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Glitter and whipped cream...
Loving everything about this, guys :) There are some references to Halloween in here, because I intentionally planned to release this chapter near the day XD However, in later chapters, I might fast forward to Christmas season etc. before it actually arrives because none of us are patient enough to wait weeks for chapters ;)

I couldn't keep the promise of including more drama in this chapter as I said last time because that would simply have taken much longer to write. As a result, this chapter is simply fuck, cum and fuck again... which sort of accurately describes the day I write about in this chapter. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it :D

My Dirty Little Secret 4

There was little difference between me and a sex addict when – actually, wait. There was NO difference between me and a sex addict. After my first time with Saahil, we were fucking all over the place. To be perfectly honest, the last days of the holidays had been some of the happiest days of my life… I had exactly everything I had craved a year ago: A cute boyfriend who understood me, a great body and, well, sex.

Of course, happiness doesn’t last and Dave confessed to me he had broken up with his girlfriend in the same bathroom we had felt each other’s cocks for the first time. Later that night, I messaged him on facebook with a friendly “Hey : )”

This was the first time I’d messaged him in weeks and I hadn’t expected him to reply as fast as he did. “Hello : )”

Me: How are you feeling?

Dave: Better than before but still feel like shit

Me: I didn’t know what to say at school, but I can’t leave you like this. This is as much my problem as it is yours. I’m always here for you.

He didn’t reply for what seemed like a long time… and then he gave me this: “<3 : )”

I replied the same way, not sure what to feel. I knew this was bad… I was having feelings for him again when I wasn’t supposed to. We chatted a bit more, and I told him how I’d lost my virginity to someone special. He told me he was happy for me… and then the conversation ended.

By the end of the next school day, I’d told my own gal pals of how I was going out with Saahil. They pretended to be really offended that I hadn’t told them before, but they understood that Saahil was still in the closet. As I was heading up to my car at the end of the school, Saahil caught up with me and immediately asked, “Wanna do an NMR tonight?”

I glanced at him incredulously. “It’s a friggin’ school day and, in case you didn’t notice, the ‘M’ stands for midnight.”

“Yeah, but I can’t wait five days a week for them to happen,” my boyfriend whined, “What if we both sleep and set an alarm for quarter to midnight. Then we can do an NMR and come back and sleep again.”

‘NMR’ stood for “Naked Midnight Ride” and the idea was originally introduced by me. Last year, when I had had no sexual contact with another human being whatsoever, I tended to get really horny and, for some creepy reason, I started to wank in my balcony every night when no one was outside. This evolved into riding my bike outside, in my boxers, having a wank with one hand and controlling my bike with the other. Of course, since it was midnight, no one was there to catch me… and I began lying down in empty parks and ejaculating in tennis and basketball courts.

Of course, after a week of regularly doing this, I deemed it too creepy and too risky to ever do again and returned to simply watching porn. The entire idea of such a thing got buried in the dusty recesses of my mind, not to be unearthed for a year.

So the story of its excavation goes like this:

At the third last day of our holidays, I was at Saahil’s. It was probably one of the most sexual day of my life – Saahil’s parents were gone for a day which meant we had the house to ourselves. And when you put two gay teenagers into one house for a day, you can expect lots of whipped cream, glitter, bras, dildos and sex. And Viagra and weed. It was truly a day of stagnation because the only thing we did was indulge in our sexual pleasures… and that was fucking fun (but I strongly urge everyone not to do this because the next day your genitalia and ass will be sore as fuck).

It started off with me arriving at Saahil’s at 10. The moment the door closed behind us, I fell into his arms and we started making out. “Oh hey, Saahil,” I said after a minute of tongue-wrestling.

“Hey Tarooj,” he said. We were still tightly embracing each other, and it wasn’t awkward at all. “How are you today?”

