It was an accident seeing her son's huge cock at the beach. What she and her daughter did was not accidental though!
"Damn Kyle, how do you live in the same house with those two without sporting a hardon all day" Jeremy asked as he watched Kyle's sister Tera and his Mom walk to the edge of the beach in their Bikini's? "Thats my mom and sister dumbass, it ain't like I'd ever think of them that way", Kyle replied. Kyle was lying because he did think of them that way almost every day but he wasn't going to broadcast it to the world.

He kept his gaze from the two of them because he knew he would get hard if he watched them. He couldn't look at them, their asscheeks rubbing together sensually got his dick straining its skin every time he did. Other than Tera being shorter, they looked almost identical. By the time Tera was 18 they would pass for twins he was sure. His mom had aged very well to be forty and her body was better then most 20 year olds. He would see them both in his mind as he stroked his cock tonight. Their tits and asses and perfect thighs and everything else that made them look like two goddess's kept him hard every night in his bed.

Jeremy wouldn't let it go and said, "Bro, if they were my kin I'd be trying to slide my hard dick in them both. I mean it ain't like they'd ever tell anybody they was fuckin you"! "Jeremy, shut the fuck up, that's my sister and mom and I don't want to hear about you wanting to fuck them. Tera's just thirteen and I better not catch you sniffing around her or I'll beat your damn brains in, you hear". "Yeah, ok, but you know they're both hot and if they were my kin you'd be looking at them and you know it". Just then Jeremy's dad yelled saying they were leaving and he said he'd see Kyle later and left.

Kyle lay there watching his mom and sister play in the water. His gaze couldn't leave their bodies. Their wet bikini bottoms were clinging to their pussies and he could see the protrusion of his sister's pussy lips and the imprint of his mom's vulva also. He felt his dick beginning to pulse as his gaze took in his mom's breasts as they bounced in their cloth enclosures, her nipples plainly outlined through their thin cloth. Both of them had cleavage showing and as he watched his younger sister's breast flopped out of her top and was standing out proudly, its nipple erect from the cold mist of the sea spray as they splashed water on each other. She seemed oblivious to it until his mom pointed to it and laughed. He could see Tera's face turn crimson as she realized everyone was staring at her. She put her tit back in and placed her hands over her face and ran up the beach and sat down beside Kyle and covered herself with a towel.

"That was so embarrassing, I thought I was gonna die and mom just laughed at me and didn't even tell me my boob was hanging out. I feel so ashamed". Tera said. "You don't have anything to be ashamed of sis, it was an accident, and besides, every girl here is jealous of your body, especially your tits. You and mom both have beautiful tits", Kyle consoled her. "Really Kyle, you think I have a good body, I always thought my boobs were too small". "You're only thirteen Tera, you'll get bigger, but they are perfect for you right now. Everything about you is perfect. All the guys want to fuck you. I have to threaten to beat their asses to keep them away from you", Kyle told her. "Really Kyle, you're just saying that aren't you, you're always kidding me", she said disbelievingly! "No Tera, I mean it, you're like a young goddess", he replied.

Tera leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and said, " I know you're lying but it was a nice lie, thank you Kyle", she said before running back down the beach to push their mom into the surf and laughing her butt off. When their mom stood up her tit was hanging out of her top and Tera pointed and laughed out loud and their mom tucked it back in and took off chasing Tera across the beach. The memory of both their breasts were burned in Kyle's memory.

Kyle knew it was wrong but he couldn't help fantasizing about his sister and his mom. Everyone talked about how beautiful they both were, men and women. He had heard more than one girl say they'd like to nuzzle up to either of their pussies and he couldn't count all the remarks he'd heard from his friends and other men. He could fuck any girl he wanted to but all he could think of was the two living with him. His big dick was the talk of all the girls at his school and he could have his pick of just about all of them but at night when he fantasized it was always Tera or his mom that entered his mind. He lay back on the towel and allowed his mind to examine the memory of his mom's breast, its perfect aureole and its round erect nipple. He thought of touching it, tasting it as he suckled its supple skin and his dick was throbbing, straining his swimming trunks and he could feel his glans hanging out beneath it. He lay a towel across his waist to hide his erection.

A few minutes later after Kyle had dozed off, his mom and sister walked up and were drying their hair. Rita, his mom, was rubbing her hair briskly when she glanced down and saw Kyle's hard cock running down his leg, his huge glans poking from under the towel draping his waist. At first she didn't realize what it was and started to bend and pick it up. Just as her fingers were about to grip it she saw it plainly and startled, straightened back up quickly. Tera saw her mom bend and reach for something and then quickly stand back up. She glanced towards the area she had reached her hand out to and saw Kyle's dick jerking from beneath the towel. She wanted to stare at it, it looked as big as she had heard it was from other girls that had screwed him, but she was afraid her mom would notice so she turned her head.

Rita was stunned. Her son's dick was huge. She wanted to look away but she'd never seen such a thick cockhead before. Seeing it throb visibly was having an effect on her that she knew was sooo wrong. Her and Rob hadn't been having much sex since his promotion required him to be out of town often and it was hard for her to keep telling herself this was her fifteen year old son's dick. Her gaze kept moving from Tera to Kyle's arms folded over his eyes shading them from the Sun to see if they were noticing where her gaze was. Tera sat down alongside Kyle on her towel and Rita sat down at Kyle's feet where she could see up under the towel at his waist better. She could now see his thick shaft as it poked from under his trunks. It appeared muscular and had thick veins running along it.

"What's wrong mom, why are you being so quiet", Tera asked her? Rita was startled by her question and hadn't realized that she was sitting lost in the thoughts and sight of her son's dick. "Nothing honey, just thinking how nice it is here. I could sit here for hours if I had something to drink" she replied. "Want me to run and get us something at the concession stand down the beach mom", Tera asked her? "Would you sweetie, get the money from my purse there by Kyle's head. Just get a couple of cokes and we'll share with Kyle when he wakes up", Rita replied. Kyle seemed to be sleeping but his cock kept jerking, lifting, stiffening each time it pulsed and Rita could feel her pussy moistening as she openly gazed at him now that Tera had left. She filled with shame knowing her pussy was clenching as she thought of how his big glans would feel to a woman as it stretched and opened her, impaled her deeply.

