The girls flee Syria, ruthlessly and sexily
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If you haven't and don't feel like it: the situation is that two Russian teens have been abducted to force one of their fathers to stop criticising the Assad regime in Syria. Now they are being rescued from the palace in Damascus by the big blonde interpreter who had dommily seduced them, and are going on the run with her.

Episode 8

They walked out of the lift and along a row of gleaming supercars, with nobody paying any attention; Tali could only suppose nobody had ever been crazy enough to steal a car from an Assad before! Katya selected a huge black off-roader with blacked out windows and big chrome bars on the front. As she had said, the keys were in it. The girls climbed into the back, and kept their faces demurely down while Katya turned the key, revved the engine slightly, and headed out of the garage.

Tali sat wide-eyed, watching Katya drive appallingly slowly round the edge of the big courtyard while she fiddled with something … the satnav Tali realised as a map appeared on the screen. The words were in Arabic but Katya didn’t mind, of course! Now they were coming up to the huge gates, with men hanging around; what was going to happen?

She heard thunks in the doors all round – Katya had locked them! It was quite dark inside, with the dark windows and black seats and everything, so they could hardly be seen probably in their black cloaks and mask thingies; but the gates were still closed!

Katya was reaching in the centre for something…a little box…she was holding it, pointing it…the gates were moving! Opening! It was a remote control!

Natalya watched Katya studiously ignore the men as the big, loud car burbled through the gates and turned right onto the street outside. God, it had been so easy!

“Alright my darlings?” Katya asked. “We are in Damascus, not too far from Lebanon. The Syrians will go mad when they find Maher and we don’t know how long that will be, so we have to get out of Syria quickly, that is the first thing. The border is only about thirty kilometres, that’s where we’re going, but we can’t take this car through a border control, it’s the first thing they’ll make sure to look for, so we will get close and then walk. Or find a track maybe. But be brave my sweets, we’ll get you home!”

Katya drove carefully along the urban streets for a while, then as an airport appeared on the left the road widened and Tali felt the car accelerate, pressing her into the seat. In a moment they were doing two hundred kilometres, she could see!

"Um Katya, how are we going to get over the border. We don't have passports ?" Lena giggled with nervous tension, and then added "We don't even have knickers!" which was a silly thing to say, but it made Tali smile for a moment. She was still quite shaken up from what had gone on. "And no money!" added Lena after a few seconds.

“I have money darlings, don’t worry,” Katya smiled at them in the mirror.

"Can we get proper clothes too ?" asked Lena. She turned to her friend and shuffled over to her. She put her arms around Tali and just hugged her. Quite hard. She didn't say anything, but she pulled her closer until her face was on her neck. She gave her friend a gentle kiss. "It will be all right. He'll never touch you again. I promise." she told her friend.

“We’ll see about clothes later.” Katya was concentrating on her driving, with the satnav on voice and the car flying along, not feeling very easy to control somehow. Tali held onto her friend, trying to forget the awful thing on the desk by remembering yesterday, when everything had seemed so beautiful in spite of their captivity. After a bit it did make her feel better. Another thing that made her feel better was thinking how that man had been smashed by their brilliant Katya!

Well anyway now Tali had to concentrate on the present, not the past. Practical things. She had no idea what lay ahead, but she couldn’t afford to be emotional and weepy, that WAS for sure! It was only one man, after all, and he might even be dead! Which she wouldn’t mind!!

She sat up, feeling a bit stronger.

After only fifteen minutes at high speed the car started to slow and they turned off onto a smaller road, then onto a still smaller one, driving alongside woods, then off the road and onto a track through the trees. Katya drove them along, round a couple of corners, then off the track altogether. Tali realised why she’d chosen a 4x4. Wow, even in that crisis she’d been thinking ahead already!

Katya was looking at her phone: “No signal,” she told them, “I have to turn it off anyway, in case they start trying to track it. Well the satnav shows these woods as a big forest that extends over the border, so that’s what we’ll try. If we can get the car into Lebanon that will be better; it should be safe to keep using it there, for a time, long enough at least. We don’t want to stop in Lebanon too long though: the people will be alright but the government has links with the Assads, so their security could be looking out for us after a while; but it will be a lot slower for them trying to find us than the Syrians, so we should have time to get through Lebanon to somewhere else. When we’re across the border and have a signal I’ll have a look.”

