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18 year old college student Erika becomes a sex slave
The doorbell rang the next day around 2pm. Joe was supposed to come by around 7pm, like last night, and I wasn't expecting anyone else. I opened the door and found Gary Weil standing on my doorstep. Gary was a seventeen year old kid from the neighborhood who I hired to shovel my sidewalk in the winter, mow my lawn in the summer and rake my yard in fall. Gary was a skinny kid with slicked back red hair and wire-rimmed glasses. He smiled at me and his freckles amplified.

"Good afternoon Mr. Sparrow," Gary said with a smile.

"Gary. What can I do for you?" I asked. It was too early for the leaves to start falling, and too late to mow my lawn.

"Can I come in?"

"Alright," I said and let him in.

Gary sat on the couch and handed me a piece of paper. I took the paper and sat on the adjacent couch and opened it up. It was an invoice. A 600 invoice.

"This is a 600 invoice," I said shocked.

"yes sir."

"That's pretty pricey for yard work," I said.

"Oh no, Mr.Sparrow, that isn't all yard work. That also includes the paint job for the garage and entire back gate. Also includes labor."

I forgot about that. I hired Gary to repaint my garage and the black metal gate that stretched across my property early this summer. I didn't realize it would cost this much. I studied the detailed invoice again, hoping on second inspection the number would change.

"Whoa," Gary whispered out loud.

I looked up and saw Gary eyeing Erika from the corner of his eyes. Erika was in the hallway dusting a painting on the wall. Erika was in a green bra and matching thong panties with green thigh high stockings. Her hair in a single ponytail. She was on her tiptoes trying to reach the upper corners of the painting. I watched Gary as he turned slightly to get a better view. His mouth open.

"Gary," I said. Gary quickly turned and looked at me.

"I'm sorry Mr.Sparrow, I wasn't, I mean I didn't..." he stammered.

"It's OK, I understand. She is good eye candy, isn't she?"

"hell yeah," Gary said and turned his head again to see her.

I crumpled up the invoice and said,"You wanna meet her?"

Gary turned towards me staring blankly. Finally, he managed to nod his head yes.

I called out to Erika who comes running into the living room. The moment she sees Gary, she stops cold. She looks at him then at me. Erika stands in front of us, and moves her hands in front of her in an attempt to cover herself.

"Erika this is Gary. Gary, meet Erika," I said proudly.

Gary just smiles and blurts out a 'hi'. Erika just nods.

For a dramatic effect, I let a minute go by without saying anything. Gary just stares at Erika, and Erika moves her head left and right, up and down. She moves it in all direction except in Gary's. Just then I wish I could set the remote to 'high'.

Gary breaks the ice by saying,"That's a nice color on you."

I just laughed and thought what an idiot. Erika doesn't respond.

Another minute of the awkwardness passes and Gary again attempts to converse. He says,"You're very hot."

"Erika, why don't you ask Gary if he wants anything to drink. Where are your manners?" I said.

Erika shoots me a look as if somehow she was going to get me back for this.

"What would you like to drink?" Erika asks Gary coldly.

"Anything," Gary responds.

We both watch as Erika walks out of the living room. Her ass swaying in a hypnotic motion.

"What an ass," Gary says.

Erika returns and hands Gary a glass of water who takes it and gulps it down and as fast as can.

"Gary was just saying what an ass you have."

"Well, I didn't mean it in an insulting way. I just meant that it...looks...nice..." Gary starts defending himself.

"Turn around and show it to him again," I said, ignoring Gary's whimpy behavior.

Erika turns around.

"You have a perfect ass," Gary says a little less formal.

"She does, doesn't she? I just love slapping those ass cheeks," I said.

"God I envy you," Gary answers.

"She's also gives good blowjobs," I said.

"Dude...what're you doing to me???"

"Better question is, what can she do for you?" I said and threw the crumpeled invoice at Gary.

He just stares at me.

"Here's the deal. Three blowjobs in exchange for that invoice."

Erika winces at the sound of that. She turns and looks at me shaking her head, and mouthing the words 'no'.

"Are you serious? Really?? But I had help with all that work."

"Extend the deal to your friends. Three blowjobs each."

