A pair of swinging parents returning home from a night of sex find more action after returning home.
*Swingers*: Chapter 1 by BigWayne 2012

Contains: Incest, young sex, watersports, anal, swinger sex, bisexuality, ambiguous gay play, vulgar dirty talk, seemingly degratory authoritarianism, slight spanking and breast abuse, and such. If things like that offend you, don't read any farther. This is some pretty taboo stuff in some countries. Also, if the thought of young characters makes you want to call Nancy Grace, get over it! It's just a story, written words. None of this has actually occurred! Your kids are safe. Again, change the channel and don't read it if thou art a prude and get offendeth at such things.


Chapter 1 : The Big Night

I'm not really sure how all of this started, but in the span of a mere few hours, the term "tight knit, loving family" suddenly took on a whole new meaning.

Me and my husband, Steve, a very handsome and athletic self employed personal trainer, had just left our friend's house, the Sanchez's, where the four of us had just engaged in one of the most intense and indulging 4 person orgies I had ever been a part of. You see, me and my husband are swingers. We openly seek out other married couples who also have an open outlook about sex. We feel sex shouldn't be kept to ourselves, not when there are so many other people out there wanting to do it as much as we were. And besides, variety is the spice of life.

That was how we met the Sanchez's. They were recommended to us by another couple we frequently swapped sex with. And when I heard that George Sanchez sported a thick, meaty 10 incher, I just HAD to try it out. Don't get me wrong. Steve has a very impressive cock of his own at 9 inches. But Linda, his wife, said the thickness of George's fat cock was his best asset at 2 inches across. Steve's dick was only 1 1/2 inches from side to side. Just the idea of having that thick monster crammed up my waxed cunt when she described it to me was enough to make me cumm on myself.

We were nearly home now. Only a couple more miles until we reached the house. I was looking through the pictures we had taken of the four of us having sex on my digital camera, fondly recalling each wild encounter. One pic showed me and Linda both licking George's hard cock as we mugged for my husband, who was taking the picture. The next one showed Linda forcing my head down upon the entire length of his massive hard on. I could see the bulge it made in my neck from the outside.

The next image showed Linda grasping the hard shaft and slapping me across the cheeks with it. She liked to do a little bit of demeaning sex on her female partners, which was fine with me. I like it when our orgies get a little dirty like that. I recalled while she was tapping me across the face with her husband's meaty cock, she was talking dirty at the same time, which only made me that much hornier.

"*WHACK-WHACK* Yeah, you fucking bitch! You want this big dick? You want to suck my husband's fucking fat dick, you dirty fucking bitch? *WHACK* You dirty fucking cunt! *WHACK*"

I chased the end of his stiff cock hungrily with my open mouth as she swung it around in front of my face like a teasing toy. When I did manage to capture it with my succulent lips, Linda would grab the back of my head and shove it down into my constricting throat cruelly, forcing me to suppress my gag reflex and allowing her husband to buck his slim hips up and down to throat fuck me swiftly until I needed to catch my breath again. But it was long established and agreed to back when we first started swinging with the Sanchez's, what we were allowed to do upon one another. And one of my kinks was to be manhandled like this. Steve didn't even have to touch himself sometimes to get off when I did it. Just the sight of someone treating me like this was enough to make him cumm.

As we turned the corner a block away from the house, I held out the camera and said "Steve, I think we outdid ourselves tonight. These pictures are wonderful. Just look at the way Linda dropped her pussy down on that new 12 inch dildo she bought. It had to have touched the top of her uterus."

Steve quickly glanced over at the camera and grinned at Linda's dexterity and ability to take on the huge phallus.

Grinning, he replied "Yeah, she's a real trooper.".

"I was to scared to take it all the way into my pussy like that, but I think I will the next time we're over there."

"I figure if you can handle George's dick, another couple of inches won't be any problem for you."

He winked at me as if to assert his point. I smiled back at him for encouraging me.

We reached our house and turned into the driveway, fairly silently since our car was so quiet. I wondered how our children were inside, whether they had messed up the entire house while we were away or if they had actually done as they promised us and actually kept it tidy.

We have two children. Hannah, our oldest at 12, and Josh, our 10 year old son. Hannah had long, flowing blonde hair like her statuesque, physically fit father (his wasn't long, but it was just as soft and fair as Hannahs). She was about 4 ft 8, slender, and just starting to blossom into a beautiful woman. Our son Josh had brown hair like mine, was a little shorter than Hannah, and was a typical boy in every sense. He liked sports and frogs and dirt and just about everything else that differentiates a male from a female. He hardly ever came home to eat supper that he didn't need to take a bath first.

We have only recently been letting Hannah babysit Josh for us when we went out for a little swinging fun to make a little extra money to suppliment her allowance. She had proven to us that she was mature enough to not need a babysitter for herself anymore, but we still needed one for Josh since he was only 10. She volunteered to be his babysitter as long as we paid her the same as we did our other babysitters. Josh seemed to be fairly enthusiastic about the arrangement himself, so we let her start watching her little brother for us.

We never told the kids what me and Steve were always going out to do. We had been going out swinging for so long that they were used to being left with a babysitter 3-4 times a month from the time they were little kids. We told them it was a function that only allowed adults to participate in, and they accepted that explaination. We never held an orgy at our house unless the kids were away at their grandparents or both spending the night at their friend's houses. We didn't want them exposed to our unorthodox fetish.

Once we parked the car, we got out and headed for the front door. But before we could open it, I just happened to remember I had left out patio furniture all over the back yard this afternoon when me and Hannah were sunbathing.

I grabbed Steve's arm and said "Wait a minute. Come back here and help me put the chairs up against the house. I heard there was a 50% chance of thunderstorms tonight and it will blow them all over the place."

Steve grunted playfully, but he let me tow him through the wooden gate into the back yard. He grabbed two of the long lawn chairs to my one, and we folded them up and leaned them against the wall of the house. After a quick survey to make sure there wasn't any more loose furnishings in the area, we walked alongside the outer wall arm in arm silently.

Just as we passed by the 5 ft high half window attached to the bathroom, I could hear voices coming from within the house through the open window. I instantly recognized our daughter Hannah's voice. But what she said was something I was totally unprepared to hear.

She said "Tell me what you want to do to me again."

Then all of a sudden, me and my husband heard Josh obediently reply "I want to lick your titties again."

Me and Steve both looked at each other in total confusion. My husband started to utter "What the f...." when our little son said that to his own sister. I put my hand up to his mouth and silenced him before he could give away our position.

I whispered to him "Wait a minute, Steve. This can't be as bad as it sounded. I want to hear some more before we go in there and start yelling at them."

He moved his mouth and whispered "But he just said he wanted to suck her tits! Did you not just hear him say that?"

"Yes, I heard him. But lets listen in and get all the facts first. Okay?"

Steve relented and stayed quiet. We both eased underneath the window and stealthfully peered into the bathroom window. What we observed was to be a turning point in our family's livelihood.

Josh was standing in the bathtub completely naked and facing his impetuous sister. There was soapy water in the tub, so I assumed this had started off as a normal bath and skewed way off.

Hannah stood facing her little brother in her underwear, which consisted of a white training bra and a pair of red thong panties, which I recognized as having come from my own dresser. The string in the back was firmly wedged up into her ass crack, fully exposing her ass cheeks to the world. She had them pulled really high up on her slim hips, which gave her thighs a somewhat Baywatch look and appeal. Had she not been my own little daughter, I would have admired how sexy she looked in the outfit. To tell you the truth, I still did think that.

My husband was peeping in through the lower corner of the window watching them both. I could tell he was still pretty upset over what they were doing, but I grabbed his hand to keep him calm until we could ascertain exactly what the our children were actually doing in the bathroom.

Hannah reached up to her flimsy bra and rubbed her small hands across her budding breasts seductively in front of her younger brother.

She said "You mean THESE titties, you little perv?".

Her hands slid across the lacy fabric slowly. Josh's yearning stare never left her chest.

"Y-Yes....please." he responded.

"Okay then, little boy. I'll grant you your wish on one condition. You will have to do everything I tell you to do afterward. Agreed?"

He nodded without ever averting his impressionable eyes away from her groping hands and small breasts.

"Very well, then. Here's your prize." she told him.

Hannah reached her hands up to the clasp holding the two cups of the flimsy bra together and let it go. Once loosed, she flung the under garment to the floor. Both of her emerging breasts were now exposed. Josh's eyes opened wide and he grinned devilishly at his older sister.

Steve was beside himself. I had to pull him away from the window so the kids didn't hear us. He was ready to storm into the house and cause a very big commotion, but I stopped him.

In a low but aggravated voice, he exclaimed "I'm gonna beat their asses for this. Look what they're doing in there!"

I put my hands upon his shoulders and looked him in the eye. I said softly "Now wait a minute, Steve. If you go in there and start screaming and whipping them, they're gonna get a complex about sex, thinking it's a dirty and evil act. You'll scar them for life. I don't want them to grow up into one of those prudes who waits until they're 40 before they have sex. We need to see just how far this goes so we can respond to it calmly and rationally."

Steve heeded my words and calmed down. He wasn't too thrilled with what our kids were doing in there, but he was willing to handle it my way for the moment.

We slithered back up to the open window and peered inside the well lit room. I was glad that it was so high off of the ground so the neighbors couldn't see what they were doing in the bathroom.

Josh was holding himself up with his hands on Hannah's hips. He was leaned forward and was applying great suction upon her smooth nipple as if he was breast feeding upon her. Hannah had her hands on his face as if to guide his lips to her small mammaries. Every now and then she would push his face to the opposite nipple and hold him there until he began suckling upon the new nipple. Both of them were hard and standing straight out from her light pink, smooth aureolas surrounding the small lumps.

Hannah said "Mmmmmm, that feels good, you little shit. You keep sucking on my titties until I tell you to stop, you pervert. Sucking on your big sister's tits turns you on, doesn't it?"

He murmured "Mmmm-Hmmm." as he nursed upon the pointed teats on his sister's chest.

Steve was still wanting to storm inside and break up their little incestuous tryst, but I kept calming him down. The longer we both watched our young children act so perverted with each other, the easier it was to calm my normally staunch husband down each time. It was almost like he was starting to think of it purely as a sexual act instead of our kids committing incest. Pretty soo, he hardly acted offended at all. He was starting to look more like a Peeping Tom instead of a concerned parent.

I couldn't deny that I was getting a bit turned on from watching the kids defile themselves in front of us so willingly. I had never really thought much about child porn outside of the occasional rare posting of it on one of the many Chan boards that litter the internet. I was an advocate for the stop of it for the most part. But as I watched and stared at my two darling children through the window, my lusts were starting to build up like a guilty pleasure from seeing these two innocent children engage in foreplay together. And I suspect my husband was enjoying the act as well from the emerging bulge building up inside of his pants.

I watched our kids as Hannah made Josh feed upon her pointed breasts to her satisfaction. When her hard nipples began to get sore, she pulled his face away from her chest and stood him back up in the sudsy water in the bath tub. They were both reddened and hard as a rock, pink aureola and all.

"Okay...", she said, "... you did very well. Now it's my turn to see you do something. Start rubbing your little dick until it gets hard. Do it!"

Josh dropped one of his hands down to his soft penis and began rubbing his outstretched fingers against the small flap of skin. It slowly started to stand straight out about 4 inches from his groin. It was a little thicker than Steve's thumb.

Hannah watched gleefully as her little brother masturbated himself to a firm stiffy for her. Once it got hard, he grasped it with his clenched hand and stroked it back and forth steadily. Apparently he was no stranger to the act.

Hannah chimed in. "Very nice dick, my little pervert. Just keep jacking it off while I get out of these tight panties."

She put her thumbs into the top of the thong at her hips and slid the thin garment down into the floor. She stepped out of it and kicked it to the side out of the way. Now me and Steve could see her entire nude body. For her lack of age, she was turning out to be a very gorgeous hottie, a fact that my ever staring husband had realized as well.

Her transfixed father was eyeballing her entire nude body lustfully. His gazed worked its way down from her small, firm breasts to her flat belly to her curvaceous round ass to her slight tuft of pubic hair on her front. It caught me by surprise to see him drop his normal over-protective nature over Hannah and start ogling her like he does other women. It turned me on watching him get off to her nakedness. His zipper was about to burst. His dick was hard enough to hammer a nail into wood right now.

We both watched Hannah step inside the bath tub and join Josh in the warm water. She made him stand with his back against the rear wall and kneeled directly in front of him. She looked up at her hapless brother and grinned slyly.

"Now let go of your dick and stand still while I have my way with it." she ordered.

Josh let go of his hard member and put his hands on top of his sister's pretty head. Hannah put her wet hand upon his dick and stroked it back and forth for him steadily.

She said "You have a pretty nice dick for your age, you dirty little fuck. I wish it was a big as Daddy's dick, but it will do for now."

Did we just hear her correctly? Did Hannah just refer to her own fathers cock as if she had seen it first hand? I looked over at my husband perplexed, assuming that he had committed incest with her already.

He immediately whispered "I don't know how she knows what my dick looks like. I've.... we've never done anything like that, I swear!". He steadfastly asserted his innocence over and over.

Then I thought about the pictures we take during our swinging sessions. I had them hidden on my laptop. Did they somehow discover the files on my hard drive, I wondered?

I decided to defer judgment on my husband until I found out for sure. With a quick leer, I turned my attention back to the children, as did their father nervously.

Hannah was cradling her brother's small ball sack with her soapy hand, rubbing the suds all over his small cock and scrotum methodically and enjoying how each one felt in her wet hand.

"Do you like it when I play with your dick and balls, perv?" she asked him.

Josh muttered "Yeeeeeah!", grinning from ear to ear.

"What do you want me to do with them, you little fucker?" She grinned wide awaiting his reply.

He uttered "I want you to suck my dick like Mommy does Daddy!"

This time Steve looked at me as if *I* had had sex in front of the kids.

"I.... I don't know what he's talking about." I said in a low voice so the kids wouldn't hear me and shaking my head. "They must have found our stash of pics or something. I swear I don't know."

We both peered back into the window to watch the dirty unfolding developments.

"If you'd like me to suck it like Mommy does, then you have to call me 'Mommy' while I do it. Understand?"

Josh nodded and smiled devilishly at his older sister.

He looked her in the eye and said "Suck my big dick, Mommy. Suck my dick, you nasty slut! Put my dirty dick in your dirty mouth and suck your little boys dick for him."

I was stunned. I had never heard our son talk so vulgarly like this before in his whole life. He must have found those pics and videos we keep hidden on our laptop. That was the only explanation we could come up with. Those were some of the words I let men call me during sex, and they were in those files. How did they unlock those encrypted files, though? I had a password set on them to keep anyone from seeing them.

I know we should have ended this way before it escalated this far, but mine and my husband's perverseness overtook our rationality. We allowed it to happen.... and secretly, we wanted it to happen.

Hannah looked up at her little brother and said "You want Mommy to suck your hard dick like this, baby?"

My preteen daughter opened her mouth wide, jutted out her slippery tongue, and licked the underside of his small hard cock like an ice cream.

Josh moaned "Ahhhhhnnnnnn!" and closed his eyes.