Her clit was pulsing so strongly she had to cross her thighs and squeeze them in time with the constant throb between her thighs to keep from touching herself. This is what her friends meant when they talked about their husbands not fucking them anymore and they looked at her and said, "Yeah but you have Kyle at home and we've heard about him", and then they'd laugh and hit each other. Rita hadn't wanted to appear stupid and just smiled as if she'd known what they meant but in reality she had no clue. Everyone must have heard about his big dick but her she reasoned. It made her feel good that he had the reputation as a stud but sitting here gazing at his stud dick filled her with feelings and thoughts she knew she had to find a way to put aside. But she had to admit that she liked the way her blood raced through her veins as she lay here watching his dick jerk and lift with his dreams she guessed. Wonder who he's dreaming of she thought.

Tera was walking back slowly as she watched her mom from down the beach. It appeared she was openly looking at Kyle's hard dick and her thighs were pumping regularly like her own did when she was aroused and pulsing. No, not mom, Tera thought. Although she had to admit when she thought of what she had seen her own clit pulsed and became taut and swollen. Hmmm maybe mom was enjoying the sight of his big dick, he is my brother and I like thinking about it she thought as she watched her mother's tongue slide across her lips as her gaze never wavered from her brothers form.

As they sat drinking their soft drinks Rita noticed Kyle's dick was lengthening, lifting until it was stiffly at a forty five degree angle to his body. His swollen glans was lifting the towel from his body as it stiffly jerked allowing her to see his thick girth. Her breathing became deep, hurried and her clit throbbed like a bass drum as she almost reached her hand out and grasped him. Tera could see his cock lifting the towel even from where she sat. Her mom's face had become flushed and she had her thighs crossed in a yoga position where her heel pressed against her pussy and she was leaning forward with her upper body bobbing and soft moans escaped her. Tera could see a large wet spot on her mom's bikini crotch and it almost appeared she'd pissed herself.

Tera knew her mom was in an aroused agony and she felt her own arousement taking control of her as she watched Kyle's dick bobbing so she stood up and said, "I think we should go mom, I'm tired" "Yeah, I'd like to lay down too sweetie, so lets go on home", Rita replied. Tera bent down and shook Kyle's arm and said, "Come on Kyle we're leaving". Kyle stretched, his legs straightening, arms over his head and his cock straining upwards, lifting his trunks as he moaned as he strained. He seemed to realize his dick was hard and he pressed the towel lower to cover his straining cock as he sat up. He yawned and said, dang, the Sun must have put me to sleep. I hope I didn't burn. Rita was thinking how nice it would be to rub lotion on his big cock if it was sunburned and immediately felt shame for the thought.

When they arrived home Rita said she was going to lie down for awhile as did Tera. Rita thought she shut her door good before opening the bedroom window to allow some fresh air in as well as to allow the odor of her sex to escape. She knew she was going to have to find relief for the burning hunger she felt inside her after riding home alongside her son and the still hard dick that occasionally showed as he moved the towel in his lap. Tera had seen it also as she sat between her mom and Kyle and she also was moved to masturbate in her room. Kyle sat in the living room holding his hard dick remembering his mom and sister at the beach unaware of the strife he had imposed in their minds. He lay back on the couch and pulled his cock from his trunks unaware that Tera was at the head of the stairs watching as it jerked upright.

She had to stifle the moan that tried to escape her as her clit pulsed with a thrill that seemed electric in nature and caused her thighs to squeeze and her body to bend with its intensity. She watched as her older brother began stroking his cock, his huge cock. He was thick, very thick. Her breathing was quickened and her hand slid inside her bikini bottom and found her swollen clit and idly rolled it as she continued watching Kyle stroke his long fat cock with both hands. She kept remembering how he had called her a young goddess and said every body wanted to fuck her. She wondered if that included him. She needed to cum and was about to go to her room and rub her clit until she did, when she saw Kyle reach over and pick up a picture of her off the coffee table beside him. He stared at it, then kissed her image and then placed his swollen tip at her mouth in the picture and rubbed his dick over her face.

Tera, felt herself tense as she realized he was thinking of her as he played with his hard dick. Her orgasm gripped her suddenly and she groaned loudly, unable to stifle it because of its intensity. When her eyes opened Kyle was craning his neck looking up at her, his dick still firmly grasped in his hand and a shocked look etched on his face. Tera held a finger up to her lips and whispered, shhh as she walked slowly, quietly down the stairs. She walked over to her brother's prone body and knelt beside him and looked into his eyes and took her picture from his hand and placed it back on the table and leaned and placed her lips on his and kissed him as he had kissed her photo. Then she moved lower and as their gazes locked her mouth lowered to his fat tip and she licked it, eliciting a low moan from deep in his body. She began sucking him, licking him, doing everything she had heard girls do to boys dicks and balls. Her hands tried to grasp his thick shaft but her fingers weren't long enough to encircle him but she still pumped his stiff dick.

Tera's pussy was flowing moisture, she felt it seeping from her as she felt her brothers hard cock. It was hot and felt like a steel core that was covered by a muscular sponginess. Each time it jerked in her hands and mouth she moaned and her clit throbbed. She had never felt like this before. Her pussy seemed so empty, and it yearned to feel something in it. She knew what it needed but Kyle was so big it scared her thinking of him fucking her. She got up atop him and pulled her bottoms aside and spread her pussy lips and lowered her hot mound to his shaft and rubbed herself with his fat dick. He started to say something but she put her fingers on his lips and said, shhh. Her body shuddered as she felt her clit riding along his hot dick. She lay down on him and they hunched together, dry fucking, as they both became more aroused.

Both of their young bodies were alive with need. Kyle couldn't believe this was happening. All the yearning he had experienced for his younger sister and now here she was rubbing her pussy on his hard dick. He knew he should stop her but his emotions were running wild and the feel of her wet pussy sliding up and rubbing his strained glans had him craving to be in her tight pussy. Tera kissed her brother. She had never really kissed a boy and Kyle's lips were leading her, teaching her as they opened and his tongue embraced her own, danced with hers in a dance that only lovers should ever indulge in. She felt falling, like her mind was being swept away by the emotions of loving her brother in this manner.

They both knew this was wrong but neither knew why, it felt so right, so wonderful. Tera decided it would be her brother that took her cherry, today, now! She whispered in his ear, "I want you to fuck me Kyle, I want to feel you in me, please" He started to protest but again she stopped him and raised up allowing his dick to stand stiffly erect as she positioned his fat tip at her hole and squirmed around. He felt good pressing against her wet flesh and she placed her feet flat on the couch and sat on his upraised dick and began pressing down hard. She felt her pussy opening as his dick stiffened to the challenge of her resisting body. His hands gripped her thin hips and he held her as he began an upwards pressure as she pushed onto his dick. She could feel her entrance muscles stretching over his glans and it hurt, burned, but she knew it would and she wanted him in her badly. Her young body was afire with hormonal need and the demand it created in hr mind could not be denied. She was going to fuck her brothers big cock and know the feelings those other girls talked about for herself. This was her day to become a woman!