"Hell yeah, from me!" Gary says excited.

"OK. But if your friend doesn't agree, you owe them money," I said.

"Don't worry about it," Gary says.

I get up and walk over to Erika. I place my hands on the small of her back and guide her closer to Gary. She's a little hesitant. I lean in and say, "just pretend you're at a party and he's one of those random guys. Just be glad I didn't agree to three fuckings."

I place Erika in front of Gary, who stands up and fumbles with his belt. I sit back down, and pick up a magazine. Erika, slowly moves her hands away from her body, and reluctantly gets on her knees. Gary positions himself in front of her, and Erika reaches forward and unzip his pants and pulls them and his underwear down to his ankles. Gary's thin white dick stands up. Erika looks at me one more time, pleading with me. But I just stare back.

Erika wraps her fingers around Gary's manhood, leans forward and licks his shaft. She puts his balls in her mouth and starts rubbing his dick. Gary moans out load. Erika does her magic and works up and down his penis, she gets to the head and licks it. She squeezes his balls slightly and Gary squirms a little. She continues to wrap her mouth around the head and starts going down it. She takes it all in. All the way down. She bobs her head up and down a few times. Gary just continues to groan and moan. He doesn't make any movements but just stands there. A few more up and down motions and I hear Gary screaming. He empties a load directly in Erika's mouth, who swallows it. She removes her mouth off him and licks his shaft and balls. Finally, she lets go, stands up and takes a few steps back. She has a little disgusted look on her face, but manages to avoid eye contact.

Gary zips up and says,"that was sooooo good!"

I get up and walk Gary to the door. At the door I said,"Now remember you have two more blowjobs left, and your friend has three. Come by tomorrow, same time."

"You betcha," Gary said. He looks at Erika and says bye to her, but she doesn't look up or respond. She doesn't move at all.

I close the door and sit back down on the couch. Erika continues standing there, head down and hands in front of her. A few minutes later I ask her doesn't she have chores left? She looks up, and nods and slowly walks out of the living room.


Joe came over around 7pm. He was greeted at the door by Erika who led him into the living room. Joe slaps Erika's ass hard before sitting down. She hands him a beer and comes stands next to me. She is still in her green bra and matching thong panties, but her hair is loose and no stockings.

"Guess we're not going out tonight?" Joe asks seeing that Erika was in her underwear.

"I don't know yet. What do you want to do?" I ask.

"Wanna go to that party at Tom's?" Joe asks.

"Nah. I don't know him, I don't know what kind of people he has over, I don't even know what neighborhood he lives in," I said. My main reason was Erika's safety. She may be my sex slave but I wasn't going to put her at risk by taking him to a house of a guy I don't know surrounded by people I never met in an are I've never been to.

"Yeah, I hear you. How about we take turns fucking her instead?" Joe says, smiling.

"Now that sounds fun," I said.

"I'm first," Joe says and walks over to Erika. He drops his sweat pants sans underwear. He's already hard and pointing upwards. He motions Erika into the middle of the living room, she abides. She gets down on her knees and reaches for his dick when Joe pulls back.

"Take it off," he commands.

Erika gets up, unhooks her bra and throws it to the floor, then shimmies out of her thong and kicks them aside with her feet. He reaches forward and puts his hands between her legs and feels her pussy.

"I feel like going rough tonight," Joe says. He then walks away from her, goes in his jacket and pulls something out. He walks back to Erika, takes one of her wrists and slaps a metal object on it, twirls her around, takes her other wrist and slaps the other piece on it and locks it. He twirls her around.

Erika struglles a little as she's constrained.

"Struggle all you want. Those cuffs ain't coming off anytime soon," Joe says.

"You know she has a dog collar and leash too. Their on the computer desk," I said helping.

Joe bolts out of the room and comes back a few seconds later with her leash and collar. He puts the collar on her, and hooks up the chain too. He steps back to admire the view.

"Now that's a perfect look for you," Joe boasts.

Standing before us was Erika fully naked with her hands handcuffed behind her back, hair down with a SLUT dog collar and leash protruding from it. Her smooth shaven pussy and her 34C free. Her nipples erect. No doubt she was turned on as much as we were.

