This one's for the ladies. Although there is no gay scenes, there is two males on one female in the first stanza.
Chapter 9

James and Mike turned around to find Ying putting a vibrator through the ring of her butt plug. Jenny was playing with her own vibrator on her patch of red hair. James decided that Cathleen could be a real turn off at times as the scene before him didn’t even get him aroused.

“You’d think the killjoy would be easier on you since you saved her ass today.” Mike thought out loud.

James sighed, “She has a lot to deal with. The media must be up her ass over me. Police reports have to be filed. She almost got kidnapped. I killed a guy right in front of her. Her security isn’t all that secure. I send you upstairs to get drama started. A major deal involving millions of dollars is being struck for her corporation. The stress just piles up.” James surmised.

“You heard what she said.” Mike pointed out. “She probably needs some dick.” he chuckled.

James gave that some consideration and said, “You are absolutely right.” grabbing sweats out of his drawer, “Let’s go give her some.” and headed into the bathroom to clean up.

“Really, are you sure about that?” Mike said surprised, “I don’t look good in hand cuffs.” grabbing his loaners off the dresser, “And I don’t need my ball spanked.”

“Yep, we are going to lay the dick in her. Trust me, she’ll like it.” James assured him, coming out and grabbing his phone and keycard.

“Ok, what are we doing with those?” Mike asked, pointing to the girl toys playing with their sex toys.

James had a solution for that, “Ying, teach her everything you know about being a sex slave. We’ll be back in a little while.” James instructed. “We’ll quiz her when we get back.”

Mike agreed, that would be awesome, “Good idea!” he exclaimed, and headed to the bathroom to clean up.

James watched Ying show Jen some clips on the net while he waited on Mike. Jenny was soaking it up, especially the array of vibrators being used on the bound women in the clip. The girl obviously had a thing for vibrators. He pulled out another one from his drawer and gave it to her. “You can keep this one.” handing her the green phallus.

Mike came out and was ready to go. James led the way out the door. As they entered the corridor, Lisa came out of her room.

“Where are you guys going?” she asked, so they gave her a quick rundown on their intent to lay the much needed dick in her sister. James figured that double pleasure might get her out of a bad mood.

Lisa smiled a lusty smile and said, “You two could fuck me.” running a finger down his chest.

James just knew she would say that, “Or we could please the one that pays the bills.”

She blew him off with that, “So what’s Ying doing?” she asked.

“Um, she is giving a course in submissive sex.” James explained vaguely.

“Really, that’s interesting. You say giving a course eh?” Lisa asked, smelling a fish that wasn’t swimming.

“Yeah… I got to go.” James replied, still avoiding the issue.

“Ok, I’ll get Link, he could use some lessons.” Lisa quipped, and headed back into her room.

James tapped Mike, “Let’s get outta here before the shit hits the fan.” and bolted for the elevator.

In the elevator Mike asked, “What’s wrong? Lisa wouldn’t be happy with me having a slave?”

James explained, “Oh, she would probably be happy for you but I didn’t want to be around when she found out. Everything turns that girl on. We would wind up fucking her instead of Cathleen if she got her way.”

Mike smiled at that, “I guess she is a little sex craved.” He speculated, “One true nympho there.”

The elevator stopped at Level 1 and a woman entered. Mike recognized her, “Hi Sharon.”

Red hair and large breasts, James should have guessed. He decided to keep out of the conversation, not wanting the drama to deal with.

“Mike, how’s my daughter?” Sharon asked, looking at him intently.

“She was all tied up a little while ago.” Mike smiled, “She’s taking a training course right now.” and smiled bigger.

“Good, make sure you beat her ass and tell her it’s from me.” She replied, “And you look better without lipstick.” stepping out of the elevator on the first floor.

“I sure will.” Mike assured her, “And thanks!” as the elevator closed.

James was completely puzzled. How a mother could possibly allow their daughter to become a sex slave baffled him. It was an issue he preferred not to be a part of and was glad he stayed out of it. He was just going to add it to the crazy crap and move on.

“You think she’d be good in bed?” Mike asked, as the elevator took them higher.

James was lost in his own thoughts but heard his question, “Who?”

“Mrs. Francis.” he answered.

“Sharon Francis? I have no clue.” James said, still surprised at his friend’s thoughts coming from his dick.

“I was just wondering.” Mike said, as the elevator let them out on the fourth floor. “I would like to try mother daughter sex.”

“Wonder some other time, we got business to take care of now.” James said, and went over the game plan he came up with. Since neither one was gay, they agreed to focus on Cathleen and forget the other one.

They walked in to an open door. James hesitated on knocking as the sight of Jack, wearing the strap-on, was humping away on Cathleen. Mike had his eyes full and started heading right in.

“Excuse me Miss, would you like a real one?” James asked, holding Mike back and bringing Cathleen’s head around.

“What the hell are you doing up here? I thought you were busy with the delinquent.” Cathleen huffed, still getting it from Jack.

“You got us excited watching you on the monitor. We decided to get the real thing.” James replied, walking over to the bed. Mike beat him there, checking on Jack’s technique.

“Shouldn’t you be putting ice on your balls? They have to be killing you.” Cathleen asked, rising up on her elbows.

“They sure are; I was hoping you could make them feel better.” James quipped.

Tilting her head and looking at him, she said, “Jack, take a break.” and waited for her to dismount. Jack seemed a little disappointed as if she did all that work for nothing. She grabbed her maid outfit and headed out. James found it weird to watch a girl walk with a strap-on. It was just… weird somehow.

Cathleen sat up on the edge of the bed and she looked at James again, “So, the girls in your room just weren’t good enough for you?” she teased, “You had to find a real woman, is that it?”

James smiled at her play, “You figured me out. But I had to bring Mike. You’re more of a woman than one man can handle.” he replied, lowering his sweats in front of her.

“Stop it, that’s enough out of you. I recognize bull shit when I hear It.” she chastised, cupping his unveiled balls. “I almost died watching that book slap into these. How are they doing really?” she asked, in sincerity.

“They were knocked out of the park by that homerun Ying made.” James chuckled, “But they’re definitely feeling better with you massaging them.” watching the smile cross her lips as he spoke.

Mike stripped and took a seat beside her. Reaching over, he caressed her left breast.

“Let me see if I can get some life back into them.” she suggested, and slipped his cock in her mouth.

Mike scooted back and wrapped his legs around Cathleen, “Let me see if I can get some tension out of you.” Scooting in close, he massaged her back and moved her hair off of her cheeks. Caressing her shoulders, he worked his way down to her sides. Still massaging, his hands approached her breasts. Starting at the bottom of her breasts, he massaged his way up until he had both, kneading his way to her nipples.

James felt his balls as they stiffened in her hand, his cock lurched at her prodding tongue. He grabbed the sides of her head and caressed while she worked him over. She had him cock, stock, and balls with her mouth’s talented efforts and he grew to his full erection. She took him in and out and stroked his shaft, knowing just how to make him aroused. All James could do was moan.

Cathleen wasn’t used to having two men at once. The feel of hands on her breasts while tasting a different cock was raising her passion high. It was enhanced even more as she felt Mike’s hands lower to her moistened hotspot. She spread herself for his access and he groped her wet pussy. To make it even more exciting, Mike dropped his other hand, pinching and squeezing her lips.

Mike was getting the skills he’d learned honed on the sexy heiress. Wanting to make it special for her, he nibbled on her shoulders and neck as he played. You cannot play with a woman’s charms and not be seriously affected, his manhood rose in the small of her back while he coated his fingers in her fluids.

James picked up where Mike left off and cupped her breasts in his hands. Kneading and caressing, he humped himself slowly in the mouth of his billionaire lover. Knowing they were giving her a new experience made him even more excited and pinched her softly and rolled on her nipples, determined to give her the maximum amount pleasure.

Cathleen was taken from her cares of the day to the attention she was now receiving. A cock in her mouth, balls in her hands, her breasts massaged and her pussy fondled was only enhanced by the raging hard-on in the small of her back. It definitely made the fake one of Jack’s pale in comparison. Just when she thought she had never had it so good, her nipples were tweaked while her clit was pinched and fingers entered her sex.

Mike had timed it perfectly, circling her entrance with one hand’s fingers while circling her clit with the other. Watching James as he progressed on her breasts, he entered and pinched at the same time James rolled her nipples. The result was rewarding as Cathleen moaned on the cock that she was servicing.

James smiled at the moan that vibrated on his shaft as he felt it in his balls. “So good.” he said, as he felt her tongue work. Whatever it was that Mike had done was timed exactly right. James pulled himself away from her lips and leaned her back on Mike. Bending on knees, he fed on her breasts in his hands.

Whatever she felt from a man’s lusty touch in the past was bland in comparison. Used to having two hands caress her was multiplied by ten with four. Mike on her sex and James on her breasts yielded so many sensations, administered at the same time. It was like an orchestra with the two playing in sync. As James would suckle a nipple, Mike would tweak her clit. It was too much to deal with and her senses overloaded, bringing her to a shuttering orgasm.

Mike watched his partner intently, working on the breasts of Cathleen. He made sure to time his moves with the contact James was making on her nipples. Upon her body caving in to bliss, he worked her even faster. While he twiddled her clit and prodded her entrance, James sucked, squeezed, and tugged on her breasts. Feeling her come down from her high, he eased up on his fondling of her sex.

Cathleen blew apart at the touch of four hands and two mouths, quivering in their groping. The man behind her eased on his play and left her in post orgasmic revelry. She wasn’t there long as James picked up her legs and forced her back on the bed. Mike moved, placing a pillow in his stead and let her lie on the Parisian sheets. Opening her eyes, she saw the man that played on her sensitive nipples raise up. Glancing to her side, she saw the man that masturbated her to orgasm.