"I don't want to hurt you Tera, you're too tight", he told her. "If I wasn't your sister would you stop, no, so shut up and fuck me like I'm just some slut that wants your dick, please"! He wanted her as badly as she wanted him but he wanted to know she wanted this as badly as he did. He rolled her over on her back and began fucking his cock into her forcefully, pressuring past her tight entrance muscles as she cried out, "Oh god Kyle its in me, you're fucking me, it hurts so't stop...oh god my pussy feels like its big....till he met the resistance of her hymen. She had tears flowing down her cheeks as she felt her pussy full, pressured outwards by his throbbing hot dick. He knew this would hurt her and he couldn't bring himself to do it. "Do it Kyle, fuck me, I want you to", and then she placed her ankles on his ass and pulled her pussy sharply up into his dick and felt her hymen rip as his dick forced through it to throb in her vagina. She couldn't restrain her loud cry as his cock ruptured her virginity nor her hunching as he throbbed hotly against the burning tissues he had rent asunder.

Rita had just pressed her biggest dildo deep in her pussy and was hunching into it with Kyle's dick in her mind when she heard a cry that sounded like Tera's voice. With her pussy still impaled she rose from the bed and opened her door slightly and listened. She heard something that sounded familiar but she couldn't place it. She glanced out the door and saw Tera's door open and Kyle's closed and slipped into her robe and silently crept down the hallway until she could see in Tera's room and she wasn't there. Again she heard a slight cry and walked to the head of the stairs and glanced down and was stunned by what she saw. Tera was on her back, her thighs spread and her brother was between them hunching his fat cock into his sister's young pussy. It was her stifled cries as he forced his huge cock into her tiny pussy that she had heard.

Was he raping her she wondered, should she stop him? If so then why were her heels and ankles pulling at his asscheeks and her hips hunching, rolling and her hands pulling at his asscheeks above her ankles. No, they were fucking, plain and simple. Tera was feeling the huge cock she herself had lusted after all those long moments at the beach earlier today. Watching them, seeing his dick opening his sisters tiny pussy, hearing her moans as his cock forced deeper and deeper into her virgin body had her hand grasping the dildo in her own pussy and fucking it into her hard, painfully as she imagined feeling what her thirteen year old daughter was fortunate enough to be experiencing at her young age. Rita was jealous of her daughters enjoyment of her sons hot huge cock. She sat down on the stairs and fucked herself as her children's bodies began to move in unison, their moans and groans as one as they both labored in a common goal.

Rita knew her daughter was experiencing a craving as primitive as sex itself. Her excited hunching told of her need to have her brother's dick fully implanted in her womb when he launched his hot lava like sperm into her clasping fertile womb. She knows her son is striving to sate that same craving as his hips rise and fall forcefully, stretching her young flesh, battering her tight cervix until it relents and allows passage of his fat cock into her uterine canal where it can complete its journey to her young receptive womb. His big dick is ruining her pussy for any average size man just as Rita's big dildo's have her craving to feel a real flesh and blood cock the size of her sons. Rita pulls at the dildo inside her as she cums while watching her daughter cum and cum on her brothers gargantuan dick. Tera's face is staring over her brother's shoulder as her gaze locks with her mothers, her eyes growing wide as she realizes her mom is watching her and her older brother fucking like they love it and they do.

Rita raises her finger to her lips in a sign of Shhhh! Tera smiles as she realizes her mom likes watching them and is not upset. I bet she's gonna fuck Kyle too she thinks as she cums on her brothers pistoning young stiff dick. Watching her mom fuck her pussy with the huge dildo has Tera hunching frantically up into Kyle's burgeoning dick. Tera's young mind is rapidly becoming overwhelmed by the emotions of fucking her brother while her mom watches them while fucking herself with a huge rubber dick. Her pussy still burned but the slight pain of her torn tissue was nothing compared to the hurt his dick inflicted as it opened her inside. She felt his fat tip throbbing against her virgin flesh as it stretched her painfully. His cock sated the yearning she had experienced before his entering her, replacing it with a new and more intense craving to have him inside his sisters pussy fully. Every fat inch that forced her open intensified her need to have all of his hot brother dick embedded in her hunching, craving pussy.

Kyle was in heaven! His sister was the first virgin he'd ever fucked and her tightness was a challenge for his stiff ramrod to overcome. He knew he would cum before hammering all his cock into Tera's pussy. He was more aroused than ever before in his life and his sister's pussy was squeezing, her hips hunching her virgin pussy frantically up into his swollen glans. He could feel his young sister's excitement at fucking for her first time and the way she kept tensing, moaning and cumming over and over as she flooded his dick with her warm cum was having an effect on his own feverish excitement. He raised himself on his outstretched arms and stared down into his sister's eyes as she cum on his cock. She didn't have to say she loved him, it was expressed in her eyes as she stared into his. He felt the same emotions she did as he stared into his sisters eyes, feeling her pussy grinding into his forceful, deep thrusts, her heels pulling her pussy into his hardest thrusts even as the pain of her pussy stretching was etched on her young face.

Rita felt the love her children was sharing as they lay in each others arms with their bodies, hunching, grinding, Tera's moans filled with the pleasure she was finding on her brothers huge dick as their sounds excited and drove Rita's own orgasmic bliss. Rita heard Kyles loud, "Oh god Tera, I'm gonna cum"! She wathced as Kyle attempted to pull from his sisters pussy and heard Tera's pleas of, "Cum in me Kyle, I need to feel it, don't stop, I'm gonna cum too"! She saw Tera's legs hold Kyle to her pussy, locking around him making it impossible to withdraw his long dick from her squirming pussy. She heard her son's loud groan and seeing his asscheeks clenching as he drove deep into his sister's pussy had Rita also tensing, lifting into the big dildo lodged deep inside her. She needed to feel what her daughter was experiencing as her son emptied his young ball deeps in his sister's cunt. Tera's shriek as he drove his cock forcefully into her pussy told of the exquisite torture her pussy was experiencing as he buried his dick fully into her inexperienced, unexplored pussy.
Rita could only imagine the swelling of his glans and the hot explosion of his ball juice splattering forcefully against the deepest walls of her impaled womb as her daughter felt it.

