A story about someone I know. I write this with no actual knowledge of his sexual interests, only with what I think and hope "Seth" would be into.
"Hey, need a ride?"

I jump, startled as a car pulls up to me. I instantly recognize my boyfriend's friend Seth, a metalhead senior. I glance up, rain splashing on my Steampunk goggles, and smile.

"Yes! Thanks," I say, and get in the passenger seat. I will myself not to blush. I've had a crush on him for a month, and I've decided he probably knows about it.

As soon as I click my seatbelt, Seth revs the engine of his old-school car and starts driving. I bite my lip, my heart racing. The way he speeds turns me on, and I try not to squirm.

"Why were you all the way out here?" he asks, and it's a good question. I walked all the way to the oriental bufffet just for some coconut shrimp, and I tell him so. He nods and cranks up his music, the car being filled with blast beats and screeching.

I glance over at him, but he's focusing on the road. I lick my lips shyly, feeling their dryness, and my eyes scan his body. He's thin, lean, delicious... my eyes stop on his crotch, and I begin the guessing game I always play: 'I wonder how big his cock is.' My thoughts go back and forth, from average to monster.

He clears his throat, and I glance up quickly, making eye contact. He saw me looking! I squeak and avert my eyes, looking out the window. I realize I have no idea where we're going.

"Seth? You remember where I live, right?" I ask, looking at the trees outside, the enviroment getting more and more dense with forest. I bite my index finger's knuckle.

"Yeah, I just wanted to stop somewhere first," he replies, and pulls into this weird wooded parking-spot. "Will you grab my bag on the floor of the backseat?" he asks, and I nod.

I get out and close the passenger-side door, opening the back door and bending down in the back seat, about to pick up the backpack. Suddenly, I feel something pressed against my skirt-clad ass. Glancing behind me, I'm extremely surprised to see Seth pushing his crotch against my butt, his hands on my hips.

"Are you gonna grab my bag, or what?" he asks, smirking. He pushes me into the backseat and I move up, sitting on the other side of the back. He gets in and closes the door, then looks at me.

"I keep seeing you staring at me, even in front of Trevor," Seth says, and sits down, leaning against the door, "it's really obvious."

I blush and apologize, "sorry..." but then shyly scoot closer, getting on my knees on the cushioned chair and lean over to bite his neck. "I just have a super big crush on you, and I thought... blah, if I acted on it and got it out of the way, the crush would go away."

Suddenly, Seth pulls me to him, kissing me hard, making me gasp in surprise. His hands go to the back of my head, pulling my lips to his, his tongue slipping into my mouth. I moan and kiss him back. We make out for a couple minutes before pulling away breathlessly, and I blush, ashamed or embarassed.

"Fuck," he breathes, and my hand goes to rest on his knee. He looks at me, then my hand, then his crotch. I take the hint and slide the hand up, feeling a rock-hard throbbing shaft under his tight jeans. I quickly unbutton his pants, and he pushes my head down hard, barely giving me time to pull out his cock and point it toward my mouth.

Seth's cocks hits the back of my throat and I gag, but he doesn't move his hands from the back of my head, gripping my hair and thrusting his hips up and down, throat-fucking me. I feel myself getting more and more aroused, my eyes tearing up. He keeps going, my lips gripping his cock. He lets go and I come up for air.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" he asks a few minutes later, after finally catching his breath. My eyes widen, and I stare silently for a moment, my mouth open but no words coming out.

"I'll take that as a yes," he says, laughing and pushing me into laying position in the back seat, his hard cock still out, shining with my saliva. He pulls open my sweater and lifts my shirt and bra, muttering "woah," as he looks at my tits. I watch excitedly as Seth pulls up my skirt, and pulls down my panties. They're filthy with dried juices from arousal earlier in the day, and newer wet juices from now.

His right hand goes to my left nipple, pinching it hard and smiling as it perks up. His left hand goes to my right thigh, pulling my leg up to his hip. He's sort of kneeling between my legs, his left leg on the seat and the right foot keeping him up from the floor. My heart thuds as he pulls off his shirt, showing his beautiful chest.

His left hand goes to press on the door behind me, keeping him upright as he lines up his cock with my desperately waiting pussy, and his right hand goes to my throat, grasping it just hard enough that I almost can't breathe, which thrills me.

He SLAMS into my cunt, making me cry out in pleasure and pain. Just moments ago, my pussy could barely take a couple of my thin fingers, but now? It was being stretched by his throbbing manhood. My hands go to his back, nails digging in, which makes him start thrusting, long strokes, in and out.

Seth leans down to bite and suck my nipples, making them red and throbbing. With some thrusts, his grasp tightens around my throat, and with others, he loosens his grip. I press him against me, letting him bite me anywhere he can reach, not caring if my boyfriend will see the marks later.

I can't believe this is happening, but it is, and I'm so glad. Three sexless months come to an end. And who would have thought Se-

Seth interrupts my thoughts when he pulls out completely, abruptly. His hand moves from my throat and he quickly flips me over. I get on my hands and knees, hoping thats what he wants. I feel his hard member at my entrance again, and he grabs a handful of my hair and thrusts in, making me squeak breathlessly.

His left hand is tightly tangled in my hair, and his right hand goes to the top of my shoulder, digging his nails in and scratching, hard, down my back, to my hip. He then grasps my hip and starts pounding my cunt more, rough and hard. He spanks my arse a couple times, and I moan occasionally, listening to the sound of his panting, and his hips slapping onto my ass.

I feel my pussy tighten around his hard cock, and I spasm, my voice cracking as I climax. He keeps going, and I ride out the best orgasm I've had in months, moaning, "Oh god, thank you."

He quickens his pace, and I cry out in pleasure. His breath quickens, and soon Seth lets out a groan and pulls out, shooting his hot sticky cum all over my ass. His grasp on my hair loosens and I feel him pull my panties up, which begin to soak up the cum.

"Don't change those until you wake up tomorrow," he mutters, and I sit down, panting. He smiles briefly, making eye contact that still gives me butterflies, even after all this. I pull my skirt back down, same with my shirt and bra, blushing. Seth gets out, and I follow, going back into the front seat, runnning my fingers through my hair.

I don't think about how I'll need to make an excuse for my mom as to why I'm late, I don't think about how I'll probably end up telling my boyfriend. At the moment, all I can think about is how fast Seth is driving, like usual, and what just happened.
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