“I believe you had an orgasm and I’m dying to get to taste it. Don’t worry though; we’ll make you make more.” James said, and then dropped to her sex. The glistening sight in the bedroom light of her orgasm on her cunt had James anxious in his lust for the wet creamy substance. He prepared his meal and played with his food with fingers over her lips. Spreading her lips with two fingers and pinching her clit with two others, James lowered his mouth, sticking out his tongue, and savored the juice from her orgasm.

Mike was a little jealous as James took what he brought out of her. But he thought of something that James gave up and inserted his cock between her abandoned lips. He approached her from the side as to not block her breasts from his play while she milked him with her mouth. He was pleasantly surprised as she cupped his sack in her hand.

The bastard refused to let her hate him as he made a promise to give her more pleasure. Every time he fucks up he winds up fucking and everything seems to turn out fine. She let her mind release her worries as Mike offered her his cock. She had more pressing concerns as James spread her lips wide open. Mike took to caressing her breasts with passion and James massaged her ass. A cock filled her mouth as a tongue filled her hole and she was left holding Mike’s bag. What the hell can she do with her other hand, since they seemed to have everything covered? She opted to grab James’ hair.

James worked his magic with nose and chin bringing her to the edge again. He watched the play on Mike’s rigid shaft and tongued in every time Mike’s cock entered her mouth. If she licked so did James and tonguing gave her the same. Cathleen caught on it seemed and went faster on her servicing. The more she fucked Mike into her mouth, the faster James tongue fucked her hole. She brought her own self off by controlling her mouth on his cock.

The lass with class upon his shaft was driving him crazy and knowing it. He tried to concentrate on something unpleasant to keep from filling her mouth. She wasn’t getting what she was wanting; he was saving it for someplace else. He focused on the breasts in his hands and the actions of his best friend’s bobbing head. She fucked herself instead of him and he smiled just watching her scream on his cock.

She humped out her pleasure in little short bursts and James swallowed what she offered. When she came down from her peak, he released her to recoup her energy. Looking up he was worried that Mike wouldn’t hold on from the sensations she was lustfully giving. But he worried for nothing as Mike pulled back and still showed his rigid pole. James turned away from the cock in a hurry; it just wasn’t his cup of tea and focused instead at the women in front of him.

“What do you think Mike? She’s pretty hot. You think she could handle double trouble?” James asked, reminding him of a porno they both watched when they were in high school visiting a mutual friend. A guy had two women work their way down on him. They talked about the scene for a long time. Both secretly fantasized about it.

Mike looked at her with a studious face and said, “I bet she comes hard on phase three.”

Cathleen had no clue what the duo had planned but it sure seemed interesting to her. She let them plot while she caught her breath and readied for whom or whatever.

The pair moved her to the center of the bed and each took a place beside her. James drew a finger from her forehead to her slit, “This half’s mine.” he said lustily, and Mike then claimed the other. James grabbed her leg with his leg and spread it away from her center. Mike did the same with her other leg, leaving her wide open for anything, everything, and whatever.

James pulled her chin to face him and gave her a deep, tongue filled, kiss. Mike pulled her chin to face him and gave her the same deep, tongue filled, kiss.

Cathleen was embarrassed as she kissed two men, one right after the other. Since one had her orgasm on his breath, she passed it on to the other. They both started on a cheek and worked their way back to her ears. They tongued, nibbled and sucked and yes, they even got behind her ears. She had to giggle at the tickling she got as their breaths blew on her neck.

‘Ok’ she thought when the vampires sucked on her sensitive neck in unison. ‘That’s good’ she thought as they each grabbed a breast and kissed their way down to them. It was strange to have two different owners to hands that played with her mounds. They were the same but somehow different that made it seem so unique. She broke out in goose bumps from feeling their touching.

They kissed and sucked on her undersides and worked their way to the middles. “Oh my God!” she screamed as they each sucked in a nipple. Her hands flayed in the air as they each held an arm captive. “No, no, no!” she screamed as they both treated them like little cocks and sucked them in and out. To make the hairs on the back of her neck stand up, they each made sure to nip her buds on exits.

‘Phase three was a good bet’ she thought as Cathleen screamed into orgasm without a single touch on her pussy. The boys held her from leaving with their arms and their legs and she shattered the sound barrier in screams. The son-of-a-bitches worked together, bobbing up and down on each nipple. They softened their teasing as she came down and both released her breasts simultaneously.

“What happened?” James asked, so innocently. “Did you say something dear?”

She gasped out her reply, “Yes… I believe… Mike has won his bet.” as they continued to caress her sensitive orbs.

“No, I lost.” Mike admitted, sounding a little disappointed, “Since that was only phase two.” lightly caressing her underside breast and down to her pelvis center.

“So what is phase...? Oh!” she said, as her future looked brighter if what she thought were true.

James smiled at her revelation and got back to work on her charms. Mike did the same and worked his way down where her leg met her groin. James met him there and had a word with his lifelong friend beside him, “Sorry if I get too close but I’m going to try to forget about you.” Mike chuckled at that and had a reply, “I’ve already forgotten about you.” James laughed and asked, “You want the pussy?” and Mike said, “Not after your chops have been on it.” James was almost offended at that and said, “Fine, you get to eat her ass.” and smiled.

They lifted her legs to her chest and started on ass cheeks and James headed north to plunder. Mike stayed where he was and headed west to find his golden nugget. Both lifted a hand and kneaded a breast as they feasted all over her flesh. They timed it right as they monitored each other and dove on their selected holes in sync.

Cathleen couldn’t describe the sensations on her ass when both went to nibbling and sucking. She could get used to that; but the men had more mischievous plans. One worked his way into her inner ass cheek and sucked it in his mouth. The other worked his way up and sucked in her pussy lips. With her legs already on two backs, she couldn’t close them at all, leaving her at their mercy. They both started licking around her holes and she could definitely get used to that. Just as she was settled on it and enjoying the wonderful lapping, the two assholes playing with her nether stabbed their tongues in both of her holes at the same time.

She humped up in reflex which may or may not have been a mistake. But that had given each man better access and they pounded their faces in her sex. They did it different but just the same. One was in while the other was out or both where in at the same time. Not knowing what to expect, she decided to orgasm instead.

There wasn’t a lick between them but she felt them just the same. They both made sure she climbed the walls while lying folded on her bed. She couldn’t figure out if it was the tongue in her pussy or the one in her ass that made her go over. In the end she decided she went over from both. Having nowhere to go but in their mouths, she screamed and erupted there.

Letting her down easy from orgasm, they both let go of her legs. Caressing her pussy lips and inner thighs, they waited while she recovered. They discussed the orgasm she had, both claiming to be the one that put her over. They came to the same conclusion Cathleen did, they both had put her over.

“Did you see her ass quiver?” Mike asked and James shook his head and said, “I know her pussy sure did.”

“You want to fuck her first?” James offered, man-handling her sex over to him. But Mike turned it down, “I won’t last no time in her, you better go first to make it last.” handing her sex back to him, knowing James had more self-control.

“Well somebody fuck me.” Cathleen stated, “Quit tossing my ass like its meat.”

Mike climbed up to her head and knelt by her side. “I want those beautiful lips.” He said, shaking his cock in her face, “Right here.”

“I’m going to cum all over you.” James said, and got busy working her pussy with the head of his cock again.

“You’re not wasting all that on me; I’m getting up to get some.” She said, and then stuck Mike’s cock in her mouth to indicate the discussion was over.

James shrugged his shoulders and gave her what she wanted, stabbing his cock in her. She grunted from his small attacks but kept right on sucking. James played around on tits and clit while he pumped his manhood in her. Pulling out and playing on her clit, he would stick it back in for more thrusts. Upon tiring of his play, he thrust in again and continued on his journey.

Cathleen was in heaven with a cock humping her mouth while another humped in her pussy. But just as she was getting familiar, James would pull out and rub her clit with his cock. She knew he would get down to business eventually and he was just adding more fuel to the fire. It wouldn’t be long… ah, there he goes, and she was fucked hard into bliss.

Mike feared for his dick as her orgasm hit, she screamed with a mouthful of him. He hoped she had enough sanity left to keep from biting down on him. Just to make sure he pumped a few times to remind her it was there.

James didn’t let up even with her pussy clamping and pumped as fast as he could, he was going to go over sooner than later but he wanted to give her a good round. After she simmered down a little he did another signature move. Lifting a hand to help her more, he rubbed her clit with the same rhythm he was pumping.

‘What the hell is he doing?’ she thought, her orgasm was over now. But you couldn’t tell the raging beast that because he kept on pumping inside her. He must have known something she didn’t because his fingers were fondling her clit. Together they climbed to the height of their passion and she came again in abundance. James held back long enough to get her off and pulled out at the very last moment.

‘Fuck this’, Mike thought as he seen Cathleen launch into another spasm. He pulled out this time and held his meat while he watched the two grind on each other. He hadn’t seen women cum so much until James showed him it was possible. Now he witnessed yet another girl get socked with a multiple orgasm.

James pulled out and shot his first wad straight up Cathleen’s chest. His next shot wasn’t wasted as she opened her mouth over on it. She took the third in her mouth with her lips wrapped around him. The fourth met air as she fell back from her orgasm and he fountained on her breasts. She wore it with pride as she massaged it in, coating her nipples with it.

James calmed down and regained his breath, looking at his after effects. Like a mischievous urchin, he smiled a guilty smile, so proud of the mess he made.

Mike said, “My turn. Put me in coach.” and got up off the bed. James traded places with Mike, giving up the saddle of her crotch. He opted to take over the hole he originally started from.

Cathleen was tired, dead dog tired. She lost count of all the orgasms. But she was in a delusional mood, believing she was more woman than one man could handle. Opening up and letting him in, she began to clean the cock that serviced her.