Tera felt her pussy stretched painfully, something opening deep inside her and his dick forcing through it tightness until she felt his fat tip lodged painfully at her deepest place and then swelling, pulsing before exploding a hotness inside her. A hotness that seemed to melt her body around his throbbing dick. She felt her body's birth canal straightening as his dick stiffened with each forceful expulsion as he continued cumming in her fertile womb. His hands held her by her asscheeks and her body molded to his as she clung to him tightly, trembling, shaking with each lava like explosion within her. She loved Kyle, not only as a brother but as a lover and Kyle felt the same as he pulled his sisters young thin body to his swollen dick. He had never experienced an orgasm like this one he was having inside his sister's body. All the love he held for her seemed to intensify every sensation, every moan and sigh burning into his memory. Neither of them ever wanted these moments to end and they lay there in each others arms as their bodies sporadically tensed, jerked as their ardor waned.

"That was so wrong little sis, but it felt sooo right. I hope you know I love you Tera", Kyle said softly as his cock pulsed in her tight sister pussy". "I love you too Kyle, and I love your big brother dick too, a lot actually. Dang that felt so good. No wonder all the girls want to fuck you, you're so fuckin huge" she said as she squeezed his cock with her inner muscles. "Hmmm I think I need more Kyle, can you do it again", she asked him seriously. "Hmm let me eat your pussy, that always gets me hard when I think of doing it to you", he said as he pulled from her pussy and slid down until his tongue was licking her clit. "Oh god I feel so empty now, like something is missing, a part of me is gone or something....mmmmmm that feels good, oh darn that feels real good Kyle, don't stop, oh god what are you doing, you're gonna make me....I...I...ohhhh yeahhhhh....c..c.cum...cummin...doit....oh god...ohgod....d..d..don..don't stop...please don't....oh shit! aaiieeeeeerrrggghhhHHHHHHHHH....god I love you so much......aaarrrrggghhhhhhHHHH.....SUCK IT, SUCK IT HARD!! Oh god Kyle, eat me, do like my pussy, does it taste good...ohhhhhhhh....I feel it....oh shit you're in my pussy.....ohgod.......lick it.....lick me Kyle....oh...oh....not again...oh fuck....aiiieeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEE....c..can..can't're licking in my pussy.....oh god fuck it with your tongue......shit...shit

Wha...what....ass...oh my god my asshole....oh...oh that good...doit...ohgod! Lick it, oh fuck.......I love you...I really do......ohgod....I feel it....its...its in my....ohgod you're licking in my ass......ohhhhhh aiiieeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEE......don't stop....yes..yes....suck it......ohfuckyeah.....fingerit....oh damn! Kyle fingered his sister's asshole while his mouth tortured her clit and pussy. How many times had he thought of doing this to her as he masturbated and now here he was actually doing it. He was determined to do everything he had learned from other girls to Tera to try and make it so good she'd want him to do it often. Someday he would fuck her asshole with his dick when they were alone and mom wasn't home. Tera seemed to love having her pussy licked and sucked and even her ass too. She cum more than any girl he'd ever been with and he loved it, loved his sister's body and the way she used it. She was a natural cocksucker and she fucked better her first time than any slut he had ever fucked. It was better he thought because he really loved Tera and wanted to make it as good for her as she made it for him.

"Fuck me Kyle, I need to feel you in me again. Can you fuck me some more", she pleaded? "If mom wasn't home I'd fuck your asshole sis, but you'll yell too loud to do that now"...he replied as he rose and placed his hard dick again at her young cuntlips and began a slow pressured entry into his sister's body once more. "God Tera, your pussy feels so good, so tight on my dick, I love fucking you. In fact I just love you sis, I love everything about you and mom both", he moaned as he began stroking deeper and deeper into the tight confines of Tera's body. "Have you fucked mom Kyle", she asked incredulously? "No, but I'd love to. She is so much like you sis, so beautiful and hot looking. You're both just so damn sexy and your bodies move so sensually. I know its as wrong as what we're doing but I can't help it you both just drive me crazy. I've wanted to fuck you since you were ten years old Tera, think I'm not fucked up"!

Kyle, I've wanted you to since I was about eleven and cum my first time while thinking of you in bed one night. I saw you naked in the bathroom accidently and it made me feel real funny inside and my clit began pulsing and I touched it and next thing I knew I was cumming so hard while I pictured you in my mind. Your dick was hard when I saw you but I didn't even know what that meant back then. It was just so taboo seeing you naked and all. Now look at us....ohhhhhhgod that feels so good. "I want you to fuck me every chance we get Kyle, I promise I won't let nobody else fuck me but you. Ohgod fuck me, hurt my pussy Kyle, I love it when you hurt it with your big dick.....ohhhhh...yeah, like that...ohhhhhgodyes......h..hard..harder...oh're fuckin huge"!

Rita was stunned to hear Kyle say he wanted her pussy, stunned and aroused that her young son wanted to put his big stiff dick in her older pussy and cum in it. Watching him fuck now had new meaning as she thought of him between her thighs, his ass moving, hunching his fat cock into her own pussy as she stared into his eyes. She pictured her son's face over her as she fucked her pussy hard, deeply with the dildo and the orgasm it evoked was exquisite in its intensity as her gaze was on her son's dick as it pistoned its full length in her daughter's pussy. Rita knew at that instant as her pussy quivered and clenched the replica dick, she imagined to be her son's, that she was going to really fuck her son. Once again he would fill the womb from whence he came, but this time she would pull him into her deepest recesses wantonly, not ever wanting him to leave, unlike when he was born and she felt relief to have him gone from her body. This time he would appease the hunger his cock has instilled in both her and his sister. This time she knew she would beg him never to leave her womb just as his sister, her daughter, was now.

Thinking of his mom as his fantasy of fucking his sister was unfolding had Kyle's young dick stiffened, ramrod hard as he persecuted Tera's pussy with it. He'd never seen a girl want her pussy hurt like his sister does. The harder and faster he fucks her the more intensely she cums and remains tensed until he slows or stops his hammering of her womb. Just touching his sister's smooth skin excites him more than other girls ever have. Seeing the love she has for him displayed in her eyes as she grimaces in pain as he pile drives his cock into her drives him to punish her pussy, to hurt her like she seems to need and to use all the stamina of his youthful athletic body to keep her in her heaven till her eyes close and she screams, her body shaking fitfully, head tossing wildly as she tries to escape the all consuming pleasure his fat dick provides her repeatedly.