In response, I started grinding my pelvis into his, giving him a glancing touch of my hungry cock. 5 minutes later, we’d thrown our clothes away, my dick had a condom on and Saahil’s ass was brimming with lube. Also, we’d gotten some Viagra into our systems, which felt weird. Like, once the novelty of having a presumably eternal boner had worn off, it felt weird… but of course, nice at the same time. We started off passionate… which meant we were lying on Saahil’s sofa, nude and making out with hot, wet tongues. We were actually so messy, there was plenty of drool and saliva around our lips to lick off.

Our boners were pressed into each other as our legs writhed in passion. I felt two of Saahil’s lubed up fingers go into my asshole, which made me moan. He started sucking my neck and I shouted in pleasure. He had been fingering me aplenty since we first started having sex. He was curious to see what being a top felt like and I was curious to see what being a bottom felt like.

He started thrusting them in and out and I called out his names in a heavy, breathy voice. Then we started kissing again and just stayed that way for around 5 minutes, with him increasing the number of fingers in my asshole by one and me trying to push my tongue down his throat.

In the middle of it, I began to wonder how good we were at this now. We still had room for improvement in the matter of sex, but in foreplay we knew each other almost inside and out. I could even tell when he was near ejaculation because his movements suddenly got slower and he started breathing heavily.

I started sucking his nipples and he let out a nice moan that got my heart thumping faster and my boner throbbing more. As I was licking his right nipple, he panted, “Tarooj, I wanna see you with a dildo sticking out of your ass.” He sounded so hot when worked up.

I stopped sucking. “I want that as well,” I said casually, “But I want my asshole to get used to having stuff in it first.”

“True dat,” he said absentmindedly, “But before any of that, put your cock in mine.”

“Gladly.” I stood up and picked him up by the hips. He was slightly heavy, but the extra effort and sweat just made me hornier. He wrapped his legs around me and hugged me, so I could feel his naked skin rubbing against mine and his sweaty scent… fuuuck.

I pushed him against a wall and he gasped, “Fuck, it’s cold.”

“That normally just makes me hornier,” I said with a sliver of cruelty. He just looked into my eyes and smiled. Slowly, I lowered him down until my cock touched his butt cheeks. He put a hand down there and guided my cock into his hole. After the coolness of his hand, the sudden warmth of his ass was welcome. My cock slid in with little difficulty and when it did, we kissed passionately.

He started doing something with his ass that made it very difficult for me to hold my cum in. He was tightening and relaxing his ‘hole, which made my dick pulse faster. “Fuck,” I moaned, almost in complaint. The Viagra was strong, and I didn’t want to jizz just yet.

But I did anyway, panting as sweat trickled down my abs. I mouthed his name, unable to speak. It was short, but at the end, I felt like nothing had changed. I still wanted more, and my boner was thriving in his rectum.

“See,” Saahil sniggered, “The power of Viagra.”

I pulled my dick out and put my tongue in his mouth. “This is amazing.”

“Well, I still have to cum.” There was a tin of biscuits besides the sofa we had just lied on, so he walked there and pulled one out. I instantly knew what he was playing at. I got behind his tan-brown body, kissing his shoulders and licking the sweat off them. Then I poised my dick between his cheeks and entered him again. But this time, I didn’t hold his hips, I held his dick. I stroked it the same time I pushed in and we both moaned like fuckers. He was making sure the biscuit was touching the tip of his dick and I started pumping harder.

His ass started contracting, so I knew he had ejaculated. Before I came myself, I pulled myself out. The biscuit was soggy and normally I would have been disgusted to even look at it, but right now I was high on sex and I’d swallowed my boyfriend’s cum enough times. I took the biscuit out of his hands and chewed it, licking the white drop off of it before.

“Mm, nice,” I said and he just laughed, “Your cum adds a nice flavour to it. I’m thinking of opening an icecream store where one of the ingredients in the ice cream is your semen.”

“Bad idea, man,” he said curtly, “People will get addicted.”

The next few hours passed without much event. Saahil ordered some pizza and the only moment he was clothed at all when he went to get the pizza from the deliveryman, and even then he only put on a pair of shorts. We had had another bout of sex while waiting. When Saahil came back upstairs, he switched the TV on and some Bond film was coming on. I was lying down on the sofa, so I bent my knees when Saahil came to sit down. He handed me a pizza slice and spread my legs wide open. As if there wasn’t enough lube in my asshole, he squirted in a little more, spreading it around with his fingers.