Hannah licked her salivating tongue all over the stiff member carefully. Josh gripped her long blonde hair and pulled her face closer to his exposed hairless groin. when his little cock got near her lips, she opened wide and took the entire firm penis into her willing mouth and started sucking it hard.

As his sister sucked him off, he whispered "That's it, Mommy. Suck my nasty dick, you fucking cock slut! Suck it harder, you fucking bitch!"

In response to his derrogatory talk, Hannah reacted much like I would have in that situation. Every now and then she would remove her mouth from his hard on and talk back at him.

"Mmmmmm, I love my baby's little cock. I can taste you dick. It tastes great. Mommy likes sucking her little boy's hard dick for him. I love your fucking cock in my mouth, baby! I want it soooo bad, baby!"

I was getting so turned on from their incest that I unconsciously unzipped my shorts and slipped my hand down underneath my wet thong to my dripping pussy lips. I rubbed my fingers around on the moist labia as I watched our children act so lewdly on one another.

I heard Steve mutter under his breath "Yeah, Hannah, suck his dick. Do it, you little slut. So beautiful.... so dirty.". He was biting his bottom lip in anticipation.

He looked over at me and saw I was playing with myself. He grinned lustfully.

"Now I know how much of a slut you are. You're masturbating to them having sex, you perverted bitch."

I said "I'm not the only one, you dirty bastard! Look at your dick."

We both let our eyes drop down to the massive bulge pressing against his zipper.

All he could say was "Well, I ...."

"You dirty shit! You're just as horny as I am right now. What, does the sight of little girls get you off or something?" I said it smiling in jest since I was just as guilty as he was.

"No, I'm not a pedophile. I... I just think it's hot peeping in on them is all."

"I have a dirty thought. Why don't we go in there and join them?" I suggested, awaiting his response.

He looked at me funny at first as if I were kidding. When I indicated I was indeed serious, he balked at first.

He stammered nervously "We can't..... I mean, it's illegal, Barbara. If we got caught, we'd all go to jail."

"Right now, as horny as I am, I don't care. I want to be the one sucking oh Josh in there. And from the way you're acting, you wish you were Josh right now with Hannah's lips around your hard cock. Am I right?"

He didn't reply right away. He was pondering the proposal I had given him. Apparently the kids had somehow seen the hidden pics and videos on my laptop and acted like they might be willing participants. Steve just had to overcome his own apprehensions about incest and kid sex.

Finally after a good minute of intense thought, he grinned and said "In for a dime, in for a dollar."

I zipped up my shorts and grabbed his hand, leading him back to the front door, where we slipped in silently so as not to alert the children we had come home early. We both slipped out of our clothing, then headed down the hallway to the bathroom. The door was open about halfway. We peeked in and saw Hannah from behind still giving her younger brother a hearty blowjob. Her head was bobbing steadily up and down upon his little cock. Josh's hands were pulling her face down upon his groin with his eyes closed.

I stepped inside and said "Looks like we have a couple of naughty children tonight."

I'm not sure wghat startled the children more, hearing my voice all of a sudden or seeing their parents completely nude. Steve's hard was very obvious.

They both ducked down behind the security of the tub edge, as if that was somehow going to protect them from any wrath they were about to encounter. Only their eyes could be seen above the rim. Their eyes showed stark terror at having been caught.

Neither of the children would speak out of fear. Steve broke the silence and said "So.... what's going on in here?"

It was almost 30 seconds before Hannah finally replied. We... I... We were..... just taking a bath is all."

I said "Yes, we saw how well you were washing his little pecker with your mouth."

Hannah's head dropped down behind the bath tub and she said, scared "Oh my god... Oh my god... Oh my god..."

Josh, ever the self preservationist, tried to downplay his participation in the act.

"She MADE me do it! I didn't want to, but she made me!", he exclaimed.

Furious, Hannah hit im in the arm and yelledd "You liar! You wanted to do it as much as me!"

Fearing their outcries might be heard outside, I stepped over to the open window, latched it shut, and closed the curtains before anyone else heard or saw anything.

"Keep it down, you two!" I ordered. "We can't have anyone else know about this."

Hannah looked up at me with dread in her eyes and asked "Are... are we in big trouble, Mommy?"

I sat down on the edge of the tub next to them. Steve sat down upon the bath tub at the opposite end with one leg in and one outside of it. His long cock was very visible floating above the edge in plain sight.

I said "I know we should be mad, but we're not. You're just curious about sex is all. That's completely normal. We're just afraid you might have the wrong impression about how it's done. Did you find Mommy's and Daddy's hidden pictures and videos?"

Sheepishly, they both replied "Yes."

"That's what I was afraid of. You see, sometimes Mommies and Daddies like to do things during sex that cater to each other's wants and likes, like the dirty talk you saw us do to each other in those videos. For us, it makes our sex more fun. Everyone has their own favorite thing they like to do during sex."

Josh spoke up and asked "But Mommy, it wasn't just you and Daddy having sex. I saw you and him have sex with other people, too."

I blushed at him calling us out on our lack of monogamy. For once, I felt slightly ashamed of our swinging lifestyle.

I said "Yes, baby. We did. Me and your father are what they call 'swingers'. Even though we love each other completely, we like to spice up our love life with a little variety sometimes, so we ask trust worthy, clean couples if they would like to have sex with us."

The children's fears were starting to abate as we became more candid with them about our sex life. We explained the encounters we had with others at motels and such. We told them you can still love just one person. The extra marital sex was just that; Sex. It was a means to give pleasure to our bodies when it was done with others. But it was special when it was just a mom and dad alone together. They seemed to grasp the concept and accept it.

Then came the big question. "How long have you two been having sex like this?, I asked.

Hannah replied "A-About 2 months. I was using your laptop to do my homework one day when I saw the folder that had a password on it. I got curious and tried like a hundred words on it to open it. Then I finally happened to think of grandma's maiden name, 'Johnson'. The file opened up and I saw all of the porn inside of it. But it wasn't regular porn. It was porn of you two. You sucking daddy and those other men. Daddy having sex with you and other women. You having sex with two men together in your butt and your pussy. All kinds."

Now I was really ashamed. My poor daughter had to learn about her parent's deviant behavior from the smut I kept on my laptop.

"I'm so sorry you found out about us that way, but I'm sure we would have never told you about it anyway, to protect you. I'm so sorry, baby."

My eyes got a little teary from my shame, so Hannah leaned over and hugged me to comfort me.

"It's okay, Mommy. As long as you and Daddy like doing it, it's fine by us."

I hugged my sweet little daughter tightly against my bare skin for giving me her forgiveness.

Then Josh suddenly asked us "Hey! Why are you two naked?" with a perplexed look upon his young, naive face.

Steve was at a loss for words and had no reply for him. I interjected and said "Well, baby, me and Daddy were watching you two from outside and ...... well, the way you were calling each other 'Mommy' and stuff made us a little bit horny."

Hannah let go of me and asked "Y-You heard us outside?", fearing they might be in trouble for it.

"Yes, we did, baby. That's one thing we need to clear up right away, now that the cats out of the bag, so to speak. If you intend to keep doing this, you have to be more careful. Anyone could have heard and seen you from out there. The window was open, as were the curtains. You could have been caught, and that would mean bad news for ALL of us."

Hannah frowned. "We could go to jail?"

"You guys, probably not since you're so young. But they could send you two off to a foster home somewhere. and we, as parents, could go to jail for allowing it to happen. So you both have to promise not to do this again without being more careful and checking with us first. Okay?"

"Okay, Mommy." she said, smiling that we weren't going to punish them for their depraved behavior.

Steve asked them "Do you know what this kind of sex is called?"

Neither Hannah nor Josh could answer him.

"It's called 'Incest'. That's the word they use when people in the same family have sex with each other, like kids, parents and kids, and such. The world doesn't like the word too well, either. They feel it's wrong for family members to have sex with each other. There are some dangers to the baby if the parents are related too closely, too."

"Like what?" Hannah asked.

"There have been cases where babies made during incest had deformities, like missing fingers, legs, and stuff. That's why we'll have to start you on birth control so nothing like that happens to you, Hannah."

She joked "I'm too young to have a baby, Daddy."

"No, I'm afraid you're not now that you started having your period. That makes you able to have kids."

"It does?" she said unbelieving.

I said "Yes, it does. The bleeding every month is an indication that your womb is ready to make babies, so like your Daddy said, we'll make an appointment with the doctor and get you started on the Pill this week. You're just lucky that your brother is too young to make strong sperm yet."

Hannah and Josh seemed relieved that we were on board with their newfound incestuous desires. They no longer tried to hide their nudity from us. Steve rubbed his hand through Josh's hair and grinned his consent at him. Hannah hugged me first, then went to the opposite end of the bath tub and hugged her father as well for being so cool about the whole situation. Josh hugged up against me as they embraced.

I noticed as Hannah and her father hugged, Steve's right hand slipped up underneath her ass to pull her closer to his naked body. She didn't seem to mind the feel of her father's hand on her bare ass, which led me to believe she might be receptive to what I had planned for all of us.

Once all the hugging was over, I said "I think it's time to move this to another room so we can discuss it a little further. Let's all go into our room."

Hannah looked at our nudity and asked "Are... are you guys gonna do it with US in the room?"

I replied "We're going to talk a little more about what you guys found out about me and your father. Then, we'll see how the evening goes from there."

Not sure how she felt about actually seeing us have sex in person versus just seeing us in action in a video, Hannah seemed a little apprehensive and shy now. Josh seemed really enthusiastic about the whole affair.

I told them "You two get dried off and meet us in our room."

I stood up and reached for Steve's hand to help him to his feet. We both left the kids alone and headed for our bedroom. We had just turned on the light and sat down on the bed when they both came into view, still as naked as they were in the bath tub. The kids climbed up onto the foot of the bed facing toward us and sat down indian style, awaiting what we had to tell them. It gave me and Steve a perfect view of their immature genetalia.

I grabbed the laptop from my night stand and browsed until I found my passworded folder. I opened it to view all of the file names, then turned my attention to the children.

I started us out. "Now then, me and your father want to take this time to answer any questions you may have, either about our swinging lifestyle or about sex in general. Don't be afraid. There is no question that is tabboo here. Ask us anything.... anything at all."

I peered at them as they concentrated hard for the right questions to ask us. Hannah was the first to speak.

"Mommy..... I-I wanted to ask you why you and Daddy like to have sex with other people. Don't you love each other anymore?"

I laid my hand upon Steve's and said "Yes, I love your father very much, and he loves me with all of his heart. Like I said earlier, swinging is just a sexual preference, or fetish, we like to do. It makes our sex kinkier and more enjoyable."

Steve kissed me on the lips to show his affection for me, to reassure the kids that we were indeed in love.

Josh was next. He asked us "Why do you guys talk so dirty when you have sex? You talked really dirty to each other in those videos."

Steve said "Well, sport, your mother is a bit of slut during sex. Do you know what a slut is?"

Hannah said "It's when a woman likes a lot of sex."

"Not just a lot of sex, but kinky sex, too. Kinky sex is when someone acts a little more dirty to make their partner happy. Say you had a fantasy about having sex with a famous movie star. Your partner might dress up as that actor or actress and talk like them during sex to make it more believable. It just so happens that I like to hear dirty talk during sex. And your father just happens to like doing it to me. We both get hornier when we do it to each other. We know the words are just for sex. When your father calls me a 'slut" or a 'whore' during sex, he doesn't really think of me that way. It's all pretend."

Hannah asked "You really like it when other men and women have sex with you, Mommy?"

"Yes, I do, baby. I guess you saw me do some pretty strange things on those videos, didn't you?"

They both replied together "Yeah."

"Like what?"

Hannah said "I... I saw you sucking on men's penises. I saw you licking on other women's pussies. I saw you having sex in your pussy and your butt, sometimes at the same time. I saw Daddy licking on women's pussies. And I saw Daddy pull his dick out of a woman's butt and put it in your mouth."

I was taken aback with my daughter's candor in describing our sexual antics with such detail.

"I guess you did see most of them. What else?" I said ashamedly.

"I saw Daddy and other men treat you like.... like a slut. They would hit you across the face with their penises and make you act like a slave to suck it. They said such dirty words to you when they did it."

"Words like what? You can say them tonight."

Hannah got a sly grin on her face as if she had been given the key to get away with something she always wanted to do.

"They.... they called you a 'slut', and 'whore', and 'bitch', and they cussed a lot, too. They said the F word..."

"The F word?" I queried, knowing the whole time what she meant. I just wanted to hear her say it.

"You know, the F word. Fuck."

"Yeah, that's part of the dirty talk. How did they say it?"

Hannah was shy to say it, but finally blurted out "They said 'Eat that nasty dick, you fucking whore!' and 'Fucking bitch' and stuff to you."

"What did you think about that?" I asked her.

She said "I dunno? When I first watched the videos, I didn't like them saying that to you. But the more I watched the videos, it didn't bother me so much anymore."

"Yeah, I heard your brother say it to you when you were sucking on his dick in the bath tub. You seemed to like it when he talked to you that way."

"I guess I did, Mommy. Like you said, it made me more horny when Josh talked like that to me."

I smiled and said "I guess you inherited the love of the dirty talk from your perverted ol' mother. Ha Ha."

Steve cut in and asked "Just how far have you two gone with each other? Have you had sex yet?"

Josh said "Yeah, you saw us doing it in the bath tub, remember?"

Not getting his point across, Steve asked once more. "I mean, have you had official sex. Have you put your dick into your sister's pussy yet?"

Josh and Hannah seemed to like it when we didn't censor ourselves and use kid friendly words like "pee-pee" or "poo-nanny" like we normally do around them to describe their genitals.

Josh replied proudly "Yeah, we've done sex like that before. We just didn't get that far tonight."

"I see." he said sadly.

Although Steve was disappointed that his once innocent little girl wasn't so pure anymore, he took solace in the fact that he could see her beautiful puffy pussy splayed between her spread thighs right in front of him on the bed. She looked a lot like the big eyed gum chewing girl in the remake of Willy Wonka. Her face was so gorgeous. And Steve was realizing just how attractive his little naked daughter was.

"Are there any more questions?" I asked the kids.

Josh asked "Mommy, can I feel your boobies? And I think Hannah wants to touch Daddy's dick, too."

Hannah was shocked he would blurt that out like that about her. She pushed him slightly and said "Get out! Don't tell them that!", not really upset at her little brother. She did seem a little relieved that she didn't have to ask us to do it.

I told them "You two can come touch anything you want on us. Come over here and get a free feel on Mommy. It's okay. Anything you want tonight."

Josh got up on his knees and crawled over beside me on the king sized matress. I grabbed his small hand and placed it on my heaving D-cup breast. He took the hint and started groping my tits heartily. Feeling your own son feel you up is an enthralling experience the first time he does it. I leaned back against the headboard and moaned softly as I watched him rub and squeeze and lightly pinch my large breasts.

Hannah was a little more reserved than her over anxious brother. Steve had to hold out his hand to her to goad her into moving from her spot. She finally extended her arm and took hold of her father's hand, allowing him to lead her over beside his naked body.