Mike was anxious to get started; he was all achy from it. His cock had been teased long enough and now it was his turn. But as he entered the sleeve James was in, his ego threw him for a loop. If James can bring out such powerful orgasms, he could probably do the same. He didn’t care if he outdid him but he could at least match him in this game.

James let her clean him off then eased away from her. Grabbing her soggy breasts in hands, he massaged his mess on them. Finding a few drops together, he raked it up and offered it to her mouth. She sucked off its goo and quickly throated the rest of his finger.

Kissing her forehead, he went back to work, teasing and scratching her breast. He watched Mike as he played on her clit with his cock then dipped to rub her ass with it. The man had changed, James had thought and, it seemed, much for the better. Instead of humping and dumping, he’s more interested in pleasing. He gave up on his observance and bent low to Cathleen’s mouth, offering her his nipple.

Mike was going mad, she actually sucked James’ cum soaked finger! Now she’s sucking his nipple and his own tingled from just the thought. How many times will he actually say ‘I wish I had thought of that’? He guided his cock back in the hole he was bound to receive great pleasure from. Easing it in to its hilt, he grinded his pelvic bone into her clit. After his stirrings he went back to stabbing and eked out another orgasm from her.

Cathleen got off yet another time as she sucked on James’ nipple. She had thought about doing that but never had the courage to do it. Just the fact that he let her sent her over the edge. James glided his hand through sticky goo and reached her mound of hair. Grabbing a handful of her curly pubes, he gave her a little tug. Mike saw him do it and it brought a smile to his face and pumped her a little faster.

James wasn’t gay but he risked his ego and lowered his fingers to her slit. Mike leaned back a little to allow him the access. James spread her lips and pinched her clit; making her want to come more than ever.

Mike sped up on her lurching and pumped his cock deep in her. He was going to shoot a load and she was going to accept it. James backed off and Mike’s pelvis took over, pounding on her clit. James went back to playing with nipples as Cathleen screamed from the sensations.

This was it, he was cumming and it had been a long time. He didn’t cum from playing with Jen so all that energy was still in him. He splattered against her cervix and James grabbed her behind her knees, pulling them back to her chest. That opened her up even wider and Mike was free to give her his all. He kept it going though he was done since she was still in her climax.

She was done, didn’t they understand? She had cum too much already. But James pulled her legs back and let the beast in deeper and forced her to cum hard one more time. She finally came down and kicked in the air, “Ok! That’s enough!!” she panted, “I’m done!” she pleaded and Mike let up off of his pumping.

James let go of her legs and knelt beside her. “Did we wear you out?” he asked, combing her hair around an ear.

“You over fucked me. I have nothing left.” She gasped, withering in the bed. “The next time, I’ll just take one cock. But you can bring the extra hands and mouths.” She giggled.

“Sorry, I could have come in your mouth.” Mike admitted, getting up off the bed.

Cathleen thought that was funny, “I tried to get you to.” She laughed, “But I got myself off instead.” She finished laughing and asked, “Have you two done this before?”

“Nope, first time I ever shared a woman.” Mike admitted.

“Same here” James admitted. “And it’s probably my last.”

“That is odd. You both would love to do it with two women.” Cathleen pointed out, “Sounds hypocritical to me.”

“Well, I’ll take being hypocritical over being gay any day.” James chuckled, getting his sweats back on. “It is a huge turn off for me.”

“I’ll consider myself lucky then since I had you both at once.” Cathleen concluded, getting off the bed. “It was a nice way to end the week since we’re all leaving tomorrow.”

“Well, we had to make an exception for someone as special as you.” James replied, “Are you feeling any better?”

“Oh yes thank you, how did you know I needed it?” Cathleen replied, slipping on a robe.

“The way you were… busting my balls today; it was pretty obvious.” James chuckled, heading for the door to leave.

Cathleen acted shocked, “I was not busting your balls, Ying was!” she huffed, placing her hands on her hips, “I’ve had a boatload on my mind and it’s been a stressful day, that’s all.”

“I know and that’s why we came. It was our mission to relieve you of that stress.” James said, watching her robe gap open around her breasts.

“You’ve certainly done that and again, I thank you.” she said, reminiscing about the sensational act they brought to her.

“You are most welcome.” James replied and focused on his friend, “Come on Mike, let’s get back to the girls; Cathleen’s swinging titties are making me horny again.” and bolted out the door. A pillow followed the two into the hallway as they headed down the corridor. “Bastard!” she yelled from behind the door as it had slammed shut following the pillow.

They were in the elevator heading down before either one said another word.

“Awkward wasn’t it?” Mike said, looking at the florescent lighted ceiling while elevator music played ‘Torn Between Two Lovers’.

James was admiring the pretty colored buttons on the door panel, “Yep, weird.” leaning against the rail, “I’m just going to forget about it.”

Mike and his shit eating grin then said, “I’ve already forgotten about you.” as the elevator opened on their floor.

James’ door was open but nobody was inside. Lisa’s door was open and empty. They moved on to the rec room. Walking into the area, both were struck by the image in the room.

Lisa had the slaves in thongs sitting on their knees in the sunken area. Their arms were behind their backs. She was pacing back and forth in front of them with a whip in her hand. Wearing a pink thong, pink driving gloves, and pink high heel shoes, she was instructing her students on the art of anal play.

“So, we are going to try this again.” Lisa was saying, “If you cannot suck an ass, you are half the slave you should be.” striking the whip in her hand, “Now, I want to feel deep penetration…“ then caught sight of the guys, “Oh, the boys are back.” and stopped her pacing across the floor.

James looked down at Ying in her black thong and she smiled back at him. Mike looked down at Jen in her light green thong and smiled. “How are we doing here?” Mike asked, anxious to play with his new toy.

“We have Ying and Link trained pretty well, but Jen is a little defiant. She is having a hard time getting into the ass crack. She insists I move the thong out of the way but the other two uses their noses with no problem. She even expected me to spread my ass cheeks for her, if you can believe that!” Lisa explained in disgruntlement. “But, as you can see, we have her plug in, wearing a thong, and she learned new techniques on Link.”

“Let’s not be too hard on the girl, it is her first day and all.” Mike sympathized, “As long as she has been trained on obedience, I’ll be happy for now.”

“So, she tells me she was a dish washer.” Lisa stated, “She also tells me you went upstairs and took her.”

“Now don’t blame me because I wanted one. James told me where to go to get one.” Mike deflected.

“Wait, it was a practical joke that got out of hand.” James explained; Mike made it sound worse than it was.

“I think I’ll go upstairs and pick one out.” Doc Vicky said, coming from behind into the area.

James panicked, “My God, don’t do that!” he exclaimed, “Cathleen will have my balls on a silver platter!”

“So? They aren’t my balls.” she said, taking a seat on the couch.

“She was pissed off at that.” Mike informed her, “I wouldn’t press your luck with her right about now.”

“Look, I got her to agree to let the staff members have their relations here. You can go get your own somewhere else.” James explained, “Just leave her damn servants alone. My balls are still killing me from it.”

“Oh? Why is that?” Doc Vicky asked; interested to hear all about it.

“It’s a painful memory I would rather not discuss.” James vaguely said, feeling a twinge of pain thinking about it.

“She had Ying swat them with a biology book.” Mike blurted out then held back a chuckle.

Everyone grimaced at the image placed in their heads; some with remembrance, others with imagination.

“Damn! Cat has a mean streak in her!” Lisa exclaimed, picturing a book smacking balls.

James defended Cathleen and corrected, “She didn’t do it on purpose; it was purely an accident.”

“Ok, how did she manage to smack your balls on accident then?” Doc Vicky asked, trying to picture the event.

James didn’t want to get into it but Mike was happy to oblige, “She made him bend his naked ass over and grab his ankles.” Chuckling, “His balls were between his legs.”

“That is hilarious! I only wish I was there to see it!” Lisa said, giddy about the painful event.

Vicky frowned, “It still doesn’t explain the lipstick around his nipple.”

James was ready to change the subject, “So, what have you trained them on exactly.” He asked, hoping to move the topic to something less uncomfortable.

“Mike, would you like to test yours out?” Lisa offered, letting action speak louder than words.

“Damn skippy!” Mike proclaimed, and without hesitation, “Jen, inspection!” and she popped right up in her stance. Lisa handed him the riding crop and took a seat on the couch behind Link.

He looked her over and checked her butt plug. Looking at her welted ass he asked, “Has she been disobedient?”

Lisa huffed and said, “Like a spoiled brat!” as Mike ran his hand over the little whelps.

“I hope she’s learned her lesson.” Mike said with a frown.

“She’s coming around.” Lisa pointed out.

“Did Lisa beat your ass?” he asked, still frowning at Jen.

“Yes master.” She said, looking at the floor. She had only been disciplined by her mother and Lisa’s punishment seemed worse somehow. Now, she was somehow ashamed that her master was disappointed in her. She hoped to make it up to him somehow.

“Good, your mother wanted me to beat your ass and tell you it was from her.” he told her, walking around her. “Now, you will give me a safety word.” rubbing her ass some more. “What is your least favorite fruit?”

“Um, orange.” she said, and was struck on her sensitive ass. “Orange master.” she corrected. She was still not getting it right. Maybe once she gets used to it, it’ll be easier to remember.

“Good” Mike said, smiling at her correction, “You may use that word at any time you think you cannot tolerate any more.” rubbing her ass, “If you abuse it, you will be back with your father.” grabbing her pussy. “I will promise you that you will not bleed but you might receive pain at times.” squeezing her thong into her sex. “Did you want to say anything? You can speak freely.” tugging her thong into her ass crack.