Joe goes back to his jacket and pulls out his phone. He snaps a few pics of Erika, drops the phone on the couch and goes back to her.

"You remember that Cinco De Mayo conversation we had?" I said.

"I do..." Joe says smiling.

Early this year, Joe and I were getting drunk at a local bar when the topic of Erika came up. That topic always came up when we were getting drunk. We started again on what we would do to her if we ever had the chance. Then Joe commented on how he'd love to videotape fucking her then watch it afterwards with Erika and have her point out which was her favorite part of the video.

I leave the room and enter a few minutes later with my digital camcorder. I turn it on, point the camera at Erika. She looks into the camera. Her eyes wide open, and her lips quivering.

"Introduce your self," I said.

Erika swallowed hard, and nervously says,"I'm Er-Erika."

I stop the recorder and say," Say it with gusto. Like those girls on Girl Gone Wild."

Erika nodded, swallowed hard again and exhaled. Looked into the camera, smiled a little and said,"Hi. I'm Erika. I'm eightteen and about to be fucked hard."

Joe and I looked at each other in amazement.

I motion her to spin around. I zoom in a little as she spins. Joe walk over to her and slaps her ass. He then grabs her wrists and spins her around. I zoom out to get the full view.

Joe grabs the leash and pulls it down a little. Erika's upper body bends over slightly but her legs remain straight. Joe pulls the leash a little more until Erika's face is close to his rock solid penis. Holding the leash, Joe sways his hips left to right, right to left. His thick hard penis starts hitting against her cheeks. He continues to cock slap Erika a few times, sometimes swaying his hips very fast.

I zoom in a little as his dick slaps her face. Her facial expression was priceless.

"Open wide," Joe says. Erika complies and Joe shoves his dick in her mouth very hard. He holds the leash firmly while shoving himself down her throat.

Erika starts gagging but Joe shoves it in more. Erika's face turns bright red as Joe keeps going in. Joe takes his dick out, gives Erika a second to exhale before he shoves it back down her throat. This time he goes in faster and rougher and presses his hips in deeper. Erika's face gets beet red, eyes bulging.

She opens her mouth wide to allow more coverage. From the corners of her mouth saliva starts dripping down. Joe takes his dick out, then rams it back in. He presses in deeper and holds it, with his other hand he presses her nostrils closed. Erika fidgets as oxygen is cut off. Five seconds later, Joe takes his dick out and releases her nostrils. Erika exhales loudly as streams of saliva comes down her chin.

I walk around so I can see Erika's full face. She looks at me, into the camera and manages to smile a little.

Joe gets behind Erika, still holding the leash. He slaps her ass and spread her legs. Joe takes his penis with his free hand and starts slapping Erika's bubble butt. His dick bouces off her ass cheek.

"I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you tonight Slut," Joe says. "Say it!"

"Fuck the shit out of me tonight. I wanna treated like a slut and fucked hard," Erika says.

Joe inserts his dick in her pussy. Holding the leash with one hand, Joe takes her wrists and holds them firmly. He raises her wrists up a little, bends Erika forward and slams his dick in and out of her.


Joe goes like a wild man, he rams his hips into Erika fast and furious, he tugs the leash hard and Erika's neck jerks around. He raises and lowers her wrists while continuing to pound her. Erika screams in pain and esctacy.

I zoom in and out to see her facial reactions. They were priceless. I wish I had recorded this over the last few days.

I walk around and get a few seconds of Joe pounding her from behind.

"Bark like a dog," JOe exclaimes.

"bark...bark..woof," Erika says.

"Louder," Joe yells at her and slap her ass.

"BARK BARK...WOOF WOOF," Erika yells.

Joe lets go of Erika's wrists and moves his hands under her right knee and pick it up. He brings it all the way up to his hips. This gives him more of an angle to go deeper. He pounds his thick hard manhood deep into her cunt. Erika continues to scream and moan. Joe takes his dick out of her and slams it up

her ass. He streches her ass hole with his thick prick and continues to jam it in as far up as he can.