Steve told her "I know of a great way you can feel my dick, honey."

He got her under the arms and sat her down right on his muscular thighs facing toward him. He slid her hips forward until her semi bald slit was touching right against the underside of his thick cock. He grabbed her smooth hands and gently laid them both on the shaft of his dick, moving them in an up and down motion.

"See, Hannah, it's okay. Go ahead and rub it all you want. It feels really good, baby."

Hannah took over and began stroking his erection on her own now. She had a lusty expression on her pretty face as she pulled on her father's loose foreskin, causing it to reveal the tapered reddish head of his 9 inch cock. Once she became accustomed to the feel of his dick in her hands, her strokes became faster. He had to stop her.

"Easy, baby. Go slower. I'd hate to shoot my cumm in your face." he said.

Hannah slowed down and jacked off her father with steady, slower strokes.

"What do you think about your dirty Daddy's dick, Hannah?" I asked

She smiled and said "I like it, Mommy. It's so big and hard. I love how it feels in my hands."

"Why don't you give it a little kiss, baby." I suggested. I could tell she was yearning to do just that. She kept licking her lips thinking about it the whole time she was jacking him off.

She looked up at her father as if to ask permission.

He told her "Go ahead, baby. It's all yours. Do whatever you want to with it."

Her hands stopped moving up and down. Now she just held it still in front of her. It reached nearly to her small breasts. Slowly, she lowered her gorgeous face to the end of his erection, opened her mouth all the way, and put the smooth head of her father's cock into her mouth. Steve gasped loudly as her small lips brushed against the sensitive glans skin. He nearly came in her mouth as she ingested it. His hands were grasping the cover blanket tightly.

He exclaimed loudly "Holy fuck, baby, that feels so good on Daddy! Oh shit! My little baby is sucking her Daddy's big dick! Mmmmmmmm...."

His cries of pleasure encouraged Hannah to do what she had seen her own mother, as well as countless other women in the videos, do to her horny father. I saw her cheeks sink in as she inhaled deeply on his thick cock. Steve was bucking a little now trying to suppress the immense pleasure his immature little daughter was applying upon his erection. Hannah bobbed her pretty face up and down upon his cock, sucking in hard when her head would come up. Steve squirmed in place but didn't try to move her head away from his dick.

As they caroused beside us on the bed, Josh was now sucking on my hard nipples as if to extract milk from them as he had as a baby. I held his head against my massive tits and let him suck as hard as he wanted to on them both. It felt so wonderful to have him nurse upon them again after so many years.

I reached my hand down to his groin and started stroking his little cock until it was as rigid as it was with Hannah in the bathroom. His hips involuntarily hunched against my hand as I stroked him steadily.

Steve was about to burst over there. He pulled Hannah's mouth off of his dick and said "Holy shit, baby, you're gonna make me cumm. Come up here and give me a kiss so I can calm down a little."

Hannah was expecting her father to give her the usual quick, friendly kiss like we always did. But he surprised her when he opened his mouth and pushed his long tongue past her lips and teeth and started french kissing her tongue inside. Going with it, she opened her mouth as well and returned the gesture to his tongue.

Watching the two of them kissing each other so passionately gave me dirty thoughts.

I pulled Josh's mouth from my nipple and slid down on the bed.

I said "Climb up on me, baby. I want your hard dick in my mouth. Come up here and fuck Mommy in the face. I want it so bad."

Ever the obedient trooper, Josh straddled my head on his knees and put his small pecker on my chin. I slid him forward and wrapped my full lips around the 4 inch dick and sucked on it heavily. I scrubbed my long tongue all over it, causing my son to start hunching ny face automatically. He had to grab onto the headboard to support his quick thrusts in my mouth.

Steve saw us going at it like animals and got the same idea.

He broke his liplock with Hannah and said "Lets do that, honey. I want to eat your little pussy so bad! Get up on my face so I can eat out my dirty little girl's pussy."

Our daughter smiled broadly and moved out of the way so Steve could lay down on the bed. He guided her into position. He had her kneel in a 69 with her puffy gash right over his licking lips. She braced her upper body on her slender and waited for him to begin on her pussy.

The moment his long tongue started lapping at the soft, pink flesh of her womanhood, she gasped out loud and her eyes opened wide.

"OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!" she kept exclaiming aloud for all to hear. "OH MY GOD, Daddy! That feels so goooood! Ahnnnnnnnn!"

Her slim hips grinded against her father's experienced mouth as a reflex. Steve had to grab her round ass cheeks and hold her down to keep her in place.

He darted the entire length of his 4 inch tongue up into her tight pussy. The more he probed and licked on her excited groin, the harder she would grind against his tongue.

Josh was furiously hunching his small cock in and out of my hungry mouth, but his attention was on his horny sister reacting to her father's cunnilingus on her preteen cunt. He reached one hand over to her gyrating ass and squeezed the nearest ass cheek firmly. Hannah looked over at him and jutted her tongue out at him lewdly.

She said to him "Look at Daddy eating my nasty pussy, Josh. It feels so good. His tongue is up inside my pussy right now. Mmmmmm, it feels so good inside me."

Josh's small hips were slamming his little dick into my mouth at breakneck speed. Then all of a sudden he froze in place. I could feel a thin liquid squirting onto my tongue. i immediately knew what it was, even though it wasn't thick and musky like his father gives to me. My little boy was cumming in his mother's mouth.

He grunted "NNNNNNgggghhhhh!!!" as his immature balls pumped a good 1/4 cup full of clear seminal fluid into my mouth. I collected it in my cheeks until he finally let go of the headboard and collapsed onto the bed between me and his father. His spent pecker started softening now that it had accomplished it goal of ejaculating. Josh just layed there and trembled from his intense orgasm grining from ear to ear.

I sounded funny trying to talk with a mouth full of undeveloped sperm, but I managed to say "Oh my got, Steve. Your son just cummt in mah mouf!"

He stopped licking at Hannah's puffy slit just long enough to say "Thatta boy!", then he resumed his assault on our daughter's immature groin.

Not wanting it to go to waste, I moved my head down to Steve's groin. Hannah watch me with great interest as I got into position near his erection and signaled for her to lean forward. She did as I asked and layed down on her father's taut stomach until her head was across from me. I grabbed the back of her head and frenched her heartily. She did the same, only she didn't know I still had the sperm in my mouth. I pushed some of it onto her small tongue, then twisted my own tongue all around on hers to smear it in her mouth.

The taste of her brothers sperm was unexpected, but not a new experience. He had frequently ejaculated into her mouth during their incestuous encounters. It just felt strange to her to have her own mother forcing it upon her. Hannah didn't pull away from my kiss, though. She accepted it and french kissed me back sorrdidly. We continued until every drop of Josh's clear sperm was swallowed into our throats.

When we separated, I grabbed Steve's long dick and said "Now you're gonna see a pro in action, baby."

I got up on my knees over my husband's thighs facing toward Hannah so she could get a good view of what I was doing. I leaned sideways and guided the tip of his stiff cock up to the entrance of my wet, shaved pussy, then dropped my weight back down slowly until I had impaled my cunt upon the entire length of it. I leaned back and propped my upper body on my extended arms that were braced upon Steve's shins.

I looked down at Hannah with a lusty glare and told her "Watch me fuck my pussy with your Daddy's big, fat dick, baby! Watch closely."

I slid my ass back a little, then thrust it forward once more. Her father's hard cock slid out about 5 inches, then slid back up inside my slippery pussy. As I fucked myself on the long erection, Hannah's eyes never left my groin. I got a good rythym of rocking back and forth going, enjoying every inch of his dick as it stretched my aching pussy cruelly.

Steve was eating out our little girl's tender tight pussy with sloppy noises. He was grunting and moaning as if he were a hog rooting around for something to eat. Then suddenly he said "Get ready for it, baby. Here I go."

I knew what he was about to do to her, so I leaned forward and held her shoulders down against his belly. Then all of a sudden she shrieked and groaned out loud.

"YeeeeeeeeAAAAAHHHHH!" she cried out at the unfamiliar feeling.

Steve held her ass down against his chest as she tried to squirm away, but we held her in place. Her father had spread her round little ass cheeks apart and forced his long tongue up inside her tight unwitting asshole. Her legs started flailing around as she attempted to get free, but she was trapped.

I looked down at her and said "It's okay, baby. It'll feel good in a moment. Just let him do it to you."

Steve jammed his long tongue up into her anus and rectal cavity hungrily. After a minute or so, she stopped squirming around and started purring from it.

"Mmmmmmmmm...." she hummed contentedly.

"See, I told you it would feel good, baby. Daddy's eating out your dirty asshole for you. He does it on me and other women all the time. It feels great, doesn't it? Tell me how much you like it, baby."

Eventually she spoke and said "Yeah, Mommy, it feels as good as when he ate my pussy. Uhnnnnnn....."

Her eyes closed as her mind drifted off from the immense pleasure it gave her ass.

As her mind reeled, I reached down and pushed her face against my pussy and the exposed base of her father's hard cock between my thighs.

I said "Lick it, baby! Lick Mommy's pussy and Daddy's nasty cock."

Her horniness made her a slave to my whims. She eagerly started lapping her wet tongue out at my slimy pussy and her father's cock and ballsack. I held her face down there until she started doing it on her own. I resumed fucking my hot pussy on the rigid pole as she licked the pussy juices from my twat and his shaft.

I looked down at Steve's progress on our little girl's asshole. Sometimes when he pulled it out of her ass, I could see a small fleck of brown on his tongue. As usual, a little poo never stopped him from reaming out a woman's shitter.

Hannah was in her own little world as she ate out my pussy and licked out on her father's hard erection inside me. Steve's intense attention upon her immature groin was soon too much for her to bear. Her lithesome body started trembling and shivering uncontrollably on top of her father's body, then suddenly went stiff.

She groaned "NNNNNYYYYAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!" very loudly. Her cries of passion echoed throughout the bedroom. Her pussy gushed out onto Steve's face as her climax wreaked havok on her poor small body. She continued trembling until it subsided, then she rolled off of Steve to lay beside her sleepy brother and bask in the afterglow.

I said "Looks like the noobs couldn't hang with us pros. She came too quickly. I guess we're on our own now, honey.". I sent Steve a quick leer. "Now they'll get to see what we do in those videos up close."

"I guess they will, Barb. Let's give them a really good show, though. Not this wussy regular sex. I want Hannah to see just how dirty we can get sometimes when we have sex with other people. You up for a little bathroom rendesvous?"

I smiled broadly at his perverted suggestion. I don't think the kids have watched any of our kinkier videos yet. They only referred to the regular sex acts they saw us do. I wondered if we would warp our kids even more than our incest has tonight if we let them sit in on one of our wild times. I figured why not. I was so horny right now, I probably would have let the kids see us do most anything. I could see in Steve's eyes that he was just as excited as I was at the thought of more sex with Hannah.

Hannah and Josh were tired from their sexual excursion, but were still awake and seemed curious about what we had planned for the bathroom. They looked at us and at each other with concerned curiosity.

I jumped up off of Steve's erection and said to the children "Come on you two. You're gonna get to watch just how dirty and perverted me and your nasty father can get sometimes. Follow us back into the bathroom."

I grabbed Steve's hand and briskly got him on his feet and led him to the bathroom, giddy at what we were about to do to each other. The children followed in tow behind us. Once inside the well lit room, I climbed inside the half full bath tub and sat down in the tepid water. Steve climbed in with me. We told the kids to sit on either end of the tub on the rim so they could see everything, which they did.

I tilted my head back against the back wall, and Steve stood in front of me straddling my body facing away. I got right under his dangling ballsack and grabbed his still hard cock. I aimed it at my mouth and opened it wide. He grabbed onto the shower curtain rod, thrust his hips down, and jammed the entire length of his long dick down into my tight throat. Arching his back, he gyrated his hips and started throat fucking me with swift, deep strokes.

The kids were amazed at our dexterity to accomplish this, Hannah especially. Her eyes were wide open in awe, taking in every detail. She was licking her full lips imagining what it felt like to give a deep blowjob like this. Josh was rubbing his flacid little penis for all it was worth as he watched his mother deep throat their father.

Steve spoke and said "Now kids, we're about to do some dirty talk, so don't worry. Your horny mother just brings it out in me. Be prepared to hear some of the words we said in those videos."

Hannah said "O-Okay, Daddy."

Steve was staring at her young, youthful, preteen body with intensity. He wanted her so bad right now that it hurt, I could tell. He probably would have even sucked off Josh to have sex with her again.

He looked down at me and said "Look at your mother, kids. See how she just sits there and eats my fat cock like a fucking whore? The horny bitch can't get enough of my big dick. She's nothing but a fucking cumm slut who can't get enough sex."

To emphasize his dominance, he crammed his dick down into my throat and held it there for 5 seconds, causing me to gag a little. But it was nothing we haven't done before. When he raised back up again, he pulled it out of my mouth and let me catch my breath.

He commanded "Tell your kids now much of a nasty whore you are, you fucking slutty bitch!"

Steve slapped me across the cheeks with his thick member to humiliate me more.

I was breathing heavily catching my breath, but I managed to look up at him like a slave and replied "Yes, baby, I'm nothing but a fucking dirty slut bitch. I want your big dick inside me so bad, baby! Please give me your dick, Daddy! Give your big girl some nasty dick."

I grabbed his cock from him and put it back into my mouth for him. Then I raised up my head and swallowed it until his ball sack was teabagging my face. He started thrusting it in and out of my tight throat cavity swiftly and steadily, only pausing at intervals to let me breathe.

He looked at Hannah and said "See, what did I tell you? Your pervert of a mom is a cock hungry whore."

He grabbed both of my heaving breasts and pulled up hard on both of them to drive his dick even further down into my gullet. I groaned from the intense pull on my skin, but did nothing to stop him from doing it. He squeezed my D-cups hard enough to leave red marks from his grip. The harder he pulled on them, the louder I yelped from the pain, but I loved him doing it to my tits. I think it made the moment even hotter for me to know my little kids were watching him do it to me.

When Steve was tired of the deep throating, he pulled his cock from my mouth and turned to face me. I looked up at him eagerly. He reached down to my chest and pinched my nipples hard. I feigned a little discomfort by yelping aloud again, but it felt good, too. He pulled out on my hardening nipples painfully, then released them to make them bounce back again. Then he slammed his outstretched fingers down on the reddened flesh with sharp, distinct slaps, making me yell out with each impact. The children were growing concerned that he was abusing me needlessly, and their expressions showed it.

Noticing this, he told them "Don't worry, kids. She likes it when people do this to her titties, don't you Barb?". He grinned devilishly.

I said "Oh yeah, Daddy! I love it when you hurt my big titties. It makes me so horny. It makes me want to do dirty things with my big Daddy! Have you got something nasty to give me? I want them to see their nasty Daddy give their dirty Mommy something really nasty in my mouth."

He understood my meaning. Luckily his erection had softened enough after leaving my mouth to let him do it.

"Now you kids are gonna see just how big a whore your mother really is."

Steve stood in front of Josh and grabbed his semi-soft cock. He aimed the tip of it at me and grunted. Out shot a thin careful stream of acrid urine from the tip. It landed on my reddened tits and ran down my belly into the water below.