Jen was nervous as hell. She was bored out of her skull just yesterday and contemplated running away just today. However, she has had more excitement in two hours than she has ever had in her life. Was this what she wanted? Hell yeah it was! Mike was the man of her fantasies just to be honest, not some high school jerk off with fumbling fingers. Just how many men actually took control and go after what they wanted like he did? That’s why she went with him to begin with. The thought of James having his way with her was also appealing, knowing the man knew what a woman liked. “If you take care of me and make me as happy as Ying, I will serve you without question.” she said; which was all she really wanted anyway, someone to take care of her.

Mike liked her answer but didn’t know exactly how happy Ying was. But it didn’t matter to him at all as he could get used to this kind of lifestyle. His aggressive side fit right in. This high school sweetheart was in for a surprise. He planned to keep her for a very long time and all he had to do was train her to his liking.

“Hang on tight little girl. You are in for one hell of a ride.” he said, cracking a wicked smile. “So, tell me, what turns Jenny on?” Mike asked, as James took a seat behind Ying.

“Um, I’m not sure just yet.” she said in a bashful voice, “I’m a little new at it.”

“Excellent!” Mike declared, “We can figure all of it out.” and dipped his finger in her crack. Pulling thong straight out, he let it snap back. “You have played with yourself so we can start there.” and took a seat in front of her.

Jen looked at him and blinked, not sure exactly what he meant. She noticed the other eyes on her and looked towards the floor again. She was getting over her lack of clothing but struggled with everyone seeing her. Before, it was just Lisa and the other slaves. Now, there was a crowd forming on the couch in front of her.

Winking at James, Mike looked back at his charge, “Don’t be shy; show us how you jerk off.” he said, and waited for her to start.

Jen didn’t hear him or she was sure he meant something else. Surely he didn’t expect her to just start masturbating in front of everyone like they weren’t there. She raised her hands and shrugged her shoulders, not really knowing what to do.

Mike grabbed the whip from Lisa’s hands and tapped her on the side of her legs. “Come on, get to it. Play with yourself down there.” and touched the tip of the riding crop against her wedged pussy. “You better make yourself cum too.” he said with his shit eating grin.

Jen took her thong from her slit, not knowing what else she could do. Sticking her hand in, she felt her wetness and was surprised at her body’s arousal. Closing her eyes, she tried to travel away from the lusty eyes of the others. She started to get into it but she would hear a sigh or a cough and it would bring her back to reality.

Mike knew she was struggling and recognized her efforts, but she was still focused on the group. “Lisa, do you have a blind fold?” Mike asked the girl beside him.

“Yep, sure do. I’ll go get it.” Lisa replied and got up and left the rec room.

Mike stood up and caressed her breasts, “You’re not concentrating hard enough. You need to relax a little more.” and fondled her ass cheeks in both hands.

Lisa came back in with a pink sleeping mask. Handing it over to Mike, she retook her seat behind Link.

“This will help you take your mind off things.” and placed it over her eyes. Stepping back, he took his seat in front of the very nervous Jen.

Emotions filled her as she restarted, wanting to do his bidding. She relaxed and rubbed, thinking back to the cock that entered her cunt. James had slapped her on her clit with his balls as he rammed her from behind. This was one she knew she would use as it was the hottest thing to happen so far. Her pussy moistened at the thought and she dipped her finger to get to it.

“Tell me Jen, what you are thinking, no matter what it is.” Mike whispered, leaning forward to her.

She wasn’t sure how jealous he would be and hesitated in answering. Mike used the riding crop and prompted her to tell him. “I was tied up on a bed and fucked from behind.” was all she could muster to say.

Mike grinned at that in remembrance and said, “Describe it for me. Was it hot? Did it really turn you on? Tell me everything you’re thinking to make your pussy cum.”

She didn’t want to share her fantasy, it wasn’t even possible, she thought. But Mike insisted with the crop and she had to make up something.

“I took my clothes off…” she started, fidgeting in her spot. “I got naked in front of two guys.” and she bit her lower lip.

“Go on.” Mike said, “Keep going.” he urged, and caressed her on a thigh.

“They bent me over and tied me up. They made me take a butt plug up my ass.” she continued, rubbing her clit in memory. “They wanted to spank Me.” licking her lips, “But they used their hard-ons to do It.” and gasped from her own words. “After playing with me one shoved his cock as deep as it would go.” she panted, “I couldn’t move and was totally at their mercy.” she sighed, “He scratched me down my back and shoved his cock in me at the same time.” she hissed, “God, that felt so good.”

James sat back, enjoying the show, knowing it wasn’t all that. But the girl was fantasizing and it didn’t surprise him as she added her own spin to the tale. He saw Ying looking at her with a faraway stare in her eyes. Her nipples had jutted out and he bet she was turned on. Nudging her to get her attention, he motioned she could masturbate.

Ying smiled a smile at her master’s kindness and rubbed her achy pussy. She remembered what Jen was saying and had her own little spin on it. She waited to hear what else she would say and try to get off from it.

“He fucked me from behind and made his balls hit my clit over and over.” she whispered, her fingers sped up a little. “Then he reached in and pinched my clit with his fingers.” and she did that to herself as she said it.

Lisa saw what Ying was doing and the boner her man toy had. She let him play with himself as Jen described her fantasy. Vicky needed no permission and rubbed her aroused crotch.

“He slammed into me so hard… I couldn’t hold out.” she hissed, “Then, he yanked out the butt plug they forced in my ass.” and gasped again as Mike pulled the one she was wearing out. “He forced me to cum and cum, over and over. I screamed because it felt so good.” and brought herself off almost as hard from remembering as she did from the experience itself.

They watched as the redheaded girl climaxed in front of them. The lighting reflected the sweat on her upper lip and breasts. Her legs were shaking in the aftermath. Link was spanking it hard and Lisa made him stop. Ying was going pretty fast herself and James motioned her to cut it out.

Mike was proud of his charge and said,” Damn Jen; that was super-hot!” and everyone agreed with him in unison.

James said, “She past your test pal, I guess she’s yours.” smiling at the blindfolded sexpot.

Jen was smiling from all the praise, not expecting such a response. She couldn’t believe they were proud of her for jerking off in front of them. She even bowed as she removed the blindfold while they clapped their hands. ‘These guys are kind of crazy she thought, ‘but I like that kind of crazy.’ and grinned all the more.

Mike calmed everyone down and said, “She has to be initiated.” remembering his college times. “Who wants to go first?” Mike offered, being a considerate host.

To no surprise to anyone, Lisa raised her hand, “Me! Pick me!” she exclaimed and got up from the couch. Everyone rolled their eyes like that wasn’t any surprise. Jen was the only one who had a puzzling expression on her face, wondering what initiation they were talking about.

Mike instructed her to get on her knees, “You’re going to service us all.” and watched her eyes go big with the thought, knowing she couldn’t possibly do all of that.

“Just relax and take them in, they’ll do all the work.” Mike explained, “You are to swallow every bit when they release in your mouth.” turning back into his roll he added, “Arms behind your back.”

Lisa removed her pink thong and got in front of her. Grabbing Jen’s hair on the top of her head, she said, “Open wide you sexy bitch!” and shoved her face into her. It didn’t take Lisa long as the scene she watched had already made her horny. Within two minutes she was climaxing all over Jen’s reddened face, flooding over her open mouth.

Of course the men slobbered, watching the substance waterfall over Jen’s heavy breasts. They could hear her gulping the fluids too, trying to do the impossible of swallowing it all. If they weren’t hard from watching Jen masturbate, they were surely hard now from that lesbian scene.

Jen thought Ying had done her wrong but that girl was kind in comparison. She didn’t think that Lisa was ever going to stop soaking her. That cunt kept on cumming and Jen gave up swallowing after several gulps, sparing the risk of literally drowning in it.

Lisa let up off her after quivering on her face so long. “You did good honey!” she said, and bent down to kiss her on the cheek.

Mike had tented his sweatpants but he didn’t seem to care. He stood up again and asked, “Who’d like to be next with Jenny here?”

Link raised his hand reluctantly, not expecting to go before the rest. Mike pointed him out anyway and said, “Get up here and get you some.” and moved back to the place he was seated.

Jen remembered the cock from before, although Lisa wouldn’t let him cum. He stepped in front of her once more and tucked his thong under his balls. She readied to except him as he stroked in front of her by opening her mouth to let him in.

“You better not slack off tonight if you cum on her. I might need serviced later.” he heard from the sideline, coming from his mistress Lisa. But Jen was a hot piece of ass and even more, she was a new hot piece of ass. He was young enough to pull this off and have plenty of cum for his liege. ‘Well, unless she made him waste it all again.’ he thought.

Jenny stuck her tongue out and Link laid himself on it. He fed her his shaft and then took it back. He thought, ‘God she looked sexy with his cock in her mouth’ and pumped himself in a little faster.

Jen had this down pat, Lisa made sure of that. She should thank her for her tutoring as she learned so much about a male. For instance, sucking the head in and tonguing the back made them jerk in her mouth. Just to prove that fact, Link moaned while she did it.

“Fuck her mouth Link.” Mike suggested, and watched him grab her head.

He started slow, judging his depth; her hands were behind her back after all. He let her adapt and picked up speed, driving a little deeper as he went. On one of his in strokes he went too far and she gagged while he was in her mouth. Link liked the sound and the tickle it gave him and tried to do it again.

He fucked her mouth like it was a pussy, her jaws began to ache. She knew what to do with him and let him run on her tongue, sucking every chance she could. Opening up a little more allowed more of him in. But Link had lost his control and was shoving it down her throat, further on each hump. She jerked her arms in reaction but kept them linked together. She let him do what he wanted and tolerated his deep throating her.

“Argh!” he croaked as he went full speed and gave her his essence with force. She couldn’t swallow because his cock was there but a load shot down her throat anyway. Like a rabid dog, she foamed at the mouth and some trickled out of a corner.

