for lunch!” she said with a wicked grin. She punctuated her sentence with kisses to my half-empty balls. “Thank both of you too, for making my lunch.”

I laughed at the joke because I thought it was funny and absurd.

“Meet me after supper in your barn. You can return the favor then.”


There was still a buzz at practice about my first outing against live batters. Pitching Coach Billy Parsons sent me to the outfield to practice shashagging fly balls and throwing them to the various bases. After 45 minutes of jogging around catching balls, head Coach Harris whistled me into the dugout.

“You’re up next. Let’s see what kind of swing you’ve got.”

I donned a batting helmet and glove, picked out a 34” bat without a weight drop. This was the biggest bat I could find. If I wasn’t going to get a hit, it wouldn’t be from the lack of a proper implement of destruction. After a few late swings, it was plain to see that this bat was too much lumber for me. Coach Harris called for a break, grabbed a 32” bat with a two ounce weight drop and handed it to me, tossing my 34/34 bat back to the dugout where the batboy retrieved it and placed it on the rack where it belonged. You wouldn’t think that two inches of length and four ounces of weight would mean that much, but it did. I could actually get the bat around to meet the ball with some degree of accuracy. I started popping Texas league bloopers into the no man’s land between the short stop and outfield. With my foot speed, each of those dying quail would be a base hit. After twenty five cuts with the new bat, Coach called a halt to my practice and sent me in to shower and get a treatment on my shoulder. It didn’t matter that they weren’t sore, but Coach was old-school and pitchers get treated for a couple days after a successful outing.

Doc Trelease was waiting in the training room as always. That day he gave me a full treatment without any extra attention. I was fine with that. I had already had sex of some kind three times in the past 24 hours. I wasn’t trying to repeat my previous performance with Doc. I just wanted my treatment and to go home, where my girlfriend promised to meet me after supper.

When I got home, it was so late in the Spring that it was still light out when supper was over. Becka went to meet Kim while I helped clean up the dining room and kitchen and then strolled out the door. I strolled across the yards to the buildings. I strolled into the barn to the waiting arms of my girlfriend Katie. And her sister. And my sister. I strolled right into an ambush.

“Is it true Paul? Is it true?” cried Katie through her tears.

“Is WHAT true?” I asked, stalling for time. I could see the question was already answered on Becka’s face. She had revealed to Kim that we were having sex. Regularly. And Kim had of course run straight to her sister to blab.

“Is it true that you and Becka are….. DOING …. it?”

“Doing WHAT?” I asked as plainly as I could.

“Are you having sex with Becka?” she demanded.

I had two choices. Lie and say I wasn’t and make my sister look like a liar, tell the truth and make my girlfriend feel like I had betrayed her.

“Before I answer your question, which is none of your damn business by the way, I want to tell you a few things first.” Katie sputtered at my assertion that it wasn’t her business, but I held one finger up to shush her and she didn’t say a word. I walked over and slipped my arm around my sister.

“First of all, I love my sister Becka with all of my heart and soul. I would never do anything to hurt her. I will love her always and forever. We are family and family ALWAYS comes through for family.” I pulled Becka closer and kissed her on the cheek and held her in a firm hugging embrace.

“If you, or anyone in your family,” I said directly at Kim, “has a problem with my affection for my sister, your two choices are to get over it or get lost. She’s FAMILY.”

“Second of all, I love you with all of my heart and soul. I would never do anything to hurt you. I will love you always and forever. In a few years, if I have my way, you and I will be family. But we are too young to decide yet.” I reached out and Katie took my hand. I guided her closer until I was able to reach my arm around her. I hugged her tight. I pulled her head down and kissed her.

“If anyone in your family, or anyone in my family,” I said looking directly at Becka, “has a problem with my love for you, they have two choices. Get over it or get lost. You’re MINE until you say you aren’t.”

“Now what was your question?” I asked her.

“You don’t have to answer Paul. It’s not important. I thought it was, but I can see I was just being foolish. You won’t hurt me and you won’t hurt Becka. Kim, on the other hand, needs a lesson in not being nosy and a blabbermouth.” She lunged for her sister.

While the Schultz girls were busy getting after each other, I looked at Becka with a silent question in my eyes, “Why did you tell?”

I could see by the hurt and disappointment in her eyes that she was chagrined. She knew bragging to Kim was a mistake. I knew she’d never tell another soul. I also knew that Katie was certain that I was sleeping with my baby sister and she didn’t care as long as kept my word and stopped before anyone got hurt. (Twenty five years and thousands of fucks between us haven’t changed a thing. I still sleep with my sister and I still sleep with my wife. And I have slept with countless other men and women besides. It’s never been about fidelity. It’s about enjoying my sexuality and living life to the fullest.)

Katie and I found ourselves alone in the upper hay loft, in the nest we had created. Kim and Becka had left us alone for a while and we wanted to put the time to good use. After helping each other strip, I laid Katie down on her back and put my face between her legs, licking and sucking her labia until it engorged with blood and she quivered every time I licked her from butthole to belly button. Then I knelt between her legs and put my Thorhammer to good use. We were fucking like beasts, with heavy breathing and grunts at the bottom of every stroke. As horny as I was, I was also exhausted. It would take me a long time to cum. Katie enjoyed every stroke while she waited.

“You – do – fuck – your – sister - don’t - you?” she whispered into my ear as my cock pounded her hot, tight, cunt. “You – put – your – cock – in – her – like – you – put – your – cock – in – me - don’t - you? You – fuck – her – hard – and – deep – like – you – fuck – me - don’t - you?” Each word was separated by my thrusts.
“YES!” I proclaimed as my cock erupted. “YES! YES! YES!” Katie joined me with her own orgasm. She gripped me tight with her thighs, holding me deep with her heels while I emptied my balls into her womb. I couldn’t believe I just outright told the truth. I looked down at Katie’s eyes and saw a twinge of regret. It broke my heart.

“Don’t ask me to stop. I won’t. I can’t. I am hers until she decides otherwise. Just like you.”

“I know. I’ve known for a while. Do you think I can’t smell her on you when I am sucking your dick?”

“Then why did you ask?”

“I don’t know. I think because I find it…..kinda….hot!” She blushed at her own admission. “And I am so thankful it’s not Krissy!” We both laughed.

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