His emotions have him choking in his throat as the love he feels for this blonde waif of a girl overwhelms him and he has to lay upon her fully and feel her warmth against his body. His own young mind is not prepared for this kind of emotional attachment and it fills him with a need to kiss her, to love her and be lost within her body and he does. Their kiss is torrid as his hard cock stretches her womb painfully, held against her deepest walls as their tongues entwine and the emotions of their love for each other have them clutching each other, her hips grinding her womb against the heated throbbing of his glans as he forcibly grinds against her clit, mashing it between them as they strive to become one. Kyle has never experienced such emotions as he fucked a girl and Tera's emotions are all new to her, the sexual sensations her brother provides her bind her to him as tightly as if they were married. The words brother and Kyle equate to pleasure in her thirteen year old mind now. She cannot hear either without a pulsing beginning at her clit and an empty yearning filling her pussy.

Tera had thought of having sex and imagined doing it as she played with herself but nothing could have ever prepared her for the feeling of Kyle's fat dick battering through her cervix to become lodged squarely within her womb. She felt every hard hot inch as he fucked her. The feelings his dick provoked within her had her out of control, hunching frantically, it was if she couldn't think, her body just reacted to each new sensation and feeling his dick caused to course through her in strong waves until she tensed and cum hard over and over. Her pussy was already tightly expanded by his thick girth and when she cum her pussy muscles tightened and made him feel twice as large as he fucked her powerfully. Her once virgin pussy was stretched, loosened but still tightly clasping him as she fucked him wildly. Every sensation was new to her mind and body, multiplied by her brothers thickness until they permeated her very soul it seemed. Every time her hips lifted, out-turned, her back arching as she pressed up into his hardest, deepest thrusts she thought she would die before he relented and allowed her to gasp for a quick breath before again impaling her deeply sending her into another hard tensing orgasm, heightened by his body mashing her sensitive young clitoris.

Tera knew she would be experimenting more with her newfound sexuality. If fucking and having her pussy ate was this astounding she wanted to try other things now. She didn't want to fuck any guy but Kyle but she would like to eat a girls pussy now that she knew how thrilling it was to have it done to her. Knowing how her mom was watching them and probably heard what Kyle said about wanting to fuck her, something told her the dynamics of their home life were about to take a pleasurable turn for the better. Kyles dick had opened a whole new world of thoughts to her and now she was thinking how nice it would be to taste her mom's pussy as Kyle fucked her own and then they could swap maybe...mmmmmm. Tera was shocked at her own thoughts but Kyles swelling cock just prompted them to continue as he stiffened within her and she knew she was about to feel her pussy swamped with his hot ball juice. Again he tried to pull away and again she held him tightly to her pussy while imploring him, "Give me your baby Kyle, shoot it way up in my womb brother. You know you want to come in your sister's hot pussy, do it"!!

Hearing his sister's words made his orgasm even more intense as he bucked and thrust as deeply as possible into her greedy cunt saying, "Yes, yes, I love fucking your pussy, here take it, take my baby in your hot pussy Tera, unggghhhhhhhh....unghhhhhhh...ohgod I love you so much...ohhhhhfuck...squeeze it baby..oh shit...damn...milk it...take it all...goddamn"!

"Don't stop Kyle...give it all to fucking hot....good....Ohgod I don't care if you make me pregnant just keep doing it...ohhhhh I'm cumming....fuck me, fuckme hard, oh god Kyle hurt me, fuck your cum in me hard.....oh....unggghhhhh...arrrgggghhhhHHHHHHHAAAIIIEEEEEE!!!!

Rita was layed back on the stairs, both hands pulling at the rubber dick in her pussy hard as her body lifted, shook with intensity. Her heels were on a step, ass in the air fucking her pussy roughly, deeply as she cum hard repeatedly. Each hard spasm sent waves of electric like thrills coursing through every cell of her body as she watched her kids fuck. Tera's pleas and wild hunching as her brother filled her fertile womb with his baby seed had Rita lost to her imaginings as in her mind it was Kyle fucking her pussy hard, driving his hot cum deep inside his mother's craving pussy as she flooded his fat dick with appreciation for what he gifted her. Her body hunched hard up into the dildo as she pulled it into her deeply one last time before falling exhausted upon the stairs. She watched as Kyle slumped down onto Tera's body and saw her daughter holding him, ankles pulling at him as she continued hunching and moaning as he sporadically pumped the last of his cum into her womb as her uterine walls gripped and milked his long shaft, squeezing every drop of his virile seed into her baby chamber before she too fell exhausted beneath his body.

Rita silently rose and crept back to her room and lay across her bed panting as she recalled everything she had seen and heard. Her hand moved idly to her clit as her memories brought forth a pulsing within her swelling orb. She wanted to feel what her daughter had tonight. She wasn't even trying to fight the thoughts of her and her son together now. She knew it was futile for her to try and resist the urges his dick had instilled in her, especially now that Tera had caught her masturbating while watching him take her daughters virginity. She wished her first time had been so wonderful, but she hadn't even cum and her daughter had cum so often and so intensely that she would remember her brothers cock forever. Even when she was sixty her hand would creep to her clit remembering what he had done for her tonight.

Rita had never been so thoroughly fucked as her son had fucked her daughter tonight. Never made to lose control and hunch so rapidly into a mans dick that she seemed possessed, unable to think just react to what she felt. She wanted to feel like that! She wanted to cum on her son's dick so badly now, and he wants it to! Rita cum as she remembered her son's words stating how badly he wanted her pussy and how thick and stiff his young virile dick had gotten at the beach today and as he fucked it deep into his sister's pussy. It had been years since Rob's dick was so stiff and unyielding it hurt her. She knew where Tera got the urge to have her pussy hurt, stretched beyond belief. She loved it also, it was like she was being punished for loving dick so much and she begged for it just as her daughter had. But unlike her daughter she had never had a dick capable of providing the intense pain she sought. Only in her mind as today had she experienced a dick that wonderful, a dick like her son Kyle possessed.