He eased up his thrusts and jerked sporadically in post bliss as she licked and cleaned his diminishing manhood. She released him with shouts and cheers from the group, her master seemed the most excited. If he was to be her true lover, he didn’t act jealous with Link. Hell, he encouraged it right in front of her face, could she really get more cock than his?

Mike stood back up again and asked, “Who’s the next taker?” petting Jen on the head.

James waited for someone else to stand up but everyone was looking at everyone else. “Ying can go.” James offered and motioned her to stand up.

Ying looked at her master and smiled, he was so thoughtful of her. He knew her pussy was aching from looking at the show. She rose and stood in front of Jen, remembering the last time they fought. She couldn’t orgasm and Jen had to make her and neither won that battle. Smiling at the initiate kneeling in front of her, she knew she would win this one.

Jen dropped her shoulders in a sign of defeat; another one was going to drown her. But there was a problem looking at this petite, she wasn’t tall enough to get to her mouth.

James stepped in when he saw her realize the dilemma she was facing. “Lay down on the floor.” he suggested and she unfolded her arms to do so.

Ying looked at her master for instruction and he gave her the order, “Fuck her face good Ying but don’t smother her.” and she skipped to the mouth of the servicer. Squatting over her face, she dropped to her knees and her pussy lips kissed on Jen’s.

‘This little bitch is all sorts of happy.’ Jen thought, as she tasted her moistness. She might as well get this over with since she had to no choice anyway. She glided her sex on her face and Jen offered her tongue on her strokes.

Ying felt her tender lips on her sex and closed her eyes from the feeling. She raised her hands behind her head, jutting her breasts out from her. Grinding and humping at a slow pace, she savored the new girl’s tongue. Bringing her hands down, Ying played with her breasts and worked her way to her nipples.

That little nymph knew what she liked and Jen sucked on her familiar clit. That forced Ying to hump in reaction, just a little, and Jen went back to tonguing it. Ying wanted to reciprocate and placed her hands behind her. Finding Jen’s large breasts to fondle, she kneaded them while grinding on her face.

‘Tit for tat is it?’ Jen thought, as Ying played with her nipples. She raised her arms to Ying’s perky breasts and matched her play on her nipples. Slurping on the now wet pussy, Jen urged her to speed up by nodding on her slit.

Ying took the hint and went faster in thrusts and Jen let her ride on her tongue. Caressing the pixie of a girl’s firm breasts, she worked her way down to her ass. Forcing Ying to go even faster, Ying did as she was instructed. When Ying met Jen’s kneading on her ass, she released the cheeks and worked her way higher.

Ying felt herself rising and she was getting close, the redhead sure knew what she was doing. Gasping for breath from the heat of her passion, Ying tightened for her climax.

Jen saw it coming and prepared for the worse then scratched down her back with both hands. Her pussy humped in short little spurts and Jen felt her clit harden. Now was the time to put her over and sucked her nub in her mouth.

‘Master move!’ she screamed in her bedazzled mind, and fell to the power of her climax. She couldn’t control the effects from the scratch and arched her back in reaction. It was too much of an arc and brought Ying on her back and she fell across Jen’s chest. Her hands grabbed the only thing they could find and she clutched Jen’s breasts in unison.

Jen felt her sex slip away and raised her head to find it. Grabbing the girl around her bent legs, she brought her mouth back to her cunt. It stopped Ying from humping air and Jen fucked with her tongue in rhythm. Even as the gushing flowed, she stayed on her lusty servicing. Jen swallowed while getting bathed.

Ying came down from her height of passion and released the orbs in her hands. Jen rose up to allow Ying’s legs out, ‘How could she cum like that?’ Jen wondered as she wiped her face from Ying’s donation. Ying rested her head on Jen’s achy mound while she also recovered.

James was the first to applaud Jen’s efforts, glad to see Ying get off. “Thank you Jen.” was all he said and she knew what he meant. The rest said their appreciation for a job well done while Mike helped them up off the floor.

“Anyone else want a ride?” Mike asked, scanning the group on the couch. “How about you doc, do you need some relief?” offering Jen to her.

“I don’t know really, I’ve never been… eaten by a girl.” she admitted.

Mike suspected she wanted to try and offered his bit of wisdom, “Just close your eyes and pretend it’s someone else and you won’t know the difference.”

Lisa handed her the blindfold and she took it very hesitantly, “You only live once I suppose.” and caved to the aching in her cunt.

Lisa got her ready, removing her clothes. Vicky took care of her panties herself then asked, “How do you want me?”

Mike decided she would be better off if she stayed on the couch’s edge. When she was comfortable, the blindfold on, he let Jen get to work on her servicing.

Jen was surprised to see a bald cunt on a woman of her age. But she wasn’t there to judge anyone and spread her open to lick her.

Vicky relaxed and enjoyed the sensations as Jen picked up her pace. James got Mike’s attention and prepared him for the end and both got in position.

It wasn’t long before Jen got her going and she started to climax hard. But James and Mike made it ten times better as each took a nipple in their mouths.

Vicky had never in her wildest dreams ever thought she would feel such sensations. She wanted to but never had the nerve, until James and Mike gave her no choice. She grabbed their heads in her arms and rocked on Jen’s face with her cunt.

“Oh my God!” she screamed and blasted an orgasm but they still didn’t let her up. She blasted again in her first multi-orgasm and had several smaller aftershocks. It was like years of orgasms came out of her all at once.

The guys let go as Jen cleaned her up then sat back on her knees. They didn’t expect the reaction they got as Lisa put in her thoughts.

“You motherfuckers better do that to me, it’s not fair that she got it like that!” she seethed, crossing her arms over her breasts.

James looked at Mike and shrugged, “We’ll get to you; you know that.” he said, grinning at her jealousy.

“Make damn sure you do!” Lisa affirmed, sitting back down.

Vicky recovered from her earthquakes and sat up on the couch. “Thank you all for doing that. I never thought I would ever have that happen to me. I’m going to remember it for future reference.” smiling a satisfied smile.

Mike was happy Jen did so well and mentioned a few replays. Once again, he had to ask, “Is there anyone else?” and looked specifically at James.

James said, “Go ahead Mike, she’s yours.” thinking to save his lust for Ying.

Mike held up a hand, “Oh no, you guys can have the blow jobs. I’m fucking that smokin’ hot pussy.” he avowed, looking down at the dripping wet redhead.

“Well, Ying might want me if she isn’t too sore.” James admitted, “What do you think sweetheart?” drawing his attention to her.

Ying looked to the floor and said, “I sore down there.”

“It’s ok, I understand.” James said, “You rest honey.”

“Shit, I’ll take it.” Lisa said, since her meat was out of commission for a while.

“Wait, I want to get cleaned up before I do anything.” James mentioned, not wanting to admit he just fucked Cathleen.

“Oh, you go do that and Link and I will wait for you.” Lisa said.

“Hold up folks, we are supposed to be initiating Jen here.” Mike interrupted.

Lisa huffed, “She doesn’t need it, and she’s had enough cum dumped in her already.”

“Now wait a minute, I could use it too.” Vicky admonished. “And Lisa already came once.”

“So did you!” Lisa argued, tapping her foot.

“Master Mike is right; I’m the one getting initiated here.” Jen piped up, supporting her man. She wouldn’t mind seeing James up close either.

James rolled his eyes and picked up Ying, “We got a trip to get ready for and it’s been a long day for us.” turning towards the corridor. “You guys can fight over Mike’s dick.” and headed off to his room to get away from the crazy women fighting over his dick.

Before the door closed, he heard Lisa say, “Come on Mike; share the wealth damn it.”

They entered the room and James sat Ying on the bed.

Ying asked, “Master, what lipstick for?” and pointed to his chest.

James found himself explaining an unexplainable, “That’s Cathleen’s doing.” he sighed, and hoped she’d leave it be.

“Master kinky!” she giggled, falling back on the bed.

“You’re kinky!” he said, tickling her till she rolled over. “You’re the one with a butt plug.” he retorted, after seeing it.

“I no kinky” she laughed, “You kinky.” and laughed more.

James gave up the argument and settled for a simple solution, “I think we’re both kinky.” he said, and let her up to head for the bathroom.

James took off his sweatpants and climbed into the shower. Ying followed behind him and took off her… butt plug.

James pulled the showerhead down and got Ying soaking wet. Soaping her up, he washed her down, paying close attention to her vulnerable areas. Bending her over his arm, he directed the nozzle to her ass. The plug had done its job and she was left gaping there. He soaked her with the stream in his hand then cleaned her with the cloth.

He lowered her down and she took the cloth and washed him with it thoroughly. James sat down for her to reach him and let her do the work. She even got the lipstick that was painted around his nipple. He stood back up and she got underneath and cleaned his private areas.

He bent over like he had done in the past and she used the cloth on his backside. But this time was different from the past as she entered a finger in him.

“Whoa!” he said, humping forward, listening to her giggles. “That’s an exit!” he explained in no uncertain terms.

“I like.” She said with a smile, “You like too.” and finished up her cleaning.

“I told you, you were kinky.” He chuckled, turning the water off. Getting out and toweling off, Ying headed for the bed. James cleaned up the place a little and he too turned to bed.

Making sure the alarm was off, not wanting to work out in the morning; he tucked Ying in his groin and soon found himself asleep.

James found himself running on pavement, searching for his enemy. Sweat on his brow rolled off to the sides as he spotted his prey. Taking a dive to dodge a bullet, he landed on a roll. Rising up above the obstacle blocking his enemy, he saw his ill-kept teeth. Looking closer, over the blockade, he distinctly saw a bullet wound, seeping matter from his forehead.