She turned round to smile at them. “OK my darlings?” Then she reversed back onto the road and carried on along the track. The satnav showed no roads.

They drove for five minutes, seeing no-one, then when they rounded a corner there were two men, a car, and a barrier across the road! It had to be the border! With a checkpoint!

“Seatbelts!” Katya said, pulling her own tight, and the girls hastily buckled theirs as Katya drove steadily towards the men. Had they been alerted? It hadn’t been very long had it? The men didn’t look very alert. Tali looked intently, looking for guns or anything. The barrier was down.

As they drew near Tali could see the men had rifles slung over their shoulders; not ready to shoot. Was Katya going to stop? Natalya didn’t dare disturb her concentration by asking.

About a hundred metres from the checkpoint Tali heard the exhausts getting louder and felt the car start to gather speed…they were going to ram it! She saw the men looking, starting to wave them down, the car bouncing around now as the speed kept rising on the unsurfaced track, then the men were beginning to move out of the way, unslinging their rifles, and the car accelerated with a bellow, squirming on the track as its wheels struggled to grip!

In spite of their desperate situation Tali couldn’t help being a bit thrilled by the noise and the sensation of speed. The exhausts sounded like they were right under her!

Bam! They’d burst right through the barrier! Tali twisted round to look behind, seeing the men in a panic, fiddling with their rifles, then before they could start pointing them the car had gone round a corner and the men had disappeared from view. Katya slowed down: “The Lebanese might have a checkpoint, or not, we’ll see.”

After another minute they hadn’t come across one, so there wasn’t going to be one at all and they were in Lebanon! The track started to descend.

The forest eventually petered out, and they drove through scrub land, then past farms and olive groves, not seeing many people. Finally, after perhaps an hour, they rounded a curve in the mountainous pass and caught a glimpse of the sea.

Coming down from the higher ground they started to drive through successively larger villages and then a small town. There wasn't much to it, but there were a few shops, one of which sold clothing. Katya pulled up and disappeared inside, emerging a few minutes later with a bulging bag. She got in and passed the bag into the back: "Jeans, t-shirts, panties." she said as she was already pulling away, and the girls quickly changed into them.

Soon they passed a sign which said ‘Beirut, 60Km’. Was it really that close ? If so, in a little over an hour, they could be by the coast.

Tali saw Katya checking her phone: "No network still,” she told them, “and we have to do something about money, the clothes took almost my last, though we had to have them. We have to buy a boat, or find someone to take us perhaps, up the coast to Turkey; then we can get organised, get in touch with your parents, see the embassy about passports and get you on a plane, once we know what the situation is.

"We have to make sure the FSB won't just take you again, obviously! And the Assads will want all of us, so we have to make sure about that, somehow, arrange some influence so we don't get traded back to them.

"Anyway once we're in a boat we can relax a little bit. It's a long way: two or three hundred kilometres in a boat takes a long time, but we won't be so easily traced, so we won't have to worry."

Natalya couldn't help thinking that was plenty to worry about! She tried to adjust to this weird situation of being on the run from the FSB and the Syrians in Lebanon, as the kilometres rolled by, with Katya driving steadily in a line of cars on the main road to Beirut. Katya smiled at them in the mirror: "We're nearly there anyway; then we can dump this conspicuous car, and in Beirut even three Western girls won't be TOO out of place."

A few minutes later Katya was looking intently in the door mirror: “Are your seatbelts tight darlings? A car has come up behind, that’s been overtaking to catch up perhaps, but now it’s just following, two cars back, and not overtaking any more even when there are easy let us see…”

She took the next junction, but by her looks in the mirror it was obvious the car turned off after them. She took another turn, onto an even smaller road, and it followed again! Two men in it.

"Do NOT look behind girls," she said firmly, "but we ARE being followed. Sit back in your seats. Rest your heads on the headrests."

She took the next left and Tali felt the car accelerate off, its powerful engine and four-wheel-drive rocketing the car away from the junction along the little rural road. But Tali could tell that the car had followed them!

"They must have been watching the main road to Beirut, already!" Katya muttered, steering the tall, hefty vehicle with difficulty along the winding little road, braking and accelerating hard. "We can't outrun them on this road, not in this"

They went round a particularly sharp corner and Tali was jerked into her seatbelt as Katya slammed on the brakes. Then they were reversing! Katya was looking in the mirrors, accelerating at a crazy speed! BANG! Tali was squashed back into her seat and the whole back of the car lifted, then stopped. Katya was getting out already!