Rita knew she should feel guilty at knowing she was going to fuck her son while Rob was kept in the dark of the new direction his family was taking, but she didn't. After seeing the love between her daughter and son expressed so beautifully tonight she just couldn't find a need for guilt within her. The only guilt she felt was towards Rob. She really loved him and it wasn't his fault he couldn't sate her enormous appetite for dick. She would have continued to use her vibrators and dildo's to sate her urges if not for accidently espying her sons huge cock today. My god she thought, he's only fifteen, will his dick grow more as he gets older. That thought sent shudders of delight up her spine and through her pussy as she realized she would have it in her if it did. She didn't like doing things behind Rob's back, especially fucking his son and allowing his son to fuck his daughter without stopping it, but for the present she saw no way around it.

Kyle rolled off his sister and allowed her to get up as he lay there admiring her naked body. She was truly a goddess, everything was perfect, her breasts, ass, hair, even her tiny nose. Gazing at her gaped pussy he wanted her again. How could such a small girl take all his dick and beg him to fuck her harder, deeper he wondered? He remembered her kiss and his dick pulsed strongly. No one had ever made him feel like she did kissing him. He loved her, he knew he did, not as a brother either. He wanted her to be his forever and that thought made him say, "Tera, come here a minute, kneel down here". When she did he kissed her, a warm passion filled kiss, a kiss that explored and learned her mouth and the feel of her tongue grappling with his as both their minds swirled down into a vortex of love and intense hunger for each other. Her hand grasped his jerking cock and pulled at him as desire flooded her young body again.

She broke their kiss and placed her mouth on his swelling glans and began sucking at him like a cum crazed whore. He knew she wanted him to cum in her mouth and the emotions that filled him had him reach and lift her and place her atop him with his face between her thighs. They lay there licking and sucking at each other frantically, the need they both felt to please the other paramount in both their young minds and body's. Tera was first to tense in an orgasm that had her hips forcing her pussy down onto Kyle's tonguing caresses within her sloppy pussy. He made horrible slurping sounds as he sucked and probed within her grinding pussy. His face was covered by their slick love juices but he didn't care, all that mattered was pleasing this girl he loved so deeply. Her thighs squeezed and she sat upright as she squirmed on his wildly flailing tongue. Kyle couldn't breathe she hunched onto his face so forcefully, completely lost to the pleasure he was giving her as waves of pleasure permeated every cell of her body.

Tera loved her brother eating her pussy and didn't want the feel of his tongue pressuring her pussy walls to ever stop. She couldn't think of his breathing as she flooded his mouth with her appreciation of his efforts, and when his mouth clamped her lit and sucked hard all she could do was hunch and grind and pray that he do it forever and ever as every cell of her body raced to his flailing tongue to be sucked into his mouth as she could only moan her intense pleasure. Then as her eyes opened she saw his erect swaying and jerking cock and fell upon it like an animal of prey and began devouring him. Her head twisted and turned, lips sucking as she pressed him deep in her throat and swallowed. She wanted his whole dick in her mouth and kept pressing until her nose was at his pubic hair. She was lost, her mind incapable of any thought but his dick cumming. He had unleashed a slut from somewhere inside her and she fucked his whole cock in and out of her mouthings as her pussy hunched and rolled under his licking and sucking.

Kyle couldn't control the way his emotions filled him with love for the way his sister was devouring his dick. My god no one had ever taken his whole dick in their throat and she had it there swallowing as her throat muscles constricted and pumped his cock. His dick was streaming sensations he'd never felt before and his body felt a pressure building within it like never before. He actually thought he was going to go insane if he didn't rid himself of the pleasure she was causing to fill his body and mind. His hips lifted, hunched and his mouth worked her pussy frantically as she continued her mouth assault on his dick.

He had said she was a born cocksucker but my god nobody sucked dick like this. Her mouth was as good or better then her young pussy. He didn't want to cum, didn't want this to ever stop, but, he had to cum or go insane from her constant sucking, swallowing and deep-throating his long fat dick. His dick was fully down her throat when his balls began violently jerking, pumping his hot cum directly into her esophagus as his body spasmed. His hands held her head to his exploding dick as he hunched each hot spewing into her throat. His mind was as lost as hers had been, nothing mattered except prolonging the intense pleasure he felt at releasing his pent up love down her constricting throat. As his ardor waned and he allowed her to lift her head and breathe she gasped quickly and then immediately forced his dick back to the depths of her throat as she moaned her own pleasure at having his remaining cum shooting forcibly into her gullet.

Kyle shook all over as her lips sucked at his sensitive tip as she moaned her delight at finding it still bubbling the dregs of his balls from its hole. Tera licked and sucked with glee as she swallowed his dick juices. Her thighs squeezed Kyle's head as tasting his cum seemed to cause her own body to eke out another small orgasm. "Can you do that again Kyle, I love sucking your cum from your pee hole. I want you to cum in my mouth this time and not in my throat", she said as she beamed. "Oh god sis, that was the most fantastic blow job I've ever had. You are so fucking good. You drained me sweetie, I'm through for awhile, my dick is dead"!

"You're mean Kyle, all the girls are always saying how you fuck them over and over but you won't cum again for me. I think you're lying about me being so good or you'd want to do it again", she reasoned. "I want to feel it squirting in my mouth and not in my stomach."

"Sis the reason I can't is because you did it so good you satisfied me, my balls are empty, you made them cum it all out because you suck dick so good. Trust me Tera I want you to do it again as bad as you do and after while I'll fill your hot little mouth up all you want but right now I can't. I just want to take a nap and dream about fucking your pussy again", he said smiling.

"Ok but you better let me suck your dick again tonight. I think I might like being a cocksucker! Do you care if I suck other guys cocks as long as I don't let them fuck me", she asked innocently?

Let me pick the guys you suck Tera. Maybe I'll even find a guy for you to fuck too, but I don't want you getting a reputation for being a slut or anything. Right now just suck and fuck me, ok", he asked?

"Ok, I love sucking and fucking you and don't really need anybody else as long as you let me have your cum. Am I a cum slut Kyle if I like sucking cum from dicks", she asked him seriously?

"Not necessarily, do you like thinking you may be a cum slut sis? You can be my cum slut. I want to cum a lot in every one of your sweet holes".

"Even up my asshole? I really liked it when you licked my asshole Kyle. It was so nasty and everything but it really got me hot and I think I wanted you to fuck me there. Do you really want to put your dick in there, that sounds so nasty but it really felt good when you had your fingers in me there and was sucking my button"!

"Hmmmm yes especially up your tight asshole sis. I want you to feel me cum in your ass while you're cummin. Now leave me alone and let me rest up so I can fill your mouth with my cum after while ok"?