James raised his hand, only to find it missing a weapon. He faced his nightmare barehanded, and fear crept up in him. His enemy stepped forward and raised his weapon, pointing it at his forehead. “You killed me.” he seethed and cocked the hammer back, intent on his revenge. James struggled to move out of the way and even tried to slap at the weapon. He couldn’t move from his demise and the ill-kept teeth grinned and said, “Now, you’re the one that’s dead.”

James forced himself to move and awoke in sweat sitting up. Looking around the darkened room, he shook off his state of confusion. The room appeared to be normal, ventilation was pumping air and cell phones charged on his desk. But something just wasn’t right, he struggled to sort what that was. It quickly became apparent to him, his significant other was missing.

Patting the covers beside him, he continued his search in the dark. The king-sized bed had more ground to cover and he worked his way to the footboard. He found her wedged in the crack between the mattress and footboard. How she got there, he had no clue, unless he chased her off. Perhaps his nightmare forced her there and he hoped he didn’t harm her.

Gathering her up and pulling her foot out from the crack it had fallen in, he brought her back to snuggle with him, pressed to his groin again. Pulling the covers over both of their nudity, James fell back into unconsciousness. He passed the rest of the night in slumber, reaping what rest he could get.

Something touched his nose and he turned his head away from it. A drop of something hit his cheek and he turned his head back where it rested. An aroma entered his senses and he felt another tickle on his nose. Opening his flickering eyes, he was hit with the sight of a bare pussy just a few inches from him.

Ying had straddled his face; her ankles were by his ears. She was holding the headboard and lowering her sex slowly to him. James guessed she wanted to relive a moment when Jen was beneath her like this. She wasn’t going to get away this time as James grabbed the top of her legs. He forced her down over his mouth and discovered what his cheek had felt.

He watched her giggle between her breasts, his mouth planted firmly on her cunt. Sliding his hands back, he grabbed her ass and humped her on his tongue. She took the hint and picked up speed while he raised his hands to her breasts. The little nymph grinded in a circle, settling her sex on his chin and then went back to humping his face while he kneaded her breasts with both hands.

She used quick stabs in her humping, making sure he got her clit. Her stabs went to long strokes and she moaned while he tongued. Just to add some spice to it, she made him lick her ass too. Biting her lip and looking down, she gave him a lustful smile. He knew just what to expect and settled for his fate.

Closing her eyes and tilting her head up, she went back to her short little stabs. They increased in speed while James pinched her nipples. Climaxing with a shutter, she had stiffened up on him; he clawed her backside down to her ass and humped her again on his mouth. A gasp was followed by a scream as she soaked him thoroughly. Gulping in the sexual fluids like his life depended on it; he fought her desire to drown him in it and used lips over teeth to nibble her clit.

Her master knew how to suck pussy, that fact was undeniable. But he always added to the act with something she least expected. While she was coming down from her climax, master shoved his finger in. Her ass enjoyed his wiggling finger while her clit enjoyed his lips. She rose again in climax, shuttering from his attention. “Master good!” She said between her gasping and squirted her essence again.

He held her like a watermelon, eating her lips and clit. Finding a quick pace to run, he drove her off the cliff. She couldn’t give him any more, so he slowed down again. Her humping continued in softening strokes until she stopped on his chin.

She let go of the headboard and maneuvered herself off of him. Laying her head down on his chest, he stroked her head and back, “Good morning.” He said, and she replied, “It real good.” and snuggled.

He had to use the restroom and reluctantly got up from the bed. Ying followed his morning hard on from the comfort of the dry spot she found, watching it bob up and down as he headed into the bathroom.

James cleaned up Ying’s gift off his face, and hair, and neck. Such was the vastness of her pleasure on him; he opted to take a quick shower instead. While cleaning himself his mind roamed and asked some questions to himself. What made Ying so dominate as to do that to him this morning? Normally, she was submissive and was instructed in her exploits. The Ying that sat upon his face was a new one he hadn’t encountered and thought to ask her when he got out just what brought that on.

Drying off, he entered their room and found Ying lying on her belly on the bed. Her ass and legs were sticking up in the air and her chin was on her hands. She was watching videos on her laptop of a couple having rough sex.

He took a seat on the edge of the bed and rubbed her soft smooth back. “Are you feeling ok this morning? I know you had a hard day.” He asked, worried her pussy would be sore from popping her cherry yesterday.

“I ok, but sore. Master took ach away though.” she replied, then smiled in remembrance of their earlier escapade.

James saw the opportunity to ask, “What made you want to do that to me?” and waited for her response.

She furrowed her brow as she looked at him then said, “Lisa take what she wants.” and looked back at her laptop. “I take what I want.”

Ah, Lisa. The girl that corrupted Ying into submissiveness now influences her once again. It wasn’t that big of a deal but he had to make sure he wouldn’t end up wearing handcuffs and butt plugs. “That’s ok, as long as you don’t expect me to wear a collar.” He chuckled.

She looked back at him and grinned, “You kinky; collar look good too.” and he grabbed her by her sides and tickled her to tears. He eased up on her and gave her a hug. Sitting there a few seconds, Ying decided to play. She toyed with a finger, flopping his manhood around. “Master want to play?”

He knew she was sore and avoided that issue, “I would but you aren’t feeling so good.” He said, caressing her shiny black hair.

“You play.” she replied and sat up on the bed. “Stand up.” and motioned for him to rise.

James sighed and relented, standing up beside the bed. Looking at the flaccid cock, she said, “Master masseur bait?” nodding at it.

James looked at her puzzled, ‘Was she kidding?’ he thought, “You want to see me masturbate?” asking if he had it right. Knowing Mike made Jen do it might have gained her interest.

“I watch you.” she said, sitting her laptop on the desk and then returned to her seat on the bed.

James was stuck in his thoughts, wondering how to do such an act. It wasn’t a switch he could just flip on and he never shared such personal intimacy with anyone else before. Watching her watching him didn’t make it easier, but the desire in her eyes as she waited anxiously motivated him to action.

Closing his eyes in front of him, he picked up the task to erect his monument. He thought about his past exploits, popping cherries and the like, but still fought a little to get interested. But slowly, just knowing he wanted to cast his seed on Ying brought the passion to his heart and hand. Gripping his balls with the other, he set to work on his goal.

After a few minutes, he heard a sound and opened his eyes to see. Ying was playing with herself and squeezing one of her breasts. Forgetting the fantasy because reality was better, he stared a lusty gaze on her. Ying was involved in her own construction but opened her eyes to see her master stroking. Catching him eye to eye both of them dropped to the other’s handiwork.

Ying let up off her breast and reached around behind her, raising a leg, she inserted a finger, reminiscing her master’s touch. James saw her efforts and rose in lust, beating himself faster. James licked his lips at her and said, “I want to see you squirt.” and she replied with a wicked smile, “You show me squirt too.”

He stepped closer to her working hands, which placed her knees at his sides. She got a closer look of her master pleasing himself furiously. She saw his swelling balls as they swayed from his efforts. His tightened muscles on his chest fill her climaxing eyes. Glancing down where essence flows, she saw her first stream cum from it. Landing on her heaving chest, she went over from its striking her, knocking her orgasm out of her.

James saw her lusting after his cock and that had sent him over, but watching her stroking herself gave him the chance to see her watery substance shoot forth. She coated him with it and he planned it well, their streams crossed in the air. Arcing again, he aimed for her sex, and shot her on the clit she played with.

She took his shot and gave him one, splattering against his balls. Taking the essence of life he’d given her, she used it to lubricate her efforts. Wanting to make it last, she rubbed her chest full of goo, and then brought up her hand to lick her master from it.

James saw her play in the rain he gave her and upped the joy a little more. Raising his foot to the bed, he used his toe on her hole. It had more of an effect her than he would have ever expected as she squirted on his chest and neck. ‘What a sexpot!’ he thought, while she trembled from her orgasm.

He milked what was left of his cum on her and watched her rub that in. Collapsing over on her, he kissed her not thinking of getting everything all over him. Noticing the slippery body, he purposely set to sliding, rubbing himself all over her before picking her up to shower.

He hadn’t been awake for more than an hour and already he’s had two showers. He could see where the water bill might cost him a small fortune. After the shower, they head out to fetch a bite to eat. Arriving into the kitchen, they meet the newest entourage Jenny.

“Where’s Mike?” James asked after greeting her.

“He had work to do.” She replied, “Somebody named Joy needed serviced.”

James cleared his throat from hearing that news, “A man’s work is never done.” and sipped from a glass of milk.

Lisa was next to enter, getting her some cereal. They all greeted her and she commented on Jenny’s earrings. “Those are cute. They look good on you.”

“Thanks, it’s just costume jewelry.” she admitted, leaning over to show them.

“I no got that.” Ying pointed out, frowning as she said it.

“Maybe James would let you, if he wanted to.” Lisa pointed out, and then looked to James for his answer.

James was taken aback by their query, ‘What did he have to do with it?’, so he simply said, “Whatever Ying wants to do.” relieving himself of any responsibility.

“Good, we can go shopping. I need some earrings.” Lisa responded and the girls settled on leaving for a while.

“Be back by noon.” James advised, “We have packing to do.” finishing his breakfast.

“Would you tell Mike where I went?” Jen asked, and rose to leave.

“You bet.” James replied, and watched as she sashayed away with the girls.

James thought he could use this peace and quiet and put it to good use. Heading back to his room, he set to work on his college courses after cleaning up Ying’s juices off the floor. College work was quicker and easier on a computer, you didn’t have to carry books or go anywhere. He turned in his assignments that were due that day and finished what he needed for the following Monday.

After his classes he checked his account and saw more money pending. What he was going to do with so much was going to be a challenge. But 150k is a lot of money and he really didn’t need that much. Apparently Cathleen rewarded him for having protected her yesterday. Transferring more to Ying’s account, he went to his email afterwards.

Syncing his phone to his company account, he made sure to set a ringtone. He was aggravated at missing his alerts and wanted to know when he had one. He finished his tasks on the computer and looked for something else he could do.