The children showed disgust in their faces at first when their father started pissing all over me. He was controlling how much pee was coming out to make it last longer. When I leaned forward to make the stream strike me right in the face, they were beside themselves. I opened my mouth and let the bitter, salty piss run into my mouth. When it got full, I happily swallowed it all down.

Hannah and Josh were mesmerized at my depravity. Hannah shouted "Ewwww, Mommy! That's so nasty!"

Steve looked over at Hannah and said "Don't knock it til you try it, little girl."

With that said, he cut off the flow and grabbed Hannah by the arm. He stood her up and pinned her in the corner of the bath tub. With her body pinned between his body and the wall, he pulled his dick up between them and started pissing once more. It shot up like a fountain and hit her on the chin. It splattered all over her slender, young body and ran down her front and her pussy. She tried to get free, but was unable to get away from her deviant father.

He told her "Feel the nasty warm piss dripping down your body. You know you like it."

I reached my hand between their legs and rubbed the smelly piss all over her puffy gash as it ran down her smooth naked body. I snaked my middle finger up into her slippery cunt and fingered her repeatedly. He was aiming the stream right into her face now. She kept her mouth closed to keep from drinking the awful liquid, but she couldn't prevent her father from pissing into her face. I used my free hand to wipe the splattering piss all over her face and small, pointing breasts.

My urine soaked hand was frigging her tight clamping vagina furiously. Josh was watching all of this as he jacked himself off as fast as he could.

I tried to calm Hannah down so she would stop fidgeting.

"Hannah, baby, just let it happen. Ignore the smell andf feel the soothing warmth on your skin."

She stopped squirming and tried to heed my advice. She stood still and let her father pee all over her body without having to pin her back against the wall. He carefully shot the stream at her forehead and smiled gleefully as it ran down her gorgeous face, across her budding breasts, and down onto her immature pussy and my hand. I think it was mostly my fingering her pussy for her that made her comply with us.

When her father's urine ran out, he moved aside and let me get in front of her. I stood up on my knees and leaned into her piss soaked body. As my pissy hand dug into the soft, tender flesh of her wet pussy, I licked the remaining pee off of her slim naked body, all the way up from her pussy to her pretty face. She opened her eyes and looked at me lustfully. I opened my mouth and jutted my long tongue into her mouth. She did the same, tasting the urine on my breath. She didn't pull away from me though. We french kissed for a minute or so until her father spoke.

"Mmmmmm, that is so hott, seeing a mother and daughter share my nasty piss. You're just a couple of dirty piss sluts, aren't they Josh?"

He uttered "Y-Yeah, Daddy! Dirty pissy slut whores.". He was finally getting the idea of the dirty talk.

I looked at my son and said "Have you got anything for your nasty whore Mommy and dirty pissy sister, baby? I want your fucking nasty piss really badly."

Josh grinned evilly and immediately stood up. He waded through the water and stood up in font of us. I put Hannah on her knees in the water right beside me. He grabbed his little stiffie and grunted hard. Pretty soon out shot a thin little stream of piss that landed right on my chest. I took control of it and aimed it right at my face and mouth. After collecting a mouthful, I aimed the remainder at Hannah's face. She still refused to open her mouth, but she let her little brother piss all over her willingly.

When his pee ran out, I went to kiss Hannah like I had before. But this time, when she parted her lips and stuck out her tongue to french me, I opened my mouth and spat some of her brother's dirty piss to make her drink it. Then I cradled her face and held it against my lips so she couldn't spit it back out.

Steve saw what I had done and said "Yeah, make her drink that nasty fucking piss! She's a little piss whore like her Mommy! She knows she likes it. Drink it down, little girl. Drink your horny brother's nasty fucking piss, you little whore!"

With no way to expel the pee from her mouth, Hannah was forced to comply and swallow it all down. When her mouth was empty, I let her go.

She coughed and gagged for a moment, then screamed angrilly "You bastards! You made me drink nasty piss! How could you?"

I said "It's something you have to get used to if you're going to join in with us. In fact, you kids will have to adapt to a lot of changes."

With ire in her eyes, she said "Like what, exactly?"

"Like this." I said.

I grabbed Josh's hand and stood him up in the bath tub.

"Close your eyes and keep playing with yourself, baby."

Compliantly, little Josh did as I told him and closed his eyes. I dipped my hand into the water, reached behind his little firm buttocks, and gently inserted a finger up into his little rectum. He gasped as it went up inside him, but kept his eyes closed and steadily played with his small erection.

That was when Steve walked over in front of our son, held up his growing cock to his small face, and pushed it inside his tiny mouth. Perhaps it was his youth and naivety that didn't make him spit it back out right away. He was so young that maybe he hadn't been hard wired yet about what defines a male and a female's sexual orientations. Whatever it was, he imitated what he had seen his sister and mother do to his father and casually started sucking on his father's growing cock.

Hannah said "Ewwww, your sucking Daddy's dick, you gayfer!"

I said "He knows how good it feels. Don't confuse him. He just wants to make his dirty Daddy feel good like you and I did. There's nothing wrong with that."

"But Mommy, he's a boy. He's supposed to like girls." she asserted.

"I'm sure he does, don't you baby?"

He nodded and mumbled "Mmmm-hmmmm." as he continued to suck on his father's long cock. He looked up at Steve as if to ask for a compliment for his efforts.

His father looked down at him, grabbed both sides of his head gently, and worked about 3 inches of his erection in and out of Josh's mouth.

"Mmmmmm, my little boy sucks a mean dick like his nasty Mommy and sister. He's a good little cocksucker. You keep at it, Josh. Don't listen to her. You like it when Mommy fucks your shitty asshole for you with her finger?"

Again, the reply was a complacent "Mmmmm-Hmmmm.".

"Sissy has a dirty asshole, too. I felt her shit inside her when I ate her dirty asshole."

I pulled my stained finger from Josh's asshole and showed it to everyone.

"Looks like our little boy has a dirty asshole. too."

I jammed it back up inside his relaxed sphincter and worked it in and out steadily for him.

Steve pulled his dick from Josh's mouth and said "Okay, what's good for the goose is good for the other gander."

He sat down in the water at one end of the tub and led Josh over to him. He picked him up and sat him down on his chest facing Steve, with Josh's legs resting on his shoulders. He held the boy up by the ass and wrapped his manly lips around his immature cock. Josh held on to the top of Steve's head for balance.

Steve worked his lips and tongue all around on his preteen son's little dick while he suckled hard upon it. Josh didn't care who did it to him as long as it was being done to him.

Hannah, not believeing what she was witnessing, exclaimed "Oh my fucking god! My Daddy and my little brother are gay! Daddy is sicking a boy's dick!"

I said "No, baby, they're not gay. Your father likes the pussy very much. He just doesn't mind giving pleasure to someone, no matter who it is. He knows how good a blowjob feels. He's just returning the favor."

Hannah was trying to rationalize my explanation, but was having trouble doing so. Sensing her confusion, I gave her an example.

"Don't you remember what you did to me a little while ago? You were licking my pussy and your father's dick at the same time. Does that make you a lesbian?"

"She replied "Well...... no. But that was different. We're girls."

"No it's not. You licked my pussy because you knew it would feel good to me, despite your being straight. It's the same thing. They're just giving in to their horniness and giving each other mutual pleasure is all. Nothing more."

My daughter didn't have a comeback to my logic. She just stood there quietly, still a little miffed from the forced urine ingestion.

"Well, you still made me drink Josh's pee against my will.", she replied. She crossed her arms in defiance.

I eased over to her on my knees and wrapped my arms around her slender waist. I pulled her tightly against my naked body and hugged her lovingly.

"I'm sorry for that, baby, but like I said, now that you are in our little group, you'll have to get used to stuff like that. Was it so bad, other than the saltiness of the taste? Just try to think of it as a kinky sex act. Besides, urine is sterile when it comes out of you. It's not like poop. There's no germs in it. Your body filters them out. It's just stinky water. really. Once you get past the idea of it being pee, it's actually fun to do. I love to feel the warmth of it on my skin. Didn't it feel good when they pissed on you?"

Not wanting to agree with me fully, she merely uttered "Sort of, I guess.", still acting a little angry for making her participate in the taboo act.

"She knows she liked it. She's gonna be a little piss slut like her dirty Mommy is, in time. I'll bet Josh will do it, won't you?"

He looked down at his compliant little son, standing in front of him with a mouth full of his hard cock, still willingly sucking upon it to please his deviant father without question.

Josh nodded his naive agreement to his father's question. With that, Steve held the boy's head still, grunted, and managed to squirt a couple of ounces of acidic piss into the hapless boy's mouth.

"Drink it, boy. Show the girls that us guys aren't afraid to drink nasty piss."

Josh obediently held his breath and swallowed the urine down with haste, then resumed sucking on Steve's cock once more.

"See, he's willing to do what it takes to make us happy.". He rubbed Josh's hair as a reward for being so eager to please him.

Hannah was a little disgusted at her father for treating them all like slaves, but she couldn't deny that seeing her little brother sucking his dick made her horny as hell. I could see her pussy dripping fluids down her slim thighs as she stared at the ambiguous duo acting like gays.

I reached under her groin and shoved two fingers up into her moist gash. She moaned softly and nibbled her bottom lip as I fucked her preteen hole with my swift probing fingers. With my other hand, I dipped it down into the sudsy water, reached behind her, and shoved two fingers up inside of her unsuspecting asshole, cramming them in and out of her rectum as quickly as I was doing to her wet pussy. She stood there fixated, unable to move, enjoying the immense pleasure I was applying to both openings simultaneously.

"Ahnnnn.... Ahnnnn.... Ahnnnn...." she whimpered like a little puppy. "Fuuuuuuuuuck! Mmmmmm.... keep going, Mommy! Oh my GOD! Fuuuuuuuck, that feels goood!"

Steve felt his balls building up pressure in his scrotum, but didn't want to explode inside Josh's mouth, so he pulled the child off of his firm erection. He had special plans for this load.

"Here, Barbara, come get your little boy off for me."

I did as I was told and pulled my fingers from both of Hannah's orifices, much to her annoyance. I crawled over to Josh, layed down in the water on my back, and put him between my legs.

"Baby, I want you to fuck your Mommy's nasty pussy. Put your dick in me and work it in and out like you do to Hannah."

Not needing to be told twice, the boy layed on top of me in missionary position, felt under the water to guide his little dick into my pussy, and thrust his hips forward. He found the mark and started fucking my vagina like a rabbit on speed.

Steve turned his attention to Hannah, who was a little nervous about what he was going to do to her this time. He approached her with his dick in his hand, shaking it up and down at her. She started at the 9 inch monster with mixed curiosity and apprehension.

"Now it's your turn, my little slut! Daddy's gonna show you why he's the master of the house."

He reached down between her legs and slid his middle finger against the outside of her wet cunt, mashing it against the hard clit bump at the top of her slit. She let out a soft moan as he worked his finger between her puffy labia lips against her clit. Then suddenly he shoved the hard digit up into her tight, moist pussy as deep as he could. She yelped at first, them cooed as he fingered her vagina slowly.

"Oh yeah, this little sexpot is ready to take on her big Daddy!" he said.

"W-What do you mean, Daddy?" she asked nervously.

"You've been wanting it all night, ever since you first looked at it. Daddy is gonna fuck your horny little cunt!"

I spoke and said "Are you sure she can take it?"

Steve said "Oh yeah, she's ready. She's wanted to fuck me all night. I could see it in her eyes. She's a cock hungry slut like her nasty whore of a Momma, and I'm gonna give her more than she can handle.

Hannah looked a little frightened. She was used to her little brother's smaller dick, not Steve's huge monster. But I trusted him, as her father, that he wouldn't take it to far or hurt her.

"As you wish, dear." I replied, then turned my attention back to Josh furiously fucking my pussy.

Steve stood right in front of Hannah, who had a worried expression on her face. He reached behind her ass and lifted her up against his chest. She wrapped her arms around his neck to hang on to him. He put his back against the rear wall of the tub enclosure for support, then reached behind her and pointed the tip of his hard cock right against her drippy pussy.

"Here it comes, baby." he said as a warning.

Supporting her weight with his hands cupping her ass cheeks, he lowered her down slowly until the head of his dick disappeared inside her tight vaginal opening. Gradually he dropped her body down further and further until he had buried about half of his cock up inside of her.

Hannah was half groaning and half moaning. Groaning at never having anything that thick put up inside her pussy, and moaning from the incredible feel of it sliding against the wet, tender pink flesh. It was amazing! Josh's little cock felt good to her during their sex, but this was something totally different. Her father stretched the walls of her inexperienced cunt with his thick cock, and she loved it.

Slowly, Steve dropped her down even farther upon it. By now the head of his dick was resting against the tight circular ring of muscle that guarded her uterus, the cervix. When it slipped past her cervix, she yelped from the sudden intrusion into her womb, but soon it felt good again. Deeper and deeper he slid his cock up inside of his little girl, and she taking it in with little more than a slight grimace on her face. I was so proud that she was able to handle her father's dick so easily.

Soon Steve had worked the entire length of his hard erection up into her semi-virgin birth canal with little discomfort.

He looked down at her pretty face and asked her "How's that feel, my little slut?", grinning slyly at her.

Hannah looked him in the eye and, without saying a word, french kissed him deeply in response. He reciprocated the gesture and shoved his long tongue past her lips and wrestled her tongue lewdly.

Steve put his arms under the back of Hannah's knees to hold her legs up and out of the way, then held her body in place as he slowly lowered his hips. His hard cock slid back out of her tight pussy about halfway before he thrust forward to shove it back up inside her pussy again. With every thrust up into her cunt, she would grunt or yelp from the stretching of her vaginal walls. As young as she was, I could easily imagine the head of his erection touching the top of her womb.

Josh was hunching away at my clenching pussy when he went stiff again and trembled. He grunted and shot his clear seminal fluid up inside the orifice that gave birth to him 10 years ago. When he was finished, he pulled out of my pussy and sat down in the soothing warm water to catch his breath. He was spent for the night, as indicated by the swiftness his poor, worn out little penis deflated.

To bolster his confidence, I lied a little and said "Oh my, that was a good one, baby. You made Mommy cumm, too. You're such a good little boy. Mommy loves you so much."

He grinned and said "Thanks, Mommy.", then settled down into the water beside me.

Hannah was biting her bottom lip as her incestuous father thrust in and out of her tight pussy repeatedly. Her father's groin slapped against her puffy gash and ass with audible impacts. She was groaning from being fully stuffed with her father's thick cock in her immature cunt. I decided to join them.

I waded on my knees until I was right beside them. I wet my hands in the water and put one upon Hannah's small breasts. I kneaded it in my hand like a baker, massaging the tiny teat gently.

I whispered in her ear "Talk dirty to us, baby Give in to your horniness and say whatever you feel."