Tera walked away as she started to straighten her bikini but then decided to just take it off. She walked up the stairs nude not even worrying if mom saw her now that they had shared their sexy secret. She felt so slutty as she felt her brothers cum leaking from her pussy and both their juices coating her ass and thighs. Her buttcheeks felt oiled and slick as they moved together. She had cum so much her entire ass was coated, her thighs also smeared and slick. It felt so nasty knowing she had been fucking and all that juice was evidence of the pleasure she felt being her brother's cum slut, she loved it! She wondered who Kyle would let fuck her and how many dicks he'd bring her to suck. Her thighs squeezed strongly as her clit throbbed with anticipation of sucking his friends dicks and making them cum in her mouth and throat.

Tera saw her mom's door open and thought she might want to talk about their secret so she walked to the door and stuck her head in the room. Her mom was lying across the bed nude, thighs open and her hand was slowly rubbing her clit as low mewling sounds escaped her lips. She is so beautiful Tera thought to herself. She watched her mom's hips undulate and hunch as she obviously was enjoying her thoughts. She remembered her thoughts of eating her mom's pussy while Kyle fucked her sisterly pussy and she felt that same cloak of lust fogging her mind as she had when she saw Kyle kiss her picture and rub his dick on the image of her lips!

As she stood there she thought how lonely her mom must feel, especially watching them fuck and carry on and her with no man to take care of her. It wasn't any wonder she had big rubber dicks to please herself with, speaking of which she saw the one her mother had been fucking laying there beside her on the bed. It was almost as big as Kyle's dick, as long but not as thick. Her mom's breathing was becoming quicker and she moaned, "Oh god Kyle, fuck me, fuck momma", as her fingers began flying over her swollen clit, her pussy hunching quickly. Tera knew what she was about to do, she couldn't control it, it was like some force took control of her mind and she was helpless to resist the urges it instilled in her.

She stepped silently into the room and crept to the side of the bed where she was standing between her mom's outstretched thighs. Her gaze flowed over her mom's supine body. God must have created her face with his own hands, sculpted her perfect breasts and topped them with perfectly round nipples that now stood proudly erect, straining! She felt herself filling with desire as her gaze fell upon the flatness of her mom's stomach, a slight concave that women her age felt jealousy at seeing. The constant pulsing of her clit drove the carnal fog that she felt her mind succumbing to. As her gaze roamed her mom's shapely thighs the emptiness in her pussy clenched and relaxed in rhythm to her inner pulsing. But it was seeing her pussy, the folds of it permeated with the wetness of her pleasure as it moved, undulated, gaped with its need for her son's hard dick, that instilled the overwhelming hunger she felt controlling her.

The moisture coating her also filled her ass valley and that same moist vee beckoned Tera's tongue as she craved to taste it, to slide her tongue down that moist corridor to lick and suck at her mother's perfectly formed puckered ring of pleasure. Her mind was lost to the influence of the craving that filled her, guided her to lower her body as her breathing quickened and her exhaled breath dried her lips, causing her tongue to wet them constantly. Tera's young body was alive with craving, her hormones pumping her body full of need as the pulsing at her clit and the newness of her sexual excitement instilled a hunger to taste her mom's pussy. She remembered how Kyle's tongue and lips had tormented and pleased her and she wanted her mom to feel that way. She wanted to taste her mom's pussy cum with her tongue pressed as far as possible inside it. But this is her mom and fear filled her as to what she might do if she opened her eyes and saw her between her thighs, her daughter eating her womanly pussy. Then she remembered how she looked on the stairs, the smile on her face and she knew she had nothing to fear!

She leaned forward as her mom's thighs lifted and her feet were placed flatly on the bed as she manipulated her taut bud, moaning as Kyle fucked her in her mind. The irony of this was not lost on Tera as her mom thought of her son pleasing her and her daughter's tongue began laving her mothers hand as it moved on her clit, pushing it aside as she licked and laved at her swollen orb. "Oh god", her mom cried as her hand found Tera's head and she began hunching into the wonderful feeling her daughter presented her. Tera sucked on her swollen orb lightly, her tongue playing over it as she sucked and her mom lifted, screamed, her body trembled at her pussy and then that tremble spread outwards until her whole being was vibrating, shaking as Tera's fingers entered her moms slickness and rubbed her there.

Rita's thighs and pussy were covered with the slick juices she had expelled as she watched her children fucking and Tera's face rubbed against that slickness as she savored her mom's musky odor. Her mom's pussy was hot and that heat radiated against her cheeks as her tongue laved to her slimy entrance and replaced her fingers there. By now her gaze was locked with her moms and Tera watched as her moms face seemed to take on an anguished appearance as her tongue twirled and licked as deeply as her tongue would allow. Tera felt powerful as her mothers cries told of her craven desire to cum on her daughters hot tongue. Her hips expressed that same need as they pressed her soaked pussy into her daughters tonguing penetration of her incestual craving.

Rita's mind was lost as she watched her daughter lick and suck at her pussy. Oh god, what have I become she thought as she pulled her daughter's head to her pussy and hunched roughly against her face. "Oh shit that feels so good baby girl, eat my pussy, eat your momma's cunt. Oh god Tera you're gonna make momma cum... do you want to taste my cum you want to press your tongue in momma's pussy and eat it. Oh god what a slut I've become. I love you Tera, I really do baby. Make me cum, ohgod I need to cum so badly"!

"You want to fuck Kyle don't you momma, you want to feel his big dick fucking your pussy like he did mine don't you. Say it mom, say you want to fuck your son's dick. Say it mom, say you want Kyle to fuck your pussy while your baby girl sucks your clit, you know you want it. Tell me you want to be Kyle's cum slut like I am mom". Tera loved teasing her mom while fingering her pussy. "Want me to tell you how your son's dick felt fucking my pussy mom. You loved fucking your pussy while you watched him rape my cherry with his huge cock didn't you mom. His dick is so fat I felt like my pussy was ripping, felt like I was gonna die when it opened me up and he fucked it deep in my baby holder. You'd like that wouldn't you mom, feeling your pussy ripping, tearing as his hot cum shot all up inside your womb, I loved it, loved my brother fucking me. Remember what his dick looked like mom, how fat and long, how stiff it was mom, you should feel it stiffen in your pussy when he's about to cum, oh god it hurts so fuckin good all I could do is cum on it."

AiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeaaaarrrrgggggggHHHHHHHH!!! Rita cried as she cum on her daughters hand. "Yes, Yes she screamed I want my son's dick in me, god help me but I do. I want him to fuck me hard, to rape his mothers pussy like he did yours. Oh god I need him to cum in me, make me feel like he did you". Rita was crying as she confessed, "I do need him to hurt my pussy, I want it so bad. Go get him baby, get Kyle and tell him I want to fuck his big cock, oh fuck I want him in me now, I don't care what happens I want to fuck him and cum on his cock"!

Tera picked up the big dildo and placed it at her moms pussy hole and as she began sucking her clit rammed it in her hard all the way to its balls and began fucking her forcefully. Rita screamed and immediately began hunching into the big dildo, her entire upper body thrashing as her daughter fucked her pussy and sucked hard on her clit. Rita's mind was overwhelmed by her admission to her daughter she wanted to feel Kyle's dick, her sons hard cock, fucking her, hurting her pussy until she cum as Tera did. Things were progressing too fast. She never dreamed her daughter would be eating her pussy today or fucking her brothers dick. Tera was as dick hungry as she was but more willing to go get what she wants or needs. She sensed what Rita needed, sex, pure raw sex, not lovemaking but hard deep pounding sex and she gave it to her. Tera used her pussy like Kyle did her own, fucking her mom's pussy like he had fucked his sister's! She used the dildo to give her mom the deep pain she needed as she elicited one tensing orgasm after another from her hot cauldron of need.

Remembering Kyle's delightful licking of her asshole she slid her own tongue into her moms asscrack and laved her with pressure there after removing the dick from her pussy leaving her with the same gaped empty feeling she had experienced. Tera learned quick and soon her mom was face down ass in the air pressing her asshole back into her daughters stiffened tongue moaning her pleasure. "Oh god Tera, nobody's ever done that to me before, don't stop baby, I love it, I feel so nasty and slutty when you're licking my hole, I want to feel something in me there" Tera's finger slid quickly into her mom's asshole and she was rewarded by a loud moan and her mom's ass hunching, rolling, squeezing as she felt her digit with her puckered ring of pleasure. " More baby, I want more in me, oh damn that feels so good Tera. How can you know how to make your momma feel this way, did Kyle teach you"?

"Kinda mom. Would you let Kyle put his dick in your asshole mom, if he was here now I mean? When he did this to me I think I wanted him to fuck my asshole. Can I fuck your asshole with the rubber dick mom", she asked huskily?

"Hmmm I want something bigger there baby. Try it and we'll see. I know I'd let Kyle fuck my asshole if he wanted to Tera, oh god just thinking of it makes my asshole crave it. Do it baby, fuck my asshole while I think of your brother's hard dick fucking me there till he cums.

"Mom I love you so much, your the best mom in the world and I love your pussy juice in my mouth. I'm gonna get you ready to be ass fucked mom. I'll do this when Kyle really fucks your ass too mom. I want to eat your pussy while he fucks your asshole like I'm gonna do now after we get it in you. Would you like that mom, would you like to watch me eat your pussy while I fuck your ass", she teased?

Rita was getting hotter and hotter as her daughter talked. When Tera's hands gripped her asscheeks and her thumbs spread them so she could wetly lick through the valley they created she couldn't help but moan and press her asshole into the wet slithery movement of her tongue as she spread her saliva slickly over Rita's puckered joy. She felt her daughter place the dildo at her ringed muscle and begin pressing into her. Rita had never had anything in her ass before but every cell of her being wanted to feel that rubber dick fucking her there with Kyle in her mind. She felt her muscle opening, the hard feel of the rubber pressing against the nerve rich flesh of her asshole causing a craving there. Her breath was held as her daughter tried to force past the restrictive layer of muscle. After a few minutes her asshole was stretched around the rim of the dildo's crown. Her breathing was quick and there was a burning sensation in the flesh of her stretched hole as Tera inserted her thumb into her mom's pussy and began rubbing her clit with her fingers while holding a pressure on the dildo.

" Oh god, it feels so big, I want it in me so bad baby. Yes, Yes, oh fuck yeah, Oh God its in me baby girl, oh damn...oh fuck yes...doit....fuck my ass Kyle...give it to me baby...fuck momma's asshole. Oh god Tera I want your brothers dick there...want to feel him fucking his cum up my shitter.....yes, yes, fast, fuck it fast", she begged. Rita's hips rolled, pressed back into the plunging cock as her daughter fucked her asshole with it. Rita had never felt the intense thrills before that emanated from the nerves in her pressured anus and they had her arousement overwhelming her thoughts as her body reacted to the new pleasure she was finding with her daughter's help.

Tera had her mom roll over on her back and began licking and sucking her clit as she pumped the dildo in and out of her rolling ass. Rita was in a newfound heaven as streams of pure pleasure raced from her ass muscle to unite with those flooding from her clit as Tera sucked and licked it The craving to cum was like a great pressure within her, building higher and higher with each lick and stroke her daughter presented her until her need had her hunching in a frenzy, hand holding Tera to her clit as she roughly ground up into her sucking mouth as her daughter forced the entire dick deep in her rectum, fucking her fast, hard, deep. Rita loved it, loved squeezing her asshole down on the hard thickness impaling her exit hole as she thought of her son's big cock finding pleasure in her body. She craved to feel him cumming in her ass, filling her there as she cum as she was now while pulling Tera to her pussy. I am such a fucking slut, she thought to herself as she yearned to be impaled by her son's dick up her ass and her daughter sucking at her pussy.

Later, they reversed places and Tera learned the joy of squeezing the nerve rich environment of her puckered ring down on a hard stiff rod stuck up her ass while a woman's mouth explores and pleasures her pussy. Rita loved the taste of her daughter's pussy cum, the feel of her young body responding to her mothers kisses and caresses as they both learned the ways of woman to woman love. They lay for hours kissing, touching, the thought of Kyle's big dick lost as they explored each other, not as mother and daughter but as lovers. The orgasms they induced in each other were intense, filled with passion and love. The cravings they instilled as their hands and fingers caressed, their mouths sucking and licking softly were always followed by back arching, sheet gripping, mind bending explosions at their pussies that addicted them to each other, their bodies melding, uniting as one as their love for each other expressed itself.

They fell asleep wrapped in each others arms, drained of the passion that prompted their coupling, replaced by the sereneness of love as mother and daughter drifted blissfully away to their dreams. Dreams of each other and Kyle's dick. Their dreams were eerily similar but they were not aware of it. But their dreams indicated that this would not be the last of their incestuous relationships.

(To be continued if comments warrant it)

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