While dragging out a suitcase, Mike showed up at his door. “Have you seen Jen?” he asked, looking around at James’ packing.

“She went shopping with the rest of the girls.” James replied, throwing some socks in his case. “They’ll be back by noon.” he said, and zipped up the suitcase he was filling.

James decided it was a good time to fill Mike in on the weekend. Explaining the dignitaries expected to be there and the targeted Prime Minister and their purpose, he let him know it was millions of dollars at stake and failure was not an option.

Mike exclaimed, “That isn’t a party. That is too much like work!”

James pointed out, “It’s more like, ‘It isn’t what you know, it’s who you know’ kind of thing.”

“I’m not going to look good in a monkey suit.” Mike said, flabbergasted.

James laughed at that and said, “Cathleen is supplying our duds. All you have to do is show up.”

The girls came back, one behind each other. Forming a line, they took their seats on the bed, scooting the luggage back. “Did you miss us?” Lisa asked and opened her bag in her hands.

“We want to show you what we bought and then some other surprises.” Lisa stated, reaching in her bag. Pulling out a jewelry box, she opened it and said, “Check it out! It’s pink Playboy bunny earrings!”

James politely said, “Cool.” noticing Ying and her ears pierced. They looked good on her and James was glad she had them done.

Mike added his opinion, “It’ll go good with your outfit.”

She pulled out another and showed the guys a curved bar. It had a pink sapphire gem on an end and a ball on the other. “This is a belly bar, what do you think?”

“Where does it go?” James asked, looking at the gem.

“Why, in my belly of course.” She replied, lifting her shirt to show a bar in her naval.

It looked irritated to James, a slight redness to it. “I hope that doesn’t get infected” James said, getting a closer look.

“An expert did it, trust me. I won’t have to worry about that.” She replied. “Jen, show Mike what you have.” and smiled looking at her.

Jen grinned and opened her bag, pulling out a box, “What do you think of these?” she asked, holding up a pair of tiny handcuffs.

“Those are awesome!” Mike exclaimed, taking one in his hand, looking it over.

She pulled out another and showed them off, “These are feathers!” holding it out at everyone to get a closer look. They were green with glitter on the end. The light set them off pretty well. “Now, I did get new piercings.” and pulled her hair back to show them. She had new earrings behind her old ones with silver studs.

“Now, let Ying have a turn.” Lisa said, “But before she does, you need to know, what she got, she wanted and I had nothing to do with it.”

James was concerned from that bit of news and wondered what she got. Studs, or feathers, or even handcuffs wouldn’t be a problem. He wanted them to know he wasn’t a prude, “Whatever it is its fine.”

Ying looked up at her master then down at the bag in her hands. Pulling out her jewelry box, she opened it and showed him two tiny locks. “Those are nice.” James said, wanting her to know it was fine.

Ying handed them to him and pulled out another box. Opening it up, she pulled out two bigger locks.

“Ok, those are a little bigger; they might be too big for your ears.” James said, concerned she might stretch her piercings.

“They not for ears.” Ying said, and worry showed in her eyes.

James looked at her sideways, trying to judge what she meant, “What are they for?” he asked, hoping she didn’t do something silly.

James should have known before she even reached for her top; usually she would have already stripped. Raising it up over her head, she revealed two rings pierced through nipples. He started to lose it but gained control, not wanting to make her cry.

“Is that what you wanted?” James asked, and waited for her reply.

She finally nodded and said, “Yes master.” and looked at the bag again.

James didn’t want to worry her and calmed her fears a little, “If that’s what you want, I guess it’s ok. I’ll have to be careful with you there.”

Ying reached into her bag again and pulled out another box. This one was bigger than the others and she opened it to reveal a silver chain. Handing an end to James, he pulled it out of the box. He used another hand to grab the ever lengthening chain. It was getting longer and longer but he finally came to the end.

“What’s this for?” he asked, knowing it was too long for a necklace.

Lisa butted in with the knowledge, “You use it to link them together.”

James couldn’t see it happening unless she looped it back and forth a few times. “It’s pretty long for that, it might be too heavy.” Concerned again she was going to stretch and she wouldn’t be happy then.

Ying looked in her bag and pulled out a box about the same size as the chain. Opening it up, she revealed another lock a little bigger than the ones for her nipples.

James was just as puzzled, “Now where does that one go?” starting to get upset. He wasn’t getting the whole story, just bits and pieces at a time.

Ying stood up and dropped her shorts and showed she wore no panties. Parting her lips below, James saw a ring around her clit. He looked at it and then at her eyes, and he noticed her puppy dog look. They melted his anger enough for him to say, “And is that what you wanted?”

She nodded her head again and replied, “Yes master.”

James didn’t know what to think about some biker dude fondling Ying. That motherfucker sure got his thrill touching her everywhere. His little Ying was a pin cushion and probably suffering through it. She might even change her mind and wish she hadn’t done it. But his anger was going to the one responsible letting this happen to her.

Turning to Lisa, he seethed, “This is bullshit!” he fumed.

Lisa jumped up to defend herself and said, “You need to calm down mister, it isn’t what you think.”

That was a laugh coming from her, “Just what do you think I’m thinking?” he said, and anger built in his eyes.

“You are thinking she is in pain, I can assure you she isn’t.” Lisa said, dropping her pants and showing him the same piercing. “Mine isn’t hurting either.”

James felt a little better but he still had his concerns, “Yeah, but…” was all he could get as Lisa interrupted.

“You’re also thinking she could change her mind. If she does she can leave them out and the holes will fill in again if she does it soon enough.” Lisa said.

“Ok, but…” James started but Lisa held up her hand.

“You also think some sweaty slime ball fondled Ying all over.” Lisa said, “That didn’t happen either because Doc Vicky did the piercings.” she informed him, “Which explains why she isn’t feeling any pain.”

“Don’t give me that bullshit, Vicky wouldn’t do that.” James said, not believing the doctor would not only condone this but actually perform the job herself.

Lisa smiled back at him, “Yes she did; you can ask her. I bought the equipment for her.”

Once again, Lisa sways his Ying, “I suppose you didn’t talk her into doing this?” he asked, knowing she damn well did.

“I told you I had nothing to do with it. She wanted it all on her own. She said she saw it on a video and thought it looked sexy.” Lisa defended, and dared him to accuse her of anything.

James looked at Ying and seen a tear forming in her eye. Now, he guessed, he was the ass here. ‘Fuck it’, he thought, they want them, they got them, “Ok, fine. If it makes Ying happy then I’m happy for her. But I don’t want her doing anything she is going to regret.” He sighed, “You happy with this Ying?” giving her another chance to back out.

“Please master, I want it.” Ying replied, letting the tear roll down her cheek.

James wiped the tear away with a thumb, bending to give her a kiss. “Well, I want you happy and if that’s what it does then I’ll not say anything more to you about It.” he said, leaning in to hug her.

“Thank you master!” she sniffed, and threw her arms around him.

“Ok, now that is really sexy, James. You can’t argue that.” Mike said, looking closer at Ying’s nipples.

“She was already sexy without them; they just make you look more.” James said with a smile, standing back up to look at her. Maybe they’ll heal quickly. “I hope it doesn’t hamper her orgasms, I’ve heard some people have problems.”

Lisa spoke up on that one, “She had it done by a doctor, and Vicky knows what she’s doing. Trust me; it’ll make it more pleasurable for her.” she explained, and played with her own piercing.

“Well, I like them. I just hate seeing Ying in pain.” James spoke honestly.

“Again, you worry too much. She isn’t feeling anything. We got it covered.” Lisa said, taking her seat back on the bed. “Now, let me show you mine.” and raised her top over her head.

Bar bells pierced each nipple on the beautiful round orbs she was blessed with. James just wasn’t quite used to women brazenly raising their shirts like that. One of these days, it won’t surprise him so much but Lisa did have a nice rack. The bars made her nipples stand out, pointing right at him. Looking back at Ying, James caught her comparing. Then it hit him in the face, ‘She got hers done first and Ying followed suit.’ he thought.

“Those are nice, which one of you went first?” James asked just to prove his thought was correct.

Lisa smiled at him, guessing what he thought, “Ying was first, I made sure, so you wouldn’t use that against me.”

She practically admitted she knew that she encouraged Ying, but she also made sure that he couldn’t prove a thing. James made a mental note: ‘Lisa and Ying equal chaos.’ and would make sure those two didn’t get together to shop anymore.

“Ok Jen, it’s your turn.” Lisa said, still playing with her… clit ring.

Mike looked surprised at Jen, “Did you get those too?” and looked at her chest.

Instead of answering with her mouth, she let her heavy breasts do the talking. “Freaking awesome!” Mike said upon seeing the rings in her nipples. They looked like tiny door knockers to James. ‘Hello? I came to play.’ James pictured as Mike felt them over. Jen pulled back her pussy lips and showed him her ring down there. He was all excited, watching the clit stick out.

Everyone was commenting on each other’s piercing while Lisa pulled out more boxes, showing off different jewelry. “These are for Link!” she said, showing off more nipple bars.

James was a little protective over Link, thinking Lisa was going to hurt the guy one day, “Wait a minute here; you can’t make him wear those.” trying to defend Link’s dignity.

Lisa looked at him puzzled, “What do you mean I can’t?” and turned to the door and yelled for Link to get his ass in there.

He stuck his head in and looked around, “I promised him you guys wouldn’t say anything.” Lisa said, and Link entered the room rather shyly.

James studied the young man, looking at his chest. He couldn’t tell if he had piercings or not. “Take your shirt off Link.” Lisa ordered, and he slowly lifted it over his head. Two rings on each nipple appeared and James shook his head in reaction.