She got the hint. She said "Fuck....fuck,..... FUCK! That feels so fucking good, Daddy. Ahnnnnnn..... My Daddy is fucking his horny little bitch! Fuck me, Daddy.... FUCK ME! Oh shit.... so good.... dirty ol' Daddy fucking his little girl..... pissing in her face. Uhnnnnnn! Dirty baby fucker Daddy! Fuck my nasty little pussy. Fuck your little baby's nasty little pussy, you sick fuck! Ahnnnnn!"

I chimed in. "That's what Daddies do is fuck their little girls and boys. They fuck the little girls and they suck the little boys. They rape their little kids and piss on them and make them drink thier nasty piss like a fucking whore! Fuck your whore daughter, you dirty fucker. She likes to be fuck by the cock that made her. You like that goddamn dick in you, don't you, you little fucking bitch?"

She shouted "Yes, Mommy! I'm a nasty, dirty whore. I love it when my perverted Daddy fucks me in my wet pussy! I love it a lot! My Daddy is raping me and I love it! He made Josh suck his dirty dick. You're such a bad Daddy!"

Hannah was getting carried away in the moment with the vulgar talk, so much so that it sent her over the edge. Her body began trembling and she yelled out as her second climax coursed through her small, naked body.

"YEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHNNNNN!!!" she cried very loudly. Steve held her aloft until the spasm ceased.

Grinning at Hannah, her father asked her "Now, little girl, how did it feel to be fucked by a real man? Was it as good as you thought it would be? Did my new little fuck slut like having her juicy pussy full of her Daddy's fat dick?"

It took my daughter a moment to collect her senses enough to answer. The orgasm had nearly made her pass out, it was so intense. She was breathing so hard like she had just run a marathon. Finaly she managed to work up enough strength to reply to him.

"Y-Yes, Daddy...... I loved it. Uhnnnn.... it felt so good."

She was still clinging to his neck holding herself up on his torso.

Steve said "Well, it's not over yet. I still have one more hole that hasn't been filled yet. I think I can get one more cumm out of this little whore before the night is done."

Her father spun her body around while holding her aloft with his strong arms. Now she was facing away from him with her pussy fully exposed to us. His hands held her folded legs just under her knees. He looked over at me and nodded for me to come to him. I crawled over to them and looked up at my depraved husband obediently awaiting his instructions.

He said "Here Momma, you should be able to get you some more nasty piss from this one. The little bitch hasn't used the bathroom since dinner time."

I knew what he wanted me to do. We had done it with other couples many times. I ran to our bedroom and retrieved a special medical kit we keep up in the closet, then returned to the bathroom with it. It consisted of 3 smooth stainless steel chromed tubes that measured from 3/16 of an inch to 3/8 of an inch in diameter, a tube of K-Y gel, and some sterile rubber tubing. They were about 12 inches long, hollow, and had smooth, rounded tips with a small 1/16 hole about 1/2 inch above the end. The opposite ends were completely open like a straw. Doctors use them to extract urine from patients with bladder or prostate problems so they can relieve themselves fully. We used them for other purposes ourselves.

Hannah was hanging up in the air, still rather weak and helpless from the after effects of her hard climax. I climbed back into the tub with them and sat down on the front rim of the tub. I spread her puffy pussy lips apart and inspected her upper vaginal area to judge which tube to use. I decided to use the 1/4 inch thick tube on her.

Hannah looked down at me and said "Wh-What are you going to do to me, Mommy?". She was a little apprehensive, having never seen such instruments before.

I replied "Don't worry about it, baby. You'll like it.", which I knew to be true, having done it myself hundreds of times.

Before I started, I leaned forward and jammed my tongue up into her gushing pussy. It was still dripping her juices from the orgasm. I licked and suckled on her pink, tender, sensistive folds as she wriggled in her father's strong arms, unable to move or get free. It's a good thing she didn't weigh but about 85 lbs or he would have never been able to keep her aloft. I ate out her pussy greedily. trying to get every drop of her sweet tasting juices from her ravaged vagina.

When I was finished, I opened the tube of lube and squirted a big dollop on my outstretched fingers. I smeared it all over her helpless vaginal area, even fingering some of it up into her pussy. Then I grabbed the 1/4 inch sounding tube from the kit, put the rubber tubing on the open end, and placed the smooth tip up against her unwitting urethra hole. I eased it up against the tight little wrinkled muscle until the tip of the tube slipped in past it. I elevated the end of the tubing and pushed it up inside her poor bladder. Immediately the tubing filled with her urine until gravity stopped the siphon.

Hannah let out a loud gasp as the tube entered her tight bladder opening. She had never experienced a sensation like this before. There was a slight discomfort at from the tube forcing it's way into an opening that was only used to letting things OUT of her body. But once the initial weird feeling had past, she seemed to not mind it being inside her.

I worked the tube back and forth in her peehole. She cooed from the new sensation.

I said "It feels good, doesn't it, baby."

She replied "Yes, Mommy. It feels nice.", enjoying the feel of the smooth metal against her stretched urethra.

"Me and Daddy put these inside us all the time. I love them."

I probed her bladder for a minute or so as she lay against her father's bare chest enjoying what I was doing to her. Then I stood up and put the tube next to her small mouth.

"Now it's time for my little whore to drink her own nasty fucking piss!", Steve said. "You have to do it because I told you to do it. Drink your dirty piss, you fucking piss whore!"

"Daddy, no. Please don't make me do it. Please..... No." she pleaded

She looked at me with begging eyes to say something to Steve and stop this. The only thing was that I wanted her to do it, too.

Instead of preventing her father from demeaning her, I told her "You have to do it, baby. Now that you're in our little sex group, you have to do what the men tell you to do."

I put the end of the flexible tube into her mouth and she hesitantly held it with her teeth. It took her a minute or so befiore she decided to do it. Then she closed her lips and took a slow draw on the improvised straw. I watched as the urine slowly crept up the opaque hose and spilled over her teeth and into her mouth. She scrunched her face when the awful tasting piss touched her tongue and stopped sucking on the straw.

Holding the tube in her teeth, she mumbled "Ewwww! That's nasty! Please don't make me drink it. Please Mommy!" with such a sorrowful expression.

Steve interrupted. "No! You wanted to start the sex. You're gonna finish it! Drink! Drink your fucking piss, you little slut! Yeah, drink that nasty piss, you little whore."

Hesitantly, Hannah closed her lips back around the hose and took another suck on it. Up climbed the urine in the tube until it ran out into her unwitting mouth.

I said "Keep going, baby. Mommy's little pissy girl is doing so good. Drink it down, baby. That's it.", trying to encourage her to get over her disgust for the acrid, bitter taste.

As she sipped on the hose, I worked the metal tube in and out of her tight little sphincter for her. Hannah gagged a little, but eventually she was able to ignore the horrible flavor and keep drinking the rest of her urine.

I praised her for being so cooperative. "Oh, my little baby is such a good girl. She drank all of her dirty piss for me."

I kissed her on the lips, tasting the residual flavor of her piss on her breath.

I probed her bladder a few more times, sliding it inside her bladder fully until it made contact against the inner walls, then pulled it back out of her until 1 inch was left. Then I would push it back inside her. Once I knew how far to go up in her, I slid the narrow instrument in and out of her rhythmically, much to her enjoyment. She hung there on her father's chest and let me do whatever I wished to her body. I licked at her clit and vagina as I worked the tube in and out of her bladder opening, causing her to moan continually and squirm around in her father's grasp.

Steve said "Give her some of yours now, Momma."

I retrieved the sounding tube from her tight bladder and pressed the end of it against my own little orifice. The rounded tip found it's mark and slipped up inside me quite easily. Had I been given the choice, I prefer the larger 3/8 inch diameter tube. It stretches my bladder opening farther, thus creating more sensation in it. I pushed harder and soon it slipped up inside my bladder quite effortlessly. The hose instantly filled with my rank piss. I, too, hadn't used the bathroom since this afternoon, and my bladder was quite full.

I looked over at Hannah and said "Open wide, dear. I have something for you."

I put the end of the hose to her slightly open mouth and pushed it in past her teeth. She was hesitant to suck on the rubber straw, so with a little strain, I pushed with my abdomen muscles and squirted a few ounces into her mouth.

She gagged and said "Ewwww, Mommy! Noooo.... Please don't! Please." pleading with me with such sad eyes.

Steve said "No! Little pissy sluts dronk their fucking piss like they're told. Drink up, you little fucking bitch! You wanted this, so do it."

Knowing she had no choice, Hannah closed her mouth on the hose and took a sip of my nasty piss.

I told her "Gargle with it, baby! That turns Mommy on when people do that with my dirty piss."

With her mouth full, Hannah opened it wide and gargled my urine like mouthwash. Then she stopped and swallowed it down her throat into her belly.

"See, baby, it's not so bad. You'll get used to it. Here, have some more."

I made her repeat the disgusting ritual 3 more times. She relented and gargled each mouthful of my piss as instructed.

The last mouthful I sucked up myself. Then I held her jaw open and squirted it into her open mouth and onto her gorgeous face by blowing out through my pursed lips. Once empty, I frenched her with my urine soaked tongue to make her taste my piss one last time.

"I think she's had enough piss play, Momma. Now we get down to what I've been looking forward to all night. Get down on your knees, Momma, and give me that sweet ass of yours."

Finally, I was going to get a good fucking! Excited, I dropped down on all fours in the murky bath water for my deviant husband. When I was in position, he let go of Hannah's legs and she slid down his front gently. But before she could steady herself on her own feet, he picked her up again and laid her down on her belly on top of me.

"I think I have enough to do two pissy bitches at the same time." he exclaimed boastfully.

Steve grabbed my hips and guided his hard erection up to my gash and shoved it in my pussy forcefully. My pussy was, luckily, lubed enough from the building lust creating thick juices that lined my yearning cunt. He started fucking me very hard and fast as Hannah just layed there on top of my back. After reaming my wet pussy for a few minutes, it was Hannah's turn. He pulled his slippery cock from my pussy and shoved it up into Hannah's tight snatch. She moaned aloud as her father drilled her pussy with the same ferocity as he had mine.

"Yaaaahhhnnnnn! Oh GOD Daddy! YES..... YES! Fuck me! Fuck your little baby girl, Daddy! I want to be fucked hard! Mommy, his dick feels so good! AHHNnnnnnnn! AHHHnnnnnnn!" she cried out in bliss as her father ravaged her poor cunt mercilessly.

"My little pissy bitch likes being fucked hard like a fucking whore, doesn't she?" he said derogatorally.

She replied "Oh my fucking GOD! Yes.... YES! Fuck me faster, Daddy! Fuck my nasty pussy harder.... faster! Fuck.... Fuck..... FUCK! It feels so good. Uhnnnnnn!"

I added "Fuck your baby girl, you perverted fucker! Fuck her in her tight little pussy. You like fucking little girl's pussies, don't you? Raping your little daughter. Having incest with her. Making her drink our nasty piss!"

Steve pulled out of Hannah and stuffed my hot pussy once more. As he fucked me endlessly, Hannah reached underneath me and began fondling and squeezing my dangling breasts firmly. She kneaded them gently at first, then gradually worked her way up to imitating what her father had done to them earlier, pulling hard on the nipples and slapping the aureolas hard. Each ache she applied to them elicited a pleasurable "YEOW!" from me. I loved it.

As Steve plowed my pussy, every now and then I would hear a small *SLAP*. I didn't feel anything myself. I looked back and saw him slap Hannah on her bare ass cheeks with short, semi-gentle swats. Not enough to hurt her, just to assert his dominance over her as his daughter. She would moan softly whenever he spanked her bottom and seemed not to mind him doing it.

My mind was reeling with the kinkiness of the evening. Here we were having full blown incestuous sex with our underage children. There were times when I thought Hannah was a beautiful girl in the past when I'd catch her in her panties or taking a bath, but only in the sense that I knew she was going to be a hott woman some day from the way her body and gorgeous looks were progressing. But certainly I had never really thought of her in a sexual manner.... I think. Well, maybe a couple of times. I could have never imagined her and Josh would be ever be participating in our kinky sex, though.

The idea of having my innocent daughter molested by her own father caused my pleasure threshold to overflow. My loins were burning and my pussy was gushing and compressing against Steve's hard cock. When my climax finally hit me hard, I screamed very loudly.

"AAAAAHHHHHNNNNNNNN!!" I shouted, making it echo against the hard walls of the bathroom. My body shook uncontrollably and my legs weakened to the point that I had to squat down into the water. I stayed balled up like that until the pleasurable sensation passed. Then I layed down in the soothing water on my back, pulling Hannah down onto my front to share my bliss. I hugged her tightly against my body and kissed her deeply and passionately, as she did to me as well.

Steve smiled for having done his job on me. But he was as yet unsatisfied. His aching cock yearned to explode into someone.

Before Hannah could get away, her father layed in the water on top of Hannah and pushed the tip of his raging hard on against her unsuspecting anus. With the bath water as a lubricant, he thrust his hips forward and forced his cock up inside our little girls asshole. She cried out at first.

"YAAAAAAHHHH! Daddy's in my asshole, Mommy! Owwwwww!" she cried out.

Her father's fat cock stretched her anus cruelly. She tried to push him back out of her rectum, but he was there to stay.

"You're gonna take it up the ass, little whore. You have to learn to do as you're told. You wanted to see what it was like to have sex like a grown up. Now you're going to find out. Now lay there and take it!"

She finally stopped struggling and laid there complacently. But before he could start fucking her begrudging asshole, I suggested "Wait, Steve. Let me flip her over so we can all see it."

He grinned and plucked his hard on from her anal cavity with a loud *POP*. I flipped Hannah over onto her back to lay on my abdomen and pulled her legs up against her chest by the knees so her pussy and asshole were completely exposed to her father. She looked at her father with slight dread as he approached her upturned ass with his hard cock in his hand.

After dipping his cock into the water for lube, Steve pressed the pointed tip at her puckered anus. Without saying a word, he thrust his hips forward and sunk 6 inches of the monster up inside her clenching rectum.

Hannah cried out again. "Oooowwwww! Owwww.....".

I said "Just relax your asshole and don't squeeze down. It feels really good if you just relax and enjoy yourself."

Heeding my advice, Hannah stopped trying to push her father out of her ass and relaxed her sphincter. When her father started fucking her asshole rhythmically, her cries gradually changed from "Owww.... Owww... Owww...." to "Ahnnn.... Ahnnn.... Ahnnn...". She was finally starting to like it.

To further calm her down. Steve extended his middle finger and jammed it down into our daughter's immature pussy. He worked the digit in and out of her gushing cunt slowly. She moaned from the added stimulation, even though her anus was still a little sore from the reaming. She writhed around on top of me in sensual bliss. When her father pulled his finger out of her vagina and offered it to her mouth, she grabbed his wrist, opened wide, and pulled his hand to her lips. She suckled her own discharge from the slimy digit with hungry zeal. He repeated this many more times, and every time she was more than willing to ingest her thick lubricating juices from his hand.

Every now and then, Steve would tap her on the side of her ass with his open hand, giving it a sharp slap against her soft buttocks. Hannah would yelp at the sting, but I could tell she didn't really mean it. She grinned slyly after each spanking. It was more a show of submission to her father.

