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fun with stepsister and friend
"Hey sexy!"

I looked up to see Ariel standing in the doorway of my room. Her blonde hair was dropping wet and fell over her shoulders. She had nothing but a green towel wrapped around her.

It's been almost two weeks since the night Ariel and I had sex. She had come into my room in the middle of the night during a fierce thunderstorm. Since that night Ariel and I had many wild trysts. Every chance we had we went at it. At times it was difficult with our parents in the house but the taboo and risk of getting caught added more spice and made the sex even better.

"Right back at ya," I said and walked over to her. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her in and kissed her. She ran her hands though my hair and bit my lower lip before pulling away.

"Running late but later..." Ariel said removing her towel and let it drop to the floor, "...we can play."

Ariel turned away and walked out of my room naked and toward hers.

As I watched her walk away my phone vibrated. I looked at the caller ID to see who it was. It was Jennie.

Jennie was my "friends with benefits" buddy. Almost a year ago Jennie had broken up with her boyfriend. While I was consoling her we accidentally kissed, which quickly led to us undressing each other. Since Jennie and I didn't have romantic feelings for each other we agreed on a pact. For almost a year we called each other just for sex.

This call was no different.

"I've had a horrible day!" Jennie screamed into the phone. She honked her horn and cursed at someone. "My boss, my project they all suck. Come over tonight!"

"I'll be there usual time," I said and hung up.

Jennie was 5'5" around 120 pounds, shoulder length red hair with D cup size. Jennie turned out be a wild one in bed. She knew what she wanted and wasn't shy about it. She was willing to do anything. Anal, ass-to-mouth, cum swallowing, being tied up and spanked. You name it and she was up for it. Not sure how or why her ex ended things with her.

I looked at the green towel on the floor of my room and started thinking how I can get a threesome with Jennie and Ariel.

In mid thought the phone vibrated again.

"Fuck," Jennie cursed into the phone. "Just realized my room mate is having some stupid study session tonight. My place is off limits."

Before I could answer, my dad popped his head into my room.

"Hold on a sec," I said. "Hey, dad. What's up?"

"Just reminding you Joan and I have plans with the Kliens tonight."

"Yup", I remember I said.

With that my dad left the room. I focused my attention to Jennie and told her to just come over to my place tonight. She said OK and we both hung up.

I walked over, picked up the green towel and headed for Ariel's room.

Without knocking I entered. Now that we were fucking each other there was no need to respect each others privacy. Ariel turned around and smiled. She only had on white bra and panties. She was standing in front of her closet looking for the right outfit. I walked in, closed the door and threw the towel on her bed.

"Our folks are out tonight. What time you coming home?"

Ariel turned around and smirked at me. "I'll be back by nine."


Ariel walked over to the bed where I was standing. She dropped to her knees, reached for my pants. She unzipped and pulled my pants down. Ariel started stroking my semi-hard penis. She leaned in and started licking my balls. Her flicked her tongue over my balls before she put my nut sack in her mouth.

"Ahhhh," I moaned slowly. Both of our parents were down stairs so I bit my lip from moaning louder. Ariel sensed this as well. Her mouth released my nut sack and stared licking my shaft. Her tongue finally stopped at the tip. Pre-cum had started leaking out and Ariel licked it up. Her mouth then swallowed the tip of my erect penis and pushed her head downward. The blowjob lasted for a minute before I exploded in her mouth. Ariel swallowed the cum and polished my shaft clean.

"That is to hold you off till nine," She said and walked back to the closet.

Without saying anything I left her room.


Around eight-thirty Jennie rang the door bell. I opened the door and let her in. Once inside she immediately grabbed me and kissed me.

"I want to fuck. Now." Jennie said and started to lead me upstairs to my room. I grabbed her wrist and told her I had a better idea. Jennie looked at me quizzically and saw the playful nature in my tone.

"Oooo role play. I like that."

I told her what I had in mind. At first she had a look of confusion and disgust. That look quickly turned into lust and excitement when I showed her the nude pic of Ariel. When I found Ariel's nudes a few months back I saved a copy on my phone.

"Tasty," Jennie said as she took me phone and walked into the living room.

I followed behind Jennie took my phone back and told her to be ready.