To be perfectly honest, getting fingered and rimmed while eating pepperoni pizza as slightly weird. Sometimes, the feeling of his fingers up my butt was so hot that I had to swallow a half-chewed morcel and quickly let out a moan. I didn’t take another slice after the first one and let him finger me more, gasping and moaning sporadically. “You really know your stuff, Saahil,” I commented.

He didn’t answer for a minute because he was licking my balls and runway as well. “I’ve been fingering myself since I was twelve,” he said in an offhand tone.

“Twelve?!” I gasped, then moaned because he did something with his fingers that was very pleasurable.

“Well, I was technically twelve,” he said in a way which showed he didn’t notice my sudden cries of pleasure, “It was actually the day before my thirteenth birthday and I’d been… researching… for the past few weeks. The first time was the weirdest and I had to wank to orgasm, but since then my ‘holes been trained. Gosh, you’re hole is fucking tight.”

“Well, loosen it up then!” I told him, grabbing another slice of pizza and letting him get on with his business as I turned my attention to the James Bond film. I think it was Die Another Day but I’m not sure. The reason is because it’s hard to concentrate when you’re being fingered and sometimes you can feel little bouts of pain from your asshole. But most of the time it was simply pleasure.

But I was getting used to it quite nicely. He had put all five of his fingers in a cylindrical formation and after a few minutes of awkward pushing in and out it barely hurt. It was actually starting to feel nice, like something I’d wanted all my life but never knew. I started playing around as well, sometimes tightening my ‘hole around his fingers and then releasing it.

“Do you think that’s about as thick as the average dick?” I asked naively.

“Not near enough,” Saahil chuckled, “We both need to gradually work on this. You don’t want to risk bleeding.”

“I guess not,” I said sarcastically.

A few minutes passed and finally Saahil said he got bored and wanted to have sex. When Saahil pulled his fingers out of my ass, the sound of a plunger was produced. He bent his head down and started sucking my dick, making me writhe in pleasure. His lips squeezed and his and his tongue licked at exactly the write moment. I ran my hand through his soft hair and slowly started pushing his head as well. I felt like I was going to cum but he stopped and licked some pre-cum off my shiny cock. I felt his hands push my butt cheeks apart and felt his breath on my ‘hole. He started licking it and kissing it. Slowly, but with slight difficulty, he pushed his tongue into me, sucking and licking. My body moved up and down and I moaned. I decided I liked having things in my ass, especially when the thing was Saahil’s tongue.

He pulled his tongue out as soon as he’d pushed it in and said, “The lube ruins everything. Next time, when I wanna eat your ass, remind yourself and me to keep it raw.” With that, he put his hand on the sofa’s back rest and adjusted himself so his ass was right above my cock. I held my cock in the right position and used my other hand to hold his pelvis and push it down.

The tip of my cock touched someplace that wasn’t his ‘hole. Saahil took possession of my penis and guided it into him. I held both sides of his pelvis and pushed him down, so his asshole swallowed my cock. He sat on me, both his feet on either side of my torso. He furrowed his brow, and grinned mischievously. “This is actually a great way to do squats. Let’s see how many reps it takes to make you cum.”

“I’ll try and make it harder for you by holding it in.” I winked and he just chuckled before beginning his workout. His arms were straight in front of him, and his core was tensed… which was fucking sexy to look at. His abs were pressing against his skin, much more prominent than normal. His ass slowly went up and down, and I could see my dick connecting our bodies whenever he went up. It was hot to watch his abdomen change and warp with the movements he was doing. Add that to the sweat he was giving out, I thought this was one of our best fucks. It was a wonder we had never tried that position before.

I could feel his asshole change to mould the shape of my dick as it went up and down, and inside he was really good at making it nicely tight. The sensation produced was other-worldly and I soon started moaning.