Tali got out and stood with Lena looking in amazement at the back of the car - it was basically sticking in the WINDSCREEN of the ordinary-sized car that had been following them! Its bonnet was crushed under their back wheels. Its airbags had gone off but the men were slumped in their seats, unconscious or even dead! Katya was fishing around through the broken windows, first on the driver’s side then on the passenger's.

"Don't look girls," she said, "back in the car! Let's go. If it still drives...I think it will." Tali scrambled back in with Lena as Katya tossed some things onto the passenger seat - two wallets - one open with banknotes and cards visible - two phones, and a gun!!

They set off; the car did still work, thank goodness! Though it must look quite crashed-into at the back!

Natalya found herself fascinated by the gun. She reached and picked it up, rather gingerly and making sure Katya didn’t mind and her finger didn’t go near the trigger! It was warmer to the touch than she expected, and lighter too. She wondered how to work it, exactly. A gun! Wow.

She stroked it, liking the feel of it and the power it represented. Even a slender 47-kilo girl couldn’t be raped if she had one of these…

She thought of all the movies she’d seen and looked at the little lever that ought to be the safety catch. Presumably it was on? She pressed and it slid easily, exposing a little red dot. She slid it back.

Katya was looking at her! “You like it darling?” She wasn’t mad at her fooling around with a loaded pistol, that was amazing. “It’s polymer, not metal, a very recent model. Under the handle you’ll find a catch to release the magazine, and on top a catch to release the slide so you can load a bullet into the chamber. If you pull the hammer back it will hold there until you pull the trigger – it makes the trigger very light so be careful! But if you do that it makes your first shot more accurate. Otherwise you just pull the trigger, but it’s a lot heavier as it has to lift the hammer so your aim isn’t quite as steady. Pop the magazine out, check there’s no bullet in the breech, then have a good play around. You never know!”

Katya was smiling casually while she said this! As though it was a toy or something! How did she know all this anyway? And what about ramming that car, how had she known to do that? She didn’t seem to care if she killed those guys or not, and they were just following weren’t they, not actually attacking them, surely they hadn’t deserved THAT? But Katya didn’t seem bothered at all!

Episode 9

As they drove into Beirut they spotted a cash machine and pulled in. Katya spent two or thee minutes with one of the phones she’d taken from the men she’d crashed into, then grinned at the girls: “PIN number,” she explained, “they always think they can hide it. FSB guys!” She rolled her eyes.

A couple of minutes later they had plenty of cash, courtesy of one of the FSB cards, and half an hour after that they had food and supplies. They parked the stolen offroader a few streets away from the marina area, before its crashed-in rear could attract too much unwanted attention, then they walked.

Tali had been allowed to keep the gun, to her surprise. She shoved it in her jeans pocket and untucked her T-short to cover it. She realised Katya was understanding what it would mean to her, after nearly being raped. Katya was so sensitive; but quite ruthless too! She’d seemed to be just a twenty-something interpreter, albeit rather impressive physically, but now she was showing all these James Bond type skills! Anyway Tali had to pull her weight, didn’t she, so about this boat…

“This boat,” she started, “we can’t use one of the cards can we, to buy one, or it’ll be traced? We can’t steal one or it’ll be missed and they probably have keys anyway so we couldn’t. And we basically can’t leave anyone behind to go to the cops, can we?”

“Go on darling,” Katya encouraged her, while Lena gave her hand a squeeze.

“So we need to pretend to buy one or rent one, from one guy, don’t we? Get him to come with us, then keep going? Like an owner doing a whatsit…”

“Charter,” Katya filled in.

“Yes, a charter. A guy on his own, doing trips or something.” The others were nodding.

So they walked along the moorings, looking for one of the smaller boats with a sign and perhaps a guy hanging around. They attracted quite a lot of looks, but no hassle.

In ten minutes they came to one with a sign, in English. The girls had some English from school, but Katya had good English and translated anyway:

Cruiser for Charter
Day Trips, Fishing, Cruising
Longer Trips
30 ft 4 berth

As she finished reading a man appeared; a young man with a weatherbeaten face, not very tall but exuding competence.