Just to see how far she was willing to please her father, I reached up to her small breasts and started pulling out on her stiff nipples like I like to have done. She turned her head and gave me the same lusty leer and grin she had given when spanked. I pulled on them rather hard, which made her cry out, but her hands didn't stop me. I cupped her A-cup breasts in my hands and gave them a good, hard squeeze. She shrieked loudly, but still offered no resistance and let me keep going. I pulled on her nipples hard again, making them go in opposite directions. She shrieked again, but did not try to stop it from happening.

By now, both of her tender breasts were a good shade of red like a sunburn. as was the side of her buttock from her father's spankings. She was frantically rubbing her fingers down into her semi-bald gash, alternating between rubbing against her sensitive clit bump and drilling two fingers down into her wet insatiable pussy.

Her frenzied lust built up in her loins a third time. Another massive orgasm overtook her small form and coursed throughout her preteen body. I held her down as she started quivering on top of me. Her pussy gushed out fluid onto her father's thrusting cock, which he was rapidly using to stretch out her colon with.

"AAAAHHHHNNNNN!!!!" she screamed aloud as the climax hit her groin hard for the third time tonight. I smiled up at Steve, and he back at me, and we all shared a tender bonding moment.

Steve didn't stop, though. Even though Hannah was in the throes of her orgasm, he was determined to get himself off as well. He kept pumping her tight ass faster and faster as she trembled involuntarily beneath him. It helped to prolong the sensations she was experiencing, but it was a bit like the moment a man starts cumming, when the head of his penis gets 10 times more sensitive. The over-sensitivity the climax gave her groin almost made the pleasurable feeling unbearable to her. She wriggled around wildly as he continued to pound her asshole hard and fast. She was finally able to calm down once her climax was over, but for 30 seconds or so, she was in pleasured agony.

Steve was ready to explode as well. His strokes become more intense and concentrated. His balls were full and begging to be satisfied. When he felt them start to throb, he pulled out of her asshole, dipped his cock into the bathwater to give it a quick jack off cleaning, and climbed up over me and Hannah with his hard cock in his hand. Hannah grinned as he approached us. I think she was waiting for this moment to happen as much as her dirty father was.

I grabbed onto Hannah's chin and opened her mouth wide for him. Steve laid the head of his 9 inch cock on her bottom lip and out shot long, sticky ropes of white cumm all over her small tongue. Jet after jet of salty sperm oozed from the hole in the end of his dick into her open mouth. Then he put it in her mouth and continued to ejaculate, which caused her mouth to fill up and squirt sperm out of her nose. When she started gagging on the massive load, he pulled it back out and shot the remainer onto her pretty face. It dribbled down her cheeks slowly.

Hannah raised up on my belly and blew the excess sperm out of her nose to catch her breath. When her father saw some sperm dribbling from the corner of her mouth, he leaned her head back and told her "Gargle the sperm like you did the piss."

Having caught her breath, she opened her mouth and did as she was told. She gargled the thick semen like mouthwash for him.

He peered down into her open mouth and said "That's a pretty sight, having my beautiful daughter gargle my tasty sperm. Now give it to your Mommy."

Hannah looked a little befuddled at the request, but she complied. She climbed up off of me and laid down between my legs facing me. I slid her body up onto mine until we were face to face. She kept her mouth closed until I opened mine, then she parted her lips slightly until her father's thick sperm started dripping down into my mouth. I gargled it like she had, then french kissed the thick goo back and forth from her mouth to mine. When it was over, me and her both had swallowed her father's incestuous seed into our bellies. She smiled broadly as she gazed down at me lovingly.

Steve sat down in the water at the other end of the tub next to Josh, who was jacking himself off for no reason. Just to enjoy the feeling of playing with himself. He looked over at his son and said "Why don't you go get some of that ass of hers. It's really tight."

Not needing to be told twice, Josh climbed up on Hannah's ass and jabbed his stiff pecker into her reamed asshole. She was still weak and helpless and offered no objections. Her little brother hammered her asshole until he got off from it, then sat down on his father's lap. Steve pulled his flacid cock up between Josh's thighs and pretended to act like it was his son's dick. The boy stroked it as if he were jacking himself off, but it remained soft in his hands. Steve was spent for the night. We all just sat in the warm water regaining our strength.

Steve asked "Hannah, how did you like being in your first dirty orgy?"

She replied "Holy fuck, that was so intense! I never knew sex could feel so good."

"But what about the dirty talk? It didn't frighten you?"

"N-No, not really. But you got a little mean a few times, Daddy. It almost sounded like you really think of me as a slut.". Her voice sounded a little dejected.

"No, honey. I don't think of you like that really. It was all part of the kinky mood we were all in. Your Mom knows it turns me on to play the dominant one during sex. It's all play acting. See, I'm not doing it now. I love you very much, Hannah, as I do all of you. You're my favorite daughter." he quipped.

She raised an eyebrow at Steve and said "I'm your *only* daughter, Daddy.", grinning. He smiled back at her.

He said "So do you think you two are going to be okay with the incest? You and Josh?"

Josh nodded since he was going to be able to have sex when he wanted, so he was enthusiastic about it all. Hannah, though, had to ponder it in her mind and decide whether the pee play and the vulgar kinkiness was worth it all. Finaly, after a few seconds, she had made up her mind.

"Yeah, Daddy, I think I can do it. I mean, even after all the weird stuff you made me and Josh do to you guys, I was really wild and fun."

"That's great, honey. But remember, you two can't breathe a word of what we do to *ANYONE*! This has to stay in our house between the four of us. You can't tell anyone at school, your grand parents, your friends, NO ONE! Otherwise we'd all get in trouble and we'd lose you kids to the cops. You can't tell anyone what we do together, and you can't say the dirty words outside of the house either. When we're together having sex, it's fine, but outside of the house, no cussing. Do you both understand?"

With solemn acknowledgement, they both agreed and replied "Yes, Daddy."

"That's good. Now, I have to pee again." Steve announced.

As Josh held his soft cock in the air, Steve eased his bladder opening and let the amber piss flow out. It shot up and struck Josh right in the face. The boy imitated his sister's actions and opened his mouth, allowing the smelly liquid to land on his outstretched tongue. Josh swallowed it down as fast as his depraved father gave it to him.

"Oh my god! He's drinking Daddy's piss like I did. Ewww." she said half heartedly.

When she mentioned it, Steve cut off the flow and slid Josh off of his lap. He waded over to us and sat on the edge of the tub above Hannah with one foot in and one foot out. He held his flacid cock with one hand and pulled down on Hannah's chin with the other to open it fully. She grinned evilly as her father loosed his bladder once more and made her ingest his acrid piss. She drank it all eagerly. Apparently her aversion to urine had been squelched. She liked how kinky it was to do it.

When her father stopped pissing in her mouth, she raised her head up and took his soft cock into her mouth and cleaned him off with her slippery tongue, sucking hard to get all of his piss from his body.

When she let go of his dick, she licked her lips and said "Mmmmm, good to the last drop!", and we all laughed at the coffee ad reference.

I spoke and said "I think it's time we let all this dirty water out and shower the pee from our bodies before we go to bed.". I flipped the lever and the water started going down the drain.

Hannah said "I-I have to poop first, though. Daddy made my shit come down when he fucked me."

"Okay, baby. You go shit and I'll get the shower warm."

Hannah climbed up out of the bath tub and strode over to the toilet. Steve made a strange request of her, though.

"Hannah, Turn around on the toilet when you shit."

"Huh?" she asked.

"Just sit on the toilet backwards. Arch your back so we can see the poop drop out of your asshole."

"Daddy, that's sick!" she protested.

"It's okay, honey. Just humor your poor, sick Daddy and let me watch you poop. I've never watched a little girl poop before. It'll be interesting."

"Whatever." she conceded. She walked up to the bowl, raised the lid, and sat on the commode seat with her arms resting up on the ceramic tank lid. She arched her back so we could see her wrinkled asshole, then she relaxed. Soon, out dropped two rather long semi-soft poos from her rectum and landed with a splash in the cold water below. His eyes never left her bottom.

"There, Daddy! Did you get your jollies from watching me shit?" she said sarcastically with a smile.

He replied "Yeah, I did, honey. You're such a good girl for letting Daddy have his way with you."

He walked over to her and leaned over her shoulder. He kissed her in the mouth deeply and passionately for her efforts. He even wiped her bottom for her.

I got the shower started and started washing up Josh under the falling water. He was so short that it didn't take long to clean him off. I did make sure to wash his little cock and nutsack more than was required. He didn't seem to mind the extra attention I gave it. He returned the favor by washing my body for me while I shampooed my hair. He scrubbed my large breasts and my pussy far longer than he needed to, but it felt good to have his small hands explore my soapy, naked body.

When we were finished, it was Steve and Hannah's turn. As me and Josh dried off with a towel, Hannah was giddy about taking a shower with her father. The two of them did more fondling and groping than they did washing. Steve managed to work up another hard on while they played in the shower and put it to good use. Through the gap in the shower curtain, I could see Hannah bent over with her hands up against one end of the tub enclosure. Her face showed she was enjoying another good fucking by her horny father, although I couldn't tell which hole he was invading on her. They didn't do any dirty talk to each other. All they did was moan out loud until they both cummed again. I was hoping he had enough sense to pull out of her if he was having sex in her fertile pussy. Then they finished washing up and dried off.

Hannah asked "Daddy, can we have sex again tomorrow night?" with big pleading eyes as they dried off.

He said "Sure thing, honey. And I'll be sure to drink a lot before we do it."

"Mmmmm, I'm looking forward to it, Daddy." she said fondly.

The kids each went to their own bedrooms for the night. Me and Steve retired to our own bedroom. We didn't bother to put on any pajamas. We just crawled under the covers bare naked. I laid on my side against him with my arm draped over his muscular chest and my head upon his shoulder. I could smell the scent of the soap he used during his shower. It smelled nice.

Steve said "Looks like we've started something tonight that's not likely to change. I just hope those kids can keep it a secret."

"You warned them about the dangers. I believe they understand the seriousness of incest and kiddie sex. We'll be fine." I assured him. "Hannah is very responsible for her age. That's why we let her babysit, remember?"

"But that responsibility ended up leading to her and Josh having sex with each other, remember?"

"I think it was her finding our stash of orgy porn on the laptop that led them to the sex, not the babysitting. They were just curious about sex was all and wanted to try it out. And anyway, would you rather she got her fill of sex here at home with us or with some boy from her school?"

"Definitely from us." he stressed. "But what sort of sickos are we now? I've always loved sex as much as you do, but never in a million years did I imagine we'd be molesting our own innocent children. Incest is one thing, but kiddie porn is a whole different kink. You can buy incest videos online, but the actors are always over 18. They haul people away for underage sex, though."

"Are you ashamed for having had sex with Hannah and Josh?"

"Well.... yes and no. Yes because the sex was great, and I loved being the first one who fully deflowered Hannah. But also no because they're only children, not even teens yet. Are we bad for subjecting them to our wild sexcapades? Most parents are telling kids their age ABOUT sex, not actually demonstrating it to them."

"Steve, we are good parents. Our only mistake was catching them in the act immediately after we had just got done swinging. If we hadn't been so worked up from the sex at the Sanchez's, we probably would have handled it differently. We would have chastized them and tried to stop it before it got out of hand between them."

"Well, it's definitely out of hand now. My god, I made the kids drink pee, for cripes sake."

"Honey, you can't help that you're the biggest horn dog alive. Besides, Hannah seemed eager to play along with our dirty kinkiness. It took very little encouragement to get her started, and by the end of the night, she was totally willing to participate, no matter what we told her do. I guess she got that wild streak from me."

"Yeah she did, you dirty perv. You're the one who got me started with pee play, begging me to piss all in your face when we were dating."

"I thought Hannah was going to pass out when you made Josh suck your dick. Did you see the expression on her face? And when you sucked him off? She seemed shocked that her own father would suck a dick like that."

"Josh is at that age where he hasn't yet learned the stigma of straight-only sex. It's just feels good to him no matter who does it to him. I think I'll introduce him to a little anal sex the next time we get together."

"According to Hannah, she intends to bed you again tonight. I think we've unleashed a sex crazed monster in her."

"That's true. Once she gets going, it's hard to stop her. That's why I had to fuck her again in the shower. She kept pestering me to split her wide open the whole time we were in the shower. There's one thing, though. I dropped a load up in her pussy. I'm glad she just came off of her period less than a week ago or something could have happened."

"That's why I'm taking her to the doctor this week, to get her on birth control."

"Good idea."

I kissed Steve and we wished each other good night. We turned off the lamps by the bed and settled in for a well deserved slumber.

Down the hall, small feet were creeping around, trying to stay silent. Hannah looked out of her doorway toward our bedroom door. When the light under the door turned off, she tip-toed into Josh's bedroom, who was also still wide awake. Hannah was wearing just a skimpy thong panty with no shirt or bra, while Josh was still just as nude as when he left the bathroom. He was sitting indian style on top of the covers playing his Nintendo DSI. She sat down on the bed beside her little brother.

"Whatcha doing, dweeb?" she asked her little brother.

"Playing Mario." he replied, not looking up at her.

"Looks like the plan worked. Mom and Dad are gonna put me on the Pill so I can join in with them."

Still totally absorbed in the handheld video game, Josh only acknowledged his big sister enough to mutter a simple "Yep.".

She added "Wow, I can't believe it went so easy. I had them eating out of the palm of my hand. I knew once I got Mom started, she would drag Dad along with her, and I was right."

"Uh-huh." he agreed simply, more interested in the game than his sister at that moment.

"Are you even listening to me, Josh?"

He paused his DSI and looked up at her.

"Yeah, I'm listening. So your plan worked. You got them to have sex with you.... and me. Congratulations."

Slightly miffed at his disinterest to listen to her, she said "Hey look, you're reaping the benefits of this, too, ya little shit. Did you not like getting your dick sucked and fucked?"

"I... I guess so." he replied. "But you were the one that really wanted it to happen. I mean, it's all you've been talking about ever since you found those videos on Mommy's laptop. After you watched those, that's been the only thing on your mind; getting fucked by Daddy."

"Yeah it has. When I saw that big dick in the videos, I wanted it bad. I even had dirty dreams of Daddy fucking me. I didn't realize how big it was, though, until he put it up in me. It hurt at first, but then it got easier as he fucked me. Man, it felt so good when he fucked me."

Hannah grinned fondly recalling their rought sex tonight.

Josh asked "But how did you know they would go for it?"

Hannah said "I knew they would because you know how they are whenever they come home from having sex with those other people. They're both still really horny. I've heard them when they go to bed. They usually go in their room and fuck like rabbits again on those days."

"But they could have grounded us for doing it, too. Did you think of that?"

"No way. Mom's too horny like me to pass up a kinky situation. I knew she'd talk Daddy into doing it with her."

"I think you just got lucky is all. Until they came into the bathroom naked, I was scared to death they'd yell at us for it."

"I had it all figured out. There was no need to worry. The only thing that I didn't expect was them going to the back yard when they got home. They were supposed to come in the house and catch us by looking into the open bathroom door. I had to improvise, so I opened the window so they could hear us. It still worked out."

"You were lucky, nothing more."