"OOOOOHHHHHH GOD, OOOHH GOD, FUCCCKKKKK....AAAHHHHHhhhhhhh!!!!!," Erika screams and Joe continues his penetration.

He hips go into hyperdrive a few times. He then lets go of Erika's knee, takes his dick and shoves it up her pussy and pumps his load deep inside her.

"FUCK YEAH! TAKE IT ALL, SLUT!" Joe screams and spanks her ass.

"AAAHH......Gooooddddd," Erika screams as her cunt gets filled with Joe's cum. Joe takes his dick out, spins Erika around and orders her to clean it. Erika does as she's told. A very happy but tired Joe walks away from Erika.

I point the camera at Erika and say," How was it?"

"It was awesome. I loved it. I love being fucked like that," Erika says.

"Don't relax too much. It's my turn," I said and handed the camera to Joe.

I walked up to her, I pick her up off her knes, brush her hair away from her face. Her soft eyes are a little bloodshot from the throatfuck. She looks at me, and smiles. I dropped my pants, grab the leash and slap her across her face. SLAP.


Her head moves left to right, right to left as I slapped her around a few times.

I uncuffed her and threw the cuffs at Joe.

"Keep your hands behind your back. Do not move them," I ordered her. She nodded.

It's one thing to restraint someone with an object, but another to restrain using will power.

I move my hands over Erika's tits and slap them. I slap one tit then the other.

"You like it rought, don't you?" I asked.

"Yes Master. I like being treated like this," Erika said.

I slapped her tits a few times, and with every slap Erika screams a little but she keeps her hands behind her back. I lean in and take one of her soft, plump teen tits in mouth and suck on them. I put as much of her tit in my mouth and suck on it hard. Then I move to the other one.

I pick her up over my shoulder and walk over to the couch. I put her upside down with her legs hanging off the back of the couch and her head a few inches off the floor, her ass cushioned on the couch. I stroke my penis, lift her head a little and put my dick in her mouth. I lean my hips in all the way and feel the back of the throat. Erika chokes. I hold her knees down so she doesn't slide off the couch. As I lean in full force, I spread her legs and lightly tap her pussy lips. I gyrate my hips in and out as I throat fuck her while continue to tap her pussy.

A few intense seconds later, I pull my dick out. I lift her off the couch and bend her over a little and insert my dick in her ass. Her hands surprsingly are still behind her back. I grab her hair and tilt her head up as I start pounding her bubble butt. I ram myself deep in her ass. My balls slam agains her inner thighs. A few rough pumps, I pull out unexpectdly, turn her around, pick her up wrapping her legs around my waist and slide my dick in her pussy. I grab her waist and jam my dick inside her.

"OOOHHHHH...YYEEEASSSS!!!!! AHHHHHhhhh," Erika begins again. Her legs wrapped tightly around my waist. Her hands still firmly behind her.

Erika bounces up and down until I feel the pressure building. When I'm ready, I get her on her knees and I release myself all over her face. My first shot is a thick stream across her forehead. Then I aim for her cheeks. When I empty my load, I take a chunk of her hair and wipe my dick clean.

I step back and see my slave, beautifuly covered in my cum.

I take the camera from JOe and say," How was that fuck?"

"Just as aweosme. Loved it," Erika says looking into the camera.

I zoom in a little and get a better shot of her cum covered face.

"Which fuck was better?" Joe yells from behind me.

"They both were awesome," Erika says.

"Now say bye to everyone."

"Bye. See you all next time when I get fucked," Erika says and blows a kiss into the camera.

I shut the camera off and ordered Erika to clean up and be back down in 30 minutes.

By the time she returns, Joe and I are sitting on the couch drinking a beer. I give her the DVD and tell her to put it in the DVD player.

As we watch the DVD together, we both point out scenes and laugh at other things.

"Which was your favorit scene?" Joe says to Erika.

An excited Erika says," When you cock slapped me. And, when my master throat fucked me on the couch."

"Now see, this is what I call a good slut." Joe says.

"What else?" I asked.

"When I was being titty slapped," Erika said.

"What about barking like a dog?" I said.

"That was interesting," Erika said.

We watched it a few times. Finally Joe gets up to leave. Right before he leaves, he says,"I want a copy."

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