“Hello,” he said with a pleasant smile, “are you interested in a cruise?” He sounded English; or was it Australian?

“We may be,” replied Katya noncommittally, “could we have a look? What are your rates?”

They walked on board to be shown round, and Natalya was impressed with the luxury. There was a big open area with seats, a place under an open roof with a steering wheel, then a cabin with a double bed in the bows and two single ones along the sides.

For some reason Katya seemed to be leaving it up to her; or possibly she hadn’t realised that they mustn’t allow him to go ashore again and tell anyone he was going for a trip with three Russian girls, or to perhaps go to an office demanding a deposit or something? He had to just clear out. She pulled the gun out of her pocket and pointed it at him. His hands and eyebrows shot up.

“We go,” she said, trying as hard as she could with her English, “now, or I shoot you.” She looked at Katya, who was bigger than the guy.

“Don’t mess with us,” Katya sounded a long more convincing! “We’ve perhaps killed three men today so if you don’t want to be the fourth you will cast off NOW and leave the harbour. If you touch the radio or make any sign we will shoot you and take the boat ourselves, OK? Or take us where we want to go and you get to live and keep the boat.”

“It’s not my boat!” the guy was looking shocked AND awed! “I’m just the captain!”

“And a very nice captain you are,” said Katya, looking his lean, fit body up and down. "Very suitable for my girls and me. Now get going.”


“Well for a start you need some suncream on babe,” Natalya was concerned for her friend’s fair complexion in the sun as the boat cruised up the Mediterranean towards Turkey. There had been no pursuit.

Also she was feeling a bit sexy, she had to admit, after all the excitements and no sex, following yesterday when it had been wall-to-wall sex and so wonderful. It felt like her body was just supposed to have that much sex every day! Creaming Lena would be a nice first step.

She had an idea Lena was feeling a bit the same! She passed the gun to Katya and got the high-factor suncream; then she took it over to her beautiful girlfriend, feeling both Katya and the captain watching her! Well she sort of knew what she and Lena looked like together.

She whispered in Lena’s ear: “Shall we reward Katya for saving us, by getting the captain wound up for her? I think she fancies him!” Lena grinned and nodded.

Tali started to strip her friend, revealing her gorgeous young body! She could hear the captain gasping in amazement as a lithe and luscious teenage girl was undressed on his boat! It didn’t take long until Lena was completely nude; then Tali stripped off herself and got Lena to lie face-down on the wide seat at the back of the big open cockpit.

She smoothed the oily cream up Elena’s sexily shaped back, across her lovely straight shoulders, and down her slim arms. Then down over her firm, pert ass and onto her delectable legs, all the way down to her feet. She ran her fingers back up on the inside, so that Lena automatically opened her legs a bit.

“Jesus Christ!!” she heard the captain gasp, as she ran a finger along Lena’s slit, feeling juice being added to the suncream, then ending on Lena’s rosebud. She repeated the action, feeling Lena getting seriously sexed-up now! Then she nudged her to turn over.

Tali lost interest in the captain as she spread the cream into her girlfriend’s fabulous fine freckled skin, immersed now in the beauty of her body and her delicious reactions as she became more and more aroused. Tali played just a little with Lena’s pussy, not wanting it to end too soon – in fact any time soon! – before moving back up to her firm tits, playing with her nipples, caressing her neck, then creaming her beautiful face with her fingertips. Then she put the cream down and leant down to kiss her…


God! Natalya’s pussy was going MAD, being licked by her gorgeous Lena, being all naked and feeling the hot sunshine on her skin, everywhere, with little wisps of cooling spray floating in and landing on her from time to time! And being ogled by this good-looking man! Not that she was too sure about men AT ALL right now. Still, it was nice to feel he was admiring her, while being controlled by Katya.

Christ, the licking was fantastic, Lena was getting ever better at it!

Soon Tali was cumming, arched up and locked in her ecstatic spasms while the blood roared in her head! Wow! Fantastic! She almost wished it had gone of for longer; but something told her she’d be ready for more before too long!

Now she could hear Lena again, whispering in her ear: “Tali, I…I…you know we’re, like, girlfriends, and everything, and together, obviously, but, well, we’ve had sex with Katya, obviously, and now, here’s the Captain, you know, and he does seem rather sweet, don’t you think?…”

Tali realised what her girlfriend was asking: "Lena babe OF COURSE you must try him! We're only sixteen aren't we? There are all kinds of things we have to do together - this is only the start isn't it? Go for it girl!"