I saw his dick, all alone between his thighs, and took it in my right hand. It felt nicely hot and smooth, and I had to put down the urge to put it in my mouth. I had not even stroked it two times before he came, shooting hot semen all onto my chest chin and into my mouth. His ass started pulsing and the sudden increase in speed of his reps made my dick cover my condom in the white liquid as well.

When he released my dick, it dangled in the air unhappily, wanting more, but Saahil himself was too busy licking his gravy off of my body. The effect of Viagra didn’t last that long after that. Once the movie had finished, we went up to his bedroom and cuddled, falling asleep in each other’s arms as naked as we were on the day we were born.

We slept for four hours straight because when we woke up, it was 7 in the evening. The moon was bright in the sky when we looked out of the window… but that’s the last thing I clearly remember. After that, things go awry and hard to remember. While that is a bit unfocused, the combined effect of alcohol and marijuana had lessened by then. The only reason we both still remember exactly what happened that night is because we’d taken a few videos.

And we’d posted them on amateur porn sites… You could expect my horror the next morning when we woke up with purple glitter on both of our bodies, whipped cream around Saahil’s ass and one of the most horrible hangovers of my life. Couple that with the fact that we found loads of amateur porn of ourselves on our phones and then realised we’d posted it online… I was almost going to kill someone. Luckily, we were able to remove them, although we still have to videos in a protected document on Saahil’s computer.

The first video is of me and Saahil smoking weed and wanking together. The second is me fucking him with loads of purple glitter on our bodies, which Saahil had bought for Hallowe’en. The other me sucking his cock. The second-last one is of us both licking alcohol off of each others’ bodies. And fucking missionary-style.

The last one is the longest and possibly the kinkiest of all. Saahil was holding the camera shakily and we were right outside his house. He threw and arm around me and shouted, “Guys, Tarooj, my fuckbuddy boyfriend here, has just given me the greatest idea in the world!” When I’d first watched it, we both agreed that we sort of remembered everything in the video. I assume the effects of the weed and booze had lessened by midnight, when the video had been recorded.

In the video, I was clapping. We were both wearing hats and shining with sweat and glitter, which was somehow sexual in a weird way. “We’re going to,” I cleared my throat, “demonstrate this idea. If you like it, you should come join us for riding naked at midnight. It’s fucking amazing.”

I definitely remembered all that. We’d gone up to our bikes and started pedalling at a pleasant pace. Saahil was riding with one hand holding the camera and he was behind me. “Ali, why do you have your bag on?” he shouted, “I can barely see your ass.”

“You fucking told me to bring it,” I retorted, “It’s got the whipped cream!”

“Oh okay.”

That was the last thing you heard for the next 20 minutes. The next 20 minutes us riding our bikes to our destination. We occasionally commented on how we were feeling cold, but nothing special. In the entire video, a total of three cars passed us. We were on the walking path beside the road, but I was surprised none of them suddenly pulled their brakes, turned around and decided to chase us.

We got off the bikes when the little artificial lake arrived. It was fenced around in case drunk people like us decided to take a swim. We walked around it until we reached the only bench in the area.

While we were walking, Saahil had nicely taken shots of us stroking our cocks or each other’s cocks. But when we reached the destination of the bench, I gasped both in the video and in real life. A 20-something woman was there and when she saw us approach her laughing, she screamed and went off in the general direction of one of the houses.

“Shit…” I said in the video. A man was approaching us.

“Hey man!” Saahil yelled. He handed the camera to me and all a viewer could see for the next few seconds was pavement and my bare feet.

“You both look like you’ve had an early Halloween party, it’s not for another two days you know.” He didn’t sound old, but he definitely wasn’t a teenager. As I was watching this part of the video, I was wondering why the fuck we weren’t in jail. We’d been too, too lucky that night.

“You could say we just came from a party,” Saahil said in a cheerfully drunk tone, “But it wasn’t Halloween.”

“No, please don’t come closer…” The man’s voice sounded mature and slightly shaken at the same time, “Sorry, I don’t usually hug naked strangers covered in glitter.”