"Maybe. We all got something out of it, even if it took me turning my parents into pedophiles to do it. I can't wait until tonight. I'm going to go lesbian with Mommy while you take care of Daddy."

"Sure, whatever."

"You didn't mind it when Daddy went totally gay on you, or when you sucked his dick for him?"

"I did at first, but feeling someone suck your dick makes you not really care who's doing it, as long as it's being done to you."

"I know what you mean. If Mommy can lick a pussy half as good as Daddy, I'll be happy tonight."

Hannah was becoming slightly aroused thinking about her upcoming lesbian encounter. She spied her brother's small penis between his folded legs and grew restless. She slipped off the thong she was wearing, pushed her little brother back on the bed, and planted her head right over his exposed groin. She wrapped her full lips around his soft little dick and suckled him with her tongue until he was fully erect. Then she climbed on top of him and slipped the dick up inside her wet pussy. Her hips bucked and grinded against the 4 inch extension vulgarly.

She said jokingly "You just keep playing with your joystick while I play with your other one."

Hannah wished it were her father underneath her right now, but Josh would do until tonight. She slammed her ass against the boy's hairless groin over and over, driving the mini-cock up into her horny cunt as deeply as she could. She was doing such a good job at it that her brother decided to forego the video game. He sat it down on the bed and turned his attention to her. With the aid of the springy mattress, he thrust upward into her juicy cunt, matching her rhythmic bouncing. The impacts their groins made sent a nice tingling sensation through Hannah's under-developed reproductive tract. They continued their sexy antics until both had made each other cumm again.

Hannah, exhausted from all the bouncing, fell into a limp heap on the covers beside her younger brother. She smiled at the lad for a job well done.

"That was a good one, Josh. Thanks." she said gratiously out of breath. She kissed him fondly and laid there quietly until she had rested up. Josh went back to playing his video game on the DSI, so she decided to return to her own room to go to sleep.

"Thanks again, you little dweeb." she said playfully.

"No prob." he muttered, his fingers flailing trying to keep up with the action on the screen.

Hannah grabbed her thong along the way as she exited her brother's bedroom, carrying them in her hand. As she pulled the door close, she turned around to discover me standing in the hallway naked.

Surprised by my sudden presence, she stuttered "M-Mom! Um.... what are y-you doing here? I w-was just going to my room t-to go to bed.". Her face turned red from embarrassment.

I said "I'm sure you were. You're probably pretty tired after having your pussy fucked again."

"Oh.... Oh that. I-I was just.... just too excited to go to sleep right away, so I asked Josh to..... to....."

"To fuck you senselessly to help you sleep?" I said to finish her sentence sarcastically.

"Oh, you heard us in there?" she sheepishly asked.

"Yeah, I did, little lady. I was on my way to use the bathroom and I heard you guys moaning in there. But it's okay, now that we're all one big happy sexy family now. I'd imagine you two will be pulling this stunt a lot from now on."

She grinned shyly and agreed. "Yeah...heh heh... I guess so."

"In fact....", I added, "I suspect your father will be doing a little room hopping every now and then from now on now that you're available to him."

"Really? Wow. I can't wait." she quipped enthusiastically, smiling broadly at the idea.

"Well, I have to use the toilet, so go on to your room and get some sleep. There's something I need to explain to you in the morning. Something that is really important."

"Oh....okay, Mommy" she replied.

She looked at me funny, not knowing what I could be talking about. I watched her as she strode naked to her sticker covered door and disappeared into her bedroom, closing the door behind her. Her rounded upside down heart shaped ass shook nicely with every step she took. I remembered back when I was her age and my ass looked like that, not that there's been any complaints on how it looks now.

All the boys used to hit on me at school. Some of them said I looked a little like Candy Loving, the famous Playboy centerfold, I think mostly because I developed early and grew these D-cups by the time I was 16. My Dad had a hell of a time trying to keep the boys at bay, and I didn't help any. I liked the attention my curvy body afforded me and used it to my full advantage. Hell, that's how I passed Social Studies as a junior in high school. Mr Grant was going to fail me until I balled him after school.

When I finished my deed in the bathroom, I stood in front of the full length mirror that was tacked to the inside of the door. I looked at my body, trying to judge whether I still had my girlish appeal still. I cupped my huge breasts, lifted them up on my chest, and let them fall back down again. They were still in pretty good shape, I told myself. They weren't saggy like you see on those porn stars who stay in the business past their prime. The nipples were still out in front and not way down on the ends of the breast like a lot of women, and the aureolas hadn't spread out so big to look freakishly odd. They were about the size of the old silver dollars, just the right size.

I patted my ass to see how much jiggly cellulite was in it. My ass wasn't as firm and tight as Hannah's, but it didn't droop down. I only weighed 130 lbs, so it looked good in my opinion. My only flaw that I could see was the little paunch I had just above my pubic bone, but after two kids, that was normal. I could still pull off a Brazillian thong bikini at the beach with no worries.

Confident in my abilities to appeal to every age of men, I headed back down the hallway to the bedroom. As I entered the hallway, I noticed that Hannah's light was still on. I figured she was up watching TV or something, as she often did on the weekend when she didn't have to go to bed at any set time. I stepped up to her doorway and cracked it open slightly to make sure she wasn't wasting electricity by leaving everything on while she slept. I peeped into her room to discover her kneeling in front of her insatiable father sucking his hard cock greedily, as if she were a starving Ethiopian eating a tasty sausage. He had his hands on both sides of her head, pushing about 4 inches of his rising cock into her sucking mouth.

I walked on into the bedroom, which caught them by surprise, but Steve never stopped his hunching.

"Um.... Hi honey. I was just passing by her room when the urge to get a blowjob hit me, sooooo.... "

"I swear, you two are incorrigible." I said shaking my head grinning. "I knew this was going to happen once we let them join us."

Hannah pulled her father's growing cock from her mouth and said "I can't help it, Mommy. When I see Daddy naked, I just gotta have it.". She giggled, trying to downplay the situation.

My horny little daughter wrapped her soft lips back around his firm member and resumed sucking on it as hard as she could. Steve groaned aloud as she appied the pleasurable suction to his cock.

My own urges emerged as I watched the dirty father and daughter team going at it. My pussy was getting moist from the action.

I said "Steve, show her a good 69. She'll like that."

Hannah perked up and said excitedly "Oooooh, is that where I sit on Daddy's face again?

"Yeah, it is." I replied. "But you're going to suck on him while he eats you out."

"Mmmmmm, that sounds like fun." she said.

Steve climbed up on her bed and layed on his back. Hannah joined him and, without instruction, planted her puffy gash right over his face. He put his fingers into her ass crack and pulled her hips down against his open mouth. His tongue darted in and out of her pussy like Josh's little cock had just minutes earlier. He fondled her small round ass as he devoured her preteen pussy ravenously.

Hannah was moaning and grinding against his face enjoying the intense pleasure her perverted father was giving to her smooth cunt. He was making loud slurping noises as he lapped at his little girl's moist pussy.

I laid beside them with my head close to Hannah's. She opened her mouth wide and swallowed 3 inches of his now hard cock, bobbing her beautiful face up and down on the long erection. I held onto it as if I were feeding it to her. I placed my hand on top of her head and helped to push it down on her father. She was able to take in about half of it before her gag reflex activated.

I spoke to her softly. "Yeah, baby, eat that fat dick. Eat Daddy's dick for him. My little baby girl likes to eat her dirty Daddy's fucking dick. She's our little fuck whore. You like it when Daddy eats your nasty little pussy, too, don't you? Making your Daddy rape you and eat your wet, nasty pussy."

Hannah's mouth was stuffed full of dick, so all she could do was mutter a simple but enthusiastic "Mmmm-HMMM!!" as she swallowed her father's erection into her tiny mouth.

I took my hand off of her head and reached underneath her body. I grabbed one of her small pointed breasts and squeezed the dangling nipple with my thumb and finger. She groaned nicely but didn't stop me. She just looked up at me with a lusty leer and grinned slightly. I clenched my hand into a fist on her tit and got a louder groan from the sharp pain, but she still allowed me to do it. She seemed to like it. I pinched her hardening nipple firmly and pulled it to the side of her body hard.

She let go of her father's cock and exclaimed "Oh god, Mommy! That hurts! You're killing my fucking titty!"

I grinned slyly at her and asked "Do you want me to stop doing it, baby?"

She smiled devilishly and replied "No, Mommy. Keep doing it! I fucking love it!"

I again yanked hard upon her tender titty, making her groan loudly from the sharp pain. I abused her small breasts until they were both a deep shade of red. Her pink nipples and aureolas were rock hard and sore. All I had to do was tap them now to get her to yelp. I knew they'd show bruises in the morning, so I left them alone after that.

Steve was now ravaging her tight little asshole hungrily, probing his long tongue up into her rectal cavity and licking upon the inner lining of her colon. Her pussy was dripping steadily upon his chin and chest as she writhed around from the anal invasion.

Every other minute or so, she would pull her father's hard on from her mouth and hold it over at my face. I eagerly dropped my mouth down upon it and casually deep throated it until his ballsack hit my chin. Hannah was amazed at my ability to swallow the entire thing without gagging. She attempted to do it a few times, but ended up having to stop when her gag reflex hit her.

She looked at me despondently. "How do you do that, Mommy" she asked.

I said "It takes a lot of practice to keep it from gagging you. You have to ignore the gag and just keep going down on it. I'll teach it to you someday."

"Okay, Mommy." she said.

Hannah settled for only being able to handle half of her father's hard cock, resuming her sucking duties on his stiff member.

I happened to notice a plastic cigar tube on Hannah's nightstand that she kept pennies in. Feeling pretty antsy watching them go at each other in a sexy 69, I grabbed the slender tube and laid down with my head by her father's face this time. He was busilly cramming his tongue up into her tight little cunt like a rooting hog. His entire face was covered in her oozing juices, as was her whole groin area.

I rubbed the tip of the cigar tube into the juices and pressed it against her exposed asshole right above Steve's nose. I started slowly, then pushed the imitation phallus down into her rectal cavity. She moaned and looked back at me grinning broadly. She pushed her ass backward in an attempt to push it into her ass deeper, and I took that as an indication she was ready for it. I jabbed the improvised dildo down into her bowels until only the screw on cap was visible between her firm ass cheeks.

Hannah clenched her abdomen and pushed it back out for me. I stopped it when there was only about an inch of it still left inside of her ass. Then I pressed it back inside her tight sphincter again. We repeated the kinky act over and over as her father watched us while eating out her gushing preteen cunt. We kept going like this for another 5 minutes or so before deciding to change to another position.

Her father said "Hannah, 69 your dirty Momma. Get underneath her and eat her pussy out."

He climbed off of the bed so that we could get into place liek he wanted us to. With the cigar tube securely planted in her asshole, Hannah layed on her back and spread her legs. I climbed up on top of her on my knees, placing my waxed pussy right over her pretty young face. She was a little shorter than I was, but the face to pussy alignment still worked out fine.

I folded her legs up against her tender, red breasts to expose her ass and pussy fully, then I leaned forward to her nearly hairless twat, spread her ass cheeks apart with my hands, and began eating her pussy out greedily. I lowered my hips just far enough to keep my pussy hovering right above her nose without smothering her. She started licking her small tongue out at my floppy labia lips and my hard clit bump, slurping and sucking loudly as she did it.

Steve watched us cavort on the bed like mad lesbians for a minute or so, then he joined us on the bed and took up a missionary position right behind my upturned ass.

He looked down at his pretty preteen daughter as she ate my wet cunt mercilessly. She looked up at him as if she was seeking a silent praise from her father for doing as she was told to do. He nodded and smiled at her as she worked on my horny pussy, and that pleased her immensely.

Steve grabbed his cock and wiped the head of it around in the thick clear discharge oozing from my bald pussy. He tipped it down at Hannah's face, and she immediately cleaned the ooze from his cock eagerly.

He said to her "That's what little whores have to learn is to clean off their Daddy's dick when he tells them to."

He dipped his hard cock back into my pussy and coated the head of it with my fluids. This time Hannah grabbed it, pulled it into her mouth, and cleaned off every drop herself.

As she played sex slave with her father, he said "My little girl knows how to make her dirty Daddy happy. She's a fucking cock sucker who likes the taste of her Momma's nasty pussy in her mouth. Don't you, you nasty little bitch?"

She grinned at him and obediently replied "Yes, Daddy! I love Mommy's nasty pussy. I love to eat her fucking cunt for you."

"That's what I expect from dirty little whores like you."

He tapped his hard cock against her open mouth, but wouldn't let her put it in her mouth. He teased her with it, playing keepaway while she whimpered for it.

She begged "Please, dirty Daddy, please give me that fucking big dick! I want your big fat dick so bad, Daddy!"

"Show me how bad you want my fucking dick, you little bitch! Put your tongue on Mommy's clit and keep it there."

She did as she was told. Hannah placed her tongue right against my clit and waited for her father.

Steve leaned forward and put his dick about an inch inside my pussy. He grunted, and I felt something wet strike the inner walls of my sloppy vagina momentarily, then stop. He pulled out of my pussy and out seeped an ounce or two of his smelly urine into Hannah's open mouth. The acrid taste surprised her at first, but she instantly knew what it was. She kept her head still as it ran down into her mouth and covered her tongue with a musky, salty taste.

When his daughter swallowed it down and put her mouth back up to my pussy for more, he grinned.

"Now that's a good little girl. Good little whores know to do what their dirty daddies make them do."

He put his dick back into my pussy and squirted a few more ounces of his piss up into me. Hannah was there and eagerly sucked the smelly urine out of my vagina. Not wanting to wait for it anymore, Hannah grabbed his dick and pulled it down into her mouth.

"More, Daddy! More piss! I want your nasty piss, Daddy! Give it to me."

Her father unloaded his full bladder into her sucking mouth. She tried to keep up with it by swallowing it down as fast as she could, but some of it leaked out from around her lips and ran all over her face and into her long blonde hair. He paused long enough for her to catch her breath and swallow what she had, then they resumed. Our daughter defiled herself by drinking every drop of bitter piss he was willing to let her have. The final few ounces were shot right onto her face, which she seemed to enjoy greatly. Using her hands, she smeared the stinking fluid around on her face like it was face cream, licking her tongue out vulgarly at her father as she did it.

Complimenting her efforts, Steve said "Our dirty little girl is turning out to be a great whore, Momma. She learns fast."

Hannah grabbed his cock, put her soft lips around the reddish head, and sucked her cheeks in hard to get out any remaining pee from his urethra. Her tongue darted in and out of the hole in the tip, which her father adored.

I was eating out her flooding pussy ravenously at the opposite end of the bed. As I drilled my long tongue as deep as I could down into her clenching pussy, I worked the plastic cigar tube in and out of her puckered asshole. Her slender hips bucked against my face, grinding her puffy gash up against my open mouth in favorable response.

Steve reached down to Hannah's sore chest and pushed down on the reddened orbs, mashing them against her ribcage. She yelped from the soreness I had inflicted upon them earier, but not minding him doing it. He pinched her hard nipples like I did, pulling the points upward against her weight. She squealed, her poor preteen breasts aching horribly, but her outcries were intermingled with pleased moans as well. Her big eyes watered from the soreness, but she laid there and let him keep doing it with a sadistic smile on her face.