She felt the boat change, slowing down and getting quieter. Katya was talking: “Tali darling, you are SO fast, honestly that is wonderful! Now come and steer for a bit please, while I show you both about sex with men, in a better way than that awful thing earlier.”

Tali went over, the captain goggling but in a respectful way somehow, and perched on the seat, looking at the compass and throttles as Katya was quickly showing her. It didn’t look hard, just to keep them heading North; the gun on the side next to her.

“So, captain, what’s your name?” Katya asked as she undressed, revealing her amazing body again.

“Bruce,” he replied, his eyes on stalks.

“Alright Bruce, you look like you know girls quite well I think?” Bruce did have a confidence about him, to go with his good looks; his blue eyes twinkled in his deeply tanned face, his mouth in a natural slight smile now in spite of the gun.

“Well, you know, I guess so, it goes with the lifestyle, you know.” Tali could imagine him having LOTS of girls.

“Alright, take off your clothes please.” The girls could see his bulge, now they were going to see his cock!

Tali gasped as he pulled off his briefs – it was huge! Maybe even 15 centimetres! And like…4 across!! It waved around at forty-five degrees, as though showing off its fat, purple head.

“Very nice,” pronouned Katya. “Darlings this is a normal cock, unlike the little thing you saw earlier.” Tali noticed she was avoiding mentioning Assad’s name, so presumably she was planning to let Bruce go; that was a relief!

She let the words sink in – a normal cock? As in…average? WOW! Cos it was a good bit bigger than her hairbrush handle or anything else she’d had in her pussy! What WAS it going to feel like? As she asked herself the question she realised she’d decided she would have to try it. But after her cum she was third in their little queue; well fair’s fair she thought! Hehe! An orgy!

“Bruce, lie down on your back please.” Bruce put a seat cushion on the cockpit floor and lay down on it, his cock still moving a bit, lifted off his lean, muscley tummy. In a moment Katya had straddled him and was already lining up her pussy with his cock!! She seemed to have got wet in an instant!

Katya lowered herself easily and the cock disappeared into her! Just like that! It must take practice, Tali thought. Katya was smiling happily, then showing the girls some movements – up and down, or to and fro, some pelvic rotations, rubbing, and hovering while Bruce did some thrusting up, slow or fast according to her instructions. Bruce did seem a very nice, cooperative guy, Tali was thinking.

Then, before she came, Katya was getting off! Just enjoying spinning it out and the sexy feeling! “OK Lena my sweet, you look as though you would like to try it?”

Episode 10

Tali watched agog as Lena went up to Bruce and crouched down next to him. Bruce was smiling cheerfully back at Lena; a good-natured smile. Tali could see he was someone who’d had lots of pretty girls and knew he’d have lots more in the future, so although he was super-aroused by them all, and had been actually been interrupted fucking Katya, still he wasn’t desperate. He wasn’t going to grab Lena or be pushy, even if, in Tali’s opinion, he’d surely never have fucked such a beautiful girl before! It was totally different from earlier. Bruce LIKED girls, and girls liked Bruce.

Lena seemed to get the same feeling. She straddled him, looked at Tali and at Katya for a second, as though checking it was OK, then offered her pussy up.

“Here, hold,” Bruce offered his cock to Lena by waggling it a little with his finger and thumb. “First time, OK, you do it, OK.” He smiled at Lena and lay back, withdrawing his hand. Evidently Lena wasn’t his first virgin!

Lena was nice and wet of course, from her cum with Tali, and Bruce’s cock was slippery with Katya’s juice. Lena was obviously feeling pretty sexy! She manoeuvred her pussy and his cockhead together, one hand on each, and lowered herself a little. Tali’s mouth fell open as the cockhead disappeared!

Lena seemed to like how it felt! With a little gasp she lowered herself a bit more, then lifted a little, sank down a little more; up again, down again; once more; and within a few seconds she’d done a few strokes and dropped right down, embedding it all inside her!

Elena stayed still for a moment, her face a picture of amazement, then slowly lifted up, and dropped down again. Bruce groaned! Tali could just imagine: her girlfriend’s pussy must feel the greatest ever!