Ten minutes later Ariel came home. She found me in the living room and jumped into my arms. Her legs wrapped around me and as she kissed me hard.

"Ohhh god, I wanna fuck so badly," Ariel screamed.

I carried her upstairs towards my room. Once inside, Ariel climbed off me. She continued kissing me and her hands reached for my pants. I quickly removed her clothes throwing her dress and underwear to the four corners of my room.

"I thought tonight we can change it up a bit," I said.

"MMmm what do you have in mind?"

"Me," A voice said from behind her.

Ariel froze. She slowly turned around and found Jennie approaching her. Ariel quickly placed her hands over her breasts and pussy.

"Josh?" Ariel asked meekly.

"I think Josh wants to play with both of us, and he wants us to play with each other," Jennie said. She slowly removed her robe and let it drop to the floor. Her stepped away from the robe letting Ariel absorb her naked body. Ariel looked at me and then at Jennie.

I walked over to Jennie, grabbed her and kissed her. Then I grabbed Ariel, grabber her and kissed her. Then I shoved Ariel towards Jennie. Jennie, never shy, pulled Ariel towards her. Jennie wrapped her hands around Ariel and leaned in. Her lips fell on Ariel's lips. Jennie cupped Ariel's ass and squeezed.

I watched as their kiss became passionate. It took only a minute before Ariel relaxed. Her hands started exploring Jennie's body as well. I sat on the bed and watched as two of the hottest women I was nailing started making out. I watched as Jennie started kissing Ariel's neck and work her way down south. Jennie licked her way down until she reached her pussy. Jennie pushed Ariel towards the bed where I reached for Ariel and pulled her backwards. Ariel fell on the bed and Jennie quickly dove in and started licking her pussy. I leaned forward, shoving my cock down Ariel's throat as my tongue met Jennie's around Ariel's wet cunt. Ariel grabbed my shaft and started sucking as Jennie and I finished eating Ariel. We lapped up her sweet pussy juices.

A few minutes Jennie and Ariel switched positions. This time I laid down on the bed and Jennie started sucking me off and Ariel and I licked Jennie.

Quickly enough we untangled ourselves but before I could move Jennie got on top of me. She guided my cock into her cunt and started riding me.

"OOOhhhhhh fuck yeah," Jennie screamed. Ariel not wanting to be left out walked around Jennie and sat on my face. My tongue went to work automatically.

Jennie jumped up and down hard. I felt her nails on my chest.

"Suck my tits."

I heard Jennie order Ariel. I felt Ariel's body lean forward.

"Ohhh yeahh," Jennie screamed. Just then I felt Ariel's body lean all the way down. Her tits pressed against my body and I felt her tongue on my shaft as I went in and out of Jennie's cunt.

I slapped Ariel's ass hard. I felt my pressure building and released a wad of cum inside Jennie. Jennie reached her climax just as I reached mine. Her body started going a little limb.

"Get off him, I want that cock," Ariel said and shoved Jennie off me.

Immediately Ariel sucked me off clean and re invigorated my cock to its thickness. Ariel jumped on top of me and rode me like a cowgirl. Her fingernails dug into my chest as she jumped up and down. Her tits bounded with each jump.

I watched as Jennie kneel next to me, grab Ariel's hair and yanked her head back. She raised her hand in the air and let it slice through the air and she slapped Ariel's tits. She held onto Ariel's hair and slapped her tits a few more times.

"Bitch don't ever push me off that cock," Jennie said. She released her hair.

"Fuck you...oooo gggooooodddd," Ariel screamed.

I felt the pressure in my balls again and I was ready to unleash a second cum. Ariel and I both reached climax at the same time and Ariel relaxed. She fell on top of me, her breathing heavy and her body shivering. She slid off me and her head rested near Jennie's lap.

Jennie leaned in and kissed Ariel.


Thirty minutes later we were all cleaned up and dressed.

"It was fun Joshy," Jennie said. "And, Ariel, you were the best I ever had!"

Ariel blushed but managed a ditto.

We watched as Jennie left when Ariel said, "Can't believe you arranged a threesome."

"Did you like it?"

"Hell yeah. But not the point. You were supposed to fuck me like an animal. Raw passion."

Ariel grabbed my hand and led upstairs.

"Now fuck me until I'm sore."

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