Her father said "Momma, I can't wait until her tits get as big as yours. Then I can really have some good fun with them."

That was a good possibility. The women in my family were all blessed with big natural breasts. My mom, my aunt, my older sister, and even my grandma were all notorious for their huge racks. There wasn't a set of tits smaller than a C-cup in the whole bunch.

Steve took up position behind my exposed ass. He gripped his raging boner and pressed the head of it against my wet pussy. He thrust forward and buried the whole thing up inside my pissy cunt, forcing it past the elastic cervical band in my womb quite easily. He pounded my cunt mercilessly as Hannah watched from below.

He said "Get to licking, little whore. Eat your slutty Momma's pussy while I fuck it!"

I felt my young daughter's tongue begin lapping at my urine soaked gash and clit again underneath me. I moved my hips in small circles against her outstretched tongue and Steve's thick cock as they both pleasured my backside relentlessly.

As I ate out Hannah's sweet tasting slit, I kneaded her immature puffy labia lips between my thumb and index finger gently. She moaned softly from the pleasant massage. I've always loved the look a child's pussy has. Hannah's loose labia hadn't quite developed fully yet. Her pussy resembled two curved fingers held together with only the slightest tuft of blonde pubic hair at the very top of her undeveloped slit. You had to pry the fat lips apart to view the soft, pink, tender flesh inside, whereas an older woman merely had to spread her legs to expose her vaginal canal.

And the taste.... I had never tasted a woman's pussy before that was as sweet as my daughters. Maybe it was because she was so young, or maybe it was because she hadn't had multitudes of men invade her pussy yet, I didn't know. There was hardly any musky taste or fishy aromas like older women normally have. It was like when you have sex in a dream and odors and flavors don't occur. Her pussy was perfect.

Steve would pull out of my cunt every now and then and make Hannah clean my thick lubricating juices from his hard cock. He would move his dick around in her mouth, making it bulge her smooth cheeks out vulgarly. He'd also jam 2 or 3 of his fingers into my sopping gash and shove them into her mouth to make her ingest more of my juices.

He said "Mmmmm, I love little lesbian whores like you, Hannah. You're gonna be a great fuck slut. Little horny cunts like you are hard to come by. I just wish we could bring you along when we go out to fuck other people. I'd love to see you get your tight cunt and your shitty asshole stuffed at the same time by me and some other fat cock at the same time. Or watch your dirty Momma and a couple more ladies go to town on your little body in a big fucking lez fest."

Steve must have enjoyed the idea of his little girl getting double-teamed a lot because he started slamming my pussy feverishly after he mentioned it. It sent my big dangling breasts to swaying and hitting me against the chin. I hand to brace my hands against Hannah's head board to keep him from driving my head against it, he was impacting against my upturned ass so hard. I heard him groan loudly behind me, then he drove his hard cock up inside my wet pussy as far as it would go.

"NNNNGGGGHHHHH!!!!" he exclaimed as he filled my empty womb with a massive dose of thick, salty sperm. He kept it buried up inside me until his balls pumped every last little drop of his man seed up in there.

He pulled out of my sticky cunt and pushed his still erect cock into our immature daughter's mouth. She took in half of it and suckled the mixture of my pussy juices and his incestuous sperm from the end of it.

He said as she cleaned him off "You'd better get used to that flavor, my sweet little fuck buddy. You're going to be tasting that a lot from here on out."

When Hannah had licked away every last bit of her parent's illicit fluids, she looked up at him from under his ballsack and said, grinning broadly, "I can't wait, Daddy. I'm looking forward to it."

Steve shifted his body backward until he was sitting on the bed with his legs spread alongside of Hannah's upper body. His balls were about 3 inches from the top of her head. He looked down at his beautiful daughter lovingly and played with her urine damp hair. She smiled up at him adoringly, ever the obedient little girl who loved her Daddy without question.

When his semen started oozing out of my ravaged pussy, her dirty father pushed down on my ass to bring it closer to Hannah's face, making sure her lips touched against my sperm coated labia.

"Eat up, my dear. You have a lot of sperm to dig out of your Mommy's nasty pussy." he told her authoritatively.

She opened her mouth on cue and jutted out her tongue, pushing it in between my loose labia lips. She reached up and spread my slit apart with her thumbs to give her full access to my dripping vaginal canal. She lapped at the thick white goo seeping out of my cunt greedily, flailing her tongue all over on my sensitive flesh and hard clit bump to get at it. It felt amazing on my pussy, whatever she was doing to it. She was determined to dig out every last drop of her father's incestuous seed from my loins.

No to be outdone, I turned my attention to her swollen clit and bladder opening. I sucked hard upon the hard bump at the top of her puffy gash. She squealed from the overstimulation I was putting upon it with my trained mouth and ate out my dripping pussy even faster. I also pursed my lips and applied intense suction on her tiny urethral opening that led into her bladder. More than once I extracted a mouthful of her rancid piss from the miniscule hole and swallowed it down.

We were both going at it like wild savages. She licking and digging at my cumm filled cunt ferociously, and me licking and suckling upon her tender folds and urinary tract trying to get more and more from her writhing little naked body. Our mutual efforts paid off in the form of a mutually shared double climax.

We both shouted out loud as our orgasms hit our bodies simultaneously. A very loud grunt for me, "NNNNNGGGHHH!!!!", and a very vocal "AAAHHHHNNNNGGHHH!!!!!!" that echoed throughout her bedroom for my trembling little daughter.

I had to push myself sideways to keep from falling down upon Hannah when my strength left my legs and arms. I landed on my side and basked in the glory of another great climax this evening. The two of us lay there on the bed satisfied with ourselves that we had done a great job to get each other off so completely.

When my senses returned, I crawled and turned my body to lay parallel with Hannah face to face. I could smell the urine in her long hair when I laid my face next to hers. I would have to wash her blanket tomorrow.

Her cheeks and chin were covered in thick clear slime and stringy white sperm from my climax ejecting the contents of my womb onto her pretty, youthful face. I licked off what sperm I could and kissed her deeply in the mouth. She reciprocated and lashed her tongue against mine, sharing the flavor of her father's incest in my mouth. Then I laid my arm across her bare chest and pulled her up against me tightly. We grinned affectionately at one another and snuggled.

Steve hopped up off of the bed and leaned over us. He gave us each a quick peck on the lips and said "You two were wonderful. I'm going to go do a quick whore bath and clean the sticky from my groin. Hannah, you be sure to wash your hair and face before you go to sleep."

She replied "I think I'm just going to take a whole shower, Daddy. Mommy got my pussy pretty sticky, too. It'll be quicker that way."

"Okay, honey. Barb, you coming to bed in a minute?"

"Yeah, I'll be in there once I get Hannah all cleaned up."

"Okay. See you in a bit."

Steve disappeared through the bedroom door down the dimly lit hallway. We heard him turn on the sink faucet and wash up, then he went into our bedroom.

I got up from the bed and told Hannah "Baby, hop up. I have to take this pissy blanket off the bed so I can wash it tomorrow. We'll get you washed up, too, so you can finally get some rest. It's 1 am now."

After dismounting her bed, she said "It's okay, Mommy. It's the weekend and tomorrow is Saturday. I don't have school or anything."

"I know, but you need your rest. You've had a big night tonight."

She looked at me thoughtfully and asked "Mommy, what was it you wanted to tell me earlier when we were in the hallway?"

"It's okay, baby. We can talk about it in the morning. It's kind of late now."

Impatient to wait for the answer, she insisted I tell her. "Please, Mommy. Please tell me."

She hit me with a really good begging puppy look with those big, gorgeous Anna Sophia Robb eyes of hers and I couldn't resist.

"Okay, okay. I'll tell you while you take your shower."

She grinned and darted off for the bathroom. I gathered her blanket up in my arms and inspected the sheets underneath it. They were still dry. Luckily her father hadn't peed enough for it to soak through to them. That saved me from having to change her sheets tonight at least. When he gets a notion to do something, her father doesn't think about the clean up afterward. He's too impetuous and just goes ahead and does it anyway.

I carried the blanket into the bathroom and dropped it into the clothes hamper sitting across the room. Hannah was adjusting the faucet to temper the water. She hopped into the tub once she got it to her liking and began shampooing her hair to rid it of the urine odor. She left the curtain open, obviously to let me watch her bathe. I sat down on the closed lid of the toilet and enjoyed the show.

She was soaping up her nubile body with a bar of soap and looked over at me.

"Mommy, what were you going to tell me?"

It was hard to concentrate to tell her what I was about to reveal to her. She was so pretty, so smooth, so taut. It was exciting to see her soaping up her beautiful, young body right in front of me like that. My bisexual side was yearning to climb over into the bath tub with her so I could run my soapy hands all over her delectable body again, but I resisted the temptation. I looked up at her face to keep my mind on what I wanted to say to her.

I spoke seriously and said "Baby, there's something I need to tell you.... about my side of the family. Something I was hoping had skipped you, but after tonight, I can tell you've got it, too."

She looked at me worried like I was about to tell her she had cancer or something.

Concerned, she asked "W-What is it, Mommy?"

"There's something I have to tell you about us Charles women. You see, there's a reason why you are so horny and explorative all the time."

"What's that, Mommy?" she queried curiously.

"You see, baby, the Charles women all have a condition called 'Nymphomania'. Do you know what that is?"

Hannah thought for a second, then replied "No. What is it, Mommy?"

"It's a condition where a woman wants to have sex a lot. They stay horny all the time. Their bodies make too much of a certain hormone and it makes them want to have an orgasm all the time."

She was riveted to my words. It helped explain her yearnings for sex lately, and her cooking up the whole plan to entice me and her father into having sex with her, although I knew nothing of her plan at that time myself. I only found out about it much later in her teens.

Curious, she asked "But why do we get it?"

I said "We don't really know why us Charles women have it. When did your horniness start? When your periods started?"

"Yeah. How did you know?"

"That's when it usually happens, when we hit puberty. You remember the talk we had when your period started, how I told you your body changes and starts to grow into a woman? That's what triggers the gene in us that makes us horny all the time."

Hannah pondered the explanation I had given her intently. She took a moment to let it register in her mind, then looked up at me.

"So.... I'm going to be horny all the time from now on?", she asked me sort of worriedly.

"I'm afraid so, baby. That's why I wanted to talk to you once I knew you had it, too."

"So you have it, too?"

"Yes, baby, I have it, too. I guess that's what got me started swinging with other married couples. You have it, I have it, your Grandma had it, and your Aunt Sadie has it. All of us Charles women do."

Hannah stopped scrubbing her body and let the fact sink into her brain fully. It explained a lot, she said to herself. Her excess horniness and and her inability to keep from daydreaming about boys and sex for the past 6 months or so. She thought it was normal for women to feel this way, despite how she saw her friends and the media portray sex as something that was to be chaste and discreet about. She thought everyone else just had better self control to be able to handle the constant urges she was experiencing. How could they not keep from ripping each others clothes off and have wild sex whenever and wherever they felt like it?

I could see the wheels turning in Hannah's mind from her expression of self discovery. I did the same thing the day my mother sat me down and explained nymphomania to me at puberty after she discovered me having sex with an older boy from my school up in my bedroom when I thought everyone was out of the house. She was down in our basement doing some spring cleaning when she came upstairs with a load of junk to throw away. She heard me and the boy moaning down the stairs and found us locked in a very intense doggy style fuckathon. Mom told me after he left that she had silently watched us through the ajar door for 20 minutes, kneeling pantless in the hallway masturbating to us having sex. She didn't want to shame me by barging in and putting a stop to it, so she let the boy finish and leave first. As I was washing his sperm off of my face in the bathroom, she came in and explained the curse of the Charles women to me.

Hannah looked over at me and asked "So I'm not the weird kid who thinks about sex all the time?"

With a sympathetic smile, I said "No, baby. You're just fine. Just a little different than everyone else, that's all."

She looked relieved. "Geez, I thought I was some kind of wierdo or something since no one else acted horny all the time. My friends would talk about liking boys and stuff, but they never talked dirty and said they wanted to fuck them all like I wanted to say."

"That's one reason I wanted to talk to you, Hannah. I know right now your body is making you do things that other girls wouldn't ever do themselves. I know how hard it is to fight those urges, but it can be done with a little practice. I had to cope with the constant urge to have sex myself. I was just lucky enough to find a man who has a similar sexual appetite. Your father has the libido of a 14 year old. It's the only way he can keep up with me. And when we were introduced to swinging, that gave us an added outlet to further quell my sex drive and keep our constant sexual activity from becoming stale and boring."

Hannah resumed scrubbing her body under the cascading water eminating from the overhead shower sprayer. Once she was finished, I handed her a fresh towel to dry off with. As she dried her smooth, nearly hairless dripping body off, she queried me for more info about coping with the condition.

Curiously, she asked me "Mom, how did you do it? I mean, how did you keep from fucking every boy you met in school? I walk down the halls and have to tell myself not to pull some boy into the bathroom and have sex with him."

I said "It was really hard when it first hit me. I was like you, I wanted to fuck every good looking boy at school. I thought I was alone in this since none of my friends ever acted that way. But after your grandma and aunt talked to me and told me they had it too, I felt normal again knowing that other women had the same condition that I did. I wasn't alone anymore and they gave me a lot of support to keep my urges at bay. They introduced me to my first official dildo, an 8 inch latex vibrator that looked like a real penis. I used that a lot to keep my need for sex calmed down. We'll stop at the Pleasure Castle and pick one out for you when I take you to the doctor for your birth control. You can use it to get off on so you won't be so horny all the time."

I was probably the coolest mother in the world at that moment. Here I was discussing sex and dildoes and boys openly with my young daughter just as casually as any other mother would be talking to their own daughters about clothes or buying an Ipad. Hannah expressed her devotion to my open mindedness by sitting on my lap and giving me a very affectionate hug. I wrapped my arms around her narrow shoulders and pulled her tightly against me.

"Thank you for telling me, Mommy. I love you so much." she expressed.

"You're my baby, Hannah. I love you more than anyone else in the world, baby. I'll always be here for you when you need me."

I laid her pretty head against my shoulder and patted it gently and reassuringly. She sat there and hugged me for what seemed like 5 minutes before getting drowsy and yawning. I stood her up and steered her back to her bedroom. Hannah slipped underneath the sheets still naked and covered herself with the sheets. I found a quilted throw on her hope chest and laid that over her to replace the urine dampened blanket I removed from her bed.

I kissed her on the forehead and said "Good night, baby. We can talk more in the morning if you want to."

She said "Okay, Mommy. Good night."

Hannah smiled as I walked away and flicked off her light. I heard her crunch her body into the fetal position behind me as I closed her door. That was her favorite position to sleep in.

I stepped into my bedroom and found Steve on his side already asleep. I guess the poor feller was drained of energy as well as bodily fluids. I slipped into bed quietly and spooned against his back, thinking about the wild, kinky events of the night. It's not everyday you introduce incest and pedophilia into an already markedly taboo swinger relationship.


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