Then Lena was fucking herself on Bruce’s huge, hard cock! Well it seemed huge to Natalya, even if Katya said that was normal. Lena was fit and light, like herself, and she could go up an down pretty quickly! She was gasping and Bruce was groaning, while her legs worked to bounce her up and down! Then she was moving her pelvis as well, learning the timing so that soon she was thrusting her pelvis in time and not having to go so far up and down. It was quicker.

God, Lena’s face was changing already! Tali knew that look by now, when Lena seemed to be concentrating on something in another world. She was starting to grunt, almost, every time she landed! She was landing harder and harder! Her hair was flying about! Oh, she was leaning forward, her hands on Bruce’s chest! Bruce was fucking upwards as well! They were a blur! God!

Then they were there, Tali could see! With a loud grunt Bruce slowed down and Lena did too, going UHH UHH UHH, as she was gripped by the ecstasy and Bruce too! His cock was obviously spurting inside her! Christ!

“So you see darling,” Katya put her arm round Natalya, “there are all kinds of sex and all kinds of people. People; not men and women, but nice people and not so nice; bad sex and good sex. It’s all different, OK?”

Tali put her arm round Katya, feeling her warm and strong beside her. “Yes,” she said, “I see”. She had a little snuggle, letting Katya take over the wheel.

She watched Lena subside onto Bruce, get kissed affectionately by him, and then be cuddled as his arms wrapped round her. They lay there for perhaps half a minute before Lena stirred, Bruce unwrapped his arms, and Lena eased her pussy off his cock; which was still quite a big size but floppy now. Some liquid dripped out of Lena’s pussy onto Bruce, and some trickles ran down the inside of each thigh! God! She’d seriously been cummed in!

“When was you period darling?” asked Katya suddenly alarmed, “I completely forgot, it was so sexy!”

“Oh I’m safe, don’t worry,” said Bruce, “I got the snip, you know; I don’t fancy having kids, and I’m not the guy to be going round the world knocking girls up.”

“Oh good,” said Lena, who had picked up the gist, and had been suddenly starting to worry too. “We finished on Tuesday didn’t we?” she was looking at Tali as she came over and joined her.

“Yes Tuesday,” agreed Natalya, putting her other arm round her hot, tingling girlfriend, “we’re always the same time aren’t we?” She gave a little giggle; they were SO close. “And we’re quite light too, we only last a couple of days so we’re safe anyway aren’t we? Started on Sunday, it’s only Friday now so it’s not even a week since we started.”

“Alright darlings, be careful though!” Katya smiled at them both, then at Bruce who was getting up. He came over, to take the steering again, and the girls made way for him. Natalya looked him over, then tentatively reached out a hand and stroked down his upper arm. He felt alright. Very warm, like Lena. He smiled at her, at the others as well, then looked at the sea and started doing something with the screen in front of the wheel.

Natalya was thinking a few different things all at once:

She was now standing between Katya and Elena, all nude. It was pretty sexy, especially with both of them having just had Bruce’s cock in their pussies.

They were safe, away from Assad so she and Lena weren’t going to be fucked by some awful selfish man.

They were a long way from home though, and people would be after them, including the FSB.

But it was sunny and they were in a lovely boat, at sea. She loved the sea.

“Are we in a rush?” she asked Katya, who shook her head:

“No darling, we can’t get there tonight, so it’ll be tomorrow night we’ll be landing. Why?”

“Well, a swim would be nice…”

So Bruce shut off the engine and the girls all jumped into the sea for a swim, all still naked since they were well out to sea with no other boats around. Nobody though Bruce might sail off without them! Tali loved to feel the cool water sluicing over her body, it made her feel sexier than ever! They swam some way from the boat, then back again, then floated a bit, dived a bit, and laughed and grinned at each other as though they hadn’t a care in the world. After a few minutes Katya climbed back into the boat and Bruce dived in, and Tali and Lena splashed him and played around and dived under the boat with him. After ten or fifteen minutes they gathered back at the swim platform, and Tali found herself next to Bruce. Her leg touched his, and he didn’t pull his away. She didn’t either. He smiled at her. She knew, somehow, that her look was saying she wanted to get fucked. Probably.

“Eat?” he said. “Then, what you want, you say, OK?”

“OK,” said Natalya. She’d be able to open her pussy this time, she was pretty sure.


I might post further episodes; if so you'll be able to get to them using my profile link at the top of the page.

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