Someone’s phone started ringing. “Hello?” the man spoke, “Yeah, it’s weird. They aren’t even of age… yep… yeah, all I wanted was a fucking calm night and the bitches had to start fighting and now we end up in this shit. I don’t know how they didn’t get caught but I’m not going to call the police… They look like they’re fifteen/sixteen, I’m not going to punish them for behaving irresponsibly… would you mind coming down? Oh, okay. Oh, okay, thanks. Thanks Abdullah, my man.

“Okay boys,” he continued, presumably having hung up, “Another guy’s gonna come down here. He’s gonna drive you home – you remember where that is, yeah? He’s also going to bring some clothes, so please do put them on.”

There was silence as the man walked away. Another man came to take his place. Saahil took the camera from my hand and we could see who it was. This guy was Arab and didn’t look old at all. He was actually very cute, with curly hair and a great smile. He was smiling as he shook our hands.

“Hey guys, I’m Abdullah but you can call me Abdul,” he said in an accent that wasn’t Arab at all, “I’m eighteen. Nice to meet you.”

We both introduced ourselves as well. Obviously, in that moment we didn’t find this weird at all but while watching the shaky video the next day, we both furrowed our brows. I can remember this relatively clearly now, but the morning of the hangover it was blank as fuck.

“Why don’t you sit down on the bench? Here, let me hold the camera for you,” he said cheerfully. That’s the last time we see his face in the video. I was shocked at properly seeing myself for the first time… I was a smiling, glittery mess with a boner and Saahil was much the same. We could see ourselves sitting on the bench with hard cocks and the camera was not shaking at all now. “You both have got nice bodies, you know,” the Arab guy commented.

“Mine’s better than his,” Saahil said.

I was absent mindedly stroking my cock and asked, “What about our cocks?”

“They’re cool as well,” Abdul chuckled, “Anyway, do you mind telling me why two sixteen year olds are out at the dead of night in their birthday suits covered in glitter?”

“Just because, dude, just because,” I said stupidly.

“Well, actually,” Saahil began, “We were gonna have whipped cream sex by the lake.”

“You’re going to have sex?” Abdul inquired and we could tell by the tone of his voice that he wasn’t that surprised, “You like having sex with Ali, Saahil?”

“It’s what we’ve been doing all day,” Saahil nodded truthfully.

“Are you gay?” Abdul asked.

“Yes,” we both said in unison, smiling stupidly at the camera. I actually thought we looked fucking cute at that moment in the video, with nice smiles, flat billed hats, abs and boners. Yes, I have weird thoughts sometimes.

“Okay guys, I would have asked to join you but I’m guessing you want me to record you doing it. That’s totally okay with me. So are you gonna start now?”

We nodded. I pulled my bag off and rummaged inside it for a minute before I pulled out a whipped cream can. Saahil put his hands on the railing of the fence and bent so that his chest was resting on it as well. His ass looked so fucking fit in the camera. Turns out Abdul was rather good at shooting people having sex. He brought the camera close in as I pulled the muscles of his cheeks apart and pressed the can’s button so the whipped cream started filling his asshole up.

“Fuck, that feels good,” Saahil moaned. The camera went up from his ass to his face. “Hey Abdul!”

“I’ve never thought of putting whipped cream up my ass,” Abdul said, and we could tell by the chuckles that he found the entire thing amusing.

“You should man, it feels amazing,” Saahil replied.

The camera switched to his other end again. “Won’t put any condom on, Ali?” Abdul suggested.

“Nah, we’re going bareback for the first time,” I said cheerily. I was holding Saahil’s hips and Saahil was holding my cock, guiding it to his ‘hole. “FUCK!” I shouted into the night. Mostly because of the drugs, but partly because the sensation was epic. The raw entirety of his rectum squeezing around the skin of my cock with the whipped cream smoothly stroking my cock… Saahil moved some of his butt muscles and made my cock ooze out some pre-cum. It was fucking amazing… I said, “Next time let’s try this without whipped cream!”