“Damn Lisa, why did you do that? I’m sorry Link; I didn’t know buddy.” James asked and apologized at the same time. The poor guy even had one in his ear. James could only hope that was all he had.

Lisa got defensive and said, “Shit James, you act like everything is my fault!” crossing her arms under her breasts. “You’re starting to piss me off.” and huffed.

James just knew she would be going overboard on crap like this and he didn’t see a problem with straightening her out on it. “Let’s just say you’re an influence, ok?” he replied, crossing his arms too.

“Link, tell him who’s idea it was.” she seethed, leering at James.

“Um, I wanted them.” Link admitted, looking at the floor.

“Seriously? You wanted them pierced?” James asked with a frown. Lisa had to make him do that somehow, he just knew it.

“Yes sir, I like them.” he said as quietly as possible. Mike looked them over with a thoughtful stare.

James was done; he had enough of the crazy. “Ok, I’m over it. ‘Whatever’ is all I say.” and went to his closet for the duffle bag.

“Wait, we want to know when you’re getting a Prince Albert.” Lisa piped up. The shit eating grin was infectious as Mike gave his to match Lisa’s.

“There isn’t a person alive that is going to stick a needle in my dick. You can forget that right now.” James huffed, clearing some human pincushions off the bed for his bag.

“Link got him one.” Lisa pointed out, motioning Link to drop his pants.

Sure enough, James glanced at a gold ring on the end of his dick. Shaking the image out of his head, “I said I was done and I mean It.” he admonished, gathering pincushions to throw out the door. Link was a challenge with his pants around his ankles but he managed to shuffle out the door. Closing it, he turned back to Ying who was getting her shoes and socks off.

“I have your clothes packed; all you need is things from the bathroom.” James commented, not knowing what things she would need.

Ying got up and headed for the dresser, getting out her plug. Bending over on the bed, she worked it in to her crack. Wondering why she was so quiet, James asked, “You ok honey?” detecting her mood wasn’t pleasant.

“You no like my jewelry.” she huffed, and went back to the dresser. Pulling out the chained nipple clamps, she took the chain off of them.

“Look, I like them but I don’t want to see you hurt.” James pointed out. If it’s that big of a deal with her, he could get over it, sheesh.

“You sure you like?” she asked, turning her back from him, fooling with the chain.

“I do more than like them, I love them, and they look fantastic on you.” James proclaimed, hoping to ease her mind.

“Good.” she concluded and turned around to face him. She had put the chain across her nipples, and they glistened in the light.

“Now see, that looks super sexy Ying.” James stated, “I’m not kidding you there.”

She smiled at him and asked, “You really like?” putting her hands together and squeezing the sides of her breasts.

James ogled her pointy nipples as she made them protrude even more, “You know I do” and ogled them some more.

“You no have to worry. I’m loose enough back there.” Ying said, “If you want to fuck me, you can do it there.” and smiled.

“I wouldn’t want to hurt you; I can wait until you’re healed.” James said, wanting her to know he didn’t intend to give her pain.

“Master?” she asked quite seriously, “What if I like hurting sometimes.” and dropped her head down.

James hadn’t considered it but the evidence was adding up. She had all the signs of someone liking a little pain. He noticed it the first time he raked his nails down her back. She actually pushed into his fingers instead of away like most. His second clue was spanking her as she seemed like she wanted it.

“I’ll try to give you some pain and you tell me if I should stop. Would you like to have a safety word?” James asked, seeing if that was what she wanted.

“Can I master? You do that for me?” she replied with questions, hoping James understood.

“I’ll play along with you, if that is what you want. So come up with a safety word so I’ll know when to stop.” James agreed.

“I say ‘freedom’ cause that not what I like.” she declared, and put her hands behind her back while twisting in front of him.

James pulled her to him by grabbing her by the hair and tweaked one her right nipple. “You like that don’t you?” he said, testing the waters a little.

She gasped a laugh and said, “Oh master! That was nice!” Panting from the surge of pain, “Do the other one!” she begged and he readily obliged.

She was some kind of kinky but James didn’t tell her that. He decided a long time ago; everyone had their own in one way or another. It was best not to judge them since it can’t be helped anyway. Turning her around, he swatted her ass a little harder than in the past. He didn’t rub it in this time, letting the sting he gave her last.

She giggled a little more and bent over the bed. James looked at her offering and swatted her other side. Wiggling her ass in front of him, he could tell she wanted more. He slapped her with his fingers on her pussy lips.

It wasn’t hard enough and Ying whispered to him, “Harder please.” and stuck her rump further in the air.

James started off just patting and rubbing but soon went to light slaps. Her cunt lips swelled with blood and he could hear her gasping with each strike. Reaching with the other hand, he grabbed an ass cheek, kneading on the side of her butt plug.

Standing beside her rising ass, he kneaded her ass and slapped her slit, gently at first, but picked up speed and force. He patted her cunt in a steady pace, slapping his fingers at the top of her slit. Her gasps turned to groans and it wasn’t long before James saw firsthand the results of his administering. “I’m beating that orgasm out of you.” he said, and picked up more speed in his slapping.

If you never believed a woman could orgasm from simply spanking her sex, Ying and James could surely tell you, she certainly came at least a cup full. James splashed her sex juice while she climaxed with every slap on her cunt, splattering it all over the place. “There you go you sexy girl, squirt that juice out.” James urged, adding more spice to the act.

The kinks were adding up with Ying and James was getting a list full. He made a note to research this more and see what his options were. He slowed his slapping and went to rubbing as Ying came down from her high. “Baby got off on that, huh?” he said, and then sucked on his fingers till dry.

“That was wonderful master!” she said, slowly raising up off the bed.

“I cleaned the mess last time; it’s your turn to do it. Let’s get the towels and bedding to the laundry and do that before we leave.” James instructed.

They cleaned up the room and gathered their dirty laundry. Coming out of their room, James noticed Lisa’s door was open. Sticking his head in, adapting to the pink, he saw Lisa sitting on Link’s neck. “What the hell are you doing women?” he asked, trying to figure it out.

“Oh” she said, looking up at James, “I’m stretching Link.” she said, bouncing on his neck.

James didn’t know what she meant by that but Link sitting in the floor bent over while she bounced on his neck couldn’t be good. “You ok down there Link?” James had to ask, it did look awfully uncomfortable.

He answered in a raspy voice, “Grape sir, grape.” as air was forced from his lungs.

That was all James needed to hear, “Get off of him Lisa, you’ll break his neck.” he said, stepping into the door. Ying followed behind him to see the action and brought a hand up over her mouth.

“You break him like that.” she said, giving an honest opinion.

Lisa huffed at both of them but got up off of Link anyway. “I’m not trying to break him in half; I just want him to suck his own dick.”

James found himself shaking his head again, the crazy just keeps on coming. “Where do you come up with this stuff? Are you really too lazy to suck it for him?”

Lisa waved him off to save his lecture, “I stretch him every day, and he will get there yet. And, no I’m not too lazy but you have to admit, that would be pretty cool if I can get him to do it.” grabbing her shorts to put on.

“Look, they have to remove ribs or something, and no, you aren’t giving him surgery.” James explained, “You might as well be stretching his dick.”

“Oh, I got that covered.” Lisa said, and pointed to a tube on her desk.

James walked over to it and took a closer look. It was some sort of pump but he wasn’t sure and it looked a little intimidating. “You are all full of surprises Lisa. Where did you get that?”

“At the adult store, of course. It makes cocks bigger.” Lisa explained, picking it up and pumping it a few times.

James walked away and back to the door, “Just try not to hurt the man, and… save him some masculinity.” then headed out the door.

“Master?” Ying called, getting James’ attention in the corridor. He hoped Lisa didn’t put a crazy thought in her head; he was fed up to his neck with her influencing.

“You no kinky anymore, Lisa the one kinky.” she said, shaking her head in disbelief.

James laughed at that tidbit of wisdom, “You got that right sweetheart.” and helped her with the linen.

They got the chores done and had a bite to eat. It was time to pack the luggage out to the car and James was able to get most of theirs in one trip. He pulled the car into the garage so the next trip would be shorter. Coming out of his room with the last of his bags, he ran into Lisa. She had packed all of her possessions it seemed and Link was struggling with it.

“Did you pack the whole room?” James asked, picking up a big suitcase and tote bag.

Lisa gave him the evil eye, “A girl must have her things, get over It.” she replied, struggling with another bag.

They met Mike in the rec room. He was catching a ride with James. Both he and James made more trips to get everyone’s gear to the cars. They fit everything in and piled into the cars. James didn’t see Cathleen and assumed she would meet them there. Upon him realizing he should assume anything with her, he sent a text message, ‘We are headed to the airport.’ and waited for her response.

She replied that she was on the way too and would meet them all there. It was a short drive to a small airport. James knew exactly where the hanger was. Parking in the parking lot, they all got out and headed inside. With the help of attendants, the luggage was taken to the tarmac.

Climbing on board the Gulfstream G550, it immediately brought forth gasping and wows from the small crowd, looking at the luxury it boasted. Though it fit fourteen passengers, there were only eleven of them. Cathleen had another jet for the others she wanted there. This one was the better of the two and was able to fly intercontinental.

James greeted Joy and Vicky and the twins. Stepping up to the front, he greeted Cathleen.

“Are you ready to fly the friendly skies?” James asked.

Cathleen smiled back and said, “I’m looking forward to it.”

They all took their seats as the plane taxied to the run away. James held Ying’s hand since she appeared a little nervous. It wasn’t long before the climb leveled out and they were traveling 650 miles an hour.

The pilot came over the loudspeaker to make his announcement, “We are traveling at our cruising altitude of 51,000 feet. Our ETA is two hours and 23 minutes. Weather at our destination is sunny at 82 degrees. Anyone wishing to join the mile high club, you are free to move about the cabin.”

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