“Fuck yeah!” he replied. Abdul was laughing like an idiot when I started pumping. When the camera zoomed in to the area of activity, I could see how my dick looked like it was covered in semen which was actually whipped cream. I was pounding him so hard we could clearly hear the sound of my pelvis slapping his thighs. Saahil was moaning, “Fuck… uhh… fuck… yeah, nice!” His insides moulded to fit my cock’s shape, making me breathless with pleasure. I was moaning unintelligibly, and the effect of the drugs was causing us to moan louder than we usually would. The cold night air and the fact that we were being watched made us so much more hornier than usual.

Abdul was like a proper pornographer… he knew his angles and everything. Although he laughed periodically, making the camera shake, he otherwise made it feel like a nicely done porn film while retaining the amateur quality. Thrice, he lay down between my feet and recorded my creamy dick thumping his ass from the underside. About halfway through our fuck-sesh, Abdul moved to camera down so we could see him stroking his own cock. It was about the same length as mine, but it was fucking gorgeous.

“Fuck, Saahil!” I shouted. Abdul moved the camera to wear Saahil’s cock was… and semen was oozing out, dripping on the pavement. Both our voices were hoarse and rough by then and my thumps became slower and gentler. The whipped cream covering my dick acquired a slightly more liquidy quality and when I pulled my cock out, Abdul filmed impossible to differentiate mixture of cum and cream oozing out of Saahil’s asshole. Then Abdul stood up behind Saahil and filmed himself cumming onto his asshole.

The video ended there. A post-it note attached to the camera had Abdul’s full name and phone number on it. It said, “That was hot. Add me on Facebook and let me know when you’re down to fuck ;D”

We did neither of those things for the first few days because we weren’t sure whether we should have felt creeped out or happy that we weren’t in jail.

Let’s come back up to the point where Saahil was asking me to NMR on a school night. Somehow, he persuaded me to do it. The alarm woke me up at quarter to midnight and Saahil and I met at a place 5 minutes away from our designated fuckspot tonight, which was to be a basketball court.

“Hey Ali,” he greeted casually.

“’Sup Saahil,” I replied, “I see you’re as naked as me.”

“That’s why I like you.”

Sniggering, we resumed cycling.

“Ali, I wanted to ask you something,” my boyfriend said slowly, as if he wasn’t sure whether I’d like what he was about to say.

“Go ahead,” I allowed warily, already feeling the beginnings of a boner with the feel of the cool night air and the sight of Saahil’s cock.

“What do you think about… like…” he stuttered a bit, “Well, would you mind making our relationship a bit more… open?”

“Open?” I furrowed my brow, “Like, let everyone else know or having an open relationship?”

“Second one.”

I laughed. “I was going to ask you the same thing. I’ve got no problem if you’re okay with it.” I’d never imagined myself saying that – I always thought I would have to be the one to ask Saahil.

Sniggering, Saahil said, “And I’ve got no problem if you’re okay with it. Paradox!”

“So should we have a don’t ask, don’t tell policy or…?” I ignored Saahil’s jibe because I wanted to get this over with before we arrived at the basketball court. We didn’t have the luxury of time because it was a school night.

“Well, why don’t we have something where we don’t have to tell, but we could tell if we wanted to.”

“Cool.” I didn’t bother informing him that that was exactly what I was thinking.

“I added Abdul on Facebook,” Saahil confessed suddenly.

I looked around at him, with an incredulous expression. “What? I thought we both agreed he was creepy.”

“Well, we’re creepy as well then.”

“Yeah… but…”

“Does it matter? You just said you’re okay with keeping it open.”

I grinned, “Well, I’m just acting. I actually have no problem with it. I can see why you wanna fuck him… actually, if you have his number, call him now. We could have a threesome.”

We’d reached our destination. Putting our bikes on their stands, we entered the dark court, turning the lights on.

“Nah, bro,” Saahil replied, “Tonight I want to love you, no one else.”

I felt my heart beat faster as Saahil took me into his arms and we lost ourselves in a passionate kiss. We fucked the night away.

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